My Darling Cuckold ch. 05

The next couple of weeks flew by without any real problems at all. Life between Jason and I seemed to be back on track; other than my teasing him over nearly every hunk of a man that we passed by.

After my vaginal muscles tightened up, even our sex went right back to normal. The height that it went to however was much greater. Jason didn’t even seem to mind much that I took to teasing and taunting him throughout our love making. I was becoming very aware that I could greatly enhance his climax by throwing some well placed verbal assaults at him just as we were both about to get off. We had found a really cool place to exist in our new lives and we were both quite happy about it all.

I had just started a job myself as a receptionist at a small business. It was a little boring, but there were a couple of cute guys that I would occupy my time with during the leaner hours. I looked at them as co-workers and that meant I had no serious plans of hitting on them, despite the fact that they often hit on me. One of them was even married, but that didn’t deter him from making suggestive remarks over us possibly hooking up.

It was Friday and since Jason had collected his first paycheck, we decided to go out on the town. I teased Jason unmercifully before leaving that I was really going to get dressed up to go hunting for Manmeat; not him. I had started referring to the side of my newly acquired permissive life style in set ways so that I could not only get a rise out of Jason, but really more to get him ready for the next time I felt the need for a stranger’s arms around me.

Jason had stepped out for a moment when Abby had called and I caught her up on things. I had told her almost every detail of what had been transpiring in our lives even though I kept our conversations hidden from Jason. I needed a confidant though and since she was a hundred miles away and still my best friend, she was it. She could be a devil to poor Jason though. Knowing the new permissions I had to act on my once hidden desires, she would always want to know if I had seen my next “victim”. It’s funny, I sort of thought as Jason as the victim in all this.

When Jason came back through the door, I decided to cut things short so he wouldn’t catch me telling her something too personal. But the bitch left me crunching my thighs together when she told me that since we were going out for the night that I ought to give Jason a hard time and find my next hookup. I playfully told her to blow it out her ass and hung up, but that one quick exchange planted a seed in my mind that stuck there. It remained so close to the forefront of my thoughts that when I dressed to go out, it wasn’t just my typically cute style I would wear to be with Jay, but rather provocatively. Jason didn’t seem to notice, so I guess he figured I had dressed up just to be on his arm.

At first, we were just going to walk to the bar next door, but Jason wanted something to eat as well, so we drove down the road to a bar/restaurant combo. The second we stepped inside, Jason said, “Oh, god!”

I had to ply him for what he had his mind set on, and finally he told me that he had instantly seen all the guys and thought, “Flirt City”. I promised him I would be nice, but my sweet gent knew I had been very nice for over two weeks now and told me, “No, it’s okay. I said I’d take you out to have fun, so…”

I stared into his deep blue eyes for a moment and told him, “Damn, I have the most awesome boyfriend. Between you and Abby, you guys can drive me…”

I caught myself and realized I had opened a door I had wanted to leave closed very tightly.

Jay asked, “Between me and Abby what?”

I hummed and hawed for a moment and then he asked me again. “It’s just that the two of you don’t think I can live without… screwing around.”

Jason smiled as he looked over the menu and asked, “So, she told you to go looking for a replacement for Mack?”

“She doesn’t even…”

Jason stopped me before I could make it into a full blown lie. “I know you talk to her everyday. And… I fully expect she knows all the little details by now.”

Since he didn’t look as irritated or angry as I would have thought he would be, especially since I had promised him I wouldn’t tell her anything intimate, I decided to end my last big lie to him. “You know she’s been my best friend forever, and I really need to talk to someone about all this, and…”

“I know, I know!” Jason stopped me and made his point. “As long as I never have to see her again, and since I’m never going back home, I don’t really care anymore. You don’t think I know what you’re talking about when you hang up every time I come through the door?”

I asked, “Then you don’t mind if I talk to her about all this then?”

“As long as you can refrain from talking about me when I’m around, I don’t really care? There’s a world of other stuff you can talk about when I’m in the room.”

Again I just looked at him and quietly said to myself, “Awesome! This is just the greatest guy in the world.” Then I told him, “But this is our celebration, so I’m all yours tonight.”

