My Darling Cuckold ch. 03

When I looked over at the pillow where I expected to find Jason’s face, it was empty. Thoughts of what I had done to him flooded my mind and I listened intently hoping to hear him stirring in the bathroom. When I heard nothing, I scrambled out of the bed to find an empty motel room. I looked out the window and searched everywhere I could see, but he wasn’t out there.

I threw on some clothes and shoes and began searching the streets for him. I thought my best bet would be the bench I had found him on the night before and headed in that direction. I nearly ran all the way there and cursed myself unendingly over what I had done to him. I finally saw the bench I had been running towards and felt ill when it was empty. My run turned into a walk until I was standing in front of it and sat down to cry.

It was only when I grew worried over people driving by and seeing me crying that I dried my face and began the walk back. I was coming to grips with the fact that I had driven him away and began trying to set a course forward without him. I had never been so sad in my life as I trudged along, but luckily Abby called me just then. I immediately began telling her how badly I had blown everything and how Jason was gone. It was sort of funny, but I couldn’t even tell Abby whether or not his car or any of his clothes were missing, because I hadn’t even thought to look for such signs.

Abby wanted to know about the test we had drummed up for Jason and if that was what I thought had driven him away. There would be no other reason that would have and then she wanted the details of the test. I went through the whole day and how I had teased him with another date. Abby went totally silent when I told her that Mack had been the only possible guy I could do it with and why, and then she wanted to know what he had been like his second time around. I was a little annoyed that she seemed more interested in knowing about how the sex had been than about what happened with Jay. I told her all the gruesome details anyway of how much I had enjoyed myself, and even how I had to “borrow” the room from Jason. At that point she wanted to know how Jason had taken it when he got back. She assumed it had resulted in a huge fight and thus explained his reason for leaving me.

After a lot of pleading and prying, I finally confessed all the gory details of what I had done to him. I began crying when I told her how I had called him queer while in my dominate state of mind and how I had even told him how I couldn’t live without other men in my life anymore. Naturally, Abby wanted all the minute details of how I had gotten him to get between my legs to do what I had wanted him to do. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she even wanted the details of how all of it had affected and felt to me. I got the distinct feeling that she had her hand in between her own legs as I relived it blow-by-blow for her.

I could see our motel up the road and had just told Abby I would call her back. I wanted to jog to the rear parking lot to see if Jason’s car was still there, but just as I squished my phone into my back pocket, I happened to look into the fast food place next to me. All I saw was the back of a head with long brown hair and somehow I just knew it was him. I walked to the window and when I took a close look I saw it was indeed Jason. I didn’t know what to do, but when I saw his car wasn’t there, I knew he had walked over and that me feel a little more confident that he was leaving me yet. Slowly, I walked around to the side door and walked in to sit across from Jason at his booth.

He took one good look at me and then had to look down. I knew I had robbed him of every man’s right to self-respect. Neither of us said a word for the longest time and that was when I asked him if I should leave. All he did was shake his head. I really wanted to talk things out, but there were two kids in the booth right beside us, and what we had to talk about wasn’t going to be GP rated. I finally just asked him to walk back to the motel with me and he shrugged his shoulders. On the way back I told him how I had feared he decided to leave me and how I had gone looking for him.

The second the motel door shut behind us, I brought it all to a head. “I have to know Jay. Are you leaving me now?”

I studied all his body language as he fidgeted around the room. I knew he was searching for the words that I was sure would make it clear that we were finished. How could I expect anything less after stealing away his soul? He went over and threw his suitcase onto the stand and opened it up. I guess packing his things was the way he would give me his answer. I dropped my head into my hands and began crying once again. I tried muffling my gruesome sounds so as not to hurt him anymore as I kept my eyes hidden from the world. I felt Jason put his hand on my shoulder and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why it was there, so I looked up to see him standing there holding a letter. The envelope seemed vaguely familiar as he handed it to me.

I sat there holding the envelope as I watched Jay swallow hard and say, “Remember when I first met you and… I had just been screwed over by Dawn? We made love together for the first time that night, and this was the letter I found on the pillow the next morning.”

Now I remembered it a little, but how it related to all this was beyond me. I had written it because he had been made to feel like such a shit by his last girlfriend and I had hoped to pick up his spirits after one of the wildest nights of sex I’d ever had, and I left it on his pillow as I ran off that morning to cancel a date I had for that night. He had me hooked like a tuna.

Jason told me he had to be alone to understand what he was saying himself, but before walking out the door he paused and said, “All this started because of Abby and Kenny trying to fuck with us, thinking they knew something we didn’t. I can’t blame you for that or what they caused you to think. That letter is what you did for me then and ever since. I’ve read that letter a couple dozen times over the last year every time I was down and it reminded me that it’s as true today as it was then. How can I treat you any differently?” He walked out and my urge to run after him was overcome by the need to read the letter in my hand.

I took it out of the envelope and began reading what I had written a year earlier. The first part was rather mundane and spoke to how I felt about girls that used boyfriends as poorly as Jay’s had done to him. I had gone on to say how making love to him the night before had opened my eyes to a new world that men weren’t all the same and that some, like he, exalted the male form to superior heights. And even before I started reading the last page, it started coming back to me about what I had written and now I knew how it fit into the moment at hand.

And I promise you this, my dear, that I will not leave you a bloody mess wondering where you stand with me. I will always be as honest and forward with you as you are with me. After last night I see that there is love, and then there is real love. There seemed to be no end to what you would do to please me, and you gave to me every request at the mere hint of suggestion. You did things for me that no other man has ever done before. It showed me just how tall you stand among men.

