I’ll be talking about the time me and Jen went to my work's Christmas party.

Jen had met me at work occasionally and I’d always known my workmates were eyeing her up every time we’d all leave at the same time, occasionally I’d hear comments as I’d be walking out with them.

There was one guy I didn’t get on to too well with out of the whole lot, Andrew. He was full of himself, very loud and while he could be funny he thought I was much lower than him as a person.

He’d always make jokes about how he was surprised I even had a girlfriend, never mind one who was hot. Constantly asking stupid questions in front of the whole group of guys I worked with “So how’d you pull such a beautiful girl looking like you do?“ which would cause him and the guys to start laughing, I never showed much emotion towards it trying my best to chuckle along.

A few weeks before my Christmas party was due Jen met me outside of my work and we went to our local supermarket to grab some things before heading home, I loved being with Jen in public places like a supermarket and having her wearing very tight and revealing clothes. Watching other men list after my girl was exhilarating but to my absolute hatred we bumped into Andrew.

I couldn’t stand him in work and I’d never wanted to spend time with him outside of it but he was all too happy to come over acting like he was a “good friend” from work. I kept my mouth shut hoping to explain my dislike of Andrew to Jen after he’d left.

Andrew was using every bit of his loud charismatic self to include himself in our shopping trip as we’d gone from a stop and greet to casually walking the aisles with him talking Jen’s ear off.

While we nipped off to get something I quickly explained to Jen that I really disliked this guy and would like to leave sooner than later or avoid him while we’re here if possible, Jen pulled me aside quickly and asked me a quick flurry of questions. “Do you hate him or dislike him?“

I replied stating that “I didn’t like him but had no reason to hate him.“

I let Jen know that there were comments made about her in work constantly in the past which is why she’d still occasionally meet me and would always look sexy. I went on to inform her though that Andrew was someone who would try to make me the butt of the joke or constantly remind me that in his eyes I didn’t deserve her.

Jen pulled herself against me so our bodies were pressed together and raised her mouth to my ear and seductively whispered “How much would it kill you if I fucked him?“

My knees nearly buckled underneath me as a wave of erotic tension burst inside of me. Jen pushed herself off me looking me in the eye, my silence and look must have told her everything she needed to know.

Embarrassed I managed to let out “I really don’t know about this Jen, this is the one thing I feel might be too much. I work with this guy and he’ll never let this go, ever!” My heart was pounding, my body was shaking through hormonal eruptions and knots of nerves and anxiety felt like they were tearing me apart.

Jen could see I was really having a hard time with what she had just suggested, though through her illicit and perverted ways simply took my hand and held it tight and said “You know I know how to make you happy baby, I think this could really be fun. Instead of saying no why don’t we use a safe word so you can feel more in control?“

Even though it didn’t make too much of a difference it did calm me down, then Jen quickly glanced around then planted her hand firmly on my caged cock and told me that Andrew had already brushed up against her ass twice and she was getting wet wanting more.

She felt a quick twitch in my groin and knew that she had control over me again, grabbing me by the hand to lead me back down the shopping aisle looking back to give me a mischievous kinky smile.

I didn’t like where this heading, just like usual I had no time to really get a grip of what was happening until things were happening in front of me.

When we got about halfway down the aisle there was no surprise to find Andrew poking his head around like a meerkat hoping to find Jen along the aisles, his face lit up like it was Christmas when he swivelled his head down our direction and seen her.

We continued throughout the supermarket with Andrew constantly making passes at my girlfriend in front of me. We were nearly done when Jen reached to grab something up high, Andrew placed himself behind Jen and grabbed her hip with one hand and cupped one of her plump ass cheek in the other. I pretended not to notice but it sent flurries of hot blood throughout my body.

When we had finally paid for everything and got toward the exit Jen exclaimed that she would be going to the alcohol counter to buy some drinks and that she’d meet me at the car so she gave me a quick kiss and walked off toward the counter. I was walking out when I noticed Andrew still hovering around her.

After I’d put away the shopping in the car I nervously sat down waiting for Jen to come back, five minutes turned to ten and then ten to twenty. About 25 minutes later after she said she’d just be grabbing some drinks Jen shows back up to the car and upon opening the door tells me to close my eyes.

