Here is the reality.

I met my wife 12 years ago and have been married for 10 years. My wife was 39 and I was 44 when we met. Over the last 10 years, I have tried to learn more about my wife’s sexual past. She is embarrassed by how few guys she has ever dated and fucked. In fact, if it wasn’t for a mad period of 6 months in the year before we met when she placed a profile on a sex dating site where she met 5 guys for various degrees of sexual contact, then her sex life was rather bland with only three proper relationships, but only 2 involving sex.

She has always been reticent to tell me about her past sex life as she says it is boring and nothing special really happened. She knows I used to be a swinger and I am willing to tell her anything but she doesn’t want to know. She knows I have videos and photos of me and my exes and some of the parties, but shows no interest in seeing them.

On the other hand, I want to know as much as I can about what she got up to. In the early years of our marriage, she would quickly end any conversations when it turned to past sex life. However, over the years she has slowly started to share more. She was surprised a few years ago when she had had a few too many drinks how much she told me one of the guys she met on the sex dating site, including that he was black, and eventually told me the last time they fucked she had let him go bareback and cum inside her pussy. She noticed how hard my cock had begun and she was very surprised and how vigorously I fucked her that night. I told her I could never be jealous of what had happened in the past and in fact when she told me details it turned me on.

She did tell me that one of the guys she had met on the sex dating site had asked if he could film them fucking and she had said no – when I asked her if any guy had photographed or filmed her naked apart from me she said no, which didn’t surprise me as she has only allowed me to do nude photo shoots with her.

The Fantasy.

As my wife had told me more about her past sexual experiences it was clear they were very limited. She was reluctant to tell me anything about Paul, a guy she dated for nearly a year in her late 20s, over 20 years ago. After some gentle pushing, she finally agreed to tell me something about Paul. She told me she wasn’t going to hold back any details in the hope that it would put me off asking any more questions in the future. They had met through work but only started dating when he moved to a new job. During the first few months, things had moved very slowly, as the only guy she had fucked before was a waiter when on holiday in Turkey when she was 26 – yes she was late losing her virginity.

The drink she was gulping down quickly was clearly helping her loosen up as she told me everything. Paul had had quite a bit of experience and he was great in bed both with his tongue and cock. She loved it when he licked her to orgasm first as it allowed her pussy to moisten up enough to take Paul’s cock. She then gleefully told me that his cock was longer and thicker than mine and at first it had been difficult and painful for him to enter her. With practice, they learned how to get her pussy wet and open before he tried to fuck her and what positions worked best. She said he loved the doggy position as he had control of how deep he went, and she liked riding his cock as she had control. She said he had big balls and always shot a lot of cum as well.

Part of me was taken back by her confessions, but also I wondered if she was making it all up to tease me. I asked her if she could prove the size of his cock, and my wife asked how she could do that. I suggested that if his cock was this good then she would have photographed it. She blushed. ‘Well, sometimes we did experiment with a few things’. This was over 20 years ago so digital photography was new and Peter had only a film camera and a digital disc video camera. The first time she let him photograph her it was just in underwear and it was sent away to be developed through the chemists. She was embarrassed when they had to go and collect them from the chemists. He then did some hardcore photographs which he sent to a company in Scotland which advertised in men’s magazines. My wife said she wasn’t sure about this so he didn’t take too many photos. In the end she allowed him to video some of their sex together as this didn’t need to go away for developing. I was very intrigued by this and asked if she had copies. She said she didn’t and a reason why she was so reticent to let me photograph her was that she had always wondered what happened to the photos and films.

I asked her if she had had any contact with Paul after they split. She said they had phoned a few times but then nothing now for nearly 20 years. I suggested that maybe we could find out what he looked like today by searching Facebook for his profile. My wife wasn’t sure, but I said there was nothing wrong just looking for him. We found his profile very easily and I suggested she send a message to him.

