Just to say that I’m sorry these ain’t in order of sequence on how they actually happened, but there’s some stuff in life that stands out well above others and I’ve needed to get these things off my chest for a few years now.

This sequence of events was in my opinion the hottest thing to ever happen to me. I hate saying that as it’s also in my opinion one of the most fucked things to happen to me.

Me and Jen had moved out of the shared house and found a nice little one bedroom place for ourselves. I was working closer which was good for me but Jen was now considerably further from work than where we lived last. Jen was a chef in a kitchen where she was the only female, there’s a good few stories that I’ll relay later about her work colleagues and
their antics ( especially on their work do’s or Christmas parties ).

The hours that Jen worked alternated considerably from week to week. Where as I’d be working from 8am-4pm Jen would be in work from late night to early morning most of the time 7pm-3am, most of the time if I could I’d go to bed a bit earlier just to make sure I was awake for when she got home for a hour or so to spend some time with her.

I remember I had a week off and I planned to meet Jen outside work every morning that she’d finished. On the first morning it all went well and we even went to the beach for a smoke before going home, on the Tuesday though I’d met Jen outside work and she told me that because it was so cold that night she wouldn’t mind just grabbing some food and heading back home, I didn’t mind this at all so we grabbed some food and headed to the local taxi rank.

When our taxi pulled up I was heavily surprised to see a person driving that I knew behind the wheel, it was Phil! ( I’d known Phil since I was a kid through my dad. Phil was the type of person who you’d hear stories about on how he was a womanizer and how he’d literally fuck anything he could given half the chance. He’d broken apart almost all his friendships due to messing with people’s wives or daughters or any female counterpart to the situation. ) He was working in the same place as I worked and I had no clue that he was also working taxis. Phil while pushing late 40’s still looked very good for his ages. He was quite built with muscle, tanned, with aged but still definitive chiselled features.

When he noticed me he called out to me and gave me a hearty hello though as soon as his eyes seen Jenny you could tell he liked what he seen, saying “Who’s this beautiful girl with you then?“ with that I noticed Jenny instantly blush and knew that this was going to be a awkward ride home.

After introducing her self we both got into the taxi where Phil was all to happy to ask Jenny a plethora of questions and check her out constantly in the mirror. Jenny was quick to notice this to as she looked at me and slyly bit her lip and rolled up her skirt so that Phil would have a clear view of her neon pink thong and her long luscious legs.

Since we’d been together I’d been all too happy to encourage Jen to wear the most revealing outfits she felt comfortable going out in. All of her old underwear was replaced with thongs and g-strings these days which she didn’t even wear out all to often as it was, having her legs constantly on display with her tan feet in a pair of sexy heels would make me so lustful when we were out. I’d constantly be seeing every other guy checking my girl out and she was getting off on it as much as me.

This was no exception, Jen didn’t really have a father figure in her life at all growing up and since we’d gotten more comfortable in our relationship she’d opened up about wanting to fuck older guys, she even said she wanted to fuck my father plenty of times. So there were a lot of older guys that she would fuck, she’d always call them daddy and the older guys that she’d make me watch her fuck never had a problem being called it, for something I never knew I liked it was hot.

Phil wasn’t in no rush to take us home even turning the meter off when he’d “taken the wrong turn”. We all knew what was happening but I was totally caught off guard by how brazen this guy was being. We’d see each other rarely in work and I had a history of knowing this guy and here he was eye banging my girl in the mirror right in front of me.
I had a feeling that this could turn into something I wanted to happen but still the over bearing amount of degeneracy in me had hoped that I’d be humiliated by having this man take my girl off me. I was getting rock hard watching my girls legs shimmer in the back of this car as the street lights went by, my actions clearly spoke for themselves when I grabbed Jen’s leg pulling it toward me now practically having her legs spread wide apart.