So, I have to promise you this. I will always strive to give to you everything I own; whether it’s my time, my effort, or my dignity, it will be yours to have, to use, or even abuse if that is what it might take to make you smile for me just another time, because it’s that smile you offered me last night that made my world worth the walk.

I reread that last page three times as I began to understand all the many things that Jason has done for me over the last year. And when it struck me that Jason had offered me this letter to explain why he hadn’t left me yet, I read it one more time using his eyes.

Understanding why he let me abuse him last night and even the day before suddenly became clear to me and I was left dumbfounded. I always knew Jason was different from all other guys in the way he treated me, and I guess that was why I felt so betrayed when I thought he had been fucking around on me. The thing he didn’t know was if he had of wanted to screw another girl, or even Abby for that matter, as long as he told me first I would have let him and smiled over it. But now the skirt was covering the other ass, (as Abby would say) and here I was wondering how he could give up his dignity so easily for me.

As I thought about that, I realized that it hadn’t been easy for him at all. He gave it up kicking and screaming all the way, but in the end, he handed it over to me on a plate of silver. And maybe he couldn’t smile about it, but he was still by my side and after what I had told him, even waiting for more. I knew right then that I had to end my current train of thought towards him, but as I was about to put the letter back into the envelope, I saw another piece of paper in there. I took it out to find a quick rambling that Jason would often do as sort of a reminder to himself and this second letter revealed things I never knew had ever happened. It was dated from two months earlier and I tried to think about what had been going on around that time. I read the note.

Last night was so hard to take that I’m writing this note for you to find in case I find myself suddenly running away from you; perhaps for you. I saw the way you were looking at that guy earlier tonight. I didn’t catch his name because I was furious that those bedroom eyes of yours could be brought out by another guy. And then you did the most wonderful thing a girl has ever done for me. Even though it was clear you were lusting for the days before you met me and wanted to **** that guy right there, you came over to me and hugged my arm and kissed me right in front of him. I’ve never been chosen over another guy that had so much over me, and your open display of love for me made my chest bulge.

Here I am in the middle of the night writing this note, because I can’t sleep knowing I had deprived you of something that you wanted so badly. You give up things so easily for me that I feel beneath you in my love. I offer you so little it seems. I know I have to let you wander to other fields and that will hurt me, and maybe even make me leave to spare you the pain of guilt over it. But I can offer the love of my life no less than the right to enjoy life to the fullest. I feel like a mare watching my stallion’s need for other mares. In the end I would hope you always come back to me as you did tonight, and if that’s the case, you may never read this letter. But if I see any guilt over seeing your life flourish as you’ve made mine; that I just couldn’t take.

So, if you’re reading this note I guess I saw you enjoying life more without me than with me, and the guilt over being happy was too much to hide. I could offer you anything, but if seeing you feel guilty is the price, I’ll be on my way so as to spare you. I still hope that no matter what your life craves that in the end, I’ll see you come back to hold my arm, kiss me, and lay claim to me as yours. If you can’t do that, I love you, and hope the best for you.

I began crying over his words. I remembered the time he was talking about and I also remember how guilty I had felt for seeing him catching me eyeing the guy the way I did. I had run back to him almost to apologize for what had happened. He never even knew the part where I had flirted with the guy until he had asked me to go for a drive with him. I was still trying to see if I had what it took to catch a man’s eye and I felt so good knowing I had, yet when I saw Jason’s eyes I knew he had seen right through me.

It was nice to see that I had placated his fears that night, but the rest of his letter seemed to speak volumes as to why he was still hanging around. I had no idea that coming back to him last night had meant so much to him that he was even willing to give me the pleasure I had demanded of him. I knew now that I got that just because I had come back to him after I had had my fun with Mack.

It suddenly came to me what I had to do and I ran out the door. Again I was searching for the love of my life to spare his feelings and to apologize for my behavior, but this time was so much more important to me than the other two recent times. I didn’t have to go far; he was right there across the street and sitting on the fence watching over the room, and me.

I walked across the roadway and bit my lip as I walked over to him. There were two guys off to one side that apparently thought I looked hot at eleven in the morning and no makeup, and one of them asked me to go over to him as a come on. I looked at Jason’s face and knew instantly what I wanted to do. I turned my path towards the two guys and when I got to them I got the usual invitation to take a ride. I told the guys that I couldn’t, but I would love a little help. I went up to the bigger of the two and kissed him as I wrapped my hands around his head. I knew I was about to become the world’s biggest bitch, but I pulled away and thanked the man for a little of the spice of life and told him I had someone else in my life.

I turned to see Jason had caught it all, walked over to him slowly and sat down next to him. I spoke softly, but more assertively than ever before. “That was awesome; did you see that?”

Jay was stunned and totally perplexed, as were the two guys I had just left.

“Can you imagine any girl doing that in front of her guy and knowing she could get away with it… just by saying this afterwards…?” I hooked my arm through his, leaned into him to snuggle which made the other two men go about their business, and then smiled at Jason before giving him a kiss.

I could see he was having a great deal of trouble putting it all together, so I finally raised my eyebrows at him and said, “I’m here with you, aren’t I. Those guys couldn’t begin to rise to your level.”

I watched as a glow came to his face over understanding what I had just said needed no words; just heartfelt actions. He grabbed my hand and for the first time in days, I felt how much he really still loved me. But I didn’t want to leave any false hopes in him that things hadn’t changed, so I told him, “I’m starving and that guy tasted really good, but of sausage; think we could go get something to eat?”

