Just a heads up, this was one of my most fucked experiences.

It was a Friday afternoon when I got a call from my stepfather Paul.

We'd never been close and he'd never really treated me like a son or even to well, My mother had a pretty good relationship with Paul begrudgingly but there were times where his drinking would become too much and he would say or do something that would get my mother to riled up and she’d kick him out for a bit.

Paul while I hate to admit it was a good-looking bloke. He stood at about 6 foot 2 and had taken care of himself in his youth and had only really started drinking in the last few years of retirement and started to develop a bit of a beer gut but was otherwise in great shape.

I’d heard and or been at the table at way too many family events that included a bit of alcohol, that my mother was very happy with what Paul “had.” This wasn’t half as bad as when he moved in and I felt like he was very dominant about showing he was going to be the man of the household now my father wasn’t there no more. My mother wasn’t much better screaming the house down when they’d have sex or even fooling about out in public while I’d be sitting there like a third wheel. Basically, there was a lot of shit memories with Paul and I wasn’t a major fan of his.

Anyway…. I picked up my phone to see Paul was ringing and I knew what the outcome was going to be if I answered it knowing damn well my mother had most probably kicked him out. I decided to put my phone on silent and carried on about my business.

It wasn’t until about a half hour later when I sat down in my car ready to head home that I checked my phone and seen that I’d had a few missed calls from Paul but some from Jen to. I also had a text from Jen telling me that she’d been rung by Paul and he’d been kicked out and that she said he could stay at ours!!!!

I wanted to beat my head against the steering wheel right there and then! I called Jen and asked her what the damage was. She had told me how he’d said some things and been frustrated, and it all blew up and how my mother had chucked him out. Jen said she felt terrible hearing him sob and she couldn’t say no and hoped I didn’t mind.

The annoying thing was that Jen knew I’d had a strained relationship with Paul, it had been something we’d talked about in the past. I think the happiest I’d seen the bloke was the first time I’d brought Jen back to meet my mother. If that was from him being a dirty old fuck or actually being happy that I’d met someone was hard to tell. I knew what I’d have placed my money on though.

Jen always latched on to older blokes, the absolute void of any father figure in her life left her with some heavy daddy issues that usually came out very heavily. As much as she hated it her innocent/cute voice would slowly seep through ever so slightly and her dominance would flurry into submissiveness to them. I’d never had that sort of reaction from Jen but we loved playing each other’s sick games and that was profoundly better than anything else that had lacked in our lives.

I groaned and huffed down the phone and asked how long he’d be with us, Jen sheepishly said she hadn’t asked and carried in to tell me in a ever higher pitching tone that she said I’d grab him on my way home.

I bit my tongue and said that she would owe me for this and she agreed and said she would make it up to me.

After driving to pick Paul up down the road from my mother’s as he dejectedly sat on the side of the curb with a suitcase of clothes, I got out and helped him Chuck his stuff in the back and into the car. He seemed more sober than he smelled.

The journey back home was awkward with minimal questions from me and minimal answers from Paul, our distaste for each other was mutual. When we got to my house I turned off the car and turned to Paul and asked why he chose to ring Jen. He only gave me half assed look and told me “You wouldn’t say yes even if you answered your phone, I knew Jen would.” I couldn’t help but remind him that as long as he knew I didn’t want him there.

When we got into the house things were ever so increasingly awkward. The tension between me and Paul was unmistaken while Jen tried to make up for that by being extra affectionate and trying to diffuse any situation that arose.

This annoyed me incredibly as not but two hours after Paul had been at my house my girlfriend had made him an incredible meal and gotten him comfortable to the point of treating it like his own house. To make matters worse she had also gotten wine out which had refueled his inner asshole of a being.

He quickly started to treat Jen like he had treated my mother. The only problem is thought that Jen was hypnotized by this sort of behavior from an older man in the house. To make matters worse Paul didn’t care that I didn’t want him there and basically treated me like I was an inconvenience by being there in my own house.

I was about to lose my head so I grabbed the dog lead and took the dog out for a walk, it really helped to clear my head and I’d hoped maybe in the morning when Paul had sufficiently worn off the alcohol I could try and lay some boundaries and question him on how long he was hoping to be at my house.

By the time I’d gotten back I opened the door and stopped for two seconds before opening the living room door to gain my composure. On the other side I could hear the light giggles from Jen and the deep laughter of Paul.