As I placed Jens beautiful tanned thigh on top of my leg she let out a soft sexy moan that caught Phil’s attention straight away, it felt like his eyes never left the mirror as he looked at Jen’s spread legs, you could now see the thong practically being ingested by my girls tight pussy as the lips of her cunt pushed passed each side of the soft silky material.
It took me by surprise when there was a longer silence than I anticipated, either Phil was frozen in shock at the site of Jenny’s beauty and thinking how how he could fuck her or he was totally taken off guard by how quick this situation was progressing.

After a awkward moment Jen piped up and seductively asked Phil if he liked what he saw, I mean the man practically barked “Yes!“ at her.

Jen replied with “I hope you don’t mind, I get so horny in work and I get out and…” with that Jen looked at me with a innocent face putting me in a position where I couldn’t say no….. and knowing I damn well wouldn’t say no asked “I mean you don’t mind do you baby ? Of course you don’t.“ and immediately snapped her gaze away from me not even giving me a moment to answer.

She slowly ran her hand down towards her sexy pussy and started to rub the two swollen lips protruding ever so lightly and asked Phil if he thought that I was a lucky guy and Phil upping the ante and the flurry of hormones running through my body “He is very lucky, I wouldn’t mind some of his luck.“

I’ll never forget how I never seemed to exist in this moment, it was like even though I was being talked about, not even in a degrading way, that I didn’t even slightly matter to either of them. Phil is here driving me and Jen to what’s meant to be home and the car is slowly getting hot and steamy and my dick is pulsating locked in a plastic cage totally unable to please my girl. There’s no way Phil is walking away from this so there’s all the chance that he’s going to fuck Jen tonight.

At this point I’m so worked up and nervous/anxious that my girl is going to cuck me and worse with someone who works in the same place as me that it’s almost sending me into a panic attack. The thought of the humiliation and degradation that I could receive is like a warm blanket of pervertedness pushing me forward though. Jen had worked me into someone so submissive and degraded that in that moment the thought of putting my life out there to the whole public/family/friends had me feeling the most sexually depraved I’ve ever felt.

Jen pulled her little thong aside and grabbed my hand and snapped at me “Hold them there and don’t even think of touching me with a real man here.“ The humiliation of being asked such a pathetic task in front of Phil immediately made my cheeks go red with embarrassment, with that Phil pulled up and turned the car off turning back in his seat with a slightly puzzled smile on his face and said “What did you just say to him?“ looking in my direction.

I knew what was about come, after this long of doing the sickest depraved acts with Jen this was her warm up session. Whenever Jen found her self in a situation where she was going to fuck someone and I was around to see or at least hear it, she would verbally and physically abuse me and it came in all forms. There was nothing on Jen’s mind that was out of bound when she was lusting which is why I always found my self deep in a world of sadistic depraved sexual love.

Jen taking a stern sexy tone told Phil “He likes to think he can please me, but he can’t. He’s no man and I keep him around to gratify my self with his pain. He’ll do anything I want him to won’t you my little bitch?“

I felt a deep shame but I lifted my head to meet her eye with my own and mustered a “Yes.“

Without missing a best Jen quickly struck my face with a hard slap and rose her voice at me saying “Yes what!?“

I replied while soothing the side of my face “Yes mistress.“

I looked to my right to meet Phil’s face in a frozen picture of absolute shock mixed with a state of laughter, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Phil still struck with shock looked at me and said “Are you fucking kidding me right now?“ I didn’t know how to answer the question , I just put my head down looking at my lap in defeat and shame.

Jen was rubbing per pussy and it had gotten very wet over the last minute of belittling and humiliating me. Jen inserted two of her own fingers in her self and began sucking on two of Phil’s fingers, as she took them out she said “Don’t pay any attention to him he’s not worth our time.“ and directed Phil’s big fingers down toward her moist cunt, all the while I’m sitting at her side holding the sexy thong I paid for aside so another man can finger fuck my girl.

Phil’s attention has now clearly gone away from me and he’s fixated on plunging his big fingers into my beautiful Jen’s tight moist pussy, with each thrust of his fingers Jen leaves out a sex seductive moan. Every time he slides his fingers out and back in Jen begins to raise her hips with each slide.