She was quite resistant but finally she gave in and texted hi a short message ‘Hi, I know it’s been 20 years + since we lasted chatted. You came up in my thoughts today and I was wondering how you are and what life has been like for you’. She was surprised that he answered immediately ‘ funnily enough I think about you a lot more than once in 20 years …lol. I am now married with two grown up kids. Why were you thinking about me?’

She didn’t know how to answer this directly so she just responded ‘I got married 10 years ago and life has generally been kind to me’. He replied ‘just seen some of your photos on Facebook and do look well, and still very sexy….. and you didn’t answer my question about why you were thinking about me’. I told her she had nothing to lose by being honest with him so she typed:

I was chatting with my husband and he has become very interested in what I had gotten up to with my past lovers. He has been asking since we got married but last night I told him a lot more than I should have. I told him about how big your cock was and how you needed to lick my clit and give me an orgasm to get my pussy wet enough to accept your cock.

Peter responded very quickly ‘Blimey, I wasn’t expecting that. So what happened afterwards’. Lying my wife replied that I had fucked her brains out. His reply was ‘Lucky you. My wife used to like my cock but recently she has gone off sex ’. My wife then typed ‘while we are being candid, and the real reason I contacted you, was that last night’s conversation got me thinking about the photos and videos you took of me. Whatever happened to them? Did you ever show them to anyone else?’. Peter took awhile responding.

‘I was devastated when we split up and I regularly looked at the pics and watched the videos. I then met my wife and everything was hidden away for a few years. After getting a new computer and scanner I digitised the photographs and copied the videos onto the hard drive. I then created a full edited set (not showing faces) so that I could share them with online friends. I would guess 30 or so guys have seen them and wanked over them. My wife, during one of our sexually open periods asked if I had any films of past girlfriends and we watched all the films we made before having a great night of sex. I regularly watch the films (at least once a month) and just so you know my wife is away for a few nights and it was likely I would have watched our videos that night ’

I thought my wife would go ballistic, but instead to my surprise she said it had turned her on knowing strangers had wanked over her. She responded ‘you are a big shit for showing them to others, but then again it has turned me on knowing strangers have watched me. Would I be possible to send me copies of the photos and videos so I can reminisce over them as well’ - She attached her email. A few minutes later her email pinged and it was a message from file sharing website saying someone had sent her some files and she could now download them. She left the room and got her laptop and started downloading the files onto it. He had named the videos in date order. My wife sat next to me and asked me if I really wanted to see the stuff. I said yes. She opened the photos first and there were a lot more than I was expecting. The first folder named shoot 1 was her in underwear and naked but covering her pussy and tits. The second folder named shoot 2 was her fully naked, with a clearly embarrassed look. Folders shoot 3-8 were hard core and I saw Peter’s cock for the first time …. And it was how she described it. Here was my wife sucking, stroking and having his cock in her pussy. There were also photos of his creampie inside her.

She then started to watch the first video. It showed her naked, sucking Peter’s cock. We watched together and she noticed how hard my cock had gotten in my jeans. I was surprised that when Peter started to cum she took the first few jets od cum in her mouth and then let him shoot the rest of her face.

She picked up her phone and hadn’t realised how long it had been since her last message to Peter. He had written a number of messages, first asking if she got the files, then what she thought about them and then that he hoped the memories hadn’t upset her. She replied ‘sorry, got busy looking at the photos- I didn’t remember you taking so many, or how explicit they are. Would you mind me showing my husband’. He replied I could show them to anyone I wanted to. My wife asked me if it would be OK to save the rest of the videos till later. I said it would be OK, but I didn’t realise my wife had an ulterior reason for waiting to watch them.

To my shock she then typed ‘ as your wife is away, and my husband is away, do you want to video chat on skype …. And she then attached her skype address. She looked at me and said she was in charge and I needed to sit quietly as if I was not there. I could listen to what was being said but not say or do anything. She turned her skype on on her laptop and there was already a message from Peter. She turned the computer away from me, mainly so Peter couldn’t see me on the cam. I had no idea what was being typed but my wife was laughing. She then looked at me and told me to be quiet. The Skype call melody started and then Peter answered. I now could hear the conversation.

