This story is written by notes from my new neighbor Trish. It tells of her beginning sexual adventures with black men. Told in Trish’s own words I basically did a little editing. In some places she wrote what she saw and felt about events that also involved me (Vivian) and my daughters. I at first intended to leave them out, however since we were there, she was truthful and what was done I had previously done and had already disclosed in open chat at Slutwives I decided to leave them in.

As always, all are of legal age and names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.


There I sat half twisted, shorts pulled up showing much of my panties and ass with my right foot stuck under the fence. It was early Saturday afternoon while tending to the flowers and shrubs I was trying to get a good look at the neighbors’ new pool. I slipped down the hill behind what is now my house. The fence is one of those chain-link types and although I just got scratched a little getting stuck under it; when I try to pull my leg back out it starts to dig in.

There I was stuck and no one was in sight or within earshot when I called out. I started thinking about this pool at first, then the party. The pool; I do want one of my own and wanted to get a good look at the neighbors and maybe get a few new ideas. Being in northern Virginia I intend to heat and enclose mine and even started drawing up some plans.

Something about me: I’m 28 and a recently separated trophy wife. I’m very pretty, and sexy and know it; been told all my life, even won a few pageants. I’m athletic lean; a long-legged blue-eyed blond, 5ft. 10in, 145lbs, 34DD 28 37 with a sexy, cheeky heart-shaped ass. My rich husband likes me that way to show off and I work hard at keeping myself fit. I also work very hard not to let conceit happen or let my looks go to my head. I’m an independent architect and civil/mechanical/electrical engineer by trade and have done very well. That was even before inheriting my parents’ estate a few years ago, which included this house.

The fight with my husband was only verbal but very brutal. I’m not sure which of us was worse, probably me. I was pissed, he has left me home constantly on weekend nights to go out cheating; no real girlfriends just escorts. He had been going out with them the entire six years of our marriage. Why I have no idea; when he kept telling all his friends he had the prettiest, hottest, and sexiest woman at home. The fact is I do love sex and was quite uninhibited in bed with him. I would even go along with some of his little kinks.

My husband came from a rich family and being used to getting his way often was a bit controlling. Trying to be a good wife I usually went along but after six years that got old. One of the things he did that burned my ass was on our wedding night. Just after he took my virginity the son-of-a-bitch knowing I wanted children told me he didn’t want kids. Then told me he had a vasectomy a little over two months prior. I was by then married to him so I tried to make it work but finally, with all the cheating, I had enough.

After he went to sleep that night of the argument around 2:00 AM with my SUV already packed I left and drove across town to what is now my new home. My husband had no idea where they lived; he didn’t get along with my parents at the wedding and reception. I was told later by them; that he wasn’t welcome in their home. I now understand why.

About an hour and a half later I arrived. Five years ago my parents retired and had this 4 bedroom home custom built in an upper-end neighborhood. I parked in the driveway and got out. It was then I heard the party; it was coming from the house behind mine. At 3:30 AM it was not that loud but noticeable outside; once inside I didn’t hear a thing. In the dim night lighting, I walked to the rear of the house and looked out through the balcony glass door, it was the first time I saw the pool. It had not been there the last time I checked the house but that was a few months before.

Eyes adjusting more to the dark I got a look at the action going on at the party around that pool. To say I was stunned would be an understatement! I counted the silhouettes in the dark; four women and nine men having one hell of an orgy. With the door and distance to the pool in the shadowed moonlight, I could not see much detail but it sure looked like those women were having one hell-of-a-good time fucking all those men like a bunch of whores.

I cracked the door a bit to listen and watched for a while, it had been some time since I had sex, and was more than just a bit jealous. A few times I was tempted to go out on the balcony and get a better view but didn’t want to be seen. Masturbating to the fornication I was witnessing and fogging up that glass door with my excited breathing I managed to rub off a couple of orgasms. Then exhausted from the late hour, fight, and orgasms I went to bed. Later that afternoon I moved my things in from the SUV; that was one week before.

Voices brought me out of reminiscing; it couldn’t have been but a few minutes. I looked over to see two black men coming out of that house. I was then really surprised; I thought the neighbors were white. The few times a woman would come out into the direct moonlight that night she was white. When I realized that it was four white women fucking black men I instantly juiced, that reaction surprised me. Until that moment black men or sex with them had never crossed my mind.

I moved and the fence again started to dig in and snapped me back to my predicament. I called out, hey guys can you give a lady a little help here? Coming over both right away noticed my condition; they also took a moment to give me a good look over. I was dressed casually for working on the flowers; shorts, a light summer blouse, and athletic shoes. Both got a good view looking up my pulled-up shorts; it was a good thing I was wearing panties.

