Mike's mind was whirring in sexual turmoil, insecurity. Laurie had shared her day at the secret beach that only the locals knew about and how it was interrupted by a stranger wearing a very transparent (when wet) speedo. As he replayed his wife's description of her afternoon at the beach. Laurie had shared her day at the secret beach that only the locals knew about and how it was interrupted by a stranger wearing a very transparent (when wet) speedo.

Mike would often comment that he thought it was unwise of his wife to go to the beach alone and this encounter simply solidified his warning. Granted, the stranger did nothing but sit near her, but he knew how men think. He asked his wife several probing questions about the encounter but noticed that she was getting a little annoyed at his persistence and he knew her well enough to stop his inquiry.

The guy had done nothing wrong it was just one of her comments that kept repeating itself in his head. "He was bigger soft than you are hard." There it was the agonizing truth that Mike had always feared. He always felt that, even though he was no slouch in the cock size, area, he still secretly wondered if Laurie might enjoy something... well, something bigger? He knew she was a virgin their first time and that she enjoyed sex with him, but he wondered if Laurie was truly satisfied? It was a crazy worry, and the rational part of his brain knew he had nothing to fear but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't shake the thought.

Mike was embarrassed to find his cock hard from the details she shared and he had an overwhelming urge to masturbate. The next morning, like a horny schoolboy, he stroked himself to orgasm in record time imagining his wife getting aroused from seeing this stranger's ********. Laurie was glad that Mike had stopped his inquisition. She was very uncomfortable with the situation and regretted telling her husband about it happening. Although she was a little troubled at first about the experience, she was secretly more concerned with her physical reaction.

On the drive home, she couldn't get the picture of that powerful bulge out of her head. Her well-endowed chest was flushed with sexual excitement and her nipples were painfully hard. When she arrived home, she quickly ran upstairs to change and was shocked to discover that her modest one-piece swimsuit liner was soaked through at the crotch. This was a new experience for her. Yes, her husband would bring her arousal, but not another man, at least not since they were married! Over the next few days, Laurie tortured herself over her reaction to "Mr. Big" as she now thought of him. Why was she feeling like this, what had the encounter wakened in her? She loved her husband with all her heart and would never betray him but why couldn't she just forget it ever happened, when In fact, nothing had happened? A man with a shear bathing suit had made her feel uneasy. So what women in scantily clad suits do that kind of thing to men all the time and find it funny, what was the big deal? Deep inside, she knew. "He was bigger soft than you are hard." The phrase kept repeating itself in her head, as well!?

Laurie was a virgin when she met Mike and lived a fairly sheltered life having never seen another man naked, so she never gave size much thought. Laurie had a few girlfriends with a lot more experience and occasionally she would recall them remarking on how endowed their lovers were, but to this point, she never thought about having anyone bigger, longer, thicker… until now! She was regretting now for the first time, she was starting to wish she had sewed some "wild oats" before meeting Mike like her sister did before she met her husband.

Laurie read with much interest the stories she found on a website where women would describe their experiences with their first big cock. Laurie found their stories made her wet and she began wondering how her body would react to something bigger, thicker, and longer? Now A man that was bold enough to display that openly in a public place had looked at her like he knew what she was thinking when she looked at him.

It was not just the fuller feeling that the women in the stories talked about that intrigued Laurie, but the orgasms that her friends described they experienced with a bigger lover sounded much more powerful than the ones she had with Mike.

Unfortunately for Laurie, the nagging feeling deep in her womb would not go away. She even thought of buying a larger vibrator to satisfy her yearning but decided to resist any temptation and again attempt to shift it out of her mind. After all, she and Mike had a very satisfying marriage and who knows if the stories that she read were true... Probably written by a bunch of men she told herself.

The next weekend, Mike was leaving on a training trip, one of several her husband had to take every year. Laurie gave Mike a tight squeeze as she said goodbye to him and as soon as the door closed, one thought kept pounding through her head. Moving as if she were being controlled by some strong force, she packed a small bag and walked to her car. During the short drive, Laurie almost turned around several times. She had no idea why she was doing this. To her, sex and love were inseparable and she couldn't imagine "Just fucking" for pleasure, still, she was curious. How could a penis be that large? How would something like that feel? Would she like it? The way her body was feeling, she was sure she wanted to find out!

