A true account

I have given you a few stories recently which are fantasies about what I would like my wife to do. We met in 2010 and we told each other everything, so she knew about my sexual past which included quite a bit of swinging. On the hand she was quite vanilla. I wasn’t expecting to stray and in fact the first few years of marriage were really good sexually. To our surprise (we were trying but our age was against us) she became pregnant and we had a child. It was at this point that our sex life stopped to nearly nothing.

I wasn’t looking on cheating but as I had been a very active naturist in London before we moved away I looked for some naturist venues near to where we lived. Unfortunately there was nothing really suitable. I eventually found an online forum for local naturists. I learnt about a nearby naturist beach and visited there a few times. I also started to chat online with a couple about 10 years older than me (they would have been in late 50s early 60s). We got on very well and agreed to meet for lunch in a pub near to them. The lunch went very well and a few weeks later I got an email inviting me round to their house for a naturist few hours. I couldn’t resist.

I turned up and the husband opened the door in his dressing gown. He led the way to the lounge where his wife was sat on the sofa totally naked. He didn’t hang around before removing his dressing gown. I asked if it was Ok to take my clothes off and they laughed and said yes. We went and sat outside on their patio as it was a sunny day. We chatted like old friends and really got on. A few days later I received another email inviting me back. When I went back again it was a pleasant time and it was quite relaxing just sitting naked and chatting. I had a couple more invites and the same thing happened – either sat on the patio or in the lounge.

Then things unexpectedly changed. I got another invite to join them and I turned up and nothing seemed different. The wife then went off, I thought to the toilet. After 5 minutes the husband said that if I was interested his wife was in their bedroom and I could go and join her. I wasn’t sure I was hearing right so I got up, and he pointed the way to the bedroom. I walked in and she was lying on the bed, legs wide open and fingering her pussy. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I said yes and she invited me to join her on the bed. I asked if I could run my hands over her body and she said yes. I started off caressing her tits and playing with her nipples, which I then started to suck while I pushed a finger into her pussy. I noticed her husband had now joined us in the bedroom but was just stood watching.

I move myself so I could lick her pussy and she pulled my legs so we were in the 69 position. As I licked her pussy lips and clit she sucked on my cock. After a few minutes she let my cock fall from her mouth and as I licked her clit she had an orgasm, groaning very loudly. I moved off her and her husband asked her if she was ready to have my cock inside her. She said yes so he handed me a condom which I pit on. My cock slid into her pussy very easily. Her husband moved so he got a better view of my cock going in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was very tight and I was soon filling the condom inside her pussy. I rolled off and removed the condom, which I was told to just leave on the bedside cabinet. I laid next to her for about 30 minutes as we chatted. Her husband had had a large erection as he watched me fuck her, but it had now subsided.

I thought it Odd that I was told to leave the condom on the side like that but I was told several months later by him, that immediately after I left his wife had got him hard and he had then poured the cum from the condom over his knob and her pussy lips and he used it as his lubricant when fucking her.

A few days after meeting them and fucking her I got an email. The husband apologised for ‘ambushing’ me and hoped I had enjoyed the pleasures of his wife. I replied saying that I said I had. My email was very quickly responded to by him inviting me back to fuck his wife. I took a while responding. I had initially met the couple for naturism without any plans to cheat on my wife. However, here was a slut wife wanting me to fuck her, and her husband arranging the meet. I replied that I would like to fuck his wife again and we arranged a date.

The day arrived and I drove to their place. This time, unusually, the guy opened the door without his dressing gown on … no real worries as the front of the house was quite secluded. As I entered he told me that his wife was waiting in the bedroom and I followed him up the stairs. The room now had two chairs in and he told me to sit down next to him. His wife now put on a show using her vibrator and we watched for 10 mins or so as she brought herself to orgasm. When she had recovered the husband told me it was now my time to give her an orgasm. I went over to the bed and we started to kiss as I played with her tits and she stroked my rock hard cock. This time I lay down and she got on top of me in the 69 position. Her husband had a great view of me fingering and licking her pussy, and she sucked my cock. I noticed her husband was wanking his hard on as he watched.

Using my tongue I gave her an orgasm and she rolled off, turned around so we were facing the same way on the bed and laid on her back to recover. After a few minutes her husband said that was probably now ready to take my cock into her pussy. He then surprised me by saying as I was married they assumed I was clean so I could fuck her bareback. I was worried, but due to her age there was no risk of pregnancy so it was only a possible disease, but I decided to risk it.

