My Darling Cuckold

Jason would rue the day he crossed me like this. What would ever possess him to betray our love for that skank was beyond me. Just two days ago we had been talking about eloping and being together forever after. I had been looking forward to getting out of this hick town and finding a world where it was large enough to get lost in. I’d had enough of every Tom, Dick, and Harry sticking their noses in my business.

Granted, I had grown up rather promiscuous, and I did get to know many of the guys in town quite intimately, but I wasn’t alone in those adventures. So, when Jason came along and showed me how a guy really in love doted on his girl, I finally fell in true love. That was what was taking me by surprise so badly.

When I heard the rear door bang shut, I knew it was time to confront Jason over his cheating ways and dump his ass for good. I waited in the front room for him to come to me and tightened every muscle in my body for my attack. But things took a serious turn for the abstract when he walked into the room. He was bleeding from his nose and his lip was busting out in growth over getting hit so hard. My instinct was to run to him, but knowing that he had been cheating on me was enough to keep my ass planted right where it was for the moment.

In my most sarcastic voice possible, I said, “Looks like someone caught you in a hen house. What happened?”

At first he didn’t want to fess up, but when he finally did I knew why he had gotten his ass kicked and I had to fight back my own giddy smiles. He had gotten his just desserts from Kenny, so I decided to wait a little while before letting him know that I knew why he had gotten beaten up. Yesterday I would have kissed his booboo’s and fawned over him like a mother cat, but knowing what I knew now, he was on his own.

You see, the story goes like this. My best friend, Abby, and I were at the mall earlier and she had slipped over her own tongue. We’ve always shared everything between us and had even made the point a thousand times that, “What’s mine, is yours.” However, I had thought that sharing our boyfriends was the one exception and could go unsaid. But she had let it slip out that she had been with Jason the night before. When I pressed her on what she meant, she blushed and got all uneasy. That told me right there what they had been up to and I flew into a rage. I demanded to know how many times they had been together and what her boyfriend thought about it.

“Kenny already knows,” she told me. “And I just met him a few times and after everything you told me about him, I just thought… you know, that you wouldn’t really mind. I thought you’d even get a kick out of it to find out. Now Kenny is all pissed off and looking for him.”

I had heard enough and was pissed. I decided that I had to leave the bitch at the mall and stormed off. She had become a great example of all the reasons I wanted to move to a city; to get away from all this back stabbing hick shit. So, I guess I know now why Jason looks the way he does. Kenny had obviously found him and had kicked his ass for messing around with his girl. It would be my turn in a while, but I wanted him to be lulled into a false sense of security around me before I hammered him for a second time. But things didn’t go down anything like I expected.

I asked him, “What happened to you, honey?”

“Kenny went nuts on me for some reason. I don’t really care to talk about it.”

I bet! He really knew he didn’t want to tell me that he’d been cheating on me. I had given up men cold turkey when we decided to be a couple, and he swore to me that there’d never be another girl in his life. That was when it hit me that before I dumped his ass, maybe I could put him to a final use for me. I thought about it for a moment and decided on my strategy.

“That does it, Jay. I want to leave right now. This fucking town has gotten too damn small for us. Let’s leave tonight.”

I expected him to put an end to things right there and confess to me what he had done. But instead, he agreed with me. I was happy to know I was getting a ride away from the knowing stares I would now be humiliated over to my face, and perhaps even milk his bank account some to finance the relocation. In our earlier plans, Jason had already secured a job in a city about a hundred miles away. We decided to go that way and after packing our meager processions, we headed out. We stopped at the bank on our way out of town and I watched as he all but drained his account. When he got back in the car, I had my hand out for the money and reminded him just how horrible he was at spending it. Little did he know that he would barely be getting back enough of it to eat on until I disappeared. I counted it out and found I now had twenty-two hundred dollars to start my new life with and smirked over my plans to run off with it.

My cell phone began ringing off the hook and when I saw that it was Abby each time, I refused to answer it. I knew I would talk to her eventually, but not until she saw just how much she had fucked up my life so she could live with that forever. How could that bitch have screwed my boyfriend behind my back?

Two hours later we were pulling into a motel parking lot just outside of the city limits. I sat there looking at the fucker sitting next to me and my hatred for him just kept growing. I knew I had to teach him a lesson before taking off on him, but I wanted it to rise to the level of humiliation I was feeling at the moment over getting played so badly.

“What are you staring at, Bliss?” Did he really need to ask? “I told you he just went nuts on me and started wailing away. He’s twice my size, so what do you think I could have done?”

“Hmmm, just attacked you for no reason? That’s so odd even for him. Maybe I can get Abby to tell me when I’m ready to talk to her.”

He bolted upright and did everything he could to discourage that from happening. He knew that after finding out that we had left town that she would come clean with me, but he had no idea she already had let their affair slip out.

We headed into the office to get a room and I walked behind Jason all the way. I was trying to understand what I had been so attracted to all these months. He wasn’t the bulky kind of guy I liked, but he did have some balls at one time; however, they obviously had shriveled up. It came down to three things that I figured had swayed me into falling in love with him that was undeniable to me and that I would have to overcome in my next boyfriend. He had long hair that most girls would die for, treated me like a princess despite knowing my past, and he had the greatest talent in bed I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy; he ate pussy probably better than any lesbian could. The last point was a big one, because before meeting Jason, I was the only one ever giving pleasure in my relationships. He was so good at it as a matter of fact, that his smallish endowment hadn’t even bothered me.

After settling into our room, I told Jason to shower and clean his wounds while I made plans. He wasn’t going to play a big role in them, but that was something he would become aware of a little too late. I decided I wanted to go out one last time and began changing into my grungies. I had just pulled off my halter top when the door to our room banged open and there was a guy standing there with two bags of ice. I covered my boobs as he excused himself. He told me that he was on the wrong floor and forgotten he had hiked up the stairs to get to his room. The guy started to shut the door, but paused and nicely added, “You know, you really ought to keep your door locked to keep people like me out.” He hesitated for a minute and added, “Especially when you look like you do.” His leering at my hands covering my boobs made it clear that he had been impressed with the fleeting sight of my “girls” before I got them covered.

I went over to lock the door when it finally clicked shut, but I stood there and remembered what it felt like to be admired in such a quick moment. I had shut those things out of my head for nearly a year now, but it was nice to feel again since I would soon be free to partake of such hunks.

That got me to thinking that tit for tat is always a pretty good way to leave a cheating boyfriend and mulled over a way to accomplish that precise idea. I looked out the window and saw the bar across the street that I had dismissed as too seedy to go into, but now I wondered if it might help me to make a distinct point to Jason before running out on him with all his money. I took off my baggy shirt and decided to take a shower and spruce up to spend the night hunting. While I waited for the shower to turn off, a hundred different ways of getting even with Jason came to mind, but none really seemed perfect. It ended up with two conclusions formed; I was going out to get laid, and I would have to find a way to keep Jason busy until I at least I had had my fill of rubbing all this in his face.

Jason was taking forever, so when my cell rang for like the fortieth time, I answered it. It was Abby, of course and her first words were all, “I’m so sorry” over and over. I decided to give her a chance to explain, but decided I wouldn’t tell her where we were at just yet.

“Bliss, I never would have done anything like this to you guys if I didn’t think it would have been… cool, with both of you.”

I flipped out on her and fired back, “Cool? Cool? What the hell did you think? I was just going to let you use my boyfriend a couple of times and take him back?”

“No, it wasn’t like that at all. If you didn’t like my idea, I would have left it alone and never mentioned it again.”

“You’re such a piece of work, Abby. What, you were just going to fuck him a couple of times to see if I would come around to a more permanent thing?”

There was a very unusual silence; something that was a true rarity with Abby. I really needed to hear it in her own words and waited just as silently until her voice came back in a very halting fashion,

“Jason… he didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what? That you two were bed mates? We were planning on getting married. You really think he would tell me that he was cheating with my best friend?”

Again there was a long silence until I heard Abby say in a very apologetic voice, “We never had sex, Bliss. I would never do that to you.”

Now I was stunned! What in hell was she talking about? Why in the world would Kenny have wailed on him if they hadn’t had sex? I guess my silence made it clear that I was ready to listen.

“Yeah, I met with Jason a few times, but it wasn’t for me. Not like that! I was just doing what I thought you would find… hot, if not, at least funny. Did Jason tell you we slept together? He’s lying if he did, but I can see why he would.”

I was flabbergasted over everything she was saying. Not for her? That I would find him cheating on me hot… or even funny? I still couldn’t do much more than utter an incoherent word here or there.

“Let me explain! You remember how we were all ***** last month at Cindy’s reception? It started out how you were bragging over Jason’s… special talent in bed. I kidded you about how maybe he was gay and how eating pussy was a sign of it.” I barely could recall the conversation, but told her to go on. “I was only kidding you, but you should have seen your face. I could see you were thinking about it. Well, I told Kenny and he sort of agreed that what I had said might be more true than any of us wanted to admit. You know, he does have a slight build and acts a little too… accommodating at times. Well, it ended up with me asking Kenny to check him out for you. That’s when everything got weird between Jason and Kenny and they met a few times. I had no idea that it would lead to this.”

I was shocked beyond belief. Jason was cheating on me, but with another guy. I never had anything against guys being gay, but to lead me on like that infuriated me and suddenly became even more embarrassing to me than the thought of him cheating on me with Abby. At least she had a smoking hot body. I was too humiliated to keep talking to her and hung up the phone. When she called right back, I blocked her calls and sat back against the head board of the bed to think. How did everything get so turned around so quickly?

Jason came out of the bathroom right then and I scurried past him to keep him from seeing the tears in my eyes. I shucked the rest of my clothes and hopped into the steamy shower and tried getting my head together. Just the thought of him having sex with Kenny was so… icky to me. I think it was the difference in their sizes that really made it weird for me, because that meant it was pretty evident to me who was doing what to whom.

In the end, none of this meant much difference to me. He had still cheated on me and even worse, he was hiding his true desires to be with guys from me all along. I knew I was sticking to my plan to leave him tonight, but now I was fuming over being played as a major fool; not to mention the embarrassment of people possibly finding out it had happened to me this way. I ended my shower and was even more determined to twist the screws on my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. I counted the money in my shorts pocket and left all of it but a hundred dollars in the safe under the sink. I was on a mission to humiliate Jason just as much as he had done to me.

Jason was lying in his underwear on the bed and I told him to get dressed; we were going out to get *****. He started to protest, but a simple look his way told him the subject wasn’t going to be debatable. Fifteen minutes later we were headed across the street to the bar and I was happy seeing that the lot had filled up the minute it had grown dark.

I eased into my whole plan by flirting very lightly with guys at first, but by ten-thirty I was getting pretty wasted and acting very loose. I could see the effect I was having on Jason and he began pleading with me to leave. We had some words and I found myself storming off to the bathroom to have some time alone. A girl fixing her makeup wanted to know why I was so close to crying, and for some dumb reason it all came spilling out. After I had confessed my own folly, I could see she was acting just like I would have expected from any girl finding out that another girl had lost her boyfriend to another guy. That made me so frigging mad.

I guess she saw my stupor over my dilemma, and then she seemed to want to help me. She gave me the usual advice to dump him and offered ways of insulting him, but when I told her my plan of cheating on him first, she had an even better suggestion. I almost snapped out of my blotto demeanor as I listened and agreed with her ideas. When I told her I didn’t know anyone in the area, she decided to help me out as a matter of sisterhood.

With the plans set, she led me back to her table and I sat down with her to meet her friends. She introduced me to a hunk of a guy by the name of Mack, and came right out and told him I needed to get laid in the worst way. I was too wasted to be very embarrassed, and even sat by as she explained everything to her friends about my recent turn of events. Mack, I guess wanting to see just how true his friend was over her offer of me, stepped right up and said he knew some people that might help me get even with Jason. At first I thought he was suggesting a small orgy involving me and when I declined that offer, he explained himself better. I loved what he was proposing, but I loved that he ended it with him and I hooking up. I looked over his strong, well built chest and felt myself growing wet just over the thought of fucking a strange man for the first time in over a year.

Jason came over to where I was and began to hassle me into going back to our own table. Mack asked me if “he” was the guy and I told him it was, and poor Jason’s fate was sealed right then and there. Mack winked at me and suggested that I go back to my table, so I obliged my newly acquired gay friend. All we did for the next ten minutes was argue over my flirtatious behavior and I was just about to lay into him to set him straight about which of us had the real problem when Mack came over to us with three male friends. Mack started openly hitting on me and Jason just sat there. Looking back on it, I can see he was not only outnumbered, but each of the men was larger than he was, thus making it wise for him to keep his mouth shut despite my emasculation of him.

A few minutes after I saw Mack’s flirting was having a very good effect on Jason, I took up his offer to go to the parking lot with him. Jason, not wanting to leave my side followed as did the three other men. That was going to prove costly to him. I had a very good idea what was going to happen, but not to the degree a sober mind would have expected.

Outside, Mack pulled me to him for a kiss, and I made sure not to offer him any reluctance. Jason got furious and came after me to pull me away. That was when one of the other men held his arms behind his back and forced him to watch us finish our kiss. Mack asked me to go off with him and Jason flipped out when I said “okay”.

After several expletives thrown at me, Mack nodded for the guys to take him away. When I saw he was getting very scared, I made it that much worse for him by saying, “Don’t worry! You’re going to have your fun, too.”

Mack wrapped his arm around me and asked about the motel room I was staying in and then began walking me across the street. For a fleeting moment I grew worried about what I had helped set up Jason for and turned back to see the three men just turning the corner to go behind the bar. Jason was boxed in between them and seemed to be struggling against their efforts to guide him by pushing his feet straight out into the dirt in front of him.

“They won’t hurt him, will they?” I took another look to see the lot now free of people and only a fine wisp of dust that Jason had stirred up was blowing around in the night breeze. “You sure? They won’t make him do anything he doesn’t really like, will they?”

Mack grinned and answered me with, “He’s a fucking queer. He’ll get what he wants. I suggest you keep your mind on screaming out the right name when I make your toes curl.”

That was all I had to hear. I’d been dreaming of fucking a new guy since the minute we had begun our drive here. And hearing him talk about making my toes curl set my lower regions into a fit of heat and desire to feel him between my legs. It was nice being under another man’s arm; he was so much larger than Jason and acted much more manly towards me. I guess I know why now.

Back at the motel room, it was wonderful seeing someone hitting on me so freely again. It had been such a long time since I had been swooned into a state of ecstasy. Being the object of attraction in a man’s eyes made me feel like a powerful woman all over again and when I thought about what might be going on between Jason and his new friends, I didn’t have a care left for him.

Mack wanted to get right down to the nitty gritty, but it had been a long time since I had been romanced by anyone other than my now gay ex-boyfriend, so I teased him into what I wanted instead. He ran his hand up under my skirt and exclaimed how wet I was for him. Now I was glad I was too wasted to feel the humility I would have normally felt over his remark. I marveled in the feel of his fingers toying with my lips and the opening to my vagina. I tried to bend forward to force his fingers over my clit, but he seemed impervious to what that precious little bump was for, and he simply sat me up straight again. After a while of getting fingers crudely shoved up inside of me, my poor clit was aching for the touch that Jason knew how to give it so well.

I wished there was someway to blend these two worlds into one, and I guess that was when it really hit me. There seemed to be two kinds of guys when it comes to love making. There was this guy whose lap I was nestled upon; a strong, hunky bulk of a man that had the want and ability to “curl” a girl’s toes at will, and then there was the soft and tender knowledge that Jason had seemed extremely capable of wielding. Too bad that left guys like him so close to that fine line between being straight and gay.

Before I knew what was happening, we were both nude to the world and I felt the strong arms of Mack spinning me around to sit on his lap in the desk chair. But that wasn’t what he was really after. My mind raced in ecstasy when one arm went around me and hoisted my body into the air as he placed his cock to my pussy and slowly dropped me over his shaft as it absorbed me like a hot knife into butter. I felt the girth of his cock and remembered what I had given up when I decided to go with the more sincere and gentle love making that Jason brought to the table. I was amazed how easily I could still take a real man’s hardon. It’s really an easy thing to do when you think about how that tool is in that condition because of how wild your body has driven the man waving it.

It was hardly an effort for him to grab my cheeks and lift me up and down on his cock. I grabbed my boobs in my hands and tweaked my nipples harder than I would ever let someone else do it. I knew Mack was doing nothing more than using my hole as a sex toy to get him self off, but it was that very animalistic form of sex that I had once craved myself. He finally gave me a chance to ride him the way I like to work a man’s cock, and I bobbed my pussy over him in long, slow strokes. Then he just had to inadvertently hit my clit and I had a sudden craving for Jason’s mouth to attack the little guy for me.

I felt horribly mean when I thought about Jason. Mack had said that his friends would only give him a hard time, but now that I knew he was gay, did that mean they might use him like guys would in a prison movie? I turned around and between my strokes I asked Mack, “What are they doing to him? They wouldn’t hurt him would they?”

His eyes had been closed enjoying the feel of my muscles encapsulating him, and he faced me away from him again. “They’re just going to put him to work a little. Hell, they’re bikers; what did you think they were going to do to him?”

A picture came to mind of poor Jason being held on his knees in front of one of the men and forced to suck him off. I never really thought about what they might do; not really. Now that I was thinking of all the vile things that could be happening to him, I was ill over the nasty things I was thinking. I began accentuating my motions to the groaning sounds of pleasure coming from Mack, and I could feel that almost imperceptible growth of a man’s cock just before getting off. I slammed my body down over his red hot poker until he was nearly screaming. And then when I felt my insides warming, I held myself down as low on his shaft as I could go to garner every minute quiver of his expulsion of cum into me. My mouth was wide open and I was in the throes of a massive wave of orgasmic pleasure, and then the door popped open. There I was, unable to move an inch while waiting for my climax to subside, and seeing Jason coming to grips with what I was doing.

I would have wanted to die right then, but I had a choice to finish out a dream fuck, or worry about the feelings of a guy that had been lying to me for a year now. Having made my choice, I tightened my muscles and squirmed around on the amazingly rock hard shaft still pulsing within me. I finally noticed the three men had escorted Jason back to the room and were right behind him. I saw the reason he hadn’t moved was that two of them were holding him facing me by his elbows.

I had no idea what my lips were about to say, but I knew I at least had to get off Mack. I stood up and nearly fainted as I felt his cock fall away from my grasp. That was followed by an immediate drooling sensation that I felt embarrassed over and went for a towel I had left on the bed. I started wiping up my leaking crotch and turned to see Jason wholly pissed at what he had walked in on. But I started getting something else from the picture before me.

As I looked over Jason, the front of his shirt had wet spots on it, and realizing what it really was, I looked over the rest of his upper body. He had spots of semen all over him. He even had some still on his cheek and a long splash down his neck. What I had imagined happening to him as I had been fucking Mack, had indeed happened. It was very obvious that he had given one of the men a blowjob, but he really didn’t seem as happy about it as I would have thought.

I asked Jason, “Have a good time? I guess you can see I did.”

That was when I learned what he had really gone through when one of the men spoke up to announce to the whole room, “He had a really good time. Fuck, he blew us all in less than ten minutes.” The man pushed his shoulder abruptly and demanded, “Speak up… tell her how you fags love pulling a train.”

Jason didn’t say a word, but his face did. He seemed ready to cry and that got me feeling really guilty over my part in all this. I went over to Mack and told him in a near whisper how wonderfully he had fucked me, but told him it was also time to end things with Jason. I asked him to leave and lied to say I would meet him the next night at the bar. I knew I would be long gone by then.

I began dressing along with Mack and I suddenly became aware that three other strangers were watching me. I knew that it was nearly a harmless final dig at Jason, so I made my dressing into somewhat of a flirtatious reverse strip dance. The men appeared to like it, and Jason was just thankful that they released their grips on him. I hadn’t put on my top yet when Mack came over to me to say goodbye and gave me another full on, long kiss to stick it to Jason. I felt guilty again when as Mack walked by Jason, he checked him with his shoulder and said, “Thanks for the fuck, kid. You fucking queer.”

After the door shut, I turned away and dropped my head as I buttoned my top up. Jason fell onto the bed and against the headboard to sulk. I quickly grew into a very pissed mood when I thought about what he had done to me and simply said, “It’s all your fault, so don’t try and blame me for what happened to you.”

In total defiance he shot back, “Funny, they told me it was all your idea, and then I come back to find you fucking another guy. Why would you do this to me?”

“To you,” I screamed? “And what about what you were doing behind my back? Hell, I thought you were fucking Abby at first, and then she told me the real story. Kenny? What the fuck?”

I saw him trying to pretend that he didn’t know what I was talking about. That got me even madder and I just didn’t want to talk about it for a while. I was trying to muster the courage to send him out the door for something so I could run off with his car and his money. The silence was killing me in the mean time and I threw the towel in his face that I had used to wipe up my own mess and said, “You have some leftovers on your cheek and neck. Aren’t you afraid of people finding out you’re gay?”

Jason fumed back at me, “Because you had three goons do that to me doesn’t make me gay; it makes you a twisted bitch.”

“Okay, that’s on me. And for the record, I didn’t tell them what to do to you. That was between you guys.”

“Like I had a choice? What the fuck made you do that to me. If you didn’t want to get married, fine. You could have just broken it off with me and left.”

I walked right up to his face and really rubbed my facts in his face. “Okay, like I said, you can blame me if you want for having to give those three guys blowjobs, but that doesn’t excuse you for Kenny.” I saw him feigning not knowing what I was talking about again, so I laid it out for him. “Yeah, I know all about it. You and Kenny? Abby told me about you two hooking up.”

Jason got off the bed to look out the window just to keep from having to look at me now that he knew I was aware of his homosexual fling. He asked me, “What did that bitch say to you that would cause all this?”

“Jay,” I whined, “just give it up. She told me it wasn’t her you were cheating on me with; it was Kenny. And I know Kenny wouldn’t be the one getting on his knees.”

He turned around with the most puzzled look on his face and said, “She lied to you, you dumbass. I never did a thing they were trying to do to me. Why do you think he beat the hell out of me? I told them I was going to tell you about what they were trying to force me to do. If anyone has anything to hide, it’s them, not me. If anyone is queer here, it’s Kenny. He was the one trying to get me to do stuff.”

Now my mouth was wide open for a much different reason. I raced through all the things that had been said between me and Abby. I realized she never really did say they were… involved or anything. Just a few hours ago it was Abby that I had felt betrayed by, and then… could I have… jumped to the wrong conclusions. I have never known Jay to lie about anything to me, not really; just stuff that wouldn’t matter anyways. I studied his eyes trying to search out the truth. Oh, my god! What’s happening? Did I just destroy the greatest love of my life?

“You aren’t gay,” I pleaded to know. “Please… tell me the truth.”

“No,” he screamed. “You couldn’t tell that? Why would you believe that?”

I just slowly fell to the floor in total disbelief that my world had just fallen in around me yet again. How many times could that happen to me in one day? I looked down and saw a spot on my crotch where Mack’s stuff had begun leaving a wet mark. I never felt so ashamed of my own actions. I began crying and covered my head with my hands as I started telling Jason everything that had transpired. And then I made an even bigger mistake when I admitted why I had talked him into coming all this way; including planning on taking his money and even driving off in his car. When he heard that, I knew I had blown it right then.

“You want that, too? Take the fucking money. Take the fucking car. You took everything else from me, take it all. Run off with that guy you fucked and have a nice life.” And with that he went out the door, slamming it behind him.

I couldn’t move and sat there for an hour crying. I finally had to know just how wrong I had gotten everything. I called Abby and found her just going to bed. I told her some of the things that had happened and even touched upon what the three guys had done to Jason. I begged her to come clean and tell me everything that had really happened.

“I’m so fucking sorry, Bliss. It was all just a wild… not a joke, but… Kenny and I just really thought he was the kind of guy that swung both ways. I thought with your past that that kind of thing would really turn you on to know, so…”

After getting herself together for a moment, she finshed. “The idea was for Kenny to get Jason alone a few times to feel him out. If he was receptive, Kenny was going to… well, you know. I was going to get in on camera for you. I swear, we just thought it would freak you out in a good way. You always said how he was the most tender guy you ever had and it was sort of like having it both ways with him. I thought if you had guys in common, that you would find it… that you would have something else to share. Come on, look at all those stories you told me about with your past guys, and all the things you did before Jason. It sounded like you were missing something. I thought if you knew he was gay that you might get to… have your past and your present, too. You know what I mean?”

Strangely enough, I did know what she meant. After all, wasn’t that what I had just been wishing for as I fucked myself so hard against Mack? I told Abby I would call her the next day and went looking for Jason on foot.

The motel was on a highway into the city and didn’t have any side streets that went anyplace but housing. I walked the entire length of it until the streetlights ended, and then went in the other direction. Almost three hours after I had last seen Jay, I finally found him sitting on a bench under a streetlight about a half mile from the motel. I sat down next to him, but was too afraid to say a word. We sat there for a good half without saying a word. Finally I had to at least make some attempt to apologize, but I wasn’t sure where to start so I asked.

“I need to tell you how sorry I am. I know that you don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, so I’m not trying to ask for your forgiveness. I need to know what hurt you the most. Was it what you walked in on, or what those guys did to you?”

He didn’t answer for the longest time, but I could see him working on the answer. Then he finally told me some other things I hadn’t known. “Abby told me how she knew you were missing the old days. I thought that was what she was getting at the first time we talked. I thought she wanted Kenny to fuck you. I thought a lot about that and was about to tell you that I loved you too much to tie you down. I know you like fucking, and I know you still wish you could fuck other guys. Seeing you sitting on that guy… and then how you were dripping wet when you got off him. I watched you wiping yourself up and walking around in front of all those guys without a care in the world. Yeah, it hurt me, but in another way I was happy that you had gotten what you wanted, and apparently… couldn’t wait to get. I didn’t know you were smiling because of what you had done to me.”

I reached over and touched his hand, but he pulled it away and I started crying inside.

“I’m not mad at you for fucking him. I should be, but I’m not. You just looked too satisfied to hold that against you. But what you had those guys do to me; I can’t forget that. You have any idea how humiliating that is to a guy.”

For some dumb reason I thought that if he could forgive me for fucking Mack that easily, that maybe I could trivialize the other thing so we could stay together. “Jason, I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s just sex. No one knows about it but you and me. You have any idea how many guys I’ve given blowjobs to? Can’t we just forget that ever happened and move forward? I swear I’ll never tell a soul about it. And I also swear I’ll never fuck another guy if you’ll stay with me.”

I could see he really had something tough to say and finally he choked out, “No, I can’t stop you from doing what I know you’re really craving. It didn’t take you but all of four hours to jump on that guy’s dick. Don’t lie to me now. I can’t be with you if that means you can’t ever fuck other guys ever again.”

I don’t know what it was in what he said, but I was hearing something that blew my mind. I knew how much he loved me and even after everything I had done, he was still sitting here talking to me.

“I have to know something, Jay. If I really… I don’t know how to ask this, but… what if we stayed together and I did want to go to bed with another guy? If I told you about it first, could you handle that?”

I couldn’t believe it when I saw him shrug his shoulders. We had often talked about how a shrug was the “easy” way to say yes without having to actually say the word. As much as it had to hurt him to see me on Mack’s lap, he loved me enough to move above that.

He finally repeated my own words from earlier and said, “Like you said, it’s just sex.”

I swung around into his face so he couldn’t look away and said, “Then let’s go back to the motel. We can get some sleep and work on the other stuff later.” I knew I had to confess one more thing to make him know I was being as honest as I could. “You’re right, I did crave that, and for a long time. I don’t know what it is, but it was just so different. But I stayed with you because you’re still the best lover I’ve ever had, and Mack, he was just a fuck. Just a stupid animalistic fuck! All he did was use me… and to be honest, I was just using him. Hell, I even told him that I’d see him tomorrow night, but that was bullshit. I only said it to get rid of him quicker; and… and a little because I wanted to piss you off.” There was one last bit of honesty I had to come clean with and added, “And when I got off him, I saw your face. Even though I was trying to piss you off by making sure you knew what he had just been doing to me, and even though you had every right to hate me with every fiber in you body, all I saw in your eyes was how much you loved me.”

Jason turned to stare into my eyes and I could see he was crying inside, but I did really still love him and needed to make this all right. He has always been the kind of guy to make everything into a joke to make the really bad things seem less worrisome, so I gave it a shot. “If you come back to the motel with me, I’ll try to make the other thing right, too. By my count I owe you three blowjobs. You can have them all at once, or you can spread them out if you want.” I finished with a hopeful smile to get a glint of laughter.

His eyes were just dead, but after staring at me for a couple of minutes, he finally replied with, “You know I don’t like blowjobs; especially now.”

I had it, the slightest and almost imperceptible life came to his eyes. I stood up and took his hand to tug him to his feet and we began slowly walking towards the motel. He didn’t want to hold me like on past walks, but I didn’t press it; at least he was coming back with me. We only talked for a few of the minutes, but I knew it was eating him up. He asked me to tell him about Mack and if I had benefited from doing it with him. I knew it hurt him a lot, but not knowing the details and how I really felt about getting a strange fuck would hurt him more. So, I came clean and gave him as many details as I thought he could handle.

In bed I held him until I saw he was asleep before I would allow myself to nod off. The last thing I thought about was if I could salvage his love for me, could I get away with dating an occasion guy on the side? What kind of a world would that be?

My Darling Cuckold ch. 02

I was only able to sleep about four or five hours before I woke up in a terrible fit of guilt over all my mistakes from the day before. Or at least I wanted to believe it that way. I knew a lot of my insomnia was related to what I had done with Mack. I couldn’t get the feel of his cock out of my mind or the strength of his arms as he so easily set me down on it. A quick feel between my legs told me where my true guilt was centered.

I finally had to get out of bed when I found I couldn’t stop thinking about what Jason had said about not being able to stay with me if I couldn’t balance my sex life. I saw my cell phone on the charger and decided to call Abby. One last lie I had told Jason was that I wouldn’t tell anyone about the three men. Actually, it was one of those lies by omission; I didn’t tell him that I had already partially told Abby about them. I had to make sure she buried her knowledge as a life long secret. I went outside and sat on a wall to call her so I wouldn’t wake up Jason.

Needless to say, she was happy that I called her. I started out by telling her what had happened, to some extent, after I had gone looking for Jason. Somehow, she sidetracked me into telling her all about Mack and I went on and on about him until she finally broke in and said, “So, you’re still thinking about leaving Jason for him then? I mean, you’ve been talking nonstop for quite a while about the guy.”

My guilt came rushing back to me and I found it necessary to tell her what Jason had told me. It was just as hard for her to believe his quagmire as it had been for me. At first she went off about how in a weird way she had helped me get the best of both worlds; the very thing that had started all this crap. But as I began expressing my doubts over whether any guy could handle that kind of situation, that much emasculation to an all ready fragile male ego; she agreed that I could be setting the both of us up for the ultimate downfall.

I told her repeatedly how sincere I felt Jason was and how he even took all the intimate details I had told him in stride. We went over and over all the ins and outs of such an open relationship and it kept coming back to two things; it would be great if we could work out such a relationship, but how impossible it would be for Jason to live with that much emasculation. I kept remembering how Mack’s parting shot at Jason was to call him a queer. I could imagine other guys being even worse.

Abby finally came up with an idea that seemed mean and cruel at first, but made perfect sense in another way. Test him! As she explained her thoughts on the issue, I kept seeing both sides fairly well.

The idea was pretty simple. I’d tell Jason that I don’t think he could handle what he had proposed, and then test him on it. If he couldn’t handle it, there was no way I could stay with him and make him feel horrible everyday of his life. If he really could block out what I did to him, then over time I could prove to him that he was enough to keep me satisfied.

After I realized that I had been on the phone for nearly two hours, I told Abby that I had to get back before Jason woke up. I ran back to the room to see I was too late and saw him setting at the table with a blank stare on his facce. I told him I had to make a call and his attitude already seemed a little annoyed, so I pointed out how what he had told me wouldn’t work if the first time I was on the phone he got jealous.

“You see, right there! I went out to make one call and you’re already pissy over thinking I was sneaking around to call Mack. I don’t even know his number. See!” I thrust my phone at him, but he wouldn’t look at the screen.

“I didn’t think you called him. I would hope that sneaking around to do that wouldn’t be the way you’d handle things.” He had such a blank stare.

I asked him, “So why are you so down then?”

“Because I assumed you called Abby,” and then fell silent again.

I understood everything he was saying. She had started all this and now I ran right back to hook her up with all the details; and he knew it.

“I’m sorry, Jay, but she’s been my best friend forever and my confidant. She’s fucked us up so bad now that she would never say a word to anyone about this. And I didn’t go into things that much, but I did have to ask her about us. I needed her input to know if she thinks what you proposed is workable. I want us to stay together, but I can’t hurt you anymore.”

He took a long, deep breath and asked, “So what did the wise old bitch say? You leaving or staying?”

I overlooked the insult, mostly because she certainly deserved it. And then I decided to get it over with right away.

“I’m going on another date tonight.”

Jason snapped his head my way and retorted, “That was quick!”

“Look, the one thing the ‘bitch’ got right was that I have to be sure you can deal with this. If you can’t, then I’m leaving. Because if you can’t believe that I can be satisfied with you alone, then I’m not sticking around just to make your life a living hell the other way. So, I’m telling you now, I’m going out tonight.”

I waited for his reaction, and though he wasn’t a happy camper, he didn’t seem to be very jealous. I asked him if we wanted me to leave instead, but it turned out that he seemed sincerely worried about something else.

“Who are you going to meet?”

I asked, “Does that really matter? I thought it was up to me.”

He looked up at me from the table and said, “Of course it matters and yes it’s your choice, but there are a couple of things I would hope you would respect. I would hope that you could stay away from my friends, and that you don’t do anything stupid; like pick up a stranger every time.”

“Well,” I replied, “I don’t know anyone else around here. And I want to get this over with so I know where I’m headed. You wouldn’t want me to see Mack again, would you?”

Waiting for his answers was really wearing on me, but I really felt like he was trying to be honest. I felt evil just bringing up Mack’s name, but I didn’t have any other real options. It was either go trolling for a hook up, or keep a date I had never expected to happen when I made it. Finally, he spoke up.

“At least you know him and you said he was acceptable. It’s a lot better than worrying if you’re going to come home alive or not.”

“I understand what you mean, but even if I did do that, I’d have to go to his place. There’s no way I’m coming back here with him.”

Again Jason had a problem. He didn’t like the idea of me going to his place. He was right, though. I didn’t know much about him except that we had been a good fit for sex. Going to his place could be very dangerous considering how easy it had been to find friends to do what they had done to Jason last night.

“Well, if he is the one I choose, then I’ll make him get a room here at the motel. I know what you mean and you’re right.” I wondered what Jason would be doing while I was out making my point, but I just couldn’t bring myself to ask such an embarrassing question. What I was doing to him was bad enough.

The rest of the day went pretty smooth despite the nervous tension. I finally got Jay to start kissing me again and then wondered if he would want to after my date. It was so weird thinking about cheating on him without hiding a thing from him. I reminded Jay of how badly I had flipped out when I thought he had cheated on me and I knew I couldn’t handle this situation in reverse. That thought kept weighing heavy on my mind.

Every moment I was alone, I tried figuring out what I would do for my date. I thought about calling one of my old boyfriends from back home, but even if they did drive the two hours to come out here to see me, then it might get back to one of Jason’s friends. That was totally unacceptable to me. I was beginning to resign myself to having only one option if I wanted to get this out of the way. That thought brought up a new one. If things did go satisfactorily tonight, I could be opening a very big can of worms. I wouldn’t want to make a habit out of this behavior, but just thinking about the first strange fuck I had had in a year was keeping me feeling very wet.

It was getting harder and harder to keep from thinking of all the guys I had made the rounds with before meeting Jason. A different guy nearly every weekend, in different places, and even different positions made the thought of this proposal very entertaining to me libido. As hard as I tried to deny the upside of such an open relationship, it kept creeping back into my thoughts.

I never really admitted it to myself or Jason all day, but I knew Mack was my only option for tonight. By four o’clock I essentially even stopped thinking of any other possibilities. That meant that all I did have to think about was Mack and what it had been like fucking him last night. And things got really weird when Jay and I went out to eat. I couldn’t get my mind off what I was about to do, and Jason wanted me to talk about why I was so silent. On the one hand I felt guilty saying anything about my impending date, but on the other hand this whole thing was about gauging what Jason could truly tolerate. The closer the time came to making the inevitable happen, it seemed like Jason was handling things better than I was and that got me to thinking about our future together. Finally!

We were lying on the bed watching TV at eight o’clock and Jason had his arm around me when I realized I couldn’t put it off any longer. I’d been on pins and needles for the last hour over how I would tell Jason that I needed to get ready to go out, and when I pulled away from his arm I felt so guilty. When he asked me where I was going, I bit my lower lip and looked down at the bed. All he said was, “Oh!”

There was a hint of jealousy to his tone, so I decided to press it a little. A part of me wanted him to tell me to call it all off, but another part of me was being led solely by my hormones. “I’m sorry, hun, but I have to get ready, I need to take a shower and make myself presentable.”

“Have you decided who it’ll be,” he asked me?

“I guess you were right. It’d be dangerous to just go trolling for some stranger. It sort of has to be Mack. I’m sorry. I know it would be easier on you if it was a different guy, but tonight isn’t really about be easy on you, is it? I promise to make it as short as possible though.”

I walked away to the bathroom and the second I closed the door, I went into another world. I was really going to do this and I felt like a school girl all over again. There was just something about the hunk I was heading out for that made my clit tingle in anticipation; which was really weird since he had barely hit it the last time. I hopped into the shower, but no matter what I did I couldn’t stop the vibration in my nerves. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind what I was getting ready to do. When I finished my shower, I realized that I hadn’t set out any clothes and that meant walking back to the dresser. I decided to use it as sort of a flaunt to see how Jason reacted.

After toweling off, I wrapped the towel around me and went for my clothes. I saw Jason looking at me in the mirror as I bent over to put together an outfit. I felt horrible over what I was doing to him, so I walked over to the bed to make him an offer.

“Look, we both know why I have to do this. But that doesn’t mean you have to be left out. I guess what I’m saying is, you want to have at me first?”

I felt so much better when he gave me a genuine laugh at how ridiculous my offer had sounded. So, I stood up and pulled the towel away teasingly showing one boob and then the other, and asking, “Want a little of this, or maybe some of this.”

Considering what I was putting his manhood through, what little of it he had left, he was still able to laugh over my childish actions. I started feeling a whole lot better about the night and headed back to the bathroom to get dressed. Again, as the door closed I got all excited, but now I was a whole lot less apprehensive. When I was done dressing and fixing my hair, I was ready to splash on a little make up. I went out to sit at the table and I just couldn’t believe I was getting ready to go pick up a guy and my real boyfriend was sitting on the bed watching me. There was a lot of whore coming out of me at that moment.

I was headed back to the bathroom and got my first real hint that Jason was still looking out for me, but in a weird kinda way. He asked me if I really wanted to wear the bulky sweater style top I had on. He pointed out that if Mack didn’t really like what he had gotten the night before, the sweater top wasn’t going to be making it easier to pick him up. I knew he was right and asked about my rose colored pullover that was more form fitting. He told me I could pick up a blind man with that, so I changed into it.

The clock said it was nine and I took a deep breath and went to kiss Jason goodbye. He turned his head away from me and I got so sad, but then when he explained why and I couldn’t stop staring at him.

Jay told me, “I don’t think he would like to know you kissed me one moment and then him the next. Besides, I’ve been watching you get all psyched up getting ready for him, and I don’t want to derail you.”

I bent over his face and kissed him anyway, and said, “That’s too bad for him. And don’t you think I can handle two love affairs at once?”

I bit my lip and made a last kissing motion before leaving. All the way walking across the road to the bar I wanted to cry one second and then skip the next. If Mack did show up; that meant that he was there for me and I would surely be getting laid again shortly. And if he didn’t show I was going to have to hang out and lie my ass off to Jason, because one way or another I wanted him to have to deal with the thought that I had been laid.

The minute I got inside, I began looking all over the bar in hopes of “bumping” into him. After I searched the whole place, I saw he wasn’t there and I spiraled into a mental head trip that would baffle a shrink for a month. I felt so let down and oddly abandoned, but I really had no right to feel that way. I was on my second drink and perhaps my third invitation to leave the bar with some stranger when I saw Mack walk in the front doors. I went into my auto teeney bopper mode and pretended not to see him. When he finally made his way to me, he had no qualms about forcing my head up to participate in a long, drawn out kiss that really lit my fire. He even tried to run his hand up the inside of my thigh right there at the main bar. I slapped it away and told him he had to show me a little finesse before he got any further.

And here it was just five minutes after meeting up with Mack, trying to figure out just how low I could go in my endeavor to test Jason; or in the reality of the moment, bed Mack. I was standing at the door to our motel room and asking myself just how cruel I was going to keep being to Jason, but now that I was ignited into a severe case of pantie sweats, I had to ask him. I went through the door and he was still on the bed waiting for my date to end; which he was probably thinking had already happened.

“Actually, I’m here for a very disturbed reason. You see, I met up with Mack, but he only has ten dollars on him.” I took another deep breath and laid it out for him. “He can’t afford a room, so I either have to ask you to borrow some of your money, or ask you… to leave for a little while. You don’t have to do either, but I don’t want to blow what few rules we’ve agreed to, to make this work.”

Jason replied with, “I guess you’re going to have to wait for another night then.”

