I’ve been recalling some of my memories about how I got into the cuckold lifestyle, they mostly stayed through my mother and our domineering incest relationship. So let me tell you a bit about her and how she rocked my world.

She’s about 5’6 and weighs about 64kg, she’s got a nice toned and voluptuous shape to her. Her whole body is tanned and she takes care of herself so she’s always got her nails painted and pedicured.

She’s busty and she’s got thick thighs and quite a big ass, she doesn’t wear makeup and it may be in my opinion but I don’t think she needs to.

Now to the main reason, I’m talking about her. My relationship with my mother has never been normal when I’ve compared it to others and their relationship with their parents. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I started to notice that I was sexually attracted to my mother as much as most of my friends and most guys were.

My father wasn’t in the picture so for most of my life my mother had brought hundreds of blokes home and was never shy about fucking them in the room right next to me. Again as I got older I started to learn that my mother was pretty much a slut and sex was almost a hobby for her and she couldn’t get enough of it.

I’d never brought friends home as my mother wore very skimpy attire around the house and never any underwear. It was so exhilarating and at the same time such a normality after so many times growing up seeing my mother naked that often, she mainly wears little nighties that barely cover her.

I had a thing for my mother completely I can’t lie but I loved her legs and her feet, I’d always offer initially to give her massages and that turned into an expectancy. Every time she would come home from being out or working she’d either expect me to be there waiting or she’d mention that I’d forgotten something, it was the start of my mother's dominance over me, I would end up being in a very submissive relationship with my mother by a later time.

I would and could spend hours massaging my mother, I’d always use lotions or oils just to see her beautiful legs shimmering underneath my hands. I always let her know that I really enjoyed massaging her and I’d always have to tuck my dick up on my waistband to hide how hard she would get me. Sometimes she’d come home wearing tights and I’d have to convince her/almost beg to keep them on so I could rub her soft shiny nylon-covered legs as the ultimate turn-on for me.

I will never forget one time when I was home on a Friday night and my mother had come home with some guy she’d met in town, they burst through the door making out, and immediately waltzed upstairs to my mother's room not even noticing me as they did. I gave it five minutes and headed back up to my room and sat in silence as the noises from my mother's room started to increase it wasn’t long before my mother was moaning fiercely as her bad frame maintained a banging against my wall.

It stopped with what I can only assume was a change in positions but still I sat and listened with the hardest and biggest erection of my life, all I could do was keep edging as my mother took a hard fuck next door.

The only time I heard the guy was when he was cumming as my mother in a slutty seductive tone moaned yes at him repeatedly. This moment was so hot and the lustful dirty images that paraded around in my head were projecting a thousand a second, the craziest thing in all this though was that this whole scenario usually happened at least every 3-5 times a month.

The thing that made this time different though was that after my mother had finished being fucked and the guy had left, she knocked on my door and asked if I’d mind giving her a massage. I’d never had my mother approach me after one of her sessions before as she’d either pass out or have a shower and then chill for a bit.

The way my mother had asked let me know she was a bit ***** still and she had almost a mischievous tone to her voice when she asked me. I was taken back a bit because I had still been edging myself when she had knocked so I was still crazy horny but still obliged.

I followed my mother downstairs she wore a sexy silk nightie that loosely hugged her figure as my cock twitched in my waistband went into the living room and she turned the tv on and lay down on the floor.

I grabbed the massage oil from the shelf and made my way over and placed myself at the bottom of her feet but with her feet resting in my lap with the toes on one of her feet ever so gently resting against my twitching cock, it wasn’t the first time I’d rested my mother's feet against my cock and deep down I knew that she could feel it but she had never said anything or moved them away.

As I started rubbing and pressing down on my mother's soft delicate feet I could catch the lightest fragrance from her feet that had been cooped up in her sexy high heels all night. Everything about my mother was making me boil with absolute perversity, I’d have loved nothing more than to put her sexy toes in my mouth, licking each black painted toe!

After working on her feet for a while I began to coat my hands and her feet in oil and slide my hands into every crevice and wrinkle on her foot, feeling her perfect long toenails run over my fingers felt heavenly. A while later again I began to make my way up to her legs, with my mother I could make my way up to the inside of her legs where my fingers would be inches from going inside her, and again she’d never really stiffened up or said anything or flinched away from it. The only thing I could guess is that I was doing enough of a good job at making her feel good where the rest of her thoughts about the wrongs and rights of it all drowned out but I had never dared to go further, I felt my mother just loved to tease and I loved it.