All he did was smile at me, stood up and we walked across the street to the fast food place. I needed to know I was right in my assumptions and stayed true to my form of the past days. I said things that no girl would ever dare say to see if his smile would fade away. “He was a pretty handsome dude, wasn’t he? I wonder if he’ll be at the bar tonight?” His smile never did fade, and I think it was because my hands never fell away from the grip I had on his arm.

I even took it a step further when I asked if I had of gone with the guy if he would have been waiting for me when I got back. He shook his head and replied with, “Not if you hadn’t of come to me; I wouldn’t have been.”

I asked, “And now?”

“I would have been going out of my mind waiting for you to get back.”

We were just getting to the fast food joint and I hugged him even harder as I responded with, “Nice to know, nice to know.”

As we ate, we talked very openly for the first time in so long. We spent a lot of time on the letters and I confessed that the one thing I really had a hard time with was what I had just done to him. Kissing that stranger was to make a huge point to him, but I felt so guilty over knowing how horribly I had teased him, even for a few seconds. Once again, Jay taught me a huge lesson about life.

“Sex is all about teasing, isn’t it? Think about it; teasing a nipple, running your fingers across a sensitive area, even kissing with passion or the bedroom eyes we give each other. The idea of sex is to tease the other to a point where they get off.”

I sat back away from him a little and couldn’t stop staring at him. Not only was he absolutely right, but now I was beginning to understand how he could let me be with other guys. As long as he knew I was coming back to him, it was nothing more than me teasing him; almost like foreplay in itself. Even the awful thing I had made him do to me last night was literally no more than rubbing his face in my endeavors, thus in a very weird and wonderful way, having sex with him. I was coming to such a wild and euphoric understanding.

I let things simmer down for a while as we made plans on getting on with the rest of our lives. I made no mention of our sex lives or even our intimacy, but it was always eating at me throughout the day. Finally, as we sat down to eat supper, I asked Jason if he knew what a cuckold was, and got the naïve “no” I had expected.

“You’re my cuckold now, you know? I sort of turned you into it last night. Not just that last part, but the whole date thing. You’ll probably hate me for this, but I was being honest with you last night when I told you I wouldn’t be ending it. And it hasn’t changed now; I’m just not going to feel so guilty about it. Can you handle that?”

He looked down at his food and after a long moment came that secret answer we both knew well; he shrugged his shoulders. I thought I’d give my new understanding of what sex was and nailed him broadside when I said in a somewhat dreamy way, “I was thinking of stepping out tonight. I guess it’s a good thing for you that I don’t know anyone around here.”

I really had no idea what he would think of that, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him leave it at a full blown smirk. We were having an absolute ball as I learned that teasing my lover’s mind wasn’t close to the way most people would have thought of it. I quickly learned and understood the boundaries that we people set up to make being in love so much easier. Knowing that despite everything that had transpired since leaving Hickville, I still had Jason’s full and unquestionable love like a huge present to me. It was even better than the make up sex I had planned for him later on.

And then with some of the worst timing I have ever witnessed in my life, Jason asked me if I was really planning on going out by myself as I had teased him earlier. I told him I was just kidding him and that I expected to be ****** my favorite dude in a very short time. He smiled so broadly understanding my implications. I would be so happy later on thinking about how I had gotten that statement out when I did, because not two minutes later I heard, “Well, looky here! If it ain’t Bliss and her little man?”

Both Jason and I spun around to see Mack standing behind our booth. I went into sheer panic and the English language raced from my body. I was torn between being civil with Mack and trying to spare Jason from any humiliation for at least one night.

Mack helped himself to the seat across from us and told us how he had just been to the motel room looking for “his girl”. It’s always flattering to hear a guy say that, but I already had plans to bring some of Jason’s self esteem back to him tonight. Besides, I knew I had to keep away from Mack. He was just getting too cozy in my life and I had already decided that Jason couldn’t take anymore of Mack being rubbed into his face. I shortly learned that Mack had no qualms about disparaging Jason all he wanted when he pushed over and patted the bench next to him.

It was clear that he wanted me to go over and sit next to him, but I wasn’t about to do that and was about to ask him to leave us alone. How to do that after letting him have at me the past two nights wasn’t coming to me easily. I was already abusing Jason’s feelings; I didn’t want to make a habit to doing that to every guy I knew.

“Let her out, little fella,” came from Mack.

I started to say I couldn’t go with him tonight, but Jason got out of the booth and waited for me to slide out. I looked up at him and realized he was giving me an opportunity I would never have ever asked him for, and without knowing it, my body began sliding past his. I went over and sat next to Mack, felt his arm going around my shoulders to claim me as his, and never took my eyes off Jason as he sat back down.

Mack leaned in front of me and slid his other hand up my leg to grope at my crotch. I pushed it away after allowing him a quick feel, and told him to behave himself. He then reached across the table and helped himself to some fries off Jason’s plate. I elbowed him and warned him to be nice.

“I’ve got this itch I need scratching,” was the next thing to come out of his mouth, “and I think it needs some vigorous thrusting through some kind of a wild bush. Let’s blow this place and do some heavy scratching.”

His hand went back to my crotch and as hard as I tried I couldn’t get him away from me, so eventually I tried to ignore him. That only seemed to encourage his further exploration under the table. “Cut it out, Mack. We’re in a public place and people might see.”