He smiled, looked slowly around the male infested bar and after a big sigh, “Right! I don’t care anymore. You’ve proven to me that you can contain yourself and that you really do love me, despite the things you got a kick out of doing to me, so have fun.” He must have realized that he was giving me an open invitation, so he added, “Within reason? And as long as it’s safe.”

Since he was still sporting a smile, I told him I would take it easy on him, but I did start looking at all the guys around me a little differently. I even imagined what a couple of them might be like in the sack.

We had a fairly nice meal and were talking about my new job when two guys walked over to the table and introduced themselves; to me. When the taller of them made it clear that he was trying to pick me up, I blurted out, “How fucking rude! My boyfriend is sitting right here.”

The guy shot him a scathing look and said he thought he was my brother. However, he didn’t leave and kept hitting on me. Jason was smiling because he knew this was just the type of man I found interesting in my own Sybil-way. And he was right, because as rude as the guy was, he was turning my head with his salacious charm. When he invited me to sit with him and his friend, I pointed out that I wasn’t going anywhere with him, so he asked if they could sit with us. His friend decided to go back to his own table, but there was something about this guy that made me fall for him, “But you can sit with us if you want.

One peek Jason’s way told me he knew I was going to have my fun and the guy, Jack, started right in openly flirting with me again. I kept making small talk with Jason while he kept steering the conversation his way, and finally I asked Jason to get me another drink. He started to hold up his hand to summon the waitress, but one look at me and he decided to go to the bar to get it himself. As soon as he was gone I laid it straight out for Jack. “Look, I love the flirting and all, but I won’t tolerate you insulting my guy.”

He fired back with, “Oh, you’re just a cock tease then, I see.”

“I love to tease them, but it doesn’t always end that way; necessarily!”

That put him on the ropes and he asked, “Then I have a chance of getting you back to my place tonight?”

He seemed floored again when I said in no uncertain way, “Not a chance of it. You could be a serial killer for all I know.”

Now he knew there was a slight possibility of getting into my pants, which set my lips to quivering, but he was going to have to put some effort into making me trust him first. He asked me if I would go to a hotel with him just as Jason came back with my drink and I answered, “That’s still a little too… private; for now anyway.”

I saw I had the poor guy totally confused, but I would have bet a grand on whether or not he had a boner under the table. He finally began treating Jason as if he were sitting with us and made some of his own small talk. After taking a serious look at the guy, I decided that he might just have a chance with me after all. With that in mind, I decided to empty my bladder, just in case. I found out from Jason later on that the conversation immediately turned to my teasing of his instrument and he was trying to get Jason to tell him how he could be alone with me.

Jason wasn’t just going to act like my pimp and just hand me over to the guy; especially since the second I was gone he had gone back to ignoring the fact that he was my boyfriend. When I got back, Jason decided to go to the bathroom himself so as to give us a minute alone. He denied it later on, but I know where his heart is now.

The second he began pleading with me to make him a happy man for the night, I told him again that I was there with Jason and I wasn’t dumping him. He asked about meeting me later then, and I told him that might be possible. When he told me he didn’t believe Jason was really my boyfriend, I finally decided to answer his repeated assertions over my link with Jay. I told him how Jason and I had an understanding and that under the right circumstances I might just walk away with the right guy. That was when he made everything feasible. He had just asked me to go to the parking lot with him just to fool around a little when Jason came back again.

I leered at him and responded with, “That could be something to think about.” Jason had to see my heightened aroused state and asked me if I was leaving. I knew he was just worried about me going off with a stranger to his place and I told him, “No, but he did just ask me out to his car to… well, that isn’t important.” I really wanted Jason’s permission to go and asked, “What do you think? Would he dare kill me in a parking lot?”

Jason told me that it sounded harmless, and pretended to be absorbed in his drink to spare his pride from what I was really getting ready to do to him. Jack started building on Jason’s tacit approval to let me run off with him to the parking lot by trying to make me feel safe. Just the way he was looking at my tits, I knew he had driven himself to the point of lustful no return. But, I still made him work to gain my acceptance of his offer.

