My wife Lisa and I have been married for seven years. We have two kids and live in a nice home in the suburbs. My wife is a very beautiful and sexy creature. She is tall with long brown hair and bright green eyes. She works out a lot and has a flat tummy, tight ass and full C-cup bustline.

Lisa is somewhat of an exhibitionist. She has a bubbly, perky personality and is an outrageous flirt. She purposely dresses in sexy and revealing clothing just to be a tease. Sometimes she likes to go out shopping without her bra on and flash her sexy tits, to whoever might be around. I usually try to keep her under control and talk her into dressing more conservatively. Lisa just laughs and tries to convince me that no one cares and that no one is looking at her.

Of course I can actually see them all looking at her and so can she. Men are naturally drawn like a magnet to such a beautiful woman. Especially when she is playfully flashing them her nice bouncy tits or letting them look right up her dress. At the beach she wears these skimpy string bikinis. She likes to walk along the shoreline with her tits and ass happily jiggling away. I always try to get her to cover up a bit, but Lisa insists that the beach is too hot and that she doesn't have anything lightweight enough to put on.

I know she is doing it on purpose, and all this exhibitionism can sometimes be very humiliating for me. One day we went shopping for a new bedroom set and Lisa insisted on wearing this tiny sundress. The hemline barely covered her ass and the halter style top was tied too loosely behind her neck, allowing her breasts to cascade out of the sides. To make matters worse you could practically see right through the thing. I tried to persuade her to put on something more conservative but she wouldn't hear of it.

The salesman at the furniture store was very attentive showing us practically every piece that was available. My wife was in one of her playful moods and kept bending over in front of the guy. I was sure that he was getting a clear view of her ass every time.

Lisa made it a point to lie on every bed. While she was lying there talking to the salesman her tits were almost falling out of the sides of her halter-top. Most times we could see part of my wife's pink nipples peeking out from the edge of the fabric. In the process of getting on and off the beds she kept flashing us her skimpy panties with a substantial amount of her dark hairs poking out from both sides of the leg openings.

I was so embarrassed that I nearly died right there on the spot. I was trying to get her attention the whole time, to tell her to cover up a little, but she wouldn't look at me. The salesman had this huge grin the entire time he waited on us. The bulge in his pants was just as huge. Lisa was laughing and brushing up against him at every opportunity. Needless to say, it was a very long day of shopping before we got the bedroom set.

It seems that the more I try to influence my wife to cover up, the more outrageous she gets. I have learned to accept it because I love her very much. She is, after all, a very beautiful woman. Lisa is a fine mother and fun loving companion. I have resigned myself that this little character flaw doesn't change how much I love her as a person. She has too many other good features not to overlook her little flirtations. Sometimes it can be hard for me to swallow but I just love her too much to lose her.

Wouldn't you know that in spite of her excessive flirtatious behavior, she is very jealous of other women. She can't stand me even glancing at anyone else. She firmly insists that she dresses sexy for me so I won't have to look at other women. She is even pissed if I happen to pause for a moment, on an attractive female, when flicking through the TV channels. Watch Baywatch? Forget it! In my mind this is kind of a contradiction. Again, I love her and have learned to accept her for who she is.

One Saturday morning over coffee she dropped a bomb on me.

"Jeff" she started "I was talking to our neighbor Brian yesterday and he told me something very interesting."

I couldn't imagine what Brian could possibly say that Lisa would find interesting.

"Really" I countered back in an uninterested monotone.

"Jeff, Brian told me about that party you went to a few weeks ago. The party that was held for your old buddy that was getting married."

Uh Oh! I thought. Shit! She found out about the stag party. Fuckin big mouth Brian!

"Yeah, what about it" I tied to say without sounding alarmed.

"Well, Brian said that there was a stripper there at the party with you and your friends and I had to flirt with him a little to get the rest out of him."

I sat there quiet. Looking at the morning paper. Fuckin Brian is all I could think of. My wife probably flashed him her tits or brushed up against him and he shot his mouth off!

"He told me that the stripper was naked and dancing around the room and touching all the guys and you too. He said that you were all touching her and feeling her up! He told me that she even gave a couple of guys blowjobs. Is that right?"

I couldn't lie to her. I caved in right away.

"Yeah that's right honey. But I didn't know they were getting a stripper and I didn't touch her. She never touched me or gave me a blowjob!"

"That's not the point!" Lisa said in a loud and firm tone

"The point is that you are a married man with a wife and two kids. I exercise to keep in shape! I dress up sexy all the time for you! I buy special outfits and wear them when we go out so you won't have to look at other women. Aren't I sexy enough for you anymore? When did you stop loving me and start looking at other women?"