I opened the door to see Paul sitting in the middle of the couch with Jen facing him. Both with a glass of wine in their hand while Paul rested one of his hands on Jen’s feet beside him.

I must have looked dumbstruck entering the room, here was my vile stepfather not doing anything untoward by the looks of things but still resting his hands on a piece of my girl, especially a piece I cherished.

They were both quick to welcome me and Jen even talking to me like a child asked if I had “cooled off from my strop“ which made Paul laugh. He was quick to give a totally half assed fake apology for being so moody earlier when I had picked him up referring to “Everything was just too much.”

I simply said it was ok and I’d do better and as I walked toward the kitchen and leaned down to kiss Jen, she looked and noticed and quickly turned her cheek toward me as my lips planted against her cheek.

This was it; she was going to try to do something with my stepfather, I knew it, she knew it but I didn’t know if my stepfather knew it yet. As I walk into the kitchen and filled a glass of water, I couldn’t help but notice how my hands were trembling and my body now felt numb.

I mustered what strength I had left and made my way upstairs exclaiming I’d be back, each footstep up the steps felt like a deafening blow, I could hear my heart beat thumping almost exploding through my chest.

As I got to the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed I didn’t know what to do or think.

I sat what felt like forever trying to make sense of what had just happened. Maybe Jen was just playing with me ? Was she mad at me for something ?

I didn’t have too much time to answer as I heard to footsteps of Jen coming up the stairs.

She entered the room and took one look at me and quickly came to my side asking “Is everything ok?”

I told her what was eating at me, about how she turned her cheek and how I found myself hating myself for getting so turned on by it.

I sat there looking in Jen’s eyes knowing that she was waiting for more. “I just never thought the guy who was with my mother might ever have a chance of fucking my girlfriend.“

Jen replied stating “What makes you think he wants to fuck me? “

I chuckled a little, “Who wouldn’t want to fuck you, everywhere we go there’s plenty of people who want to fuck you!“

Jen loved this and couldn’t help but add to the building moment “Everywhere we go there’s someone I wanna be fucked by baby, I’ve been downstairs with Paul hoping that he’d make a move on me and you’d walk in on it.“ as she finished that sentence she had a devilish smile on her face.

I ran my hand down the front of her loose fitting trouser and touched her push and it was soaking wet. Jen’s hot fucked up perverse kinks were all flying into motion.

I couldn’t help but look up at her as I rubbed around her soft moist clit asking “Wow, you really do wanna fuck my stepdad don’t you!?“ as I started swirling my fingers around her clit more intensely

She shut her eyes and told me “I wanna be fucked by daddy!“ that sentence nearly made me blow my load right there.

About twenty minutes ago my girlfriend was sitting downstairs with the biggest douchebag I’d unfortunately had met in my life, I didn’t want him living with me and I didn’t want him around my girl. Now here I was enticing Jen with our illicit words while I massages her wet pussy with my hands, slipping two fingers in every now and then.

It was a rare moment where I hadn’t had my chastity cage on (I think it had broke and we were due for another ) so my dick was able to stand to attention letting Jen know she had me eating out of the palm of her hand from here on out.

She slowly grabbed my hand and took it away from her pussy, cleaning two of my fingers with her mouth and leaving the rest for me as a gift. While I’m there cleaning my hand getting ready to go back down stairs Jen asked me if she should “change into something more appropriate?“

She could have asked me if she should come downstairs in her birthday suit in that moment and I would have agreed. I got up and walked toward Jen sharing a deep passionate kiss mixed with the taste of her juices rolling around our tongues and pulled back to tell her that she was a mind reader and how lucky I was to have her.

With that she quickly slid down her trousers bent over toward the cabinet ******** her perfect tight lips protruding and picked out s skimpy pair of denim hot shorts. She proceeded to sit on the bed cross legged and asked me what I could see and there was barely inch thick strand covering her Pusey and a think line of fabric rubbing up over her ass hole. In other words it left nothing to the imagination. She got up and bent over in front of me and showed me how her pussy ate the hot pants between her sexy pussy lips while smothering it in her juices.

She turned back towards me and held both my hands and looked me deep in the eye and told me “ Are you ready to watch the love of your life seduce your father?“

He was my stepfather but I didn’t correct her. She was so enticed by her own words I just followed her downstairs to the living room.

When we got in Jen excused us and made her way over to sit next to Paul. I could see he was loving Jen’s new choice of clothing, his eyes didn’t leave the sight of her long tanned legs as she seductively walked towards him. She again got on the couch facing towards my stepfather so that her back was to the arm rest and her spread open legs were facing him.