When he got to the point of nearly begging me to accompany him, I turned to Jason and gave him a peck on the cheek. I wanted to ask him to watch us from a distance to make sure the guy didn’t try to drive off with me, but that would be so cruel to him. Instead, I said loud enough for Jack to hear, “If I’m not back in fifteen minutes, call the cops.”

I thought Jack was going to have a heart attack that I had finally accepted his invitation, but his eagerness began bothering me right about then. I thought for a moment and smirked as I said, “Give me your license.”

Jack was obviously concerned over my request and I told him once more to give it to me. Not wanting to miss a chance to brag to his friend over copping a feel of me, he eventually took it out and handed it over. I kidded him about wanting to make sure he was of legal age, but instead of handing it back to him, I laid it under the plate in front of Jason. That worried him a little, but as I told both of my “present” men; that way Jason would know who I was with if something happened. Jack was worried that Jason had his license in his possession, so I told Jason not to touch it unless the fifteen minutes went by. That appeased him and I started getting up from the table. When Jack stood, I saw an amazingly thick cock running down the side of his leg and smiled. I took a last apologetic look Jason’s way and began walking beside Jack towards the front door.

“I can’t believe your boyfriend would be dumb enough to let you walk off with another guy.” Jack looked at me and added, “Is he really that stupid?”

I answered, “Not at all; that’s how much he loves me. I get to run my own sex life now.”

I looped my arm into Jack’s and let him walk me to his car. The father away from the lights we got, the more worried I grew that I had made a serious mistake in judgment. Jack’s car turned out to be near the rear of the lot behind the bar and I was too afraid to get in when he opened the door. I steered him towards the rear of his car instead and rubbed my chest into the front of him. He was happy to make out with me right there and understood my apparent fear.

Jack wasn’t shy at all and soon had one hand under my halter top and the other rubbing its way up my inner thigh and under my skirt. There’s just something so fucking hot about that first groping session; letting a new guy have at me to explore my hidden assets for that first time. Besides tweaking my left nipple as if he was tuning in a radio dial, he had a nice touch. I melted my form into his to capture his full attention and to enjoy the feeling of what my life had come to offer me.

Jack had me half sitting on the trunk of his car while he enjoyed the feel and heated passion oozing from me. When he started telling me how badly he wanted to fuck me, I reached down and began feeling for his cock. It still ran down the side of his leg, but I wondered how painful it had to be for him not standing up in the direction it wanted to be in. I decided that if nothing else, I had teased his cock enough so that I at least owed him a blowjob. I began opening his pants as I took a quick look around the lot to make sure the coast was clear.

When I had his pants undone and pulled down, I took a final look behind us and went to my knees. I dragged his boxers down with me and freed his little friend. Maybe I shouldn’t refer to it as little. It wasn’t quite as long or as thick as Mack’s had been, but it was even harder and still much larger than Jason’s. I felt so bad at always thinking of Jason’s cock as small, but that was simply the way it was and I couldn’t change things in that area.

When I pulled Jack’s cock to my mouth, it felt so heavy and hot in my hand. My moaning started automatically the second I bobbed my head down over it. When he took my head in his hands, I remembered watching Mack do that to Jason and shuddered over the memory. I wondered how long it might be before seeing something that wild again and thought about how many times I had masturbated over the thought of that as Jason was at work. I dropped his cock from my mouth and lapped at his hairy balls for a little bit before taking his cock back into my mouth. I was only there for a few seconds when I felt Jack trying to pull me to my feet. I really didn’t want to leave him unfinished and balked, but he lifted me up anyway.

I understood what he was trying to do when he began spinning me away from him, but I felt odd letting him do what he wanted right in a parking lot. However, feeling his hand lifting my skirt over my ass and working my thong to the side was just too wild to stop him. He gave my shoulders a little push almost as if asking if he could have me, and I answered him by leaning my hands against the trunk of his car and presenting my butt a little. In seconds, I felt him searching for my opening by rubbing his cock through my vulva, quickly followed by several quick intrusions of just the tip of his cock.