Laurie normally dressed down her attributes, but this time she was dressed to get attention! The conservative one-piece was at home and this time underneath her cover-up, she had on a bikini that she last wore for her husband on vacation. This bikini left very little to the imagination as it showed off her natural 38D breasts, round bottom, and toned legs VERY nicely.

Laurie reached the secluded parking area and sat in her car for a long time. She almost started the car to leave but somehow couldn't bring herself to do it. She caught a glimpse of eyes staring back at her in the rearview mirror, they were not her eyes, and yet they were. They brought her back from her contemplation. "What is the big deal? I'll lie out, catch some rays and go home." She rationalized that there was little chance "Mr. Big" would even be there and at the very least, she would enjoy a nice afternoon in the sun. She opened her car door and made the long trek to the isolated beach.
Laurie made her way around the large dune that hid the entrance to the little cove she liked and froze. There he was same spot, the same revealing swimsuit. She suddenly felt very weak, her legs started to tremble. Again, she almost turned back but some strange force pushed her toward the beach.

She set up her blanket about twenty yards from "Mr. Big" and tried to get comfortable. Her hands were shaking as she adjusted her sunglasses and peeked over at the man. He hadn't taken notice of her arrival but she somehow felt that he knew why she was there. For about half an hour, Laurie tried to relax. The sexual tension she felt was almost unbearable as she adjusted her bikini and fidgeted in the sand. She felt so naked in her bikini and hoped no one else she knew would walk by and see her looking so *******. Just as she started to think that the whole thing was just a silly compulsion of hers and that nothing was going to happen, the man shifted in his chair, looked over at her, and smiled.

Laurie jerked her head straight and pretended not to notice. She could feel his eyes crawling all over her tight, ******* body. Her pink nipples were very erect and pushing painfully against her top. She felt the all-too-familiar tingling of arousal in her lower abdomen and heat building between her legs. With this arousal came a tinge of guilt. Suddenly, her cell phone rang, startling her. It was Mike.

"Hey, honey. What's going on?"

"Uh, nothing. Uh, I'm just at the mall. You know, running errands."

His words seemed to be drowned out by the action she was witnessing. "Mr. Big" was moving. He lifted himself out of the chair and walked purposely over to her. Under the cover of her sunglasses, she looked between his legs and stared at the cruel bulge that had tortured her mind over the past few days.

"Honey, are you listening to me?"

In her free ear, he whispered with authority, "I knew you'd come back!"

Laurie sat frozen. The man reached for her hand and gently pulled her from her blanket. She half resisted his advance but allowed him to lead her toward a secluded area in the dunes. "I'm sorry honey. I'm lost in these errands. I can't believe how crowded it is here today. Can I call you back?" Laurie pleaded with her husband as the man guided her to a secluded spot.

"Sure, honey. Call me back la..." Laurie hit the end button.

Once they were out of plain sight, he turned Laurie to face him. He reached out and took off her sunglasses. She was trembling with fear and excitement as she watched him silently start to lower his suit. Laurie looked down and gasped as he slowly revealed his now growing shaft, and the arousal she had been feeling since her last visit was suddenly ten times more intense than it had been! Inch by impossible inch, he pulled down the thin material until his hard cock sprung free. It was longer than the ones she saw on the websites and thick as her wrist. She knew that this would soon be between her legs.

The stranger now naked guided her hand towards his cock and wrapped it around the shaft. She marveled at how powerful it felt beneath her fingers. Without prompting, she moved both hands around his length and was stunned to see that there was still quite a bit left uncovered from her grasp. Unlike Mike's cock her fingers were nowhere close to touching her palm as it was so thick. He casually placed his hand on Laurie's tummy and slowly dragged his fingers down over her flat abs and soft skin. When he reached her bikini, he shifted moving around behind her forcing her to release his size as he penetrated the waistband and used his index and ring finger to glide up her slit with his middle finger dragging along her clit. The smirk on his face as he found Laurie getting wet told Laurie that he had done this before, probably many times.

Laurie now felt more ******* than he was and she still had her suit on. this stranger knew she was fascinated with him and was aroused. She couldn't take her eyes from his organ as she stroked and played with it while he was playing with her body. She lightly felt his heavy balls and traced her finger lightly up and down his shaft as he cupped each of her heavy breasts. Knowing her body was making his dick big added to her arousal. He gently pulled her hands away and placed her arms at her sides. He then started to lower the straps of her bikini top. Laurie just stood still and allowed herself to be ******* to him.

