I met him in college when he caught me giving a young black college stud a blow job in a janitor's closet. He joined in and took me from behind with his thick, uncircumcised black dick. In his office a couple of days later my black lover showed me his oral skills. The next day we went for a drive and I showed him mine!

Before my husband came back from his business trip he took me to a hotel... My favorite part was when he laid me on my back, leaning down he gave me one of the best kisses I've ever had as he lowered himself between my legs.

Legs spread vulnerable and partially wrapped around this strong black man, my arms around his neck with one hand on the back of his head. His cologne added to the intoxicating atmosphere I felt his huge, strong body touch mine... his chest against my breasts... his cock hard and throbbing on my stomach... his lips meeting mine and capturing my breath as I moaned with passion.

Looking into his eyes I screamed when this sexy black stud enters my tight white pussy, my orgasm of pent-up desire, and anticipation told of my surrender. I see the look of satisfaction on his face as I cum a second time as he tells me how good I feel. Now finally, I get to look into his eyes and see the contortions on his face as he slams his black cock in me one last deep thrust, and holds it there while his orgasm peaks. ~Tom's Wife~
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