I wiggled my ass a little to get a more relaxed feel going, and then I felt his extremely rigid shaft sliding into me undeterred. It felt like pure heaven melting its way into me. Just as I moaned over his bottoming out on me, I saw a tiny bit of movement to the side of the building that I was now facing. I would have freaked out if his cock didn’t feel so damn good resting inside of me, but it did, so I kept an eye out in the general direction of the shadow.

Jack started humping into me real slowly and it felt great. I was even fucking back against him and thinking about how lucky I was to have Jason in my life. He gave me the best of all worlds. I began wondering just how much of his interest was over my benefits however, when I figured out that the shadow I had seen earlier was actually his. He was watching me getting fucked. It turned me on to know that he was watching, but also made me wonder if he were allowing me to have at other men just for his own kicks. It didn’t really matter at the moment, but I was mystified again when I saw him sneaking back around the corner towards the front of the building.

The next several minutes could only be described as heaven in the way Jack slow fucked me. We had one unwanted visitor on the other side of the lot, but he was soon gone and none the wiser to what we were doing. When Jack started to cum in me, he had me fully impaled with my feet struggling to find a step on his bumper. It may not have been the fantastic fuck I had been reminiscing over that Mack had given me, but it certainly took care of the hornies I had before coming out here with him.

When he pulled away from me, I pulled my thong back in place and smoothed out my skirt. I thanked Jack for a marvelous fuck and when he reached out towards my chest, I let him take one last quick feel of my girls before hiding them under my top again. I was swooning on his arm as we walked back to the front door again and asked him to continue playing nice in front of my boyfriend. He told me that I had been a very hot lay for him and thanked me, and gave me the usual offer of, “If you ever need another helping hand?” I gave him a well deserved kiss and he escorted me back to Jason.

Jack grabbed his license and excused himself immediately. I figured he had gotten what he wanted, just as I had, so he went back to his friend. I thought about him telling his friend what had happened and felt a little leakage get pushed out of me over the nastiness of having that guy find out what I had done with his friend. I leaned over to kiss Jason before realizing I had just sucked on a guy’s cock, but he got a kiss anyway. He didn’t seem to notice any difference in taste. I leaned into his ear and asked, “Did you enjoy watching?”

Jay smiled and leaned back to say, “I wasn’t watching. I was making sure he was driving off with you.”

I was so enamored by his odd act of chivalry that I gave him a passionate kiss for being my white knight. He did become a little curious over whether I had enjoyed myself as I thought I would and I asked him, “Doesn’t my grin tell you that?”

After teasing Jason over my clandestine trip to the parking lot and seeing he really wasn’t jealous or upset by it, I was feeling like a million dollar lottery ticket waiting to be discovered. I was staring into Jay’s wonderful eyes when he nodded his head for me to look at something. I turned to see Jack’s friend coming our way. Jason leaned into my ear again and whispered, “I guess you have another suitor.”

Jason told me later that my facial reaction to his words made it more than evident that I liked his assessment over why the man coming towards us was doing so and he even excused himself to get another drink to make it easier for me to finagle.

The man sat down beside me and reminded me that his name was Bull, and I kidded around with him over how he got his name. It turned out that he hadn’t gotten it because he was hung like a bull as I might have thought, but rather because as a teenager the name stuck after past girlfriends began spreading it around. He claimed that one of the reasons for the nickname was because he had huge balls which they thought were worth bragging over. That was a claim that I found somewhat necessary to investigate, and was hoping Jason’s comment was right. Bull told me that Jack had told him all about what we had done in the parking lot, and I told him I thought he had just by the way he left me so quickly.

I was flirting back with Bull and toying with a round cracker in my leftover plate when Jason came back. A very disturbing thought came to me that I wanted to involve Jason in my conquests, but I didn’t really want to humiliate him by bringing him out to the parking lot. The constant wet feeling in my crotch gave me another idea. Just as humiliating in its own way, but only between Jason and myself.

“Bull wanted me to take a walk with him. I’m not sure I want to go anywhere with a guy named Bull. What do you think, Jason? Should I trust him to be a gentleman?”