He again asked me to leave with him and I again said, “no”, but he wasn’t getting the message. I looked woefully at Jason and I could see he understood I was trying to get Mack to behave, but it wasn’t in him.

Mack took his offer to a different place and asked Jason if he minded me leaving with him for a “quickie”. I looked at him struggling to hold onto the little dignity Mack was affording him and found myself waiting for his answer, but then I made it for him to spare him from the embarrassment.

“Okay, I’ll see you one more time, but later on. And this is the last time! Get it?” Glimpsing at Jason’s face I knew I needed time with him to explain why I made that choice and to give him a little time to prepare himself for it. “But not now! I’m having dinner with my boyfriend and you’re not going to interrupt it. I’ll meet you at the bar at nine.” I remembered the problem of where to go to do things and asked, “You do have money for a room, don’t you?”

Mack smirked and told me he wasn’t spending sixty or seventy dollars for ten minutes of fun. He then looked back to Jason and told him, “You’ll just have to leave again. Or hell, you can stay and watch if you want.”

Between his arm holding me tight to his chest and his probing between my legs, I had become turned on enough to need the relief I knew would only come from hooking up with him, so I squished up my nose in a begging way and asked Jason, “Do you mind? Just for a few minutes? I’ll make sure it’s the last time.”

Jason went back to eating as he had been while trying to ignore another man hitting on me. He shrugged his shoulders and I knew I had his tacit approval. I then tried to get Mack to leave but he wasn’t finished having his fun just yet and asked me, “So, was I right, or was I right?”

I thought for a second and understood he was asking whether I had gotten Jason between my legs last night. I blew it all over the place. “Yes… no… I mean, I don’t want to talk about it. Will you please just leave now?”

Mack planted another long kiss on me and took his hands away. The bastard left my tongue tied and swooning in his wake as I got up to let him out. After he patted Jason on the head and walked away, I stood standing to give Jason the idea that I wanted to sit back next to him. He stood up and as I pushed back in, I saw a couple with their two kids about ten feet away that had obviously been watching the whole thing transpire. The man kept leering at me as the blatant whore I was, and the women shook her head and went back to eating. I felt about two inches tall with these strangers getting an x-rated look into our lives.

It was only seven in the evening, so I had two hours to prepare both myself and Jason. That gave us a full hour to make light of the situation, talk it over, and for me to play down what was about to happen. Jason really seemed to be accepting my infidelity rather well, and since he mentioned how much he loved me after every bruise to his ego, I knew it was just because he wanted me to be just that happy. I even spared his fear by telling him that despite how wonderful he had made me feel last night, I wasn’t about to put him through the same thing when he got back. He laughed though when I offered him sloppy seconds after a shower, and then shrugged his shoulders when I told him Mack may leave me a bit too stretched out for him.

The more I saw Jay loosening up, the more I dwelled on what Abby had said about my freaky sex drive melding Jason into it. At certain moments I felt almost like Jason was playing a double role as my best friend against his own best interests.

I made the mistake of checking the time on my phone and when Jason saw it, he slapped my hand with his and said, “I know; it’s time for you to get ready for your big date.”

I begged his forgiveness but he told me not to worry, that he would be okay. The second he set my mind upon my date though, my focus immediately began gearing into that direction. That, I found, meant I was thinking more about the guy I was meeting than my boyfriend. It also meant I was falling into a sluttish persona.

On the walk back to the hotel, I apologized again for kicking him out of his own hotel room, and asked him to stay close by. Mack was an unbelievable fuck, but I was beginning to worry about his brazenness. Jason said he would go to the strip mall down the street and come back in a couple hours. I again told him that it wouldn’t take that long and asked him to come back at ten. I told him I should even be showered and ready for round two if he wanted. I felt sad when he declined my offer, but what guy would want sloppy seconds from his own girlfriend. I had to be a little understanding.

Getting ready for this date was so much different than the last two. I didn’t seek to hide anything from Jason and even talked to him through most of it. Just before nine, he pointed out how I had grown all giddy over my anticipation of getting laid again and I felt horrible. He told me he understood and even liked seeing me so bubbly. I told him I would stay that way for him and told him again that I promised I’d take a shower as soon as Mack was done with me. I even kidded him that since he didn’t want me afterwards that I might still be in the shower taking care of myself when he got back. Mack’s inability to make me cum, despite the massive wave of orgasms he would cause me to quiver in, was turning into a running joke between us and I saw it was the one area that Jason felt superior to Mack over.

Until Jason came into my life, I never really understood that we girls have different kinds of sex all the time. I remember as a young girl that after giving a guy head, that I was satisfied sexually almost as much as the guy. Mack was the example of a great fuck for the sake of an orgasm, or even multiple orgasms, but the topper to all sex was what Jason brought to the table; a full blown orgasm that included cumming. And I mean really getting wet when it happened, almost like a guy when he ejaculates. And strangely enough, each was pretty hot in its own way, but if I could only have one, Jason’s style would be it. Thank god I didn’t need to make a choice anymore.

I was ready to leave for the third night in a row, and when I saw Jason checking me out, I tried to make light of what I was doing to him. I had dressed in a very inviting halter and my most assessable micro skirt. I asked him if I looked hot enough for my date and he only nodded. I knew my leaving was his toughest moment to handle, so I went over and insisted on a very passionate kiss this time. We stared into each other’s eyes and I could see deep down he was happy that I was happy. I warned him that to sidestep Mack’s verbal taunts that he should leave soon so they didn’t have to pass each other. I chided him that I hoped someday that my “men” would be able to get along. It was just a jest, until I felt a tingling running through my loins over the thought that I did indeed have two men in my life now. This might be Mack’s last shot at me, but I knew he would soon be replaced down the road.