Just then a car drives past and bring us all back a bit to reality. Jen grabbing Phil’s hand looks him in the eye and tells him “If we go back to ours we can keep this going if you want baby.“

Phil without missing a moment says “What about your little bitch boy back there?“

It was so hot when Jen replied with “Who cares? Leave him in the car or outside, he even likes to watch me fuck real men.“ I could see Jen begin to transfix on Phil’s crotch, she could see something I couldn’t.

With that she snapped at me to leave go of her underwear and pulled her skirt down, got out of the rear seat and sat down next to Phil in the front passenger seat, very quickly I learned what was about to happen when she said “Oohhhh daddy’s got a huge dick!“ As Phil started the car up Jen took no time in leaning over towards his groin, I moved my self to where Jen was previously sitting in hopes of seeing her sucking down on another guys huge cock, I could only imagine the precum Phil had built in sliding his fingers in and out of my gorgeous girlfriends pussy.

In the dark I couldn’t see much and Phil decided to embrace my girlfriend sucking his fat cock for a while before actually making any attempt at moving. This left me sat in the back hearing the slurping, popping and slapping sounds of my girlfriend with Phil. Every now and then she’d take out his cock and i would catch a glimpse of it in the street light and she would slap it and rub it over her entire face. She proceeded to notice me watching her intensely engage in sucking Phil’s cock and at one point when she took a hand off his cock and pushed it back to me. In the light you could see it glistening with what I imagined was Phil’s precum and my girlfriends saliva. She didn’t need to say anything, I knew she wanted me to lick her hand clean after it had been all over another man’s cock. Without hesitation I started to run my tongue all over Jenny’s hand and suck her fingers tasting what she was currently sucking on, Phil looked back and insultingly laughed at me calling me pathetic.

I remember how this made Jenny moan and lift her head up off Phil’s fat cock, she told him how hot she thought it was when he insulted me and turned around and proceeded to say “You love seeing me with a real cock in my mouth don’t you? Tell me you love watching me suck Phil’s cock or I’ll stop and you can get out and walk home!“

Phil was waiting for me to say the inevitable but I was loving how much I was being degraded so I held my tongue a little and looked at Jenny in her beautiful eyes and a sly smile formed on her face.

Jenny looked away from me and to Phil and said “Daddy please get him to say it, if you do I’ll let you cum in my mouth.“ in a cute seductive tone. My receiving tone was a cold harsh one from Phil. He flung his arm back and grabbed me around my neck and ordered me to say it.

I quickly let out a lusty “I love seeing you suck Phil’s cock mistress!“

Phil let me go but not without a quick clip across the face with a warning to not disobey my girlfriend anymore.

Jenny hearing me being demeaned and assaulted by Phil plunged her head back down on his cock with such a ferocity, the sounds of here gagging and slurping on his dick were orgasmic. It didn’t take to much longer after that before Phil was telling Jenny that we was going to cum but it didn’t stop her rhythm at all, she began to feel his cock swell I guess because Phil started moaning very heavy and Jenny took his dick as far down her throat as she could.

Phil was moaning and thrusting and Jenny was getting her mouth and her throat filled with another guys cum right in front of me in the close confines of the car. Jenny let Phil calm down for a minute but she never took her mouth off his dick. She then slowly slid her beautiful full lips up cleaning off the shaft and the bulbous fat head oh Phil’s dick.

If I knew right I knew exactly what was coming, Jenny looked at Phil with a mischievous look then directly at me, she told me to close my eyes through her muffled mouth full of cum which I did. I was expecting her to kiss me with another man’s cum in her mouth but I found what she did so much hotter than what I could have originally imagined.

Jenny got right up close to my face and with all the saliva and cum mustered in her mouth spat right in the middle of my face, I could instantly feel Phil’s cum and Jen’s saliva run down my face and over my lips and I remember feeling the hottest sensation run through my body when my perverted brain slid my tongue out of my mouth to taste the wicked concoction.