Any given moment my asshole of a stepdad was about to see my girlfriends young youthful tight pussy. For the first half hour Paul didn’t seem to know where to look or what to do with himself, it was weird seeing my stepdad act in this way. I thought maybe my presence was holding him back from indulging in his first move.

Jen proceeded to top up his glass with wine and in doing so bent over with a clear view of what must have been a full view of her ass including her tight little asshole on display, Paul’s eyes were fixated on it and her looked like he was about to start drooling at the sight.

I got up off the chair and grabbed the empty bottle and took it to the kitchen. Knowing better but still doing it I grabbed another bottle, hoping to keep the night moving along at a decent pace.

As I entered the room I was greeted by s familiar site, my stepdad now had his hands on Jen’s feet again but his hand was slightly moving up and down it toward her ankles and back. I topped up Jen’s glass and handed it to her sat down in the chair that was directly in front and to the left of the couch. If I focused on the tv it meant I turned to the left and had the couch out of sight but I did my best to keep myself included into a conversation that was quickly pushing me out.

Is lost track of the conversation until I’d heard Jen asking Paul to Chuck her s throw over as she was getting s bit cold, I turned around to see Jen’s legs stretched out over Paul with him draping the throw over her.

My girlfriends got tanned legs now lie on top of the crotch of my stepdad and I couldn’t have had more mixed emotions. Just like usual, things were moving faster than I’d have liked them to have been.

I was incredibly turned on, the balls on my stepdad by letting my girlfriend drape herself all over him. His hands were starting to wander her body and she was falling head over heels in lust, totally spiraling out of control in the sick depravity of the ongoing situation.

The reality was my girlfriend was gearing up and steadily moving forward to fuck my stepfather. The actuality was that my girlfriend was looking at my stepdad as if it were her father, playing out a fantasy of hers.

In between motions of everyone watching the tv and then me trying to join in their conversations Jen had now move her legs up in a way so now both of her feet rested on my stepfathers lap. The colour of her tanned legs and the prettiness of her featured assured me that my stepdad was now rock hard and she was playing with his cock with her feet.

As the nights wears in toward the end and everyone has drank a bit too much I turn back to see if Jen wants to call it a night, my stepfather looks at Jen avoiding eye contact with me entirely. I noticed both of his hands were under the blanket with one by his crotch and one toward the side of him where Jen’s pussy and ass were. All I could think was how lucky this cunt was, taking what was mine without a seldom care. It wasn’t enough that this guy was fucking my mother, no. He wanted to fuck my girlfriend too.

Jen told that she’d finish up her wine and see to it that Paul had everything he wanted and then she’d be up but I could make my way up now. The anxiety and depravity that stirred in my stomach was such a hideous feeling of absolute degeneracy. There was a burning inside of me that made me feel more alive than anything else in the whole world when my life would take a turn down the darkest route I couldn’t imagine but my soul desired for.

I got up off the couch and even though I hated him, my submissive tendencies emerged and I wished my stepfather s good night as I left the room.

My ears again were ringing walking up the stairs to my bedroom. My dick had been tucked into my waist band for the whole night building up a ferocious pressure. There was no way I was letting my stepfather know I was getting turned on by seeing him have his way with Jen.

It wasn’t long after I’d gotten to the bedroom and lied down on the bed. The room wasn’t spinning but my head was. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or just pure hormones making me feel like this but I did everything in my power to control my heart.

Just so I could indulge my perverted want of trying to listen out for any sounds of Jen and my stepfather. It had only been about five minutes after I’d left before you could ever so slightly hear a giggle from Jen occasionally but after about fifteen minutes I heard my stepfather leave out s grunting sigh which was unmistaken to the times that I’d heard him having sex with my mother when I’d lived at home.

My heart stopped dead in its tracks, every muscle in my body got tighter and I felt like my senses were heightened a thousand-fold. Followed by the noise of Jen saying something I couldn’t make out it stayed silent after for another ten minutes.

I began to heard glasses clink and the sound of light switches and then footsteps up stairs. In through the door came Jen with a beautiful mischievous excited smile.

She came to the side of the bed and said “Come here!“ so I came to the side of the bed and positioned myself so she was between my legs and my head came to about her chest level.