I gave another peck at Jason’s cheek and went for the door. I gave him my shrugged shoulders and apologetic face one last time and shut the door. From there on it was all about my date. I noticed that I had a skip going across the street and even after the way Mack belittled Jason, I couldn’t wait to feel the excitement I caused in him as he would slide it into me. How many sick girls like me get the chance to get all gaga and addlebrained over cheating on their guys?

Things were a little different at the bar. I found Mack sitting at a booth with several friends and I wondered if any of them were the ones that had assaulted Jason out behind the bar that first night. Mack had a guy move out of the booth so as to put me in between them on the circular bench. I had worn a very short skirt and a halter top to make sure Mack got properly prepared for me, but now that there were three other guys ogling me, I wished I’d dressed a little more conservative. Mack had just received a beer and told me he was going to finish it before we left, so I knew I had at least ten minutes to kill with these strangers checking me out like a piece of meat. How fitting from Jason’s eyes!

I guess Mack decided that since Jason wasn’t around that I was his toy to play with instead and he was soon exposing what I was doing to my own boyfriend. I couldn’t believe he would do that to me, but I had put myself in this position. That was when he decided to share me even further by pulling him to his chest, running his hands up the front of me and forcing my halter top up over my tits. He exclaimed, “What do you think of these little fuckers?”

I hadn’t worn a bra, so his friends got their eyes worth of me. I struggled to get my top back down just as the waitress came over. She slapped Mack and told him that she wouldn’t tolerate his immaturity in the bar, and then berated me for allowing it; like I had a choice. I wanted to slink under the table however when as she walked away she blurted out, “Nice boobs though.”

After that I gave Mack a very blunt choice; we either left then or I would be going alone. He downed his beer and announced to his friends that I needed my “hole” plugged and finally took me out of the bar. As we walked across the road to the motel, I should have chastised his actions, but I was just too damned horny. I felt so little under his arm as he walked me along, and then like a wanton whore when one of the local motel dwellers saw me in his arms rather than the guy I was living with at the time.

I made Mack wait on the sidewalk until I was sure Jason had already left, and then waived him over. I felt like I was sneaking around right up until the door closed behind us. That was when I got my own surprise that left me a little shocked, but not totally adverse to what was going on.

It started out with Mack slobbering against my mouth and feeling me up like a high school kid. He tweaked my right nipple rather hard and I squealed, but I didn’t pull away from him. I guess that sent him the wrong message and there was a wild twinkle in his eye. The next thing I knew, he had grabbed a fistful of my hair and was yanking my head towards the floor. I quickly saw that all he was doing was getting rough with me because of his size, and yet another secret started pouring out of me.

I let loose with a cry of pain, and sneered at Mack when he twisted my head to face him. A curt exchange between our eyes was all he needed to garner my permission and I felt him tearing my top up over my head. As he pulled the top free of my arms, I pushed him away and he grabbed me by my waist to hoist me into the air. He threw me over his shoulder and with one hand tore the skirt off my ass and tossed it aside. I felt him grabbing the side of my panties in his fist as he walked closer to the bed, and then he dumped me off his shoulder. As I was falling through the air, he jerked the side of my panties so hard that he ripped them from my body.

I screamed over the ripping sensation tearing at my skin just as I began my bounce on the bed. Mack walked on his knees across the bed until he had my legs in either of his hands and forced them apart.

“Like it a little rough, huh? So, let’s play then!” He was sneering at me now and my actions with a guy my size would have been questionable, but over the top with a guy his size. When I went to scoot back towards the headboard, Mack grabbed my ankles and bent me in half. “Like games? You’re gonna love this.”

The next thing I knew, he had pulled something from his back pocket and was snapping part of it around my ankle. He told me the device, which was actually two identical pieces, was called a hobble and since he didn’t seem particularly threatening, I didn’t fight him all that much as he stretched my leg to reach the loop of the device over the post of the headboard. I saw what he was doing and it felt so damn erotic as I twisted under him. I watched him snapping the second restraint to my other ankle and then that leg went past my head to the other bedpost. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fully exposed to any guy before and it had such an intoxicating effect on me.

Mack began shedding his own clothes while soaking up my fixed form and I looked down to see my own crotch just inches from my face. I knew that all I had to do was flip my torso around and I would be face down and able to get free, so fear wasn’t such a big thing to me. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so I grabbed my ankles and melted as I watched his erection fall from his shorts. I hadn’t seen it so well before, but now as I looked at it, I saw how it was nicely thick and long. It had such a smooth mushroom cap topping it off with a prominent ridge around the head that explained the wild sensations it had caused me in the past as it traversed my pussy.

Mack looked down at me like I was a trussed up turkey and positioned himself closer to me. He ran his hands up the backsides of my legs that caused a quivering ripple right back to my clitoris. I watched him run the head of his cock through my vulva getting it moist, and then he took a long, slow plunge into me. I hadn’t thought about how my legs’ position left me so wide open for him and right out there that he was able to get further into me than in the past, and I found myself pushing on his chest to stop his motion. My distress caused him a great deal of pleasure and he toyed with me over it. He repeatedly kept going just a little too deep just to see my eyes bulge and my arms push frantically against him.

I was beginning to see that Mack was playing with me just as I was with Jason’s emotions. That also showed me a little bit of what Jason was seeing in how one person’s torture can be another’s pleasure. And right on cue, he started with the verbal shots.

