image11.jpgMy name is Karen, this story is true and took place a few years after my husband Dave and I married.

Newlyweds with all the stresses of a new marriage, both working, a mortgage, and two very young children, but we worked at keeping our love life with each other strong. Our sex was good when we weren’t exhausted to have it. We both had good jobs, Dave, a district manager for a group of retail stores and I worked in sales so we both had somewhat flexible hours and drove a lot with work.

Dave traveled quite often with a co-worker named Jim. They’d become good friends and Jim stopped by the house to pick up Dave if they are traveling together that day. When they get home Jim will often stop in for a beer before heading off to his place. I like Jim and liked to flirt with him, even to the point of being a cocktease. Bending over in front of him so he could see down my top or uncross my legs sitting opposite from him while wearing a mini skirt. Dave knows I love to flirt and he encourages it. I know Dave’s big fantasy was to share me with other men. He loves the idea of having a hotwife.

Dave came home from work one day to tell me that Jim was getting a divorce. I was surprised as I’d met his wife at business functions and they seemed to have a solid relationship but apparently, she was good at deception. Jim told Dave that his wife has been fucking her boss for more than a year and she was moving in with him. Poor Jim was crushed.

A few days later Jim stopped by and I gave him a huge hug, telling him how sorry I am that she’s done this to him. As inappropriate as it may be, feeling his muscular arms wrapped around me had my pussy tingling. A few weeks later, Dave came home and suggested we get a sitter and go out for a nice dinner. I love date nights so I dressed up in a nice little cocktail dress, stay-up stockings, and heels. After a couple of drinks at the bar and then wine at dinner, the conversation turned a bit naughty and sexual.

“You know how much I love the thought of watching you have sex with another guy?”

“I do yes, fantasies are a wonderful thing,” I responded.

“How would you feel about having a threesome with a couple of handsome men?” replied Dave.

“Do you know of any?” I laughed.

“I was thinking it would be fun to invite Jim over for an evening of fun. I’m sure it would cheer him up. It would fulfill my fantasy and I know you love the idea of having two guys at once.”

I laughed and asked him if he was serious. “Yes, I am. I know Jim has a thing for you and I’ve seen you flirt with him and give him that ‘come fuck me’ look you can flash.

I could feel my face blush knowing I’m caught. “I admit that the thought of having Jim had crossed my mind. We all have fantasies. Let me think about it.”

We talked a bit more about how an evening involving the three of us would go. The more we talked, the more graphic it turned and I could feel my pantiless pussy getting wet from excitement. “You’d like to see your little wife, naked with my legs spread for your buddy Jim to fuck. Hear me moan with pleasure as he thrusts his hard cock into me, Watch me shake and arch as I orgasm with him inside me. Would you like that?”

“Ohhhh fuck,” is all Dave can reply.

“Should we go home now?” As I give him what he refers to as my, come fuck me look.

Dave calls the waiter over for the bill, we pay and speed home. The kids are sound asleep and hubby takes the sitter home. I’m anxiously waiting on the bed for him to get back wearing only the stay-up and heels. I can hardly resist keeping my hands off my pussy. Dave walks in and smiles, taking his clothes off at the same time. He climbs up between my legs and gives my wet pussy a big lick, causing me to moan out loud. He nibbles my pussy until I can’t stand it and he then concentrates on my clit, giving me the most wonderful orgasm I’ve had in a long time. He moves up on top of me and guides his hard cock inside me. It feels so good inside me and he pumped me so good, causing a full body orgasm to build and explode.

As I calm down, Dave is pumped me harder and whispered in my ear, “I want to see Jim do this with you.”

“Okay,” comes from my lips before I realized it. Dave lifted up slightly looking into my eyes and exploded in my pussy.

“Are you serious, you’ll do it?” he asks.

“Are you sure you want me to do it? What if I like it a lot? What if I moan louder? What if he makes me cum harder?”

“I will love it. We can do it just once and then our fantasies will be fulfilled.”

“Okay, let's pick a Friday night that I can take the kids to my mothers so we’ll have the whole house to ourselves.”