She looked me in the eye while holding my face with her what I now felt were wet hands and said “ I just made your father cum, he exploded in my hands when I started calling him daddy “ my cock was now constantly twitching and rubbing against Jen’s leg, she resumed “You’ve got your fathers cum all over your face now and I’ve got it all over me! We’ll leave that on your face but you can clean me up!“

The amount of degeneracy that I was about to submit myself to was overwhelming. Jen lay down on the bed and made me clean all of my hated stepfathers cum off of her. A bit landed on her legs and a lot on her hands but she made me suck it out of her clothing to. She said “It would be a waste letting you have it, so clean it off me and feed it to me.“

Each bit of cum I’d find if make sure to not clean it off in one go, minimizing how much I cleaned off at once just so I could bring my tongue back to Jen’s to embrace our tongues sliding between each other’s as my bully stepfathers cum coated our mouths.

When I was done Jen exclaimed how this had to be the hottest thing she could ever hoped to have happen. As she started to talk about how hot it’s going to be to actually fuck my (step) father I couldn’t help but place my head down towards Jen’s pussy and start licking at her clit.

I could feel a slightly colder stream of her juices running down her asshole from where my stepfather had been fingering her tight little cunt and began to run my tongue as far down her ass as I could, cleaning every spec of her beautiful juices and resuming to lick her clit until climax.

In doing this I’d inadvertently rubbed most of my stepfathers cum off my face onto Jen’s now soaking wet cunt. I let her know and she told me to leave it as she pulled me up to rest by her side.

“You’re the best!“ she said as she gave me a big sloppy kiss. I couldn’t have been any happier right there other than maybe if I was allowed to cum but I knew better then to ask and the freedom of no cage for the brief moment was a blessing I didn’t want to put focus back on to. We lay together until Jen fell asleep and then me not long after.

When I finally awoke in the morning I woke to a empty bed. Jen had already made her way downstairs. I got myself together and headed to make my way down feeling very anxious after the antics of the previous night. The bathroom had been used for a shower not too long ago so I knew Jen had got herself clean and most probably looking great for my stepfather.

Halfway down the stairs I could smell breakfast, upon entering the room I greeted Paul who was sitting on the couch on his phone. He didn’t really give me any attention as I entered but cursed at his phone and mentioned some choice words involving my mother.

Jen came back in the room and sat next to Phil……. I couldn’t believe it as she walked in. She was wearing nothing but her bath robe or so it seemed, I instantly felt my blood being torrented down to my cock.

Jen sat down next to my stepfather and place her hand on his shoulder and asked him if he was still having a hard time getting through to my mother. He told Jen that she was being stubborn and wouldn’t hear him out.

Jen placed her hand on his thigh and started slowly rubbing it telling him to give her some space. Jen’s robe was riled up right up to her thigh and it ******* the entirety of her sexy tanned leg. I was so sure she had no underwear on underneath now.

I stuffed up a lip and chirped out “It’ll be alright.“ and made my way to the kitchen. Breakfast had definitely been made but I couldn’t find any for myself. I poked my head into the living room and quickly asked Jen if there was any breakfast for me.

She turned her head to face me while keeping her hands planted firmly on my stepfather and told me she didn’t know what time I’d be awake so she just made it for herself and my stepfather. As she was ending the sentence I could have sworn I seen my stepfather firmly grasp her thigh.

I couldn’t believe how sexy I was finding being treated like dirty in my own house by my girlfriend and her sexual enticement for my stepfather.

After making myself a bowl of cereal I sat down to ask what my stepfather Paul had in store for the day. He sulked saying he might not get up to much and was hoping to catch the football on my the tv a bit later.

I couldn’t help but feel a fray annoyed at how my stepfather was making my house his basically overnight.

I asked Jen if she had any plans and she immediately jumped at the opportunity to tell me how she’d be staying in to do cleaning and chores around the house but she’d need me to pop out to grab some things for her, with that she looked over and gave me a sly smile and returned her attention to Paul.

She grabbed his hand and placed it back on her leg and placed both her hands on top of his and asked if he’d mind helping her with some stuff about the house. Paul looked at Jen and smiled and told her he’d be happy to help after taking him in so graciously and treating him so well.

Then like an atomic bomb went off my stepfather in my own house in front of my very own eyes leaned into Jen and gave her a peck on the mouth.

He didn’t linger, and it didn’t seem very flirtatious but it was totally out of character. It caught Jen off guard as her cheeks went instantly red and the old fuck looked at me and proudly said “She’s a great girl, you’ve landed on your feet with this one.“ then looked back to Jen and said “She’s like the fish hater I never had.”

