I distinctly remember that it was a Friday night. I had already received a call from DeeAnna, telling me that Deke was on the way to our house. I locked the warehouse at our business and headed for home, as usual.

knowing there was a good chance he would get there before I did and that's something I didn't want to happen because I didn't want to miss his arrival! I ended up driving a little fast on the way home, lost traction on a corner, and slid off the road, into a ditch. I got out to see if there was any damage, losing the precious few minutes that made me late, too late to see my wife's excitement when she greeted her boyfriend, Deke, at the door.

I missed that feeling I always get when she wraps her arms around him and kisses him passionately. I missed watching him run his hands down her back to get a good handful of my wife's ass. I missed her pressing her hips against him, grinding herself into his crotch, feeling his dick getting hard for her. I missed watching her wrap her arms around his thick neck and looking deep into his eyes, with a big smile, as she french kissed him, open mouth, tongues dancing. I missed the sight of her standing on her tip-toes as she tries to get up closer to him that is always so cute!

I pulled into the driveway, came around the back of the house parked right there, and ran in the back door. They weren't in the kitchen, so I kept moving through the house. I checked the living room - nobody. Looked out on the back deck, as I passed by the picture windows, and looked in the Den, not there. I headed to the hallway. I was walking quickly down the hall when I heard Dee laugh, and it was coming from our bedroom! I was thinking, "Damn, they already got started and I missed it!"

As I arrived I got a complete profile view of them! My wife was still fully dressed and kissing her way down his stomach. His pants were open and his long, thick cock was already about half hard, DeeAnna's hand was wrapped around its thick base, as she stroked it.

"Get on your knees, DeeAnna, I've been waiting all week for you to suck this dick, baby!"

He was brushing his fingers through her long, blond hair and pushing her down onto her knees. She took his balls in the palm of her hand and wrapped her other beautifully manicured hand around his cock. She looked up at him and opened her mouth and kissed the swollen head, softly!

Deke looked over at me and smiled. "Welcome home, Tommi! Sorry, we started without you, your wife couldn't wait to get this black dick in her mouth!"

I unzipped my jeans, and let them drop to the floor. Something Deke always did was give DeeAnna the option of sucking me, or him. He would point to my dick and say, "Dee, baby, you have a choice to make. Do you want Tommi's dick or this fat black dick?" He had done this from the first time he and my wife were together, and I thought how considerate and kind that was. Truth was, as I learned later, he was making her choose him over me? She always chose him, and for some reason, that whole scene just turned me on even more.

As I stepped out my pants and briefs, he asked her the question. She didn't even look over at me, she just ran her hands down the length of his dick, smiled, and kissed the tip, again. Looking up into his eyes, she then stretched her lips over the head of his cock. My dick wasn't hard, yet, but it was leaking a little. I was so excited and turned on that I could feel myself shaking. I sat down on DeeAnna's makeup chair and watched her take more of his cock into her mouth with each stroke. She was so hungry for him it made my dick twitch, and as soon as I wrapped my hand around my dick and gave it a stroke, I came hard and kept cumming! It was a lot for me. I heard Deke and DeeAnna laughing, I had nearly screamed out as I came, it was so intense! and it surprised them

"I guess, I was excited about seeing it, too!?"

My release drained me so thoroughly, that I sagged back against the wall and watch her suck him until she got him good and hard. Deke pulled her to her feet and now I got to do my favorite thing! I undress her and then draped my sexy wife over the corner of our bed for him. This was how she was displayed for him by me since the beginning of him fucking her here in our bedroom. It was like his signature way to put her in a submissive position. It excited me to spread her legs so she straddles the corner of the bed with her left leg along the bottom of the bed and her right leg along the side splaying her open for him as if I was making my wife a gift to him each time and then stepping back, that simple motion, taking a step back was an act of surrender to him as he stepped forward to once again take her from me.