The man stared intently at Laurie's breasts as he ******* more and more of her, he knew she was well built, but when her hard nipples popped out, he let out a groan of appreciation. Laurie's breasts needed little support to maintain their perkiness and the stranger's hands traced the outer roundness of each breast. He liked how hard her pink nipples were getting as she thrust them towards him, wanting for him to touch them. Laurie knew he was in command of the situation and all she could think about was pleasing him. She knew he wanted her naked and she wanted to be naked. He took his hands and dragged them slowly down her breast towards her stomach. He continued moving lower until his thumbs were at the thin ties of her bikini panties. He played with the waistband of her bikini again this time teasing her since he knew he was in command. He lifted the waistband slightly this time getting a view of Laurie's thick, dark brown bush. Laurie always kept it trimmed for the summer swimwear, but she had a rather prominent bush that hid her slit very well.

Mr. Big had only been with younger women and liked seeing that she had hair on her pussy, but wondered how it would look shaved. He kept his thoughts to himself, as he admired his latest conquest. He slowly moved his hands back to the sides of her bikini bottoms and with a quick tug untied the thin stings on either side allowing her bottoms to fall to the sand leaving her ******* in less than a second ******** Laurie's pussy to his eyes. In the bright light, he could see her glistening slit as he bent down to further inspect his prize. Laurie felt his hands grab her ass cheeks as he went in for a taste and enjoyed her squirming in his grasp. On instinct, Laurie put her hands on his head and ran them through his hair as he sampled her. No other man, but her husband had ever seen her naked like this. She was helpless and excited as Mr. Big continued to his sample her she stood there unmoving with her hand now applying pressure to the back of his head to get try and get him more into her.

He slowly stood up her hands dropping from his head to his chest and stomach as they were now face-to-face. He looked intently into Laurie's eyes and grabbed her wrist putting them by her side then moved them behind her back. Laurie stood compliant, knowing that she wanted him to go further. She NEEDED him to go further! The tip of the man's cock lightly brushed against her pubic hair and Laurie shuddered with desire making him smile.

He reached for a beach towel and spread it on the ground. Laurie knelt on the towel as he positioned his cock in front of her. Laurie rarely performed oral on Mike, but seeing this man's large cock made her want it, something she never felt before? He was too large to get much of him into her mouth, so she used her hands to stroke him and did her best to lick and suck on his head. She was enjoying the feeling of something so powerful in her hands and mouth. She was hoping that he would not cum quickly like Mike had done since she desperately wanted to feel him inside her.

As she would soon learn he was not only bigger than her husband but lasted much longer. He also handled her with authority and wasn’t asking if he could do the things he was doing, he just did it as if he owned her and she liked that and submit to his demands. He was right, there was nothing inside of Laurie that was thinking of resisting him. It was the last thing on her mind, she was now under his spell, so to speak, and loving it!

He commented that she was doing good with her mouth, for a woman who doesn’t seem to be experienced. Now he wanted to show her how good he was and he laid her on her back. While at her feet he looked up and enjoyed the view of this hot, naked woman he was looking forward to what was coming next.

He reached for her ankles, wrapped his strong hands around them, and separated her thighs, so she was now fully ******* to him. He knew from her ring, on her finger that she was married, so he was surprised that there was so little resistance from her? Her labia lips were thin and he enjoyed the view of her wet pussy, it looked like her clit was swelling and her moisture gleamed in the sunlight. He smiled to himself, knowing he had this slut right where he wanted her.

He could see her getting wet as he slowly moved up her legs until his mouth found her waiting pussy. He looked up as he licked around her labia and could see her eyes glaze over as she grabbed the sides of the towel as she moaned with pleasure. While his tongue was tormenting her pussy, his hands reached up to pull on her hard nipples making her moan out louder. He brought one hand down so that he could feel how tight his new lover was going to be and inserted his middle finger at the entrance. Laurie's eyes opened wide as his finger felt larger than she expected and thought for a moment that he might have slid something else in there. He started to explore her tight opening and was surprised to find her even more aroused than he thought.

"Does your husband not make love to you, enough, honey? You seem like you are in desperate need of this black dick!?"