Jen jumped practically into Paul’s arms and gave him a huge hug, it wouldn’t have been so bad but her robe had come wide open and her bare tits were basically pressing on his chest and her bare wet pussy was resting on his leg. Paul didn’t waste the opportunity, squeezing her firmly by the hips and pulling her body into his.

There was a awkward silence as I gawked at the scene. Paul just looked back at me with a almost sinister stare not breaking eye contact but forcing me to.

When Jen finally let go she quickly exclaimed “Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise my robe had come open!“ and began to do s cute laugh while my stepfather exclaimed in how he hadn’t noticed either the lying fuck.

Jen wrapped herself back up and asked if I minded to go get some shopping for the house and some things she had ordered. She was on the spot trying to get me out of the house for a few hours without making it blatantly obvious in front of Paul.

I caught on to this early and told her to just text me where I needed to go and proceeded to finish breakfast while Jen pottered around in the kitchen. She called in asking if any of us wanted a tea or coffee and Paul said he’d like a coffee. I was done with my breakfast and took my bowl out. I placed my bow in the sink and pressed myself up against the back of Jen with my cock pressing in to her ass, I reached my hand around the front of her and placed my hand through her robe and she was indeed not wearing any underwear.

I rubbed my hand over her cunt which to no surprise was already nice and moist, I couldn’t help about how much of a nasty bad girl she was in her ear. She lent her head back onto my shoulder and turned in for a kiss. It was so fucking hot.

I told her I was going to go for a shower and that I’d expect her to text me with everything she knew I’d want to know when I was out.

I gave her another kiss and went and had my shower and got dressed. In my perverse ways after I’d gotten dressed I did my very best to sneak back downstairs and I was so glad I had. My stepfather was nowhere to be seen in the living room nor was Jen. I slowly crept toward the kitchen to find my perverse stepfather holding my girlfriend in the very same motion I just had, except it looked like his hand were on her tits. Very quietly he was asking “Do you like the way I touch you? I’ve thought about you so many times since I first laid my eyes on you.“

Each time he’d say something Jen would slowly moan and grind her ass against him. My infatuation was hard to break, I managed to come back to reality and slowly make my way back toward the bottom of the stairs. I did my best to hide my hard on and made more noise than I needed by dropping my keys and fumbling around by the door. I then let out a loud “Right then I’m about to go!“ and walked toward the kitchen.

The sight was very different to what I’d just seen as Jen was now by the sink and my stepfather was standing facing the microwave stirring his coffee presumably hiding his erection.

I gave Jen another kiss and said if she needed anything more to text me and that I loved her.

She deviously smiled and then kissed me back said she’d be sure to and didn’t say she loved me back. I grabbed my crotch to stop it from exploding and made my way to the car and started to drive aimlessly.

I ended up at a scenic location a couple of miles away from home, maintaining my concentration was its own task as all I could think was about Jen and my stepfather and what they could potentially be doing while I wasn’t there.

About an hour after I’d left Jen sent me a text “When you make your way back just pick up a few bits and pieces, make some excuse for where you’ve been but don’t hurry home. Your father has just gone for a shower and I’m going to let him catch me masturbating when he finishes.“

Those words alone nearly sent me over the edge. I wanted to get my cock out and furiously masturbate right there and then. Jen was doing everything in her power to get my rude, condescending, arrogant stepfather to fuck her.

I replied to Jen “That’s so fucking hot. Wish I could watch!“ about twenty seconds later Jen simply replied with “What’s stopping you, I know you love watching me get filled by daddy more than you love filling me yourself.“

I text her back “I can’t wait to see you get some dad dick in your pussy, you going to let him breed you?“

I sat eagerly awaiting her reply, I could only imagine how she was lying on the couch with her legs spread playing with herself, getting worked up by teasing over these texts. A minute felt like a eternity, it was torture.

The ping from my phone jump started my heart with each text it began to receive. Jen had wrote “I’m gonna beg for him to put his daddy seed in me. I wanna feel him cum inside every one of my holes.“

Next a picture of her showing her hand about a inch away from her pussy showing her juices sticking to her fingers. And then another text about ten seconds after simply stating “Shower stopped!“

This was it. I couldn’t do a damn thing about what was about to happen even if I wanted to. My stepfather was about to walk in on Jen worked up beyond all belief fucking herself deep with her fingers, tanned taught body spread out all over the couch. It didn’t take a genius to know that any man, especially one as unkind as my stepfather was going to fuck her rancid.