I heard Jen beginning to laugh and I remember he distinctly saying “Ohhhh daddy that was so hot, come back and fuck me all morning. I’ve got so much more planned for you and so much worse for the wimp back there!“

My ears were ringing, head spinning. My veins felt like they had fire surging through them and my body was sending so much blood to my dick trying to break it free from its cage.
Phil simply looked back at me and told me that he was coming back to fuck her and if I don’t like it he had “The taxi cctv going the whole time, and it shows your being a pathetic little loser. I’m gonna have your girl whenever I feel. I’ll be dropping her home for sex from now on and you’ll be waiting to welcome her home.”

Jenny chimed in saying how “You’re gonna be getting woke every morning now baby and cleaning daddy’s cum out of me. You’re my pathetic little cuck loser!“

Phil proceeded to ask Jenny what a cuckold is to which she laughed and said he is, pointing at me. Then she had me explain to Phil what a cuck was which was humiliating because she made me reference her on every point like “I enjoy seeing my girlfriend get pleasure.“

Jen would pipe in and say “Yeah but why do you like seeing me get fucked, tell him!“

I’d reply with “Because I can’t satisfy my beautiful mistress with my tiny dick and she deserves better than me as I’m dirt and nothing more.“ Saying these things only ever made me think about how much Jen was getting off by me saying theses depraved things about myself, I’d imagine her getting wetter with each word that sacrificed my manhood, my masculinity, my very being. And I was all too often right.

The drive home went much quicker than original with Phil knowing that it wouldn’t be long before we were through the door of my house and inside of my girlfriend. The whole journey back consisted of Phil rubbing or fingering Jenny’s pussy at every chance he could and Jenny’s hand remaining firmly planted on Phil’s already erect again cock bouncing up and down. The sexual tension growing was immense, it felt like we were moments away from pulling over somewhere dark and quiet and then kicking me out of the car so they could fuck.

Seeing Phil bend towards Jenny and plant his older rough lips on my beautiful girlfriends soft succulent youthful lips had me hypnotized every time it happened as it would happen right in front of me, I’d subconsciously moved to the center seat in the back for the best views I could get. Seeing their tongues dance in between passionate kisses with the sounds of Jenny softly moaning as Phil’s hand would continue exploring her soft tight wet pussy just made me want to scream.

I loved all this depraved degenerate stuff. I had the hands down best girl for my cuckold experiences but I wanted to be let loose of my cage so bad. These sounds and smells, the taste lingering in my mouth after licking Phil’s precum and Jen’s saliva off her hand. Nuclear bombs were going off in my body sending shock waves of illicit lust through every nerve and muscle within me.

It had happened, never in my entire time had I ever cum without touching my self, but there I was having the best worst orgasm of my life locked in a little cage now seeping with my cum.

It was hard to hide and Jen was very quick to catch on yelling that I better not have done what she thinks I’ve done. I’d never seen Jen so ready to attack. It looked like she was absolutely furious with me, I tried to immediately apologise and explain the situation but she had none of it. She ordered me to take my trousers off and I did it without much hesitation fearing what else she might do.

When my trousers came down past my groin and she noticed that I had cum on my self she grabbed my testicles together then she ever had causing me immense pain, Phil seemed to be getting a real kick out of this. She proceeded to slap my balls with every word saying “I TOLD YOU NOT TO CUM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! “ the sensitivity of being caged and having just cum for the first time in nearly 4 months had me writhing in agony.

That’s when Phil noticed I was caged and again had a great pleasure of humiliating me telling me “You’ve got a tiny clit for a dick!“ as he started laughing he continued with “I can’t believe it fits in that! Cumming watching your girl sucking a stud like me, what’s wrong with you?“

Jen was quick to let me know that I’d be severely punished for this when we got back to the house and I wasn’t in for a good night.

I know this is a bit weird, I was always up for cleaning my girl out and humiliations and degradation but I never ever wanted to do anything with guys. I never considered my self as gay/bi and up to that point there had only been certain times where Jen would say she was going to make me do something that she knew I really wouldn’t want to do but it would never come to fruition.

Things were about to change unfortunately though.