I close my eyes and Jen gets in the car, she then tells me to open my mouth so I do. Her face begins to press up against mine and her tongue is darting around my mouth while she softly moans, I can feel myself go from 0 to a million as the taste of her saliva mixed with the unmistaken taste of cum begins to coat my mouth and tongue. Each motion she makes has her wet mouth and wet chin sliding around, I can only imagine the amount of cum hanging from her chin as she passionately makes out with me.

I begin to open my eyes, unable to keep them closed any longer and I’m amazed at the sight of my girlfriends shimmering face plastered in my work enemy Andrew’s cum.

The sexual depravity and perversion has me start to lick the streams of cum off her face and chin, relentlessly feeding each stream of cum I lick up back to her mouth as our tongues intertwine.

After cleaning her face of another man’s cum Jen remarks on how well she’s trained me and began to tell me the details of how she’d sucked Andrew’s cock in his car mere meters away from me, she didn’t leave any details out going into depth about how much larger his cock was then mine. The drive home had me pent up and feeling more lustful than I’d ever imagined possible. Each time we’d stop at a red light she’d guide my hand down her soaking wet pussy, reminding me that it wasn’t the only persons hand who’d had the privilege to touch it that day.

After getting in and making me her toy which consisted of me laying down so she could use my face or any part of me to rub herself on and getting me to clean her asshole, she began to get close and verbally humiliate me while telling me how she was going to fuck Andrew on my works Christmas party.

Jen took my caged cock and after humiliating it she asked me if I’d like to fuck her after she had let Andrew fill her up with his real man’s seed. She made me beg her to fuck Andrew if I wanted to ever get my dick inside of her, fill with another man’s cum or not.

The more worked up Jen got me the more she knew my own degeneracy came out which seemed to really push Jen over the edge into climax, after making me beg her to fuck Andrew at the Christmas party she told me to tell her what I’d let him do and I could only indulged in our sick game, telling her “You can have him do whatever he wants with you baby, he can fill you up as much as you want, he can take you off me, my dick can’t satisfy you and it’s my fault you need other guys dick.“ and with that she came hard. My face was a mess with Jen’s juices as her pussy now sit inches away from me pulsating, over stimulated with pleasure.

Over the next two week getting closer to the Christmas party, Andrew seemed to act in the very same way he always had. Making jokes at my expense about Jen, cracking jokes on how he’d seen us at the local supermarket and copped a feel or two without me noticing. Nothing he did though was out of the usual, almost like me not knowing that my girlfriend had sucked his cock was the ultimate punishment, treating me like I didn’t matter to him.

The night before the Christmas party had my stomach filled in balls of excitement and anxiety bursting every second. Jen knew this and kept turning my thought or worry to thoughts of perverted excitement. She would let much on but said I’d be at her side for everything that was going to happen at the party the next day.

On the evening of the party Jen invited me into our room to help pick out what she’d be wearing that night. I’d always placed her in really slutty or ******** clothing and I wasn’t going to change that.

It was a formal casual event so we decided Jen was wearing a leather tight skirt with no underwear that hugged her voluptuous thighs and sexy thicc ass perfectly, her whole lower frame was perfect but those two stood out like no business. She went with a tight but frilled top that was basically a more formal boob tube, it covered her perfect tits moderately while leaving plenty of cleavage and an amazing view of under boob. All this complimented by a 6” pair of black open toed high heels. Jen from head to toe was absolutely stunning and tonight again I’d be essentially giving her to another guy to fuck, something I’d been so rare to do.

We got to the Christmas party and it was a decent size venue. A lot of people from work showed up and upon entering we were quick to find a big booth table that a lot of my coworkers that I knew were sitting at.

Everything was very tame and normal at first during the meals but as soon as the lights went low and the music started up and people started dancing the dynamic changed.

People were starting to get more comfortable and a lot more *****, people who I didn’t know all to well or wouldn’t have expected to make flirtatious comments towards Jen were now telling her how lucky I was or how beautiful she is.

Andrew arrived a little after the music started and I assume he had been drinking with some other people from work as soon as he seen me and Jen sitting in the booth over in the corner he made his way straight over and proceeded to sit at the table next to Jen but the smell of alcohol coming off him was strong.

