Where to begin? The things you will read about her really did happen. I’ve been married to this lady for over 20 years. Before we got together she was fucking my friends regularly and I just had to have her. As we started our life together I told her my fantasies and she was very open and welcoming to them, they became our lifestyle and has been off and on for many years now.

Let’s start at the beginning. Our first trip to the swingers club was at a place in Indianapolis. I told her it would freak her out, but that didn’t happen. She was dressed in a classy skirt with heels and looked very pretty. As the night wore on she talked to a few guys and shared a kiss or two, a feel, a grab here and there nothing too risky as She was playing hard to get.

I knew a few of the guys that had shown some interest in her as I had been here with a previous relationship. I knew who I wanted to see her with because they were hung like you couldn’t believe.

When we were going upstairs she saw the doors in the hallway and asked about them? I told her they were gloryholes and that she should step in and give it a try, and she did.

As she looked around the small room with low lights and of course porn on a tv. She began to get a little antsy, thankfully after a few minutes, a big thick black dick came thru the hole. She was a bit shocked "I’ve never done a black guy before."

"Give it a shot." She went to her knees, holding it up, inspecting it. She was mesmerized and soon began licking her lips and running her tongue up the side of it, and then started deep throating the black cock. The guy on the other side was impressed!

"Damn, she is deep throating me?!" I looked, she was nose against his pelvis. She came up long enough to tell me she needed to be fucked and to go get somebody to fuck her.

As I opened the door there stood the guy that had fucked my ex-wife and his buddy. I invited them in, their view of my wife, now on her knees swallowing a load from a black dick in the wall made him drop his pants, and present a big white dick for her. She gobbled his dick up and was soon putting 9 inches down her throat.

"She has a great stroke."

His buddy was holding her hair back and getting her top off while pulling his pants off too. he wasn’t hung like his buddy but he was thick and she loves thick.

She went back and forth between the cocks by her face. They finally got her off the floor and took turns making out with her. He turned her and sat her in a chair, took her panties off, and hiked her skirt up. "Oh, that’s a pretty shaved pussy. This is much better than the last girl you had with you."

He looked at my wife and said "You know I fucked his last wife also?"

She looked at him and ran a finger between her pussy lips licked them and said "I’m so much better than her."

"Well, your head game is, that’s a fact."

He lined up at her hole and asked her if she was ready. He didn’t even give her time to answer he just pushed in. He stayed still for a few seconds and said "Damn she’s wet!" She let out a moan as he started pumping her in long slow strokes, she bucked back against him with her hips to meet his.

"You got a winner this time."

My view from behind them was her legs on his shoulders, heels in the air, and his cock tearing her pussy up. She was moaning, biting her lip as he said "You got good pussy, you should give it to everybody."

Between moans, "I have." (she had, and that’s what I loved about her.) He pulled out and helped her up "I want this from the back." She went to her knees as his buddy stuck his dick in her mouth and he slid in her pussy balls deep. She gasped but kept sucking the cock in front of her. She had his buddy buried in her throat and him in her pussy, she was in heaven.

The glory holes in their club were big enough that you could see who was on the other side. the black guy from earlier was watching thru the hole now and was saying "I want some more of her, she has the greatest throat I've ever had." The guy behind her started thrusting a little harder and was pounding her out really well, watching her ass jiggle while getting pounded like that was so hot, and her moans while sucking that dick was enough to damn near make me cum as well.

"She on the pill?" I said she wasn't. I didn’t tell him she had her tubes tied.

She looked over her shoulder and said "Cum in me!" and went back to gobbling that other dick. He fucked her for about another 10 minutes and finally let go inside her as she started having her own orgasm. His buddy then pulled out of her mouth and took her to the glory hole

"Suck that black dick." She was on her hands and knees at the glory hole, her cunt was open and distended from the 20-minute pounding she had just gotten. Her skirt was around her waist and the guy's buddy with the thick cock lined up at her asshole and in he went.

She winced a bit and started bucking back against him as he reached around and hit her clit. She squirted on his hand and screamed with the black dick in her mouth which made him cum on her face, in her hair, up her nose, and in her eyes... her makeup was ruined and she looked sexy as hell. The guy that had ruined her pussy for the night looked at her and said "Do you know what you are?"

"The same thing I’ve been since I was in high school."


"I’m a fucking slut, always have been, always will be."

With that, the guy fucking her ass pulled out and shot his load all over her ass cheeks and up her back. He looked at us and said, "That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard."

The guy on the other side of the glory hole said "I want some of what they got!"

She said "Give little dick (meaning me) your number. I’m gonna have to take a day and let everything get back to normal."

With that I was told to lick her pussy, clean it up and take care of her. That she is special. She laid back on the floor, grabbed my head, and put my face right in that creamy mess. The hung guy that destroyed her pussy stuck his dick in her mouth while I did my duty. His buddy held my head in it and even made me lick her asshole. Soon enough ole boy came on her face again. We had been in that room for over an hour, she had 5 loads of cum, 3 in her and 2 on her. The guy that destroyed her pussy took her panties and when she went to wipe her face off he told her to kiss me, and I got a wet cummy kiss and a very slick face.

When we got home I went to reclaim her and she told me after a few strokes "I can’t feel you." I came instantly!

This was the first of our many adventures. I will post more sorry if they are wordy I’ve never done this before, but I gotta share our experiences. They still make me hard.
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