When Jen readjusted her self and had finished mocking me she began to tell me in a stern voice that for every time that “Daddy (Phil)“ was going to fuck her I’d have to get his dick nice and wet with my mouth before hand every time. I immediately wanted to shoot down in some way what she was asking but I’d hoped it was another thing that was being said for the moment. I remember feeling genuinely worried about having to do these things to another bloke and how far we’d come with all our fetishes and how far it will go. She continued saying “When we get to the house I want you to put the dog upstairs and then I want you to get naked and get in the dogs cage. That is where you’ll be watching me get fucked by this huge piece of meat all night.“ as she started shaking Phil’s huge cock in her hand.

It wasn’t the first time I’d literally been in the dog cage, every time Jen had put me in there they ended up being some of the most degenerate nights of both our life’s. It was hard to find people who went along with a majority of any of our kinks, for the first time ever this random guy Phil I knew so to say was in full steam ahead with whatever Jen was saying. I’d never in our whole sexual journey found someone so open with the ideas and things Jen was saying and doing other than my self but Phil was now filling the alpha/bull complex of this sticky hot depravity.

I had a feeling like Phil would have seriously left me naked in a forest in the middle of nowhere if Jen had asked him to do it. He was as captivated as I was by this hot mega slut who had a body that was more than half his age and held no value for anything other than her hot passions of disgusting perverted sex.

The lust fest continued with Jen and Phil all over each other until we pulled up to the house. Once we were there Phil turned the car off and Jen couldn’t contain her hormones no more.

She bent over to start sucking Phil’s dick again but before she do she told me “You know the rules, go in your cage and we’ll be in soon loser!“ and then began to nestle her face into Phil’s groin as she began to try her best at deepthroating his cock.

When I got in I did exactly as instructed and got my self in the dogs cage naked. About 15 minutes later Jen and Phil enter the room and pay me no attention as they sit on the couch and begin exploring each others body with their hands while making out passionately.

Jen then bends down and takes Phil’s cock out of his trousers, it dwarfed mine in comparison. He had a wide long cock and Jen was loving every bit of it going deep down her throat. Phil wasn’t long to start pushing her how’d down and thrusting his hips into my beautiful girlfriends pretty mouth furiously face fucking her.

Hearing my girlfriend gag and moan at the digression of another man face fucking her was hot, I was rubbing against my chastity cage hoping that any type of stimulation would be received, after Jenny’s punishment in the car my balls were still so sensitive and covered in my now dried sticky cum, a embarrassing reminder of my own pathetic doing.

As Jen took her mouth off his Phil’s cock to take a deep breath of air she walked over to the cage I was in and bent over and told Phil to come join her.

I’m pretty sure this was going to be the biggest cock ( that I’d seen ) Jenny take. She ordered me to stick my head out of the cage after she had opened it and told me “You remember what part of your punishment is! Suck his cock before he puts it in me, try to do something right for once in your life you idiot loser!“

With that Phil walked over with his cock covered in my girlfriends saliva from a sloppy blowjob and told me to open my mouth, against my better judgement and will I opened my mouth and started to take Phil’s huge cock in my mouth as Jenny moaned in pure lust. Phil grabs Jenny and started rifling through her mouth with his tongue while fucking her with his fingers. The more Jenny was getting turned on the more she’d reciprocate Phil’s ferocity and in turn Phil started to fuck my face like he’d done Jenny making me gag and splutter feeling like I was about to pass out from no oxygen while he jammed his dick down my throat.

Luckily he slid his cock out from the back of my throat while I gasped for air and Jen eagerly snapped for me to get back in my cage. Phil made a joke about how he could tell I enjoyed sucking his cock and it wouldn’t be the last time finishing off his sentence with calling me a filthy degenerate.

As I got back into my cage and Jen shut the door she positioned herself ready to take on Phil’s mammoth cock. I let out a soft “I love you...“ but I was left with no reply. She just stared at me until you could see that she was feeling Phil’s huge cock start spreading her lips and like that I was watching my beautiful girlfriend get pounded by a man she’d only met an hour ago.