Laurie squirmed at his touch and was moving her hips to meet his licks and his finger deep inside her. He knew she was wanting more and decided that the time was right. Mr. Big reached out, turned her over, and gently put pressure on her hips to raise her ass in the air. Laurie leaned forward on her elbows and spread her legs. She had never acted so lewd in her life offering herself up to this stranger like this it was almost as if she were someone else and she felt powerful in the submissive act.

Normally, Laurie and Mike would only do the missionary position, maybe some spooning and on occasion, she might cowgirl. Mike had taken her from behind, doggie once but she had never experienced getting this deep into the position and that she was spread submissive to a stranger made it all the more special! He positioned himself at her opening and started to slide his cock head up and down her slit. Laurie moaned in response and began to move her hips in rhythm. She felt the stranger position the head right at her opening and her hands gripped the towel again in anticipation. Laurie felt the pressure of his cock trying to force her open, but it was not going in easy. She had never taken anything this large in her life.

"Go slow, I am not used to anything nearly this big. I am afraid it... it... won't fit?" Taking a breath and wincing at the pain of his invasion "I don't think I can spread my legs any further for you?"

Laurie rolled her hips to try to accommodate him. She knew one thing, she didn’t want to leave this place without knowing how it felt to be “Dicked Down” as he had called it. "Hold still, I won't hurt you it will only give you pleasure, trust me... That’s it, relax give daddy that sweet pussy baby, roll those hips so I can dick that pussy down!"

Slowly, he worked his way in. Finally, the head was completely inside. Laurie moaned loudly as she felt herself being stretched. The head was huge, it felt like a grapefruit! It was incredible, with just the head inside her, she felt on the brink of orgasm, with the stranger's added thickness, causing her clit to be more ******* each move he made the ridge of his cockhead stroked and teased her clit. Normally, her husband would use his fingers to tease her clit during sex, but this larger cock was doing it with each stroke.

"Mr. Big" took his time and guided more of his large cock inside her. He was not wanting to punish her, but to bring her new pleasure. With each inch, he would let her pussy adapt to it and then pull back and go a bit further with a bit more. Laurie wondered when he would finally get it all in since she was so close to cumming? After a moment, he bent over her, cupped her heavy breasts, and played with her nipples. Laurie was squirming but was careful to not lose him from inside her it was hard since he teased her tits so well. After a while, the stranger whispered softly in her ear. "I sense you are close, are you ready for the rest of it?"

"Yes...yes...God yes...SO CLOSE!"

The man started moving his hips back and forth, edging his cock in ever so slowly with each stroke. He alternated sucking on her nipples, letting them slowly escape his mouth as he pulled nearly out of her. Laurie's breath was coming in short bursts and she began to pant hard as a person possessed.

"I take it by how snug your pussy is that you are used to smaller cock. Is your husband on the small side, or is it just that he doesn’t do it enough? Or that he doesn’t bring out that inner slut as I do?" The stranger teased as his tongue flicked her nipples as the head of his cock teased the opening of her slit.

Laurie asked him to not mention her husband, but the stranger wanted to know, he enjoyed making his married conquest confess that he was her biggest, hearing them admit how much bigger he was in his mind was an admission of defeat.

"Laurie you will never feel the whole thing unless you play nice and answers me." He then licked slowly over her nipples while Laurie squirmed under his large cock hoping he would get back inside.

"One more time, does your husband have a smaller cock than mine?"

"Yes...oh....yes....uh his is nowhere near as big as yours." Laurie groaned out as the stranger plunged into her with force at her response and began to thrust powerfully making her grab the towel and bit her lip so as not to scream and bring attention to them in this quiet place.

"Always wanted to be fucked with a bigger cock, haven't you?"

Laurie had never been talked to like this, she was beyond caring, her “inner slut” was talking now and she was enjoying this new side of herself. "Yes....yes, I have, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you since the last time we met...please don't stop...oh god...it feels so incredible...give it all to me, please, baby!" She pleaded.

"Mr. Big" had marvelous stamina and he seemed to know exactly what Laurie was feeling. He was playing her like a fine instrument now. "C'mon baby... I'm gonna make you come like you never had before!" He slowed his roll and got into a rhythm. With that, he playfully sucked on her nipple longer and harder.