This time though when I shifted myself and pulled one of her legs aside so I could start massaging up her leg I was amazed to see her pussy glistening, absolutely soaked in cum! My whole body felt like it froze in time like I was trapped in stasis. Suddenly all I could hear was my heartbeat as I visually traced the wet lines along the insides of her legs where the cum had drooled out of her as we had walked down the stairs.

I didn’t know what to do or how to react but for some reason, it was the biggest turn-on of my life. My mother had noticed my lack of movement and looked back to ask if I was ok and she surely caught me staring at her cum soaked pussy. I almost gave myself whiplash as I met her eyes with my own stammering out that everything was fine as my hands began to slip and grope again at my mother's beautiful tender legs.

The more my hands began to slide up my mother's leg toward her thighs the closer my hands would get to touching this other man's cum which now coated the insides of my mother's thighs where it had previously run down and now it was heading toward the front of them in little lines after my mother had layed down.

Nothing but my cock was steering my body at this point, my body bursting with sexual enticement, as my hands began to make their way up my mother's right thigh I applied more oil to my hands and began to start caressing her thigh and trying to experience every single feeling I could get as her beautiful soft thigh molded around my hands.

Slowly but surely my hands mixed with the oil started to intertwine with the cum smeared on her legs forming a slick gooey substance, the closer I was getting to my mums cum soaked pussy the more I could feel the heat radiating from her wet messy little opening. I salivated at the actions forming before me. This right here was the most intense feeling I’d ever had in my life, I’d never felt anything like it and I never knew you could.

I left myself a room at the top of her leg so I could go back to it ( I wanted this to last as long as it possibly could ) and shimmied a little to the left placing her foot now with a little more force on my cock and started to work her left leg, I grabbed the bottle of oil and looked at my hand to apply it and noticed little white blobs on my hand where the cum and oil from her right leg had mixed and was now ready to be smeared into her left beautiful tanned calf.

My oily hands rested back down onto my mother's beautiful leg as I started to work the substance of cum and oil deep into her skin, truth be told I couldn’t even tell you what was on my mind at this point as I was so engrossed in what was happening before my own eyes.

There was almost a static charge rubbing between our bodies every time our skin would connect, I was doing something right as my mother had ever so softly begun to moan and express joy with each slimy stride my hand would make rubbing over her legs. My hands were all yo happy to again slide up toward her thigh not even thinking about the substance that coated it.

Again I outed more oil onto my hands and began to caress her thigh smothering it with a concoction of cum and oil, my hands kneaded and worked every single part of her leg that they could and my mother let me know verbally that I was doing a good job before moaning ever so slightly in between my hand's rotations and strides of her leg.

I knew what I wanted and for once my perversion had completely replaced my thoughts of right and wrong and I now aimed to be as close to my mother's messy wet pussy as I could, I took the courageous move of separating both of my mother's legs and moved up as close as I could and with a hand on each leg began to work toward the uppermost part of my mother's thighs.

My hands would peruse and caress the beautiful creases underneath her ass cheeks as I’d inadvertently be pushing her wholes ass up as I’d sink my hands deep into the soft crease of each ass cheek, I watched in a trance as my mother's ass cheeks would move around and give me a beautiful view of her tight little asshole stretching with each press of my hands.

Again my mother would moan and tell me that it felt really good but I was so hypnotized I barely even reacted to anything other than the visual and touch stimuli that was coursing through my whole body in unison.

I put more oil again on my hands and caressed from the same position and slowly started to bring my hands down to the tops of the insides of my mother's delicate sexy thighs. The amount of heat radiating from my mother's used pussy was now incredible, it was noticeably so much warmer than the rest of her.

My fingers slowly slid from the back of her thighs around to the front with my mother's sticky wet labia ever so slightly brushing against the small finger on each of my hands and when it did it felt euphoric, like my mother's pussy was giving me a feeling of nirvana that coursed through me straight to every receptor in my body. Something had awoken in me and I’d never look at my mother the same again, she was now my sex symbol.