She looked like she was in heaven with every stride he put in her, she looked down at me as Phil was grunting at the feel of Jenny’s amazing pussy gripping his cock and started to drool over me with the similar taste of Phil’s cock and precum mixed in with my angels Jenny’s saliva.

Phil was fucking her with everything he had, he wanted my girlfriend like she was the last woman on earth and his life depended on it. Jenny looked down at me and started asking “You like the way my daddy fucks me baby!? You know you can’t fuck me like this don’t you!? I’m going to let him fill every hole on me, and you’re gonna clean it all up you worthless piece of shit!“

All I could do was nod my head as any decency or rational thinking had long left mine and Jenny’s relationship never mind this hot moment we were making.

Phil started to chirp in calling me pathetic and was telling me how there’s no chance I’d ever be a man or have ever been one to be in the situation I was in. Every time he mocked me he’d slap Jenny’s big round ass or being to fuck her as hard as he could. He was getting as caught up as Jenny and me and he wanted to let me know how pathetic he though it was by taking it out on my girl as well as me.

Jenny only moaned harder for every time Phil roughed her about, slapping her ass or her tits or squeezing down on her nipples while furiously fucking her. If I looked back behind Jen I had full view of her Pusey lips helplessly clasping to Phil’s huge cock almost like they were hugging his dick it loved it that much.

Phil ended up roaring furiously as he came in Jenny, I watched as his dick kept slamming in and out of her little moist cunt and began to glisten with streams of cum glued to it. He had just effectively bred my girlfriend right In front of my own eyes, while I was caged not even able to touch Jenny and her perfect body.

Jenny seductively began to tell Phil “Oh daddy you fuck me soooo good, you touched places with your fat dick that have never been touched before.“ Jen looked at me and with an emotionless face said to Phil “Daddy do you mind if my little pathetic dog cleans my pussy of your strong manly cum?“ Hearing her speak so lustful and in love with this other man’s cock and cum had me all to willing and ready to lay on my back and lap the cum filled pussy of my girlfriend.

With that being said Phil quickly intervened by looking at me with a cruel smile and telling Jenny “Not before he’s cleaned my cock!“ Jenny thrust her self back onto Phil’s dick pushing out blobs of cum having climaxed to the horrendous words he just said.

My gut felt queasy and sick and my anxiety shot through the roof, I quickly glanced at Jen awaiting her orgasm to pass and to look at me and let me know I didn’t have to do it as she my mistress hadn’t asked for it. When she regained her composure she bent down to open the cage door while I attentively watched excess cum drool out of her soppy wet cunt, feeling at a all time low from what I was about to be degraded to my degenerative hormones kicked back in knowing that after this awful event I’d be servicing my girlfriends beautiful pussy again.

Jenny grabbed me by my hair and dragged me sharply out of the cage, she took me so my face was to Phil’s cock and ordered me to open my mouth, it was barely open a second before Phil began to use my mouth like he had used Jenny’s pussy only moments earlier.

The spotlight of resentment and self hatred I had for my self quickly went away as soon as I embraced the taste of Jenny’s fluid that had coated Phil’s huge cock mixed in with the rich taste of his cum.

Phil treating me with little to no regard thrust his cock into my mouth hitting the back of my throat from the get go which seemed to turn Jenny on immensely. She was constantly moaning saying “Yeah take it you little bitch. I always knew you were a little faggot. I’m going to turn you in my own little bitch and make you a little gay fuck toy while I service real men.“ Phil made me keep his dick in my mouth much longer than I’d wanted yet again, he was fully erect by the end of my “cleaning” and Jenny was smothering Phil’s still leaking load all over her cunt.

Jenny looked me dead in the eye and told me that as I’d already just tasted her pussy in the most luckiest way possible, licking her juices off a real man’s cock that I didn’t deserve to lap up the juices flowing from her cunt.