I don’t know what had been typed but the conversation started off very sexually charged. Peter said it was great she had made contact and that this had allowed him to tell her he did think about her, and he enjoyed watching the videos they had made as often as he could. My wife asked him if he really did watch them or was he just saying it, and what did he do when he watched. He laughed and said he did the obvious and would stroke his cock as he watched imagining he was fucking her again. She then said it was a shame she hadn’t had the opportunity to wank over the videos for the last 20 years as well. They carried on chatting for a while and then my wife said ‘ok let’s stop going around the edges, we both want to see each other naked again’. With that she rested her laptop on the chair, stood up in view of her cam and stripped naked. She gave a twirl and then sat down on the chair and put the laptop on her lap, giving Peter a close up of her large tits.

Peter gave her a lot of flattery and then my wife said ‘oh my, that thing still looks large and hard. I wasn’t expecting you to be erect’. Peter asked her what she was expecting after being naked on cam for her. She asked him to stroke his cock for her, and he said he would as long as he could see her pussy. I then watched my wife and her ex wank for each other. My wife had a very intense orgasm before watching Peter cum.

They settled down to chat a bit more and my wife asked him how long his wife was away. He said all weekend so my wife suggested they skype the next night and do a repeat show. Peter agreed and they said their farewells. As soon as she had hung up on the Skype call I was naked and within a few seconds my cock was inside my wife’s wet pussy. I didn’t take long before cumming inside her. My wife said that I must have enjoyed watching her talk to Peter by my reaction and I said it had been a great turn on. My wife suggested we go to bed so we could watch the other videos.

My wife was a right ***** on the videos she had made with her ex, and loved being naughty on film. It took about 2 hours to watch all the films and then we fucked for a few hours, both cumming several times. In the morning my wife asked if it was still OK for her to Skype with Peter that evening and I said it was OK. She was concerned that I could see it as cheating but I said it was turning us both on to involve another guy in our sex life, and as she had already fuck this guy he wasn’t really seeing anything new.

The rest of the day was full of anticipation and an hour before the agreed time they were to chat my wife went upstairs to prepare. 5 minutes before the time she called me into the bedroom. She had attached the mobile camera to her laptop which she said would allow her more flexibility. She had lit the bed well, and this created a dark corner in the bedroom where she had put a chair for me to sit and watch.

My wife was wearing her silk dressing gown, with the belt done up tightly. She suggested I strip naked as she wanted to see my reactions. I stripped and she laid on the bed, laptop in front of her and the camera at the bottom of the bed pointing towards or headboard. Right on time the Skype call rang and she looked at me and asked if I was certain it was Ok, and when I said yes she answered it. Peter had also decided to be in his bedroom and the two chatted about past memories and then my wife asked if Peter and his wife made videos or took pictures. He said they did do it regularly at the start of their relationship but nothing in the last 5 years or so. She said she had not posed for her husband as it was always at the back of her mind what Peter had done with the photos and videos he had taken of her. My wife then asked Peter if he could show her a picture of his wife. My wife commented at how she was the exact opposite of her – she was short, small breasted and quite thin. Peter laughed and said he never had a type. My wife then said she was surprised that his cock didn’t split her in half everytime he fucked his wife and they both laughed. They continued chatting and a few minutes later her computer pinged as she received an email. Paul suggested she open the email. For my attention my wife said aloud ‘Paul that is naughty sending me photographs and videos of you fucking your wife – Yes she does seem to be able to take all of your cock’.