I was a little frustrated, quite unfairly to him, but frustrated anyways. “No, it’s going to happen someplace. Things have gone a little too far to just back out now. Maybe if we’re quick we can go behind the…” I bit my lip and apologized to Jason. I know he had to think I was rubbing it in to him over what had happened behind the bar to him.

Jay got off the bed and told me that he would go for a walk for a few hours. I told him he really didn’t have to do that and berated him for thinking I would allow things to last that long. When he had made his mind up to let us use the room, I told him to give us an hour but he seemed sure that it would take longer.

“I’m going to fuck him, Jason, not make love to him. We take hours to finish; this should take about ten minutes.” I felt like such a slut saying that to him. But when he went for the door, I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and thanked him for letting us use the room. Obviously, leaving so that his love could have at another man had to tear at his manhood.

I got a little pissed when he opened the door and Mack was right there in his face. “I asked you to wait in the car.” I knew he wanted to rub all this in Jason’s face and asked him to leave, but he wouldn’t.

As Jason walked by him, Mack said to him, “You can stay if you want and see how a real man fucks a pretty little thing like this.” I wanted to smash in his face, and then he added to Jason’s humiliation by saying to me quite loudly, “He’s just looking to get some more man-meat himself; let him go.”

I shushed him up and all but pushed him into our room. I felt so bad for Jason, but I was standing there next to the guy I’d been dreaming about all day and needed to get fucked in the worse way; so getting all bitchy on him wasn’t a good way to go about it. It occurred to me then that Jason might be exposed to stuff like that more in the future if tonight went the right way.

Even in Mack’s arms as he was priming me for his use, I couldn’t get Jason’s face out of my mind as he left the room knowing exactly what we were going to be doing. Mack realized I wasn’t fully into the moment and in his jock-ish way tried to ease my discontent.

Mack sighed heavily over my dilemma and said, “Look, the little fucker is what he is. He never would have let this happen if he wasn’t a fag. You’ll see when he gets back. My friends told me that it took very little to get him working for them last night.”

I really wasn’t about to take relationship advice from someone like Mack, but he had a way of making me think differently about things. I told him Jason wasn’t gay and that I wished he would stop assuming so. Then the big, dumb jock left me thinking such perverse thoughts when he made one last effort to enjoy the moment.

“Okay, if that’s what you want to believe, but there’s an easy way to find out.”

I looked up at him and asked, “How?”

“When he gets back, just tell him what you told me. You know, about being an expert at eating pussy. Put him to work on you. If he eats cream pie then he likes cock. If he won’t do it, you’re right; but I know you’re not.”

I proclaimed, “It’s bad enough that I’m throwing you in his face; I couldn’t even begin to ask him to do that. Besides, no guy would ever do that, gay or not.”

Mack perturbed me with his smile and put one more effort into making me see things differently. “Of course he’s going to pretend not to like it; at first. You’re gonna have to talk him into it, maybe even demand it a little, but if you can get him down there after another guy just fucked you, he’s queer as all hell. My buddies have gotten a lot of blowjobs from kids like him and they know what they saw.”

Mack spun me around and pulled me to his chest as he ran his hands up under my top to fondle my boobs. The images he had just placed into my head began gnawing at me and I found myself asking, “Did they all really get blowjobs from him? If that’s true, he did three guys in the same time it took you to fuck me.”

I looked over my shoulder at Mack’s face and he again said it had happened. And still not being able to get it out of my mind I begged to know, “What’s it like… for the guy doing it, I mean? Have you ever made a guy suck you off? That has to be so hard on the poor guy.”

Mack told me that he had his share of blowjobs from guys and almost made it sound like a normal thing to do. This was a whole new concept for me and even as he ran his hands down and forced them into the front of my shorts, I couldn’t get the picture of Jason getting forced to his knees out of my mind. It had to be the heat within me that was doing it to me, but I had the wildest compulsion to see a guy give another guy a blowjob right then. I couldn’t wait any longer and began stripping my own clothes off along with helping Mack out of his.

Mack began pulling me to the bed and I pulled back. I suddenly realized that I would be asking Jason to sleep in the very bed that we were about to use for sex and felt bad about doing that to him. I told Mack that I could get fucked on my back anytime and wanted something different from our rendezvous. He looked around the room and pulled me over to the dresser, and bent me over it.

I remembered another time when a boyfriend had done something quite similar to this with me and waited for him to nail me. At first, it seemed like I was a little too tight for him because of my nervousness, but he reached down and lifted my right leg up to place it on the top of the dresser. That left me wide open for him and in seconds I felt him sliding balls deep into me. Again, all I could think about was how easily he wielded that tool of his. Despite its thickness, his cock just seemed to slide right into me like I was its glove.

When I heard myself moaning like an injured cat, I grinned over something Abby had once told me. She had said that you really know when it’s a great fuck when you realize the moaning you hear is coming from yourself. Mack was proving her right and I was becoming aware of a very sick thought as he worked my pussy into a worn piece of flesh. Both Jason and Abby were right when they said I had been missing the old days. Laying there as I was and allowing Mack to use me like a cheap whore was something I had been missing over the past year. Jason was a fantastic lover in his own right, but that was no substitution for the hard driving studs that I had made a game out of obtaining on a weekly basis before him. The awe inspiring clit licking that Jason provided me with was too good to give up, but he just didn’t have the size of man meat that I had on so many occasions. It’s such a wonderful feel to have your body forced open just a little too much from time to time. All these thoughts meant one thing. Jason and Abby were right; I probably couldn’t be happy living without this carnal delight on an occasion if I married Jason.

My hands flung against the mirror to help absorb the sudden thrust Mack had taken into me as I daydreamed my way through what he was doing to me. I felt horrible when I realized it was me now that would have to be truthful with Jason. I couldn’t give him the typical marriage that most men would demand. Feeling the thick cock tearing into me was just something I wasn’t going to be able to live without anymore; at least, not if I was going to be honest with myself.

In an instant, Mack had pulled out of me and was rushing me to the bed. I tried stopping him again, but he realized why I didn’t want to use the bed and threw me onto my back anyway. I felt too guilty to allow it and even after getting buried back into me, I managed to turn away from him. Mack got mad over my behavior and he took me the one way I had little I could do to stop. He hoisted my butt into the air, my legs flailing to either side of him, and entered me again. When I started pushing away from him with my toes gripped into the bedding, he stood up taking me along with him so my legs wouldn’t reach the bed. My head was left lying on its side looking at the chair Jason had been sitting in earlier as we had talked about this very lover in me. My hands struggled to maintain some amount of balance.

I couldn’t possibly imagine a more animal-like position than what I was in at the moment; it was another first for me. I was nearly standing on my head as Mack fucked away at me like a caveman. My eyes fell half closed and I dreamed of Jason sitting in the chair watching what was happening to me and seeing for himself just how climatic getting fucked in this almost brutal manner was something my body just couldn’t give up. I closed my eyes and wondered what it would be like if Mack and Abby were right. If Jason was gay, he could see this happening to me in an acceptable light and I would be the luckiest girl in the world. I even fantasized Jason cheering Mack on to “fuck the hell out of me”, and then my insides were getting flooded with a warm bath of Mack’s semen. The sigh that came out of me as I waited for him to finish couldn’t be denied; I was Mack’s bitch at the moment. Mack essentially let me drop back to the bed and that was the benchmark that drove my new resolve. Jason was nothing more than the guy I would be going home to in the future after other men had used me up, and he was going to have to accept that life style if he wanted my love.

Mack, the true male he is, was gone in a shot once he was done with me. I offered to meet him again the next night if he wanted and even though I was lying to him again, he jumped at my offer.

After he was gone, I looked at the clock and saw that it had only taken twenty-two minutes to receive the fucking of a lifetime. I wondered just how long I had before Jason came back and just stayed there basking in the afterglow of great sex. After a while I realized that even though I felt thoroughly fulfilled in one way, I still hadn’t cum myself and began gently running my fingers through the mess that Mack had left me in. My mind remembered how I had invited Jason into my fantasies earlier and I thought of him as I began working myself into a frenzy all over again.

I was so involved in the fantasy I was producing in my head that I didn’t snap away from it until I heard, “I didn’t know you did that after sex?”

My eyes jumped wide open to see that Jason had caught me unabashedly masturbating and my legs snapped together as if to hide the obvious. He had never seen me doing that before and I was so embarrassed, but the look in his eyes was anything but repulsed. I asked him why he was back so soon and it turned out that Mack had seen him walking down the street and told him he was finished with me.

Hearing how Mack had put it to him made me fall right back to the need to get off. I looked at Jason and I knew what I was going to do to him. I didn’t even feel bad over it. Everything had invoked an urgency within me and I needed to find out the truth. I needed to know if we could stay together forever and now was the time to find out.

I stared seductively at Jason and let my knees fall apart again. I wasn’t even aware of just what I was showing him at the moment; I just knew what I needed to do to him. I cooed for him to come to me and he was rightly repulsed by what I was asking of him. I leaned up and grabbed his hand, and as I lay back down, I pulled his hand along with me.

“I told you he was only good for one thing, Jay. I need more than that. I need you!” I began tugging him closer to me until one knee fell beside me. “I understand what you mean now and you were right. I do have other needs, but I have to know you’re really okay with that.”

He responded with, “I left for you, didn’t I?”

“I know sweetie, but now I have to ask so much more from you. You have no idea how much this means to me, but I have to know you’ll be okay with this. I love you so much and I really want to know you can handle this.” I began working one leg around him to trap him between my legs. He saw what position I was trying to get him into and balked. I saw him looking down at my crotch and remembered just how wet and messy I had been moments earlier as I fingered myself. I worked to overcome his obvious revulsion at what he saw. “I know, honey, I know. But it’ll be okay. Just come to me and I’ll help you get through this.”

Jason began shaking his head in disbelief of what I was asking him to do, but when he didn’t say a word to me, I took it as a sign that I could make it happen. I pulled harder at his hands and began working my feet around his back to help pull him into position. I saw him trying to keep from letting his stomach even touch the area that had him so distressed. I finally pulled him onto me with his head falling between my sweaty boobs. I closed my legs around him to keep from pulling away as I pushed on his shoulders at the same time. All the while I kept calming him with my voice as I instructed him on what I needed.

“You have to do this honey, you have to prove to me that I can have other men and that it really won’t bother you.” He lifted up to see the slop I was guiding him towards and I cooed again, “I know! I know, Jay, I know this has to be hard for you. But I’m going to help you get through it. It’s just you and me here and no one ever has to know about it. You saw how I needed to finish what Mack only started. And you know how much I love you down there. You have to do this for me.” It was a trial for him, no doubt about it, but I just kept working at him until I finally had his face within reach. “Do it honey, you have to do it if we’re going to make this work. Just go to town on me and pretend you went first. It’ll be okay.”

Jason had no idea how on fire my pussy was at that very moment and when he made one last attempt to pull free from my legs, I lost it and said some very mean things to him trying to get him to perform for me.

“Just do it, baby. It’s no different than what you got last night behind the bar. But now you’ll be doing it for me. Remember, it’s just sex.” And when he stared at his point of doom once more, I flipped out on him and nearly screamed, “Just fucking do it. I need you to do it… and now damn it!”

I saw the pain wash over his face for the hundredth time in the last two days, but I had to see this happen. He grabbed for the bedspread and went to wipe me off, but I stopped his hand and forced it away. “No, just like it is.”

I felt so ashamed the way he looked at me like I was betraying him yet again. But I knew it would all be over in a few minutes and as he flicked his tongue across my clit making me react with a short jump, a smile came over me that bathed the room in light. I needed to mash his face into Mack’s leftovers for my own thrill and as I did, I went back to trying to help him go past his fears. “I know, sweetie. It must taste awful to you right now, but it’ll all be gone in a few minutes. See… it’s not as bad as you thought it would be. Just lap it up as you take care of me.”

I could see he was becoming resigned to his task and relaxed my legs back to the bed and even spread them wide. I kept my fingers tangled in his hair so he knew I wouldn’t let him stop and basked in the feel of his tongue running all over me. “That’s right baby, give me what you know how to do better than any other man on earth. Don’t worry about that stuff. Just prove to me that you can do this.”

Normally I would close my eyes to fantasize, but I couldn’t pry them off Jason as he grew somewhat comfortable eating me out. My thoughts only grew more and more perverse as I felt the gravity of what was really going on between my legs. I had just turned my wonderful boyfriend into my cuckold. I had him cleaning up the mess left behind by another man, and I knew this wouldn’t be the last time. I watched him going dutifully about his business and thought how Mack had been right. Jason was taking to this rather well, and I had to believe now that there was a lot about Jason that he had buried deep inside his head.

The closer Jason got me to cumming, the wilder my thoughts grew. This was among the nastiest things I have ever been involved with and the sight of what I was achieving was driving me insane. I felt so awesomely powerful holding Jason’s head to me and something came over me. In some ways I would understand later on that it was the feel of dominance washing over me that made me do it to my poor, sweet lover, but as I raised my hips over my impending climax, I felt the undeniable need to destroy him verbally. I would’ve cursed out Mack for saying such things, but as I felt that first reactive jerk of my orgasm, I screamed out, “Eat that up bitch… you are a fucking queer, aren’t you? Oh, god, I love it.” I rubbed myself hard against his face as my fingers clung to his hair and just couldn’t get my own mouth to shut the fuck up. “Ooohh, baby… you like that, don’t you? You like the taste of Mack, don’t you? Its okay, nobody will find out. Just lap it all up for me, honey.”

My hands finally released Jason’s hair and he pulled away from me. He couldn’t look at me anymore over what I had just screamed at him, so I bent up to stop him from leaving me. I pulled him on top of me and hugged his face into the crook of my neck so he could hide his humiliation from the world. I lovingly rubbed his back and told him how he had just provided me with the best fucking sex of my life. I knew he needed to get his manhood back, but I didn’t want what I had just discovered to get away from me. I nibbled at his ear for several minutes as I told him the truth. If he didn’t, or couldn’t accept it, then we would be going our separate ways shortly, but now was the time for honesty; brutal honesty.

“I know how hard that was for you, but you’ve got to let it go. Mack was right and you just proved it. You never would have let me do that to you if you weren’t… if you weren’t gay… deep down. But its okay, sweetie, because you’re my gay guy and now that it’s out in the open, no one ever has to know but us. This means we can be together and we can share things like this. I know you can handle me fucking other guys now and I love you so much for it. I swear I’ll treat you better than any guy could hope for, for the rest of your life.”

I heard a stuttering voice come from under my neck. “Then… you’ll never make me… do this again?”

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart, but yes… I will. You have no idea what you just did for me and I could never get that out of my head. You can break my heart and leave me if you have to, but if you stay, then there will be other times. I won’t be such a bitch about it, but yes, it will happen again.”
Another muffled voice asked, “And just… how often?”

I took a deep sigh and really had no idea how often I would get an itch. “I can’t tell you how often I might feel the need to go out on another date, but I can be honest with you when I say I could do this to you a couple of times a week. You really have no idea how good that just felt; and knowing what you were doing for me was the most outrageous sex I’ve ever had.”

My Darling Cuckold ch. 03

When I looked over at the pillow where I expected to find Jason’s face, it was empty. Thoughts of what I had done to him flooded my mind and I listened intently hoping to hear him stirring in the bathroom. When I heard nothing, I scrambled out of the bed to find an empty motel room. I looked out the window and searched everywhere I could see, but he wasn’t out there.

I threw on some clothes and shoes and began searching the streets for him. I thought my best bet would be the bench I had found him on the night before and headed in that direction. I nearly ran all the way there and cursed myself unendingly over what I had done to him. I finally saw the bench I had been running towards and felt ill when it was empty. My run turned into a walk until I was standing in front of it and sat down to cry.

It was only when I grew worried over people driving by and seeing me crying that I dried my face and began the walk back. I was coming to grips with the fact that I had driven him away and began trying to set a course forward without him. I had never been so sad in my life as I trudged along, but luckily Abby called me just then. I immediately began telling her how badly I had blown everything and how Jason was gone. It was sort of funny, but I couldn’t even tell Abby whether or not his car or any of his clothes were missing, because I hadn’t even thought to look for such signs.

Abby wanted to know about the test we had drummed up for Jason and if that was what I thought had driven him away. There would be no other reason that would have and then she wanted the details of the test. I went through the whole day and how I had teased him with another date. Abby went totally silent when I told her that Mack had been the only possible guy I could do it with and why, and then she wanted to know what he had been like his second time around. I was a little annoyed that she seemed more interested in knowing about how the sex had been than about what happened with Jay. I told her all the gruesome details anyway of how much I had enjoyed myself, and even how I had to “borrow” the room from Jason. At that point she wanted to know how Jason had taken it when he got back. She assumed it had resulted in a huge fight and thus explained his reason for leaving me.

After a lot of pleading and prying, I finally confessed all the gory details of what I had done to him. I began crying when I told her how I had called him queer while in my dominate state of mind and how I had even told him how I couldn’t live without other men in my life anymore. Naturally, Abby wanted all the minute details of how I had gotten him to get between my legs to do what I had wanted him to do. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she even wanted the details of how all of it had affected and felt to me. I got the distinct feeling that she had her hand in between her own legs as I relived it blow-by-blow for her.

I could see our motel up the road and had just told Abby I would call her back. I wanted to jog to the rear parking lot to see if Jason’s car was still there, but just as I squished my phone into my back pocket, I happened to look into the fast food place next to me. All I saw was the back of a head with long brown hair and somehow I just knew it was him. I walked to the window and when I took a close look I saw it was indeed Jason. I didn’t know what to do, but when I saw his car wasn’t there, I knew he had walked over and that me feel a little more confident that he was leaving me yet. Slowly, I walked around to the side door and walked in to sit across from Jason at his booth.

He took one good look at me and then had to look down. I knew I had robbed him of every man’s right to self-respect. Neither of us said a word for the longest time and that was when I asked him if I should leave. All he did was shake his head. I really wanted to talk things out, but there were two kids in the booth right beside us, and what we had to talk about wasn’t going to be GP rated. I finally just asked him to walk back to the motel with me and he shrugged his shoulders. On the way back I told him how I had feared he decided to leave me and how I had gone looking for him.

The second the motel door shut behind us, I brought it all to a head. “I have to know Jay. Are you leaving me now?”

I studied all his body language as he fidgeted around the room. I knew he was searching for the words that I was sure would make it clear that we were finished. How could I expect anything less after stealing away his soul? He went over and threw his suitcase onto the stand and opened it up. I guess packing his things was the way he would give me his answer. I dropped my head into my hands and began crying once again. I tried muffling my gruesome sounds so as not to hurt him anymore as I kept my eyes hidden from the world. I felt Jason put his hand on my shoulder and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why it was there, so I looked up to see him standing there holding a letter. The envelope seemed vaguely familiar as he handed it to me.

I sat there holding the envelope as I watched Jay swallow hard and say, “Remember when I first met you and… I had just been screwed over by Dawn? We made love together for the first time that night, and this was the letter I found on the pillow the next morning.”

Now I remembered it a little, but how it related to all this was beyond me. I had written it because he had been made to feel like such a shit by his last girlfriend and I had hoped to pick up his spirits after one of the wildest nights of sex I’d ever had, and I left it on his pillow as I ran off that morning to cancel a date I had for that night. He had me hooked like a tuna.

Jason told me he had to be alone to understand what he was saying himself, but before walking out the door he paused and said, “All this started because of Abby and Kenny trying to fuck with us, thinking they knew something we didn’t. I can’t blame you for that or what they caused you to think. That letter is what you did for me then and ever since. I’ve read that letter a couple dozen times over the last year every time I was down and it reminded me that it’s as true today as it was then. How can I treat you any differently?” He walked out and my urge to run after him was overcome by the need to read the letter in my hand.

I took it out of the envelope and began reading what I had written a year earlier. The first part was rather mundane and spoke to how I felt about girls that used boyfriends as poorly as Jay’s had done to him. I had gone on to say how making love to him the night before had opened my eyes to a new world that men weren’t all the same and that some, like he, exalted the male form to superior heights. And even before I started reading the last page, it started coming back to me about what I had written and now I knew how it fit into the moment at hand.

And I promise you this, my dear, that I will not leave you a bloody mess wondering where you stand with me. I will always be as honest and forward with you as you are with me. After last night I see that there is love, and then there is real love. There seemed to be no end to what you would do to please me, and you gave to me every request at the mere hint of suggestion. You did things for me that no other man has ever done before. It showed me just how tall you stand among men.

So, I have to promise you this. I will always strive to give to you everything I own; whether it’s my time, my effort, or my dignity, it will be yours to have, to use, or even abuse if that is what it might take to make you smile for me just another time, because it’s that smile you offered me last night that made my world worth the walk.

I reread that last page three times as I began to understand all the many things that Jason has done for me over the last year. And when it struck me that Jason had offered me this letter to explain why he hadn’t left me yet, I read it one more time using his eyes.

Understanding why he let me abuse him last night and even the day before suddenly became clear to me and I was left dumbfounded. I always knew Jason was different from all other guys in the way he treated me, and I guess that was why I felt so betrayed when I thought he had been fucking around on me. The thing he didn’t know was if he had of wanted to screw another girl, or even Abby for that matter, as long as he told me first I would have let him and smiled over it. But now the skirt was covering the other ass, (as Abby would say) and here I was wondering how he could give up his dignity so easily for me.

As I thought about that, I realized that it hadn’t been easy for him at all. He gave it up kicking and screaming all the way, but in the end, he handed it over to me on a plate of silver. And maybe he couldn’t smile about it, but he was still by my side and after what I had told him, even waiting for more. I knew right then that I had to end my current train of thought towards him, but as I was about to put the letter back into the envelope, I saw another piece of paper in there. I took it out to find a quick rambling that Jason would often do as sort of a reminder to himself and this second letter revealed things I never knew had ever happened. It was dated from two months earlier and I tried to think about what had been going on around that time. I read the note.

Last night was so hard to take that I’m writing this note for you to find in case I find myself suddenly running away from you; perhaps for you. I saw the way you were looking at that guy earlier tonight. I didn’t catch his name because I was furious that those bedroom eyes of yours could be brought out by another guy. And then you did the most wonderful thing a girl has ever done for me. Even though it was clear you were lusting for the days before you met me and wanted to **** that guy right there, you came over to me and hugged my arm and kissed me right in front of him. I’ve never been chosen over another guy that had so much over me, and your open display of love for me made my chest bulge.

Here I am in the middle of the night writing this note, because I can’t sleep knowing I had deprived you of something that you wanted so badly. You give up things so easily for me that I feel beneath you in my love. I offer you so little it seems. I know I have to let you wander to other fields and that will hurt me, and maybe even make me leave to spare you the pain of guilt over it. But I can offer the love of my life no less than the right to enjoy life to the fullest. I feel like a mare watching my stallion’s need for other mares. In the end I would hope you always come back to me as you did tonight, and if that’s the case, you may never read this letter. But if I see any guilt over seeing your life flourish as you’ve made mine; that I just couldn’t take.

So, if you’re reading this note I guess I saw you enjoying life more without me than with me, and the guilt over being happy was too much to hide. I could offer you anything, but if seeing you feel guilty is the price, I’ll be on my way so as to spare you. I still hope that no matter what your life craves that in the end, I’ll see you come back to hold my arm, kiss me, and lay claim to me as yours. If you can’t do that, I love you, and hope the best for you.

I began crying over his words. I remembered the time he was talking about and I also remember how guilty I had felt for seeing him catching me eyeing the guy the way I did. I had run back to him almost to apologize for what had happened. He never even knew the part where I had flirted with the guy until he had asked me to go for a drive with him. I was still trying to see if I had what it took to catch a man’s eye and I felt so good knowing I had, yet when I saw Jason’s eyes I knew he had seen right through me.

It was nice to see that I had placated his fears that night, but the rest of his letter seemed to speak volumes as to why he was still hanging around. I had no idea that coming back to him last night had meant so much to him that he was even willing to give me the pleasure I had demanded of him. I knew now that I got that just because I had come back to him after I had had my fun with Mack.

It suddenly came to me what I had to do and I ran out the door. Again I was searching for the love of my life to spare his feelings and to apologize for my behavior, but this time was so much more important to me than the other two recent times. I didn’t have to go far; he was right there across the street and sitting on the fence watching over the room, and me.

I walked across the roadway and bit my lip as I walked over to him. There were two guys off to one side that apparently thought I looked hot at eleven in the morning and no makeup, and one of them asked me to go over to him as a come on. I looked at Jason’s face and knew instantly what I wanted to do. I turned my path towards the two guys and when I got to them I got the usual invitation to take a ride. I told the guys that I couldn’t, but I would love a little help. I went up to the bigger of the two and kissed him as I wrapped my hands around his head. I knew I was about to become the world’s biggest bitch, but I pulled away and thanked the man for a little of the spice of life and told him I had someone else in my life.

I turned to see Jason had caught it all, walked over to him slowly and sat down next to him. I spoke softly, but more assertively than ever before. “That was awesome; did you see that?”

Jay was stunned and totally perplexed, as were the two guys I had just left.

“Can you imagine any girl doing that in front of her guy and knowing she could get away with it… just by saying this afterwards…?” I hooked my arm through his, leaned into him to snuggle which made the other two men go about their business, and then smiled at Jason before giving him a kiss.

I could see he was having a great deal of trouble putting it all together, so I finally raised my eyebrows at him and said, “I’m here with you, aren’t I. Those guys couldn’t begin to rise to your level.”

I watched as a glow came to his face over understanding what I had just said needed no words; just heartfelt actions. He grabbed my hand and for the first time in days, I felt how much he really still loved me. But I didn’t want to leave any false hopes in him that things hadn’t changed, so I told him, “I’m starving and that guy tasted really good, but of sausage; think we could go get something to eat?”

All he did was smile at me, stood up and we walked across the street to the fast food place. I needed to know I was right in my assumptions and stayed true to my form of the past days. I said things that no girl would ever dare say to see if his smile would fade away. “He was a pretty handsome dude, wasn’t he? I wonder if he’ll be at the bar tonight?” His smile never did fade, and I think it was because my hands never fell away from the grip I had on his arm.

I even took it a step further when I asked if I had of gone with the guy if he would have been waiting for me when I got back. He shook his head and replied with, “Not if you hadn’t of come to me; I wouldn’t have been.”

I asked, “And now?”

“I would have been going out of my mind waiting for you to get back.”

We were just getting to the fast food joint and I hugged him even harder as I responded with, “Nice to know, nice to know.”

As we ate, we talked very openly for the first time in so long. We spent a lot of time on the letters and I confessed that the one thing I really had a hard time with was what I had just done to him. Kissing that stranger was to make a huge point to him, but I felt so guilty over knowing how horribly I had teased him, even for a few seconds. Once again, Jay taught me a huge lesson about life.

“Sex is all about teasing, isn’t it? Think about it; teasing a nipple, running your fingers across a sensitive area, even kissing with passion or the bedroom eyes we give each other. The idea of sex is to tease the other to a point where they get off.”

I sat back away from him a little and couldn’t stop staring at him. Not only was he absolutely right, but now I was beginning to understand how he could let me be with other guys. As long as he knew I was coming back to him, it was nothing more than me teasing him; almost like foreplay in itself. Even the awful thing I had made him do to me last night was literally no more than rubbing his face in my endeavors, thus in a very weird and wonderful way, having sex with him. I was coming to such a wild and euphoric understanding.

I let things simmer down for a while as we made plans on getting on with the rest of our lives. I made no mention of our sex lives or even our intimacy, but it was always eating at me throughout the day. Finally, as we sat down to eat supper, I asked Jason if he knew what a cuckold was, and got the naïve “no” I had expected.

“You’re my cuckold now, you know? I sort of turned you into it last night. Not just that last part, but the whole date thing. You’ll probably hate me for this, but I was being honest with you last night when I told you I wouldn’t be ending it. And it hasn’t changed now; I’m just not going to feel so guilty about it. Can you handle that?”

He looked down at his food and after a long moment came that secret answer we both knew well; he shrugged his shoulders. I thought I’d give my new understanding of what sex was and nailed him broadside when I said in a somewhat dreamy way, “I was thinking of stepping out tonight. I guess it’s a good thing for you that I don’t know anyone around here.”

I really had no idea what he would think of that, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him leave it at a full blown smirk. We were having an absolute ball as I learned that teasing my lover’s mind wasn’t close to the way most people would have thought of it. I quickly learned and understood the boundaries that we people set up to make being in love so much easier. Knowing that despite everything that had transpired since leaving Hickville, I still had Jason’s full and unquestionable love like a huge present to me. It was even better than the make up sex I had planned for him later on.

And then with some of the worst timing I have ever witnessed in my life, Jason asked me if I was really planning on going out by myself as I had teased him earlier. I told him I was just kidding him and that I expected to be ****** my favorite dude in a very short time. He smiled so broadly understanding my implications. I would be so happy later on thinking about how I had gotten that statement out when I did, because not two minutes later I heard, “Well, looky here! If it ain’t Bliss and her little man?”

Both Jason and I spun around to see Mack standing behind our booth. I went into sheer panic and the English language raced from my body. I was torn between being civil with Mack and trying to spare Jason from any humiliation for at least one night.

Mack helped himself to the seat across from us and told us how he had just been to the motel room looking for “his girl”. It’s always flattering to hear a guy say that, but I already had plans to bring some of Jason’s self esteem back to him tonight. Besides, I knew I had to keep away from Mack. He was just getting too cozy in my life and I had already decided that Jason couldn’t take anymore of Mack being rubbed into his face. I shortly learned that Mack had no qualms about disparaging Jason all he wanted when he pushed over and patted the bench next to him.

It was clear that he wanted me to go over and sit next to him, but I wasn’t about to do that and was about to ask him to leave us alone. How to do that after letting him have at me the past two nights wasn’t coming to me easily. I was already abusing Jason’s feelings; I didn’t want to make a habit to doing that to every guy I knew.

“Let her out, little fella,” came from Mack.

I started to say I couldn’t go with him tonight, but Jason got out of the booth and waited for me to slide out. I looked up at him and realized he was giving me an opportunity I would never have ever asked him for, and without knowing it, my body began sliding past his. I went over and sat next to Mack, felt his arm going around my shoulders to claim me as his, and never took my eyes off Jason as he sat back down.

Mack leaned in front of me and slid his other hand up my leg to grope at my crotch. I pushed it away after allowing him a quick feel, and told him to behave himself. He then reached across the table and helped himself to some fries off Jason’s plate. I elbowed him and warned him to be nice.

“I’ve got this itch I need scratching,” was the next thing to come out of his mouth, “and I think it needs some vigorous thrusting through some kind of a wild bush. Let’s blow this place and do some heavy scratching.”

His hand went back to my crotch and as hard as I tried I couldn’t get him away from me, so eventually I tried to ignore him. That only seemed to encourage his further exploration under the table. “Cut it out, Mack. We’re in a public place and people might see.”

He again asked me to leave with him and I again said, “no”, but he wasn’t getting the message. I looked woefully at Jason and I could see he understood I was trying to get Mack to behave, but it wasn’t in him.

Mack took his offer to a different place and asked Jason if he minded me leaving with him for a “quickie”. I looked at him struggling to hold onto the little dignity Mack was affording him and found myself waiting for his answer, but then I made it for him to spare him from the embarrassment.

“Okay, I’ll see you one more time, but later on. And this is the last time! Get it?” Glimpsing at Jason’s face I knew I needed time with him to explain why I made that choice and to give him a little time to prepare himself for it. “But not now! I’m having dinner with my boyfriend and you’re not going to interrupt it. I’ll meet you at the bar at nine.” I remembered the problem of where to go to do things and asked, “You do have money for a room, don’t you?”

Mack smirked and told me he wasn’t spending sixty or seventy dollars for ten minutes of fun. He then looked back to Jason and told him, “You’ll just have to leave again. Or hell, you can stay and watch if you want.”

Between his arm holding me tight to his chest and his probing between my legs, I had become turned on enough to need the relief I knew would only come from hooking up with him, so I squished up my nose in a begging way and asked Jason, “Do you mind? Just for a few minutes? I’ll make sure it’s the last time.”

Jason went back to eating as he had been while trying to ignore another man hitting on me. He shrugged his shoulders and I knew I had his tacit approval. I then tried to get Mack to leave but he wasn’t finished having his fun just yet and asked me, “So, was I right, or was I right?”

I thought for a second and understood he was asking whether I had gotten Jason between my legs last night. I blew it all over the place. “Yes… no… I mean, I don’t want to talk about it. Will you please just leave now?”

Mack planted another long kiss on me and took his hands away. The bastard left my tongue tied and swooning in his wake as I got up to let him out. After he patted Jason on the head and walked away, I stood standing to give Jason the idea that I wanted to sit back next to him. He stood up and as I pushed back in, I saw a couple with their two kids about ten feet away that had obviously been watching the whole thing transpire. The man kept leering at me as the blatant whore I was, and the women shook her head and went back to eating. I felt about two inches tall with these strangers getting an x-rated look into our lives.

It was only seven in the evening, so I had two hours to prepare both myself and Jason. That gave us a full hour to make light of the situation, talk it over, and for me to play down what was about to happen. Jason really seemed to be accepting my infidelity rather well, and since he mentioned how much he loved me after every bruise to his ego, I knew it was just because he wanted me to be just that happy. I even spared his fear by telling him that despite how wonderful he had made me feel last night, I wasn’t about to put him through the same thing when he got back. He laughed though when I offered him sloppy seconds after a shower, and then shrugged his shoulders when I told him Mack may leave me a bit too stretched out for him.

The more I saw Jay loosening up, the more I dwelled on what Abby had said about my freaky sex drive melding Jason into it. At certain moments I felt almost like Jason was playing a double role as my best friend against his own best interests.

I made the mistake of checking the time on my phone and when Jason saw it, he slapped my hand with his and said, “I know; it’s time for you to get ready for your big date.”

I begged his forgiveness but he told me not to worry, that he would be okay. The second he set my mind upon my date though, my focus immediately began gearing into that direction. That, I found, meant I was thinking more about the guy I was meeting than my boyfriend. It also meant I was falling into a sluttish persona.

On the walk back to the hotel, I apologized again for kicking him out of his own hotel room, and asked him to stay close by. Mack was an unbelievable fuck, but I was beginning to worry about his brazenness. Jason said he would go to the strip mall down the street and come back in a couple hours. I again told him that it wouldn’t take that long and asked him to come back at ten. I told him I should even be showered and ready for round two if he wanted. I felt sad when he declined my offer, but what guy would want sloppy seconds from his own girlfriend. I had to be a little understanding.

Getting ready for this date was so much different than the last two. I didn’t seek to hide anything from Jason and even talked to him through most of it. Just before nine, he pointed out how I had grown all giddy over my anticipation of getting laid again and I felt horrible. He told me he understood and even liked seeing me so bubbly. I told him I would stay that way for him and told him again that I promised I’d take a shower as soon as Mack was done with me. I even kidded him that since he didn’t want me afterwards that I might still be in the shower taking care of myself when he got back. Mack’s inability to make me cum, despite the massive wave of orgasms he would cause me to quiver in, was turning into a running joke between us and I saw it was the one area that Jason felt superior to Mack over.

Until Jason came into my life, I never really understood that we girls have different kinds of sex all the time. I remember as a young girl that after giving a guy head, that I was satisfied sexually almost as much as the guy. Mack was the example of a great fuck for the sake of an orgasm, or even multiple orgasms, but the topper to all sex was what Jason brought to the table; a full blown orgasm that included cumming. And I mean really getting wet when it happened, almost like a guy when he ejaculates. And strangely enough, each was pretty hot in its own way, but if I could only have one, Jason’s style would be it. Thank god I didn’t need to make a choice anymore.

I was ready to leave for the third night in a row, and when I saw Jason checking me out, I tried to make light of what I was doing to him. I had dressed in a very inviting halter and my most assessable micro skirt. I asked him if I looked hot enough for my date and he only nodded. I knew my leaving was his toughest moment to handle, so I went over and insisted on a very passionate kiss this time. We stared into each other’s eyes and I could see deep down he was happy that I was happy. I warned him that to sidestep Mack’s verbal taunts that he should leave soon so they didn’t have to pass each other. I chided him that I hoped someday that my “men” would be able to get along. It was just a jest, until I felt a tingling running through my loins over the thought that I did indeed have two men in my life now. This might be Mack’s last shot at me, but I knew he would soon be replaced down the road.

I gave another peck at Jason’s cheek and went for the door. I gave him my shrugged shoulders and apologetic face one last time and shut the door. From there on it was all about my date. I noticed that I had a skip going across the street and even after the way Mack belittled Jason, I couldn’t wait to feel the excitement I caused in him as he would slide it into me. How many sick girls like me get the chance to get all gaga and addlebrained over cheating on their guys?

Things were a little different at the bar. I found Mack sitting at a booth with several friends and I wondered if any of them were the ones that had assaulted Jason out behind the bar that first night. Mack had a guy move out of the booth so as to put me in between them on the circular bench. I had worn a very short skirt and a halter top to make sure Mack got properly prepared for me, but now that there were three other guys ogling me, I wished I’d dressed a little more conservative. Mack had just received a beer and told me he was going to finish it before we left, so I knew I had at least ten minutes to kill with these strangers checking me out like a piece of meat. How fitting from Jason’s eyes!

I guess Mack decided that since Jason wasn’t around that I was his toy to play with instead and he was soon exposing what I was doing to my own boyfriend. I couldn’t believe he would do that to me, but I had put myself in this position. That was when he decided to share me even further by pulling him to his chest, running his hands up the front of me and forcing my halter top up over my tits. He exclaimed, “What do you think of these little fuckers?”

I hadn’t worn a bra, so his friends got their eyes worth of me. I struggled to get my top back down just as the waitress came over. She slapped Mack and told him that she wouldn’t tolerate his immaturity in the bar, and then berated me for allowing it; like I had a choice. I wanted to slink under the table however when as she walked away she blurted out, “Nice boobs though.”

After that I gave Mack a very blunt choice; we either left then or I would be going alone. He downed his beer and announced to his friends that I needed my “hole” plugged and finally took me out of the bar. As we walked across the road to the motel, I should have chastised his actions, but I was just too damned horny. I felt so little under his arm as he walked me along, and then like a wanton whore when one of the local motel dwellers saw me in his arms rather than the guy I was living with at the time.

I made Mack wait on the sidewalk until I was sure Jason had already left, and then waived him over. I felt like I was sneaking around right up until the door closed behind us. That was when I got my own surprise that left me a little shocked, but not totally adverse to what was going on.

It started out with Mack slobbering against my mouth and feeling me up like a high school kid. He tweaked my right nipple rather hard and I squealed, but I didn’t pull away from him. I guess that sent him the wrong message and there was a wild twinkle in his eye. The next thing I knew, he had grabbed a fistful of my hair and was yanking my head towards the floor. I quickly saw that all he was doing was getting rough with me because of his size, and yet another secret started pouring out of me.

I let loose with a cry of pain, and sneered at Mack when he twisted my head to face him. A curt exchange between our eyes was all he needed to garner my permission and I felt him tearing my top up over my head. As he pulled the top free of my arms, I pushed him away and he grabbed me by my waist to hoist me into the air. He threw me over his shoulder and with one hand tore the skirt off my ass and tossed it aside. I felt him grabbing the side of my panties in his fist as he walked closer to the bed, and then he dumped me off his shoulder. As I was falling through the air, he jerked the side of my panties so hard that he ripped them from my body.

I screamed over the ripping sensation tearing at my skin just as I began my bounce on the bed. Mack walked on his knees across the bed until he had my legs in either of his hands and forced them apart.

“Like it a little rough, huh? So, let’s play then!” He was sneering at me now and my actions with a guy my size would have been questionable, but over the top with a guy his size. When I went to scoot back towards the headboard, Mack grabbed my ankles and bent me in half. “Like games? You’re gonna love this.”

The next thing I knew, he had pulled something from his back pocket and was snapping part of it around my ankle. He told me the device, which was actually two identical pieces, was called a hobble and since he didn’t seem particularly threatening, I didn’t fight him all that much as he stretched my leg to reach the loop of the device over the post of the headboard. I saw what he was doing and it felt so damn erotic as I twisted under him. I watched him snapping the second restraint to my other ankle and then that leg went past my head to the other bedpost. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fully exposed to any guy before and it had such an intoxicating effect on me.

Mack began shedding his own clothes while soaking up my fixed form and I looked down to see my own crotch just inches from my face. I knew that all I had to do was flip my torso around and I would be face down and able to get free, so fear wasn’t such a big thing to me. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so I grabbed my ankles and melted as I watched his erection fall from his shorts. I hadn’t seen it so well before, but now as I looked at it, I saw how it was nicely thick and long. It had such a smooth mushroom cap topping it off with a prominent ridge around the head that explained the wild sensations it had caused me in the past as it traversed my pussy.

Mack looked down at me like I was a trussed up turkey and positioned himself closer to me. He ran his hands up the backsides of my legs that caused a quivering ripple right back to my clitoris. I watched him run the head of his cock through my vulva getting it moist, and then he took a long, slow plunge into me. I hadn’t thought about how my legs’ position left me so wide open for him and right out there that he was able to get further into me than in the past, and I found myself pushing on his chest to stop his motion. My distress caused him a great deal of pleasure and he toyed with me over it. He repeatedly kept going just a little too deep just to see my eyes bulge and my arms push frantically against him.