"I'm sorry honey." I confessed "I don't know what to say. It was just a stag party. That's what men do at stag parties. The girl was just a stripper. It meant nothing."

"Nothing! Nothing! Maybe it meant nothing to you but it means something to me!" Lisa shot back.

"I'm sorry honey." I told her again. "What more can I say. I don't know what you want from me. It was just a stripper at a stag party. I still love you as much as ever!"

"That's not enough, Jeff!" she scolded "You have to prove to me that you love me!"

"Lisa, I'm sorry." I answered in my most sincere tone. "I love you very much. What is it you want me to prove to you?"

"Well I've been thinking" Lisa started "It's not fair unless I can get even for this! If you want to look at women dancing naked at a party then maybe I should be the one who's doing the stripping and the dancing."

I said nothing. Lisa continued her scolding.

"Would you like that?" she asked facetiously "Would you like to see your wife dancing naked at a stag party, getting felt up everywhere and giving out blowjobs? Is that the kind of thing you want me to do since I'm not sexy enough already?"

"Honey you're plenty sexy enough." I answered softly "You don't need to be more sexy. I love you just the way you are."

"Well apparently just the way I am was not good enough for you three weeks ago! Now I just wont feel right unless we are even. Now promise me you will do what I say and let me get even for this. I won't forgive you until you promise to let me get my revenge!"

I wasn't exactly sure what she had in mind but I promised anyway. "Okay I promise"

Lisa had a sly smile and started in with her irresistible playful flirting voice.

"So you promise that we can do whatever I want to get even. That I can get my revenge for the stag party and then we'll be even right? You promise?"

"I'm sorry. I promise honey. We can do whatever you want." I answered honestly.

"Okay then" Lisa seemed happy and ready to forget the whole matter. I was thankful that this little confrontation was settled so easily. Little did I know what she had in mind.

My wife works as a receptionist for a company that distributes sporting goods. Although she works in the office, there is a big warehouse where all the shipping and receiving is carried out. Of course, she always dresses in these super short dresses and is always looking for an excuse to go for a stroll through the warehouse and tease the workers. The guys usually stop anything they are doing to watch her walk by. I don't know why she feels compelled to hand deliver every telephone message to every guy in the place. I thought that's why they had voice mail. I guess it's just part of her exhibitionist nature.

One Friday Lisa came home from work all bubbly and excited.

"Guess what honey" she started "We were invited to a party tonight. It looks like you will get the chance to make good on your promise."

I didn't have a clue what she was talking about. "What promise?"

Lisa began using her firm tone again "What do you mean what promise? Don't you remember how you promised to let me get even with you? You promised that I could have my revenge for you and that stripper at that stag party you went to. Well tonight is the night you get to keep your promise!"

I wasn't sure what she had in mind but I knew that tone and I knew not to disagree. "Oh that promise!" I said convincingly "Exactly how are you planning to get even?"

"You'll see" she assured me "Now promise me again. Promise that you'll do whatever I want you to and you won't complain one bit. Now promise me!"

In spite of my concerns I reluctantly agreed. "I promise you Lisa it's okay if you get even."

"Okay, now don't forget." she said, "You can go to the party dressed in jeans. But I have to get dressed up special for this"

With that she disappeared upstairs to the bedroom. Since I was dressed to go I decided to crack open a beer while I waited for her. I could only imagine how this was going to play out. I assumed that she would come down dressed to kill in some sexy outfit of hers that left all too little to the imagination. I figured she would be the hit of the party, as usual, and I would end up embarrassed and humiliated. I knew this scenario too well already.

Much to my surprise, my wife returned in rather a plain and conservative dress. It buttoned all the way up to her neck! Her long brown hair was tied up in a bun that rested on top of her head. She wore high heels and silk stockings. The whole outfit was very uncharacteristic of her. I could tell that she had her bra on and everything. She looked like an everyday normal conservative housewife. Her appearance left me wondering what this revenge thing might be all about.

Without saying too much we hopped in the car and left. Lisa had the address written on a small piece of message paper from work. I listened to the radio, as my wife would periodically give me directions. Finally we arrived at the house we were looking for.

"Who lives here?" I asked her

"Gary" she explained "The warehouse foreman from work. He is throwing a party for one of the guys who works in the warehouse."

"Now I need you to promise me again." Lisa said, "I need you to promise me that you will do everything I say."

"I promise" I told her

My wife had a mischievous smile. She started with the promising business again.

"Now everything I say to you I want you to answer YES, all right? And when I tell you to do something you have to do it. Now promise me you will do what I say."