It wasn’t long after we’d all been sitting down and talking before people from our table got up and began to have a dance, this led to Jen asking me but I’m a terrible dancer and didn’t want to so obviously Andrew opted to dance with her “for me.”

Andrew took Jen’s hand and lead her to the dance floor and there was a instant intense chemistry between them. It made me a bit embarrassed watching my girlfriend and Andrew dancing together, giggling and laughing and with her pressing her ass up against his crotch every chance she got.

It was interesting watching the alcohol give Andrew a over burden of courage as his hands roamed over Jen’s body. He seemed to be especially taken back by the tight leather skirt Jen was wearing. I caught glimpses of him groping her plump ass many times.

After some dancing building up an insatiable sexual tension between the two they came back to the table and honestly looked like more of a couple than me and Jen did by this point.

Jen asked if I’d go and buy us some drinks at the bar, Andrew let me know his order straight away without even looking at me as Jen was ordering me away.

When I came back to the table with the drinks I noticed that Andrew’s hand came up from under the table to grab his drink from where I can only presume was Jen’s leg/thigh area. As I gave him his drink he again didn’t look at me and took a big gulp of his drink as Jen proceeded to grab hers from me. I sat down next to my girlfriend wondering what I might have missed in the short time I was away, it didn’t take long for me to get a good idea as Jen pressed her leg firmly against mine and I looked down to see Andrew rubbing up and down my girlfriend’s thigh, slowly but surely making his way toward her crotch.

Jen slowly started moving her right arm towards Andrew’s crotch at the same time and I could see her rubbing his cock through his jeans. Andrew would quickly glimpse toward my direction now and then to make sure I’d not caught glimpse of what was going on so I had to be as subtle as possible not to be seen enjoying the sight that was unfolding before my eyes.

In the ultimate power move Jen placed a leg atop of mine and a leg atop of Andrew’s. He stopped in disbelief as we looked at each other with eyes wide open. He thought he’d been caught unbeknownst to him that I was along for this wild ride. Jen quickly took control by taking Andrew’s hand guiding it up her leg toward her now wet warm pussy and looked at me briefly before giving all her attention to Andrew.

She leaned over and whispered something to his ear which I couldn’t hear because of the music and then I seen his fingers begging to slowly glide into Jen’s perfect pussy. The table covered us modestly for what was happening but it wouldn’t have taken a genius to know what was going on. Each time Andrew stuck his fingers in my girlfriend’s wet cunt she moaned and her face began to get flustered, her body started rhythmically moving to each thrust of his fingers as her hand began to squeeze and caress Andrew’s cock through his jeans.

Jen looked around and then to me and asked me if I was liking the show, I felt overwhelmed by the public humiliation I was experiencing just a few meters away from my whole work, I let her know I was thoroughly enjoying the show and told her how much I loved her and how I wanted her to make this night something we’ll never forget.

With that she began to undo the zip and button form Andrew’s jeans and then unbuttoned his boxer shorts and wrestled his dick out. She weren’t lying when she had said it was much bigger than mine. She then let go of his cock and run her hand down her now heavily moist cunt and coated her hand in her beautiful juices and proceeded to go back to masturbating Andrew using her juices as lube.

Every time the pair would hit a spot they’d both respond by furiously masturbating each other with more intensity leaving me as a lookout while they fell into a pit of lust for each other.

I looked around and noticed how most couples in the room were happily dancing or sitting down sharing a laugh together and here I was with my girlfriend wrapping her hand around another man’s cock while his fingers are knuckle deep inside her tight moist little pussy.

Andrew motioned onto Jen that he was going to cum soon, Jen leaned in toward me and told me that she was going to drop something and she wanted me to go down to “pick it up” but when I was down there I was to position myself to receive Andrew’s load directly into my mouth.

This had quickly gone sideways and I was now regretting how my stupid depraved lust had led me into my own nightmare. Jen must have realised I was in my head and quickly reminded me of my obedience to her by grabbing onto my swollen testicles and telling me how she was going to “show everyone I work with a picture of my caged little cock if I didn’t do what she’d said.“

Andrew looked over with a sly look on his face and I had a feeling that he knew more than I thought he did about mine and Jen’s relationship.