I was beginning to see that Mack was playing with me just as I was with Jason’s emotions. That also showed me a little bit of what Jason was seeing in how one person’s torture can be another’s pleasure. And right on cue, he started with the verbal shots.

“So,” he started, “the little guy like his first cream pie?”

I wasn’t sure which to rebuke him over first; his constant disparaging remarks towards by boyfriend, or his infliction of mental anguish on him. I guess they boiled to the same point, but I separated them for some reason. “I wish you’d stop picking on him. This is destroying him and I don’t like that. Look at what he’s giving up here.”

He laughed at his feelings getting hurt and asked again, “How’d he like the taste of a real man?”

I couldn’t figure out how to say it and still be defending Jason. I finally told him, “He did it… but it wasn’t easy. I had to fight like hell to get him started.”

Mack was grinning ear-to-ear and came back with, “And it’ll get easier for him every time. You’ll see tonight.”

I told him in between his thrusting that I wasn’t making him do it ever again, but I knew that wasn’t the truth, so I told him how I had promised he wouldn’t have to do it tonight anyway.

“You shouldn’t lie to him like that. It’ll only make it harder for you to train him.”

I told him I wasn’t “training” him and that I wasn’t going to make him do it.

Mack stared me in the eye and I felt him slowly withdrawing his cock until it fell out of me. I was confused and told Mack not to stop, but he sat up on his knees and grinned. It only took me a second to figure out that he was withholding the thing I needed most at the moment to force me to change my mind. I repeatedly told him I couldn’t abuse Jason like that and go back on my word to him. Mack started rubbing his cock against my swollen labia and he picked now to find my clit to taunt along with it.

I shook my head and repeated again, “I can’t do that to him! Please? Come on, it’s doesn’t matter… just fuck me.” My resolve was quickly fading and he had to see that. “Mack, please don’t make me do that. It’ll crush him and he won’t believe anything else I tell him.” His fiddling with me was driving me nuts and I made a grab at his cock to pull it back into me, but he slapped my hands away.

“You’ve got to keep up the training girl or you’ll lose your fun. Promise me you’ll do it and I’ll give you back the happy stick.”

I swore at him and cried out, “Look at what he’s given up to you already. He’s letting his girlfriend fuck another man. What else can you ask for?”

“I want him trained. Tell me… or we’re through and right now.”

I twisted my face into a pleading beast, but he knew the fire he had going in me was going to win over. I closed my eyes and felt tears coming to me. “You prick! Okay… I’ll make him do it again. But I’m not training him for anything. This is the last time… for both that and you.”

Mack’s smug smile came back again and he asked, “Promise me!”

My eyes rolled back into my head over my own disgust and I finally did it. “Okay, I promise. I’ll make him do it one way or another. Now please, put it back in.”

Finally, I felt the warm rod sliding back into me and I swore at myself for being so weak. “Why are you doing that to him? He’s such a nice guy.”

Mack told me point blank the truth of the matter. “I’m not doing it to him, Bliss, you are. And you know why. The power you have over him drives you nuts, doesn’t it? Just watching him serve you, cleaning up the mess of your lover, having the upper hand for the first time; it all works for you, doesn’t it.”

I wasn’t going to admit to him that he was right. But even as he got back into his former rhythm I knew I couldn’t deny it to myself. I had felt all those things last night as I had held Jason’s face to my crotch. It had set me on fire and turned me into a wild woman.

In my trussed position, I watched for the first time in my life in total awe as Mack’s massively rigid tool kept sliding into me until my hands automatically pressed against his chest to tell him I couldn’t take anymore. Seeing it happen just a foot in front of my eyes was so fucking hot and intense. It was all so raw as I saw for the first time my labia being forced wide open to accommodate this male intrusion. The only description I had for everything this man did to me was animalistic.

When Mack saw me watching my own fucking with such fascination, he exaggerated his performance and began pulling all the way out before humping it back into me. I could see when and where the ridge around his cock head was, and the sight of it turned me into a frigging moaning whore. That drove him over the edge and he began slamming into me. I have no idea where he was getting his cock to go, but I knew I couldn’t take as much as he was driving into me. Just as his grunting told me he was about to unload deep in me, he said the nastiest things that drove me into my own massive orgasm.

“This is for you, Jason. Here’s your supper, boy! Come and get it.”

His words made me think of feeding Jason his last cum and I went nuts vibrating like crazy. But Mack wasn’t done tormenting Jason yet and pulled out just before he was done to spew the last two squirts into my already matted pubic hair. He then demanded that I rub it in my hair to make a real mess of myself, and sadly for Jason, he didn’t need to repeat himself because I was all for it at that point. I couldn’t believe what I was doing knowing full well I was going to keep my promise to Mack. I went about the job as an artist spreading his sperm thoroughly over my trimmed mound. I even reached out and fingered the last drops from his cock and smeared them over my very exposed clit.

Mack smiled over my joining his fun and crawled off the bed to get dressed. I tried to reach the loops holding my ankles in place but found them just out of reach. Mack was making me promise him again that I would betray Jason’s trust in me for his pleasure.

“You’re really having fun with this, aren’t you? You’re going to make him leave me, you know.”

To that he responded that I was having just as much fun as it was for him. I found myself agreeing with him, but when he went back to calling it “training”, I again refuted his wording. As he finally began taking my legs down from the bedposts, he really got me scared for Jason; and I saw that in his eyes that this was all about training. He placed my legs just inches apart and made me promise not to move until Jay came back and I did, but then he whimsically stated that Jason would be taking it from the “tap” in no time.

I knew exactly what he meant by that, but I still found myself asking him to explain his statement.

Wearing his unyielding smirk he told me, “The boy’s gonna learn to swallow cock better than any whore on the strip by the time we’re done with him.”

“No,” I cried! “Leave him alone. I want you to stay away from him. Are you clear on that?”

“It’s gonna be me or some other guy, but you know where you have him headed and,” as he grabbed his balls through his pants, “it’s better this than some pint size cock to learn on.” He came over to kiss me goodbye and added, “And you know it.”

I watched him walk out the door and replayed the words he had just said over and over. The more I heard them running through my head, the more I feared what I was becoming. A week ago I never would have thought of ever cheating on Jason, yet I had. I never would have dreamed in my wildest fantasies that I would ever pull Jay’s face into the mess left in me by another man, yet I had done that, too. And now, that fucking Mack had me thinking about helping to turn him into… literally… a cocksucker for his benefit.

I snapped my head to the clock and saw it was almost ten o’clock and pushed all those bad thoughts to the side. I had made seperate promises to both of my lovers, and now it was nearing the time to decide which man I would let down. I already knew the answer to that question; it was more about how I would explain going back on my word to Jason.

I began turning onto my side and felt some of Mack’s semen drooling out of me, laid flat again, and wiped it back up to my pubic hair and slowly rubbed it around my lips. As sorry as I was feeling for Jason, I was still subconsciously working to make it as bad for him as it could get just for the nasty thrill of watching him twist in the chore I had waiting for him. That was when I figured out that my mindset was still in Mack mode. He had a way of making me scream through an orgasm, but without that all out body cum that only Jason was able to bring me, my body was left wanting. That was why Mack was winning over my sexual soul.

I saw a body moving slowly past the window and I knew the time had come. I was shaking when I heard Jay’s key go into the door, and when it opened I stayed silent. I knew he would catch on as soon as he saw me lying there in wait for him. He took one look at me and turned away. It was clear I had lied to him and I felt the most important thing was to explain that to him first.

“I’m so sorry, Jay. Come here and let me talk to you. I didn’t mean to lie to you, honest. Please come here.”

I had to beg him for several minutes before I got him to sit on the edge of the bed next to me. He couldn’t bring himself to look at my lower torso again and I felt so bad for him, but I also knew he was going to have to finish what Mack could only start.

“I told you last night that I would need you to do this again, but I swear; I really wasn’t going to do this to you tonight. And certainly not after Mack because of the way he treats you. But I need you now so badly that it hurts. You know you’re the only one that can really get me to cum… and I need you.”

Jason was just sitting there unable to look at me, still with his back to me. I begged him to turn around, but he couldn’t. But since he never moved away from me, I finally decided to physically help him as I had the night before. I ran my hand down his long hair and felt how soft it was, and began coaxing him to turn around and at least look at me. When he refused I started getting mad. I wasn’t nearly as mad at him as I was at myself, but it was about to be focused on him anyway.

“I need you now… Jason, turn around.” And when he didn’t, I gripped his hair tightly in my left hand and began pulling his head backwards. I found my right arm actually going around his neck to help pull him down to my chest. I kissed his forehead as he struggled against me, but it was obvious that he wasn’t doing as much as he could to break my hold on him. Maybe Mack was right and he was deep in the closet, or maybe it was just because he loved me so much that he knew how much I needed him was greater than his disgust. Either way, the time was at hand and I became very physical over my needs.

I held my love to my chest and whispered softly, “Its okay, I’m right here and I’ll help you.” He finally tried sitting up again, but I held firm. “I know, sweetie, I know. You really don’t want to do this, but you know what you do to me. Just pretend Mack was never here.” I bent his head back and kissed his forehead again. “Just let me guide, you baby, and I’ll help you through this. It’ll be over in no time.”

Seeing I needed to get even more aggressive than last night, I threw my left leg around his body and pulled his hair until he went onto his back. I faced him and kissed him passionately enough that he couldn’t possibly misunderstand my heat.

I locked my eyes on his and slowly began sliding up his chest until he saw what I was doing. I switched my hold on his hair to both hands on either side of his head, and gave him one more kiss before he would begin his task. “I love you so much… now love me.” I scooted forward one long slide and had his arms trapped under me. Jason tried turning his head to the side which only resulted in him getting his hair pulled harder. My pussy was just inches away from his mouth and as I watched his tormented face, I smeared my crotch over it. I sat back and saw the wetness and then did it to him again. I was becoming the ravaging bitch I had been last night.

I sat forward again and made a serious effort of planting my lips right over Jason’s. I saw he was staying still and now I was getting pissed at him. He had to see how badly I needed this, so I pushed down hard on his face and pinched his nose shut. His eyes bugged out and I told him I wanted to feel his tongue in me. In a few seconds, he began understanding that I wasn’t going to let him out of this. When he began running his tongue through my lips, I released his nose and praised him for coming around.

“That’s a good boy. You know what I like so well. See, it’s not as bad as you make it out to be.” I saw his eyes close and continued giving him instructions. I even leaned way over his head and began having him lick my clitoris clean. I was refraining from saying anything else about it being Mack that he was cleaning up after, until I discovered something bizarre. I decided that he shouldn’t be left out of all the fun this time and began rubbing his chest when I was sure I could release his hair.

“You see, babe, I knew you could do it.” I leaned back a little and ran my hand down to his crotch and rubbed his crotch roughly to give him his own thrill, and nearly missed a huge sign. It wasn’t until I ran my hand over his crotch a second time that my mind paused to understand what I was feeling.

“Oh, my god, Jay!” I rubbed my pussy against his face some more and changed my mind about mentioning Mack. I leaned over to his face to whispered to him. “Does he taste as good tonight? Huh? Mack said he was thinking of you when he shot his cum all over me.” I felt his tongue dive into my opening and reached back for one more feel of my lover. There was no mistaking what I found. “That’s a good boy! Just lap all his cum off me and it’ll be all me again. You like that, don’t you.” He shook his head as much as my thighs would allow him. That was when I let him know I knew better. “Jay, your body is betraying you.” I slinked my hand in under his belt to grab a very hard prick. “You’re rock hard for a reason. Now I want you to really get me off. Work that tongue, you little fucker.”

When I called him a fucker, his cock pulsed with a rush of blood. Whether it was the dirty talk or his actions, he was now my bitch as I had been Mack’s earlier. I launched my worst at him while I held onto his cock as a gauge of my words. “Oh, yeah, babe, that’s it. You might be afraid of the names, but you really are fucking queer, aren’t you. Mack keeps telling me you are and I’ve been telling him you’re not, but there’s no denying this little piece of boner, is there?”

I felt another pulse in his cock as I had called him a queer again. It was becoming ever so clear to me that whether Jason knew it or not, he loved his new position as my cuckold. I knew I was going to have to keep a better eye on his cock from now on to see his true feelings over what I was doing to him.

I noticed my shredded panties barely hanging from the edge of the bed and held them up for Jason to see. “This is how my other lover stripped me. See how mad I drive him with lust. And now it’s your turn.” I wasn’t going to dance around what Jason was doing for me anymore and now that I knew my words were making his cock twitch behind me, I kept throwing jabs at his manhood. Just as we had talked about earlier, it was all about teasing your lover into their climax.

“Mack tastes good, doesn’t he? Get in there deep and get it all out. You know, he even cried out your name as he was unloading on me.” His face may have still looked tormented, but his tongue was in full motion. Even though I knew I would never allow Mack to force Jason into giving him a blowjob, I wasn’t above using it as a way of teasing his mind with it. “He wants to do the same thing to you as those other guys, you know? He told me you were going to be sucking his cock soon. Would you like that?”

I felt Jason twisting under me, but a quick look behind me and I saw that he was still hard as a rock. “That’s it baby, get it all. Make me proud of you. I can’t wait to tell Mack how well you like his cum.”

That did it for the both of us and I began rubbing my crotch into his face as hard as I ever had, and his tongue and lips were working me over ever so well. When I couldn’t take anymore, I leaned forward, forcing my clit right over his mouth, and he nibbled it just the way I like as I had an earth shattering climax against his face. But as I realized I was nearly falling over his head, I saw that he had his hips high in the air. I knew what he was doing even though I found it impossible to believe. I gave him one last image to help him over the edge and said to him, “Mack’s going to have so much fun with your mouth.” I heard an immediate muffled grunt come from between my thighs and smiled that I knew now I had teased Jason as much as he had teased me.

When we both relaxed, I sat back while still holding myself plastered to his face. I reached my hand back and snaked it into Jay’s pants one more time as his eyes remained shut, but his face showed he knew what I was going to find. And I did! Jason had just ejaculated as he was eating me out. That was a first for him and when I teased him about it, he knew the jig was up.

I rolled off his face and undid his pants while I lay somewhat cuddled up to him. When I had his pants opened, I ran my fingers through the semen on his belly and chastised him for “liking boys”, but when his face turned into that of a betrayed lover, I added, “I’m just kidding. I know it was all in your head. But we are going to have to talk about this in the morning. I love you so much and you just gave me such relief. I still find it hard to believe that with Mack’s stature and the size of his cock, that you are such a superior lover.”

When I saw Jason smile to know that, my world lit up like I was crowned the queen of all. Somehow I had lucked out in finding a way to have two separate lovers that each had such different skills that combined into the most pleasing sexual treat any girl could ever wish to experience.

I kissed Jason on the cheek as he was near falling asleep and asked him again if he understood what a cuckold was and that he was mine. I wanted to explain it to him, but he said in a slight voice that he did. He told me that he had gone to the bookstore in the strip mall while he was waiting for Mack and I to finish and looked it up. That was that! He knew what a cuckold was now, but more importantly, he knew he was mine and wasn’t screaming at me. That was a pretty clear sign for me that he didn’t have much of a problem with it. I knew he wasn’t okay with it yet, he couldn’t be. But with a little more training…

I caught the word I had just used and furrowed my brow over how it had just popped into my head. Was Mack right about yet another thing? Had I been training my poor, sweet Jason without even knowing it?

My whole body shivered as if I had been scared by someone in the dark. I was growing afraid that I was losing control of things even though I had felt like I was gaining it. I remembered Mack’s parting words from less than an hour ago and suddenly sat up on one elbow and told Jason. “I don’t ever want you to be around Mack again, Okay?”

I heard Jason whisper that he never wanted to be in the first place.

I needed to make it clear to him, “I’m serious, Jay. I never want you to go near him ever again. Don’t talk to him, don’t let him get close to you, nothing. Promise me?”

Jason opened his eyes and looked at me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Mack had revealed his plans to force him to suck his cock. I knew I was never going to fuck Mack again, but I was afraid he might just seek to take that out on Jason. I kissed his cheek again and buried my head into the crook of his neck and saw that I needed to act like a better girlfriend and begin working to save him from any man’s worst nightmare; being hunted as the prey of another man.

My Darling Cuckold ch. 04

It was already noontime and neither Jay nor I had dared broach the subject matter of last night. And it sure wasn’t because of a lack of issues. It seemed like I had gone back on everything I had said, not to mention breaking my promise to Jay. He had his own reactions over his ordeal with me to explain and that I really wanted to hear from his own mouth. Having a boner that could drive nails just didn’t seem to fit the circumstances of last night.

We needed to get something settled about our living arrangements, as well. I had a sinking feeling that as long as we stayed at this motel, or even in this area, that Mack could become a huge wedge in our relationship. After what he had said he wanted to do to Jason, I knew I could never get together with him again. He had already shown me twice how easily he could sway my better judgment and I was truly afraid of what else he might force from me while under his mystic power of seduction.

And then there was what would happen to me every time I would think about Mack. Every new rendezvous had brought an increase in his intensity that left my knees weaker than the last. Even when he showed a rougher side to himself last night, it was to just the right degree that was well within my limits. And then that cock of his? Just thinking about having it in me made me crush my pussy lips into a scrunching motion which would send a rippling wave of erotic heat through me.

However, after I would come down from my highs, Jason would be right there to remind me what I had to lose. Okay, maybe I couldn’t do without the extra curricular sex anymore, but it didn’t mean Mack was going to be the one I would seek out for it anymore. I knew I couldn’t replace what Jason brought into my life and I could never hurt him that way. At least not on purpose! I still had to face losing him on a daily basis under these new rules and that was frightening to me. A world without him just wouldn’t be the kind of world I would want to live in.

I finally grabbed Jason when he came back to our room after using my phone. It turned out that he was checking on his job and he was all smiles, so I knew he was starting soon. It turned out that they told him to go in on Monday. That reminded me to tell him that I was going to get a job myself and was going to start looking the next day. It was about time I began putting something into the kitty if I was going to have all these new privileges.

We sat down at the table and I began apologizing again for betraying him last night, not to mention going back on my word to him. I think I got to the part too quickly that really bothered Jason the most though when I began asking about what I had found out about him; the nasty words I assaulted him with and his obvious arousal at his new duty.

I gave him a minute to think about it and then in an understandably shy way he suggested something that seemed rather feasible. It would allow us both the ability to have plausible deniability which in turn would serve to spare our pride. After all, I didn’t care to hurt his feelings anymore than he cared to hurt mine. His suggestion was that I do what I want to do as long as I do it safely and it makes me happy. He would allow me to explore my new way of life, unfettered and as openly as I wanted. That is, as long as no one he knew got wind of it.

In return, he saw no reason to explain things I thought I had found out, or might discover in the future, that he really didn’t care to talk about. Jason explained that he was happy allowing me to think however I wanted to about him as long as he didn’t need to explain anything to me. I could see his embarrassment was the force behind his offer, but since I wanted answers, that didn’t really set well with me. He did give me a moment of truthfulness that I really couldn’t argue with that made it clear why he simply wanted us to continue floating along on our present paths. He wasn’t sure what was going on with his thoughts other than knowing how much he loved me, didn’t want to lose me, and didn’t really care as long as I came back to him smiling and happy.

Everything he said seemed to be beneficial only to me, and when I asked him about that, he took another long pause. “It’s like this,” he started. “I’m not sure what’s true anymore. I thought I knew, but I’ve been put through so many different situations lately that I can’t figure out what I think anymore. But when I see you smiling the way you do, I just know I don’t need anything more than that. I’ll be honest with you; yeah the last few days have been really awful for me in ways, especially after each incident, but you don’t get to see and feel what I do.”

I was trying to figure out how this sweet guy could take so much abuse and yet be satisfied with the current situation in any way. I asked him to tell me more in an attempt to understand.

“It’s like when you kissed that guy yesterday just to make your stupid point. It drove me nuts seeing you rub up to another guy and then French him like that. And at first I thought you were just trying to stick it to me again, but then I finally caught on that you were just making a point to me. You were there next to me again because I’m your real choice. Remember the next thing I did?”

“Not really,” I answered with a puzzled tone.

“I stared at your face and just… took in your smile. You were so fucking happy with life and I still felt like you were really my girl. Yeah, I was jealous that another guy got a flirtatious kiss from you… but I was also sort of glad that you got that kiss, too. You’re my girl and seeing you be able to be that happy and free is such a turn on for me. Most couples feel trapped in their lives, but being able to take that kiss and not feel bad and even beam over it, is something that most girls could never do.” I saw him struggling to make me understand what was in my new way of life that really benefited him. Finally he said things that had to drag his pride and self-esteem right through the muck.

“Okay, so you did all kinds of horrible things to me last night and I felt betrayed, and jealous, and… exactly the things you were calling me. You don’t understand how much seeing you smile and being happy means to me. I even dealt with you calling me a… a fucking queer because… you should have seen your face. You thought I got hard because I liked that crap, but really I had a fucking boner because, I saw… how thrilled you were, and how happy doing that to me was getting you so fucking excited. It’s like that time you warned me that there was only one time when I could refer to you as a bitch; when I was claiming you during sex. Remember, you said how nasty it made you feel and turned you on. And look at you now. Just thinking about that you’re sitting here smiling and remembering how good you felt. I’ve caught you smiling all morning whenever you thought I wasn’t looking.”

“But if you’re not gay, then how can you do that stuff?” I paused to wait for him to answer, but I began figuring out that it was just because he loved me that much. If it made me happy to make him eat bugs, he would probably do it. He answered me anyways.

“Luckily, I never have had to do it; each time I was forced. Think about it! Each time I didn’t really have a choice. Yeah, I could have gotten away from you, but look at how hard you were trying to show me how much you wanted to make me do that. To see you that excited and turned on drives me nuts and the rest of the crap I just blanked out. When I saw your face last night as you were sliding up my chest, it was sick seeing you get so much pleasure out of forcing me to do something so fucking disgusting, but you looked so… powerful, and so determined; I felt like you were almost ****** me and that I had to be your slave to satisfy you. That was why I got hard. And when you got so turned on seeing that, watching your reactions and hearing your little screams of pleasure… it was like having sex with you even though you weren’t really looking at it that way. Your wild reactions were so intense that I felt like I was fucking you just lying there and letting you do what you needed to do. And when I got you to cum as hard as you did, I can’t believe it myself… but I did, too. It wasn’t because I liked what you were doing to me, it was because it made you feel that good to do it to me.”

I was flabbergasted. I stared at him and realized I was the luckiest bitch on the face of the planet. Everything he said had made so much sense when I remembered his reactions to everything. He hadn’t given in because he liked the mess Mack left; he was giving in because he saw how driven I was to make him do something so nasty.

I asked, “What about that first night? I saw how weirdly… turned on you were when those guys were holding you. They had just sodomized you and you looked pissed at me, but still, you didn’t yell and scream at me like most guys would have and …” I began seeing his reactions that night along the same lines and asked, “It was that sneer I gave you, wasn’t it? I was smiling because I thought I was getting even with you, pranced around naked and making a big production out of wiping myself up, but all you saw was how happy I was at what I had done…” I thought about how I had berated him over the stains on his shirt and face and realized I was smiling again over what they had done to him. “You’d walk through Hell over hot coals if it made me happy, wouldn’t you?”

“Pretty much, yeah!”

Now I needed to take a walk alone and told him I had to think. Abby called me just as I got out the door and I deftly told her that I had “figured it all out” and would call her later. The truth was that I was still just putting everything into place and couldn’t believe Jason could be that giving and caring of a person; yet nothing in his past had ever been to the contrary. I suddenly felt foolish over thinking that he ever would have cheated on me in the first place. I thought about how tormented he looked as I made him do those nasty things and even called him emasculatory names, and then I understood it wasn’t an act for him.

I was really feeling all kinds of low when Mack came to mind and I saw how wrong he had been, and how fucking him had been so tumultuous for Jason. But no, it hadn’t been; it made me smile… so it was…

I was so confused and even as I remembered how our conversation had started out, it only left me more confused. Jason had told me to keep living my life to be as excited and as happy as I wanted to be; it was as if his happiness was derived directly from mine. And then like a flash of light, it came to me…that was it! That was the crux of all this. Jason enjoyed his sex life when I enjoyed mine. But that had its problems too when I realized that Jason and I hadn’t fucked once since being in town. I had been getting everything and he hadn’t gotten laid once. I felt so horribly selfish, but then I remembered offering him sex and he declined. I guess it could have been that sloppy seconds didn’t really appeal to him, or that maybe he was just giving me time to grow into this new life. Whatever the reason, I was going to give him the fuck of his life tonight and began preparing how I would do that for him. Mack was definitely not going to be a part of the picture; tonight or ever again.

I stopped to look at a pair of shoes in the store window next to me and then I caught my reflection. At first I just noticed my own smile, and then I realized how odd it was to be smiling so boldly without some cause right there in front of me. But when I thought about it, I had plenty of cause. Mostly, all the guilt I had been harboring over the past days had all seemed to disappear. I felt so free and unburdened. I was in a relationship where I could feel free to say anything, do anything, and all I had to give in return was my true love. The rest of my walk had me seeing my reflection over and over as just a bubbly young girl in love with her life. That’s not an easy thing to achieve.

Abby called me again, but I didn’t care to talk to her then and didn’t take her call. But then I remembered how that sweet little goblin had done all this to me; to us. She had been right, but in so many ways for the wrong reasons. I had needed to get some of my old life back, and having Jason openly sharing it with me was the wildest thing a girl could ever hope for, but it wasn’t because we both liked guys and could share them. It was because I no longer had to hide my most intimate feelings from him. I was going to give that girl such a huge hug and kiss when I saw her next.

Timing was certainly one of Mack’s greatest assets and he proved it again. While I was nearly skipping down the sidewalk, a car pulled up next to me and it was him. I leaned over to see his chiseled and self confident smile. I saw no harm in talking to him and squatted next to his passenger door to talk through the window. His timing was pretty good actually, because I really needed to tell him everything between us was over. And when I did, he refused to accept it just as I thought he would. I spent several minutes telling him over and over why we would never hook up again, but he kept pointing to my smile and mentioned all the wild times we had shared. I thought to myself that I had to have one hell of a smile if even my second lover kept bringing it up.

Just then a cop pulled up behind Mack and told him he couldn’t block the street. It’s not like he was actually in anyone’s way because there were four lanes and parking on each side. But Mack wanted to keep talking and between him telling me to jump in and the cop repeating his order to move along, I jumped in. I warned him not to go far, so he pulled into a parking lot and turned off his car.

The next few minutes was spent with him trying to grope me and me fighting his hands off. It was almost comical how each of us seemed so driven to have it our way. All the while I was trying to tell him what had been going on since he really hadn’t known that I had been using him for a fuck just as much as he had been using me. That brought up a barrage of pleading for one last wild romp. I stayed fast to my desires… until he got smart on me. Something I never really would have expected to come from him.

Mack started reminding me of all the little details of our intimate encounters and how he had seen certain things driving me over the edge. He even went as far as telling me how I had been enthralled at seeing his cock going in and out of me the night before, and the vision of that got to me. He knew that wasn’t a sight a girl often got to see and I admitted that it had been the first time I had seen something that erotic happening to me so… right in my face. Before I knew it, I realized his hand was rubbing my crotch and the fucker had me turned on to the max. The bastard had won over my body and now it was teaming up with him to win over my mind.

The next thing I knew, we were standing in front of my motel room with me warning him to be nice to Jason or he would be going home alone with his right hand. I opened the door and saw Jason smiling at me; probably drawn into a false sense of happiness over my own bright-eyed smile. But I knew the exact moment he saw Mack behind me when his smile turned sour.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this again to you, but I’m sorry. Mack saw me down the street and… I promised him one last time. I’m so sorry, honey.”

I saw a slight shrug of his shoulders and even though his smile had faded, I knew he wasn’t really angry with me. I was just being a slave to my needs. Then I had to get cruel once more and said, “We need the room again. Would you mind?” I saw him sigh and began standing. I started to walk over to him, but Mack held me tight. I knew he was laying claim to me since I had agreed to be his for yet another tryst, and could only offer Jason a look of apology as he went for the door.

“Don’t go far, Jay,” I told him.

Mack added, “Yeah, little guy. You can wait on the balcony if you want and listen. It’ll only take me a few minutes to get her screaming and then you can have her.”

I elbowed Mack to hush him up and I watched Jason walk through the door. Yet again he was leaving his girl to fuck another guy and I bit my lip over how I knew this wasn’t his real wish, but was only doing it because he knew it would make me happy. I was treating him so badly.

Three minutes later, I was nearly begging Mack to come back into the room. Even though one of the other motel dwellers was right next door and seeing that I was begging another man to come back to me other than the guy I lived with, I needed what he had to offer me. Mack just kept going and I looked around for Jason before finally shutting the door.

Mack had been such a fucker to me that I couldn’t believe it. I was so pissed at him and yet totally still in heat. I needed to get fucked, yet he left me high and dry. I stomped around the room knowing that even my fingers couldn’t match what I had been expecting to have, and even when Jason got back I wouldn’t want him to even try to appease my sexual needs. Yeah, he was a great lover, but he just didn’t have the equipment I had been looking forward to, nor the brash style I was now craving. That fucking Mack knew exactly what he was doing to me.

About ten minutes later, Jason came back into the room very slowly. I could tell he was surprised to see me traipsing through the room, fully dressed and not in a very pleasant mood. He said how he had seen Mack driving past him and then asked, “I guess you two had a fight?”

I almost screamed at him and sarcastically asked, “You think?”

I saw how he looked like I had just bitten his head off, but even though I felt really bad about doing that, I just turned and hid my face from him.

Jason cowered as he said to me, “I’m sorry, I saw how much you wanted to... you know? What happened so quickly? He wasn’t here five minutes.”

I spun around to take another bite out of him when I realized just how unfair I was being to him and finally caught myself. I sighed and decided to lie to him to protect his pride even though I blamed him for my frustration. “I’m sorry! You’re right, I was expecting to get laid, but… that’s not going to happen.”

I hadn’t done that very well either. I knew he had to feel totally inadequate over that statement thinking that not only had I wanted another man to sex me up and it hadn’t happened, but now I was acting like a spoiled brat about it to such an extent that it had to make him feel totally useless.

I tried explaining it to him without telling him the truth and laid the blame at my own feet. “I’m sorry, but I’m just so frustrated now. He got me all worked up, and then, I don’t know…” I felt my heat finally subsiding. “I guess I pissed him off, or something. I guess you know better than anyone what a bitch I can be.”

Jason came over to me to give me a sympathetic hug, but he was still my spoiler and I didn’t want him near me. I pushed his hands away from me and curtly told him to leave me alone. I knew I was being totally unfair to him, but he was still to blame for my anxiety and I was pissed at him for ruining things for me; as unfair as it was.

The rest of the day dragged by with Jason and I just trying to maintain some distance. It wasn’t until I remembered how I was going to make it a special night for Jay that I even tried to pass off my anger as something else. I couldn’t be fooling him that well though, because it had to be very apparent that Mack and I never got together, and I’d been all pissy ever since.

I began prettying up for Jason around dark and thought we could take a walk hand-in-hand and talk for a while and then I’d jump his bones, but then he had to go and smile when he noticed what I had done. I made the mistake of asking why he was smiling and he told me that he was happy to see that I was taking another shot at Mack and even wished me luck.

“What?? I was getting dressed up for you. Why would you think I was taking another shot at Mack?”

I could see he was shocked but he tried telling me all the signs that he had every right to mistake. “Well, this is the time you got ready for him the past two nights, so I thought…” And then he just had to add, “And you’ve been rather happy for the last couple of hours. I just figured you were going to see him again at the bar.”

My mood tanked instantly as I explained to him what my plans had been and stormed back to the bathroom to dress down again. Even as I stewed in my own juices, I knew I was being a royal bitch without any real reason. I was pissed off at Jason one minute and then sad over what I was doing to him the next.

Finally, after a horrible night, Jason and I got back on an even keel the next day. The sweet bastard assumed he owned all the blame and began telling me that he actually felt sorry over what Mack had done to me, without even understanding the problem. He was so wrong in his assumptions, but I loved him for his effort to bend over backwards to make me feel better.

After supper, I had decided to give it another shot at sexing up my love and when he went out for some beer for us, I got dressed again. Nothing fancy; light makeup the way Jason preferred me and tight shorts and a matching top. When he got back, he saw I was ready for action, but after yesterday he wasn’t going to assume anything and kept his mouth shut. I knew he had something to say so I pulled him to the bed to talk to me about it.

Look, I know I took everything out on you yesterday, but I am really trying to do this all over again. I really want to be close to you tonight.” I grew mad when I saw him look away as if disappointed. It confused me and I demanded that he tell me what was so horrible.

Jason hesitatingly began, “You’re going to hate me… but I have something to tell you, and please don’t get mad at me. I don’t really have any choice here.” He looked all around as I tried to understand what he was trying to say to me. Was there a whole new problem now? “I was hoping you got dressed up for Mack.”

I stopped him right there and squealed, “Why would you do that to me again. I got dressed for you…”

He held up his hands to stop me and interrupted, “I know, but I was sort of hoping that you had the mindset for him. I know why you’ve been all mad and taking it out on me, but I… I just ran into him outside. He ordered me to tell you to meet him at the bar in twenty minutes. I know you want to make up with me, but… I know how badly you…” He searched hard for words that wouldn’t piss me off. “Look it, I won’t be pissed if you want to go see him. You can do this anytime, and I would prefer the happy, perky girl he turns you into.”

I was torn between taking off his head for daring to speak the truth and running across the street. But I realized how hard he was struggling to pacify me and I said, “I can’t do that to you again.”

Jason came over to me and cautiously went to hug me. I couldn’t blame him for his caution. Then the sweet bastard did it again. He fell on the sword to offer me a moment of pleasure. “Go ahead; I’ll be okay. I’ll keep an eye out and if you want to come back here go ahead and I’ll leave when I see you coming.”

I should have said “fuck Mack”, but what came out was, “Are you sure?”

I turned away from him to think and when I made up my mind, I turned back and said to him, “I’m not expecting much. I’m going just the way I am. And I’ll probably be right back anyway.”

Jason started in on why I figured I would be right back and wanted to know what had happened to sour the good thing I had with Mack. I hadn’t told him in a day and a half and I wasn’t about to now either. Suddenly, the twitch between my legs was back and I kissed him and said I’d be right back. At the door I turned back and asked, “Just in case, you going to really be watching? I seriously don’t want you in here if we do come back.”

He promised he would and I thanked him for being the most wonderful boyfriend in the world. On my way to the bar, the tingling wasn’t to the point it had been in the past. I knew Mack was the type of guy to hold to his plan and that meant I wasn’t expecting much to have changed since yesterday. I looked down at my outfit and decided to pull my boobs up a little to give them a more pert and attractive appearance.

I was pleasantly surprised to be walking back across the road with Mack ten minutes later. He had instantly smiled at my appearance in the bar and all seemed well, but just before the roadway, he pressed me again. I stopped and asked him about his plans and even though he had done his best to get me sexually flustered before heading for my room, I wasn’t giving in to his demand.

I happened to see the door to our motel room open and knew Jay was leaving since we were in sight. But Mack insulted Jason one more time and I flipped him off and walked back across the road by myself. I saw Jason standing in the window and that meant he had seen us fighting. I really didn’t want any of his shit right now and I knew he was going to start the second I got through the door. He was going to be all sympathetic and sickeningly sweet to me and since he was the great spoiler once again, I was in no mood for it.

Just as I thought, he was trying to needle me for why Mack hadn’t come back with me and acting all… apologetic. I didn’t want to say a word of what I was thinking, so I just stormed around our puny little room. I couldn’t possibly have been acting any more like a spoiled child not getting her way. And strangely enough, Jason picked that moment to get a backbone to stand up as the man he had been a week ago.

“Damn it! If I’m going to get treated like shit, I should at least know why. You’re acting like I’ve done something wrong; like I’m in the way. Is that it? Should I just leave so you two can be alone forever?”

I was pissed, but not really at Jason. But his words told me just how unfair I was treating him. I guess from his eyes it did appear that he was in the way, but telling him just how, would certainly destroy him. I guess that was the real crux of what was bothering me. He was the problem with why I couldn’t get laid by Mack and why he had been taunting me, but with him already giving more to me than any guy has ever given to his girl, I couldn’t bring myself to going back to destroying him. I knew the only answer left was to move on, dump all ideas of ever getting together with Mack again, and work on making things better between Jason and me.

“No,” I cried back, “I don’t want you to leave and you’re not in the way. I’m just so frigging frustrated and that damn guy just did it to me again. It’s all getting me so fucking pissed off.”

“But you’re taking it out on me. The only thing I’ve done is try to make you happy. I just told you fifteen minutes ago that I’d leave the room for you for a third time.”

I was in the middle of a hissy-fit and it wasn’t allowing me to let it go. “You just don’t understand. It’s all your fault. Mack just wanted…”

Even as those words left my mouth, I felt awful for having said them. I saw the look of shock rush over his face and knew I had just stuck a knife into his heart.

“I can’t believe you. I let this guy fuck my girlfriend, I let the two of you kick me out of my own room, and now I hear ‘Mack just wanted’? What the fuck else do I have to give him? And you’re mad at me for not being able to read your mind?” I turned away and began crying as he asked that one last question that begged me to twist that knife. “What the fuck does he want from me now?”

I dropped my head and saw the way I was dressed, and then felt ill over what I was thinking. My dress indicated just what I had become in all this. I had Jason’s answer and I knew it would explain everything to him, but it was so cruel that even letting him know about it was just wrong. He kept bugging me to tell him why everything was his fault and even told me that I could give him anything he wanted and he wouldn’t care. That was when I hit rock bottom in my love affair with Jason and I finally said between my tears, “I can’t give it to him.” I knew the rest was coming, but he would have to drag it from me.

“What is it, Bliss? Does he want to hurt you or something? I know you said you were worried that he was getting too intense. I love you and I’ll do anything it takes to help you. What does he want from you?”

I barely heard my words squeaking out of me. “He doesn’t want it from me.”

Jason’s silence was telling me that he understood that Mack wanted something from him. He probably thought Mack wanted me all to himself or something, but he had no idea how much worse things could be. I now believed that Jason wasn’t gay in the slightest and that meant what I knew and was trying to spare him from hearing, would be extremely demeaning to hear.

Jay finally asked, “What does he want? He wants you to move away with him, doesn’t he?”

I shook my head and felt my tears fly from my cheeks. And then my poor love asked the right question; one that was easy enough to answer finally.

“Bliss, what else do I have to give him?”

I could have spent an hour in a female fashion telling him what Mack wanted, but this was one time I understood the nature of male grunting. It was short, to the point, and was very concise. After feeling a flood of tears running down my face for how I was about to hurt Jason, I spoke my own grunt, “Your mouth!”

I didn’t dare look at Jason and add to his humiliation. I had been fighting it for two days now and had resigned to never let him know what had really been going on behind his back. I had a flood of words ready to come out of me, but I had to wait until I knew he was ready to hear more.

Finally, Jason asked, “What’d you tell him?”

“No,” I cried, “Why do you think this has all been happening. Mack keeps asking me to set you up, and I keep refusing. That’s what I’ve been trying to hide from you. Okay?”

“And that’s why he keeps walking away from you?”

“Yes,” I said, “and that’s why I’ve been so fucking frustrated. He keeps romancing me until I’m all gaga, and then… he just leaves.”

“So, that’s why it’s all my fault? That’s why you’ve been taking it out on me; because you’re blaming me for something I didn’t even know about?”

I nodded my head and he started for the door. I begged him not to walk off, but he told me he needed something stronger than a beer and was going to the liquor store down the street. I guess he knew I didn’t believe him and offered me, “I’ll be right back.” He turned and after opening the door, he looked at me and said, “You know, I…”

Jason couldn’t finish his sentence, but as he let the door shut behind him I knew exactly what the fucker was going to say, and it pissed me off. He was going to tell me that he would have done it for me, and I just about hated him for that. How could he even think of offering his manhood as some sort of sacrifice to me? I wasn’t worthy of that sacrifice. I clenched my fists in rage that I had broken him so much that he could even think of allowing himself to be abused by another one of my lovers. That wasn’t part of the deal Jason had offered me, and I certainly wasn’t going to be a party to him getting sodomized a second time. I was still trying to deal with what had happened to him when I had thought he had cheated on me. He may be forgiving me for my part in that, but I hadn’t forgiven myself.

Jason came back as he had said and I tried to explain all the complex feelings ruling my body, but everything I said seemed to come out wrong. I finally gave up and tried to give him the full story about how things got to this point.

“That first night… when I had you do that… for me. Mack had conned me into doing that to you. He had me convinced that you would do it because he said you were, you know, queer. I told him you wouldn’t and so, I tried to prove him wrong. But after you started doing it, I thought he was right, so I kept going. I had no idea you were doing it just because I wanted it.”

I saw him taking in my words rather well as he started on his first drink, so I kept on going. “The second night, which was the night he tied… my legs back, he wanted me to do it to you again. After he’d already started… you know, he stopped and wouldn’t start again until I agreed. He even made me promise him before he would do it. That was why I ended up breaking my promise to you. I figured you were gay at the time and could handle it. But then he started telling me how he was… training you by my doing that to you, and that was the next step. I figured that I probably wouldn’t ever see him again and that it wouldn’t matter. I told him I would do it one more time because I thought he was right about you, but that I wouldn’t be a party to training you.”

Jason asked between sips, “You knew he was training me? You didn’t ask him what for, or why?”

