I had a couple of private messages last night and one of them reminded me of a random night when Jen and I were in town. We’d gone out and Jen had spent most of the night getting fondled by guys on the dance floor and by ***** guys in general. Toward the end of the night, we bumped into one of Jen’s friends Sian. She’d joined us for a drink and mentioned how she would be going to a bar down the road for a quick drink and to see her friend before she herself was to go home.

After finishing our drinks and thinking it over me and Jen decided to go with her to the bar. She did let us know that it was known to be a gay and lesbian hot spot but Jen didn’t mind that at all and neither did I, I had Jen with me so what could go wrong?

After getting to the bar which was only about a ten-minute walk, we ended up inside and headed straight for the bar to grab a drink. It was very busy and there was definitely a different crowd than I was used to seeing. Once we’d gotten our drinks we followed Asian who eventually found her friend toward the back of the room. (I can not stress this enough) as soon as I seen Sian’s friend I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. She had that beauty packed with that little something you don’t quite understand about someone but it drives you wild. She was wearing a low purple dress with matching strappy high heels. She had olive-tanned skin with a large pair of tits packed into this tight dress and looked phenomenal! Sian excitedly called out her name “Daniella!!“ they embraced, Jen and I were quick to introduce ourselves, I felt tongue-tied immediately after sitting. It wasn’t until we started to socialize and open up that I found there was something about Daniella I’d missed, she was male to female. ( again I can’t stress this enough, the only thing that gave this girl away was a slightly deeper tone to her voice, it was nothing extreme but it was the only hint to me. I sat there absolutely flabbergasted at how hot she looked!

As soon as the glasses started to empty I coaxed Sian into staying for another and began to make my way to order a round for the table, as I was leaving I asked Jen if she’d help me with the drinks. As we made our way to the bar I immediately couldn’t help but ask Jen if she had noticed anything about Sian's friend Danielle. Immediately Jen latched on to my arm unable to contain herself and looked directly at me exclaiming how she couldn’t believe Danielle was trans. I exclaimed the same, saying how it took me a good bit of time to even realize after we’d sat down. I told Jen I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.

Jen started teasing me “Oh, got a crush have you???“ and started to poke me teasingly. She quickly stopped, “Why don’t you tell her?“ I was taken back, I really didn’t have an answer. All I could think to say was “She must get all the attention, all the time.“ As we now got to the bar through the queue Jen said “I think you should tell her.“ and then diverted her attention to ordering drinks.

After we’d grabbed two drinks each to take back to the table Jen again looked at me “So are you gonna tell her, you think she’s hot?“ I never wanted to sleep around with another woman, I know it seems weird to some as my girlfriend is fucking others at any and every given opportunity but it wasn’t my thing. Jen seemed to be really pressuring me into this though. I’d known her far to long to think there wasn't something sinister behind her intentions and my depraved hormones were starting up their engines.

“I don’t think I will, I mean she looks amazing but you’re everything I want and need.“ Jen looked at me with a face to let me know she found what I’d just said cute, even though she said, “Well if you don’t tell her, I will.“ I remember thinking to myself that I’d gotten out of that pretty lucky, Jen could let Danielle know I fancied her all she wanted.
We sat and placed the drinks down and quickly got back into the conversation of how we all knew each other and what we’d been up to that night. Danielle made a lot of eye contact and seemed to be shooting me a good amount of questions.

As the second lot of drinks started to go down we found ourselves talking about Danielle and her transformation. She was not shy in talking about herself and her past but knew what she wanted early in life and seemed to be a great person. I found myself a bit more tense than I’d like to have been but Danielle was exceptionally beautiful. As Jen began to chatter with Sian about how beautiful Danielle was and how Jen didn’t have a clue she was quick to drop in “He’s blown away, he didn’t have a clue, and his words, not mine, he thinks you’re very sexy!“ I could feel all the blood rush to my face as I’d just been embarrassed by Jen, she had a mischievous laugh as she looked back at me. Danielle broke the embarrassment by thanking me and telling me that she liked to hear it. Jen in her ditsy tipsy state began to probe Danielle eventually asking if she’d had her operation to change her genitalia yet, she had not. Sian was quick to interject by saying “It’s too big to remove, they couldn’t find a tree surgeon.“ and burst out cackling along with Jen, Danielle blushed as she chuckled along.

After we’d finished our drinks Sian said that she really had to get going and asked the rest of us our plans, Jen looked at me and then back to Sian and said that we were enjoying ourselves and if Danielle wouldn’t mind we’d stay for a few more drinks. Danielle said she didn’t mind or have any plans and she might as well call it a night with Jen and I. I kept the drinks flowing and the conversation seemed to roll along at a great pace. The more the booze was consumed the more our subject of conversation took an explicit turn. Jen was asking about Danielle’s last partners and it came to light that she was both into girls and guys but found it hard in her position.