My hands kept the repetition but with an increase of pressure against her pussy at random intervals, it nearly made me cum when my mother's hips ever so slightly started to move with the rhythm of my hands. My mother was getting off on our taboo massage session and I wanted nothing more than to fuck her right there and then.

I remember thinking in my head about saying something or making a move, I wanted to so badly, and whenever I’d get close to getting the nerve to say something my stomach would bind in knots and be filled with anxiety and ruining what I currently had with my mother.

I knew I’d regret it so much if I didn’t say something, my hand was rubbing against my mothers cum drenched pussy and I’d smeared someone else’s cum all over her legs and she was getting off on it so I took the plunge.

A massive hesitation grew into a sound as I opened up to my mother, I began to tell her how perfect I thought she was and how I thought she might be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I began to form sentences explaining how I’d grown to have a sexual desire for her and that I lusted for her. It took the most courage I'd ever had to open up and express my feelings of such a taboo nature.

All the while my mother continued to slightly grind with every motion my hands still made plunging deep into her thighs with my hands now rubbing immensely against her sticky wet pussy. I continued to tell her how hot I thought she was until she reached climax and shuddered against my body trapping my hands between her thighs as they clenched with a colossal pressure.

My hands and words had brought my mother to climax, we both sat there in silence for what felt like an eternity before my mother became limp on the floor in a mix of pleasure and absolute exhaustion.

To be honest it was one of the sweetest moments I’d ever had with my mother as she softly turned around and explained how these things shouldn’t happen and how my mother hasn’t been the best in her example around me and retired to explain that my feelings of lust toward her were natural but shouldn’t be acted upon and what we had just done shouldn’t happen again.

I embraced my mother's words even though they crushed me, I knew that we’d already crossed a line and there was no way back. Before I knew it my mouth was sprinting into action alongside my brain had been deprived of blood for so long as my erection had been taking every bit of blood it could for all too long.

Through my words and my genuine want to prove to my mother that I wanted to provide her with all the worldly pleasures that I could we ended up talking for far longer than I’d thought. It was tough at times and it didn’t end with a resolution the first few times either but after a few weeks of my mother still using me for massages and me buying her things such as clothes and shoes along with jewelry I knew she liked I decided to work on getting her to enjoy and get off on her domination over me, there was a perfect line where my mother knew what she could demand of me but still had love to give me also.

My mother ended up having her son give her everything she could want, I’d go out and online shopping either with her or for her and I’d always simp to get her to buy the sexiest high heels or the sluttiest clothing to go out in. My mother may as well have had slag written across her head the way I sent her out to town dressed in tiny dresses and skirts with her sexy high heels.

I began to pay for my mother completely, I worked from home for a software company making great money for my age. I began to buy her manicures and her pedicures, spa session, food for her you name it I was now my mother's bank account.

In about three months, I’d built my mother's domineering dependence on me, I’d gotten her into a lifestyle where the only thing she thought of was where and when her next fuck was going to be and dominating me into doing whatever she wanted.

I remember how after the months had rolled on my mother would come home with such a dirty look if she’d fucked a guy when she’d been out and not brought them home, she started asking me what I wanted and what it was I was going to do for her. I’d always respond by asking if she’d allow me to touch and massage her and my mother started considering them treats to me to be able to play with her body/massage it even more so when she’d have a huge cream pie left in.

It was late in September when she had been out and brought a guy home early into the evening and they stayed in mothers room fucking into the late night. My mother got me to book a Uber for the guy she had just fucked by texting me and asking me to pay for it. I eagerly waited listening to their noisy fuck session and now I was on the edge of my seat waiting for this guy to leave so I could go ravish my mother's body and feel her beautiful sexy tender legs coated in cum underneath my hands once again.

After the guy had left I immediately made my way to my mother's room and knocked on the door to which she told me to come In.
The room was stuffy and a bit humid from their copious sex session and my mother sat on the bed with her back against the headboard looking at her phone with her breasts ******* and the quilt covering her legs up to her waist. I had gone past the point of tucking my cock into my waistband and went into the room in just a loose pair of shorts with my hard-on just about ready to rip through them.

I asked my mother if I was allowed to give her a massage, she looked away from her phone at my cock and smirked then at me and said I could massage her. I took no time to get to action knowing my place as I began to start massaging after I’d gotten up from her feet and lower legs and made my way toward her thighs my mother began to pull the bed sheets aside and spread her legs revealing a huge messy cream pie that smeared her entire pussy.