They chatted for another 10 minutes or so before my wife asked Paul if he wanted her to remove her dressing gown. He said yes and she presented him with the site of her in a teddy, with no cover over her tits or pussy. She then asked Paul to describe what he would do if he was beside her in bed. He was very graphic and his descriptions were turning her. She then suggested she needed to get a dildo as his cock was too far away. She stood up and moved out of the view of the camera. She came over to me, knelt down and sucked my rock hard cock, tasting my pre cum. She then stood, turned facing away from me and lowered herself onto my cock, which slid easily into me. She sat on my cock only for a few seconds before standing up, going to the wardrobe and getting her favourite dildo.

She got back onto the bed and apologised to Peter for taking a bit longer than expected. She asked Peter to strip off to show her his cock again. He gasped as he revealed it. She said ‘I really had forgotten just what a wonderful cock you have. Tell me again what you would do to me’. I listened to Peter describe in detail how he would play with my wife’s tits and then how he would fuck her. I watched my wife role play each position using her dildo instead of his cock and every so often giving Peter a good close up view of her pussy. I watched my wife then tell Peter to get his cock ready. She fingered her clit and had a massive orgasm and then she watched Peter shoot his wad of cum over his belly.

They laid on their beds, naked (well I guess Peter remained naked as I couldn’t see his camera view) and chatted. My wife then looked at me with a mischievous grin on her face. ‘Peter, have you ever cheated on your wife?’ He answered and said that he had a few times and one was quite recent as his wife had gone off sex. ‘In that case I have proposition. My husband has told me about his fantasy of watching me with another guy. That is why I got the videos of us from you. I don’t think I could fuck another guy as my husband watched in the same room, but I would like to cuckold him. Maybe we could recreate the videos from 20 years ago. We could meet up and at each meeting film one of the scenes as before’. There was a pause and then Peter said ‘I am up for it but you are sure your husband would be OK with it’. My wife replied ‘well what he doesn’t know until afterwards he cant complain about and I am sure if he was in the room with me right now he would be in agreement’. I think she was testing me to say something but I said nothing and just gave her a thumbs up.

Was my wife really going to fuck Peter again? Will I really get to watch my wife (albeit on film) with another guy. This seemed a lot less like cheating as she had already fucked Peter a lot so it wasn’t a new cock, just a reintroduction.

My wife then continued ‘ Hope you don’t mind me saying this but the conditions would have to be the same as 20 years ago to get a proper comparison so it will all have to be bareback, with the camera at the same angle as before. Tell you what though if we enjoy it, after the reimagined fucks from 20 years ago, we could try some new scenes, some new positions’. Peter was all in favour of this and they started to plot when they could meet without Peter’s Wife or I getting suspicious.

They eventually agreed to email a list of dates to each other so that they could arrange a meet up (or even just more sharing on cam). When my wife logged off I jumped onto the bed and we had a very short but hard fuck. As we cuddled afterwards I asked my wife if she was serious about meeting and fucking Peter again. She said that if I didn’t mind she would meet him to recreate the blow job video. So yes they would get naked, and yes he would lick her pussy to orgasm and she would swallow his load, during this first meeting there would be no fucking.

We fell asleep. Next morning my wife showed me the pics and videos Peter had sent her during the skype call showing his wife. She was sexy and I really wanted to see more of them fucking. I asked my wife to get him to send some more to her. She suggested it would be unfair if we couldn’t send some videos back of us fucking so we planned over the next week to video a few of our fucks just for Peter. In one of them my wife filmed me talking to the camera saying how much I was looking forward to my wife playing with Peter’s cock again.

My wife and Peter set up a few dates they could meet, but there had to be flexibility. I think my wife was surprised when I said their first meet could be at our home. My wife said I couldn’t be in the house and I agreed so their first date was arranged. I had no idea when it was to happen so every morning went to work, not knowing.