Jen was getting more handsy with each sip of alcohol and had placed her hand on Danielle’s thigh every time she’d been enthralled by her conversation. I was starting to see Jen’s hand linger longer and longer on Danielle and that’s when I knew what the night would entail. After getting back with the last round of drinks for the night it wasn’t hard to see Jen’s hand rubbing up and down on Danielle’s leg and in Danielle’s lap, one hand lying ever trying to hide the bounces from Danielle’s cock bouncing up and down on the soft fabric of her dress. Jen’s soft hands must have gotten Danielle hard. I did my best to not stare but this situation was getting way too hot way too fast. Then Jen out of nowhere began to explain the type of relationship we had. Leaving out a lot but including everything she wanted Danielle to know. meaning explaining that our relationship was open for fun. I downed my pint in little to no time while Jen was explaining all this, it had me in a position where I didn’t know what to do or say.

After Jen finished seductively explaining the ins and outs of our relationship with Danielle gasping and or giggling in between her stories or exploits of our relationship she wrapped up and Danielle was quick to individually let us know that we were both lucky but especially Jen. Jen looked at me with a loving look and gave me a kiss and said she knew as did I and then finished the last of her drink. With more chatter and Danielle saying how nice she thought we were as people and how crazy our dynamic as a couple was she asked if we’d like to get together sometime and Jen excitingly said “definitely!” And continued by asking her what she was doing now? Danielle, explained that she would be going home when Jen told her that she could come back to ours for a few drinks if she’d like?

I didn’t really know what to say or do. Things with Jen always got out of hand and I could only imagine where this was heading. Danielle said that it sounded nice and only if it wasn’t a burden to the both of us, Jen told her it was no problem and we have drinks at the house. We headed around the corner to the taxi stand, clambered into the back of a taxi and headed for home, I was glad this was a bigger taxi as I’d have hated to have missed what unfolded straight away in the back.

Jen slyly and quietly asked Danielle if she could feel “it”. Danielle a tad nervous looked at me and I must have looked as enticed as ever because she grabbed Jen’s hand and simply started to rub the outline of her cock through her dress.
It was when Jen elongated saying “ woooooooooow!“ from base to tip that really drove home how hung Danielle was. I was in the back of a taxi with two beautiful girls, one you’d never swear was trans and with all that she’s got a dick as per usual a lot larger than mine.

I started to grab at my dick in complete disbelief at what was happening, if the taxi driver looked back I would not have known what to say. Jen continued running her hand along Danielle's long cock as she started to touch herself.
I watched as Jen slowly ran her hand up onto Danielle’s big fake tits and started to rub around her nipples. Danielle took her hand and began to rub at her ever hardening dick while Jen continued fondling her body. The taxi hit a pothole and with that we heard a “Sorry folks.“ it snapped us all back to reality, I looked up to Danielle and Jen and simply said “wow!” to which we all had a chuckle.

We were now pulling up outside our house, opening the back sliding door, I notice how sharp and cold the night air was. We’d filled the back of the taxi in a ferocious wave of lustful heat that the contrast was sobering. When we got in the house we made Danielle comfy, Jen went and got the drinks while I set up some background music so that we could all chat. When we were all seated Danielle and I were on the couch and Jan sat in the armchair opposite us. It didn’t take me long to notice that Jen was intensely staring at Danielle’s crotch at any given moment she could, she was trying to be discreet but the alcohol had diminished that intensely. I knew what she was looking at but I wanted to reaffirm the situation for myself.

I got up excusing myself exclaiming how I was going to change into something a bit more comfortable quickly. As I walked past Jen I made the point of stopping and turning back to offer Danielle anything if comfort and immediately could see the bulbous head of her cock, it was fucking huge! It sat staring at me right between her pretty legs almost glistening with pre cum. I’d never felt so conflicted in my entire life.

I did my best to maintain eye contact with Danielle after what felt like a good ten seconds of staring at her cock and proceeded to change myself and head back down. When I’d gotten back downstairs Jen had moved over to the couch and was making out with Danielle. I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks, I felt like such a voyeur as I stood in the doorway unnoticed.

My girlfriend was making out with what I can only call the most beautiful trans girl I’ve ever seen. Jen’s hand were keenly working it’s way up along her leg into the entrance of her dress and as soon as she felt Danielle’s cock she began to moan while Danielle kept rolling her tongue in and around Jen’s mouth.