I opened up my phone continuously for the next 20 minutes staring at the words “Shower stopped!“ and began to make my way to my super market which always held horrible memories of a past coworker ( previous story ). As soon as I went to take a step out of the car my legs felt like jelly and my knees were shaking

It was a hard toll to take on my body every time Jenny would be fucking someone. It’s like all the anxiety and nervousness, jealousy all swipe into my depravity in my relationship. It was like a forest fire that swept away inhibition and rationality, I could only see down a long corridor of illicit perverted stepping stones on how me and Jen could make our lives more interesting than they were in our own sick way.

I picked up some odd and ends and tied my best to make it look like I’d actually been out grabbing stuff, making sure I had the essentials and more.

It wasn’t until I’d gotten to two streets away from my house that I stopped the car. I turned the ignition off and it occurred to me that I couldn’t recall the shopping trip or the whole journey home to that point. My head was an absolute mess and I knew why.

As much as I loved my pleasures and kinks even as illicit and extreme as they were, I don’t think you can ever truly prepare for the situation I was in. I’ve mentioned it enough times but my stepfather. My stepfather was fucking my girlfriend presumably.

I looked into the rest view mirror of the car and faced it toward myself. I looked grey and nervous. There was a slight sweat to my forehead and my chest felt tight. As I stated in the intro I regained control of my breathing and started stating out loud to myself “Right this is it. Your stepfather is fucking your girlfriend.” It hit hard hearing me say these words to myself but it helped me come to grips with the situation I’d helped place myself in.

I continued while looking in the mirror “Paul, your stepfather is currently fucking Jen!“ The more I said it the more my horrid pit in my stomach washed away and steadily replaced its self with a sweltering feeling of toxic love for a depraved situation.

I let out one final big breath and said “Right this is it!“ I opened my car door and got out, locking it behind me and made my way toward my house through the little street lanes hoping not to be seen by any neighbours.

My house while small is detached and fenced all around with a public field way at the rear, I opted to take the field way hoping it would allow me more privacy.

As I reached the gate to my back garden I was again trembling and felt I neither had the physical strength or the mental to pull myself over to the other side but I hadn’t come this far to back out and got over.

I’d just gotten over when I looked in the kitchen to abruptly see Jen bouncing up and down on my stepfather’s cock facing toward the back patio doors while he sat in the dining chair facing toward her perfect body as her perky tits rose up and down.

She was being fucked with an almighty strength, Paul was slamming her down on his cock by the hips, I watched as Jen’s beautiful thighs jiggled with each down stroke that had her crashing onto my stepfather’s cock.

I’d come at the right time, it was long before my stepfather picked Jen up with his dick still in her and started fucking her while holding her. It was impressive to say the least and she looked like she was having the fuck of her life. I watched as he kept fucking her mercilessly before pushing her up against the patio doors and resuming to fuck her savagely from behind.

It was then that Jen noticed that I was actually there watching her get battered by my stepfathers huge dick. It must have I fired something in her as she briefly looked like she was going to smile at me before it mixed into an angry lustful look.

She started throwing her ass and hips back furiously into my stepfather’s cock, Paul loved this too as he let his hand hang at his waist only bring one or two up to slap her ass now and then.

Unfortunately after a good then minutes they decided to take their fuck session into the living room, I hurriedly made my way to the side window and was able to watch my stepfather put Jen on her back on the couch, bring both of her legs up to him so her feet were at his face and plunged began to slowly sink his dick into her.

I hated that this prick was so gifted/lucky. Along with his good looks he really did have a huge dick and it seemed to be driving Jen wild.

Even through the double glazed windows you could hear Jen profusely screaming, calling him daddy and asking him to fuck her harder.

I watched as my stepfather continued railing Jen in every position he could.

Jen had noticed me out of the window and unbeknownst to me had started to quietly tell my stepfather that she could see someone watching them both.

It made sense as I had noticed that Paul had gone from savagely taking my girlfriend to being quite stiff in his motions prior to what was about to happen.

I’d had my good up and was wearing white dark clothing and due to it being close to winter the light had drastically stopped.

I saw Paul plunge his dick as deep as he could in to Jen’s pussy and then kiss her passionately, he then pulled out of her and proceeded to head to the kitchen. I could only assume to grab something like a drink.