I could see Jason was stammering because he really didn’t want to become an active part in his own embarrassment, but that seemed to be exactly what my perverse mind was craving. I asked Bull to give us a minute and he went back to Jack’s table.

First, I set up Jason with my needs. “He’s such a hunk, what do you think?”

Jason basically gave me the shoulder shrug, so I mentioned several times how I wanted to try doing it with two guys back-to-back in the worse way, and then left it up to him to please me. I knew he didn’t want to be my spoiler, and I wanted him to be a real part of my affair. I twiddled the cracker I still had in my hand and said, “It’s up to you sweetie. Eat the cracker and I’ll get my wish. Or you can just throw it away and that’ll be that.”

Jason didn’t like having to give me such a clear answer to preserve his official reluctance of sharing me. However, after a moment he reached out to take the cracker from me, but I pulled it away and grinned at him. “Oh, it’s not going to be that easy for you.” He watched as I brought the cracker under the table and I told him to watch what I was going to do with it.

When he was tilting just enough to see my legs under the table top, I pulled my skirt up, tugged back the crotch to my thong, and began swabbing the cracker against my vulva in a scooping fashion. I squeezed my muscles tight until I felt my fingertips getting moist, and then swabbed myself again. Jason sat back up and was wide-eyed in disbelief over what I was doing. I stared at his face as he scrunched it up and began telling me how he couldn’t/wouldn’t do what I was asking. Just as I pulled the cracker back to my plate, I saw a very large glob of cum had plopped out of me and onto the cracker along with other copious amounts of obvious semen.

I toyed and displayed the cracker to Jason while I talked about how much I really wanted to see what Bull was hiding in his pants. Jason stuck to his guns and kept shaking his head. Finally, Bull came back and asked me what my decision was going to be, and I turned to look at Jason.

“Well dear, what do you think?” I was holding one hand over my other to conceal the cracker and begging Jason with my eyes to join my world of perversion. After a second inquiry from Bull, he reached over and took the cracker from me and held it covered in his hands. I asked him one more time. “Well. Sweetheart, what do you think?”

I saw him close his eyes and stuff the entire cracker into his mouth so that Bull wouldn’t have a chance to see what was on it. I watched as he began chewing it quickly to get it small enough to swallow. Jason would tell me later about how I had looked at that moment. He watched my eyes gloss over at seeing him do my bidding and said it looked almost like I was in the middle of an orgasm, which he took as his own reward. Indeed, I would have to admit to him that I had had a small one right there at the table.

I got up from the table and smiled at Bull, but leaned back down to kiss Jason on the cheek one more time before going off to cheat on him. I couldn’t help myself now that I was in my euphoric state, placed another cracker from the dish onto my plate, and told him, “Don’t worry, love. I’ll bring you back more dip for another cracker.”

His facial torment was priceless to me as I followed Bull out the door. I didn’t grab onto his arm until we were outside to spare Jason the public embarrassment if anyone was noticing what I was doing, and saw that it was sort of my way of telling him that I was all his now. Not much was said as he led me right to the back of his friends’ car and spun me into his arms. I was really beginning to like getting swept up into a strange man’s arms. There was something about that action that made me feel like I was rightfully their property to partake of and I became putty in their hands. I think one of the wildest things of getting molested by a new man is watching his feverish hands exploring my body like it was a priceless vase and seeing the excitement in his eyes like I’m to be played with as a new toy.

I glanced back where I had seen Jason spying on me earlier and saw he was there again. I hugged up on Bull and spun him around so I could wave to Jay behind his back. I was excited over my dalliance and waved to him to display that, but either he felt jealous over me being in another’s mans arms, or he really was just checking to see that I wasn’t being spirited away. I saw him turn and head back into the bar. I also saw his leaving as a problem when I felt how vulnerable I really was in such a large man’s hands, all alone in the dark. I knew I was going to have to find a safer way to play when away from Jason.

I decided the best way to stay safe was to show this man that I wasn’t just a cock tease and headed towards my knees right away. I told him I just had to see for myself if the legend were true. I remember feeling like a very young girl on my knees in front of such a large man as Bull while I struggled to get his pants undone. He had a beer belly, not a big one, but undeniable and it made getting at him a little harder than normal.