I sat in amazement as Danielle began to take things into her own hands, she started to shuffle her dress up toward her waist ******** her huge dick. By the time she’d pulled her dress all the way back and up to her waist her cock stood at full attention. Jen was in awe as she watched Danielle’s huge cock sway back and forth. Danielle looked over to me and could see how intently I was watching, I watched her every move as she began to unzip the back of her dress and pull it down. Once her dress hit the floor she walked over to me, took me by the hand and pulled me over to where Jen was sitting on the couch. Danielle reached out to the back of Jen’s head and planted her mouth firmly on her cock. I watched from Danielle’s perspective looking down past her fat tits as my girlfriends head began to hop back and forth slurping and worshiping Danielle’s huge cock.

I’d been intensely staring until Danielle looked up at me and pulled my head down towards her nipple. I began to suck on her nipple and run my tongue hard over her areola all the while trying my best to keep Jen wishing my sight as she sucked down on the monster cock. Jen’s eyes constantly darted between Danielle’s eyes and my own, she didn’t know who to look at as lust began to take over her body. As if someone flipped a switch I found my self kneeling down beside Jen and worshipping Danielle’s huge cock, Jen found it amazingly hot asking, “Are you gonna help me service her sexy cock baby!?” With that, we each took a side on Danielle’s cock. I’d never willingly done anything like this and it was intensely hot sliding my tongue over Danielle’s cock and fat tip as mine and Jen’s tongues would continuously meet sharing each other’s saliva mixed between the pre cum that was constantly oozing out of Danielle’s cock.

Jen made a swift motion pushing Danielle’s cock up slightly as she began to worship, suck and lick Danielle’s smooth balls. Danielle once again showed dominance by placing her hand on the back of my head and positioning my mouth on her cock. She then gripped me firmly by the hair on the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth slowly while Jen continued to suck on her balls moaning even more intensely as she played with her now wet cunt and swollen clit.
I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t even think of how degrading a position I’d put myself in. Jen had always made me suck cock for her pleasure in the past and now here I was sucking the cock of the most beautiful trans girl I’d ever seen, I’d like to say for Jen’s pleasure but it was every bit my own. I let Danielle continue to face fuck me with Jen joining in licking her long shaft and my lips that were locked around the huge girth cock that filled my mouth. Every time drool and pre cum would acquire around my chin Jen would be there instantly licking it clean and finding herself as thoroughly turned on as I was. When Danielle finally took her cock out of my mouth I had to gasp for air, it’s unreal how much I’d gotten into the whole situation. My dick was rock hard as Jen stood up and started to make out with Danielle. Seeing them embrace in such an animalistic lustful way was so amazingly beautiful. I was hypnotized by the sight in front of me.

I found myself making my way down Jen’s body fully taking in how beautiful she looked paired against another tanned body and could help but notice how Danielle’s dick was throbbing and bouncing up and down as Jen probed her mouth. I lightly place my hands in Jen’s hoops and worked her around so she was now standing in a make-out session with Danielle while her huge member slid in and out of her thighs rubbing against her pussy. Each time Danielle would move her hips in and out her girth cock would have the lips of Jen’s cunt spread while it would be coating his cock with her plethora of juices. Like a depraved degenerate, I placed my head behind Jen’s perfect thighs and the perfect curves of her ass and took Danielle’s cock in my mouth. Danielle hugged Jen as close as she could and began to thrust with more ferocity. Each time Danielle’s cock would slide in my mouth taste buds would individually each shiver and shake at the explosive taste of Jen’s hot juices being mixed in with Danielle’s pre cum. Jen backed up pushing me off Danielle’s cock and looked back at me saying “Leave some for me, I think you like sucking cock more than me sometimes!“ I got up looked at Danielle’s tits and planted my mouth straight onto her nipple and started furiously sucking and licking at them again. It was a weird sensation when I felt a hand at my dick and looked down briefly to see Danielle was now stroking my dick while my girlfriend sucked hers, it was a mind-bending situation that I couldn't really even begin to wrap my mind around what was happening. Jen noticed and immediately place her hand on Danielle’s and stopped her from stroking me. It was me and Danielle looking down at Jen while she stared straight back up at Danielle and continued sucking for another ten seconds before removing Danielle’s huge cock and telling her “I don’t like to soil him, he’s getting a treat already by the way. Look at him, seeing me with another dick is his biggest treat.“

Jen immediately planted her mouth around Danielle’s dick and began to suck with the same intense rhythm while Danielle let go of my dick and pushed my head back down onto her nipple and started fucking Jen’s mouth with force as I let my tongue slide all over her nipples. It wasn’t long before Jen was gagging and sloppy drooling all over Danielle’s cock while finger fucking herself manically. She pulled off Danielle’s dick stood up pulled my head back by my hair and told me to open my mouth. As I did Jen instantly spat the biggest mouthful of thick sticky saliva into my mouth before looking at me and pulling me in so our tongues could again mix and slide together with the pre cum of Danielle’s cock costing the entirety of our mouths. Jen let me go and moved so she was now kneeling on the couch in doggy position and looked at me, “You know what you have to do for me? You have to beg for Danielle to fuck me!“

I looked at Danielle, as I looked her in the eye, “Please fuck my girlfriend, please give her your big dick and please let me watch!?“ Danielle looked at me and was as caught up as me and Jen while making her way toward the backside of Jen.