I got up and made my way to the side of the bed where her leg now resided never taking my eyes off her swollen puffy cum filled hole. As I began to make my way up towards the top of her thigh she began to play with herself smearing the cum and making as much of a mess over her pussy as she could while I tenderly caressed her swollen pussy lips rubbing the cum that was slowly dribbling down to her asshole.

Just then my mother sank her finger into herself and started to finger fuck herself a little before pulling out her finger and examining the blobs of cum that stuck to it, she looked at me obediently but simply asked if I wanted to taste. I almost pathetically jumped at the chance as I opened my mouth and watched as my mother sank her fingers into my mouth. I closed my mouth around her finger and began to swirl my tongue all around her finger tasting her beautiful juices mixed in with the strange taste of cum that still drooled out from her pussy.

My mother looked at me silently but with a mile-wide smile, she loved what I was doing and to say she had me at her very fingertips was the biggest understatement. My mother continued to rub herself as I would caress her and plunged her finger back into herself until she had cum twice and had no more cum left oozing out of her. My mother let me know that I’d done enough and we should stop there, my dick had nonstop been two touching and standing attention every time she had plunged her finger inside of herself and fed me.

My mother looked at my cock for maybe 5 seconds but it felt much longer. She then looked at me and said as I’d been so good to her that I deserved another special treat.

She asked me to stand at the bottom of her bed so I did, then she dragged some of her pillows down a bit and moved herself a bit closer to me so he feet were on either side of my legs. My heart began pounding harder than it ever had before in my life, I began to feel joy or excitement like never before either, there were flurries of absolute blisteringly hot lust and sexual deviancy.

My mother raised her left leg bringing her foot to the head of my cock and began rubbing, it felt like… it felt like something I can’t even begin to describe. I had an earth-shattering charge of endorphins birth through my body as my brain began to try and process what was happening and if it was reopening.

My mother then raised her second foot to my shorts and with both feet began to pull my shorts down ******** my cock as erect as it could be. I looked back up at my mother to catch her briefly biting on her lip before bringing both of her feet back to my cock and began to caress and fondle my dick with her feet. Feeling the warmth of her feet along the shaft of my cock felt amazing but when she would rub her soles along the head of my dick it made me want to cum every time.

I watched as my mother began to work my dick as she could see I was getting close to bursting point, feeling brave I grabbed my mother's feet and wrapped them around my cock, and began to thrust my cock back and forth through her arches. Everything felt automatic, I knew what I wanted and I’d pretty much been given the best thing I could have ever asked for as I stood there fucking my mother's feet.

I snapped out of it when I felt my dick starting to swell past bursting point and looked up at my mother telling her I was about to cum and asking if I could cum on her feet rolled out of my mouth, I had barely seconds before I was about to cum but was saved by my mother seductive tone teasingly saying ok then again letting me know that I was getting a treat and letting me know she was still in control of the whole situation.

I pumped a few more times and pulled my dick out of my mother's feet and placed them both together and proceeded to stroke my cock for the last few motions before I spewed a gigantic load of hot Riley cum all over my mother's feet while rubbing the swollen head of my cock over the tops of her toes. I’d never had such an earth-shattering orgasm in my life and my legs felt like they were ready to buckle.

My mother a bit taken aback looked at me and chuckled a bit telling me how she could see I enjoyed that. I could do nothing but thank her for giving me such an incredible experience and I professed how much I loved that she was my mother!

I lent in and gave my mother a slightly erotic kiss and asked if she needed me to clean her feet, I meant with a towel or tissues but the way my mother looked at me was a look I’d never seen before and I later realized that she was thinking I was going to clean it using my mouth. She had a look of intrigue and slight mischief but she said she was ok and she was going to have a shower and go to bed and that I probably should do the same.

I thanked her again and told her I loved her and professed how happy she had made me and that if there was anything she wanted at all she should think about it and I was more than happy to buy it for her for being so good to me.

I left my mother's room and proceeded to collapse on my bed. I should have gone straight to sleep but I remember just laying there talking to myself in my head asking if that just happened and I kept replaying the hottest parts in my head, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

I’ve had more experiences with my mother that I will be writing up when I get the chance. Thanks for reading one of my experiences with my mother and I hope you enjoyed it.
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