“You know how dumb I can be when I’m… that way. I swear, I didn’t know what he was leading to until yesterday morning. That’s when he told me that he wanted to put you in your place, and… and wanted to make you… give him a blowjob. He said then that he could have at me anytime, or anyplace he wanted me and you wouldn’t be able to stop him. When I refused to do that to you, he told me that he wouldn’t fu… well, you know. That’s why he left in about two minutes. You have to believe me, Jason. I never would have done anything if I knew that was what he had planned.”

The next twenty or thirty minutes was spent on debating Mack and how he had so much control over me just because of his dick. It was so awkward, but I tried explaining to him why I had been meeting up with him all along. Jay understood that Mack was a lot larger than he was, down there, and especially understood the animal attraction a guy like him had on a girl like me. Jason seemed to grasp the situation a lot better than I was and even began joking about what had become of us. I swore that I wasn’t going to seek out Mack anymore and that his greatest fear would be the next guy I chose to go out with on a date. It was awesome to see him laugh over the thought of that.

But since Jason appeared to be getting jovial while getting wasted, I told him how I knew what he was going to offer before leaving earlier. I told him how now that I knew he wasn’t gay, that I would never take things that far. I would never force him to do something that belittling to his character, to his manhood. I had taken enough from him; I couldn’t possibly go that far now that I knew he was totally straight. I added that I wouldn’t even expect the other stuff to happen nearly as often as I had told him I would do that first night. But now that I knew he could do it and it wouldn’t kill him, I knew I would try to get him to do it whenever I was that horny and my extra curricular activities had left me wanting.

Jason repeated that he would do just about anything for me and I began kissing him. I happened to see that all of the sex talk had had a slight effect on the storage capacity of his shorts and even though I really wasn’t into it, I offered to fuck his brains out. A simple smile told me that he would love having at me after everything that had gone on.

I told him I needed to take a shower to spruce up for him a little and headed for the bath. While in the shower, I was feeling guilty over not really being into the thought of screwing Jason. It was only an hour ago that I was traveling across the street in hopes of getting laid by a much larger cock and had even been hoping for something even more intense than the hobbling had been. I decided to twist my head into a better place and renew the makeup I had put on earlier for Jason in the first place.

After I wrapped a towel around myself, I decided that maybe a quick and lewd dance in front of Jason might pick up my hopes, so I went out to give it a try. I had barely started my sexy little strip tease and saw that flashing my boobs seductively was really making Jason smile like he use to, and then that fucking Mack and his timing cursed me.

There was a loud knock at the door and I freaked. I wrapped the towel around me and went to look out the peep hole. I had to get on the tips of my toes to see out, and fell flat footed when I saw it was Mack. With Jay in the room, and me in just a towel, I really didn’t want to let him in. I turned to see that Jason had read my reactions and knew who was on the other side of the door. A second, louder knock scared me and I told Jason I wasn’t going to open it for him, but then Mack began shouting out for me. I was afraid that someone might call the cops and decided to open the door just a little to tell him to keep quiet and go away.

Mack took the opening to his advantage and pushed through the door, and shut it behind him. He eyed me in my towel and I began melting under his stare.

“I thought you wanted nothing to do with me,” I said.

Mack stared me down and then took a look at Jason on the bed; making me very worried that Mack was between him and the door. I took a step towards him to distract his attention and could smell he had been drinking pretty heavily. I asked, “So, why are you here if you know I won’t do what you wanted?”

Mack motioned for me to come closer to him, and when I didn’t, he barked loudly for me to do so. I was really worried for Jason now that Mack was displaying an aggression I hadn’t seen before. When I stepped within reach, he pulled me to him and began feeling my boobs through the towel. He wasn’t feeling me up as much as he was rubbing it into Jason’s face that he could and I wouldn’t stop him.

After fondling me for a while, Mack wrapped an arm around my waist to keep me from moving away from him and asked me, “You get him ready to do it yet, bitch?”

I pushed on his chest to get away from him, but he held me tight to his body. I told him yet again that I wouldn’t do that to Jason and he pulled my towel open. I grabbed to catch it, but he took a hold of my wrist until I let it fall away from me. Being suddenly nude in my lover’s arms as my boyfriend was only ten feet away and watching caused an instant reaction in my lower regions. I grabbed Mack’s cock through his pants and asked him if he was ready to fuck me yet. He implied he was, so I turned to Jason and asked him to leave.

Jason got off the bed and was four feet from leaving, and I felt good that he was getting out while he could, but Mack wasn’t allowing me to move him away from the door.

“Come on, Mack. Let him go. You have me right here.”

I even rubbed up invitingly against him, and I figured it was working when he ran his hand up my thigh. I felt him slide two fingers into me and curled them forward to hit my G-spot. I withered under his touch and tried pulling him by the hand now so well attached to me. I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck and tried hard to pry him from the door to let Jason escape, but he didn’t budge. I snapped my head towards Jason to let him know how important it was becoming for him to leave. I could see he knew what Mack was capable of in his drunken state and a pretty clear look of fear was on his face.

I started throwing myself at Mack and kissing him as passionately as I could. The way we were intertwining in front of Jason’s eyes would have bothered me if not for the fear I was feeling for his safety. I finally managed to turn his body away from the door slightly and waved Jason to try to force his way by, but he stood there like a deer in headlights. When Mack caught on to what I was doing he pulled away from me, but kept a hold of me with the fingers still planted within me. Those fingers were having a very devastating effect on me. Standing there fully nude and being held in place like a finger puppet was erotic to say the least.

Mack hadn’t liked my trying to help Jason leave the room and leered at him. I knew that look and he was thinking about what he wanted to do. I tried to spin around into his arms to provoke him into wanting to take me, but he merely twisted his fingers until I stood back where he wanted me. I looked over at Jason again and began begging him with my eyes to jump out the window if necessary.

Mack grinned at me and asked, “Tell him… tell him what you want him to do.”

“No, I don’t want that. I told you, he’s not gay. Just leave him alone.” I could see Mack’s own heat was overcoming him and he had a fixed stare on Jason that was unnerving him. “Please, Mack. Don’t do this. I’ll do whatever you want. Just let him go.”

Mack turned briefly towards me and said, “You know what I want. Tell him, NOW!”

Raising his voice into a demand only added to what his fingers were doing to me. I looked at Jay again and shook my head trying to keep from telling him what I knew Mack wanted to hear. I begged Mack again, “Please… don’t do that to him.”

Mack grew very stern and said pointedly, “You do it, or I will.”

I saw the fire coming to his red eyes and looked at poor Jason. I knew if I didn’t do it that he was in serious risk of getting hurt. I would rather it just be his ego behind a closed door getting hurt than his entire body. I was so perplexed over what to do, and finally decided that if I at least helped Mack that I could somewhat control things. Just thinking that way told me that Mack had taken over my sexual being once again and I struggled to remember my loyalty really remained with Jason.

Mack was growing very impatient with me and roared, “Do it, bitch. You know you want to see him do it. Tell him!”

I was riving in mental pain, but faced Jason and told him, “I’m sorry honey, but you know what he wants. Come over here… and I’ll help you.” I felt like I was pleading with him again as I had the first night he had tasted Mack. Remembering how that had eventually worked, I began pleading with him not to fight what would eventually happen to him. “Come here, Jason. I promise I’ll make this as easy for you as I can.”

Jason was looking betrayed, befuddled, and scared at the same time. Mack had started toying with the fingers holding me away from him, and I was losing my will power to fight him quickly. I reached out for Jason’s hand, but he just stood there in his frozen state. Since he had done everything so far so as to please me, I tried that tactic to induce him near me.

“Honey, this was what I was talking about. Mack won’t fuck me again until you do this for him. It’s no different than what you did for his friends. Just pretend I’m not even here if you want. I’ll even go into the bathroom if you don’t want me to see.”

Mack was finally accepting my efforts to please him and I could tell that by how he began working his fingers into a fucking motion. When I found myself spreading my legs to feel his attempts to arouse me better, I knew it was over for Jason. I begged him one last time to let me help him through this, but all he did was shake his head slowly as if to say he couldn’t do this for me.

And just that quick, it was out of my hands. I forced my way forward and began Frenching Mack. I knew what he would do next, but I wanted some measure of control and figured handing Jason over to him willfully might gain that power. However, I did it with a measure of warning.

Mack whispered to me, “Playtime’s over.”

I whispered back, “I know.” I pleaded with him to be nice about it and then I slammed both of the palms of my hands hard into his chest; knocking him off balance and against the door. His fingers fell out of me and as he looked somewhat astonished over my assault on him, I told him loud and in no uncertain terms as I pointed a finger in his face, “Don’t you dare fucking hurt him!”

I stared up at his face as I saw his resolve to take over for me, after having relinquished my job to him. I gave him another push backwards with both hands as if it were a final warning not to hurt Jason, and slowly began backing away. I kept walking backwards ever so slowly as I saw Mack looking over his prey. For the most part, whatever happened from here on was out of my hands, and I was nothing but a voyeur to it now. Jason was still frozen in place and I could see him just waiting for it to happen.

When I had backed up to the far side of the bed, I went alongside it until I was in the middle of the mattress and crawled onto it. I sat in the middle of it on my knees at first, and then squatted, pushing my legs out flat to each side of me. Mack began walking to Jason with such an evil grin on his face, and I felt my own fingers running over my clit. I knew as this happened to my sweet love that I was going to masturbate over it. I was in such an aroused state that guilt didn’t even come to mind.

Mack commanded rather loudly for Jason to get on his knees, but when he didn’t move, Mack snatched him by his beautiful long hair and began dragging his body to the floor. Watching him manhandle Jay was so surreal and I felt my body shudder as Jason’s knees buckled under the tugging motion. Both of my hands were now in my crotch and even when I saw a tear run down Jason’s cheek, all I cared about was my own needs.

But my desires grew to a point where I needed to be a part of Mack’s lewdness, and I started to give instructions to Jason. “It’s going to be okay, sweetie. Don’t fight him and he won’t hurt you. Just close your eyes and do as he wants and it’ll be over in no time at all.”

Jason’s eyes fought to see me and he had to see that I was frigging myself wildly over his degradation. Mack was working his pants down and I thought Jason would break out crying when his massive cock bobbed up before his eyes. It looked so much bigger than Jason’s when it was in front of his face. I wondered if the size of Mack’s cock was scaring him or if his hairy balls were bothering him worse. Mack never let up on his hold of Jason’s hair and my poor lover’s face was so twisted up in fear. It had to be so much more embarrassing for him having to suck another man’s cock in front of me than those men behind the bar. At least I hadn’t been there to bare witness to his humiliation. When Mack began rubbing his cock over Jason’s face, one of my hands scrunched at my boobs to enhance what would be my first orgasm of the night. I knew there would be more before Jason was done with my other lover.

I thought I would faint when Mack finally got his cock started between Jason’s lips and slid it in deep. Jason gagged on it and the sound emanating from his throat forced my fingers to go into a frantic mode of manipulation. I watched Mack feeding his cock into Jason’s mouth over and over until he would make him gag and then repeat the motion.

There was a knock at the door and someone called out something. Mack commanded me to answer it, and I struggled to get my feet under me and rushed to the door. I picked up the towel and clutched it to my front while seeing that Mack wasn’t missing a beat with Jason. I looked out the peep hole to see a gruffy guy standing there. I told Mack what I saw and he told me to let him in; that he had invited him along. I hesitated until Mack demanded me to open the door for him. Still trying to cover myself with the towel, I slowly opened the door. My mind was going a mile a minute as I came to the conclusion that perhaps if this had to happen to Jason, that two men wouldn’t be much worse than just Mack. However, that hadn’t been Mack’s plan.

Mack looked back over his shoulder as his friend tried peeking around him to see the tortured face of his blowboy, and told the guy, “I’m busy with this one. You can have her.”

I was shocked that he thought he could just hand me over to another totally strange man like that, but standing there with a tiny piece of cloth that did nothing to hide the fact that I was butt naked made such a thing seem almost expected. The guy came at me rather quickly and snatched the towel away from me. I covered myself the best two hands can cover three vital body parts, but I quickly saw I was face-to-face with another animal much like Mack.

I was occupied trying to control what seemed like six hands to my two, but when the man saw me keep looking towards the union of Mack’s cock and the mouth of the much smaller guy choking on him, he asked me who the “kid” was servicing his friend.

Without even thinking about my own pride, I responded with, “That’s Jason. He’s my boyfriend.”

The guy groping away at me picked me up and threw me parallel on the bed just a few feet from where Jason was being assaulted. I lay there watching Jason being gagged and tormented while Mack held his head in place; now with both hands tangled up in his hair. I was so enthralled at watching what Mack was doing to my love that I barely peeked at the man at the foot of the bed stripping down to have at me. And when he was ready and began climbing onto the bed, Mack told him that he had his “hobbles” in his pants. I saw the effect that had on the man’s grin and he quickly went to the back of Mack’s legs to fish the restraints from his back pocket.

Mack seemed to be taunting Jason over getting to see me trussed to the bed again, and when I saw Jay’s eyes striding to see me, I tingled over remembering what it had felt like to be hobbled that first time. Now I was interested in what my new lover was wielding between his legs and gazed at his cock as he began walking on his knees towards me. Between what was happening to Jason, thinking about the position I would soon be in, and the smirk on the man’s face coming at me; I was dripping wet.

The guy affixed both of the restraints to my ankles first as I willingly held still for him, and then he hoisted my left leg up to the bedpost to throw the loop in place. I turned to see Jason was still struggling to see what was happening to me even as he fought to get air. Our eyes seemed to lock onto each other’s as the man slung my right leg over my head and finished attaching me to the bed as a fixture for him to use. He got between my legs and I reached out to feel the muscles in his chest, but I had to keep looking Jason’s way.

The man saw my fascination with what was happening to Jason and even though it was quite awkward, stooped forward enough so that I could reach his cock with my lips. Just before taking it into my mouth, I saw Jason watching to see if I would do what the man wanted, and I shot him a quick smile just as I turned to suck on it. It was so awkward, that he quickly lost interest and made himself comfortable between my wide spread legs.

I took it that this man didn’t have a normal place to park his cock, because he wasted no time in thrusting into me, and went about it very aggressively. Luckily, he wasn’t as big as Mack and it wasn’t as hard to accept his girth. I felt ashamed at first to allow any sounds come from me, almost afraid to admit to Jason how good it felt getting fucked liked I was; by a total stranger, unable to get away from him.

Mack paused from his jocular, quiet banter he had been taunting Jason with and asked me how well I had trained him. I first told him again that I hadn’t trained him and then asked him what he meant. He wanted to know if I had prepared him well enough that he would swallow.

My eyes snapped to Jason’s and I saw him waiting for my answer. Between the reaming I was taking and watching Jason struggling through giving another man a blowjob, I was a slave to the moment of euphoria.

Much to Jason’s dismay, I told him, “Jason is a fantastic lover. He’ll do whatever you tell him to; but you’ll have to help him.”

I watched Jason’s eyes close and I made a grab for the man’s chest busily fucking away at me. Just as the first time I was in this position, I began watching the man’s cock and what it looked like as it speared into me. I began shuddering just seeing the lewdness of it all and then I heard Mack telling us that he was about to make a real cocksucker of the “boy” on his cock. I turned to watch Jason struggle to do what we all knew was about to happen to him.

My eyes went between my two men trying to denote the exact moment that Mack began relieving himself. It was very obvious when Jason’s eyes suddenly flew open into a bulging horror. My entire body began quivering in a very unreal way, and that pushed my man over the edge, as well. Mack demanded very quickly for me to “prepare” myself for Jason and I knew exactly what he meant.

I watched and even felt the flood of warmth getting deposited in me, and when I thought he was half done, I grabbed the man’s cock and pulled it from me. I aimed it directly at my mons and watched as he shot three more spurts of his cum. When he stopped cumming, I wiped the tip of his cock clean against my clit. I looked over to see Mack smiling at my effort, and Jason was still gasping for air until Mack pulled away form his mouth.

Jason fell away from my sight trying to heave up Mack’s deposit, as fruitless as I knew that would be, and Mack and I stared at each other as I ran my finger tips over the globs of sperm. He saw I was obediently doing as I knew he wanted, using my fingers to swirl the mess into a bigger one through my pubic hair and over my clitoris.

My newest lover was removing my hobbles and Mack and I were exchanging glances. There was a perverse magic going on between us and we each looked at Jason as he was still bent over trying to clear his mouth of Mack’s cum. Then Mack made a nodding motion with his head as if to ask me if I was ready. I bit my bottom lip and nodded. He bent over to pull up his pants and then almost effortlessly lifted Jason onto the bed. I grabbed his hair and he immediately knew what I was going to make him do. He resisted strenuously until I started my sick little pleading bit.

Again I heard myself trying to calm him as if what I expected him to do was no big deal. “I know honey, you don’t want to do this again, but the bad man made such a mess of me.” I wrapped my legs around him and between them and my hands pulling on his hair, he had to come face-to-face with his task; and he finally began lapping at me.

I was so fixed on Jason working on me, that I hardly heard the noise of the door clicking shut behind Mack and his friend. I held Jason tight to my pussy by the locks of his hair, and as soon as we were alone, my verbal assaults started on him.

“See, this isn’t so bad now, is it? A lot easier than what Mack just had you do I bet. Stick that tongue of yours in reeeal deep… and get it all.” I couldn’t read Jason’s eyes because he was holding them closed, but I didn’t have to hold onto him as hard after he got started. I took that as a sign that the training that Mack had spoken of so often was actually taking hold of Jason and the idea that I was doing that training began to take on a whole new perspective for me. It left me feeling so powerful over him and that excited my clit to no end.

My words grew more vile towards Jason. “I may never admit to anyone that you’re gay, but in this bed, you’ll always be my secret little queer. When I saw Mack making you his cocksucker, I felt so bad for you, but it turned me on like you wouldn’t believe.” I relaxed my legs from around Jay’s body and ran the toes of my right foot under his abdomen. I was trying to feel his crotch, and when Jason lifted enough for me to do that, I saw he was showing me that he was extremely hard. Knowing that he was becoming a partner in my sickness, I threw every foul, vulgar and perverse name I could think of at him to see what drove him as I left my foot on his crotch.

“Now I have my cleanup boy, and Mack has himself a real cocksucker, I feel like I’m in heaven. You behaved so well for him. And now you’re cleaning me up after my new guy, and I don’t even know his name. I know you like my cream pie, but how much did you like sucking Mack’s cock in front of me? Wasn’t that awesome knowing I was watching?”

I felt his cock twitching after every taunt. He might not have a taste for doing these things on his own, but he had little problem helping me play out my fantasies. Just about that time I learned a really big secret; Jason was actually tasting the sperm he was cleaning up and not just blocking it out of his mind to get the job done. I guess it would probably be hard to separate the two, though. I saw him making a strange face and asked, “What’s the matter, sweetheart, doesn’t the new man taste as good as Mack?”

I was somewhat floored when he shook his head. Besides leaving him self open for a new series of taunts, I now knew he had a favorite guy to clean up after. Jason had me close to cumming and I began dwelling on where all this new stuff might lead us to just as I felt my hips rising involuntarily into the air. That was when it became just how clear Jay was putting up with all my shit just to please me, because he wasn’t just phoning it in.

Jason began going at me just as fantastically as he always has and when I saw how he was using his tongue and lips to cause me extreme pleasure, his eyes were plastered to mine. Even as I was going into my fit of orgasmic pleasure I could see him smiling over his efforts. There was absolutely no mistake about it; Jason was putting up with all the rest of this stuff just to catch a glimpse of this one moment and how he was the cause of it.

The second my hips fell back to the bed and my twitching stopped, I ran my toes under him to check to see if he had ejaculated again, but he hadn’t. I felt a little bad that he hadn’t gotten as much from this event as I had and told him so. And even though I had released my grip on his hair, I watched as he continued driving his tongue into me and nibbling at my clit. He knew that under the right circumstances that I could cum a second time and he was clearly trying to make me do that this time.

I pushed on his head and blew out a sigh, “Wow, that was great! I love you Jay. I think I’m starting to understand all this from your eyes, but I can’t cum again right now. Give me a few minutes though and I’ll jump your bones.”

He spun away from me and I saw something was bothering him and after some prying I got him to tell me. He was feeling somewhat inadequate over his size and how he stacked up against the two men I had just thrown in his face. I couldn’t help but laugh at him and then I felt horrible.

“I’m sorry Jay, but sometimes you can be so dumb. Yeah, Mack is twice your size, but his body is twice your size, too. And Yeah, I have been going crazy to feel that meat pumping into me, nearly splitting me in two, but that’s like ten minutes of my life. Why you think I’ve been fighting to stay with you for the rest of the day? Not for one second have I thought about running off with Mack, being his girlfriend, or anything else. Let’s face it, honey, the guy’s a typical male pig. I see him as the wielder of a really nice thrill ride, but that’s it.”

Now it was obviously Jay that was catching on why I kept coming back to him. He was the whole package, and even if he did have a much smaller tool to work me over with, he knew what he could do with it to make up for his shortcoming in size. Or at least that’s the way it usually works. I began pulling him up between my legs again and after he saw I wasn’t just trying to use his face again, he allowed me to lead him. It took some doing, but after convincing him that I really wanted him to fuck me, he stabbed me with his prick. I wouldn’t tell him until later on that after my prior fuck that his cock really didn’t hold all that much for me in the way of thrills, but he did know how to aim it to hit my G-spot and that was another thing that Mack and his friend didn’t have a clue over.

I couldn’t help but tease my poor lover when he had a good deal of trouble keeping his cock in me. Between still being a bit loose for him and the lubrication still left from another man, losing his “place” was very easy. I had to admire him for his effort, though. As he worked his hardest to reclaim his woman, I realized that I should be starting out with Jason and ending with my other lover. I wasn’t really getting much out of his efforts, so my efforts were really just allowing him to feel like a man and get some of his dignity back. I helped in that area when I told him that the minute Mack had insisted on doing what he had to Jason that I was through with him. He didn’t really believe me since I had said that before and he began questioning me over the whole night.

Jay spoke up, “It wasn’t just him, you know. You helped him quite a bit. And I know you’ll being craving him again tomorrow.”

I smiled and answered, “I might be craving his cock, but not him. He violated the one thing I told him I wouldn’t let him do to you. I’m not going to let him near you again.”

Jason pointed out, “You’re acting like that’s the first time you set me up for that to happen.”

I got a little mad at him, but since I was really trying my hardest to help him finish his humping of me, I pointed out that I hadn’t set him up tonight. Mack had come by the Motel of his own volition. Then when I realized he was talking about our first night in town, I pointed out how that had all happened without my knowledge. I had just thought that they would torture him with the thought of it. Besides, that was when I truly believed he had cheated on me. I swore I wouldn’t make that mistake again.

As I lay under him trying to seem impressed with his thrusting, I went back to my earlier find. I asked, “You really didn’t like the taste of this guy as much as Mack, did you?” I could see he was having difficulty answering me, but I did feel a slight swelling in my pussy over my question. “And was it really that bad? You know… having to do that to Mack?”

Jason buried his head into my neck to hide his face and said, “It was bitter. And yes it was bad as all hell. You think having that happen was a thrill for me?”

“I know it wasn’t a thrill, and I do know the only reason you put up with it as well as you did was for me, but like you said, its only sex.”

I felt his prick growing a little soft and that meant that he was feeling belittled by something I thought had been awesome to watch. Since he was driven by my needs, I put it to him that way. “You’ll never understand what that was like for me. It’s one thing for any girl to witness something that carnal between two guys, but to witness it happening to my own boyfriend was out of this fucking world.” I felt his cock grow amazingly hard for me and added, “Watching Mack take control of you like that was like being out in the wild. You didn’t have a chance against him, and it was so brutal and raw.”

Jason stepped up his timing and his cock was poking my G-spot non stop. I saw that thinking about doing Mack for me was driving him into a frenzy and took another shot at enticing his perverted little mind. “I hope I don’t scare you, but I’m going to need to see that again sometime.”

Suddenly, Jason’s body stiffened and I felt my insides getting warm and wet. I realized how thinking of sucking a cock for me had pushed him over the top and smiled over my new information. I held him close to me and okay, lied a bit by telling him how wonderful of a fuck he had given me. I knew for sure now that his real talent was what his face could do to me between my legs. I stroked his hair for a moment and chuckled slightly as I remembered back to what he had said and asked, “Bitter?”

That even made Jason laugh a tiny bit and he answered, “Yeah… and a… little runny.”

I told him I presumed that he would prefer cleaning me up after Mack then, and after a lot of cajoling, he admitted that I was right.

We spent an hour cuddling and talking about everything from how it felt for me to be hobbled as I got fucked, to what it had really felt like for him having to suck another man’s cock. In the end, I got him to admit that everything he was doing was just because he was trying to please me. He even explained to me that despite not being in the least bit gay, that having to do such humiliating things in front of me was a major turn on for him, but only because he saw what it was doing to me. That part was really hard for me to wrap my mind around, but there was no denying that every time I had felt him growing hard, it related to my level of enthusiasm.

I figured out that a lot of my thrill came from… actually… his humiliation. Seeing him doing things I knew he felt was nasty and extremely embarrassing got me wetter than the Hoover dam. When I brought that up I found that his saving grace was the anonymity of it all. Since no one was around to witness anything, that really knew him anyway, the real problem to his ego and manhood was left with me. And other than what I knew, the rest went away minutes after it ended. He trusted me so much that being humiliated in front of me was acceptable to him. And he did trust me despite the things that had happened to him at my hands for the same reason he didn’t worry about me having fucks on the side; it was all about me being euphorically satisfied.

When Jason woke up, he saw I was just finishing packing our stuff up. I told him that we needed to switch motels so that we could get away from Mack. He looked very happy over that and sat up to ask for my thoughts.

I told Jason that I really wasn’t going to hook up with Mack again after he specifically overlooked my demands to leave him alone. I decided to poke a little fun at Jay, stared into space and said, “I’m sure going to miss that cock, though. Damn, that was nice.”

I smiled and looked over to see that Jason understood my quip. An hour later we had the car packed up and were driving down the road three miles to be closer to Jason’s new job. It was just enough distance so that Mack wouldn’t be able to find us.

Interestingly enough, after Jason said that the new motel we had pulled into looked fairly descent, I noticed a bar two doors down from us. It had live nude dancing by what the signs said and I teased him about needing to run over there to put in an application.

My Darling Cuckold ch. 05

The next couple of weeks flew by without any real problems at all. Life between Jason and I seemed to be back on track; other than my teasing him over nearly every hunk of a man that we passed by.

After my vaginal muscles tightened up, even our sex went right back to normal. The height that it went to however was much greater. Jason didn’t even seem to mind much that I took to teasing and taunting him throughout our love making. I was becoming very aware that I could greatly enhance his climax by throwing some well placed verbal assaults at him just as we were both about to get off. We had found a really cool place to exist in our new lives and we were both quite happy about it all.

I had just started a job myself as a receptionist at a small business. It was a little boring, but there were a couple of cute guys that I would occupy my time with during the leaner hours. I looked at them as co-workers and that meant I had no serious plans of hitting on them, despite the fact that they often hit on me. One of them was even married, but that didn’t deter him from making suggestive remarks over us possibly hooking up.

It was Friday and since Jason had collected his first paycheck, we decided to go out on the town. I teased Jason unmercifully before leaving that I was really going to get dressed up to go hunting for Manmeat; not him. I had started referring to the side of my newly acquired permissive life style in set ways so that I could not only get a rise out of Jason, but really more to get him ready for the next time I felt the need for a stranger’s arms around me.

Jason had stepped out for a moment when Abby had called and I caught her up on things. I had told her almost every detail of what had been transpiring in our lives even though I kept our conversations hidden from Jason. I needed a confidant though and since she was a hundred miles away and still my best friend, she was it. She could be a devil to poor Jason though. Knowing the new permissions I had to act on my once hidden desires, she would always want to know if I had seen my next “victim”. It’s funny, I sort of thought as Jason as the victim in all this.

When Jason came back through the door, I decided to cut things short so he wouldn’t catch me telling her something too personal. But the bitch left me crunching my thighs together when she told me that since we were going out for the night that I ought to give Jason a hard time and find my next hookup. I playfully told her to blow it out her ass and hung up, but that one quick exchange planted a seed in my mind that stuck there. It remained so close to the forefront of my thoughts that when I dressed to go out, it wasn’t just my typically cute style I would wear to be with Jay, but rather provocatively. Jason didn’t seem to notice, so I guess he figured I had dressed up just to be on his arm.

At first, we were just going to walk to the bar next door, but Jason wanted something to eat as well, so we drove down the road to a bar/restaurant combo. The second we stepped inside, Jason said, “Oh, god!”

I had to ply him for what he had his mind set on, and finally he told me that he had instantly seen all the guys and thought, “Flirt City”. I promised him I would be nice, but my sweet gent knew I had been very nice for over two weeks now and told me, “No, it’s okay. I said I’d take you out to have fun, so…”

I stared into his deep blue eyes for a moment and told him, “Damn, I have the most awesome boyfriend. Between you and Abby, you guys can drive me…”

I caught myself and realized I had opened a door I had wanted to leave closed very tightly.

Jay asked, “Between me and Abby what?”

I hummed and hawed for a moment and then he asked me again. “It’s just that the two of you don’t think I can live without… screwing around.”

Jason smiled as he looked over the menu and asked, “So, she told you to go looking for a replacement for Mack?”

“She doesn’t even…”

Jason stopped me before I could make it into a full blown lie. “I know you talk to her everyday. And… I fully expect she knows all the little details by now.”

Since he didn’t look as irritated or angry as I would have thought he would be, especially since I had promised him I wouldn’t tell her anything intimate, I decided to end my last big lie to him. “You know she’s been my best friend forever, and I really need to talk to someone about all this, and…”

“I know, I know!” Jason stopped me and made his point. “As long as I never have to see her again, and since I’m never going back home, I don’t really care anymore. You don’t think I know what you’re talking about when you hang up every time I come through the door?”

I asked, “Then you don’t mind if I talk to her about all this then?”

“As long as you can refrain from talking about me when I’m around, I don’t really care? There’s a world of other stuff you can talk about when I’m in the room.”

Again I just looked at him and quietly said to myself, “Awesome! This is just the greatest guy in the world.” Then I told him, “But this is our celebration, so I’m all yours tonight.”

He smiled, looked slowly around the male infested bar and after a big sigh, “Right! I don’t care anymore. You’ve proven to me that you can contain yourself and that you really do love me, despite the things you got a kick out of doing to me, so have fun.” He must have realized that he was giving me an open invitation, so he added, “Within reason? And as long as it’s safe.”

Since he was still sporting a smile, I told him I would take it easy on him, but I did start looking at all the guys around me a little differently. I even imagined what a couple of them might be like in the sack.

We had a fairly nice meal and were talking about my new job when two guys walked over to the table and introduced themselves; to me. When the taller of them made it clear that he was trying to pick me up, I blurted out, “How fucking rude! My boyfriend is sitting right here.”

The guy shot him a scathing look and said he thought he was my brother. However, he didn’t leave and kept hitting on me. Jason was smiling because he knew this was just the type of man I found interesting in my own Sybil-way. And he was right, because as rude as the guy was, he was turning my head with his salacious charm. When he invited me to sit with him and his friend, I pointed out that I wasn’t going anywhere with him, so he asked if they could sit with us. His friend decided to go back to his own table, but there was something about this guy that made me fall for him, “But you can sit with us if you want.

One peek Jason’s way told me he knew I was going to have my fun and the guy, Jack, started right in openly flirting with me again. I kept making small talk with Jason while he kept steering the conversation his way, and finally I asked Jason to get me another drink. He started to hold up his hand to summon the waitress, but one look at me and he decided to go to the bar to get it himself. As soon as he was gone I laid it straight out for Jack. “Look, I love the flirting and all, but I won’t tolerate you insulting my guy.”

He fired back with, “Oh, you’re just a cock tease then, I see.”

“I love to tease them, but it doesn’t always end that way; necessarily!”

That put him on the ropes and he asked, “Then I have a chance of getting you back to my place tonight?”

He seemed floored again when I said in no uncertain way, “Not a chance of it. You could be a serial killer for all I know.”

Now he knew there was a slight possibility of getting into my pants, which set my lips to quivering, but he was going to have to put some effort into making me trust him first. He asked me if I would go to a hotel with him just as Jason came back with my drink and I answered, “That’s still a little too… private; for now anyway.”

I saw I had the poor guy totally confused, but I would have bet a grand on whether or not he had a boner under the table. He finally began treating Jason as if he were sitting with us and made some of his own small talk. After taking a serious look at the guy, I decided that he might just have a chance with me after all. With that in mind, I decided to empty my bladder, just in case. I found out from Jason later on that the conversation immediately turned to my teasing of his instrument and he was trying to get Jason to tell him how he could be alone with me.

Jason wasn’t just going to act like my pimp and just hand me over to the guy; especially since the second I was gone he had gone back to ignoring the fact that he was my boyfriend. When I got back, Jason decided to go to the bathroom himself so as to give us a minute alone. He denied it later on, but I know where his heart is now.

The second he began pleading with me to make him a happy man for the night, I told him again that I was there with Jason and I wasn’t dumping him. He asked about meeting me later then, and I told him that might be possible. When he told me he didn’t believe Jason was really my boyfriend, I finally decided to answer his repeated assertions over my link with Jay. I told him how Jason and I had an understanding and that under the right circumstances I might just walk away with the right guy. That was when he made everything feasible. He had just asked me to go to the parking lot with him just to fool around a little when Jason came back again.

I leered at him and responded with, “That could be something to think about.” Jason had to see my heightened aroused state and asked me if I was leaving. I knew he was just worried about me going off with a stranger to his place and I told him, “No, but he did just ask me out to his car to… well, that isn’t important.” I really wanted Jason’s permission to go and asked, “What do you think? Would he dare kill me in a parking lot?”

Jason told me that it sounded harmless, and pretended to be absorbed in his drink to spare his pride from what I was really getting ready to do to him. Jack started building on Jason’s tacit approval to let me run off with him to the parking lot by trying to make me feel safe. Just the way he was looking at my tits, I knew he had driven himself to the point of lustful no return. But, I still made him work to gain my acceptance of his offer.

When he got to the point of nearly begging me to accompany him, I turned to Jason and gave him a peck on the cheek. I wanted to ask him to watch us from a distance to make sure the guy didn’t try to drive off with me, but that would be so cruel to him. Instead, I said loud enough for Jack to hear, “If I’m not back in fifteen minutes, call the cops.”

I thought Jack was going to have a heart attack that I had finally accepted his invitation, but his eagerness began bothering me right about then. I thought for a moment and smirked as I said, “Give me your license.”

Jack was obviously concerned over my request and I told him once more to give it to me. Not wanting to miss a chance to brag to his friend over copping a feel of me, he eventually took it out and handed it over. I kidded him about wanting to make sure he was of legal age, but instead of handing it back to him, I laid it under the plate in front of Jason. That worried him a little, but as I told both of my “present” men; that way Jason would know who I was with if something happened. Jack was worried that Jason had his license in his possession, so I told Jason not to touch it unless the fifteen minutes went by. That appeased him and I started getting up from the table. When Jack stood, I saw an amazingly thick cock running down the side of his leg and smiled. I took a last apologetic look Jason’s way and began walking beside Jack towards the front door.

“I can’t believe your boyfriend would be dumb enough to let you walk off with another guy.” Jack looked at me and added, “Is he really that stupid?”

I answered, “Not at all; that’s how much he loves me. I get to run my own sex life now.”

I looped my arm into Jack’s and let him walk me to his car. The father away from the lights we got, the more worried I grew that I had made a serious mistake in judgment. Jack’s car turned out to be near the rear of the lot behind the bar and I was too afraid to get in when he opened the door. I steered him towards the rear of his car instead and rubbed my chest into the front of him. He was happy to make out with me right there and understood my apparent fear.

Jack wasn’t shy at all and soon had one hand under my halter top and the other rubbing its way up my inner thigh and under my skirt. There’s just something so fucking hot about that first groping session; letting a new guy have at me to explore my hidden assets for that first time. Besides tweaking my left nipple as if he was tuning in a radio dial, he had a nice touch. I melted my form into his to capture his full attention and to enjoy the feeling of what my life had come to offer me.

Jack had me half sitting on the trunk of his car while he enjoyed the feel and heated passion oozing from me. When he started telling me how badly he wanted to fuck me, I reached down and began feeling for his cock. It still ran down the side of his leg, but I wondered how painful it had to be for him not standing up in the direction it wanted to be in. I decided that if nothing else, I had teased his cock enough so that I at least owed him a blowjob. I began opening his pants as I took a quick look around the lot to make sure the coast was clear.

When I had his pants undone and pulled down, I took a final look behind us and went to my knees. I dragged his boxers down with me and freed his little friend. Maybe I shouldn’t refer to it as little. It wasn’t quite as long or as thick as Mack’s had been, but it was even harder and still much larger than Jason’s. I felt so bad at always thinking of Jason’s cock as small, but that was simply the way it was and I couldn’t change things in that area.

When I pulled Jack’s cock to my mouth, it felt so heavy and hot in my hand. My moaning started automatically the second I bobbed my head down over it. When he took my head in his hands, I remembered watching Mack do that to Jason and shuddered over the memory. I wondered how long it might be before seeing something that wild again and thought about how many times I had masturbated over the thought of that as Jason was at work. I dropped his cock from my mouth and lapped at his hairy balls for a little bit before taking his cock back into my mouth. I was only there for a few seconds when I felt Jack trying to pull me to my feet. I really didn’t want to leave him unfinished and balked, but he lifted me up anyway.

I understood what he was trying to do when he began spinning me away from him, but I felt odd letting him do what he wanted right in a parking lot. However, feeling his hand lifting my skirt over my ass and working my thong to the side was just too wild to stop him. He gave my shoulders a little push almost as if asking if he could have me, and I answered him by leaning my hands against the trunk of his car and presenting my butt a little. In seconds, I felt him searching for my opening by rubbing his cock through my vulva, quickly followed by several quick intrusions of just the tip of his cock.

I wiggled my ass a little to get a more relaxed feel going, and then I felt his extremely rigid shaft sliding into me undeterred. It felt like pure heaven melting its way into me. Just as I moaned over his bottoming out on me, I saw a tiny bit of movement to the side of the building that I was now facing. I would have freaked out if his cock didn’t feel so damn good resting inside of me, but it did, so I kept an eye out in the general direction of the shadow.

Jack started humping into me real slowly and it felt great. I was even fucking back against him and thinking about how lucky I was to have Jason in my life. He gave me the best of all worlds. I began wondering just how much of his interest was over my benefits however, when I figured out that the shadow I had seen earlier was actually his. He was watching me getting fucked. It turned me on to know that he was watching, but also made me wonder if he were allowing me to have at other men just for his own kicks. It didn’t really matter at the moment, but I was mystified again when I saw him sneaking back around the corner towards the front of the building.

The next several minutes could only be described as heaven in the way Jack slow fucked me. We had one unwanted visitor on the other side of the lot, but he was soon gone and none the wiser to what we were doing. When Jack started to cum in me, he had me fully impaled with my feet struggling to find a step on his bumper. It may not have been the fantastic fuck I had been reminiscing over that Mack had given me, but it certainly took care of the hornies I had before coming out here with him.

When he pulled away from me, I pulled my thong back in place and smoothed out my skirt. I thanked Jack for a marvelous fuck and when he reached out towards my chest, I let him take one last quick feel of my girls before hiding them under my top again. I was swooning on his arm as we walked back to the front door again and asked him to continue playing nice in front of my boyfriend. He told me that I had been a very hot lay for him and thanked me, and gave me the usual offer of, “If you ever need another helping hand?” I gave him a well deserved kiss and he escorted me back to Jason.

Jack grabbed his license and excused himself immediately. I figured he had gotten what he wanted, just as I had, so he went back to his friend. I thought about him telling his friend what had happened and felt a little leakage get pushed out of me over the nastiness of having that guy find out what I had done with his friend. I leaned over to kiss Jason before realizing I had just sucked on a guy’s cock, but he got a kiss anyway. He didn’t seem to notice any difference in taste. I leaned into his ear and asked, “Did you enjoy watching?”

Jay smiled and leaned back to say, “I wasn’t watching. I was making sure he was driving off with you.”

I was so enamored by his odd act of chivalry that I gave him a passionate kiss for being my white knight. He did become a little curious over whether I had enjoyed myself as I thought I would and I asked him, “Doesn’t my grin tell you that?”

After teasing Jason over my clandestine trip to the parking lot and seeing he really wasn’t jealous or upset by it, I was feeling like a million dollar lottery ticket waiting to be discovered. I was staring into Jay’s wonderful eyes when he nodded his head for me to look at something. I turned to see Jack’s friend coming our way. Jason leaned into my ear again and whispered, “I guess you have another suitor.”

Jason told me later that my facial reaction to his words made it more than evident that I liked his assessment over why the man coming towards us was doing so and he even excused himself to get another drink to make it easier for me to finagle.

The man sat down beside me and reminded me that his name was Bull, and I kidded around with him over how he got his name. It turned out that he hadn’t gotten it because he was hung like a bull as I might have thought, but rather because as a teenager the name stuck after past girlfriends began spreading it around. He claimed that one of the reasons for the nickname was because he had huge balls which they thought were worth bragging over. That was a claim that I found somewhat necessary to investigate, and was hoping Jason’s comment was right. Bull told me that Jack had told him all about what we had done in the parking lot, and I told him I thought he had just by the way he left me so quickly.