When I finally got his underwear down, I was amazed by two things. His cock was much smaller than I would have assumed such a large man would have, but it was thick. It just wasn’t very long and stuck straight out from his body as soon as it got fully hard. The other thing was that he did have huge balls. I would guess nearly twice the size of Mack’s, and his had been larger than Jason’s. I lifted them in my hands to feel their weight and marveled over their exoticness. I found myself lapping at them just to see what they felt like on my tongue.

I took Bull’s cock into my mouth and fellated the hell out of him while my hands kept groping this man’s humungous testicles. I knew when I stood up there was going to be one question that had to be asked. That would have to wait however, until I had gotten my fill of the man from this particular vantage point. Even though the cock I was serving at the moment was smaller than all of my extra curricular lovers of the past three weeks, it was still thicker than Jason’s, but only a hair longer. I was starting to understand that girth had a lot to do with the overall appearance of size.

I felt a small pulse from my lover and felt a quick spurt of cum. At first I was afraid I had missed taking a ride on him, but soon realized that it had just been an amazing amount of precum. I stood up and wanted to make sure I did get a ride on his pickling machine before it was too late and tried to kiss him. He pulled away and I saw that he was one of those guys that thought it was perfectly okay for my mouth to taste like cock, but not his. I had seen it many times before hooking up with Jason, so I let it go and rubbed myself all over his big belly.

“So, how do you want to do this, big boy?”

Bull told me that Jack had told him how he had taken me and I was totally alright with that idea. I spun around and felt my skirt getting lifted over my ass again. Bull didn’t want to risk rubbing his shaft raw on my butt floss thong, so I felt him ripping them down just enough to have free access to me. I presented my ass one more time and braced my hands against the trunk.

While he was figuring out where to line up, I popped the big question. “I’m sorry and you’ll probably think I’m stupid, but about those huge balls of yours. Does that mean you make a lot more cum than most guys, or does size matter?”

He laughed just as I felt him hit my sweet spot and responded with, “Normally, it has nothing to do with anything. But I do happen to be the exception. That’s the other reason I got my nickname; I do manufacture a great deal of cum compared to most guys.

All the while Bull and I were making ourselves comfortable with each other I kept wondering just how much semen the guy did shoot off; and then, what it would be like to see Jason finding out as I watched him taking his second dude. The thought of that brought me back to watching him eat his cracker earlier and I smiled knowing that I had gotten him to do that for me. Just thinking about that nearly gave me another small orgasm.

As Bull went about fucking the hell out of me, he lifted my halter and wanted to pull it over my head. I tried stopping him because we were in a parking lot and I had to worry about other people walking by, but he won. It did turn out to be a crazy addition to my feelings however, with my boobs knocking forward and then bouncing back to my chest with each thrust.

This was only the second time in my life that I had done two guys back to back, other than two weeks earlier. However, that time Jason was the second guy and I knew it was unfair to him, but I really didn’t feel that his effort that night rose to the level of being a real fuck as much as what he had done to me with his tongue and lips.

My nipples in the night air grew to hard little pebbles and I felt a line of tingling go from them right down to my clit. Evidently, when you have such big balls, it takes a little longer to make them spew their reward. It had to take ten minutes or better just for me to feel like Bull was getting closer to cumming. It took so long that Jason got worried and came back around the side of the building for a second peek to make sure we were still there. When I saw him, I remembered the night that he had to watch me getting fucked while on his knees in front of Mack, and I was hoping he would stay to see it happening again. But after watching us fuck against the trunk of Jack’s car for a few minutes, I guess he couldn’t take anymore and left again.

Too bad, too! Right after I saw him creeping away, Bull gripped my hips in his hands real tight and began ramming into me extremely hard. Jason was still in my mind enduring all sorts of humiliation at my hands as I waited for the inevitable flood of warmth. And then Bull grunted more loudly than I felt comfortable hearing considering our venue, and I felt like I was getting a warm douche squirted into me. I gasped at the feeling it caused within me, and then I felt it happening again. I pushed my ass back into Bull to garner every tiny nuance and sensation.