Phil released his grip of me and I took a deep breath and was quickly pushed to Jenny’s feet on the floor, she was smothering her feet in the cum that had dropped on the floor and made me begin to clean all of the cum off her feet instead while she sat back down and started sucking down on Phil’s cock again.

Every time I’d hear the slurping and sucking stop I’d look up to see my beautiful girl worshiping this huge cock again by rubbing it all over her face and slapping it on her face. It was one of the hottest sights to see my girl falling head over heels with someone’s cock, she admired it and lusted after it. My girl loved her daddy fucks and this was the hottest one I’d seen yet.

After noticing I’d cleaned her feet of cum Jenny told me that if I was a good little dog and cleaned all of Phil’s real man cum off the floor that I could sit and watch him fuck her again which Phil retorted with “You lucky boy, make sure you learn something on how to be a real man and what it meant to really give your girl what she wants and needs.“ with that Phil got up and forcefully pushed Jen’s head down into the couch and begin to absolutely fuck her as hard as he could while periodically looking at me with a shit eating grin while Jen’s muffled screams blared through the cushions.

After about 5 minutes of going at my girls pussy I’ll never forget the destroyed look of my girls Pusey, never before had I seen it so puffy and swollen with a wide deep hole left gaping from Phil’s huge cock. I sat there looking at Jen’s legs wobbling with pure ecstasy as her pussy was contracting back and forth. Just then me and Phil must have caught the exact same site at the same time, Jen’s perfect tight little asshole winking with each contraction from her orgasmic rippling body.

Phil began to rub his dick over Jen’s pussy and asshole until he had her tight little asshole covered in her juices. Jen moaned knowing what was about to happen and guided Phil’s hand to finger fuck her moist cunt while he slowly guided his massive cock slowly using just the tip. It’s gotta be said that Phil had a huge cock but the size of his bellend was ginormous. Seeing it slide in and out ever so slowly of my girls asshole was intoxicating.

Phil now rhythmically pulsing the tip of his dick in my girls ass and finger fucking me had her moaning louder than I think I’d ever heard. After leaving go of Phil’s hand Jenny simply slid her hands to her ass spreading her cheeks wide while Phil spat down on her asshole allowing him more leverage with my girlfriends tight little ass.

All I wanted to do was go and hold her hand as she initially screamed with each half inch Phil would prove deeper into her ass. Phil was about at about 3/4 of the way in the Jenny’s ass when she turned her head to the side and looked at me and yelled “I’m cumming!!“ and with a torrent of squirt she fell down with all her weight into the couch all the while Phil’s dick remain rigid in her ass hole with both fingers slowly sliding out of her moist cunt.

It took about 30 seconds before Jenny’s lust kicked back in and she started backing her self up into Phil’s cock. To say I was jealous of Phil in this moment Is the understatement of the century. You could smell the hot musk of sex in the air mixed with the fresh squirt of my girlfriend and her lovers sweat.

Phil continued fucking her ass in a various degree of harshness and speed until he pulled all but the tip of his dick out of Jenny’s ass and ordered me to sit on the floor next to them, as I did Phil continued pumping in Jen’s asshole for another 2 minutes using the fat head of his cock and came again with a ferocious roar. As he slowly pulled his dick out he aimed it directly to my face and simply said “Don’t make me tell you what to do!“ The stench of Jenny’s ass was now pouring off this man’s huge dick, a cocktail of her pussy, her ass, and his cum hit me like a brick wall as I approached his dick.

The taste hit me with a flurry of fast humiliating, self degrading, depraved blows. It was like my whole body was firing off every single cell in my body. Jenny again came to attention not missing the opportunity to see me emasculated and laughed with slight moans in between.

I cleaned off Phil’s dick to which he insulted me for sucking his cock without being asked and Jenny retorted saying how I was “subhuman“ in her eyes. She ordered me on the floor and quickly got stop my face leaving her asshole hovering about a inch or two away, I could help but inhale her sweet scents all mixed together. Then I seen her asshole begin to contract and I prepared myself for the slurry of rushing cum that was to pour out of my girlfriends ass.