The next morning Dave was in such a great mood. “I can’t wait to tell Jim,” he says.

“You guys work it out and I’ll book a night with mom for the kids.”

I got a call from Dave a few hours later telling me how excited Jim is and that he’d love to take us out to dinner next Friday evening. I called mom and asked if she could babysit the kids and she was thrilled as she loves having them. Hubby was so excited all week long and I must admit that my masturbation fantasies all that week were about sex with Jim.

Friday finally arrived and the plans were that Jim would arrive at our place around 6 pm, we’d have a cocktail out on the deck, then to the restaurant for 8:00 reservations. I primped a little extra, trimming myself bare except for a little landing strip. It was a nice warm summer night so I slipped on a short light fabric sundress. I didn’t bother with a bra or panties as I much prefer not wearing them at all, plus I knew the boys would like that. Jim arrived at 6:00 sharp with a couple of bottles of wine. He gave me a big hug and I know he felt that I had no bra on. We opened a bottle and went out to the deck. I sat in a lounge chair intentionally making sure the hem of my dress fell in a way that showed off all of my legs but kept my bare pussy concealed. Both guys kept looking at my long legs and I loved it.

Dinner was fabulous with lots of laughs and some innuendo about what would be happening later. I let it intentionally slip that I had no bra or panties on under my sundress. Both guys let out an audible moan. On the ride home, Dave drove and I sat in the back seat with Jim. It was weird sitting back there making out like teenagers as my husband drove the car. Having Jim kiss me, and rub my breasts and hard nipples through my dress had me so turned on. I couldn’t wait to get home.

Once in the door at home, I put some music on and asked Jim to dance with me. His hands wandered all over my body, lifting my dress so his big hands were on my bare ass. Dave moved in behind me, and I felt him tug on my spaghetti straps, pulling them over my shoulders allowing my dress to fall to the floor. I was now completely naked between my husband and his buddy. Both Jim and Dave’s hands were all over my body. It felt amazing as they massaged all the right places.

Dave took my hand and lead me to the couch. He took off his pants and sat down.

“Why don’t you get on your knees and suck my cock?”

It’s rare for Dave to be so forward but I liked it. I got on my knees and leaned forward taking him into my mouth. I could hear Jim removing his clothes behind me. As I sucked hubs cock, I looked up to see him nod to Jim, then I felt Jim kiss the cheeks of my ass, then felt his tongue on my pussy, licking my slit. Then he moved up behind me and rubbed the head of his cock on my opening. I knew this was it, I was going to have another mans cock in me for the first time since I got married. He pushed and the head popped in, then pushed ever so slowly back and forth until he was completely inside me. I knew immediately that he was longer and thicker than Dave and it felt heavenly. I thought I was going to orgasm right then and it wasn’t long before I had my first.

Dave got up and suggested I lay back on the couch with Jim on top. He moved over to a chair so he would watch us. I lay back on the couch, spread my legs for Jim, and watched as his large cock entered my body. Jim started to thrust into me and within seconds I orgasmed. Once I settled I looked over at Dave to see a huge smile on his face. It was a relief to see him so happy and not upset. Jim put my legs up on his shoulders thrusting deep and hard. I could tell he was getting close,

“Where do you want me to cum?” he whispers.

“Inside me.”

He smiles and with this pure primal look of lust in his eyes, he fucks me even harder, grunting and moaning as he flooded my open cunt. Feeling him fill me caused me to orgasm once more. He collapsed on me catching his breath.

“Oh my god, that was wonderful. It’s been such a long time and you were amazing, thank you.” Jim whispered in my ear.

With my legs still wrapped around him, we both look over at Dave, who’s slowly stroking his hard cock.

“My turn,” says Dave.

Jim gets off of me, and moves over to the chair Dave was in who is now climbing between my legs, looking down at my dripping pussy. He aims and pushes his cock into me. Telling me how much he’s wanted to have sloppy seconds with his own wife. He starts pumping and I feel Jim’s sperm oozing out of me with each thrust. I knew it wouldn’t take long and it didn’t. Hubby grunted and added his load to Jim’s. I felt so good and so slutty at the same time having two men cum in me like that. Hubby kissed me and got off and began to laugh. I wasn’t sure what he was laughing about when he said, “Looks like someone is ready for another round.” I then looked at Jim and his cock was standing up hard again.