I hurriedly said that’s I’d do anything for Jen and she let go of my swollen testicles and continued stroking Andrew for a few more minutes before dropping her bag to the ground off the table.

Once down I had a clear view of Jen’s spread pussy being finger fucked by Andrew. She was streaming with juices coating the lips of her tight little cunt and I could only imagine it running around to her tight asshole.

I positioned myself in front of Andrew and after a brief moment the table cloth lifted and ******* Andrew’s swollen cock being firmly gripped by my girlfriend petite tanned hands looking like it was ready to burst. I positioned myself about an inch away with my mouth open and then a hand quickly grabbed me at the back of my head and ****** me down on to Andrew’s cock.

It was Andrew, being a rotten fuck either for his own pleasure or for Jen’s, while I wasn’t sure on a answer it certainly seemed to send Jen over the edge as Andrew’s other hand quickly ejected from Jen’s dripping cunt followed by her ejaculating and squirting straight on to the floor while Andrew simultaneously ejaculated into my mouth. Everything happened so quick and it left me so annoyed that I hadn’t been able to be there to taste her sweet juices.

It was about 15 seconds of Andrew pumping my mouth filling it with every last bit he had before Jen popped her head down and furiously started making out with me, spilling most of Andrew’s cum between our mouths straight down on to me. After having her fun, Jen told me to clean myself up because I looked like a disgusting cum slut which cut deep and hurt in the moment mixed between everything that had happened.

The hurt again only ever seemed to turn into lust at the expense of her sadism.

I resumed to get myself back up onto the table and instantly took a napkin and wiped myself off as best as I could. There were still stains on my clothing that were quickly getting worse by the towel that seemed to be sticking to it. I left it alone hoping it wouldn’t be too visible but I could now feel wet patches of Andrew’s cum soaking through different parts of my clothing.

It wasn’t long after the whole event that Andrew once again took my girl to the dance floor and they were grinding against one another and behaving in a not so subtle manner.

I was finally starting to get some weird looks from some people and even had one or two work mates ask me if I was ok with them dancing the way they were, I could only reply with “it’s just a bit of fun.” This seemed to only exacerbate the situation as it meant more of my workmates were fine with dancing up close and personal with my girl when Andrew would briefly leave her unattended to go to the bar or quickly socialize with someone.

Andrew came over to me at one point, he told me how he knew I was full of shit and how he knew I’d never be able to pull a girl like that. I was very confused and asked what he meant. He told me Jen had told him the truth on how we were just roommates and how Jen takes pity on me having no girlfriend and pretends to make me feel better.

Jen said I could come back tonight so if you come back you’re only going to be hearing us fuck all night long.

Jen was so mischievous, I could only hold my mouth wide open as I was wrapping my head around how she had turned the table to make me seem so pathetic, to the guy who it looked like was becoming my work bully.

He left the table looking very pleased with himself and continued to put himself all over Jen, displaying large amounts of indecent touching and dancing until they both came over later saying how they were ready to go and I could come back with them if I wanted (being told by my girlfriend that I could come back to my home with her if I pleased always sent me in overdrive. Do I leave them go and fuck all night and get the details direct from my girlfriend or do I go and hopefully maybe see and hear the action?)

I rang us a taxi and while Jen and Andrew piled into the back I was left in the front with the driver. He wanted to make small talk all the way back which I found frustrating as I wanted to listen to the giggles and soft moans coming from the back of the taxi on the way home. There was no way that Andrew didn’t have his hand(s) all over Jen.

When we got to the house I paid for the taxi while Jen let herself and Andrew in the house. I was entering the house with just enough time to see Jen leading Andrew up the stairs. It was going to be a night of just hearing my girl suck and fuck and be fucked!

All night Andrew seemed relentless, like all those times we’d left work he’d been lusting after my girl and now he had the chance there was nothing he wasn’t going to do. Jen was screaming in pleasure, the antics of the night and knowing how bad she’d treated me along with getting a huge cock inside of her just seemed to make her go for hours.

I was lucky about an hour and half in that Jen came downstairs to get some water to take up. Seeing her come through the door with her hair ruffled, mascara running and semen soaked body made me want to whip off my cock cage right there and fuck her until there was no life left inside of me and she knew it.