"I promise! I promise, okay? I promise!" I answered firmly.

After this little exchange we headed to the front door and rang the bell. Lisa's coworker answered the door. He welcomed us in and announced to the group "The entertainment I told you about has arrived!" I couldn't begin to guess what he was talking about.

We walked into the living room where about 10 guys were seated and drinking beers. My wife asked me to sit in one corner and then stood in the middle to address the group.

"As I told Gary," Lisa started, "My husband Jeff here has a perverted mean streak in him. I lost a bet to him and now he wants me to be your entertainment at this stag party. He told me that he would like to watch me dance for all you guys. He wants me to be his naughty slut wife for the night. Isn't that right Jeff?

"Yes" I answered so everyone could hear. I was keeping my promise but secretly I was hoping that this was just Lisa's little joke to get even with me and that she wouldn't get too carried away.

Gary started the music and Lisa started doing this sexy dance around the room. After a few minutes she danced over to where I was sitting.

"Are you going to make me unbutton my dress?" Lisa asked

"Yes" I answered obediently. I remembered my promise and now I understood why she was wearing her bra. She must have wanted to show off in her underwear. Heck it was no worse than her bikini. I was convinced that this little revenge thing wouldn't go much further than her having this little bit of teasing fun with me.

"But I don't want to, Jeff." Lisa lied. "All these guys will see me in my underwear if I unbutton my dress. You're so mean to me, making me do this in front of everyone. If you really want me to go through with this you'll have to unbutton it yourself."

She stood in front of me and smiled a wicked smile while, one by one, I unfastened the buttons all the way down the front of her dress. I hoped that this was the end of the gag.

Lisa turned and danced some more. Her dress, totally unbuttoned was hanging open giving everyone a full view of her lace bra and skimpy panties. She was wearing a pair of stay up white stockings. She looked so sexy. She danced around the room like an exotic dancer stopping at each guy as if to give him a personal show. This was getting embarrassing for me. I was curious how far Lisa would go with this joke and hoped we were nearing the end of her retribution for my previous behavior.

My sexy wife danced back over to me and threw me her dress. She continued dancing. Now she was going up to each of the guys and brushing her bra covered tits up against them or wiggling her tight panty covered ass in their faces. The guys were mostly holding back, but once in a while one would grab my wife's ass or feel up her bosom.

This was getting a little out of hand. But now that I had promised her I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to stop this. Part of me was enjoying the show. The rest of me knew that if I went back on my promise I would likely sit through something worse that Lisa might dream up to get even. Who knows what that could be. I decided to go along. This was actually pretty harmless I thought. It was really very erotic.

Lisa danced over to me again. She had a sly smile on her face and she started in again.

"Jeff now I think this has gone far enough. I've been naughty enough for you now. You don't want me to take off my bra in front of all these guys that I work with, do you?"

Now I really wasn't sure what to do. I didn't answer. Instead I made a scolding, clenched mouth, face of disapproval to signal my wife that this was enough. I thought Lisa would read my objection and quit this naughty wife act. Instead, she used it against me!

"Okay, Jeff, no need to get mad at me! I'll take off my bra just like you told me."

My wife's bra hitched in the front. She unhooked the fastener and slid the straps off of her shoulders. Lisa turned to face the gathering. She had a big smile. They all cheered as she playfully jiggled her firm full breasts with the big pink nipples.

Lisa was in her glory. I knew she was. I knew that there is nothing more my wife loved than to be the center of attention and flash male admirers. She danced around the room some more. This time my topless wife spent a little longer with each of the men. Every now and again one of the guys would sneak a feel of Lisa's tits. She never complained and always looked over to make sure I was watching.

She sat on the lap of Tom, the groom to be, and offered no resistance as he obscenely fondled her beautiful breasts. She danced over to Gary and sat on his lap too. This time she looked over at me with a big smile and a wink. She put both hands on top of her head giving him full access to her sexy bosom. Gary took advantage of the situation and openly caressed my wife's tits, pausing now and again to pinch her big pink nipples.

My wife got up and danced her way over to me.

She started her naughty girl routine again.

"Okay now Jeff, I've done all the things you wanted so far." Lisa said in kind of a mocking tone. "But I don't know if I can go through with this honey. These guys might get out of hand if I go any further. Do I really have to keep this up for you?"

There is no way I was going to answer YES, like she had instructed me, even though I had promised her. But I wouldn't answer NO either. That would mean trouble. I was trying to think fast. Scowling didn't work last time. I tried smiling a happy smile in response to her question.