Unlike any other time in my sexual consummations, I felt a flood of cum backfiring out of me. It was the oddest feeling that didn’t deter Bull from continuing to pump his cock into me. I felt more of his stuff getting pressured out of me and wondered just what the hell was going on back there. I began thinking that he was actually pissing in me and brought a hand down between my legs to wet my fingers to smell the fluid. It not only smelled right, but I could see in the little bit of light around us that it even looked right; just perhaps thinner in texture.

When Bull was finally done relieving himself, I felt him pull out of me and stood up to the wildest and freakiest sensation of my life. Before my muscles had time to constrict my lips closed, I felt a flood of cum spilling out of me. I spread my legs and held my skirt up to keep it from getting soiled and waited for the feeling of my body drooling to subside. I turned my head to see Bull grinning over my amazement. Assuming that most of it had drained from me, I had nothing else to use but my hand to scoop what I could away from me and flung it to the ground. I looked at the mess on my fingers and Bull told me he’d get something to wipe us up with, and went into the car. He came back with a shirt he told me to use after wiping his cock dry.

I asked Bull if this was his normal output and he grinned again as he told me he had been checked out as a teenager and found that his sperm count was normal, but his balls made an unusually large amount of semen to carry it out of him. I knew this was something I was going to have to ask around about; and Abby came to mind right away. She wasn’t going to believe this! Jason wasn’t going to either.

A couple of minutes later, it was Bull’s turn to be dropping me back off to Jason and he seemed fixed on my face. He wanted to know if anything was wrong and all I could tell him at the moment was, “You won’t believe what just happened.” I saw the cracker I had left on my plate to taunt Jason while I was gone, but I didn’t really think I could do anything with it other than get it wet, so I threw it back onto the plate in the center of the table. I had a greater desire.

I grabbed Jason’s hand and insisted that we leave for home immediately and only paused long enough to pay our check and wave to my two studs smiling at our quick departure. Jason wanted to know all the way home what had happened to get me so excited, but I didn’t want to spoil what I had in mind and told him he had to wait to find out.

Back in our room, I insisted that Jason strip down and lie on the bed, and grew angry when he didn’t seem interested in complying. I ordered him again to strip in my typically bitch-in-heat way, and that got a response. I was stripped way ahead of him and impatiently waited for him to get on his back. I could see he was putting things together, but I was in no mood for his hesitation. For the first time doing this to him, I wasn’t being at all nice or contrite. I slung my right leg over his chest and almost immediately rested my pussy square over his mouth. After screwing two men and even after Bull’s macho display, I was still craving Jason to finish me off as only he knew how, and I launched my mind into space.

I could feel his tongue pausing trying to understand my apparent wetness, but he would have to wait until after my orgasm to get an explanation. I rubbed myself against his face roughly trying to show him just how badly I needed his help, and like the lover of mine that I knew him to be, he finally got to work. I don’t think I ever ground my bottom into Jason so hard before, but remembering what Bull had felt like cumming in me left me in such an urgent need to cum myself. And when Jason brought me to my special place, I probably came harder than ever before. I’ve had many much greater orgasms, but never have I cum that hard.

The next morning was a Saturday and I let Jason sleep in and went outside to call Abby. I just had to tell her about the night before and ask her about Bull. If not for my excited state, she probably wouldn’t have believed a word of it. I guess just talking about it to her made me have the strange need to pee, so I snuck into the room to go. Jason was awake and saw me scurrying to the bathroom. I continued my gossiping ways until I came back out, but remembering what Jason had asked of me, I changed the subject to something I could speak to in front of him. I wanted to go back outside to continue the real nitty gritty, but I felt it was more important at the moment to include Jason and kept our conversation on our current work situations. However, just before hanging up on Abby, she asked if I was going to torture Jason over Bull’s exercise and I smiled at Jason. He looked back as I answered her, “I think I’m going to have to; but he’s been a real trooper. He’ll live!”

Jason knew I had just broken his new rule; a tiny bit.
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