“So,” he started, “the little guy like his first cream pie?”

I wasn’t sure which to rebuke him over first; his constant disparaging remarks towards by boyfriend, or his infliction of mental anguish on him. I guess they boiled to the same point, but I separated them for some reason. “I wish you’d stop picking on him. This is destroying him and I don’t like that. Look at what he’s giving up here.”

He laughed at his feelings getting hurt and asked again, “How’d he like the taste of a real man?”

I couldn’t figure out how to say it and still be defending Jason. I finally told him, “He did it… but it wasn’t easy. I had to fight like hell to get him started.”

Mack was grinning ear-to-ear and came back with, “And it’ll get easier for him every time. You’ll see tonight.”

I told him in between his thrusting that I wasn’t making him do it ever again, but I knew that wasn’t the truth, so I told him how I had promised he wouldn’t have to do it tonight anyway.

“You shouldn’t lie to him like that. It’ll only make it harder for you to train him.”

I told him I wasn’t “training” him and that I wasn’t going to make him do it.

Mack stared me in the eye and I felt him slowly withdrawing his cock until it fell out of me. I was confused and told Mack not to stop, but he sat up on his knees and grinned. It only took me a second to figure out that he was withholding the thing I needed most at the moment to force me to change my mind. I repeatedly told him I couldn’t abuse Jason like that and go back on my word to him. Mack started rubbing his cock against my swollen labia and he picked now to find my clit to taunt along with it.

I shook my head and repeated again, “I can’t do that to him! Please? Come on, it’s doesn’t matter… just fuck me.” My resolve was quickly fading and he had to see that. “Mack, please don’t make me do that. It’ll crush him and he won’t believe anything else I tell him.” His fiddling with me was driving me nuts and I made a grab at his cock to pull it back into me, but he slapped my hands away.

“You’ve got to keep up the training girl or you’ll lose your fun. Promise me you’ll do it and I’ll give you back the happy stick.”

I swore at him and cried out, “Look at what he’s given up to you already. He’s letting his girlfriend fuck another man. What else can you ask for?”

“I want him trained. Tell me… or we’re through and right now.”

I twisted my face into a pleading beast, but he knew the fire he had going in me was going to win over. I closed my eyes and felt tears coming to me. “You prick! Okay… I’ll make him do it again. But I’m not training him for anything. This is the last time… for both that and you.”

Mack’s smug smile came back again and he asked, “Promise me!”

My eyes rolled back into my head over my own disgust and I finally did it. “Okay, I promise. I’ll make him do it one way or another. Now please, put it back in.”

Finally, I felt the warm rod sliding back into me and I swore at myself for being so weak. “Why are you doing that to him? He’s such a nice guy.”

Mack told me point blank the truth of the matter. “I’m not doing it to him, Bliss, you are. And you know why. The power you have over him drives you nuts, doesn’t it? Just watching him serve you, cleaning up the mess of your lover, having the upper hand for the first time; it all works for you, doesn’t it.”

I wasn’t going to admit to him that he was right. But even as he got back into his former rhythm I knew I couldn’t deny it to myself. I had felt all those things last night as I had held Jason’s face to my crotch. It had set me on fire and turned me into a wild woman.

In my trussed position, I watched for the first time in my life in total awe as Mack’s massively rigid tool kept sliding into me until my hands automatically pressed against his chest to tell him I couldn’t take anymore. Seeing it happen just a foot in front of my eyes was so fucking hot and intense. It was all so raw as I saw for the first time my labia being forced wide open to accommodate this male intrusion. The only description I had for everything this man did to me was animalistic.

When Mack saw me watching my own fucking with such fascination, he exaggerated his performance and began pulling all the way out before humping it back into me. I could see when and where the ridge around his cock head was, and the sight of it turned me into a frigging moaning whore. That drove him over the edge and he began slamming into me. I have no idea where he was getting his cock to go, but I knew I couldn’t take as much as he was driving into me. Just as his grunting told me he was about to unload deep in me, he said the nastiest things that drove me into my own massive orgasm.

“This is for you, Jason. Here’s your supper, boy! Come and get it.”

His words made me think of feeding Jason his last cum and I went nuts vibrating like crazy. But Mack wasn’t done tormenting Jason yet and pulled out just before he was done to spew the last two squirts into my already matted pubic hair. He then demanded that I rub it in my hair to make a real mess of myself, and sadly for Jason, he didn’t need to repeat himself because I was all for it at that point. I couldn’t believe what I was doing knowing full well I was going to keep my promise to Mack. I went about the job as an artist spreading his sperm thoroughly over my trimmed mound. I even reached out and fingered the last drops from his cock and smeared them over my very exposed clit.

Mack smiled over my joining his fun and crawled off the bed to get dressed. I tried to reach the loops holding my ankles in place but found them just out of reach. Mack was making me promise him again that I would betray Jason’s trust in me for his pleasure.

“You’re really having fun with this, aren’t you? You’re going to make him leave me, you know.”

To that he responded that I was having just as much fun as it was for him. I found myself agreeing with him, but when he went back to calling it “training”, I again refuted his wording. As he finally began taking my legs down from the bedposts, he really got me scared for Jason; and I saw that in his eyes that this was all about training. He placed my legs just inches apart and made me promise not to move until Jay came back and I did, but then he whimsically stated that Jason would be taking it from the “tap” in no time.

I knew exactly what he meant by that, but I still found myself asking him to explain his statement.