Her pussy was wet from my licking and my knob rubbed against her pussy lips and then sank in to her pussy the whole way. We kissed as we fucked, occasionally her taking a break to suck on her husband’s cock – he was splitting his time from watching my cock in her pussy, taking photos, and getting his cock sucked. When I told her I was about to cum she instructed her husband to watch my balls tighten so he would know I was filling her. He got as close as he could and I released a torrent of cum into her. I stayed inside for what seems ages, kissing her. I could feel my cock sliding out so I pulled out of her and sat on the bed. Her husband quickly moved in and held her pussy open to see the creampie and he asked me to hold it open as he took a photograph. He then got onto of his wife and used my cum as lubricant as he fucked her. He didn’t last long and when he pulled out his wife told him that as he had made the mess he had better clean it up and he licked his cum, and any of my remaining cum, from her pussy.

When we were finished we went and sat in the lounge and had a cup of tea. They explained about their lifestyle. They said every so often either she got the desire to fuck another guy or he got a desire to watch another guy cum inside her. They had initially planned for me to be just a naturist friend but as I had let slip that my sex life was inadequate at home she decided she wanted to fuck me. Her husband was in full agreement but weren’t sure I was up to wanting to do it, and that is why they approached it the way they did.

Over the next six months I would go round to theirs two daytimes a month and fuck her. The scenarios changed. For example one time he was told to sit in the lounge --- he could listen but not watch. Another time she got him to hold and squeeze my balls as I shot my load into her. There were times when she just wanted oral sex (receiving and giving) and on those days she would suck us off together (after we had both licked her clit to orgasm) and take our cum over her face. Generally though I would fuck her first and he would have sloppy seconds.

There were some unusual meetings. One day I got an email asking if I could be at their house at 11am the next day. I asked why, but they wouldn’t say anything. It took some arranging and when I said I could the husband asked me to phone his mobile when I arrived, which was a bit unusual. I was sat in my car in their drive at 11am when I phoned. The phone wasn’t answered but the husband opened the door (naked) and waved for me to come in. as we were going up the stairs he explained that they had had a couple who were friends staying over for a few days. They were all swingers and they had spent most of the time fucking and playing with each other. He then said that his wife had only ever had 2 different guys cum in her on the same day and she wanted to change that. I entered the bedroom to find the bed a mess and his wife lying there with her legs wide open and cum dribbling from her and a wet patch on the bed. This was also the first time I heard either of them using any ‘dirty talk’ which I gathered later was agreed on in advance. He then said that his slutty wife had already had 2 loads of cum shot into her pussy this morning and she wanted another cock to mingle their cum and add their own. I was told there was no need for any foreplay as she was already wet and open. I was stripped very quickly and without any formality slid my cock into her. It was then that I realised she also had cum on her tits which was soon in my chest hair. I didn’t last long and my cum filled her (as he photographed us). She then instructed her husband to lick her clean.

We then all sat on the bed and he showed me the photographs he had taken of the couple, him fucking the other guys wife, the other guy fucking his wife and cum in both of their pussies. They explained that they had known these friends for nearly 20 years and they had asked if they could invite me along to play but they were only wanting to play as a couple with a couple. As they didn’t want to upset them they had agreed, but decided to invite me along to get the sloppy seconds. She had been fucked at 10.30 and they had left just before I got there. She went off and had a shower whilst her husband I went into the lounge and had a cup of tea where she joined us. We had quite an open talk about their swinging experiences and after a few hours she said she fancied some more cock. Unfortunately her husband said he was spent so it was going to be down to me. We stayed in the lounge and I licked her pussy and she orgasmed. We then fucked with her sat on the edge of the sofa. Her husband was able to stand next to us and See my cock going in and out of his wife’s pussy. He then laid on the floor between my legs and as his wife’s ass was just over the edge of the sofa he got a good view of my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust of mine.

For a second time that day my balls emptied inside her. I kept my cock inside her as we kissed and I then lent back to give my fingers access to her clit, and with my cock still inside her I fingered her clit until she had an orgasm, and I felt her pussy muscles grab onto and tighten around my cock. Her husband was still lying underneath me and as I pulled my cock out cum dribbled from my cock and her pussy onto his face. As I moved away it was easy for her to glide off the sofa and place her pussy over his mouth. I sat back and watched as they 69 and she was brought to another orgasm, as was he, shooting his cum over her face.

I thought things were going well but after about 6 months I got an email from him saying that they were going to take a break. They would still meet up with their couple friends but she wanted a break from solo guys. I kept in contact with him and it turned out that this was their usual pattern with solo guys --- they would meet, fuck and after about 6 months she would take a break and they would look for a new cock for her. Usually there was 4-6 months between each guy.
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