Then one afternoon I got a text message. It was from my wife and all it said was ’just had Peter’s cock in my mouth. His cum tasted great’. I replied ‘stop teasing’ thinking she was playing games but she replied with a photograph of her and Peter naked in our lounge, and another with her knelt down with his cock in her mouth. I felt really jealous but also turned on. She then sent a message saying ‘When you get home we can watch the video as I suck your cock’. I made every excuse I could to leave work early and got home an hour before I should have. Peter had gone but my wife was still naked. She kissed me and she smelt of spunk. I could see some dried cum on her face, in her hair and on her tits. She said she had been careful not to remove any as she knew I would want to see her.

We had purchased a new camera to film her meetings and this had already been plugged into the TV. She made me strip and sit down. Before she pressed play she said ‘are you sure you want to watch your wife playing with another guy’s cock?’. I said yes … she then said ‘remember, you can not unsee what you watch on the film’ and then pressed play. As we had watched the old movie quite a few times I knew what action I should see. It started the same as they were both dressed and they kissed and slowly stripped each other. She then knelt and started to lick and suck his cock. This went on for a few minutes and then she moved to the sofa (the camera staying stationary) sat on the edge and then Peter took his time licking her pussy and making her cum. He then stood up and she knelt infront of him and she sucked his cock. I heard him say he was about to cum and I watched as she swallowed the first few jets and then he pulled his cock out of her mouth spraying the remaining cum over her face and tits. . My wife then went to the camera and stopped it filming. However a new film started and this time my wife was carrying the camera. She got a close up of Peter’s cock and she talked to the camera ‘Hope you don’t mind darling next time we meet this cock is going to get buried into my pussy’ and she moved the camera to show her pussy which she held open and she said ‘the next film will end with his cum dribbling from pussy’. She unhooked the camera from the TV and set it where it had been to film her and Peter. She told me she wanted to recreate the same video right now but with us in it.

We missed out the bit with both being dressed and we stood kissing. She then knelt sucked my cock a little and then let me give her an orgasm by licking her clit. The film finished with her sucking my cock and swallowing the first few jets and then letting the rest spray over her. She then told me they had already arranged a day and time to meet to make the next video.

It was two weeks later, during a period I kept asking if anything was happening and being told no, that I got a text from my wife mid-afternoon. She typed ‘great film just made and I am now alone in our bed with Peter’s cum inside my pussy’. She then sent a photograph taken by Peter using her phone showing her pussy wide open and filled. She then typed ‘what do you want me to do? I could go and wash or stay naked on the bed and wait for you to come home. If I can keep some cum inside me what would you like to do with it … eat it or to use as lubricant as you fuck me’. I replied I was on my way home and I would decide when I got home.

It was an odd drive home. I was jealous and probably had some anger that she had fucked another guy, but the overriding emotion was lust, that my wife was waiting on OUR bed with another man’s cum inside her.

When I got home I rushed up the stairs to our bedroom. My wife was lying naked listening to the radio, and the first thing she said was ‘the camera is still set up, press the record button as Peter wants to see your reaction’. I pressed record and my wife said ‘Look at how Peter left me satisfied’ opening her legs. There was dry cum on the bedding and around her pussy lips and in her pubic hair. She then held her pussy lips open and I could still see some residue of his cum. I stripped off and my wife said ‘I want you to be a true cuckold, come and lick Peter’s cum from me’. Her being forceful was very sexy and I just had to obey her.

Peter was later sent a video of me licking my wife’s pussy clean and then fucking as she told me how good Peter’s fuck earlier on was and what a great cock he had.

Over the next few months they met every 3 weeks to recreate one of their videos and I would receive a call or text message at work to tell me what had happened and I would fuck my wife when I got home, filmed for Peter’s pleasure.

Then one evening as we had dinner my wife said that she and Peter had now recreated all of their videos from over 20 years ago. She said that she knew our agreement was for her to just recreate the videos, but she said that it was clear I was enjoying her meetings with Peter, and they had really enjoyed reconnecting sexually. She looked directly at me and asked ‘so what should we do? Can I keep on fucking Peter and filming our meetings for your pleasure as well?’. I said I had to think about it, but my wife then said ‘if you are a true cuckold then I should just continue meeting with Peter with or without your consent’. I said I didn’t see myself as a cuckold ….. and she laughed ‘well a real man wouldn’t have encouraged me to fuck an ex-lover and get so turned on by watching the videos’. I had to agree with her on that. We left it at that.