She propped her leg up on the coffee table and told me to lap at her swollen cunt like a good dog and I was only to happy to oblige.

She had been fucked good! Her normal beautiful pussy now puffed out and was slightly swollen with a red/pink colouring. There were handprints all over her ass from being smacked and cum covered her body scattered everywhere.

Placing my tongue to her pussy ******* that she had been in fact taking Andrew’s wads of cum in her pussy to. She briefly let me lap at her before pulling her leg down and continuing on her way.

It wasn’t until about 4 hours where everything finally died down for Jen and Andrew while I was sat downstairs desperately trying to get some pleasure out of touching my caged dick and swollen balls. I couldn’t wait for a release.

At about 6 in the morning I crept up stairs slowly and quietly in hopes of seeing a glimpse of ….well anything really. Hoping at the very least to see my girl wrapped in another man’s arms sleeping in my bed. Sadly the door was closed to the room so I made my way back down stairs and set myself up for whatever sleep I would be able to get on the couch.

I awoke to the sound of the front door going at about quarter to ten and had just enough time to see Andrew getting into the back of a taxi.

I raced up stairs like I’d been awake a lifetime, like it was Christmas Day and I was a kid! There she was my beautiful girlfriend laying there in bed half awake and body absolutely riddle with dry cum all over her.

Anytime Jen fucked someone else she’d always get them to cum on her feet at least once because she knew how much I had a thing for feet and she knew I’d always clean them willingly with my mouth no matter what. I approached the bed and told her again how much I loved her and how last night was one of the hottest nights of my life. I couldn’t believe she’d be so depraved and willing to humiliate me like that. She reciprocated the feeling and asked me if I’d like to clean her up before the shower explicitly telling me how her feet were awful messy.

I simply kissed her and then began to run my tongue down her body heading for her tits and perky succulent nipples then down toward her stomach and gently around her now dry cum drenched pussy, leading down her thigh to her calf to her beautiful feet. All the way down her body I would taste her sweet sweaty scent mixed in with patches of cum that had aimlessly coated her.

Each toe I’d suck and lick on Jen would begin to moan, slowly taking her hand down to play with her pussy as she further watched me degrade myself for both of our pleasures.

I’d cleaned both of her feet and both of her legs leading up to the crevices leading toward her soft but swollen lips when she reached climax. I slowly lead up to her face and began to passionately kiss her as we embraced each other, each time our bodies touching they’d fuse with the stickiness of another man’s cum bonding is together making it all the more hot and passionate.

Jen said as I’d been so good that I could fuck her if I wanted but it would be under her conditions.

I didn’t care about conditions at this point, any chance to get my dick into her heavenly pussy was a chance I would always take.

I quickly told her that I’d love to and she gave me a sly giggle of excitement. Jen instantly began to tell me how the first time she fucked Andrew she asked him to wear a condom and that she’d kept it and wanted me to fuck her full of his cum.

My dick was itching to get out of its cage and this only made it so much hotter. The eagerness and willingness to accept had Jen really worked up and willing to go. She had me undo her necklace with my chastity key on it and proceeded to undo the lock on my cock cage.

Having the relief of my dick being able to fully expand after what felt like a eternity was obscenely good. I was directed toward the condom that lay tied on the desk behind and and passed it to Jen. Jen proceeded to lay back and undo the condom which now contained a runny liquid of Andrew’s cum from the early morning hours.

I made my way toward Jen as she grabbed a hold of my dick putting just the tip into her tight little pussy and told me to begin slowly thrusting all the while she began to put the cum from Andrew’s condom onto my cock.

Each stroke I'd bring the tip of my dick out making sure it got coated in Andrew’s cum before I’d slide my dick back into Jen’s tight little cunt.

The sensation was ecstasy and it was taking everything in me to not cum. I couldn’t contain it though and after about a minute of Jen emptying the entire contents of the condom on my cock I exploded with a torrent of cum filling Jen up and having it leak out with every after thrust I gave.

I collapsed on top of Jen feeling euphoric, I got my breath back and kissed her and made my way back down to make her cum with my tongue before cleaning her up and sharing another passionate make out session.

The rest of the day consisted of me wondering what work was going to be like when I got back and Jen filling me in on more details of the night that I’d missed
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