I’m watching Jen make eye contact with me through the window while she plays with herself when all of a sudden Paul is outside wailing on me with a baseball bat, calling me a dirty fucking creepy cunt. He smashed me up pretty good, hitting me in the face three times causing me a busted eyebrow and a black eye and a busted nose.

It wasn’t until I screamed that he stopped and confusing asked “Oh my god… Is that you!?“ with that he pulled down my hood and seen it was me and immediately acted like he was the victim. “What the bloody hell are you doing out here? I could have bloody killed you, you stupid fuck!“

I immediately interjected throughout the pain and reminded him that I’d just caught him fucking my girlfriend. He didn’t like it, looking at me barking “Your “girlfriend” was all over me the second I walked through the door. Maybe I’d you were a real man and gave her what she wanted you wouldn’t be in this situation. You’re a real piece of shit you know that? I never wanted to bring you up, god knows how many times I asked your mum to put you up for adoption, you’re an embarrassment.”

I didn’t know what hurt more, the actually physical pain I was in or the mental punch my stepfather had just given me to go along with the physical beating.

Unfortunately neither of those would hurt as much as when Jen came out hurriedly examining “Oh my god are you ok!?” I brought my head up to show her the damage but she intently ran to my stepfather Paul and planted a huge kiss on him.

Jen quickly turned her attention to me and pretended only then to notice it was me and with a fake shock exclaimed “Oh my god baby, I didn’t know it was you. I’m so sorry. How long have you been watching us? I know you said it was ok but I didn’t know you would watch us!“

Paul looked between me and Jen confused but grabbed me by my scruff and dejectedly helped me into my own house. They sat me down coincidentally in the chair in the kitchen I’d not all that long ago seen them fucking in, another embarrassment to the collection.

Jen went to the sink and started to soak some rags, when Paul grabbed a seat and sat down opposite me. He straight up asked me “Right then, no lies you little fucking creep. What’s going on here?“

In most situations like this I looked to Jen, her looks and sexuality usually talked a lot louder than my words could.

Sitting there with my face oozing blood, Jen couldn’t help but look at me and laugh. She looked at Paul and laughingly said “Oooohhh I can’t believe you beat my little pervert up daddy!“ she handed me a cloth and sat down on Paul’s lap facing him so her back was facing me, leaving me out of the conversation completely while I tended to my wounds.

“It’s like this see daddy, he knows he can’t please me. He’s too small and not equipped to please me sexually but I love him in other ways. He lets me have my fun and I let him share my bed with me after I’ve been fucked in it.“ with that she fiendishly laughed at my expense.

“He wanted me to let you stay because he knows that his mother isn’t treating you right and he wanted to show you how thankful he is for all you’ve done for him.“

The man who I absolutely hated but had to say was my stepfather was now being thanked for “All he did for me“ by my girlfriend who’s grinding on his lap and knows how terrible of a person he’s been to me.

“So when we you got kicked out and needed a place to stay, I asked if we could let you stay and he said only if I please you daddy!“

I already don’t matter to either of them. Jen’s last sentence led to her and Paul now embracing each other in a heavy make out session. Jen was moving her hips forward and back while Paul’s huge cock ground at her wet slit.

Jen slowly in between moans asked Paul if he’d show me how a real man fucks. It was so hot hearing her build the sentence in between the lustful sounds of her getting closer with each tub her clit landed against my stepfather’s cock.

Paul began to get up clutching Jen in his hands in the familiar manner I had seen him fucking her in earlier, laughed and said “He’ll never be able to fuck you like I can and he’s too stupid to learn.“ As he turned his back to me and made his way back to the living room I could hear someone sit down on the couch and then the loud slurping of Jen sucking my stepfathers cock began.

I was in a lot of pain and managed to make my way toward the living room door, as soon as Jen seen me limping over in pain she kept eye contact while beginning to deep throat my stepfathers huge cock, she took it out of her mouth and looked at me to tell me that she was so turned on by the sight of me in pain and bloodied before continuing to suck down on Paul’s cock with an almighty force.

Jen continued to suck on his dick for the next 10 minutes before he picked her up and put her doggy style on the couch. Jen ordered me to sit on the floor beside them and watch.

My stepfather then proceeded to grab both of Jen’s arms after putting the fat tip of his dick in her and pull them towards him before pressing his swollen cock deep into her pussy.