I got up and into a doggy position with my knees on the cushions and leaned over the back of the couch. Jim knew what to do and stood behind me thrusting in me once again. His cock felt good. He grabbed me by the hips and pumped hard, our skin smacking together with each thrust. I reached down and started rubbing my clit and it wasn’t long before another wonderful orgasm was coursing through my body. Jim was in for the long haul this time and pounded away for what must have been at least a half-hour before he filled me again with his sperm.

We all had another drink and Dave suggested that since it was so late, Jim should spend the night in the spare room and go home tomorrow before we pick up the kids. It was agreed and I made sure Jim had everything he needed before I headed upstairs to shower. I was exhausted but felt so good. I fell asleep immediately.

I was awakened by hubby the next morning with a kiss.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said.

“Good morning,” I replied with a smile.

“Why don’t you go and wake Jim up?”

“You want me to go and get into Jim’s bed and wake him up? You know what will happen right?” I said.

“Oh yes, I know exactly what will happen. You go in and wake him up and I’ll go and put the coffee on.”

The thought of getting into his bed excited me. “Yes, okay.”

Getting out of my bed with my husband and walking naked down the hallway to get into bed with another man was bizarre but also a huge turn-on. I could feel hubby's eyes watching my bare ass as I walked down the hall and slipped into the spare room. Jim heard the door and opened his eyes, he smiled seeing me stand there. He pulled the covers back inviting me into his bed. I crawled in and found the most wonderful sight of morning wood. He was so hard and big. It was the first really good look I got at his big cock. The head was purple and thick. The veins in his shaft almost pulsed. I leaned forward and licked the head of it, then around the rim. Jim moaned when I did that. I ran my lips up and down all the sides of his long shaft, before taking his cock into my mouth and pushing it all the way back to my throat. I bobbed up and down on his cock licking and sucking, enjoying the taste of him in my mouth.

He moved his hands under my bare body, lifted me off his cock, and guided me up over his chest so that my pussy was just above his mouth. The sensations were great as he gave my shaved pussy gentle kisses and licks until he began working on my clit. He held me steady with his hands on my ass. I moved my hands up, rubbing and pulling my big nipples in a natural reaction, and helping to bring me to orgasm on his tongue. I looked down to see Jim smiling up at me with a very satisfied look of accomplishment on his face.

I reached back and took his hard cock in my hand and began stroking it. I wiggled down his body, positioning myself over his hardness, and lowered down impaling myself on his cock. I was so nice and wet that I went balls deep in one stroke. My mind flashes to the fact that my husband is downstairs having coffee while I have his buddy's bare cock inside my wet pussy. The thoughts fade as I start bouncing up and down on Jim. His hands are all over me, rubbing my ass, my tits, rubbing and pulling my nipples. With all this attention that wonderful feeling is building again and I orgasm and actually gush on his cock. This orgasm must have lasted for a couple of minutes before subsiding. Jim rolled me over onto my back and he put his arms under the back of my legs forcing them up high. I pulled back on my legs giving myself completely to him for his sexual enjoyment. He pulled his cock out of me almost completely and then thrust in balls deep, doing this over and over. I looked down to see his large, glistening cock disappear inside my body with each stroke. He started pumping harder and harder until I reached up and pulled his nipples. He moaned and grunted, emptying himself into me once again.
I went back to my room and cleaned up a bit and slipped into a light robe to go downstairs. Jim was already there pouring himself a coffee.

“I thought I was going to have to go up and throw a pail of water on you two,” Dave said laughing.

Then he said, “Would you both be open to the idea of making this a more regular thing?”

Jim quickly says, “Definitely!”

Both guys then look over at me to see my reaction, and I’m sure they could tell by the big smile on my face.

“Are you okay with this arrangement, honey?” I said to Dave.

“I am for sure.”

The beginning of a long and satisfying relationship between the three of us. Well, three for a while but that’s another story.
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