Wearing his unyielding smirk he told me, “The boy’s gonna learn to swallow cock better than any whore on the strip by the time we’re done with him.”

“No,” I cried! “Leave him alone. I want you to stay away from him. Are you clear on that?”

“It’s gonna be me or some other guy, but you know where you have him headed and,” as he grabbed his balls through his pants, “it’s better this than some pint size cock to learn on.” He came over to kiss me goodbye and added, “And you know it.”

I watched him walk out the door and replayed the words he had just said over and over. The more I heard them running through my head, the more I feared what I was becoming. A week ago I never would have thought of ever cheating on Jason, yet I had. I never would have dreamed in my wildest fantasies that I would ever pull Jay’s face into the mess left in me by another man, yet I had done that, too. And now, that fucking Mack had me thinking about helping to turn him into… literally… a cocksucker for his benefit.

I snapped my head to the clock and saw it was almost ten o’clock and pushed all those bad thoughts to the side. I had made seperate promises to both of my lovers, and now it was nearing the time to decide which man I would let down. I already knew the answer to that question; it was more about how I would explain going back on my word to Jason.

I began turning onto my side and felt some of Mack’s semen drooling out of me, laid flat again, and wiped it back up to my pubic hair and slowly rubbed it around my lips. As sorry as I was feeling for Jason, I was still subconsciously working to make it as bad for him as it could get just for the nasty thrill of watching him twist in the chore I had waiting for him. That was when I figured out that my mindset was still in Mack mode. He had a way of making me scream through an orgasm, but without that all out body cum that only Jason was able to bring me, my body was left wanting. That was why Mack was winning over my sexual soul.

I saw a body moving slowly past the window and I knew the time had come. I was shaking when I heard Jay’s key go into the door, and when it opened I stayed silent. I knew he would catch on as soon as he saw me lying there in wait for him. He took one look at me and turned away. It was clear I had lied to him and I felt the most important thing was to explain that to him first.

“I’m so sorry, Jay. Come here and let me talk to you. I didn’t mean to lie to you, honest. Please come here.”

I had to beg him for several minutes before I got him to sit on the edge of the bed next to me. He couldn’t bring himself to look at my lower torso again and I felt so bad for him, but I also knew he was going to have to finish what Mack could only start.

“I told you last night that I would need you to do this again, but I swear; I really wasn’t going to do this to you tonight. And certainly not after Mack because of the way he treats you. But I need you now so badly that it hurts. You know you’re the only one that can really get me to cum… and I need you.”

Jason was just sitting there unable to look at me, still with his back to me. I begged him to turn around, but he couldn’t. But since he never moved away from me, I finally decided to physically help him as I had the night before. I ran my hand down his long hair and felt how soft it was, and began coaxing him to turn around and at least look at me. When he refused I started getting mad. I wasn’t nearly as mad at him as I was at myself, but it was about to be focused on him anyway.

“I need you now… Jason, turn around.” And when he didn’t, I gripped his hair tightly in my left hand and began pulling his head backwards. I found my right arm actually going around his neck to help pull him down to my chest. I kissed his forehead as he struggled against me, but it was obvious that he wasn’t doing as much as he could to break my hold on him. Maybe Mack was right and he was deep in the closet, or maybe it was just because he loved me so much that he knew how much I needed him was greater than his disgust. Either way, the time was at hand and I became very physical over my needs.

I held my love to my chest and whispered softly, “Its okay, I’m right here and I’ll help you.” He finally tried sitting up again, but I held firm. “I know, sweetie, I know. You really don’t want to do this, but you know what you do to me. Just pretend Mack was never here.” I bent his head back and kissed his forehead again. “Just let me guide, you baby, and I’ll help you through this. It’ll be over in no time.”

Seeing I needed to get even more aggressive than last night, I threw my left leg around his body and pulled his hair until he went onto his back. I faced him and kissed him passionately enough that he couldn’t possibly misunderstand my heat.

I locked my eyes on his and slowly began sliding up his chest until he saw what I was doing. I switched my hold on his hair to both hands on either side of his head, and gave him one more kiss before he would begin his task. “I love you so much… now love me.” I scooted forward one long slide and had his arms trapped under me. Jason tried turning his head to the side which only resulted in him getting his hair pulled harder. My pussy was just inches away from his mouth and as I watched his tormented face, I smeared my crotch over it. I sat back and saw the wetness and then did it to him again. I was becoming the ravaging bitch I had been last night.

I sat forward again and made a serious effort of planting my lips right over Jason’s. I saw he was staying still and now I was getting pissed at him. He had to see how badly I needed this, so I pushed down hard on his face and pinched his nose shut. His eyes bugged out and I told him I wanted to feel his tongue in me. In a few seconds, he began understanding that I wasn’t going to let him out of this. When he began running his tongue through my lips, I released his nose and praised him for coming around.

“That’s a good boy. You know what I like so well. See, it’s not as bad as you make it out to be.” I saw his eyes close and continued giving him instructions. I even leaned way over his head and began having him lick my clitoris clean. I was refraining from saying anything else about it being Mack that he was cleaning up after, until I discovered something bizarre. I decided that he shouldn’t be left out of all the fun this time and began rubbing his chest when I was sure I could release his hair.

“You see, babe, I knew you could do it.” I leaned back a little and ran my hand down to his crotch and rubbed his crotch roughly to give him his own thrill, and nearly missed a huge sign. It wasn’t until I ran my hand over his crotch a second time that my mind paused to understand what I was feeling.