This was our ceremony each time and each time it always amazed me how submissive she became when I laid her out in this position it was almost like hitting a switch and since our bed is a pedestal bed (tall) it put her at just the right height for him to slide right into her and it was just the right height and angle, for me to get a great view of my wife's pussy open up for him it was all so beautiful.
Deke took control of her rolling her to the left and spanked her hard on her right cheek then completely rolled her over onto her hands and knees as he put his right hand on her lower back and used his left to guide his big black dick to her opening. Damn, she looked hot and sexy, her gorgeous round ass in the air with his big hands caressing it. I could see her body anticipating, pleading for his cock to slide into her. She had rolled her hips forward dropping to her elbows and pushed her ass up and back at him to display her shaved pussy and give him easy access. Deke didn't disappoint! her body was heaving from her heavy breathing. My wife moaned loudly as he plunged his thick cock into her, stretching her pussy open, as he went deeper and deeper with each succeeding stroke. After ten or so strokes he had worked it completely inside of her and he held it deep inside of her as she squirmed, and pleaded, "Give it to me, baby, I can take it, make me your little..." SMACK! That's all she got out before he spanked her ass and gave her one long jack-hammer stroke. She cried out in a scream I felt in my loins, as I knew she was creaming on his cock!

"You already are my little... "

He took her firmly by the hips and started fucking her in long strokes, just the way she loves it... Pulling out until just the head of his dick is between her swollen pussy lips and then plunging in until his hips slap into her ass. He kept that up, only stopping to spank her a couple of good ones, before continuing his pleasuring of her pussy.

I knew my girl was enjoying every moment of this because I know how much she loves having a big cock inside of her and I know how much she loves Deke. I love how he brings out her submissive nature to his muscular dominant maleness it is a wonder to see! My Dee looked so sexy, her long, blond hair flying about as she clawed at the bedspread, whimpering and panting as she came, again! Even as she continued to plead with him to fuck her harder! I knew her pussy was going to be sore because he was givin' it to her harder now than I had ever seen! Suddenly, he pulled out and told her to get on her back.

Now he was between her legs and was playing with her breasts while she calmed down and took hold of his hard cock to guide it back to her pussy. She looked back up at him and put her hands on his bulging biceps as he began working himself into her again. He lowered himself onto her, their lips met and they kissed as he slid into her. She spread her legs and wrapped her arms and long legs around his strong body trying to use her legs to pull him into her. I moved around for a side view and saw that her eyes were closed, she was lost in a deep, intimate kiss with him. Her hands were sliding smoothly down his back, then back up feeling the flexing of his back muscles.

"Fuck me, Daddy, I've been waiting all week for you!"

He looked down and kissed her, again.

"You love this black dick, don't you?" thrusting into her.

"Yes!" she panted.

He thrust into her, again.

"Oh, baby, YES!" she moaned.

He began thrusting into her harder, picking up the pace as his strokes increased. She was moaning and panting and I knew she was working up to another screaming orgasm. He was fucking her hard now, and she had her arms wrapped around his back with her face buried in his neck. I knew she was sucking on his neck because that's what she likes to do when it's gettin' good and rough! Now I heard Deke starting to pant and moan and I knew he was about to orgasm. DeeAnna was encouraging him to cum, telling him she wanted to feel him unload deep inside of her. A few strokes later his body stiffened, he moaned loudly and drove his cock into her as deep as he could and held it there as the spasms wracked his body! I think DeeAnna came again? She looked so pretty looking up at him as he finished. Licking her lips, batting her pretty blue eyes she thanked him for cumming inside her.

"You're welcome, baby, this is the best pussy I've ever had!"

It went without saying that he was her favorite lover of the three she has been with since I started having erection issues and her cucking me at my request. DeeAnna had enjoyed around three years of great sex and intimate times with Deke now and we had all grown very close to one another.

From my side, he was fulfilling a fantasy and need for my wife that if I had not been secure in my manhood enough to consider her needs she would be doing this behind my back and trying to live with the guilt now that I can no longer maintain an erection.

Even when I could I was what would be considered "under-hung." She always said that I am great with my tongue and I do pretty well with her toys but it's not the same orgasm she has with her lover. Several years ago, my wife, DeeAnna, discovered that what makes her have long and powerful orgasms is a thick cock and her having Deke as a steady boyfriend has brought stability into our lives, and our relationship. He has taken the pressure off of me to perform or figure out her vibrator. It's not your average "happily ever after" story, but we have made it work for us.

Honestly, my orgasms when I watch my wife with Deke are more powerful than when I had sex with her! I know it sounds bad, but it's true.


After we all ate supper and spent an hour or so having cocktails and laughing, I went out to feed the horses and check the barn. When I was walking across the yard to the barn, I could hear a faint humming sound? At first, I Could not figure it out where it was coming from, but as I got closer to my SUV I could hear that the engine was STILL running!? I had been so excited when I pulled into the driveway and ran into the house I forgot to turn off the ignition!
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