I was flirting back with Bull and toying with a round cracker in my leftover plate when Jason came back. A very disturbing thought came to me that I wanted to involve Jason in my conquests, but I didn’t really want to humiliate him by bringing him out to the parking lot. The constant wet feeling in my crotch gave me another idea. Just as humiliating in its own way, but only between Jason and myself.

“Bull wanted me to take a walk with him. I’m not sure I want to go anywhere with a guy named Bull. What do you think, Jason? Should I trust him to be a gentleman?”

I could see Jason was stammering because he really didn’t want to become an active part in his own embarrassment, but that seemed to be exactly what my perverse mind was craving. I asked Bull to give us a minute and he went back to Jack’s table.

First, I set up Jason with my needs. “He’s such a hunk, what do you think?”

Jason basically gave me the shoulder shrug, so I mentioned several times how I wanted to try doing it with two guys back-to-back in the worse way, and then left it up to him to please me. I knew he didn’t want to be my spoiler, and I wanted him to be a real part of my affair. I twiddled the cracker I still had in my hand and said, “It’s up to you sweetie. Eat the cracker and I’ll get my wish. Or you can just throw it away and that’ll be that.”

Jason didn’t like having to give me such a clear answer to preserve his official reluctance of sharing me. However, after a moment he reached out to take the cracker from me, but I pulled it away and grinned at him. “Oh, it’s not going to be that easy for you.” He watched as I brought the cracker under the table and I told him to watch what I was going to do with it.

When he was tilting just enough to see my legs under the table top, I pulled my skirt up, tugged back the crotch to my thong, and began swabbing the cracker against my vulva in a scooping fashion. I squeezed my muscles tight until I felt my fingertips getting moist, and then swabbed myself again. Jason sat back up and was wide-eyed in disbelief over what I was doing. I stared at his face as he scrunched it up and began telling me how he couldn’t/wouldn’t do what I was asking. Just as I pulled the cracker back to my plate, I saw a very large glob of cum had plopped out of me and onto the cracker along with other copious amounts of obvious semen.

I toyed and displayed the cracker to Jason while I talked about how much I really wanted to see what Bull was hiding in his pants. Jason stuck to his guns and kept shaking his head. Finally, Bull came back and asked me what my decision was going to be, and I turned to look at Jason.

“Well dear, what do you think?” I was holding one hand over my other to conceal the cracker and begging Jason with my eyes to join my world of perversion. After a second inquiry from Bull, he reached over and took the cracker from me and held it covered in his hands. I asked him one more time. “Well. Sweetheart, what do you think?”

I saw him close his eyes and stuff the entire cracker into his mouth so that Bull wouldn’t have a chance to see what was on it. I watched as he began chewing it quickly to get it small enough to swallow. Jason would tell me later about how I had looked at that moment. He watched my eyes gloss over at seeing him do my bidding and said it looked almost like I was in the middle of an orgasm, which he took as his own reward. Indeed, I would have to admit to him that I had had a small one right there at the table.

I got up from the table and smiled at Bull, but leaned back down to kiss Jason on the cheek one more time before going off to cheat on him. I couldn’t help myself now that I was in my euphoric state, placed another cracker from the dish onto my plate, and told him, “Don’t worry, love. I’ll bring you back more dip for another cracker.”

His facial torment was priceless to me as I followed Bull out the door. I didn’t grab onto his arm until we were outside to spare Jason the public embarrassment if anyone was noticing what I was doing, and saw that it was sort of my way of telling him that I was all his now. Not much was said as he led me right to the back of his friends’ car and spun me into his arms. I was really beginning to like getting swept up into a strange man’s arms. There was something about that action that made me feel like I was rightfully their property to partake of and I became putty in their hands. I think one of the wildest things of getting molested by a new man is watching his feverish hands exploring my body like it was a priceless vase and seeing the excitement in his eyes like I’m to be played with as a new toy.

I glanced back where I had seen Jason spying on me earlier and saw he was there again. I hugged up on Bull and spun him around so I could wave to Jay behind his back. I was excited over my dalliance and waved to him to display that, but either he felt jealous over me being in another’s mans arms, or he really was just checking to see that I wasn’t being spirited away. I saw him turn and head back into the bar. I also saw his leaving as a problem when I felt how vulnerable I really was in such a large man’s hands, all alone in the dark. I knew I was going to have to find a safer way to play when away from Jason.

I decided the best way to stay safe was to show this man that I wasn’t just a cock tease and headed towards my knees right away. I told him I just had to see for myself if the legend were true. I remember feeling like a very young girl on my knees in front of such a large man as Bull while I struggled to get his pants undone. He had a beer belly, not a big one, but undeniable and it made getting at him a little harder than normal.

When I finally got his underwear down, I was amazed by two things. His cock was much smaller than I would have assumed such a large man would have, but it was thick. It just wasn’t very long and stuck straight out from his body as soon as it got fully hard. The other thing was that he did have huge balls. I would guess nearly twice the size of Mack’s, and his had been larger than Jason’s. I lifted them in my hands to feel their weight and marveled over their exoticness. I found myself lapping at them just to see what they felt like on my tongue.

I took Bull’s cock into my mouth and fellated the hell out of him while my hands kept groping this man’s humungous testicles. I knew when I stood up there was going to be one question that had to be asked. That would have to wait however, until I had gotten my fill of the man from this particular vantage point. Even though the cock I was serving at the moment was smaller than all of my extra curricular lovers of the past three weeks, it was still thicker than Jason’s, but only a hair longer. I was starting to understand that girth had a lot to do with the overall appearance of size.

I felt a small pulse from my lover and felt a quick spurt of cum. At first I was afraid I had missed taking a ride on him, but soon realized that it had just been an amazing amount of precum. I stood up and wanted to make sure I did get a ride on his pickling machine before it was too late and tried to kiss him. He pulled away and I saw that he was one of those guys that thought it was perfectly okay for my mouth to taste like cock, but not his. I had seen it many times before hooking up with Jason, so I let it go and rubbed myself all over his big belly.

“So, how do you want to do this, big boy?”

Bull told me that Jack had told him how he had taken me and I was totally alright with that idea. I spun around and felt my skirt getting lifted over my ass again. Bull didn’t want to risk rubbing his shaft raw on my butt floss thong, so I felt him ripping them down just enough to have free access to me. I presented my ass one more time and braced my hands against the trunk.

While he was figuring out where to line up, I popped the big question. “I’m sorry and you’ll probably think I’m stupid, but about those huge balls of yours. Does that mean you make a lot more cum than most guys, or does size matter?”

He laughed just as I felt him hit my sweet spot and responded with, “Normally, it has nothing to do with anything. But I do happen to be the exception. That’s the other reason I got my nickname; I do manufacture a great deal of cum compared to most guys.

All the while Bull and I were making ourselves comfortable with each other I kept wondering just how much semen the guy did shoot off; and then, what it would be like to see Jason finding out as I watched him taking his second dude. The thought of that brought me back to watching him eat his cracker earlier and I smiled knowing that I had gotten him to do that for me. Just thinking about that nearly gave me another small orgasm.

As Bull went about fucking the hell out of me, he lifted my halter and wanted to pull it over my head. I tried stopping him because we were in a parking lot and I had to worry about other people walking by, but he won. It did turn out to be a crazy addition to my feelings however, with my boobs knocking forward and then bouncing back to my chest with each thrust.

This was only the second time in my life that I had done two guys back to back, other than two weeks earlier. However, that time Jason was the second guy and I knew it was unfair to him, but I really didn’t feel that his effort that night rose to the level of being a real fuck as much as what he had done to me with his tongue and lips.

My nipples in the night air grew to hard little pebbles and I felt a line of tingling go from them right down to my clit. Evidently, when you have such big balls, it takes a little longer to make them spew their reward. It had to take ten minutes or better just for me to feel like Bull was getting closer to cumming. It took so long that Jason got worried and came back around the side of the building for a second peek to make sure we were still there. When I saw him, I remembered the night that he had to watch me getting fucked while on his knees in front of Mack, and I was hoping he would stay to see it happening again. But after watching us fuck against the trunk of Jack’s car for a few minutes, I guess he couldn’t take anymore and left again.

Too bad, too! Right after I saw him creeping away, Bull gripped my hips in his hands real tight and began ramming into me extremely hard. Jason was still in my mind enduring all sorts of humiliation at my hands as I waited for the inevitable flood of warmth. And then Bull grunted more loudly than I felt comfortable hearing considering our venue, and I felt like I was getting a warm douche squirted into me. I gasped at the feeling it caused within me, and then I felt it happening again. I pushed my ass back into Bull to garner every tiny nuance and sensation.

Unlike any other time in my sexual consummations, I felt a flood of cum backfiring out of me. It was the oddest feeling that didn’t deter Bull from continuing to pump his cock into me. I felt more of his stuff getting pressured out of me and wondered just what the hell was going on back there. I began thinking that he was actually pissing in me and brought a hand down between my legs to wet my fingers to smell the fluid. It not only smelled right, but I could see in the little bit of light around us that it even looked right; just perhaps thinner in texture.

When Bull was finally done relieving himself, I felt him pull out of me and stood up to the wildest and freakiest sensation of my life. Before my muscles had time to constrict my lips closed, I felt a flood of cum spilling out of me. I spread my legs and held my skirt up to keep it from getting soiled and waited for the feeling of my body drooling to subside. I turned my head to see Bull grinning over my amazement. Assuming that most of it had drained from me, I had nothing else to use but my hand to scoop what I could away from me and flung it to the ground. I looked at the mess on my fingers and Bull told me he’d get something to wipe us up with, and went into the car. He came back with a shirt he told me to use after wiping his cock dry.

I asked Bull if this was his normal output and he grinned again as he told me he had been checked out as a teenager and found that his sperm count was normal, but his balls made an unusually large amount of semen to carry it out of him. I knew this was something I was going to have to ask around about; and Abby came to mind right away. She wasn’t going to believe this! Jason wasn’t going to either.

A couple of minutes later, it was Bull’s turn to be dropping me back off to Jason and he seemed fixed on my face. He wanted to know if anything was wrong and all I could tell him at the moment was, “You won’t believe what just happened.” I saw the cracker I had left on my plate to taunt Jason while I was gone, but I didn’t really think I could do anything with it other than get it wet, so I threw it back onto the plate in the center of the table. I had a greater desire.

I grabbed Jason’s hand and insisted that we leave for home immediately and only paused long enough to pay our check and wave to my two studs smiling at our quick departure. Jason wanted to know all the way home what had happened to get me so excited, but I didn’t want to spoil what I had in mind and told him he had to wait to find out.

Back in our room, I insisted that Jason strip down and lie on the bed, and grew angry when he didn’t seem interested in complying. I ordered him again to strip in my typically bitch-in-heat way, and that got a response. I was stripped way ahead of him and impatiently waited for him to get on his back. I could see he was putting things together, but I was in no mood for his hesitation. For the first time doing this to him, I wasn’t being at all nice or contrite. I slung my right leg over his chest and almost immediately rested my pussy square over his mouth. After screwing two men and even after Bull’s macho display, I was still craving Jason to finish me off as only he knew how, and I launched my mind into space.

I could feel his tongue pausing trying to understand my apparent wetness, but he would have to wait until after my orgasm to get an explanation. I rubbed myself against his face roughly trying to show him just how badly I needed his help, and like the lover of mine that I knew him to be, he finally got to work. I don’t think I ever ground my bottom into Jason so hard before, but remembering what Bull had felt like cumming in me left me in such an urgent need to cum myself. And when Jason brought me to my special place, I probably came harder than ever before. I’ve had many much greater orgasms, but never have I cum that hard.

The next morning was a Saturday and I let Jason sleep in and went outside to call Abby. I just had to tell her about the night before and ask her about Bull. If not for my excited state, she probably wouldn’t have believed a word of it. I guess just talking about it to her made me have the strange need to pee, so I snuck into the room to go. Jason was awake and saw me scurrying to the bathroom. I continued my gossiping ways until I came back out, but remembering what Jason had asked of me, I changed the subject to something I could speak to in front of him. I wanted to go back outside to continue the real nitty gritty, but I felt it was more important at the moment to include Jason and kept our conversation on our current work situations. However, just before hanging up on Abby, she asked if I was going to torture Jason over Bull’s exercise and I smiled at Jason. He looked back as I answered her, “I think I’m going to have to; but he’s been a real trooper. He’ll live!”

Jason knew I had just broken his new rule; a tiny bit.

My Darling Cuckold ch. 06

When Jason’s eyes opened, he looked down to see me attached to his prick by my mouth. I smiled up at him and he was probably very surprised to see me going at him while he had been asleep. It didn’t really matter how I got to where I was, he was just glad to see that I would perform the same acts on him as my part timers. I knew that getting blowjobs wasn’t one of his greatest likes, but come on; what guy is going to refuse one.

It had been a week since I had my last romp with Jack and Bull, and I woke up horny as all hell thinking about that night. I had gotten my first paycheck at my new job yesterday and we had planned on going out to celebrate as we had with Jason’s first pay day. Unfortunately, there was a huge storm and we hunkered down into each other’s arms for a very special sex session of our own. It proved very illuminating as we talked very openly between, and even during, our sexual forays.

Jason finally admitted to me that with my urging and help, he was becoming somewhat use to the nasty things I was putting him through. The toughest times for him were obvious; having to give Mack a blowjob because it had happened in front of me, and the thought of me going over board in front of other men. It was one thing for me to encourage him to do stuff for me behind closed doors, but it was something all together different with a witness to his denigration.

My secrets were mostly over how wild and special my life had become since Jason had given me such an absolute freedom over my sex life. He already knew that a huge thrill for me was, for lack of better words, humiliating him and degrading him as a man. He knew I didn’t really feel that way, but in the throes of sex it drove me wild to treat him as my sex toy. I was a sadist in that way, but as long as it didn’t involve pain, he agreed that it wouldn’t kill him. As a matter of fact, it was the very thing that was his driving force in sex, but it was only because it went through me first. That was explained to me when we began playing – “Would you rather…”

I asked if he would rather get a blowjob from me, or give me one of his wild earth moving lickings. I know that ninety-nine percent of all males would immediately say the obvious, but not my Jason. He genuinely would rather be between my legs so he could see my face and my reactions to how frigging mad he could drive me. And that train of thought carried through to virtually every other aspect of sex for him. He was just a natural pleaser, a giver if you will, as opposed to a taker.

I, on the other hand was a taker. When in my special sex driven mind, everything was about me and that drove me into a sadist lowlife porn queen. Luckily, Jason understood exactly what he meant to me, what I truly thought about him, and was willing to accept me even when I went into bitch mode; on one condition. He had to be on the receiving end of my face showing just how enraptured I was over what was going on.

I had even confessed something I found really hard to admit to Jay, and was probably the driving force behind my having his prick in my mouth at the moment. I confessed to him that I would rather have his face between my legs to finish me off after a clandestine romp than his cock. It was really hard to tell him that his size just wasn’t up to par with what I had before meeting him, or what I was finding with my new found freedom. He amazed me one more time when he agreed that he was far from well endowed and even credited that fact as the reason he had become so talented with his mouth. Naturally I had to tease him over that statement by bringing up that Mack would have to agree with his assessment. He also said that the one thing that would bother him would be if I pretended his cock was as big as my other lovers, and would then cause him an inferior complex over my need to lie about it. Just as quickly, he asked me not to make his lack of stature part of my repertoire to use against him. Naturally, since I knew he was confident in his own shoes, I promised I would probably do just that to him.

I could tell that I was giving Jason a very successful blowjob by the writhing he was doing. And I guess I was driving him a bit crazy, as well, because he brought up our last subject of last night. We had talked about my frequency of extra curricular activities and I was worried that it was already too much, but Jason told me he sort of thought I would have stepped out on him even more. He was glad that I was keeping it to a minimum, which I didn’t really agree with, and that he sort of got off on the way I acted when getting ready for a date. He basked in my inability to hide my excitement and exuberance and thought of it as his reward for not complaining. He really just loved seeing me happy, no matter what it took.

“The only thing that really bothers me is your safety. I worry that you’re going to run off with the wrong guy some night, and…” I took a look up to see Jason was extremely worried over that point, but there really wasn’t an entirely safe way to ever hook up with a guy. I even told him how I had wished that he had stayed that night in the parking lot to watch over me. Then, this sweet SOB in my mouth said the sweetest thing. “We need to work on getting you what you want, safely. I was thinking that maybe we could go places and I could pretend to be your brother or something, so that I can hang around and watch over you.”

I slurped off his cock and asked, “You could do that for me… with me in the next room, fucking another guy?”

As I suspected, it was all about safety for me, and his ego didn’t seem to matter one bit. The thought that there didn’t seem to be an end to what my love would do for me, flushed me with euphoric desire and I sucked his cock for all I was worth. I wanted to push him over the edge and paused just long enough to say, “I want you to find my next lover. Show me how it’s done.” The second I took him back into my mouth, I felt him swell over the idea of doing that and he was quickly coming to the point of no return. I did the thing he really liked the best at the end of a blowjob, and sank my mouth as deep over him as I could go; truly balls deep.

Just as he began firing his cum into my mouth, the last thing I heard him say made me smile in delight. He said almost dreamily, “I’ll find you a guy alright!”

Normally I would just swallow it down for Jason, but this time I decided to use his own semen to show him a lesson. I worked to catch it all in my mouth and when I was sure he was done, I crawled up over his body. His eyes grew wide over knowing for sure that I was going to spit it into his mouth, but he was wrong. I did get into his face, managed to allow my mouth to open just enough to show Jay that I had all his cum in it, and then swallowed it down with a huge grin on my face.

“See,” I exclaimed, “it’s not that bad. You just think about how much what you’re doing is turning on your boyfriend, and you swallow. But I guess since your boyfriends are by proxy, it might be a little harder for you.” I could see he was taking my actions as a real lesson and said just to tease him, “Is he going to have a big cock? I like them really thick.”

Jason seemed bewildered and asked, “Who?”

“You just agreed that you’d find me my next guy. It’s going to be someone nice, I hope.”

Jason wanted to take the last minute of his life back, but I was going to hold him to his words, even if they were said in the heat of passion. The thought of my boyfriend actually finding me another guy to screw was mind numbingly erotic for me and I wouldn’t let him forget that all day. And the more I mentioned it, the more he seemed to be getting off on the thought of doing it, too. Little did I know how quickly he was going to act on my demand?

Around noon time, Jason went for a walk. There wasn’t anything unusual about that as he did it nearly every day. I took the opportunity to use his time away to frig the hell out of myself and as always since last weekend, I finished myself off over the thought of Bull turning my insides into a bladder for his sperm. I almost invited Abby out for a day so we could try to find the guy again just to prove to her what I had said about him.

When Jason got back I could tell he had come up with something wicked. His smile was just too big and bright, and he had a bounce in his step. That was when I found that Jason thought it was okay for him to lie to me, under the right circumstances. And I wasn’t going to complain in the least when I caught him. He casually told me that he had met a couple of girls down the street and they had invited him to a party; a pool party. I was ashamed with myself when the green eyed monster sat on my shoulder. Jason rightfully teased me over my double standard, but quickly added that he loved the fact that I didn’t want to share him with other girls. I know it’s totally unfair that I get to screw around and yet freak over the thought of him doing the same exact thing. However, Jason liked my display because he saw how much I loved him by how protective I was over him.

He begged me to go to the party with him and when he told me that I could wear my micro to fend off any girls I didn’t like, I began changing my mind. My micro is just that! It is essentially two patches that cover just the front of my boobs, and an even smaller patch that covers my vulva. It didn’t even cover my mons entirely, so I would have to shave bald just to wear it. Just the thought of getting to wear that suit was turning me on, because it wasn’t like trolling for guys, it was more like casting a net for them. I had only worn it once before and I felt like I had pissed off Jason so much by the attraction I had gathered that I had tucked it away. But now he was suggesting it! I knew that any girl that thought she could steal Jason away from me would have second thoughts instantly when she got a load of me in that suit.

Jason seemed excited to get some of his manhood back by checking out these girls he had met, and in a way, I liked that he was excited about anything because of what he had been doing for me lately. I loved it when it was he who told me to get in the bathroom and shave myself for the suit and I happily went off to do it. All the while I was doing that, I was hoping that there would be some cute guys at this pool party, too. I didn’t want my micro to just be a defensive weapon. I thought about the possibility of finding a guy that I could talk into coming home with us. That wouldn’t be what Jason had signed up for, but if I was going to let him flirt with other girls; what the hell?

After taking a quick shower, I donned the suit and primped before going out to show myself off to Jason. He definitely liked what he saw and I asked him if I could really intimidate other girls into staying away from him wearing my micro.

“They wouldn’t dare leave their guys alone to even get near me.”

Jason had picked out a pair of white short shorts and a peasant style top for me to wear as a cover up and I was happy to see him wanting to dress me. And he really didn’t do a bad job of it. He spent the next few minutes teasing the hell out of me with the idea that he was going to flirt like hell with every girl at the party to get back at me for some of the things I had put him through. I almost backed out on him, but I decided that he wasn’t going to get to lay a hand on any bitch as long as I was with him, so I decided to let him have his thrill.

It turned out that the party was just a few blocks away from where we were staying, so we walked there. Jason was having a blast asking me all kinds of questions over what I wouldn’t freak out to see as opposed to what would send me ballistic. I finally told him that as long as he didn’t go off behind closed doors with another girl that he could do anything near the pool he could get away with; and that took a lot for me to offer him.

When we got to the house where the party was at, a guy opened the door and invited us to walk through the house and into the pool area out back. Just as we got to the glass doors near the rear of the house, I could see several too inviting of girls running around in skimpy bikinis by the pool. I barely noticed the two guys that had stopped us to talk to Jason.

“Hey man, glad to see you could make it. I didn’t think you’d really come. And this must be Trish?”

When I heard the wrong name, I got a little annoyed that Jason would allow my name to be mistaken and corrected the male, “That’s Bliss; as in total happiness.”

The guy looked up and down my body, smiled and responded with, “I can see why people would say that.”

I first sneered at Jason as if I had won a battle, and then looked over the guy that had said it. He wasn’t a hulk of a guy, but he had a pretty tight little bod on him. He started back out for the pool when it finally dawned on me how the guy had initially greeted us, I grabbed Jason’s arm to stop him.

“Glad to see you could make it? Why’d he say that? I thought two girls invited you over here?”

When Jason burst into a knowing smile, I understood what this sweet prick had done. All the time he had been teasing me about hooking up with girls, he knew better. He had conned me into this suit to show me off for my benefit, not to keep other girls away from him. I gave him a quick kiss and allowed him to lead me out to the pool.

I looked over the small crowd of thirty or so people and two girls came over to introduce themselves. One of them told us that we were overdressed and showed us where we could put our clothes. They seemed very nice and came with us to continue their greeting as we peeled off our outer cover-ups. I was keeping a good eye on them as they watched Jason taking off his shorts and got a little jealous of their attention at first, until both their eyes turned to me. Just the top of my suit made them raise their eyebrows, but when I stripped off my shorts, their mouths dropped open. I pretended that there wasn’t any big deal going on here, and their conversation started back up.

I was pleasantly pleased with myself when one of the girls stated, “Not overly dressed now, are we?”

The minute the guys started taking notice of me, I looped my arm into Jason’s and wrinkled up my nose at him. He had thrown me into a pool of hormones and pricks, and I wanted to advertise what guy I was there with to let him know just how much I loved him. Here I was worried that he was going to be hitting on a bunch of girls, and it turned out that he had brought me right into the middle of a boy buffet, dressed to score.

A couple of girls came over to compliment my suit and wanted to know where I had bought it. They seemed very nice and I caught one eyeing me a little more than I was used to seeing. They also liked the fact that not only did I have the balls to wear something so skimpy, but in front of my boyfriend as that. That gave me an opening to brag just how wonderfully lucky I was to have such a boyfriend, and that got him a couple of stares. The cute petite blonde asked if she could borrow him, and I wanted to scratch her eyes out just for mentioning it. But when I saw Jason’s chest puff out a tad bit, I sucked up my own jealousy and said, “If you must, but bring him back in good shape.”

That got giggles from the girls, a raised eyebrow from Jason, and an odd little quiver for me. I know that even though I got my mouth to say those words that I really didn’t mean it. But when I saw Jason’s frumpy attitude to see them leaving after having giggled, I felt really bad for him. I knew he didn’t understand their giggle as well as I did, but they sure weren’t making fun of him. It was more to appease me, the cat with her claws at the ready. If I had of been the first to turn away, either one of them probably would have taken a shot at hitting on him in some seductive way.

I kissed Jason on his neck and told him I would try to explain to him what just happened later on and when I saw he was still a little befuddled, I really felt bad for him. He had been giving so much to me and on top of that, even arranged out excursion to this party so I could get to know some guys. I stared at him as he looked off into the sky and I knew what I had to do.

“Look dude,” I started out, “you’re never going to get a piece of tail hanging around with this one. I’m going to walk around and ‘pretend’ to swim. Why don’t you smile and wait for whatever little skank sidles up to you as soon as they see the coast is clear?”

Obviously he told me he hadn’t come here for that, but I knew he really needed to feel from me what I wanted to say, but couldn’t. I sucked it up, grabbed his ass, and said, “I’ll be alright. I’m not saying you have to try to get laid, but a little flirting won’t kill me.” And when I saw he was still afraid of crossing me, “Look it, I love you so frigging much. I’ve put you through the ringers, so if… if you need to do something to get back what I’ve beat up on so much, then… go ahead and do what you have to do.” I pushed a knuckle into his arm until he winced and reminded him, “But if you don’t come back to me, instead of getting your balls back, I’ll cut them off for good.”

I must have made him believe me, because I finally got a serious laugh from him. I decided to walk around the pool and keep an eye on just what vixens might have been eyeing my sweetheart, and I wasn’t gone for thirty seconds when the two that had just giggled away at Jason went strolling back to him. I knew he would prefer the petite girl and sure enough, his eyes pinned to her body. I was driving myself crazy thinking about what would be getting said, so I had to get myself busy. I sat on the edge of the pool and dangled my feet in the water before diving in to get wet.

When I came up, I struck gold. Two young bucks just about my age were treading water right in front of me. I excused myself for nearly swimming into them and by their looks, they probably wouldn’t have noticed. They appeared to be three sheets to the wind already and about the only thing they did seem to notice were my buoys. One of them reached out and grabbed my right boob in his hand to heft it in his fingers, and when I turned away from him, it caused his fingers to tear away the tiny bit of fabric covering my nipple. I slapped at the water to splash his face and backed away, but the one split second my nipple was exposed caused the two of them instant mental erections.

“Too bad” I thought; they looked pretty tasty until they moved. I swam across the pool to get out and was met by two hands thrust in my direction offering to pull me out. I grabbed onto them before I realized the hands belonged to two different males. I thanked them for their help as I pulled my strings into a more comfortable position and one of the guys asked me if I needed a drink. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “You can’t get me ***** without one.”

I went to squeegee my body off with my hands and noticed a couple of chubbies coming from the crotches in front of me, and decided to tease them a little further by turning around to do my legs. I prayed that that tiny bit of fabric between my legs was covering the patch of me that it was bought to do. I heard some air being expelled not so gracefully behind me and turned back to my obvious admirers with a tantalizing smirk and one raised eyebrow.

“See something I should know about,” I asked them. All I got were some twisted grins and more raised eyebrows. I’ve always loved teasing guys and in this micro it was as easy as walking around in it.

One of the guys poked a finger towards my belly button and said, “Now that’s a navel to drink from if I ever saw one. Ever let guys take shots from it?”

I told him I had a couple of times and asked him if he ever did belly shots from a girl. Naturally he had if he was talking about it, but it was my exit from the pool area and he seemed like a nice ******. I was quickly invited into the basement where the hard stuff was and I told them to lead the way. I turned just before going back inside to see that Jason was still enamored with his admirers and tried to smile over his fishing abilities.

When I got down to the basement, I felt like a stripper walking on stage. All the guys down there began hooting over my exposure and I was pretty nervous until I saw at least three other girls were present. I was walked to the bar and the guy holding my hand told the dude acting as a bartender what he was up to, and received a shot of tequila. He took my hand and escorted me over to a low, long cocktail table in front of a couch and motioned for me to lie down. A small crowd gathered and a second shot appeared as I sat on the table. It was handed to me and I downed it like a professional alcoholic; and then proceeded to lie on my back. Hands went to my ass and I brushed them away before I would let the guy start the show.

The table wasn’t quite long enough to support my head, so I had to clasp my hands behind me to hold it up so I could see what was going on at my waist. I sucked in a little to make a bigger hollow in my tummy and he poured the shot onto me. Salt was poured just below my tits after I couldn’t move, for the obvious reason. The cheers began and he went to town with the salt first, bringing his tongue ever so close to the bottom of my boobs, and then slurped away at the liquid on my belly. All the onlookers cheering him on became deafening, yet encouraged me to no end. It felt so cool when he got to the bottom and began lapping away at me, pretending to lick me dry. I started to get up, but someone pushed me down again and I saw the crowd was trying to get a second guy to take a body shot off me.

It was fun being the center of attention amongst all these strangers, and since the two female faces I could see didn’t seem to mind my whorish behavior, I went along with the crowd. This time, the licking of the salt brought the guy’s tongue just to the bottom of my cups, with a quick attempt to lick under my left one. I saw where this was leading, so when I was begged to allow a third guy a turn, I gladly smiled and told him to go for it. I kept my eyes on a girl to one side of me and her face was clearly telling me what the guys I wasn’t looking at were plotting. I was a little amused to see her getting giddy as she watched the salt getting poured on my lower chest. We both knew what was coming for me, and she was delightfully waiting to see what the guy had in store for me.

The shot was poured and then the guy ran his tongue over some of the salt right at my cups, and then he went for the tequila. He only took three quarters of the shot and came back up for more salt. But this time he pushed my left cup to one side and began licking the bottom of my boob. I pretended to scold him as my hands were mysteriously stuck to the back of my head. After I watched my nipple harden over its public exposure, I looked at the girl again to see she was definitely feeling left out. I finally pushed the boys head back to my belly, but waited until he took his last laps to clean me up before sitting up to cover my boob. His hand darted to it first to take a quick feel before I pushed him away and got covered up. I didn’t want to become the center piece of an orgy, so I called it quits right there.

I went over to the bar for a wet towel to clean up the sticky residue and noticed that the girl that had been fascinated seeing me groped had followed me. But that was when I thought about Jason. The cute little blonde that he had been trying to make time with was with her girlfriend at the other end of the bar. I just got shown off and felt up, and he was left high and dry. I asked the girl next to me what their story was and she told me that they were best friends. I said, “No, I mean, do they have boyfriends?”

At first she looked like I was sizing them up like I was a lesbian, but then told me that they were unattached. I was handed another shot for letting the guys have their fun and asked the girl to introduce us. I downed the shot even before getting to them and found that their names were Stacy and the blonde, Bella. I just had to know what had happened.

“I thought you two were talking to Jason?”

Stacy said he was a nice guy, but also said she knew he was hung up on me. I decided to get my poor lover some action and lied a little. “Yeah, well I’m not so sure we’re going to last. He’s a great guy, but I’m not so sure I can stick with one guy though. If it wasn’t for being the best damn carpet muncher I’ve ever known, I would probably just dump him to spare his feelings. But, you know how that is, right?”

In seconds she wanted to know, “He’s that good?”

I let my smile answer for me and then I asked her, “You sound interested. I could hook you up if you want? Just don’t tell him what I just told you about maybe leaving him.”

The two of them eyed each other and I could see they were thinking about it seriously. I pushed their hands by turning to leave and the blonde asked, “But wouldn’t you freak out knowing he’s doing that to another girl?”

I asked her, “Didn’t you see what I just did? It’s just sex. But if you take him on, just check his teeth when you’re done with him, okay? Nothing worse than a hairy smile!”

That started them laughing, and looking at each other again. Bella came back with, “You wouldn’t have to worry about me there.”

It took me a second to understand she was telling me that she was well shaved, but when I caught on I looked down at my crotch and replied, “Oh, you mean we’re twins. Well, you’re money then. He loooves a smooth bottom. Go for it then!”

The two of them asked me again to make sure I wouldn’t really mind and I made myself very clear, as well I added a little insurance to protect my own ego. “Just promise me you won’t fuck him and you can do anything else you want.”

Their body language spoke clearly for both of them.

I thought for a moment and knew I had to talk to Jason first, so I told them, “Let me go mark my territory, and then he’s all yours. But remember, not a word to him about what I said earlier. I left them smiling like Cheshire cats.

I went up to find Jason and he was talking to the first ***** hunks I had run into. I tugged on him to get him a little away from them and simply said, “I love you, have a good time, and don’t believe anything they might say about us. Got me?”

He was dumbfounded over what I was talking about, but I shushed him up and told him to have fun. I gave him a peck on the cheek and ran off just as the girls were coming out the door. I gave them a wink and as I passed them by, I whispered, “Double team him, he’ll love it.” I then proceeded inside so that I wouldn’t interfere with their efforts.

The thought of Jay getting intimate with another girl was bad enough, but I had just handed him over to two rather hot girls; both in bikinis. I new I could easily trip into my bitch zone, so I decided to go back to the basement and try to keep my mind off all the many possibilities. Luckily, a guy that had seen my earlier performance met me at the top of the stairs. Since he was coming up, his face was practically level with my crotch and his expression was so over the top that I had to laugh and ask, “Never see one of those before?”

After stammering around the English language for a few seconds, he said about the only thing I guy could in his situation. “Not as hot as that one. You here with anyone?”

I told him, “Not at the moment,” and he offered to change that for me. He told me his name was Brian and walked with me back to the bar in the basement. After we each got a drink, he whisked me away to a corner of the basement that held the washer and dryer. We talked for a few minutes and he came off as a pretty decent guy, but never took his eyes off the skin I was showing. I was just coming to the decision that if he might be getting lucky in a few minutes and decided to hit the bathroom first. After finding out where it was, I headed off, but only after giving him a kiss and allowing my nipples to lightly graze his chest.

I had to go upstairs and when I passed the glass doors, I saw Bella and Stacy walking on each side of Jason, and they headed into some kind of a tool shed just off the pool area. I wanted to rage and run out there to stop them, but I could tell that the girls were still coaxing Jason into going with them just by the way they appeared to be walking him in between them. My mind was a mess and I headed for the bathroom.

As I sat on the toilet doing my thing, I wanted to cry. After everything that I had forced Jason to put up with, I couldn’t understand why it was so hard accepting Jason getting a little something for himself. He had given me so much freedom and deserved this. And two hot girls were just the ticket. I cleaned up, gave myself one last look, and headed back to my own object of seduction and greeted him with a passion filled kiss that was meant to erase what Jason was doing from my thoughts. I went to finish off my Margarita and after looking at it, I stared at Brian.

I put the drink down and looked at him in a whole new way. Yeah, he had a pretty good body, seemed to have a good sense of humor, but I was now seeing a seedier side of him. “You know, Margaritas shouldn’t fizz.”

His guilt festered from every pore in his body and he tried to pretend that he didn’t know what I was talking about, so I demanded of him to tell me.

“What did you put in it?” I watched his eyes and waited to see if he would fess up or if I was going to spit in his face.

“Just a little happy pill… to help you have a good time.”

I thought about my response for a moment and then reached out to grab his balls in my hand. I squeezed them until he understood I wasn’t amused, and then told him, “Drink it then… and get happy yourself.”

First he tried to get my hand off his jewels, and then he pleaded with me. I told him he had two choices; drink it, or I would begin telling everyone within earshot what he had tried to do to me. I swished the glass around in my free hand and held it out for him to take. For a moment I felt as powerful with this fucker as I had been when playing with my darling Jason. And that feeling grew when Brian reached out to take it from me. He looked at the half full glass like it was poison.

“You had no problem watching me drink it.” I asked, “You afraid of what I might do to you when you pass out? You know, the really sad thing is that I was just going to offer to fuck the hell out of you.”

That made his eyes really grow sad and I started lifting the glass to his lips. He gave me the bitterest look I’ve seen in quite a while, but drank the glass down. But I wasn’t done with him yet. I had made up my mind what I wanted, so I decided that his insolence wasn’t going to curtail that from happening. With my hand maintaining its grip, I told him, “Now, we can play. You wanted all this (sweeping my hand down my form), well you’ve got it; for as long as you’re awake.”

I had just tormented his mind like an expert interrogator. Now he was confused as to what he should do. Did he want to try to go throw up, or take that ride he had just wanted so badly that he would drug me to get at it? I let my hand turn from a painful grab into a fondling, and that made his mind up for him. He asked me if I was serious and I answered that I was; if he hurried. His head began spinning around in search of seclusion and I suggested the tool shed behind the pool. I knew it would still be occupied, but I needed to know what was happening out there. After I insisted on checking out the shed, Brian turned and began leading the way.

I teased him, “You seem to be in a hurry? Are you that horny or just getting a little tired?” He turned back to look over my body and I said, “Too bad, huh? You were going to get this anyway, but now you’re going to have to wonder how long you can keep it up.”

The poor boy was so confused, but driven to find a private place to consume me. When we got to the shed, I had Brian open the door slowly and immediately saw what I was hoping I wouldn’t have to face. Bella had her cute little ass on the edge of a work bench with her feet pasted to either side of her to hold her in place. Her hands were holding the back of Jason’s head with his face plastered to her cunt, and Stacy was standing next to them with only her top on and fingering herself as she watched them. Both girls looked to see who had come in and I quickly held my forefinger to my lips to quiet them. I pulled Brian backwards and we exited the shed. Now I was confused, or at least in my heart. I was so happy that Jay was getting some measure of his manly stature back, but distressed over his tasting the pussy of another girl. And there was little doubt in my mind that it would be two girls before they let him loose.

I was so mad at what I had seen that I grabbed Brian and pulled him behind the shed. I pretended to look at a watch on my wrist and told him his time was ticking away, and after making sure no one could see us, he began pulling his swim shorts down.

“You want a blowjob, or some of this?” I grabbed my right tit in my hand while pulling it free from its snippy enclosure, and toyed with my nipple.

Brian looked me over and reached his hand out to cup my pussy in his hand. I smiled and was glad that he started there. I untied the knot on my right hip and my micro bottom fell to the ground. I spun around and watched a rather hard cock aiming upward as he came closer to me, and then I lifted my leg onto a stack of concrete blocks that had been thrown behind the shed. To be honest, his half hard prick was just slightly larger than Jason’s, and clearly as confused as its owner. I giggled at Brian over his apparent lack of erection just to show him who was in charge, but I did want some interaction to happen, so I reached out to finger it into a more proper state.

After a few seconds, I figured it was about as hard as it would get under the circumstances and warned him, “Better hurry! Your time’s running out.”

Brian had to be cursing his own ignorance and immediately began poking his way into me. Now granted, a pencil getting poked into me can be enough at times to tantalize me, but all I could think about was how Brian was little more fulfilling than Jason in this arena. I took pity on him though and wanted to leave him knowing exactly what he could have had if not for his foolishness. I grabbed at his ass to pull him as deep into me as possible and encouraged him further by pulling my cups away from my breasts to excite him more.

It was a struggle to really get into fucking him as his eyes began growing weak and he was having trouble staying interested in me. I teased him by saying that it seemed that he might really prefer boys to girls, and then I nearly had to catch him to keep him from falling to the ground. I grinned hard as I helped his body onto the ground while the drug too him over entirely.

“What the fuck’s going on here?”

I looked up and to my left to see two guys and a girl standing there watching me hover over Brian’s limp body.

“I guess the little fella took my drink by mistake,” I answered.

The girl knew immediately knew what I meant and replied, “That little fucker is still doing that? You guys ought to kick his ass.”

It seemed that Brian was known for doing such things and had only gotten away with it because he had a trust fund to keep him out of trouble. As I stood up, I abruptly became aware that I was hanging out for them all to gaze upon. One of the guys made a comment that there wasn’t a drug strong enough to have kept him from finishing up with me. Since the girl didn’t seem to mind his come on, I smiled and boasted, “He really didn’t have what it take’s to make me smile anyway.”

The guy got all manly on me and offered to take over for Sleeping Beauty, so I looked to make sure the girl still wasn’t upset and simply replied with, “Okay!”

Within the minute, the guy was fucking me hard against the back wall of the shed and the other girl had herself plastered right next to me by the other dude. We each had one leg up on the blocks between us and kept smiling at each other as we looked over the poor guy lying on the ground **********.

The boy fucking me was no Mack when it came to cock size, but he had a nicely engorged head on the top of his dick that worked every nerve ending in my vagina. And he was bumping his pelvic bone just right against my clit to make this offer to him well worth it. I had my arms wrapped around him and was just beginning to give his neck a hickey to mark him as mine for the moment when I heard a muffled sheik coming from the other side of the very wall I was getting bumped into. I knew that squeal of delight well and knew that my wonderfully talented boyfriend had just proven himself a master in the art of pussy licking yet again. Considering that I was getting my own cunt nicely stuffed at the time, it didn’t bother me as much knowing Jay was getting his freak on with some skank. I even smiled a little over his success.

When it appeared that both of the studs were close to cumming, the girl touched my arm and made it clear that she wanted me to join her. I watched her push her guy away enough so that she could hurriedly get on her knees to finish him off with her mouth, and decided to mimic her actions. I went down on my guy’s cock with all the enthusiasm of a market place whore. When I knew I had him ready to cum and was getting ready to suck his juice right down, I felt a tap on my arm again.

“Let’s swap… quick!”