"Okay!" She responded taking my smile as an affirmative. "But don't forget this is what you wanted." Lisa mocked as she slipped her panties down to her ankles in one quick motion and then daintily stepped out of them.

The guys were really cheering now. Lisa danced around in the center of the room for them. She was naked except for her high heels and a pair of stay up white stockings. She looked so sexy with her great figure and hairy bush. I was actually kind of enjoying the show myself. All of us had huge tents in our trousers.

My wife moved back over to the guest of honor. She sat on his lap again and he resumed fondling her breasts. Lisa looked over at me and licked her lips. She had a wicked smile, and looked me right in the eyes as she took Tom's hand from her chest and placed it purposely on her pussy. Tom wasted no time in inserting a finger up my wife's slit and started moving it in and out. Lisa looked back at Tom and started squirming in his lap making noises like she was really enjoying this. The other guests were enjoying it too!

My wife got down off of Tom's lap and knelt in front of him. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cook. She started stroking it slowly while she softly cooed. Lisa looked back at me again and licked her lips. It appeared to everyone as if she was putting on a special show for me. I'm sure they thought I was really making her do it.

Lisa turned back and lowered her mouth on the groom's cock. I watched in amazement as the whole thing disappeared in one gulp. With her hair tied up on top of her head we all had a perfect view of Tom's cock slurping in and out of my wife's willing mouth.

Tom was really getting into this and moving his hips up and down rapidly fucking my wife's mouth. Every now and again Lisa would turn her head to look at me. When she did, I could see Toms cock poking up against the inside of her cheek. It made this big bulge appear as he moved his cock in and out of Lisa's mouth.

Some of the guys had taken their own cocks out and were rubbing them as they watched my wife perform this spectacular blowjob on Tom. It wasn't too long before Tom became noticeably tense and started shooting his load right into my wife's waiting mouth. Lisa rolled her eyes to look at me, but kept sucking and rubbing Tom's cock like she was trying to milk every drop down her throat.

When Lisa was finished with Tom, she got up and came right over to me. My wife leaned over and planted a big sloppy wet cum filled kiss right on my mouth. She stuck her tong deep inside so I could taste Tom's cum deposited there.

Lisa broke off the kiss before I was ready. She pulled away and returned to the center.

"Okay now who's the best man?" Lisa was looking around the room.

Gary the warehouse foreman raised his hand "I am!"

My wife wasted no time as she knelt in front of her coworker and opened up his pants. She boldly reached inside and pulled out this huge cock. It had to be nine or ten inches and so thick that my wife's fingers barely circled the outside. Lisa began stroking Gary's monster cock and making noises.

"Ooooo This is a big one, Gary. I can see why you're the best man." Everyone laughed. My laugh was more than a little bit ******.

Lisa turned to give me her little sly smile and then turned her attention to Gary with the same enthusiasm she had shown to Tom. My wife had Gary's huge cock in her mouth and was making these slurping and sucking noises as her head bobbed up and down.

Before I realized what was happening I had hold of my own cock and found myself rubbing it rapidly. The sight before me was just too erotic to resist. Here was my lovely, sexy, naked, wife practically worshiping this guys massive cock. It was an incredible site, and I was actually enjoying it!

All the stimulation my wife was giving to Gary eventually had the desired effect. I saw him tense his body as he grabbed on to the back of my wife's neck. He started thrusting wildly with this huge cock pumping his hot seaman directly down my wife's throat. I could see Lisa struggling to swallow it all. She obviously failed as the excess white liquid was running over her lips and down her chin.

When Gary was finished my wife made her way back over to me. She planted another wet cum filled kiss right on my lips. She was holding the back of my head and pressing her face against mine with fervor. I was getting Gary's cum all over my face and mouth.

When Lisa stopped kissing me she noticed the cock in my hands. She smiled and got down on her knees in front of me. She moved my hands away and took my cock into her warm oral cavity. Lisa gently sucked my cock as she tickled my balls. It wasn't long before I started cumming. It was great!

Just as quickly as we had arrived, Lisa put on her dress and we departed.

On the ride home we talked a little about the events of that night.

"I hope you learned your lesson." Lisa said in a mock scolding tone.

"Oh I did" I assured her "I learned you have to try something to know if you like it."

"You're not mad now are you?" she asked "Mad that I wanted to get even."

"No Lisa I'm not mad. I think I've been missing out on some great fun!" I told her honestly

"I'd rather watch you than some stripper any day. I love you. You're so sexy."

Lisa had a contented smile.

From that day on we had many more adventures.

Let me know if you would like to hear about them.

The End
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