One using the fence post for support leaped over the fence as the other grabbed the bottom of the fencing and lifted it off my leg. The first then gently slid me out from under the fence. There was only a little blood from the scratch but they both insisted I come over and let them put something on it. They introduced themselves as cousins; Jaden and Marcus; it was then I took a good look at them both. They were tall men easily over six feet. Lean bodies, muscular arms, and legs; not like body-builders but more like working men. Both have medium mocha brown skin, and brown eyes and are shaved bald. I told them my name is Patricia but go by Trish.

Jaden lifted me, once standing I realized what caught their attention. I felt that not only had my shorts ridden up but my panties had slid off to the side ******** my entire honey-pot. I quickly straightened my shorts but didn’t want to be obvious doing my panties. Then Jaden easily lifted me and handed me to Marcus on the other side of the fence; yes both men are quite strong. I’m no lightweight at 145lbs but these men handled me easily as if I was as light as a child. Jaden again jumped the fence and we went over where I sat in one of the pool lounges.

Talking as they tended my wound which took just a few seconds I found out the house belonged to Jaden; the cousins owned a construction company and they built the pool. They told me that there is little market for pools in the area but they were one of the few construction companies that do install them along with other projects. I told them I had inherited the house a few years ago and had been planning to sell. That was before the fight with my husband the week before. They offered condolences about our break-up; I told them no need it was a long time coming.

I got a good look at the pool and it was gorgeous much like I wanted. However, I wanted bigger and some extras I had seen online. Looking back at the two men, noticing they were looking more up my short leg instead of my scratch; I knew my gash was again ******* to them. Acting like I had no idea I got up and began admiring the pool as I walked around it. It is lovely, even has a whirlpool tub on one side.

They told me they were coming out for a little dip when I called out and asked if I wanted to join them. I let them know that I didn’t bring a suit not expecting to go swimming; it was among the things I still needed to get. As I walked around the pool they had removed their shirts it was then I saw their ripped abs. Standing on the pool stairs in only their tight swimsuits I noticed both men were gifted; yes I had heard the rumors.

The images of that party the week before still in my mind had me a bit damp. Looking at these gifted black men and what those women sounded like I was getting even wetter. Marcus suggested swimming in my clothes and then Jaden commented the chlorine in the pool may bleach out the color. I knew damned well a short dip in my clothes wouldn’t hurt them if I rinsed them out right after. I had an idea of what they were getting at and wasn’t surprised at the next suggestion.

Jaden said: “Well you could always swim in your undies or skinny dip.”

I replied: “Just like your girlfriends last week at that party?”

Jaden exclaimed: “Oh you saw that! We didn’t realize we had an audience that thought your house was empty. Anyway, they are not girlfriends just some escorts hired for the parties. We have them for some of our workers after we complete a job.”

I said: “Oh so they were just some prostitutes. Then told them I got here around 3:30 in the morning so I just saw a little at the end of the party, it was dark but obvious there was an orgy going on.”

I may have been a virgin when I married, but that was years ago. I’m not stupid nor am I naïve. Between the internet and a few friends, I know all about black men desiring white women. From seeing that party I knew these men were no different and desired to see this white cutie nude and maybe more. I had seen and read some porn when my husband was not available but only a few interracial videos and stories. Up until witnessing that party last week, I had little interest in black men. That was before; right now this married white trophy wife was damned hot.

I know I should have had more self-control but found myself unbuttoning my blouse and then pulled down my shorts. The two men just stared at their bold new neighbor as I removed my blouse and then bra and let those double-D-cup puppies bounce free. I remember reading in one of those erotic stories “theoretically” a woman’s last line of defense is her panties. (Although they rarely stop anything) If she removes them she is letting them know that her vagina is open for their use. I snapped those men out of their stare when I said quite loudly: “If I’m going to skinny-dip I don’t want to be the only one.” I then took off my panties ******** my baby-bare tight camel-toe (another kink my husband wanted and paid for the laser) then jumped into the pool.

When I came up for air they both were removing their suits. Oh yes, they were both very gifted (when asked later; Jaden is nine inches and Marcus is eight and a half inches long, both men were a little thicker than my husband, although he is only six inches he is quite thick for his size) they too got into the pool. We didn’t frolic long in the water maybe five minutes when Jaden came up behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist. He pulled me to him and his bare cock slid up along the crack of my ass and told me I had the sexiest ass he had ever seen.

I got hotter as he rubbed that big black cock up and down my ass crack. I pulled away and turned to face him, this surprised him, I guess he was used to having his way with those pros. I again surprised him when I moved close; this time face to face then jumped up into his arms and as I slid down his black python was now between my thighs. This time it was my turn to play and I started sliding my gash back and forth along it. He was long for sure; reaching back I could feel him sliding out past my ample ass when our mons touched.