The girl wanted to swap guys at the last second, and I thought it was a pretty weird thing to do, it was also really hot. It was easier for the guys to move then for us, so we pushed their aching bodies around until we each had the cocks that the other had prepared, and went back to sucking them off. The boys must have liked my new friends’ idea too, because within seconds, they were each grunting over filling our mouths with their deposits. This was definitely one of the freakiest things I’d ever done and flashed a “thank you” to the girl with my eyes as I held tight onto his cock for him to finish.

I started swallowing for my guy, but a third tap came to my arm and I looked questioningly at my friend and waited for her answer. I watched her slurp her lips off her guy and lunge her face towards mine. I’m not a lesbian, and have only had a couple of timid trysts with other girls at best, but when she began kissing me, I knew the nasty thought her pretty little head contained. There we were on our knees, kissing passionately, and swapping the cum in our mouths as our male providers looked on in awe. This girl was absolutely full of naughty tricks; I loved it. Her hands roamed my body as we enjoyed our treats, so I let my hands explore hers. I’d only felt a couple of boobs other than mine, but out in the open as we were, doing something as nasty as we were, made hers seem like the softness of summer clouds.

When we finally broke our kiss, and swallowed whatever was left in our mouths, we shared a knowing smile that I’ll never forget. We realized our audience of two had to be wondering about us and stood up while grabbing our pieces of bikinis to cover up. The guys couldn’t stop talking about our efforts and then our show. I started feeling out of place since the only name I knew was of the guy still ********** on the ground. I decided I had to move along and thanked both of the boys with quick kisses and went on my way.

When I got by the front door of the shed, I just had to look in to see if Jason and the girls were still there. I crept in quietly and as soon as I shut the door I saw that Stacy was now nude and watching Jason plastered prick first into Bella as she rested her elbows on the top of the bench she had been sitting on the last time I had seen her. It seemed that being bent over backwards had to be a pretty awkward position, so she really had to be enjoying herself. My mind raged out of control when I saw she was fucking him after my warning, but I knew I had invoked this journey and held my tongue. Stacy looked over to see I was watching and touched her friend’s hand to point me out. Bella’s eyes showed the appropriate fear I would expect when caught fucking another girls boyfriend right in front of her, but when she stiffened her body to push Jason away from her, I found myself mouthing the words, “Go ahead!”

Jason still didn’t know I was there just as the first time. Most of his ignorance was because his back had been to me both times, but a lot of it was because he was enjoying his new little skank ass whore just that much; and oddly enough, I was glad he was enjoying himself.

Stacy had remembered my warning, and even though she was clearly waiting her turn to ride my boyfriend, she decided to put her suit back on. I decided that the last thing I wanted to do was to interrupt Jason before he got to finish fucking his new plaything, so I tried to appease both girls by rubbing my hand inside my own bathing suit bottom. When Bella saw me doing that, her eyes finally stopped glimpsing at mine and she went back to fervently enjoying her fucking.

While I stood there watching, I was just as confused over my feelings as ever, but I was really happy that we had come to this party. Jay needed to feel like a man again and after telling him how I considered his cock too small to be a great fuck with me, it was nice to see another girl considered it just right. When I saw the telltale sign of intensity that told me Jason was almost finished with his lover, I quietly walked up behind him as he started groaning his pleasure over finally relieving himself.

A little bit of bitch in me just snuck out when I found myself asking, “I bet she’s nice and tight, huh?”

Jason instantly flung around to see me standing there and Belle began begging for my forgiveness. I stared at Jason as he struggled to form an apology and Bella began standing up straight. I pushed her back onto her elbows and gave Jason a passion filled kiss as I held her in the position she had been in. I pulled away from Jason and pronounced, “You smell like cunt. I gave him a flirtatious eye that I’m sure he’ll never forget, and turned towards Bella. I could see she was scared out of her mind even though I wasn’t much bigger than her, so there’s no way she could have expected my next move.

I ran my body over hers much as Jason’s had just been, groped her slime covered pussy roughly, and began kissing her. I swear I could hear Jason’s cock snap back to a full erection behind me, and I was pleased that the girl never tried to stop my actions. In fact, her hands began rubbing along my backside as her friend gasped over her reactions to my amorous attack. I let my fingers delve into my first cunt, and toyed with her for a moment before making a scooping motion through her labia. I brought my hand up to her face, took my lips away from hers, and pushed my fingers into her mouth to clean. I could see she fell right into being my submissive slut and did as I wanted. When I was sure my fingers were cleaned I asked the three of them, “Is Bella a good lay?”

Strangely enough, all I heard was Jason say, “Yeah!” and I smiled at her as her face was still only inches from mine. I kissed her on the lips again and added, “You’re lucky, bitch. If this wasn’t worth it, I’d have you between my legs next.”

I couldn’t believe that I had fallen into the dominating bitch I felt like at the moment, but it felt awesome to be in control of everyone in the room. I smiled at both girls and as I stood back and even helped Bella get to her feet, I thanked them for taking good care of my guy. I latched onto Jason’s arm and walked him out of the shed. As soon as the door closed behind us I told Jason, “You owe me big for this one you know.” He almost looked a little afraid of me, so I told him I was glad that he had made a couple of new friends and decided to walk him to the back of the shed.

Jason freaked when he saw Brian on the ground ********** and I told him he was just sleeping off a big mistake, and then showed him the scuffle marks on the ground. “And this is where I finished my guy. Wait till I tell you about it. It’ll blow your frigging mind.”

As we got back to the front of the shed, Stacy and Bella were just leaving. Stacy was still afraid of me and stood away a little, but I noticed Bella had no further fear and walked right next to me back to the house. I made an explicit point of telling Bella that we were leaving and she took it upon herself to walk us through the house to the front door. Jason awkwardly thanked her for the good time they had shared and I bent over to her and gave her another raunchy kiss goodbye, and also thanked her again. When I saw Stacy standing just behind her, I grabbed her arm to pull her closer, and gave her a kiss, too. She felt really out of place and didn’t know what to do. I grinned at her and stated, “I told you he was good at eating pussy.” Stacy’s smile told me that she fully agreed. Then I added as I looked back at Bella, “And what did you think about his screwing?”

All she said was, “Wheew… unbelievable… despite everything else.”

While Jason and I walked home, I first questioned him for all the details of his time alone with the girls, and then I really floored him with my own adventures; including what had happened with Brian. We talked a lot about how he had tried to drug me and I told Jason how there was really only one way to prevent such things like that from happening again; he was going to have to stay close to me in the future. Just as we got to the door of our motel room, Jason finally brought up the really huge part of the day.

He stated, “I never knew you were into girls like that. What brought that on?”

I replied with, “I never knew either. Who knows?”

My Darling Cuckold ch. 07

Things had been going wild and crazy for Jason and I since the pool party almost two weeks earlier. I even came to the conclusion that with the right cute young thing that I could even swing a little towards girls. I saw how that affected Jason every time the subject came up, but it had a bad connotation to it as well. Now that I had tried out my own gender, I didn’t feel nearly as bad for Jason when I coerced him into partaking of his own. I still understood how the male ego was much more easily bruised over the degrading same gender acts I craved to see Jason in the middle of, but I knew he was plenty strong enough mentally to overcome anything I launched his way. And it’s a good thing too, because I was about to walk into a very twisted scene.

I only worked seven blocks down the road, so I walked to work and back home everyday. Usually, on the way home I would go into my dream world and fantasize about my next adventure. Sometimes I would even consider taking on a second full time partner to make things easier to get laid when I felt like it. Mack even played a role many times in those daydreams, but he was never a serious contender as a secondary boyfriend. Yeah, if I thought I could control him he might be the perfect fling, but I was just worried about the guy.

I knew eventually that I would have to approach Jason over my new idea of getting one, or maybe even two part time boyfriends that I could rely on to fill my needs. I would still keep him, or them, at arms length and Jason would always be the one on my arm, but I was getting worried after the attempted drugging of me at the pool party. I figured that if I brought it up in just the right way that Jason would accept the idea himself since he was afraid of me getting hurt as much as I had grown to fret over.

That led me to think about what my perfect alternate might be like and the things I knew for sure was that he would have to have a fairly thick cock, another outlet so that he wouldn’t become fixated on me alone, and had that certain animalistic quality that I had found really alleviated my extreme cravings. That’s when I smiled and thought about how no guy would ever satisfy me totally without Jason finishing me off in the end. It was that specific talent of his along with his overall acts of sincere love for me that would always keep me coming home to him.

I had worked myself up so much that just as I got to the door of our room, I decided that I was going to need some relief from Jason in the worst way. But when I opened the door to see the sight before me, all hell broke loose in my panties. There at the foot of the bed was a strange man with Jason on his knees in front of him. He was lunging into his mouth and banging his head into the dresser behind him. I saw that behind the bed was another man and slightly recognized him, but as I tried to place him the door shut behind me.

“Hello there, Bliss. You really weren’t trying to hide from me were you?”

I spun my head around to see Mack standing by the door with an evil grin on his face. I turned back and looked at what was happening to Jason again, and just as Mack was wrapping his arms around my waist, I knew I had to try to control the extremely intense hormones raging throughout the room. I knew there wouldn’t be much I could do for Jason if I didn’t throw myself into the middle of things; and quick.

My hands went over Mack’s, but instead of pushing them away and yelling for them to free Jason, I rubbed up his arms to indicate to him that I was in need of his attention. I turned and looked up at him and spoke the truth. “You scare me, and this is why. Stop him from doing that… please. And we’ll talk.”

Mack just continued grinning at me and I knew I had to offer him more. I looked back at Jason’s tormented face and saw that the man was fucking away at him way too hard. There were tears streaming from his eyes and I knew it had very little to do with me seeing his manhood being dismantled before my eyes. I shot him a quick apologetic look and turned back to Mack.

I whispered so that Jason wouldn’t hear that I wasn’t sparing him from his ordeal, only trying to take some control over how it happened. “Please, Mack… I’ll do whatever you want, but stop that guy. He’s going to hurt him. Please… you can have your fun, but let’s just slow it down a little and I’ll even help you.”

I guess my pleading worked and Mack told the guy to go easier on Jason; that he didn’t want a mark on him when they left. It wasn’t what I had asked, but at least it was an acceptable compromise.

Mack told me, “Then prove you don’t just want to spare the little fucker. Go over there and help Damon.”

My eyes threw daggers at him, but I knew it was the only way out of this mess; at least until the testosterone level was depleted. I turned and went over to where Damon was assaulting Jason. I knelt down and immediately pushed back on Damon’s abdomen to tell him to go slower. I looked at Jay and began cooing out instructions. “Its okay, Jason, I’ll help you through this. Just do as I tell you and I’ll get you through this in just a couple of minutes.”

I slapped the man’s hands away from the sides of Jason’s head and again told him to go slower and easier. I scolded Damon on how to do what he wanted in a somewhat civilized manner and promised him he would get just as much out of it. I told him, “Go slow… and feel your cock riding through his lips. You don’t have to stab him, just go slow… until you feel he can’t take no more. Give him a chance to breathe and he won’t need to fight you as much.”

You could feel the tension in the room melting away with my soothing tone. I had already calmed down Jason and gotten Damon into a sex mode as opposed to a violent act. I started running my fingers through Jason’s long hair and he closed his eyes trying to make me disappear. I knew that as hard as his immediate future would be for him to endure, it was his knowing that I was there witnessing it happening to him that was by far the most emasculating. Sadly, being so close to his face as another man shoved his cock into it was a sight I wasn’t about to give up.

All the while I was acting as Damon’s coach and stroking Jason’s hair, I felt evenly mixed with ecstatic arousal and shame over what I was doing at the same time. The shame came more from the fact that even if all the coercion suddenly went away, I would still be insisting on Jason performing for me in some similar way.

I looked around at the two other faces watching and recognized how I knew the other man waiting his turn with my boyfriend. He had been one of the original men that had sodomized Jay on our fist night in town. Mack was still slumped against the door and I figured that I should be helping Jay make the time go by a little faster, so I started taking off the blouse I had worn to work. All eyes went directly to me and that got my own crotch working itself into heat. Just as I started taking off my bra, I saw Jason open his eyes to see why I had stopped rubbing his hair. I felt so sluttish baring myself in front of three men that were most likely all going to be fucking me before leaving.

I could see Jason’s eyes going to my tits and when I looked down I saw what he was noticing; that my nipples were extremely hard and swollen. There was no hiding my arousal from him anymore. I unbuttoned my pants while still on my knees, but before getting to my feet I saw Damon was about to get off and decided to watch it happen while still in front of my face. I tried making it easier for Jason with my cooing voice, but as always, my words were more loyal to my own selfish needs.

“Just relax, honey, he’s almost finished. Think about me… and just let it happen. Try not to gag at the end so you don’t breathe his semen into your lungs.” I gave Damon a last warning not to hurt him; that he could get his kicks without needing to choke Jason. I watched him slow his pace even more, but he was definitely testing the limits and depths of Jay’s mouth. Without even thinking about it, my hand made its way into my panties and began rubbing my clit frantically. I saw the man take a very deep plunge into Jason and hold still, so I told Jay, “Here it comes, sweetheart, just relax for it.” I could have coached him into trying not to swallow, but the devil in me came out and I did just the opposite. “Just swallow as much as you can. I know it’s hard… but make me proud. Just accept it for the nice man.” How in the world could I call this dirt bag a “nice man” for torturing the love off my life? And where had my loyalty gone?

I frigged myself hard when I heard Jason’s first gurgling sound and watched as his eyes bugged out. When I saw his throat muscles working to clear his throat, I went nuts. Just the thought of this man dominating my boyfriend and shooting his cum into his throat had my mind reeling. But when I remembered how Bella had become submissive to me a week earlier, I saw Jason was acting in the same submissive way. That pushed me into a full blown orgasm that literally knocked me off balance and I fell into Jason. I was embarrassed over my actions, but instead of telling him how sorry I was, I left it at a kiss to his neck.

Someone was picking me up off my knees and it turned out to be Mack. I swear I could smell the testosterone wafting through the room. It was my turn to get used and there wasn’t anyway I could deny knowing that since I was now topless and my pants were wide open. Mack held up his hand and I saw he was holding the hobbles he had indoctrinated me with in the past. My knees went weak and if anyone could read my mind, they would know I had fingered myself a dozen times thinking about those leather straps. I stared at them for a moment, and then began pushing my pants and underpants to the floor, and slowly began crawling onto the bed. I felt Mack grab my foot to stop me and waited for him to attach both of them to my ankles. When he was done and I made a move for the top of the bed, he stopped me again.

Mack pulled my legs off the bed making me fall face first into the bedding and he spread my right leg way off to the bedpost at the foot of the bed. I felt him lifting that corner of the actual bed and understood he had run the loop of the hobble over the foot of the post. It wasn’t surprising then to feel him stretching my left leg to the other post to do the same. That essentially left me spread wide open, ass in the air, and hugging the bedding as my only control. Understanding that there was very little I could do to stop anything anymore, I looked back to see Jason. I got pissed when the third man had a fistful of his hair and was cuffing his face just to taunt him as his submissive playmate.

I screamed for Mack to control the guy, but instead I got a hard slap across my ass for telling him what to do. That was just the prelude to what was to come. The next thing I knew, all three of the men were teasing and taunting Jason over his inability to please me. I was hoping that Jason wouldn’t blame me for their actions since I had never said anything like that to Mack; that I could remember at least.

A scuffle broke out and I saw the three of them ganging up on Jason to strip his clothes off. It was like I was watching a nature channel as the three of them worked to prove their superior strength when any one of them could have handled Jason alone. The frenzy that ensued while I struggled just to get my body close to them left Jason humiliated as they stripped him bare and proceeded to poke fun at the size of his cock. It didn’t help things that he was as limp as I’d ever seen him. But with what they were putting him through I wouldn’t have expected anything less. I buried my face into the comforter to keep from hearing their taunts.

When they had totally demeaned Jason so that he felt worthless, he was pushed into my rear. I heard them telling him that as “gentlemen”, they were going to let him have first shot at me. I knew he would never be able to perform under such pressures; just as the men did. I begged Mack to come close enough so that I might bargain with him, but he was having too much fun. I finally shouted out that I’d fuck him every day if he would end the verbal assaults on Jason. That did get him to come closer and as Jason was pressed into a half lying position directly on top of me, Mack began letting me know why this was all happening. I sort of knew that from the very first words that had come out of his mouth.

“Just up and disappeared on me, huh?” Mack’s voice alone scared me. “That might have worked if you had of left the state, but just going down the street? And now you admit that you want to fuck me all the time. Well, maybe this is the last time. Maybe I don’t want your ass anymore. We have a perfectly fine mouth over here and if I wear that out, I bet I can find another hole to use in its place.”

I began begging him to understand why we had left the first motel and how he simply scared me. I pointed out how his very actions at the moment were proving my fears true. I saw Mack reach out and tug at Jason’s hair until his head was right against mine. Mack ordered him to begin fucking me so the other men could have their turns, but he lay on top of me motionless.

Mack started in, “If I didn’t just happen to find where this little fella worked, I might never have gotten another piece of your ass, so to thank him for leading me to you, he gets the first fuck.” Mack slapped his head and told him to get working. I began telling him to go ahead and do it. I knew his ego needed to fulfill a manly duty to have any hope of assuaging these men’s efforts to demean him further.

At first Mack agreed with my efforts to get Jason to screw me, and I thought the hardest part was over when I felt him sliding into me. I was ashamed when he did get into me so easily, because it told me just how wet I had become without even knowing it. I kept encouraging him to fuck me and it too worked at first, until Mack decided to have me destroy him. That was probably the plan all along.

Mack began telling me to admit to Jason whose cock was the largest and how his did nothing for me. I kept telling Mack that I wouldn’t do that to Jason, but after several minutes of haranguing and near threats, he must have seen how his words were taking affect. And sure, all the things he wanted me to say were true and Jason knew that as well, but it wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it. I lay there feeling just how true the things Mack was saying to me were the reality. I could barely feel Jason’s cock working into me and I could tell it wasn’t even fully hard over the crap being thrown at him. Finally, I decided to get this event over with and I could worry about soothing Jason’s mental wounds after the men were gone.

I knew Mack wanted me to attack Jason just so that I would have to admit the truth. And once the truth was stated from my mouth, he would always have my words to use to take jabs at Jay. But if this was going to end sooner than later, I had to get it over with fast. I decided to just decimate Jason as quickly as possible so they could get their kicks and leave. My last thoughts were how if I did Mack’s bidding well enough that maybe I could talk him into leaving Jason alone. I deserved everything coming my way, and hell, I’d probably even like it. But Jason was not the one that should be getting humiliated over what I had started weeks ago.

“Get off me,” I tersely spoke to Jay. “Mack’s right! Why do you think I started fucking him in the first place? I can barely feel your tiny dick… is it even in me yet?” I felt the little hardness in me dwindle away in seconds. “Alright, so I need a real man’s cock, but at least you beat every one of these fuckers when it comes to eating pussy. Now get the fuck off me and let Mack do that.”

I felt horrible over speaking words that may have been honest, but never should have ever been spoken aloud. I felt Jason flop out of me and thought about how his limp prick felt like a rag falling from me. When Jason was clear of me, I pleaded with Mack to take his place. Instead, Mack went over to grab the stuffed chair by the door and brought it next to the bottom of the bed. I turned back to see Mack literally pick Jason up off his feet and slam him into the chair.

Mack, spewing his hatred for nothing more than Jason not being able to fight back, demanded of him, “Just sit there and watch, boy, and see how real men fuck a bitch.”

I dropped my head back to the bed when I understood they were going to force Jason to watch his own girlfriend getting gang fucked, and I knew Mack was going to demand more verbal assaults on Jason at my hands. I heard Mack telling me to choose which man I wanted first and I looked around to see they were all getting undressed. I dropped my head yet again and began wondering how I should go about making it easiest for Jason to hear, and then weighed which order I wanted to get taken in for my own reasons. I had to be honest for both reasons and I took another look at the two other men to see nothing but the weapons they wielded. I saw that the man that had been in the wings earlier was the smallest, so I nodded my head towards him. I knew Mack had the largest cock and would most likely bring me the most pleasure in the end, so I had to let him go last. It seemed obvious to take the small guy and work my way up so that I at least got my fill out of all this.

The guy walked right up behind me, but Mack stopped him and suggested that he whet his appetite on the “boy” first. I snapped my head to see that he meant he wanted Jason to fellate him into full hardness and I felt awful seeing the man hold his head back by his hair as he began working his half hard cock into Jay’s mouth. I saw that Jason was getting his hair ripped out, so I spat at the both of them at the same time saying, “Just do it Jay. And let go of his hair. Just suck it hard Jason… that’s all he wants you to do.”

The guy did release his hair and I saw Jason begin bobbing his head. I was strangely proud of my boyfriend for being able to admit defeat. I kept watching to see he did exactly as he was told until the guy pulled away with a magnificent erection. I don’t know what got into me, but I found myself complimenting Jason on his performance. “That’s good, Jay, you did a good job. See, it didn’t take long at all.”

I dropped my head again and awaited the guy to begin fucking me. I became very happy that Jay didn’t have to give the guy a full blowjob when he went at me like a frigging dog. There was no lining up, no first push; his body just began jerking until his cock happened to find my hole and when it did, he kept up his fast jerking motion throughout the entire fuck. I felt like the recipient of a male dog. Oddly enough, even though he had the smallest endowment of the three men, his actions had me bouncing all around trying to accept his jaunts without it hurting. The only thing that ever changed was when he was getting ready to get off, I felt him trying to get into me deeper. That would finally force my own hormones to kick in.

I turned to see Jason was indeed watching the man having his fun with me, and maybe that was why I decided to get him busy doing something else. “Mack, get the next guy ready.”

I didn’t need to tell him anything else. He had Damon warm up on Jason’s mouth for a second time and even though I couldn’t see his cock, I remembered it from earlier when I watched him close up feeding it to Jay. I thought about how it had been fairly thick and when I remembered how Jason’s eyes had bugged out, I told Jason, “Do a good job on him, honey. I don’t want a limp noodle trying to push into me.”

I guess my wanton actions spurred my present lover over the edge and with a new vigor; he slammed into me even faster and harder until my feet were barely able to touch the floor. The guy screeched out sounds I never would have guessed a man would make as he dumped his load into me. My mouth was gaping from his finish, because unlike most guys that stopped humping when they were ejaculating, he just kept going nuts on me. That was when I happened to look at Jason and noticed something quite unusual. His hands were actually holding Damon’s ass as he sucked his cock, and Damon’s hands were on his hips. I wanted to see his face so bad. His actions weren’t matching up with the boyfriend I knew for some reason.

As unceremoniously as he had begun, the guy dropped out of me in a flash. I took several labored breaths as I waited for the men to exchange positions. Jason had the weirdest look on his face and I nearly asked him about it right then and there. I even saw him look quickly at Mack’s cock and began wondering what was going on in his mind.

Damon was surprisingly gentle as he worked his cock into me. The feel of it sliding into me even made me sigh. It felt a lot thicker than I had seen earlier, but it was probably just in relation to the fist man in me. I found myself pushing my ass back into him to get him deeper and he told me how he liked my effort. I turned my face to watch Jason as the man began his exercise and saw he was actively watching me getting fucked, and even when he noticed me looking at him, he went right back to my ass. I realized that this was almost the same thing as viewing porn to him and that made everything easier for me. I didn’t feel like I had to hide anything anymore and I pushed myself up on my arms and began bucking back into my lover’s cock.

I saw Mack’s hand drop away from his own cock and he went to stand in front of Jason. I wanted so badly at that moment to see Jason sucking Mack’s cock again, but I got selfish and begged Mack, “No, don’t do that. Not yet!”

Mack turned, clearly perplexed, and wanted to know what I was talking about.

I gulped hard when I saw Jason wanting an answer to that as well. “I want you… I need that cock of yours. If you start on him now… just don’t get ready yet.”

He smiled when he understood I feared him getting off in Jason’s mouth instead of where I wanted him to cum. When I saw I was getting my way, I went crazy fucking Damon as hard as I could and I couldn’t begin to hide from Jason how good it felt getting ravaged by a larger cock. I even found myself saying so aloud and the men were giddy over my losing control. They began making fun of Jason over my display and words, but I wasn’t capable of looking out for him anymore; this was all about making me feel good now.

When I thought Damon was growing closer to getting off, I told Mack, “Now, do it now. Jay, suck him hard for me… and get him really wet.” Mack wasted no time in blocking my view as he stood in front of Jason and began doing as I had begged. I felt my sick need to torment Jason myself now and began realizing that just thinking about Mack fucking me forced that effect on me.

“Ooohhh… suck that cock for mommy, baby. I want it nice and hard. Make me proud… make Mack moan for me.”

I saw Mack turn back and smile over my participation and he went back to fucking my guy’s mouth. I started feeling Damon’s last growth spurt and slammed back into him as my insides went warm while he filled me up ever so nicely. I told him, “Wait!” to keep him from pulling out of me. I wanted to relish the feel of his cock just resting in me. “You got my man hard, Jay. I want him really fucking hard for me.”

There was a quick flutter out of the corner of my eyes and I saw it was Jason’s hands going to Mack’s ass. Again, he was holding the very man abusing him. I was beginning to wonder if a man could be forced into turning gay.

I pulled away from Damon and even thanked him for a wonderful fuck and quickly begged Mack to take his turn. I watched him pull away from Jason and when I saw how frigging hard he was, I told Jason, “Nice job, honey. Look how big and hard he is; don’t you wish you were that big?”

I only caught a quick take of Jason’s face that left me wondering if I had gone too far, but tough shit. It was my time now and I was after all sparing him from having to give three blowjobs instead of one. When I felt Mack taking his place, I braced for the thickest cock I’ve ever had and sneered at Jason as he watched Mack forcing the head past the entrance to my vaginal muscles. I made no secret of how wonderful it felt getting stretched to the max for the first time in weeks. “Oh, god, oh god!” just kept coming from my mouth.

Mack began setting me up for the future when he asked, “See, see how much you needed a real man in you. Go ahead, tell him what it’s like to feel a real cock ruining your cunt? Tell him how much you missed it and how you’ll never hide from me again.”

Mack had destroyed my will to be even slightly nice to Jason. I knew he would have a good idea why I would say the things I would, but feeling my lips stretched further than he could ever hope to, I went nuts on him. “Oh, god, Jason. This feels so good. He’s right, I need his cock… you just can’t do to me what he does. I was so wrong trying to hide from him. I know you go through hell, but I need this so bad. Please understand!”

When I really looked into Jason’s eyes, I saw two things: he understood why I was saying what I was and probably knew much of it was true. But the best part I saw was that he really didn’t seem pissed at me for saying so in front of all these men. Maybe he had run out of humility, or maybe he was growing use to my treatment of him. Either way, seeing that he wasn’t raging out at my words, I threw more at him just to make Mack’s use of me soar to its zenith. I couldn’t stop anything, so I might as well enjoy the hell out of it.

“Oh, baby, you’d love it if you knew what he’s doing to me. It feels so fucking good. I wish you could do this… I wish you could do all of this, but you just can’t.”

When I saw that Jason still didn’t appear mad at me and was even watching the very cock piercing into me that I was taunting him with, I gave him a place in all this fucked up shit. “But don’t worry, sweetie. Mack’s going to leave something for you; aren’t you Mack?” I turned back to see Mack grinning and saying, “I sure am.”

I had had my fill for the moment over taunting Jason and melted into the bed as Mack fucked my cunt numb and was trying to do his best to ruin me as he had said. I kept my eyes glued to Jason as his eyes went between mine and my union with Mack. It’s amazing how much can be said between two people truly in love without a word being spoken. I knew in my heart that despite the role Jason was playing, he was really happy to see me in such bliss. No pun intended!

Without being able to easily see Mack, all I had to do was relish the volley of small orgasms he was causing me to quake through while waiting for his big finish. I wanted to taunt Jason with so many vile things I didn’t dare say to him. I knew what I was about to do to him when Mack finished and I tried my hardest to spare him in the mean time. But when I sensed that Mack was nearing his finish, I couldn’t stop myself any longer.

“Will one of you fuckers stuff your cock in his mouth? This isn’t any way to train a cuckold. He should be working to please me.” I don’t know where that came from, but when the first guy to fuck me stood in front of Jason to put him to work on his cock, my whole crotch melted into a volcano. I saw the guy having a hard time getting Jason started, so I cried out, “Just blow him, damn it. You know you’re my cock sucker in this situation, so just fucking suck it.”

Mack started lunging into me and I was in absolute heaven; physically because of what he was doing to me, and mentally because of what I was doing to Jason. Just as I had thought earlier, the guy in Jason’s mouth began fucking at him wildly like he was a dog. Mack slapped my ass and told me it was almost meal time and I could feel his cock swelling.

I lifted myself onto my arms for the finish and cried out, “Get ready Jason, here it comes. I hope… oh god… I hope you’re hungry still.”

Mack moaned loudly as he relieved himself like he was at a urinal. Compared to my two previous donors, Mack’s load easily felt warmer and like he had a ton of it. I fell onto my elbows exhausted in a way that Jason couldn’t possibly cause me. Mack pulled out of me with a very audible pop, and strutted like the cock of the walk that he was over to Jason. The other guy had stopped the ravaging of his face and I nodded my head towards Jason even as I went to torture his mind.

“Bring him over here.” Mack wasted no time in lifting Jason to his feet. He started to bring him behind me, but I stopped him and told him I wanted him on his back on the bed. Mack hoisted him into the air and slammed him onto the bed in front of me, but he was lying crossways on the bed. “Turn him around for me.”

I reached out to grab at his shoulders to help guide his head right between my legs while Mack twisted his body to help me. His forehead stopped at my crotch and I motioned for Mack to keep pushing him until his head hung off the end of the bed. I wasted no time in squatting right over his face as if to hold him into place. I began rubbing myself off on him as I demanded what to do with his tongue and lips. I swear that knowing I was feeding him the remnants of three men’s cum was about as close to nursing a baby as a girl can get. It never dawned on me how nasty of a thing I was forcing on him anymore. It really felt like I was nurturing him like a starving baby, and I was taking it very seriously.

Mack began undoing the hobbles on me, but I asked him to wait. The thrill of feeling restrained was adding a lot to my kitty and I didn’t want him to disturb it. The three men settled in to watch Jason doing his thing, and me getting my freak on. They were saying all kinds of belittling things to Jason, but soon they shot many taunts at my own inability to control my own needs. It all backfired on them though; because all it really did was turn me into a raving maniac demanding more from Jason.

I felt my body begin quivering until I began convulsing so hard that my boobs shook like vibrators. My nipples were so hard that I thought they would burst before my orgasm subsided. Just as it was ending, I fell over Jason’s body and grabbed his cock. I presumed the other men didn’t understand what I was seeing, but my lover was rock hard and I knew exactly why now. He had given me the wildest mustache ride any girl could ever imagine getting. And his erection made it impossible for him to deny that despite everything going on around us or even the semen he had languished through, he was near cumming just over what he had accomplished making me do.

An hour later, and after taking a shower together, I told Jason that he was the only man that hadn’t gotten off and I was about to change that for him with the wildest blowjob I could muster. I was still teasing him knowing that since he hadn’t cum yet, that he was most likely still charged up for it. “I have to take good care to make sure my little cocksucker knows how much I love him, and what better way than with his own blowjob.” He was a little put off by my teasing, but I saw his prick begin bobbing and knew I had achieved the desired reaction.

I had just gotten Jason on his back on the bed when there was a knock on the door. Jason froze thinking it was the men coming back, but I knew it was just too soft of a knock to be them. I ran over to look out the peep hole and saw a strangely familiar face, and then turned to squeal to Jason, “It’s Bella!”

We stared at each other for a moment and I could see Jason realizing just who Bella was, and then we asked each other what we should do. Neither of us was dressed and I didn’t want to be rude, but I assumed that Jason had to at least want to know what his extra curricular affair was doing at our door. However, it wasn’t up to Jason; I wanted to see the girl again after thinking briefly about the kisses we had shared.

“Just a minute… I need to put something on,” I called through the door.

As we scurried to get dressed, I realized I had probably just revealed that we were in the middle of having sex. I smiled thinking about what they had just missed and began feeling that twinge between my legs again. When I saw Jason was still looking for his clothes, I hurried along and as I was pulling my top over my head, I opened the door. Jay dove for the bed with nothing but his shirt in his hand.

Bella was wide eyed and all perky, and squeaked out, “Hi… Stacy found out that you lived over here and we thought we’d come over and say hello; so… hello.”

I looked around the door jamb and Stacy was trying to make friends with a squirrel. I waved to her and invited the two of them in. When Bella saw Jason under the covers of the bed she apologized for interrupting us. I told her that we had just been fooling around and told Jason that he ought to get dressed for our company.

I could see that both of the girls chose to dress rather provocatively and could even swear I saw the hint of a tent starting between Jason’s legs. The girls saw I was giving him a hard time and decided to join in as if they were my sisters. Bella teased him, “If you aren’t coming out, we’re coming in.”

Jason began blushing that beautiful shade of red I love to see him wearing. When I saw that Bella had a very playful side to her, I gave her a wink and nodded to the bed. She took my lead and bounced over to the bed and slid under the covers as she had threatened. I guess she felt comfortable with my smiling face and even leaned her head on his shoulder to get him all squeamish. Stacy saw Jason’s shorts under the edge of the bed and helped the poor dear to his dignity by throwing them to him. All-in-all, both the girls felt plenty at ease with us and nice. I had the instant idea to help Jason get back his manhood and decided to get the girls interested in sticking around.

Before Jason and Bella got out of the bed, I told them how they made a cute couple. That really made Bella’s ears pick up and I could tell she was in a very playful mood. Stacy sat at the table and was essentially checking everything out and listening what was going on without caring to participate. Bella was far more outgoing and came right out and asked about our situation. I knew she was referring to what had gone on at the pool party and told her how Jay and I were madly in love, but had an understanding. I even confessed that I had contrived the situation the prior week and what had really gone on was a little game that we liked to play. I made sure that they understood that Jason and I were very much in love and that getting their kitties licked and screwed was not a common thing at all.

Bella corrected me and reminded me that Stacy hadn’t gotten the second part. The two of us teased her loss a little until I saw she blushed just like Jason. That was when I got an evil idea, figured I could make up to Jason for a little bit of the pain I had caused him, and proclaimed, “That’s not very fair, Jason. When you bed two girls, you always have to play fair. I guess that’s why they came by.”

I went over to Jay and slapped him on the knee and added, “Buck up and pay up, buddy boy. We’re not going to start out a new friendship by playing favorites.”

I went over to Stacy and asked her to go to the bathroom with me. It was just to get her alone for the explicit purpose of making Jason whole again with a quick offer. I didn’t make her aware of anything that had just gone on before their arrival, but I did tell her that there were a lot of reasons I needed Jason to feel extra special. There upon, I all but asked her to go to bed with Jason under the guise that he owed her something. She freaked out a little and wanted to know what kind of lifestyle we were involved in that would have me asking such things. I started to tell her, but when I saw how long of a story it was going to be, I decided on killing two birds with one stone.

“Why don’t I do this? I’ll take Bella out for a walk and tell her all about our lifestyle, and you can do your thing. You might have to take the lead with Jay because he’s still a little weird about this, but, as you’ve seen, he really does a good job of things. Bella can tell you all about our talk when you leave.”

I could see that even though they might not have come here as a team to actual make things even, Stacy’s eyes were saying that was what she may have very well been thinking. I gave her a little pep talk as if she was really doing me a favor and just to get her in the mood, I did something a little crazy myself. Just before leaving the bathroom, I ran my hand around the nape of her neck, snuggled my fingers into her hair, and pulled her to me for a deep, penetrating kiss.

Stacy asked almost jealously, “And where will you and Bella go?”

When I denoted her hint of pangs, I smiled and answered, “We’re at a motel, for Pete’s sake. I laughed and she knew I was joking, but I could see that they were as tight of friends as Abby and I were, and I would have to keep that in mind.

We exited the bathroom and I headed for Bella to hook my arm into hers, and pronounced, “We’re going for a little walk.” I looked at Jason and made a point out of telling him that we would stay gone for a least a half hour. And then to add a little humor to things, “That’s thirty minutes, Jason, not three minutes. I want to see some curled toes when I get back.”

Bella wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but I could feel the excited energy radiating from her over my holding her arm in a slightly dominating manner. The two of us stopped at Jason standing by the door on the way out and I gave him a kiss on the lips, and a quick love bite to the neck to mark my man. When I pulled away, I saw the fascination in Bella’s eyes and asked, “Care for a nibble?”

The girl got all giddy over the thought of being so surreptitiously promiscuous, and went for it. First she grabbed Jason’s neck to prevent him from pulling away, kissed him passionately for a few seconds, and then left her own quick mark on his neck. Jason’s face was so precious over the attention being paid him, but a quick grab of his crotch told me he was quickly forgetting being on his knees servicing men an hour earlier. I reminded Stacy and Jason to have a good time and headed out the door with my new girlfriend. And the thought of that really got my gears spinning.

So,” I asked, “think they’ll do it. Think either of them will overcome there loyalties to bang the bumpers?”

Bella laughed rather nervously, and answered meekly, “You should know… deep down Stacy is just a closeted whore. You gave her your guy and she’ll have him bagged in ten minutes.” She looked away trying to get up her courage and asked, “So, what’s up with that anyway? He’s your boyfriend, you’re still living together, yet you let him have at other girls?”

I first let her know that she and her friend were the first two girls I let him get intimate with, and then I told her about what I was getting from Jason that far outweighed anything he got. I wasn’t about to tell her about Mack or the cream pie things; I didn’t want to emasculate Jay to his only “virgin” friends that still saw him as all man. Bella wanted to know the reason I would even want to seek out other men and my first response was the obvious, “What girl wouldn’t like having two guys to fawn over her sexual desires as opposed to just one?” But then I got to the crux of what had started everything, and then how Jason’s physical attributes kept me going down that path. I was really happy for Jason because Bella considered Jason’s cock slightly larger than the youthful males she had been with and thus quite adequate as far as she was concerned. When I described Mack’s cock her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

We walked aimless talking about things we had both done in our pasts and how I had enjoyed Mack in different ways. When I told her about the hobbles he had introduced me to, I could see by her reactions that they interested her just as much. But things got a little weird when I brought up how I had been learning to dominate Jason. However, that did explain to her why I had just orchestrated Stacy’s plowing, as well as what had gone on at the pool party. And that party was Bella’s opening to ask the question that she eventually confessed to me had brought her to my door in the first place.

“Are you gay,” she asked?

“I wasn’t,” trying to be truthful with her. “But when I saw how beautiful you looked with Jason, I guess… I just had to find out what had him so excited. Bet I really freaked you out, huh?”

“I guess! I think it was really weird because Stacy was right there watching you do that, but… I really didn’t feel like I could say no or stop it. It really freaked me out because that was the first time a girl ever… did that to me. You really came off as a dominatrix.”

I asked her, “Did that really bother you? I guess it didn’t that much; after all, you came looking for me, didn’t you? And just how did you find us?”

“One of the girls at the party told me that she had seen you walking to the hotel a couple of times. All I had to do was describe the hot girl to the guy at the front desk and he knew exactly what room you were in.”

“Hot girl, huh? Is that what you think of me?”

Bella turned away again as she replied, “Well, look at you! And damn, girl, you know how many guys that are going blind from jerking themselves off thinking about you in that micro bikini?”

I laughed at the thought of that and then devilishly asked her, “And how about you? I bet you had a nasty thought or two about me putting my fingers in your mouth like that, didn’t you?”

She turned beat red, but nodded with quick, little strokes of her head. That caused me to look around like a guy would for a place I could answer that response most effectively. I saw an easy way to get behind the convenience store next to us and grabbed her hand to pull her along after me. It was awesome when I didn’t get the slightest act of defiance as I took her in tow. She knew exactly what I was doing.

We found a nicely sheltered area behind a crook in the building and I immediately pulled her into me for a total tongue-to-tongue lashing. I didn’t even get any resistance when I ran my hand up under her top to feel the soft, tender skin of her boobs. She seemed to melt into my grasp and moaned over the feel of my molesting action.

Bella pulled away and asked, “You kiss many girls? I mean, it’s just that you’re so good at it, that I was just wondering…”

I told her that I hadn’t since my couple of times growing up at sleep-overs just to learn, but then I remembered the girl right before her. When I told her about the other girl, she told me that she already knew because it was that girl that had told her where to find us. She didn’t seem to know exactly why we had kissed, and that was fine with me.

We spent the next several minutes essentially making out like two loved starved kids. She tasted as sweet as wine and had a nice little naughty act that was heavily veiled with a touch of naivety. When she suggested that she didn’t seem to be my hunky type of guy with a big dick, I told her it was nice to explore a softer side of life now and then.

After noticing that we had been gone for forty-five minutes already, we began heading back to the motel. On the way, I divulged how I had been thinking about getting a semi-permanent boyfriend on the side so I wouldn’t have to keep looking for a plaything when the urge struck. I was totally shocked when she instantly began plotting with me over how she might be able to find me someone to fit the bill. I felt awful and delighted at the same time over planning something like this that I hadn’t talked over with Jason yet. But anything that kept me close to this sweet vixen was entertaining enough to continue musing over the possibilities.