“Oh, my god, Jay!” I rubbed my pussy against his face some more and changed my mind about mentioning Mack. I leaned over to his face to whispered to him. “Does he taste as good tonight? Huh? Mack said he was thinking of you when he shot his cum all over me.” I felt his tongue dive into my opening and reached back for one more feel of my lover. There was no mistaking what I found. “That’s a good boy! Just lap all his cum off me and it’ll be all me again. You like that, don’t you.” He shook his head as much as my thighs would allow him. That was when I let him know I knew better. “Jay, your body is betraying you.” I slinked my hand in under his belt to grab a very hard prick. “You’re rock hard for a reason. Now I want you to really get me off. Work that tongue, you little fucker.”

When I called him a fucker, his cock pulsed with a rush of blood. Whether it was the dirty talk or his actions, he was now my bitch as I had been Mack’s earlier. I launched my worst at him while I held onto his cock as a gauge of my words. “Oh, yeah, babe, that’s it. You might be afraid of the names, but you really are fucking queer, aren’t you. Mack keeps telling me you are and I’ve been telling him you’re not, but there’s no denying this little piece of boner, is there?”

I felt another pulse in his cock as I had called him a queer again. It was becoming ever so clear to me that whether Jason knew it or not, he loved his new position as my cuckold. I knew I was going to have to keep a better eye on his cock from now on to see his true feelings over what I was doing to him.

I noticed my shredded panties barely hanging from the edge of the bed and held them up for Jason to see. “This is how my other lover stripped me. See how mad I drive him with lust. And now it’s your turn.” I wasn’t going to dance around what Jason was doing for me anymore and now that I knew my words were making his cock twitch behind me, I kept throwing jabs at his manhood. Just as we had talked about earlier, it was all about teasing your lover into their climax.

“Mack tastes good, doesn’t he? Get in there deep and get it all out. You know, he even cried out your name as he was unloading on me.” His face may have still looked tormented, but his tongue was in full motion. Even though I knew I would never allow Mack to force Jason into giving him a blowjob, I wasn’t above using it as a way of teasing his mind with it. “He wants to do the same thing to you as those other guys, you know? He told me you were going to be sucking his cock soon. Would you like that?”

I felt Jason twisting under me, but a quick look behind me and I saw that he was still hard as a rock. “That’s it baby, get it all. Make me proud of you. I can’t wait to tell Mack how well you like his cum.”

That did it for the both of us and I began rubbing my crotch into his face as hard as I ever had, and his tongue and lips were working me over ever so well. When I couldn’t take anymore, I leaned forward, forcing my clit right over his mouth, and he nibbled it just the way I like as I had an earth shattering climax against his face. But as I realized I was nearly falling over his head, I saw that he had his hips high in the air. I knew what he was doing even though I found it impossible to believe. I gave him one last image to help him over the edge and said to him, “Mack’s going to have so much fun with your mouth.” I heard an immediate muffled grunt come from between my thighs and smiled that I knew now I had teased Jason as much as he had teased me.

When we both relaxed, I sat back while still holding myself plastered to his face. I reached my hand back and snaked it into Jay’s pants one more time as his eyes remained shut, but his face showed he knew what I was going to find. And I did! Jason had just ejaculated as he was eating me out. That was a first for him and when I teased him about it, he knew the jig was up.

I rolled off his face and undid his pants while I lay somewhat cuddled up to him. When I had his pants opened, I ran my fingers through the semen on his belly and chastised him for “liking boys”, but when his face turned into that of a betrayed lover, I added, “I’m just kidding. I know it was all in your head. But we are going to have to talk about this in the morning. I love you so much and you just gave me such relief. I still find it hard to believe that with Mack’s stature and the size of his cock, that you are such a superior lover.”

When I saw Jason smile to know that, my world lit up like I was crowned the queen of all. Somehow I had lucked out in finding a way to have two separate lovers that each had such different skills that combined into the most pleasing sexual treat any girl could ever wish to experience.

I kissed Jason on the cheek as he was near falling asleep and asked him again if he understood what a cuckold was and that he was mine. I wanted to explain it to him, but he said in a slight voice that he did. He told me that he had gone to the bookstore in the strip mall while he was waiting for Mack and I to finish and looked it up. That was that! He knew what a cuckold was now, but more importantly, he knew he was mine and wasn’t screaming at me. That was a pretty clear sign for me that he didn’t have much of a problem with it. I knew he wasn’t okay with it yet, he couldn’t be. But with a little more training…

I caught the word I had just used and furrowed my brow over how it had just popped into my head. Was Mack right about yet another thing? Had I been training my poor, sweet Jason without even knowing it?

My whole body shivered as if I had been scared by someone in the dark. I was growing afraid that I was losing control of things even though I had felt like I was gaining it. I remembered Mack’s parting words from less than an hour ago and suddenly sat up on one elbow and told Jason. “I don’t ever want you to be around Mack again, Okay?”

I heard Jason whisper that he never wanted to be in the first place.

I needed to make it clear to him, “I’m serious, Jay. I never want you to go near him ever again. Don’t talk to him, don’t let him get close to you, nothing. Promise me?”

Jason opened his eyes and looked at me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Mack had revealed his plans to force him to suck his cock. I knew I was never going to fuck Mack again, but I was afraid he might just seek to take that out on Jason. I kissed his cheek again and buried my head into the crook of his neck and saw that I needed to act like a better girlfriend and begin working to save him from any man’s worst nightmare; being hunted as the prey of another man.