Watching Jen’s pussy grip and hug on to my stepfather Paul’s cock with every stride was mesmerising, the voice of each thrust catching every inch of moisture in her weeping cunt was magical. It made the pain totally disappear in my hypnotised state.

My stepfather continued fucking Jen in every angle he could on the couch while she’d make sure I was watching. Every now and then my stepdad would slap me across the face or give me a slight punch to make sure I was paying attention to.

Jen’s humiliation came out in leaps and bounds, telling my stepfather “I’ve gotten him to suck cock before, it was to easy if I’m honest. He sucks them before they fuck me and then after. You know what he does Paul!?“

While Paul was giving me a disgusted look he replied to Jen “Do I want to know?“ when Jen replied “He begs to clean their cum from me, after he’s begged them to cum in me!”

This pushed Jen over the edge and she came on my stepfathers dick right before my eyes. Her body convulsing and her cunt now firmly pulsating in my stepfather’s dick.

As soon as Jen was able to compose herself she got off my stepdad’s dick and bang to start sucking it with all her strength again. It looked like Paul want far behind my girlfriend in climax.

As I watched Jen’s weeping wet Pusey and ass jiggle ever so slightly with each suck and stroke that brings her up and down on my stepdads dick I couldn’t help but feel absolutely fucked with degeneracy mixed in with my pain slowly returning.

The unmistaken sound of my stepdad leading up to blow his load was unmistaken. Jen kept sucking until he started to blow, with one quick move Jen kept and while keeping a hand on my stepfather’s dick and began to rub the swollen tip of his dick all over her pussy and Clint as it spewed out rope after rope of cum, covering her cunt completely.

My stepfather Paul sat back in the couch deflated, after having what looked to be the best blow job of his life.

Jen looked at me and simply said “Lie down pervert.” As I started to do so, the curiosity in my stepfather came to an all time high as he brought himself back up and to the edge of the couch to see if I was about to do what he thought I was going to. Jen looked at me and ordered me “Beg for it you useless piece of trash!“

I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t handle any more physical pain with how busted my face and body felt. I opened up my mouth embarrassingly saying “Please can I have the cum from your perfect pussy mistress?“ it gave Jen a smile to her face so I knew I’d said the right thing.

She looked at my stepfather and with an evil grin and then proceeded to lower her cum soaked pussy all over my face. I didn’t fight, I stuck my tongue out and did my best to clean what I could, my mind wanted it all but the pain from Jen now sitting on my swollen busted face was hurting to bad.Jen was quick to catch on to this before grabbing me by the hair and forcing my face into her swollen pussy and squeezing my face with her thighs. Her cruelty was turning me on insanely.

After I’d cleaned Jen my stepfather wouldn't look at me, simply muttering how I was a disgrace anytime he'd recall what just happened. I lay on the floor in too much pain and humiliation to move. Jen asked my stepfather if he’d like to sleep upstairs with her tonight as I’d “be better on the couch with his leaking face and bruised body.“

As I tried to get myself up Paul simply got up off the couch and told Jen it was a great Idea and simply stepped over me to leave the room. After my stepfather had gone all the way upstairs Jen leaned into me and asked if I was ok, I tried my best to crack a smile but I was seriously in pain. I told her that I’d be “ok” and that she’d given me yet another night I would forget for the rest of my life.

She helped me on to the couch and checked if I needed anything and was ok again. I reassured her and told her to be on her way up stairs to her new lover. She give me a dozen kisses all around my face and told me she had the best boyfriend ever and began to make her way from the room, as she was just about to leave I told her after the beating I had tonight that I had hoped it wasn’t the only time I’d be cleaning her used pussy that night. She looked over and said “I’ll make sure it isn’t.“ and winked at me before heading up the stairs.

When she got to the bedroom she lovingly shouted “Daddy!“ and it wasn’t long again before the sound of my girlfriend getting fucked was echoing throughout the house.

I won’t lie, I was in too much pain and ended up drifting off pretty early and was in a rough shape the next day. Thankfully Paul had been text by my mother and managed to swindle his way into getting back into her home with her after spending the past two days fucking my girlfriend in every way conceivable.

There were other times when my stepfather would ‘drop by’ usually when I weren’t there after all this, and every time my mother kicked him out he would come straight to mine and fuck my girlfriend instead of fucking my mother for the time he’d stay with us.

We never built up any relationship, by third or fourth time he despised me and would always get physical with me which Jen loved.
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