Just before we got back, I asked Bella if she wanted to get together alone sometime, and her bashful kicking at the dirt answered for her. After that quick answer, I even asked if she would like to help me keep Jason happy. I told her about some of the things he had said about her after eating her pussy and even fucking her, and she acted like a silly school girl as she jumped at the chance. At first she was to shy to admit that she had had a great deal of fun with my boyfriend, but a couple of properly placed touches allowed her to come truthful with me. She swooned when she told me how much she had loved what he had done to her and jumped at the chance to get seconds. I smiled to myself when I thought of the possibilities that the two of us double teaming Jason could bring.

When we walked through the door, Stacy was sitting at the table and Jason was sitting up on the bed. If not for the scent of very recent sex in the air (which I had hoped wasn’t leftover from two hours earlier), one never would have believed that Jason had gotten his hands on the girl. I was very surprised when Bella came right out and asked, “You guys hook up, or what?” Neither of them wanted to admit straight out that they had done the deed, so Bella and I backed off from their shyness.

I think when I went over and wrapped my arm around Bella’s waist and pulled her into my side that Stacy eyes would pop. I wanted to ease the tension in the room by displaying my own affection, but the way Bella let me handle her so easily told me a great deal more about her. She was the kind of girl that craved being captivated by a lover, and that was an element that I immediately knew I had to pursue. My first act of dominance over her was to announce to our onlookers that she had really soft boobs and smelled great, and then asked Jason if he would agree. His stuttering for an answer reminded me that he was in a room of three girls; all of whom had been his lovers recently. For a guy, that usually means a no win situation, but when he did agree the tension among us fell away.

Bella announced that they had to leave and Stacy stood up so quickly that I started wondering about dominance between dogs. I saw a natural submission from Bella to myself, and now Stacy acted the same way towards Bella. I knew I would have to give that a lot of thought later on. When I looked at Jason staying quiet off to one side, I also wondered where his place was in that issue. I gave Bella a quick kiss that I knew made her feel awkward in front of Stacy, so I evened the field by laying one on her, as well.

The minute the door shut I went over to grab Jason by his balls and asked, “So… how was she? As good as you’ve been dreaming about?”

The poor boy felt so guilty about screwing another girl even though I had all but forced him to, that he could hardly speak. I had already decided to quiz him on the issue later on, but after he had a chance to rest up from his back-to-back ordeals. I left it at, “I bet she was a lot better than Mack and his friends.”

We puttered around for a while before he finally asked me, “Why you so quiet?”

I knew I had to get it out because between the walk home and talking to Bella about it, I had to give Jason at least a head’s up over it. I opened us both up a beer and sat him down beside me on the bed. I thought about how best to put it to him and it was a toss up between asking him what he thought about my idea, and telling him how it was going to be. Since he had been dealing so well with all my other demands of him, I went with the latter.

“There’s only one way to say this dearie, and … I’ve decided to take on another boyfriend.” As I thought, his head snapped my way in an instant. “I could never replace you, and hope you never leave me so I need to, but after all that’s happened lately I need to really think about this safety thing. I know you have to be afraid of me falling in love with another guy if I get to know him too well, but I swear that will never happen. I would never let it happen. But after Mack and his friends, that Brian guy trying to drug me, and even feeling the need to get a license from a guy to feel safe… I just have to do this. You told me that the one thing you had to insist on was that I stay safe, and now I see why that was so important to you. And I’ve already decided on something else. Since you know you’re going to be… shall we say involved… with whatever guy I decide to hook up with, you’re going to have to approve of him before I even tell him.”

I gave Jason a moment to absorb everything I had just said and then went on. “I know this is all so hard for you to deal with, and you’ve handled it a million times better than I expected, but I really think this is the natural next step. After I saw you earlier watching those guys fucking me, I know you’re getting use to seeing it happen to me. I mean, every time you looked at something hot, you got a boner. It just seems to make sense to do it this way. Do you still love me?”

It took him a minute, but he finally said he did. I could see that he had a hundred things worrying him, and it was nearly impossible to drag even a few of them out of him. His greatest worries were three things; worrying about me eventually moving on without him, my coming back to him and making sure my other guy knew he was always number one to me, and me being truthful with him all along the way. I did my best to assure him that all his worries were just that and that I would always remain most loyal to him. I pointed out to him that even though I did use him for a lot of my own fun and whims, I never did more than I thought he could handle. I even got him to admit that what had happened earlier hadn’t scarred him since everything had come in slow steps right up till today. He confessed to me that having me seeing him sucking another man’s cock was still the truly hardest thing for him to handle, but I saw it get better right before my eyes when I told him that that had been my favorite part. I would feel far more sorry for him getting put through that if I hadn’t done the same thing to men many times myself.

We spent a while talking about that last issue and I found out that as a kid, some older boys had made him do that for them a few times, so bringing it into the present hadn’t been quite as hard for him to accept as I had thought. That was why getting orally raped that first night in town hadn’t been the main focus then; it was seeing me fucking Mack that first time. Now the real damage he felt was what I was seeing him being put through; sadly, mostly at my hands for my own sexual kicks.

I was getting all horny just talking about him giving blowjobs, so we left things at how we would both think about my new ambition for a couple of days and talk about it again. I started getting him undressed again, sucked on him a little, and then did a strip tease for him. I needed a good licking and finally got him between my legs and performing his trophy sex act on me. After a few minutes of his gentle build up, my phone rang. I wouldn’t normally have answered it, other than to see who it was, but when it was Abby I decided to have some fun.

She asked me if I had time to gab and I told her I had a few minutes, but not to mind the unintentional screaming. Jason was annoyed, but with one of my hands on his head to keep him focused, he went back to his fantastic priming. Abby wanted to know what was going on and I came right out and told her that I was Jason’s victim at the moment. When I started going into great detail, I had to pull on Jason’s head harder to keep him in position. That’s when I started bragging on his talents so greatly that he grew even more enthused in his efforts and less bashful over my talking about it.

I saw that as long as I kept bragging on him that he didn’t seem to mind what I told her; even the minute by minute details. I could feel that just by telling her what was going on that she had a couple of fingers in her own crotch as she listened. I made a point out of telling her that this was the number one thing that Jason had going for him in the bed area and she asked me how his “tiny” problem was going. I told her quite boldly that I was still getting my screwing from my extra curricular activities, but that Jason hadn’t a thing to worry about when it came time to making real love. Jason raised his eyebrows over me saying that in front of him, but I didn’t get a hint of ire out of him.

I decided to come clean to Abby since she was my best friend about my recent endeavors with girls. Instead of going crazy on me, she told me that she had always suspected that I was bi, by the way I had looked at her in the past. After telling her about Bella and Stacy, and even how I had blown the two boys behind the shed and swapped cum with that third girl, she grew all quiet. I thought I was weirding her out, but then she asked in almost a whisper, “Did you ever look at me that way?”

“Yeah, sometimes,” I told her. “But you were too close and I was afraid of losing you as my BFF. Why? Did you want me to make a move on you?”

I was shocked to hear her say that she had on a few occasions, so I pushed on Jason’s head to get him to pause. “Can you picture Abby and me making out?” He grinned madly and answered me, “I thought you already had.”

I slapped his forehead playfully and ordered him back to work. Then I blew everyone’s mind when I said, “Well, I guess you’re just going to have to come out and visit me sometime and we’ll give it a go.” It seemed to be a real possibility of coming about, and then I lost it for a moment as Jason caused me a small orgasm. When I told Abby about it, she wanted to know if she could take a turn riding Jason’s face to “sweeten” the pot. I asked Jason if he would mind giving my best friend some of his special attention and he shook his head. I told her that he would love to and grabbed his head hard into me to keep him from saying anything to the contrary. I knew he still had no desire to face Abby, but where I was picturing his face being, he wouldn’t have to see much else of her anyway.

I had to end the conversation shortly thereafter because Jason was winding up his expert pleasuring of me. The second the phone was out of my hand, I gripped my lover’s head between my thighs and flipped us both over so that I was sitting on his face. It only took another moment of his expertise to force me into a mind riveting orgasm that had me nearly screaming. A motel room is not the ideal place for that much noise.

As I sat there looking down at his sweet face, I knew I couldn’t leave things where they were at, and fell off him. I walked, rather bow-legged, to the end of the bed and bent over it to resemble the way I had been earlier. I told Jason that he wasn’t finished yet and called him down to “mount” me like a dog. I saw his apprehension since he hadn’t been able to get it up before, but now there was no one haranguing him. I did just the opposite and eventually got him behind me, and to get him really into feeling all macho again, I asked him to tell me all about fucking Stacy as he did it to me. In a heartbeat, I felt him sliding into me and I fell into a strange lull while coaxing him to tell me all the raw details. It started out as me simply waiting for him to be finished building his ego back up, but the more I got him to talk about what he and Stacy had done while I was gone with Bella, the more I got into it. It was a rare occasion that Jason could get me excited using his cock, so I guess Stacy had really gotten him hot under the collar.

Good girl, Stacy!

My Darling Cuckold ch. 08

I woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning and had such a craving for Mack to ravage me as only Mack knew how to do. Jason was still sound asleep and I knew he’d hate me if he knew what I was thinking after what happened to him last week. I needed to get off so badly after thinking about that, that I began fingering myself over the images still running through my head.

While I worked myself off, I ran through all the gritty details of that day and when I remembered inviting Abby into town, my fingers took on a mission of their own. I had often masturbated while thinking about Abby, but now that she had told me that hooking up with her was a real possibility, I had all kinds of perverse thoughts about her. Unfortunately for Jason, he was a part of those thoughts as well. I dreamed of telling Abby all about how my training him as my cuckold was moving along, and even some of the details I had still been too ashamed for Jason’s sake to admit to her.

Though I had briefly mentioned to Jason on a couple of occasions that he was my cuckold now, I purposely kept from telling him just how much I was working overtly and subconsciously to reach that end. I knew that when I was able to openly talk about his new role in front of any of our affairs that he would be properly trained. I cursed Mack every time I would think of that word “training”, because he had been the one to implant it into my head in the first place. As much as I hated to admit it to myself, I had accepted very quickly the desire to train, not only another human being for my pleasure, but to do it to the one I loved most. There was something highly erotic about knowing what I was doing to him, and as long as I thought he could accept what I was demanding of him without any real permanent mental scars, I was going to press forward until I had molded him into the perfect sex toy for me to enjoy.

I thought for sure that my climax was going to wake Jay, but he didn’t seem to notice a thing as my images melted away into a river of stored memory once more. However, this time Mack didn’t leave. I knew why and I had to finally meet that problem head on when it suddenly came to me how to do it. He had been the one to start me down this road of depravity, and as I hatched my scheme, all the tiny details fell into place. I grinned brighter than the sun when I went over the details in my mind, and even though Jason might not like the role he would play in my plan, he would love the results. I got up and went for a walk to mull over all the risks and benefits, but I knew that if I pulled everything off just right that I would soon be the keeper of two cuckolds, and in the end I would still get the pleasure of fucking the crap out of Mack on my terms.

As if on cue, Abby called and wanted to get caught up on the past week of what I had been doing to Jason. As my confidant, she was the only person in the world to really know about my somewhat hidden efforts to train Jason; even what the eventual outcome was to be. She also had been made privy to Mack’s last assault on us and that meant that I was about to tell her what I had just come up with as my sounding board. Just as I had thought, she loved my idea, too. The risks of something going wrong were just as bothersome to her, but we plotted how to take precautions to protect the entirety of the plan. I ended our conversation just as I got back to the motel with a very tantalizing idea for her; getting fucked by Mack to see just what I had been bragging about. At first she reminded me that Kenny was still her boyfriend, but all I had to do was remind her of the new life I had been enjoying to get her onboard with a quick affair.

I jumped on the bed when I saw Jason stirring and woke him up with my news. To get the greatest results, not to mention my own greatest sexual benefits, I couldn’t tell him everything or even what the expected outcome was to be; but he would endure when it happened just as he had been all along. Jason wanted to know how I would get to see Mack again since he hadn’t been by to lay claim to us in over a week; a fact which had bothered us every day. I sort of figured that he was either locked up in some jail, or just trying to drive us crazy. Jason suggested that I might find him at the bar, but I didn’t want any witnesses to be able to say I had invited Mack back to my arms.

After getting dressed, we went next door for some breakfast and continued talking over the plans, but there was one little thing I needed to complete my scheme and I didn’t have a clue where to get it from; until I thought about Abby again. I made a quick call to her and though she didn’t have what I needed, she knew someone that did. I could tell that she saw it as the perfect reason for coming out to see me, but the bitch made me all but promise to get her into bed to talk her into doing it for me. She tried to hide her desire for some lesbian action, but it squeeked through. Poor Jason was whispering that he wasn’t going to see her if she did come out and I shushed him repeatedly over his protests. I had already made up my mind over what he was going to put up with, so he wasn’t going to change my mind with a little whining.

Abby told me that she could make it out to us by four in afternoon and that meant that the only real problem was getting a hold of Mack. Then I saw a horrible side of Abby that I never knew was in her; she suggested that I use Jason as chum; and she was right. Since I knew Mack went to the bar across from our old motel nearly every night, he would most certainly be there on Saturday. I would have to send Jason out there to walk the street as some kind of a ******. I knew Mack loved torturing Jason so much that he would pick right up on any chance to humiliate him whenever the situation presented itself. I would have to use all my best efforts to persuade Jason to take the risk of getting face fucked again, but I knew I could do it. Once again however, Jason was going to meet his fears head on once more, and with far more than just Mack.

My last serious concern was what if Mack wasn’t alone? Mack was dangerous enough on his own and I knew the risks would go exponential with every friend he might allow to tag along. I decided to leave that up to Jason to handle as his second little task and he would have to be just as clandestine with that as everything else would be tonight. I spent the rest of the day waiting for Abby to arrive and working out my script to include dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”.

The closer it came time for Abby to arrive, the more Jason wanted to take a long walk until she left. I decided that I would spare his feelings for the moment, but after the plan started, he would be my bitch for the rest of the night. I knew if I pulled off correcting Mack’s behavior that I was going to be in such a powerful bitch mode that I would need my cuckold more than ever to help me celebrate.

I had just told Jason that I would let him out of having to see Abby, but begged him to let me watch him between her legs just once. He didn’t agree to it, but I finally got him to agree that I might get him to do it some time down the road. I kissed him at the door as he was going out for a couple of hours, opened the door for him, and heard, “What service… do I get carried in as well?”

Jason had just missed avoiding running into Abby. She gave me the typical kiss on my cheek greeting and then gave a hairy eyeball of knowledge Jason’s way. He wanted to slink away until Abby talked him into staying for a few minutes while she showed us what she had brought to help us out. From her bag she pulled a bunch of small plastic pods and a small electronic box along with an assortment of wires and batteries. She started to tell us what everything was and that the only items needed were a VRC and TV. Those we had!

I began showing what we had to work with and then I decided to get rid of Jason so that we girls could plan his demise, along with Mack’s. I asked him to leave everything up to us and told him to enjoy some alone time. But I made it clear that it was his duty to be in front of the bar trying to find Mack for me just before nine o’clock. That seemed to be the time Mack liked to come out to play. I asked Abby to give Jason a goodbye kiss since she wouldn’t be there when he got back; which she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. When he was at the door, I called to him as I went around Abby and ran my hands back to her front to cup her crotch. “You want a quick bite to eat before you leave?”

Jason was not pleased with my open display in front of the very girl that had started all this. He still despised Abby for that; but I loved her for the same reason. When the door closed, she turned to see me as my hands went from her crotch to her ass. “You’re not going to let me stay and see the fireworks? What a bitch!”

I giggled my newly acquired devilish chuckle and replied, “Well, you won’t be here when he gets back, but you won’t be far away either. I don’t want you around Mack until I have him under control.”

“Will I at least get to see the pictures, though?”

“Girl, you can have a copy as long as you swear on your girls that you’ll never let anyone ever see them. But if you think you’re going to leave town before Jason shows your pussy a good time, you’re frigging nuts.”

Abby asked incredulously, “You’re really going to make him do that to me? I thought you were just screwing with his head.”

I smiled at her sweetly and decided it was time to tell her all the dirty little secrets I had been holding back; including exactly what I had decided to train Jason to do as my cuckold. I told her all about Mack and even what had happened to Jason that first night in town and every other time when Mack was around. After seeing my conflicted loyalties between Jason and me, she began to understand why neutralizing Mack was so important to me. It was one thing for me to do sick things to the love of my life, but another whole story for Mack to do it as an outsider. Abby asked how she got into the inside of things and I told her, “You have to sleep with the most dominant one, and that’s me.”

Abby’s response of raising her eyebrows was both energizing to me and told me what I could expect by the end of the night. As we worked to get our end of things ready for the big show, Abby and I talked about everything under the sun that had been happening with me since moving to the big city. She became envious over what I was building my life into, at least the sexual portion of it, and wished aloud that she could mimic me. I suggested that she turn Kenny into her cuckold, but we both thought that he just didn’t have what it took to really submit to a female; let alone other men or the humiliating things I was training Jason to do.

Abby asked me what I thought the chances of Jason finding and bringing Mack back would be and I told her very good. Mack was a creature of habit that I seemed to be able to rely on. Then she grabbed me by my shoulders, sat me on the bed and said, “I’m worried about you. If this guy is as crazy and huge as you say he is, what if he doesn’t like getting blackmailed. And just how are you going to make it look the way you want it to?”

“First, I’m going to give Mack the same carrot on a stick that I’ve been leading Jason with as a reward, and secondly, I know how to get what I want.” I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. It was the first time I ever kissed her lips to lips, and it was exquisite. “See… I got you here in my bed, didn’t I?”

Instantly, Abby began blushing and I began lifting her top up her chest. She reached her arms up to help me and then I reached around her back to unhook her bra and took it off her. I’d seen her boobs many times, but never so close to me. I leaned down and suckled her left nipple before biting at it playfully until it was a hard little marble. I leaned back and took off my own shirt and slapped her leg. “Let’s test this shit out and make sure we’re ready.”

“Like this,” she asked?

I stared at her lovely form and responded, “Can you think of a better way?”

I knew being topless in front of me was driving her wild, but all I wanted to do was get her as charged up as I was right now. We worked diligently until eight-fifteen when I told her she had best leave. She was going to go next door and watch from the fast food joint until either I came for her, or until she saw Mack leave. In the meantime, she could get some supper. When she asked about Jason and I about what we were going to eat, I told her how I didn’t like eating right before a romp with Mack. As far as Jason went, I giggled when I told her that I would fix him something when Mack was there.

“You’re getting to be a real little bitch, aren’t you?” Abby smiled and added, “And let’s not forget the pussy pie I get to feed him. You aren’t going to leave me high and dry are you?”

“No way, girl! You’re finally going to get to see Jason’s greatest attribute when it comes to sex. And believe me, if you hold his head right where you want it to be, he’ll make you scream like a banshee. Now, they could be coming any minute… so go.”

I took a last look around and made my final plans in my mind. I spent the rest of the time trying to keep my hands away from my own pussy while waiting for Jason to return with my next plaything. I stood in the window dreaming about how Mack’s cock felt in me and could feel myself getting wet just dreaming about the man. Tonight would be the last night Mack got his way with me on his terms; tomorrow it would be on my terms.

I saw the lights of Mack’s car pull into the drive of the motel, and closed the curtain just enough to allow me to see just how many people were in the car. My love had done a superb job; they were alone. I felt sorry for Jason when Mack put his arm around him as they began walking across the parking lot. He did it to purposely belittle Jason and once again I hated what was happening to his manhood at the hands of another man. I guess what I really hated was that the other man was doing it to Jason instead of me. I pulled the curtain tight and tore off my top. I knew being seen in just my bra would set Mack right into motion. I ran to the switch box and turned it on, looked around the room, and smiled.

I heard Jason’s key in the door and when it opened, I swear I felt a little ejaculation coming from my crotch as I saw the man I was about to have a torrid sex match with walk in behind him. I set the game in motion with, “What’s going on? Why are you two together?”

Mack was so proud of himself as he described finding Jason along the sidewalk. He wrapped his arm around him again and pulled Jason tight to his body with one arm while his other hand starting groping at his crotch. Jay was trying to push his hand away, but Mack was just too strong for him.

“Leave him alone.” I must have looked plenty pissed when I added, “I’m tired of you doing this to us every few days. Just leave us alone.”

Mack couldn’t understand my change of mind, released Jason, and came towards me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back into a very uncomfortable tilt. I cried out and begged him not to **** me again. Mack wasn’t a very intelligent guy, but he knew a hint when he heard one. His hand pushed its way over my belly and knocked my bra over my tits. He grabbed at my boobs in a rough molesting way and I slapped at his hands. That led to him bending over to bite at my nipples way too hard. I screamed out in pain and he brought his head to my neck to bite me there. I felt his hand on my skirt, and with one strong tug, he ripped it off my body. I began crying softly for him to leave me alone, but with his ear right next to my lips, I whispered, “Damn, this feels so good. Hit me… hit me for Jason to see.”

Mack began ripping my bra up over my head and when I struggled too hard, he backhanded me right across my face. I fell over face first into the bed crying. Jason couldn’t take me being abused and jumped on Mack’s back. My brave knight in shiny armor didn’t stand a chance against Mack, but his attempt did prove to me that his manhood hadn’t been entirely stolen away. All Mack had to do was shake him off, and then for his insolence, Mack grabbed his hair roughly and forced him to his knees. Holding him in one hand, he worked his pants and underwear down until his cock sprang out. I peeked at what was going on under my arm.

Jason took my lead, but not to such an extent that Mack would start beating on him. He knew Mack wouldn’t just slap him around as he had me; he would get a full beating and not like the easy one Kenny had given him. I watched as Mack began forcing that massive cock of his into Jay’s mouth and the sight of it took away the throbbing in my cheek. As fun as it was to watch Jason getting gagged, the sight of that thick piece of meat reminded me that it was mine and because I would get to see it ****** my ass over and over, I took it away from Jason.

“Leave him alone, dammit. You know he can’t fight back against you. Just **** me you bastard and leave already.”

Mack looked back at me and decided I was inviting him for the roughest sex yet, so he wasn’t going to pass up my offer. He grabbed my legs to pull me to the bottom of the bed, ripped my panties off to leave them in tatters with my ass in the air and my face still in the bedding. I buried my head to hide my face as his girth tore into me one more time, but more brutally than ever before. My screams were muffled by the comforter while Mack made himself at home in my upturned ass as he stood at the bottom of the bed. And then, unbeknownst to him, Mack helped me more than ever. While trying to slam his cock into me as hard as he could, it fell out of me. But instead of simply slipping it back into me, he began trying to **** my butt hole. I didn’t like anal sex that much, and I certainly knew I didn’t want a prick as thick as Mack’s trying to get in there, so I fought wildly trying to escape his grip.

“Please,” I cried, “not there. Go ahead and **** me, but please… not there.”

I struggled as hard as I could to keep making him miss his mark until he gave up and went for my cunt again. I kept crying and cursing him out for how hard he was driving himself into me. But, even through my tears, I knew I would enjoy the feeling of his fantastically rough treatment of me for months to come. I had many fantasies ever since I had first fucked Mack about what getting raped would feel like, and as hard as it was to endure taking it from suck a massive cock, I just kept thinking about the upper hand it would give me later on.

Mack ran his hands under my belly and up until he had both of my boobs strangled in his fists, and then hoisted me back to his chest. He began biting at my neck again and I whispered, “Hit me again. Make this rough, big guy.”

Mack released my right boob and started swatting at my face. Then he slapped at my tit over and over until I screamed out for him to stop. All the time he was hitting me, he never stopped fucking me in my now kneeling position at the end of the bed. I finally had time to see that Jason had his fists doubled up and ready to attack Mack again. Mack saw me looking at him and saw the same thing and warned him to stay put until he was done with me or get his ass kicked. I told him the same thing and added that I could take it.

I suddenly had my torso pushed back to the bed when Mack was getting ready to cum. My hands were spread wide out trying to endure the slamming into me that Mack was enjoying the hell out of, and then I felt his last, deep push. I never felt a guy cumming in me so hard; I could feel every distinct pump of sperm his cock fired into me. I knew when he was finished with me when his hands pushed forward on the cheeks of my ass to get me away from him. I curled into a ball and wept into my hands.

When I heard Jason cry out in pain, I turned to see Mack dragging him to the bottom of the bed and forcing him to stay on his knees there. He then grabbed my knees to flip me over onto my back, and yanked me into the obvious position in front of Jason. I began begging him not to make Jason do this again, but he kept tugging me into position with my legs forced wide open. When he got my feet to the edge of the bed with a knee on either side of Jay’s head, Mack grabbed him by the back of his head and forced his face into the mess flowing freely out of me. He grabbed my hands and forced them onto Jason’s head, and threatened me to keep pulling on him until he had cleaned me up.

I turned my head away from Mack and feigned how disconcerting it was to be forcing my boyfriend to do this to me. And when Mack was dressed again he came over to kiss me and I was glad that he did that for a change. It’s not because he’s a good kisser, he’s not, but it gave me a chance to whisper one last command of him. I asked, “I need you to come back tomorrow… around noon.”

Mack sucked on my neck for a moment, and left. As soon as the door shut, I pushed Jason away from my crotch and apologized for having to do that to him. I swung my leg over his head and ran to the window to make sure Mack was gone, and as I turned around, I yelled, “Cut!”

Jason started getting to his feet, but I stopped him with, “Not yet, buddy boy! You didn’t begin to get me clean.”

I worked my crotch back to his face and pulled on the back of his head. I guess he was getting use to this particular treatment because he offered me little resistance. If he knew what was coming, he would have fought me tooth and nail. I kept my hands intertwined in the hair on the sides of his head, but relaxed. However, a few minutes later I scrunched my fingers together to hold him securely to me when I heard Abby letting herself into our room using my key.

Jason tried frantically to pull away as he heard Abby announcing herself. As soon as she saw where and what Jason was doing, she ran to the bed to watch. Jason began pleading around my lips to be released, but I told him that she already had caught him cleaning me up, so he was going to continue so she could see how well he could give a girl head. Abby wanted to know if Mack had dumped his load in me and when I said that he had, she went, “Eeewwe… how gross, Jason. You are a nasty little fucker. See… you could have had Kenny’s dick… I know his stuff tastes good.”

The bitch was really zinging it to his ego and I grinned over her help in cuckolding my man. Abby made herself at home while I insisted Jason provide her a good show. She mentioned the fact that I had to have been wearing my micro since I was still nearly bald, and while he was busy cleaning me up I had Abby begin stripping off her clothes as I asked her how my face looked. She noticed a bite mark on my neck first, but when she looked closer she could see the hand print on my face from Mack’s first slap. She got all bitchy over how I could let the fucker do that to me, but then added how she had seen the hunk leaving our room and figured I had gone onto cave woman mode. And then she took another shot at Jay by telling him that he had looked so cute under Mack’s arm as he had been walked along to the door.

I told Jason that he had done a very nice job of cleaning me up, but I wanted him to stay put. As I moved away from his mouth, I encouraged Abby to take my place. I got bitchy when I had to demand Jason to stay where he was when he saw what was coming for him. He tried to remind me that I had said he wouldn’t have to see Abby at all, so I sarcastically told him to close his eyes. It was so hot watching Abby sliding into position right up to Jason’s lips, and then without hesitation, pulled his head forward.

I saw that he wasn’t doing much to impress her and began sweet talking him, along with help from Abby. Eventually, we built up his ego enough so that he really applied a great deal of effort into making her smile. After I was sure he was going to do his best work, I went to get the tape that we had made. I rewound it and watched as the image of Mack came up as he came through the door. There were four separate views of him on the TV from the four lipstick cameras we had planted around the room. I picked the best angle on the switch box and suddenly, big as life, there was Jason sucking on my new cuckold’s erection. When Abby got her first glimpse of Jason giving head, she went nuts rubbing her pussy against his mouth. It was nice to know another girl really liked seeing such filth and depravity as I did.

I had the TV turned down and since it was on the dresser to his back, he had no idea what Abby was watching him do on camera. After a while though, she began letting Jason know how much she knew about our little secrets. When he started flopping around under her grip on his hair, she assuaged his fears by saying she would never reveal his secrets to anyone, including her boyfriend Kenny. When Jason finally had Abby close to cumming, her rants turned into making nice to Jay and complimenting his abilities. It had a very positive effect on him, because his hands grabbed the cheeks of her ass which was a sure sign of him enjoying himself. It made me smile to see him admitting that he was enjoying some part of the night.

I sat next to them and coached Jason on his fine job of taking care of my best friend, and told him how this particular talent was one that he should be greatly proud of; it made him the real man to us. And I guess our fawning encouragement worked well, because when Abby told us she was about to cum, he went nuts on her and did his famous nibbling on the clit thing between his lips until her hips were high in the air trying to get away from him.

It was absolutely beautiful watching Abby’s body heave uncontrollably under Jason’s face as she had the undoubtedly best orgasm of her life. She couldn’t stop folding her body in half as she tried getting Jason to release her clit; a feeling I knew very well. She was all sweaty and her eyes were huge. She thanked Jason profusely over showing her the best time she’d ever had in that way and compared his efforts to that of a sex god. I bragged on him myself until his frowns had totally disappeared and were replaced with smug smiles. He knew he was king of men down there.

Abby sat up and began telling me just how wonderful Jason had pleased her and I told her that he still had a couple of notches that she hadn’t seen. I said, “You should feel it when he slips his fingers inside you and goes to work on your G-spot while he does that.

And then just as fast, Jason turned around to get his ego kicked in the stomach again. I was beginning to realize that setting him up for a chop to his manhood was very electrifying to me. I watched his eyes as they stared at the TV as he slowly came to the understanding that Abby had seen him already sucking Mack off as he had pleasured her. Maybe it was the feminist in me that took pleasure in putting a male in his place by destroying his self-esteem immediately after raising it, but whatever it was, I was really getting off watching him understand that another girl now knew he was a cocksucker. After a precious few moments of watching him fall into a crevice of despair, both Abby and I hugged on him as we each took turns stroking his fragile male ego.

I started with, “Sorry sweetie, but yes, she saw what you did to Mack, but it’s cool. You know she won’t tell anyone about your secret.”

“That’s right, honey. After that licking, I owe you my vow of secrecy. You can suck men off all you want and I’ll never say a word to anyone. Damn, if you’re as good at that as you are at giving girl’s head, you should be bragging about how good you are, not sulking about it.”

Abby kept looking at me behind Jason’s back to make sure she was staying within the limits I had warned her about earlier. Destroying a man’s macho image is a delicate thing that should give a girl great pleasure, but shouldn’t go so far as to cripple him permanently. The fun is the roller coaster motion of toying with his emotions. First you bring it up, and then you ride it down. And since I saw for the first time that Abby had a bit of crush working on Jason, I felt my license to do so was extended to her. I didn’t actual realize it until that moment, but I had sort of given Abby my tacit approval to think of my boyfriend as her part time fling, as well as a touch of owning her own cuckold. Being my best friend gave her a certain latitude, permission if you will, that even Bella wouldn’t receive.

After hearing from us for several minutes about how his sucking men off didn’t really affect the way we thought about him as a man, it was time to reward him. First I explained to him how silly it was for him as a guy to freak out over a little homoerotic experience, and offered my self as the opposite gender example. “Look, I wouldn’t feel like any less of a girl for eating out Abby, why should you feel bad about giving a guy the pleasure of a lifetime with those wonderful lips of yours? And to prove it to you, I’m going to let you watch me make out with her for the first time ever. Will that make you smile?”

I turned to see that it definitely made Abby smile, and went back to stroking Jason’s manhood. “Come on, I know that there isn’t a guy on earth that doesn’t fantasize about seeing two girls getting it on. And this will be our first time. I’ve never done anything like this before; you should be all excited.”

Abby did the dick test by reaching around to the front of Jason for a feel and proclaimed. “Yeah, he’s ready to watch, all right. Just feel how hard he is just thinking about it.”

I took a feel for myself and smiled over her astute comment. Then I told Jason to go sit in the chair, drop his pants, and whack himself silly while he watched me make love to another girl for the first time. Abby wanted to get started and chided him to hurry up, but when I made a move on her, she stopped me until Jason dropped his pants to show he would participate; from a distance.

As soon as she relaxed over getting him prepared, I pushed her onto her back and went wild sucking and feeling her boobs and nipples. I’d always loved her nipples whenever I got a peek at them. I had even told her before, so now that they were mine to enjoy, she just laid back and let me have at them. I began feeling my way through my second pussy as I ravaged her chest with my other hand and lips.

Through all those years I had been afraid to approach Abby sexually, if I had of known it would be like this, I would have probably gone after her years earlier. She had a ripping body, soft and smooth, and her scent illuminated my fantasies. I tussled with her arms to get them over her head and sat on top of her to soak up her beauty in her submissive pose. The way her boobs spilled to each side of her chest was such a natural attraction to me, and her face full of wonderment and excitement turned my folds into a molten patch of lust. But I saw more as I held her splayed to take in her beauty. One tiny little glint in her eye and an almost imperceptibly quick glance at my mound resting just under her boobs told me of a story so short in its wake, yet spoke volumes in its depth. I smiled down at her as I began sliding my body up over her chest. She twisted a little under me trying to disguise her desire, her want for me to do what she so obviously craved to have done to her. Perhaps this is why she had had so much fun earlier at Jason’s expense; perhaps it was a subconscious mimic of what she wanted to have happen to her.

Abby continued struggling under me, but didn’t once make a serious effort to bounce me off her. That was when I dragged my bottom over the top of her chest and rubbed my vulva hard into her mouth. She made sputtering noises and her face looked just as tormented as Jason’s had been earlier, but I knew that snippet of lust in her eyes all too well to be fooled. I nestled my pussy full into her lower face and cooed, “Its okay, honey, we’re all friends here. Just enjoy yourself and take your time.”

I’d always had a way of making Abby relax and put her fears to rest, but if I’d known that this was what she had wanted before, I would have made her my bitch years ago. Just thinking about all those nights we spent at each other’s houses with time that could have been better spent drove me nuts. It also occurred to me now why she had started all this freaky shit in the first place. She had tried using Jason as the scapegoat, but now I knew it was her clever little plan to get the boys into weird sex so as to drag us along into it. She needed to be taught a lesson; but I needed to keep her close to my inner circle even more so that I would be the benefactor of her desires.

That was when I remembered that Jason was right next to us and turned to see he was almost casually jerking himself off as he watched, mesmerized, as I was finally forcing sex on someone other than him. I made purposeful strokes against Abby’s face and saw how that seemed to please Jason and his hand worked faster. I noticed that the slight background noise had ended and took Jason away from his task long enough to rewind the tape and start it again. When I told him to keep turning up the sound until I could hear him gurgling around Mack’s cock, he grew dismayed understanding that despite Abby not being able to see the screen, she was going to hear Mack making him his bitch.

A smirk came across my face while I looked over my newest minion and thought about that dominance issue yet again. It seemed to boil down to a very clear distinction of dominant and submissive behavior. There was a clear chain of order among us, and I never felt so powerful as when I realized I was now at the top of that dominant chain; and poor Jason seemed to be at the bottom of it concerning every other person. Abby had just made him her bitch, and now I was making her mine. Perhaps, coaxing her to be mine would be more properly uttered. Mack was soon to find out that he was now my puppet, and both Bella and Stacy seemed close to having my hand up their asses to make them perform for me, as well.

Understanding the awesome sword I wielded was driving me into a fit of heat and need, and now that I saw myself as calling all the shots I had no qualms about taking anything I wanted. And right now what I wanted was to taste my dear friend in a way I had often desired, yet had been too afraid to dare broach. I spun around into a sixty-nine on Abby, but the current scene on the screen was just too awesome to not allow Abby to get in on it. The tape was at the point where Mack was about to face fuck Jason, So I removed my leg over Abby’s head and told her to watch.

Hearing the guttural male displays along with the visual assertions would be entrancing to any girl. The torment displayed on Jason’s face as he had to take Mack into his mouth yet again was invigorating to me and even Abby made quick comments about the real “male bonding” going on. But it was that struggling sound, the gurgling coming from Jason’s throat that made Abby’s body tense up under me. There was just something about a stronger, more powerful male dominating the weaker male in such a depraved way that made this scene the most breathtakingly primal aphrodisiac.

I looked over to see Jason’s reaction to the scene on the screen, and he was exposing his true desire very well. His knuckles were white from his efforts to cum right then and there at this scene. I looked back and nodded my head towards Jason so that Abby would look. Her head went between the screen and Jason, and she saw how enthralled he was over his own sodomizing. I decided to let him have his fun and slowly began to feast upon my dear friends’ crotch as I made my own available to her again.

I had often imagined what having my face buried in another girl’s pussy would be like and now that I was getting a taste of Abby, I wish I had of tried it years earlier when we were little. There was something so natural about licking the genitals of your own sex as a way of exploring your own. I toyed with her clit and parted the short pubes that tried to hide it from my tongue. I lapped slowly once through the folds of her pussy, and when I felt how wet she was, I kept doing it until my tongue naturally fell deeper and deeper into her with each pass. When I wondered about losing my control by doing this to her, I naturally ground myself harder into her face to assert that this was my act of desire, not hers. I even sat back to squash my lips into her face as I had the undeniable need to call her my bitch just to make sure she knew her place. Just because I was experimenting on her didn’t mean she was any less my submissive vixen. Even a queen gets to demand her feasts.

After a good ten minutes of lapping away at my girl, I caught Jason out of the corner of my eye. He was just staring and near drooling over the sight before him and that made me very self conscious that he was seeing me in a somewhat submissive posture. Jason had finished himself off and was now only half hard as he was focused totally on us. The prick had ruined it for me and I had to reassert my place within the pack. I sat up and thus forced my ass hard into Abby’s face. She twisted under me trying to free her nose for a breath of air. I thought to myself, “I’ll get at you again later. You’re mine now just like Jason, just like Mack, and even the two girls down the street. Bella had already submitted to me, and it wouldn’t be long before Stacy did as well.”

An hour later, we were all asleep in the bed with Abby in the middle. I would paw at her throughout the night, and I caught her doing the same to me, and even harassing Jason some as if a sport to her.

Just before noon the next day, the three of us were waiting for Mack. I was about to do something even I saw as a very dangerous and tricky tightrope to walk. I needed to let him know I was in charge of things now, but he wouldn’t roll over to my demands as easily as Jason. His ego was far more inflated and I needed to let the air out of it more than pop it as I had done to Jay. Just thinking about his hulking stature made me second guess myself over and over. I concentrated on my preparations to make sure they were as formidable as I had planned. The computer was on and ready to go, Mack’s CD was on the night table and ready for him to take, and Abby and I had already talked about what I was going to make my puppet do to practice my new place of dominance over him. He would have his ability to assert himself, but not with me.

A loud banging made it clear that Mack was at the door. I went over to answer the knock and slowly opened it, but he had brought another man with him; no doubt to pass me off to him as well. Too bad; if it had been any other time, I would have enjoyed it. But this was my pissing contest to win.

“Tell him to wait for you in the car.”

Mack didn’t like me giving him orders, so I gave him a good reason.

“You won’t want him to see what you’re about to see… so, have him wait in the car.” I saw he was puzzled, so for the first time ever, I made sure he understood it was a demand with a very male-like grunt. “Now, dammit!”

Mack sent him away and wrongly told him he would come get him in a minute. When we were all inside, and after he made a few suggestive remarks about Abby joining us, I strolled over to the computer and told Mack to watch what I was doing. I handed him his copy of the CD I had made while my fingers stroked the keyboard. I told him how the CD was one of many and that several of my friends already had copies. Jason hadn’t been privy to my newest assault on his manhood, so I called him over to watch what I had done to him as a residual effect of putting Mack under my thumb.

Abby joined the circle behind me as they watched me bringing up the peer to peer program and in the search box I typed one word, R-A-P-E. I turned to see Mack smirking as I informed the two males that I had uploaded four particular files the night before and I was anxious to see just how many people online at the moment might have them available. As the results started populating the search screen, I grinned when I saw the names I had applied to the files come up, and then the number of holders of them grew into the dozens.

I hit on the one I liked best and naturally it said that that file was already on my hard drive. I went, “Oops, forgot that” and opened the file. As my video player started working the file, Mack soon saw the images that Abby and I, and even Jason, had had sex over last night. Mack wanted to know why we had videotaped him without his knowing and I shushed him at each outburst. I left the volume high enough so that he could hear everything on the tape. The only thing not heard were those three quiet whispered instructions I had given him. I made note of them at each point they came up, and when the tape was over, I spun my chair around to eyeball Mack.

Mack was all grins knowing that he was the centerpiece of an internet file, but poor Jason was cowering over knowing that I had made his humiliation a part of the world net. I would work on him later, but Mack was my focus at the moment.

I asked Mack, “So, how did you like it?”

He was all grins and giggles, and I almost hated to burst his bubble. After he told me that he loved watching himself fucking his toys, I pointed out that perhaps Jason was still his toy, when I wanted it, but that I was no longer his to think of that way. His grin began fading as I brought the video back to a very important scene and ran it again for him. It was the first time he had slapped me. I then replayed a short area where there was no doubt I was crying very hard and struggling to grip the bed as he thrust hard into me. I saw Abby wince as she had every time she saw those parts. She knew my end had been played up, but not the hitting or physical nature of Mack’s intrusion into me.

I picked up my cell phone and hit a couple of numbers. “I guess I should call the police now and let them know that my ****** is back trying to attack me again.”

Mack snatched my phone from me and demanded to know what I was trying to do to him. He even pointed out how I had asked for him to hit me.

“Now Mack, I didn’t hear that on the tape. Did you?”