I knew it was wrong I was not only white but married. Even standing breast-deep in that swimming pool this girl’s pussy was on fire and desired relief. I just had to have him inside me; I played with him a bit sliding that magnificent black cock back and forth along my juicing slit. I would have loved to watch but my tits up against his chest were in the way. I did not do that long, I had to have it; Jaden got another surprise when on a slide back I pulled and raised just as his cock-head met the entrance to my tunnel of love. With a little shift, he easily slipped inside a few inches. I then told him to take it easy the rest of the way. I let him know my husband is almost as thick but nowhere near as long; then told him after the first six inches he would be entering virgin territory.

Jaden picked me up and carried me out of the pool and over to one of the padded lounge chairs. With each step, I slid further down his cock; easily at first till he reached the six-inch mark then a little at a time as he went deeper into my virgin depths. I felt a little pain as my vagina stretched and my insides moved to accommodate his big black snake. When we had arrived at the lounge he was almost three-quarters inside me. He laid back with me on top in a cowgirl position and told me to work the rest inside at my own pace. Taking my time I worked him in and out getting deeper and deeper, then that thick nine-inch black cock was now inside. I just had to look; now out of the water I leaned and looked over my boobs and could see us joined. I was amazed at the sight before me; I had no idea that I would have been able to handle that monster so soon. Slow fucking I watched as that ebony cum-cannon stretched my vagina in and out. With each stroke, I would wiggle either side to side or front to back and quickly got used to having that thing inside me.

When I started making long strokes Jaden picked me up and not breaking contact turned us around and started fucking me missionary. Slow at first then things got wild; this man didn’t make love he started fucking me harder and faster until he had me moaning like a total slut. Orgasms were coming many and rapidly; I looked over and saw we had an audience; Marcus was watching the action. I waved him over and when close enough I took hold of his hard black cock and guided it into my mouth. My first time with men of color and I had one inside my vagina and another in my mouth just like those party whores. I could never deep throat but could get almost all six inches of hubbies in my mouth and did go down as much on Marcus, maybe even a little more.

For about ten minutes Jaden pounded my pussy like a common ***** as Marcus fucked my mouth. Then Jaden pushed in as deep as possible. It hit me and panic started to overwhelm me as I felt him start to ejaculate deep inside my baby-maker. Until that moment birth control and babies never crossed my mind; six years with a fixed husband and virgin prior I never used or needed the pill.

Un-fucking-believable the orgasm that hit me; it sent my ass into orbit. I had never had anything like it; just the idea of that black cock putting a baby into my white womb drove me insane. Coming back down off that orgasmic high, knowing my period was due in just a few days; the chances were slim but then anything could happen without protection.

I said nothing as Jaden and Marcus traded places; Marcus now started pounding my soaked and slimy pussy as I took Jaden in my mouth and cleaned the mix of our juices off his semi-hard cock. For over an hour, the cousins took turns, hard fucking, and made several deposits each deep in my sperm bank. I momentarily ********** several times as strong orgasms overtook my body. How many orgasms? I have no idea; those two men had this white slut squealing like those whores the week before. Then exhausted I ********** one last time and fell asleep.

I awoke naked in a bed; I had been wiped off and cleaned up some. Several large beach towels had been placed on the bed beneath me. It was a good thing, I was still leaking from the several loads of cock-cream each had deposited inside me. I looked at the clock it was after 9:00 PM. I had easily slept a good six hours after my initiation to black cock; I needed the sleep. On top of all that wild sex, I had little sleep the night before. Knowing the hub would be out on a Friday night I went back in the middle of the night and retrieved some more of my things.

My first thoughts were; shit, what have I done! I just let two unknown black men have me bareback; they are my neighbors, yes, however, I know little about them. I can hardly believe I let them fuck me in less than an hour of our first meeting. Then I remembered just how fantastic the sex was and began to smile. Many things passed through my mind as I lay there a little longer. My wasted teen years as I held on to my virginity till I married to the wasted years with my selfish husband. Especially the sex I missed out on all those years. The pure sex that afternoon opened my eyes to a few things I had missed out on. Today I fucked like a *****; I loved it and I feel liberated! Free for the first time in my life.

Even my hatred toward all escorts eased off; after watching the orgy last week and the way Jaden nonchalantly said they were just hired girls. It made me think; that it was not them; my husband was the one cheating, maybe I shouldn’t have judged so hastily. I got up, used the bathroom, and with a quick shower cleaned and straightened myself up. My clothes were nowhere in sight so I wrapped a beach towel around me and went downstairs to find them.
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