The next week I was at work I got a text message from wife saying Peter was with her in our bedroom and they were about to fuck. She suggested I get home and then wait in the lounge …. Where I could hear them fucking and when Peter left I would have access to his fresh creampie. I was unsure but soon found myself in my car driving home and when I got home I sat in the lounge, listening to my wife getting fucked. About 10 minutes after her orgasm Peter came down the stairs, looked at me and said ‘all your’s now’ and he left our house.

My wife was lying on the bed, very sweaty and the room smelt of sex. She looked at me and said ‘get over here cuckold, I want you to smell my cunt full of another man’s cum. ‘ I did as asked and then she told me to lie on the bed. She then lowered her pussy over my face and said ‘lick me clean cuckold’. I initially had little choice as cum was dribbling into my mouth but I then got into it and with my licking my wife had a very loud orgasm. I then heard a voice in the room. Peter had returned. My wife said that she hoped I didn’t mind but she had given Peter a key to our home and he was welcome to come and go as he pleased. I noticed he was naked sporting a large erect cock. ‘I see he likes his role as pussy cleaner so I had better give him a new load’. My wife offered her pussy to him and just a few inches from my face I watched Peter’s cock slide into my wife. Every so often his cock fell from her pussy and it seemed only natural for me to lick and suck his knob until he put it back into my wife.

Peter made a great deal about cumming. He was telling me to watch his balls as they were about to tighten as his muscles were about to squeeze his cum into my wife. My wife joined in telling him to fill her deep as her cuckold watched a real man fucking her. I heard him grunt, saw his balls tighten and knew he was pumping his seed into my wife. As he pulled out my wife immediately lowered her pussy onto my face and his fresh warm cum dribbled into my mouth. I then licked her clean as she orgasmed.

I rose from the bed with a rock hard cock. My wife looked at it and then said to Peter ‘I think his cock is expecting a go.’ They laughed. My wife then said Peter’s wife thought he was away at a hotel for the weekend, and he was going to be staying with us. I was to use the spare room as Peter was going to sleep with her in our bed for the next 2 nights. My wife then said ‘During his stay you will be my cum cleaner, and you will only come into our bedroom when asked or given permission to enter. If you can manage not cumming all weekend, then you can fuck me as Peter watches before he leaves’. She then told me to leave the bedroom.

Over the weekend I heard them fucking and when I found them fucking in the lounge when I got back from shopping they told me to sit and watch and I then had to lick my wife’s pussy clean before making lunch for everyone. It was early Sunday afternoon that I was called to our bedroom. I heard my wife playing with Peter all morning so when I entered it didn’t surprise me that the bed was a mess and there was cum everywhere. My wife was lying on her back on the bed and she told me to strip. Once naked Peter opened her legs and then her pussy lips open. She was very red and Peter said ‘just look at how red and raw your wife is after being fucked all weekend by me. She has been so stretched and used it will take her ages to recover. Just imagine how much cum I have pumped into her this weekend’. Once naked Peter looked at my balls and commented ‘wow they seem massive. You must have a load of cum stored in there. My presence this weekend must have really turned you on’

My wife just laid there as I pushed my cock into her. She commented to Peter ‘shame I cant really feel his cock in me. You have stretched me and after so much sex this weekend you have left me numb. No matter how she felt my cock was ready to explode and I pumped one of the largest cum shoots I had ever emitted into my wife. As I pulled out my wife told me to clean her up and I was then told to leave the bedroom. I could hear them both have a shower and it was about 30 minutes later Peter emerged dressed followed by my wife, in her dressing gown.