He struggled to put it all together until his eyes finally told me he understood enough and I could begin to explain the things he hadn’t figure out. He handed me back my phone and said, “I get it. I’ll leave you alone, but I want that fucking video off the internet.”

“Come on now, Mack, you know you can’t get anything off the net. Why do you think I put it there in the first place? It’s there forever. And if anything ever happens to me, it will be the first thing all my friends point the cops to, and you’ll never taste freedom ever again.” I watched his dismayed frown that had taken the place of his earlier grins, and added, “But think again if you really think you’re going to leave me alone. You know I love that cock of yours, and all… all those wondrous feelings it gives me. I told you the other day that you scared me, but you don’t anymore. Not now that I have the power.”

Mack saw that Abby was smiling as wide as I was and asked me, “What the hell’s going on? What do you want?”

“I just want to feel safe, and now I do. I’m not saying that we don’t get to play together anymore, but it’s going to be my way from now on. I’ll come to you when I want a good fucking, or if you’re nice, maybe you can come to me and ask nicely. Who knows what our new future holds in store for us now?”

The underlying sexual tone of my voice drove him into a totally new direction. He had come here to ravage both me and Jason so that thought hadn’t gone too far from his head. I watched as his face revealed that he still wanted to get laid, and now Abby and I smirked at each other. I stood up and grabbed Mack by his cock through his pants. I could feel him swelling at light speed in my hand.

“You need to get off, huh big boy?” I rubbed him hard and then invited Abby to take a feel of his pleasure instrument. Her eyes grew when she felt it for that first time in her own hand and made a couple of cute little gasps. I said, “See what I was telling you? How could I give this up?”

Mack went to grab me and I pulled away and said, “Sorry, big guy, but I can’t reward you with this; not today.”

His face was the precious face of a guy feeling like he had been the victim of a serious cock teasing. I was taking great pleasure in producing my first orchestration of sex involving Mack. He snapped his head to eyeball Abby and I inserted, “Nope, not her either. But, as a consolation prize so that you don’t have to walk away with blue balls, you can jerk yourself off while we watch.” He instantly grew pissed at me even suggesting that he would ever have to pull himself off, but with one more of those borrowed male grunts, I offered him a second option, “Or…” and looked at Jason.

Jason probably never felt so betrayed before and seeing me offer him up as Mack’s only logical alternative left him horribly mortified over my suggestion. This time when I looked at Abby, we shared a feeling that only girls really understand. We immediately became those feminists that were meting out revenge against all males, and it would be an event that would remain burnt into our memories forever.

Mack quickly reverted to his old self and began undoing his belt. Jason began begging me to stop his humiliation, and as his head snapped to Abby, I knew he was about to get put through his most embarrassing trial yet. Abby was the last person in the world, this side of his own family, which he would want to see entertained by his forced compliance at the hands of another man. After all, it was she that had started this sexual perversion in the first place, and I knew that having her see her efforts rewarded would be about the hardest thing Jason would ever have to endure; but it really had to be done sometime, so why not now?

I grabbed Abby by her arm to back us off behind the bed, and just as that first time for me, we both knelt on the bed to watch these men as they settled their dominance issues among themselves. Jason started for the door and even though Mack blocked it first, I gave Jason another agonizing thought to mull over; there was another man out there in the parking lot if he didn’t behave. Jason’s gulping motion said it all and he fretfully resigned himself to his fate.

Mack finished removing his pants and underwear and when his cock sprang into full view, I smiled at Abby. She now understood the full breadth of why I couldn’t just let Mack walk away from my life totally. And since this was all about us girls getting entertained by my competing cuckolds, I wanted it as visual as all hell. I told Mack to show his chest off to Abby, and then told Jason that he was going to get stripped, too. It was his choice; do it himself or have it done for him at Mack’s hands. He decided his own hands would be better and began undressing.

When Jason’s still limp prick fell into view, Abby and I turned to raise our eyebrows at each other. There was truly no comparison between my men in that department. I leaned over and whispered for her to watch Jason’s cock as things proceeded. And just as I had begun coming aware of, it didn’t get hard when Mack went to grab his hair, but it definitely swelled.

Mack grabbed Jason’s hair tightly and drew him down to his knees and began telling him that “the girls” wanted a good show. Was he ever right! The fear and humiliation on Jason’s face as Mack’s cock kept thumping into his face as he struggled to get free was driving me wild. I nearly giggled at Abby as she watched me lift my skirt up to thrust my hands under the crotch of my panties. She unsnapped her shorts and was joining me in a fever pitch. I could tell she had never seen a guy giving head before, and seeing it in such a brutal manner her first time would be a gift unlike any other I could ever give her again.

Mack was really playing it up for us and taunted Jason’s mouth several times by wiping the tip of his cock over his lips. And Jason really had to be embarrassed; because this was the first time I saw Mack really having to work to get Jay to open his mouth. He had to shake his head around several times before Jason would open up to relieve the pain caused by the ripping motion of his hair. I was glad that I had warned Abby that things would probably get a little brutal with her in attendance, and sure enough, she winced in her own pain at seeing Jason manhandled to such an extent. Even after Mack had won and he was holding Mack’s cock in his mouth, he refused to start his sucking motion until Mack slapped him curtly across the face a couple of times. I wanted to command Jason to behave to minimize his assault, but I knew it was almost more humane to allow the boys to work things out on their own. Mack was all man and knew very well how to get Jason to work for him.

When Mack really started fucking Jason’s face, Abby nearly fell over and had to grab my arm to gain her balance. I almost felt ashamed giggling over her antics while my poor, sweet love was getting used so unabashedly. And when the gagging and sputtering sounds began emanating from Jason, it was all over. Both Abby and I worked ourselves off with all the vigor of two wanton whores. Jason had to grab at Mack’s ass to keep from getting knocked over, but I assumed Abby would think that he was just hanging on to keep from being knocked over. But then again, his hands did seem to keep flexing as if to get a better feel of his lover.

Everything was so intense that Mack was ready to cum all too quickly and when he told Jason he was going to cum all over his face, I cried out, “No… keep going. I want Abby to see it all.” I had just resigned Jason to the dignity busting chore of swallowing for his man just as any woman would, and his eyes grew flush with anger over my outcry for his domination. Mack wasn’t going to make it any easier for him. His hands grabbed the hair on the sides of his head and began choking him on every deep thrust. The bed was literally bouncing under us girls from our fiddling in anticipation of the ending blow to Jason’s ego.

As Mack took his final deep plunge that made Jason twist his head trying to keep from having his throat damaged under the pressure, I tapped Abby to let her know it was happening, and my own jaw dropped open. Everything went into slow motion as my body shuddered in a prolonged orgasm, and I saw Jason’s throat working to absorb the food being fed to him. His eyes were closed, but I could tell there was something about the way he finally held still to drink from Mack’s cock that was directly for my benefit. In his own sweet way, he was giving me the one thing he knew I was doing all this for; to see him denigrated to nothing more than my obliging cuckold. Swallowing another man’s sperm, after all, could be nothing less than the ultimate submission for a guy.

Abby fell over onto the bed and was left gasping over the torrent of climaxes wringing her body, but her eyes never left that most important union between Mack and Jason’s mouth. The massive climax I had was off the Richter scale, but when I was able to move I fell over to grab onto Abby as we watched the final moments together. Mack started humping away at Jason’s face again, but in that way that guy’s do after emptying themselves. It resembled a last blow at his cocksucker’s ego as if to say, “Here, have a little more.”

As Mack released Jay’s hair and pulled his cock from his mouth, Abby and I both got a surprise. Unlike before, Jason wasn’t hunkering over in an attempt to dispel any left over cum, and that meant that Mack had done a magnificent job of making my dear boyfriend swallow every drop of his lunch.

I heard Abby cry out, “Oh, my god, he got it all down. That’s so fucking hot.”

To that I had to brag about how that was “my guy” and then changed it to, “Hell, they’re both my guys now.”

Mack was dragging his pants up and now that he had found the relief that had him so pliable before Jason took care of him, he became a bit obstinate. Jason was getting dressed as Mack pulled on his shirt and I could see Jason was about to cry over having been embarrassed so horribly in front of Abby. Mack began spouting off saying that no bitch was going to tell him what to do, and then when he saw me doubting that as truthful, he added, “I’ll take you’re ass whenever I want it. And this little bitches, too.” I knew he was trying to save face over losing his control of me, and perhaps realizing that he was even becoming more my bitch than me his, but I let him show his bravado for the moment to placate his new rush of testosterone. The male ego can be so fragile; I’m glad I broke Jason of that problem right off. And when I thought about breaking Mack’s, I decided against it. After all, it was his animalistic character that made fucking him so frigging hot.

I told Mack that I wanted his phone number so I would be able to call him from now on. He told me to give him mine instead, but I needed the control and demanded it to be my way. He muttered through the problem a while until he found a face saving way to give in, but when he went out the door, I had his number and turned to Abby as I stated, “Cuckold number two.”

I saw the CD Mack had left behind and ran to the door to call him back. I guess he thought I was going to let him have a whack at me now, but when I handed him his copy of the CD he got all huffy. He wasn’t going to take it at first, but after telling him that he really ought to study it to see how damaging it could be in the wrong hands, he took it. But, along with taking it he asked, “It’s on the internet; so what’s to keep you from calling the cops?”

I smiled kindly and pointed out, “On the net it’s just another porn video. It’s not a crime unless I say it is, so I think you’ll learn to play nicely. You can rest easy because I’ll tell you the rules right now. Either play nice or stay away, I don’t care which, but I’m not going to worry about you anymore.” I put on my devil’s grin and added, “Unless I want you to worry me. Don’t fret about the cops; you’d really have to piss me off for them to get a complaint. Just be a good boy and play nice and we can all have a lot of fun. And… thanks for the show.”

Jason pulled the door open wider so he could stomp off in a hissy fit pass Mack and I. Now that my heat had abated I felt sorry for him, so when Mack offered to bring him back, I told him to let him be; he needed some time to get over what happened to him in front of Abby. I gave Mack another warning to leave Jason alone unless I gave him permission to do otherwise. He grumbled a bit and went to try to explain to his waiting friend what a girl a third his size had just done to him.

I shut the door and saw Abby was stuffing a towel into her crotch to wipe herself dry. I asked, “So, what do you think? Was that the wildest fucking thing you’ve ever seen in your life or what? It was like the nature channel for animals.”

“That… was fucking hot. I mean, I’ve always wanted to see a guy getting a blowjob like that, but right in front of my eyes… wow! Poor Jason though; he really got beat up over that. Don’t you think you should go after him?”

I told her, “No, he just needs some time to get over it. Having you here to witness it was a lot for him to have to deal with, but he’ll come back. I know he still blames you for the loss of his manhood. That’s life; we’ll make love a couple of times and he’ll forget all about you knowing.”

Then Abby floored me. “You think… maybe he would feel better if I… did something for him. Since I am the one that trashed his dignity in the first place, maybe he’d feel better if he got to take it out on me a little.”

“Like what,” I asked?

“I don’t know… maybe let him fuck me… give him a blowjob… whatever? He’s the only one that didn’t get off, so maybe…”

“You want to fuck Jason? In the first place, he has to know that as a cuckold, his need to get off is in my hands. There will be a lot of times down the road where his needs will be purposely overlooked. That’s one of the ways of controlling him; dominating him mentally.” I was sort of shocked by her statement since she had never shown any interest in Jason before. I asked, “An in the second place, you’d want to fuck him even after seeing that size difference? If you want to… go ahead. Hell, he might even like that. He might think of it as a way to take revenge on you. You really want to do that, though?”

“Well, I really feel guilty now. I know he hates me for starting all this. I really owe him something, but if you don’t want me going near him, I understand. I’ll just let you handle everything. I don’t want to fuck up your hold over him.”

I left it at playing things by ear and see what his pain needed to appease him. After all, in the future I would only consider him truly trained when I didn’t have to worry about what he got because he would have to be happy just knowing I got what I wanted. I knew being a devoted cuckold meant him always thinking about my desires first. While we waited for his return we turned into two cackling hens discussing every miniscule detail of what had just happened. Abby wanted me to dish on how I could handle getting smacked around as an element of sex, and just how cool it felt to have a cuckold. I reminded her that I really had two now despite how they were near opposite ends of the scale. As far as the rough stuff went, I decided to show her by example.

I asked Abby to lift her shirt, mostly because I knew she wouldn’t just do it that easily. When she sat there perplexed, I rushed at her and pushed her onto her back on the bed. I jumped on top of her and struggled to get her hands tucked under me as I sat on her stomach. She could have gotten away, but I could see she had no qualms about what it appeared I was about to do to her. I yanked her top up over her boobs, and then pushed her bra up over her luscious baby girls. After molesting her nipples like a guy would, rough and like I was tuning in a radio station, I kneaded her orbs in anything but a soft, loving manner. When her nipples grew rock hard, I leaned over and bit at them a little.

I lifted my head slightly away from her hardened little bud and coyly asked, “These hard little points are telling me that you’re beginning to understand why I like rough sex now and then. Doesn’t it feel fantastic to feel ravaged by an enraged sex fiend?”

“Okay,” she proclaimed, “now let me up.”

I told her the lesson wasn’t over and went into a male state of mind to finish making my point. I began working her over and onto her stomach. She continued with her half hearted protests, but when I had her prone beneath my body, I forced my hands underneath her and went nuts groping her. All my actions were made to mimic those of a grunting male pig molesting a teenage girl. She was all giggles and laughter as I roughly grabbed at her mons through her shorts like it was a catcher’s mitt, and pinched the bottoms of her breasts. When Abby couldn’t take it anymore, she finally spun around onto her back laughing out the words, “Stop, stop… I get it.”

Now we were face to face and seeing her bright bubbly smile there for me was too much to pass on. I began kissing her until she accepted my tongue and we fell into a full make out session. I soon learned that she loved the way I fondled her breasts when it was really me and she held her arms over her head as I worshipped her chest. Her moans were a true aphrodisiac for me and I continued working to make love to my dearest friend. I unsnapped her shorts, tugged them and her panties off her hips and threw them to the floor. She finished taking off her top and bra and she threw them to join her shorts.

I took a good look at the smooth petals forming her vulva between her legs and just had to take another taste of her. I forced her legs apart and dove into her muff. I now understood Jason’s desire to suck at my own lips so much and went crazy doing the same thing to her. She felt wonderfully satiny and tasted desirably musky. All of a sudden I worried that I was in the wrong place despite her approval of my efforts. I looked up at her and stated, “Let’s not forget who the bitch is here, girl. I’m down here because I take care of my bitches just this well.”

I went at the girl in every imaginable way without the use of toys for a good twenty minutes. I went to take a break to get her feedback and was setting by her head just about to pull her between my legs when Jason came walking through the door. I instantly reacted by trying to help heal his bruised ego.

After giving Abby a hairy eyeball to keep from saying anything, I grabbed her arms and held them forcibly over her head. I ordered Jason, “Quick, get over here.”

Not understanding what was going on, I ordered him again to help me restrain Abby. When he realized that Abby was the object of my actions for a change, he came right over and grabbed her legs. I don’t know if at that point if she knew what I was doing or was just continuing to enjoy herself, but either way she was reacting very nicely.

“I thought you’d like to have a little fun now. She’s been using you up until now, so here she is; get some payback.” Jason was not the type to normally take advantage of such a situation, so I spelled it out for him. “Go ahead… fuck her. She deserves it.”

Jason was having such a hard time taking leave of his usual polite self, and I continued goading him until I saw his eyes brighten. But what really got him into doing as I was commanding was when I offered him real satisfaction. “It was her idea to make you do Mack today. And what better way to get back at Kenny than to fuck his girlfriend?”

The mere mention of the guy that had beat him up because he wouldn’t get gay with him made his quest for revenge a full blown desire. I looked down at Abby’s face as Jason began taking off his pants while still struggling to hold her legs. Her look told me that she saw what I was doing, and obviously, if she pretended not to want Jason to fuck her, that would be the one thing he would really want to do most; just to embarrass her as she had done to him.

I guess it was the excitement of seeing my girlfriend lying fully nude in front of his eyes and somewhat struggling that caused Jason to be so hard, and I felt good that he was going to get to reclaim a little of his manhood. Jason had spread her legs wide enough to get between them and I held Abby’s arms tightly, and then just as Jason was hovering over her body, he stopped. I tried goading him into taking his revenge, but instead he got up and began dressing. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and began begging to know. When it became clear that he was dressing just to leave again, even Abby went over to him.

“Come on, Jason. I was just trying to say how sorry I was, and I knew that fucking the crap out of me would give you some measure of revenge. Honestly, what’s wrong?” Abby kept getting in front of him and ever tried hugging him a couple of times. She asked, “Damn… are you gay? I’ve seen you checking me out for over a year now and you’re just going to walk away from a free fuck.”

I was getting fed up that Jason wouldn’t take my gift to him and got pissed at him. That was a big mistake. “What the fuck’s wrong with you? Afraid you don’t like girls anymore? Get over here and do this.”

Jason stared a hole into my head and I saw he was hiding something, but I couldn’t figure out what it might be. I’m not even sure what I said next because I was so frigging mad at him over spoiling my fun, but it caused Jay to snap back at me. He walked around the bed, grabbed my stuffed bunny, ripped out the lipstick camera still hidden within it, and threw it on the bed.

I couldn’t figure it out at first because he had been well aware that it was there to tape Mack, but as Jay began going for the door, I figured it out.

“No, Jay, it’s not like that. Come here and I’ll show you.”

Jay just kept walking out the door. I ran to the doorway and begged him to come back, but he wouldn’t even look back at me. When I saw there was no stopping him, I closed the door and felt tears coming to my eyes. I couldn’t blame him for not trusting me. Abby came over to me and standing in front of me still butt naked, asked what was wrong. I pointed to the camera on the bed and answered, “He thought we were taping him… probably to blackmail him, as well. I guess he would see it that way. But what the fuck? I already have him under my thumb without a frigging tape. He already knows I’m cuckolding him!”

My Darling Cuckold ch. 09

Abby cried out, “Here he comes, Bliss. Should I get out of sight?”

It had been over four hours since Jay had run off thinking that I was trying to blackmail him just as I had done to Mack. In one way I understood his concerns, but on the other hand I was pissed that he hadn’t trusted me enough to at least give me a chance to explain. I had been planning on making it very clear to him the minute he got back, so that was why Abby wanted to leave. I knew that with her witnessing what it was that I had to tell him, though, would really make everything sink in for sure.

I knew he would probably assume that Abby had gone back home, so I stood by the door to keep him from leaving. When he came in, he was still pissed to see her there, but I demanded that he sit at the table with us to discuss the recent events. I guess he wanted to hear what I had to say just that badly, because he took a seat as Abby and I took the other chairs.

“First of all, we weren’t setting you up earlier. The tape wasn’t recording and I was trying to get you to see that everything was off. Okay, so maybe that’s how overboard I’ve gone with you, but I do really want you to trust me. So… that’s why I’m going to lay it all out for you right now. As a man, I know you’re not going to like much of this first part, but just keep in mind that there are benefits in all this for you as well.”

I looked at Abby, took a deep breath, and started my cruelty. “I told you that you’re my cuckold, but not as well as I should have I guess. I’m being as serious as a heart attack here, Jay…” I grabbed his hands to steady his reactions. “I’ve been training you just like Mack said. It didn’t start out that way… and before Mack got this all started, cuckolding a guy was just a fantasy that I had when I frigged myself. And even then I didn’t really think of it as a serious possibility. But when I watched your reactions to everything along the way, you went through some of the most humiliating things and blew them off in an hour or two. When I saw that you only did that because of how much you really love me… well, that’s where you blew it. That’s what causes a guy to allow himself to get into your position. Yes, I know I’m taking a mortifying stance with you, but deep down I see a guy that I really think loves watching me smile so much that he’ll do anything to make that happen. I’m right, aren’t I?”

Jason really hated admitting it, especially in front of Abby, but eventually, he nodded his head.

I continued, “And would you leave me over anything I’ve put you through so far?”

Slowly, he answered, “I haven’t yet, have I?”

“That’s right, and I probably would have either stopped doing this to you or left you to keep from hurting you if I didn’t think that you were getting something out of it, too. It was really hard for me to understand that first night. Here I was standing up with Mack’s sperm running out of me, clearly telling you that we had just screwed, and you had just been passed around by three guys, but all you did was watch my face. It wasn’t until I truly came to believe that my happiness meant that much to you that I figured it out; I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Instead of being pissed that I had betrayed you, you were happier to see that I had enjoyed myself. That’s true, unselfish love. Maybe it was seeing how giving you were that turned me into such a taker.”

Jason’s eyes kept darting to Abby and I told him how she had been getting told a little more than I had let onto to, but as he knew, she was my confidant in all this. I reminded him that she wasn’t going to tell a soul and she even reiterated my words for his benefit.

“This is the really hard part for me Jay, because I’m not only telling you straight up what’s been going on, but… that it’s not over yet. It didn’t start out this way, but in reality, I have been training you and feeling you out as to what you can handle. I kept pushing the envelope each time and you just keep proving that your love for me is more important to you than your own dignity. And I’m so sorry… but, now that I know you won’t leave me and I’ve done just about the worst things imaginable, I’m going to keep training and testing you. You really are my cuckold now… and though I’ll never think of you as anything but my only true love, I’m keeping you as my cuckold.”

I gave him a minute to understand what I had said, and I was amazed that when Abby put her hand on his to comfort him, he didn’t pull it away. I felt like I was castrating the poor guy.

“Well, at least you know where you stand now and what you can expect. You know that I can’t give up the fucking around on you on the side, and you know as I told you that first time that I couldn’t even stop making you a part of things. You’re still the only man that really knows how to make me scream like the frigging whore I am. I really will try hard to make sure I don’t throw more at you than I think you can take, but I will keep doing it to you.”

Jason pulled his hand away from Abby’s and I knew he was resenting what she had caused to happen to his life. I explained what we had tried doing earlier.

“We weren’t trying to trap you earlier. Abby actually feels guilty about what she started and was just trying to make it up to you; honest. I was just pretending to hold her down so you’d get excited thinking that you were getting revenge on her. I know how much you hate her for what she’s done, but I also know you’ll forgive her in time. And just so you know, I love the girl, but anytime you want to fuck the hell out of her to feel better about things, go ahead. She won’t cry ****, believe me.”

Abby snapped her head my way as if to say that she hadn’t allowed that, but too bad. It was her turn to suck it up now.

“Now that Mack is neutralized, things are back on track and I don’t have to worry about him hurting you. But sweetheart, you will be blowing him again when I want to see it. That’s just too great of a turn on for me to deny to you. Did you see Abby’s reaction? She nearly had a stroke watching it happen, but you don’t have to worry; no one’s ever going to find out about what you have to do for me. Except of course, the guys you have to do it to. But come on, I’ve watched your cock when you’ve been getting put through it. Whether you’re getting hard because you know what it’s doing to me watching it, or because you really like it, you still get very hard at times. Outside of our privacy, no one will ever know that you’re my little cocksucker.”

Jason looked right at me finally and asked, “And what about what you put on the net. You don’t think anyone will ever see that?”

“No one you know will ever see those pictures. Even if they did, so what? You told me that you never plan on going back home again.”

“My family?”

That knocked the wind right out of me. I hadn’t even considered that, but he was right. Someone that knew him could conceivably see the videos and tell his parents. “Oh god, I never thought of that. I’m so fucking sorry. It just never occurred to me that…”

We all sat there in silence as we pondered the possible results of my impulsive behavior. I finally told him that I had simply blown it and that there wasn’t anything I could do about it now. I promised him to think about such things in the future and weighed the probability against his parents ever seeing the videos.

Jason asked, “And what about Kenny. I know he’s the type to look at that crap on the web. Can I expect him to show up next?”

Abby floored me when she answered that one. “Jason, don’t let him bother you. To be honest, I’ve been thinking of dumping him anyway. I didn’t like the way he beat you up; that was never suppose to happen. He was just afraid that you were going to get him in trouble when he tried to get you to do that to him and… well, you know. You were there. But to be honest… you’re going to hate me for this… but seeing how fucking thrilled Bliss is over what she has these days, I’m not so sure I won’t be changing my life a little, too. Yeah, true, it’s not so much fun for the guy in your position, but damn? Being able to fuck around and knowing I still had a guy like you to come home to is just so unreal. It’s a good fucking thing you belong to Bliss, or I’d be tricking you into being my cuckold now.” I could see she was really sincere, and after her complimenting Jason as she had, she added, “After you ate me out yesterday, I know now why Bliss will never leave you. It’s not just how good you are, it was the feeling you gave me that you really were trying to please without getting a thing out of it for yourself. That’s the truest form of love there is. Just think about how you use to get blowjobs from your girlfriends in high school and they were satisfied with that? They didn’t need anything else for themselves, and yesterday you didn’t need anything either.”

I interrupted, “Jason never really did that. He doesn’t even like blowjobs that much.” And seeing that his mood was picking up, I just had to take a little poke at him. “Unless he’s giving them, I guess.”

Abby grabbed Jason’s hand again and wouldn’t let him pull it away this time. “Look it, Jason. Not only do I not think less of you being Bliss’ cuckold, I admire you. You’re like the only guy I’ve ever known that loves his girl so much that you would do anything for her. And I know she’s really taking advantage of you, but guys do this to us all the time. I know that doesn’t make it right, but… you’re just so fucking sweet to put up with her.” She bit her lower lip and told him directly to her face, “I owe you big time. Between everything I’ve done to you, and what you did for me yesterday, and… well, I really owe you. So, Bliss has already told me it was okay once, so if you ever just want to make things even a little, don’t let an opportunity like earlier pass you by again.”

I saw how sincere she was being and I interjected, “As far as I’m concerned, you can fuck her anytime you want. You might even like her blowjobs; she had quite a name going for her in high school.”

It was becoming clear that our sincerity was coming through loud and clear, so I grabbed Jason’s other hand and asked, “Are you okay, now?”

He nodded his head sheepishly, but I needed to be sure we were clear and needed to hear it one more time to be sure.

“You understand now that you’re my cuckold, and you can live with that?”

Jason nodded again while staring a hole into the table.

“And you understand I’m still going to train you to do all the nasty little things that drive me fucking wild?”

A little more slowly, he nodded again.

“And most importantly, do you really understand how frigging much I love you more than any other guy in the world?”

There wasn’t a nod this time, but he did finally smile.

“Good,” I said, “because, you really do drive me up a fucking wall over watching you.”

That was when I saw just how sincere Abby had been about changing her own life when she asked Jason, “And I know you’re probably going to hate me even more… but if I promise to behave myself… can I play, too? I know I don’t need you’re permission if Bliss says its okay, but it would mean a lot to me to know you’re okay with it, too.”

Jason stared at her like he couldn’t believe her words, but he finally looked back at the table and muttered, “I guess!”

With that out of the way, I ordered Jason to get us all beers and we proceeded to get wasted. Abby and I kept working on Jason to feel better about him self all the while and he even began opening up to the both of us. He admitted just how degrading it felt to him doing some of things that I threw at him and Abby pointed out that maybe that was something that he liked on a subconscious level. After all, quite often that’s the thing that girls like about giving men head; the feel of being used and degraded. Jason really proved to be quite a trooper when he began joking about things.

Jason asked us if we knew exactly what he thought was the nastiest thing we had made him do so far. Believing he was serious, I suggested the blowjob he had given Mack in front of the two of us. He looked at me and as he nodded at Abby, he said, “Having to eat that bitch.”

When we saw that he was just taking a shot at her in jest, we cracked up laughing. I felt so pleased that my cuckold was now openly accepting his position and had an urgency to reward him, so I told them I would be right back and ran out the door to the convenience store next to us. When I came back and they saw I had bought a clothesline, Jason sat back in his chair figuring the worst. They tried bugging me to tell them what I was doing as I cut off two pieces of the rope, but it wasn’t until I had them tied to the posts at the head of the bed that I said anything.

I told Abby to come to me and began taking off her top. Thinking we were going to double team Jason again, she helped me out by taking off her own bra. I grabbed her arm and began pulling it to the bedpost before she understood she was the one getting tied down. She didn’t fight it since she saw no ill will in it for her. She let me tie off her other wrist and then I took a few quick grabs of her titties for my own pleasure. I got off the bed and went around to hug Jason from behind him and speaking loud enough for Abby to hear, “The bitch is all yours honey. And I know you wouldn’t feel good fucking another girl in front of me, so, I’m going for a walk. You have her all to yourself and I expect you to make her pay for what she’s done to you. Fuck her, eat her… do whatever you want. Just don’t leave any bruises on my girl.”

I was about to leave them alone, but I figured I’d give Jason a little added incentive and went back to the bed. I unsnapped her shorts, unzipped them, and yanked them and her panties down just enough to leave her bush nicely exposed. We shared a knowing eye between us, and I skipped over to kiss Jason goodbye. “I want you to have some fun. Take it while you can.”

All the while I was walking back and forth trying to give them at least an hour alone together, I couldn’t get my mind off all the wonderful things I could now say and do openly. I came to the conclusion that Jay probably was getting a little more out of his torture at my hands as Abby had suggested. I never thought of him as a wimp, and if he really hated the things I was forcing on him, I would expect that he would fight it just a little more than he did. Either way, I was getting the real benefit of his acquiescence, so I wasn’t going to confront him on the issue. Just after an hour had passed, I headed back to the motel.

When I opened the door to our room, I was surprised to see Jason sitting in a chair watching television and Abby was still tied down. Her shorts and pants had been removed, and she looked half asleep.

I went over to her and she whined for me to untie her, but I pushed her left leg away to open her up, and felt her cunt. It was as dry as a bone. I asked, “What the fuck? I thought you’d at least fuck her this time.”

Abby rolled her eyes and exclaimed, “Oh god, he did a lot more than that. He did that thing with his fingers you told me about and I thought the cops would be breaking down the fucking door over my screams.”

I smiled knowing that Jason had indeed taking some revenge on her, and since her hands were tied down, I knew just how frigging crazy she had to have been not being able to defend her crotch. I began untying her and there were dark marks on her wrists telling me that she had been struggling to get free at some point. “So, what did he do to you?”

She was as excited as a virgin while she told me. “First, he just finished pulling off my clothes, and then he just sat there staring at my crotch. Then he got undressed and sat between my legs while he played with himself. I got so frustrated thinking he was just going to whack off on me that I started begging him to fuck me. When that didn’t work, I started calling him a few names… you know? That was when I saw he was just fucking toying with me and he started eating me out again. The bastard got me to cum twice, and then he had this really evil grin on his face that scared the hell out of me. That was when he finally started using his fingers like you told me about. He had me just to the point of cumming again, when he snapped his fingers closed. He had his thumb right over my clit and his other two fingers holding the same point inside of me, and just tormented the hell out of me. Even when I begged him to stop as I was climaxing, he just kept doing it. I can’t believe it, but you know… I think I ejaculated like you told me he did to you. I definitely felt something squirting out of me. Who would believe a guy knows how to get a girl to cum harder than she can do to herself?”

I responded with, “See, I told you he’s the fucking man down there. Now you see why I could never leave him? And it’s not just the expert head, it’s the love you feel coming from him.”

“Well, shit, that was just the start. I know you need a big dick to feel really fucked, but honey, he has plenty for me. He fucked me silly.”

I was a little puzzled and asked her why she was so dry now and seemingly spotless. After all, it was her pristine condition that had made me feel her in the first place.

“That’s where I think a lot of your evilness is rubbing off on him. He went over there and turned on the TV and I thought, ‘I don’t want this to end’, so I told him I wanted him to clean up the mess he had left. I was just kidding really, but I thought maybe he would come over and snuggle with me, or feel me up, or something. I taunted him for a while and he seemed to get a little ticked off at me. Just as he came at me, my phone rang and he looked to see it was Kenny calling me. And you know what that prick did to me?”

Again I was puzzled over her continued exuberance. “What?”

“That fucker flipped open my phone and wedged it near my ear. Here I was, already feeling guilty as hell for cheating on Kenny yet again, and literally sopping wet, and that bastard…”

We both looked his way to see him staying engrossed in the TV and she finished her story.

“That bastard grinned really bad and forced my legs apart, and started eating me out again. His stuff down there and all! I know he just did it to make it nearly impossible for me to talk on the phone. I had to lie my ass off to Kenny trying to get him to believe nothing was going on, but with all my little impromptu squeals, I don’t really think he believed me. That fucker! Then when he was finished, he just went over there to watch TV and left me tied up; the prick”

I went over to Jason and gave him a peck on the top of his head and said, “Such a good boy. I bet you feel better now, don’t you? And even cleaned up after yourself? Hell, you haven’t even done that for me. You must like the taste of her; I know I did.”

Abby came over to us and pushed him hard on the shoulder, but his eyes never left the boob tube. He did reveal a hint of a grin over having taunted Abby so well, though. But then she said, “You’re an ass, you know that?” She bent over and kissed him on his cheek and added, “If that didn’t feel so fucking good, I’d say we were totally even. You know, you’re making it really hard for me to want to go back home.”

I don’t know what it was, but I got a bad vibe from Jason and just before eleven I asked him to accompany me to the store to get some more beer. I thought that it might have had something to do with Abby deciding to stay another day. I had warned her that she might get fired if she didn’t get back to work, but I knew where her head was at; trying to figure out her own situation sexually.

I stopped Jason half way to the store and asked, “So, was it that good?”

He looked at me a little funny, but admitted that he had liked taken some measure of vengeance against her.

“No, I mean, did you like fucking her? You seem really happy and I just really want to know the truth.”

I could see him trying to choose his words carefully. Finally he answered, “Yeah, I guess she was pretty good. I guess the only thing that would have made it better would have been gagging her mouth.”

That caused me to belch out in laughter and when I got myself together, I asked the real question. “Is she good enough that I should be worried?”

It wasn’t nearly as much the words he said, as it was the speed in which he said them that made me feel a whole lot better.

“No way!”

After I took a turn at grasping for words I asked, “Would you… ever leave me for her?”

Jason looked at me like I was a raving lunatic. “Do you think I would put up with this whole bag of crap if I had any desire to leave you? For anyone?”

Once again, that was why I loved the guy so frigging much. I guess he saw how vulnerable I was at the moment and decided to expand his thoughts for me.

“Yeah, she was a good lay and it was fun, but she’s not you. I guess what I liked most was that she was happy with my dick. I miss that about you. But as long as I can make you smile one way or the other, I’m not leaving. I have a lot more to worry about you leaving than you do me.”

I asked him again if he was going to be okay knowing that he was really going to be cuckolded by me for as long into the future as I could see, and he told me that as long as I kept it somewhat hidden from public view, that he would find a way to handle it. I promised I would and I would also strive to make him as happy as he did me. I also needed to know that he could be satisfied with screwing me less and seeing me dating other guys for that end of things. He pointed out that he had been laid three times in the last couple of weeks, by three different hotties. If I would “allow” him a chance to do that now and then, he knew we could make it. It turned out that all three girls had thought he was decent size compared to what they normally got from other boys and I started to see that it was I that had the problem in the area.

“So, you think I’m going to let you have a different girl every time? I don’t think so. Maybe once every other month or so, but I don’t think I could handle more than that.”

He smiled and replied, “I could live with that; as long as you’re happy. And what about Abby? When is she leaving?”

I teased him about wanting to get at her again already, and then told him some bad news. I was getting the hint that she really didn’t want to leave. Just to feel him out about things, I said, “Maybe I’ll have her stay out here with us and have her help me in your training. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

His annoyed look pretty much told me his thoughts, but then he shocked me with, “No, but I would hope that you at least keep her in line.”

That floored me that he didn’t become irate over the idea and again to feel him out I asked, “And that way when I think you really, really need to get your funk on, I could always let you take out your frustrations on her. Could she keep you happy in that department?”

“You wouldn’t like that, I know it. I could handle it, but no way would you be able to stand for that even once a month.”

That sounded like a dare to me and I knew I would have to give that idea some thought. It could be awesome having someone like Abby around to help me enjoy my new life. I had a lot of fun with her over the weekend in relation to Jason, and I knew she was right into this cuckolding thing. However, my own insecurities would force me to keep a close eye on her if she did stay.

I turned and started walking for the store again and out of nowhere came from my own lips, “Is my cunt hole that loose?”

I obviously startled Jason with such an abrupt question. I clarified the question with, “I mean, the other girls think your size is just fine, and I know you have some great moves, so is it me? Am I just that fucking loose that it’s just me you can’t satisfy?”

“In your mind you are, but I don’t think so.” He had a smug look on his face and when he saw I had caught it he added, “Okay, Bella is a little tighter… maybe, but she’s smaller than you, too.”

I used my high singing, teasing voice to taunt him, “Oooh, Jason like’s Bella. Maybe she’s the one I should be worried about.”

“No,” he responded, “besides, I know you have a crush on her. That’s so fucking cute I couldn’t come between you and her for anything.”

I was flustered that he could read me that well, and asked, “You don’t care that I’ve been checking out girls lately; do you?”

“Hell no! At least I know I don’t have to do the other stuff. Besides, it’s not my place, remember? I’m just the cuckold. We agreed that as long as you stayed safe…”

It was some fucking erotic to hear Jason refer to himself as my cuckold, and even more awesome that he was assuming that he had no say in my other affairs. Just before we went into the store I went for one final raw dig to remind us both who was running the show. I opened the door for Jason to steal away his normal gesture for me, and asked, “So, who’s my bitch?”

He smirked and started to walk through the door when I repeated my question while stopping him. When he saw I was serious, he stated, “I am.”

I grinned brighter than the store lights and followed him in. It felt oddly cool to open the door for a guy that just agreed that he was my bitch. And it wasn’t like he was just saying it to please me; he was agreeing with the facts. Just something as simple as walking around that store felt really neat knowing that I was the top dog and everything else that went along with it. I kept flirting with Jason as we searched the shelves for some munchies; even pointing out a girl I thought was cute to tease Jason. When he didn’t seem at all interested, I pointed to an older man and that just got him irritated.

On the way back I sort of talked out loud to myself as I wondered about all the nasty things I could get to see with a little help from Abby. Jason knew I was teasing him, but I was really feeling him out over what might be acceptable to him. I kept going back to the idea of Abby and I teaming up to share Jason to some extent, and I was beginning to see a very interesting side to that idea. We stopped at the half way point again and I threw a really wild party idea at Jason just for the thrill of seeing him squirm.

“What if Abby and I took you to a party, where no one knew you, and had some wicked fun. I’m thinking, maybe, blindfold you and put you on your knees, and then tell all the guys at the party that you cheated on me and have them help me teach you a lesson. What do you think? Could you suck off a dozen guys or so?” When he refused to look at me, yet voiced no dissent, I went on. “I bet you could do it if I let you have at Bella again? You just need some more training.”

We started walking again and I could tell that Jason really didn’t like hearing me talking so casually about training him. My mind wandered back to his screwing Abby and I asked him just before the hotel who he would pick between the three girls if he could screw just one of them. After humming and hawing for a while, I finally asked, “It would be Bella, wouldn’t it? Come on… you already made that pretty clear when you told me how tight she was.”

“Yeah, I guess so. But, could you lighten up on the training thing. It worries me.”

“Sorry hun, but over half of the whole training thing of a cuckold is mental. I’m training your mind more than anything. Just suck it up and be a good bitch for momma.”

As we walked into the room, I instantly asked Abby, “Why don’t you move out here for good. You can help me train Jason and I can teach you about making a man into your cuckold. It’s not as easy as it looks, you know.”

Jason was very agitated and slinked off to the bathroom to take a shower, and I began hatching plans with Abby to do just as I had proposed. She was all for the idea and as excited over my proposal as anything I ever saw. Right from the start, Kenny was going to get dumped, and she was going to get a job to help us get an apartment. I suggested a celebration to seal the deal and Abby’s eyes grew huge. We stripped down and each sat with our backs against the headboard of the bed. By the time Jason came out of the shower in only a towel to get some fresh shorts, I had some very bad news for him.

“Guess what, Jay? It’s settled! Abby is going to help me in your training and that means if you’re a good boy long enough, I’ll have her to reward you with; but you’ll have to adapt to your training very well to get that good of a prize.”

I caught him up on the plans we had made and to settle the whole deal, I had Jason fetch us drinks and we all chugged another beer. Then the fun began again. I grabbed the towel away from him leaving him as nude as we were, and then parted my legs. Abby did the same thing and I asked him, “Which one of us do you want to please first?”

Eventually, I made up his mind for him and pulled him between my legs, and then made a grab for his head. As I got him to working like a good boy, I mused over the idea of shaving myself bald again and told Abby how much Jason liked sucking on smooth lips. Abby began teasing him for his opinion and eventually he agreed that he really loved the look of bald babes. That’s when he gave her first order to Jason by telling him that first thing in the morning he would be responsible for shaving the both of us, and then I added that it was such a good idea that it would be his permanent job from now on.

For the next half hour we lazily passed Jason back and forth between servicing our crotches and he even laughed with us about the humorous way we went about doing it. Abby finally asked for Jason to repeat what he had done earlier in the evening and try to make her ejaculate again. Because we were all buzzed out of our minds, it took him quite a while even with me telling Abby what she had to do to help herself, but in the end I found myself covering her mouth to keep her quiet while Jason struggled to keep her hips under his control. I found it amazing that so few girls know how to cum like that.

When Jason considered her turn was finished, he smiled at me in that special way of his that said, “It’s your turn.” I hunkered my hips back into position for my own mind bending orgasm as Jason exclaimed about Abby, “It was a lot easier when she was tied up.”