Incredibly, Laurie could not hold out any longer and started to come hard. She moaned and screamed loud enough that anyone within 100 yards would have heard her screams of ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure racked her tight body as the stranger continued unfettered. Laurie thought she was on the brink of passing out having never felt this level of pleasure before. It was like a huge release her body went into spasm and that triggered a strong emotional response causing her to begin to cry softly.

Her body was getting what it had been craving. Her lover picked up his pace and started fucking her with harder, longer strokes. Laurie could not talk, her own body and emotions had taken her to a place in her mind she did not know was there, as her orgasm began anew with each powerful stroke from Mr. Big. Laura was lost in the frenzy of lust and desire until finally the stranger buried himself deep within Laurie and began to cum. She could feel burst after burst of come splashing against her walls deep inside as she continued to ride out the unending orgasm caused by the powerful stranger and his massive cock! She had never had multiple orgasms before and did not know that a nonstop orgasm was even possible?! Finally, after what seemed like forever, they both collapsed, panting and trying to catch their breath.
Laurie was splayed out, legs apart, cum dripping from her swollen pussy and she didn't care. She felt uninhibited as if some barrier had been broken deep inside her. She wished she had experienced this sooner.

Mr. Big looked at her and smiled "Your pussy felt amazingly tight! Have you ever cum that hard or that many times? Man, I loved how hard your nipples got."

"No... never, nowhere even close. You are an amazing and gifted man. Wow, I’ve only been with my husband for the longest… time."

Laurie was broken here on the beach in this quiet place and in a quiet voice, as she looked down at the cock that had brought her so much pleasure, "You haven’t even gone soft, yet?"

They laid together quietly for about 20 minutes, exploring and caressing each other. Laurie lost in thought about what she had done and yet how good it had felt, and how out of control she had been and wanted to be again! A week ago he woke something up in her that would not go away, now it was a new Laurie something strong and wild screaming out. She thought about her husband and knew things had to change there ASAP!

She felt the man's cock start to swell again against her back. Feeling the soreness between her legs "I don't think I can take anymore...?" He slid his left knee between her thighs, spreading her legs, giving his hand full access to her pussy. He began to stroke the length of her glistening slit as he spent a few seconds rubbing her clit. No matter her objections, which he knew were more instinctive than real, he knew she was not only ready but needed him again. Mr. Big rolled onto his back pulling Laurie on top as she obediently climbed onto his dick for the ride of her life. Her doubts dissolved as she squatted over his swollen member. Slowly, eased herself down onto him, his cock filling her. She felt the pain and pleasure, of her desire. That voice, that strong voice calling out inside her. “That’s it, baby, give daddy that pussy!” we are not her anymore we are US and we are not done!

She put her hands on his chest and slowly began to ride him, easing herself up and down on his shaft. After a few seconds though, she was thrusting herself onto him, riding him hard as the tip of his thick head pounded deep inside pleasing her. The sound of her animal grunting, purring, and groaning made her smile, as she felt his hands on her breasts, the sun beating down on their naked bodies, and His large cock inside of her, her inner animal was alive all her senses on edge she could smell him, bending down sniffing his chest up to his neck placing her mouth at his ear and purring softly she had his scent. Setting back she increased her rhythm and force, now single-minded her only thought was her own needs.

The stranger smiled "Somebody woke the kitty and it's a tiger!" Laurie leaned over growling and whispered I was yours now you are mine don't speak unless I ask you something! a deep guttural growl came from her but her mouth was closed. You have done this before, to other women here on the beach in this spot. It was not a question it was a statement and he knew better than to reply. Her strong determined eyes looked through him as she waited to see if he would before returning to her upright position and again increasing her rhythm and power. The tigress that he had awakened a week ago that would not go away was now in complete control and he loved it!!

Finally, Laurie could take no more and with her legs shaking, all of it culminated in a spectacular orgasm that set her prey off inside her! After a few minutes, she lifted her head from his chest.

"WOW, that was AMAZING!!! You were like a whole different person there for a while!!?"

Now the kitten again she barely had enough strength to pull herself off of his cock. Exhausted she rolled onto her back and lay in the sun. She knew she had to end this. She could not allow him to be here when he recovered or this would go on all night. She looked at him and his black cock "Time for you to go I need some more sun."

"Hey, What's your name? I'd like to call you and do this again, sometime? Laurie waved him toward her and gave him a passionate kiss. She'd gotten what she came for and more, this was to be her little secret for now.
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