“I’ll fuck your girlfriend really good because you asked me so nicely, but I’m going to need to use your mouth when I want.“ my mouth hung wide open waiting to see the fat bulbous tip of Danielle’s cock pierce Jen’s tight pussy and nodded all too hastily. You could hear Jen moaning and screaming at times as Danielle grabbed at her and spread her ass and pussy before her fat cock began to stretch Jen out. The sound of Danielle incrementally pushing her cock, inching it bit by bit was a pervert ASMR. Every time I looked right at Jen her head was down on the couch cushion with her long nails digging into the couch as she screamed in ecstasy. Every time Danielle would pull her cock out we would both watch as a white coating of Jen’s juices would lather and coat Danielle’s cock. (This is just my personal thoughts and I hope no one takes offense but while a lot of Jen’s partners were average size the one trans female we had fun with had to have the biggest dick I’d ever seen in real life. Hiding it as a trans person must have been the hardest part of her day to day life!)

After getting about 3/4 of the way into Jen, Danielle slowly began to pull the entirety of her cock out of Jen. Jen’s cunt would grip every millimeter it could as Danielle slowly glided out of Jen. It was exhilarating watching the mega swollen fat head of Danielle’s cock begin to spread my girl open beyond the breaking point as it started to squeeze out of her tight little cunt. Jen’s pussy already looked like it was beginning to swell from the huge cock it was trying to swallow. Danielle again faced her cock toward me and plunged her cock into my mouth forcing it as far to the back of my throat as it would go, I could taste Jen’s frothing cum encasing the whole cock. After holding my head and making me gag she pulled out and began to slide the huge cock back into Jen. Feeling she wouldn’t be bottoming out in Jen any time soon Danielle began to fuck Jen with whatever she could actually fit into her pussy.

Jen continued yelling “Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh my god it's so fucking big, oh fuck, oh my god you’re so fucking deep!“ muffled into the couch as her body now began to give in to the huge cock that was plowing her body into a hot hormonal tidal wave of euphoria. Danielle was relentless, she was fucking Jen better than I’d ever seen anyone fuck her to that point and that was saying something! I ran my hand down to Jen’s as she place her hand in mine and began to squeeze with such a tight grip that it truly let me know she was loving every second of what was happening.

While holding Jen’s hand I brought my head down and began to lick Jen’s beautiful foot, when I brought myself down further to suck on her toes I was gifted with the most amazing sight, there was Danielle with her big jiggling ties and olive skin fucking Jen’s beautiful pussy with her tanned complexion complementing the sexiness of it all. I kept at this at her feet and watched my girlfriend getting railed until they’d swapped positions and I’d find another position to keep sucking on her beautiful feet. After an incredible hot steamy sex session with not much communication from Jen other than to scream through the intensity of the sex, Danielle stood in front of the couch in front of Jen and asked if she would suck her dick along with me so Danielle could cum on both of our faces. I was only too eager to find myself on the floor next to my beautiful girlfriend worshipping Danielle’s cock again. The smell of her hot cunt wrapped around the thick big cock along with Jen’s incredible juices soaked deep into Danielle’s cock had us both worshipping her dick in a frenzy.

As Danielle began to get close she took her dick back from us and began to stroke, I and Jen place our heads together cheek to cheek and began to furiously lap at the top of Danielle’s cock watching it swell in front of our eyes. Danielle began to spurt hot pools of cum one after another that coated both of our faces. After Danielle had emptied what felt like the entire content of her balls all over us Jen began to suck any remnants of cum left in Daniele’s huge cock out. When Jen was assured she’d cleaned the last drops of cum from Danielle’s dick she drew her attention to me and we both began to frantically clean the hot sticky cum that plastered both of our faces before interlocking in hot passionate kissing.

We all lay down on the couch exhausted, sticky, but thoroughly pleased. It was surreal that night as at the end of the night I got my final treat when I ended up getting to sleep between Danielle and Jen. My dick remained hard as diamonds all night.

We took Danielle’s number the next morning as Jen made us all breakfast. We told her she’d always be welcome around and that we’d had a thoroughly good night and hoped it wouldn’t be the last. It wouldn’t be thankful and each time was more wicked and illicit than the last time, maybe I’ll get around to writing up another one of these crazy sex sessions we had with Danielle.
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