As it began to pour out hiring just above my Upper lip and around my nose I remember thinking hoe I’d never felt cum so warm in my life, my girlfriend was boiling with perversion and I was about to do the same with the dirty cum seeping from her asshole all over my face.

I remember her getting up to look at me and coming back down and rubbing her moist wet pussy all over my face telling me how she didn’t want to waste 'Daddy’s real man cum.'
After this Jenny told me that she hoped that I’d enjoyed my evening and learnt never to cum without her permission ever again as now I’d be missing the rest of the show.

Jenny made Phil make me take the dog basket out to the kitchen and had me get in. They pushed it against the wall after I was in so I could get out and I remember Jenny telling Phil to leave the kitchen door open so I could hear everything but to cover my cage so I couldn’t see anything at all. The inner turmoil I felt over knowing my girl would be no more than 10 steps away from me getting drilled in the most hottest setting I’d ever been part of with her so far and I wouldn’t be allowed to see it!? It had me absolutely riddled with jealousy/envy.

After Phil put most of the covers over my cage and slid them under the cage so I couldn’t move them at all as my weight would constantly be on top of them, he leant down real close and in a lowered voice told me how he was going to fuck my girl from now on every single chance he could and how in future he’s gonna be picking her up every time from work. I almost came close to glowing in my little chastity cage again right there.

He carried on “I’ve got plenty of video in my cab and I can get more now, don’t ever think of getting in the way of me fucking your girl, got it !?“ I simply give a nod but was in pure humiliation bliss.

“I might bring some friends around soon and you can suck all their ducks while they wait to fuck your girl, how’s that sound you fucking freak? “ and with that he covered the last of my cage.

Phil really wanted to fuck jenny as often as he could and Jenny wasn’t going to be denying a cock like that any time soon. I knew this was going to be a wild ride with Phil coming to fuck my girl all the time and with hoe little respect jenny seemed to have for me when she was lusting anymore.

For the rest of the night I was hounded by the sounds of my beautiful girlfriend getting absolutely fucked in what I can imagine was every position possible, every now and then they’d come out and fucking on the kitchen counter or the table next to me, when they did fuck in the table the noises and my imagination created so many vivid images in my head.

It was late morning when Phil left and Jen didn’t come to let me out of the dog cage until about 4 in the afternoon, but not before she’d taken the dog out for s walk, leaving me stickier and messed in another man’s cum.

Afterward i showered then I made us some food and she expressed how last night was the highlight and best night of her sexual life with me. It was always these moments where she’d say 'we' had s great night which made me feel like she needed me as much as I needed her for these fucked up kinks to work.

She asked if I’d mind cleaning up from last night while she was at work, I had no Problem with that having the week off which I now knew was more than likely going to be the most degenerative week of my life. After food she chucked on her sexy pair of heels to compliment her low cut everything outfit and gave me a huge sloppy kiss. Her face lit up and she told me not to meet her from work as Phil would be giving her a lift home. After she said that there was a honk from one of the guys outside our house that she works with for a lift to work.

After watching her start to get into her co workers car I couldn’t help but notice her tiny skirt ruck up ******** all of her legs, it looked like the guy from her work was getting a right eyeful. Closing the door I went straight over to the couch and inspected the damage and it was minefield of cum stains from Phil and squirt from Jen, everywhere on the floor around the couch was sticky with Phil’s cum that had either dropped out of my girlfriend or slid off her body when he’d coat whatever part of her he wanted. I spent the day getting the house cleaned up and trying to relax my self as much as I could before awaiting my sexy girlfriend and her lover to come back home and deprave me all again!

The week I had off where Jen was fucking Phil was absolutely brutal, because I was off they kept me up whenever and wherever the could. We’d be home watching TV and he’d rock up and she’d start blowing him directly in front of the TV so there was nothing else to focus on. He’d come by for a lunch break fuck if Jen was home and if she was she was always up for it. I’ll write more of my experience during this week with Jen and Phil and more of my other experience overall with Jen when I find the time. I hope the read was easy to follow and sorry for any mistakes.
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