In the lounge my wife gave Peter a passionate kiss. She then sat down next time. She said ‘Peter and I have decided he will be my Bull. He can fuck me whenever he wants and there will be one or two nights a month when he will stay over. He will also decide how slutty I will be as he may bring friends to join us fucking. We both agree that you have no say in this. I am still your wife and I still love you, but my body is no longer solely yours. We will fuck but Peter will decide when he gets my body. We don’t expect you to make any comment but I will talk with you more when Peter has gone’. She stood up and Kissed Peter passionately again. She led him to the front door holding his hand and then said very loudly ‘I cant wait to have your cock inside me again, pumping your cum into me’. Peter looked at me and said he was looking forward to fucking her again with her cuckold in the house and he left.

Over the next week we had lots of chats, and arguments, but what my wife said made sense. She had found that she needed another cock to satisfy her sexual desires. Since this had all begun we had fucked more so it was better for me as well. I had to agree with her on that. I said we could give it a few months to see how it played out.

A month after my wife had told me she wanted Peter as a Bull, he turned up at ours and I spent a night listening to them fucking and me being summoned to lick my wife clean. Peter was only able to stay one night and after he left we fucked. This time it was unhurried and more sensual and was great. As we laid cuddling afterwards my wife said that Peter had suggested something to her and she had agreed – it would blow my mind. No matter how much I pressed her she wouldn’t say anymore.

It was two weeks later that I got a text message from my wife that Peter was coming over for a flying visit. He would not be staying the night but I shouldn’t arrive home too late (and definitely not too early). This intrigued me and I wanted to get home. But what would happen if I went home early? I texted back asking when Peter would be arriving and she said he was already there so I should just imagine what he was about to do with her.

I sat at work but the temptation got too much for me. I drove home but parked on the street with a view of our house. I could see Peter’s car and I noticed there were a lot more cars parked on the street than I would have expected at this time of the day. Our bedroom curtains were closed but they kept flapping so something was happening in the room. I was there for about 45 minutes and then 2 guys left my house. They got into their cars and drove off. A few minutes later a couple more guys left and drove away. I counted 10 guys leave before I saw Peter open the front door and leave. The front door had barely closed when I got a text from my wife telling me to get home quickly. I texted back to say I was about 5 mins from home.

I waited for 5 minutes feeling my heart pounding. I eventually gave in and drove my car onto the drive. I went into the house and my wife called me up to the bedroom. As I entered the room it smelt of spunk. My wife was lying on the bed and her legs were wide open. She told me to take a look and held her pussy open. There was cum oozing from her and all over the bed. There was dried cum stains in her hair and on her face and tits. She told me to strip off and she told me that Peter had put an ad on a sex site. He had offered her body today for bareback sex for anyone who wanted it. There had been 15 replies but 5 guys didn’t show. She said all 10 guys had fucked her and cum in her pussy and most had been able to cum a second time over her face and tits. She told me Peter had filmed everything and the camera was still running as he wanted to see me clean up the pussy.

My wife moved to the edge of the bed and I knelt. As I leant forward there was an overpowering smell of spunk. My wife saw me hesitate and said ‘if you don’t clean me up I wont fuck you’. I started to lick the combined spunk from 11 men from my wife’s pussy. As I did so she told me all about the gangbang she had just taken part in. She relished telling me how most had better cocks than mine, how she had felt the force of some of the guys’ cum erupted into her pussy and how she had loved being used by a roomful of guys. She let me continue with her clit until she orgasmed and then she told me to fuck her. Her pussy was wet and very open and my cock slid in with ease. It only took a few strokes and the thought of all those guys inside my wife before I lost it and emptied my balls into her.

As we laid on the bed she told me that Peter was going to arrange a meeting like this for her once a month and I had to accept it. She then said all the guys who fuck her will get a copy of the video Peter makes as a keep sake so that she would also become wank material for them and maybe others they share the film with. My wife was now a true slut and there was nothing I could do about it.
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