All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. So unexpected; suddenly I realized my daughter Kristen is all grown up. As she came out of the swimming pool all I could think of was oh shit! she looks just like I did when I was her age. We think of our kids as children for so long then boom all of a sudden they are grown. Seeing her in that bikini she could have been my twin when I was her age. Very pretty and one sexy as hell body, not only that she as well as the other white girls in those slinky bikinis were drawing a lot of attention; especially from the black boys. I looked her over thinking maybe yes I should put that girl on birth control.

She also reminded me about my very naughty secret; a secret I promised myself I would take to my grave. It was almost twenty years ago when I started that school year I just turned eighteen but as a junior not a senior. I had been held back in eight grade; missing much of my studies when my father had to move from job to job. Kristen too will be going into her junior year at eighteen this time due to the pandemic closings. Now looking at my daughter thinking; I was about the same age at that time; the experience changed my life. It made me realize just how over sexed I was then and still am now. It also made me wonder if I passed that trait on to my daughter.

I remember it all as if it were yesterday. It was Black Friday Nov. 23 2001

I know how things got started; how it went so far I did not understand at the time. It was in the checkout line; store crowded and line was long and slow. I felt the first bump, nothing much at first but I felt him, I mean him as in his dick. It bumped my ass through our clothes; my skirt and his shorts. They were those long shorts the men wear those days, I looked down under my arm I could see them and his legs he was black. From the lump in his pants I saw that the rumor is true at least with this one. He bumped me again seconds later, this time however he got a little bolder and rubbed it down then up raising my mini a little. The line moved and I pulled away; again he got close and pushed his dick in my butt.

The long line being boring I allowed his tease just to kill some time and by then he had made me a bit aroused. He was a bold nigger for sure and he bumped me again, I guess he thought he could intimidate me. Not to be intimidated I pushed back with my ass. He slid down & up again raising my skirt and slipping under. I shifted side to side and his ever growing shorts covered cock slid into the crevice of my bare thong ass. His shorts wet by then from his leaking precum got my ass-cheeks inside the cleft a little damp, my guess he wasn’t wearing underwear.

We were getting close to check out and he slid back, there was a much longer delay this time and I thought he had given up. Then felt him again, this time there was no cloth; he had taken his cock out of his shorts. Bare, this bold nigger didn’t slide it up my ass cleft but between my thighs. My thong while shopping had slipped into my gash so when he slid thru I felt his unrestricted cock drool coat my ******* pussy lips.

Knowing that precum has sperm cells, yes a much lesser content than ejaculation but still sperm; this got me nervous. My next reaction surprised the hell out of me; just knowing his black sperm is so close to my white baby maker made me extremely aroused. The only thing keeping me from dripping a puddle on the floor was my thong and that wasn’t much.

It all started with a trip to a mall, not the usual one near my home but one closer to the college where my fiancé goes to school. He wanted to show off his hot cheerleader girlfriend, his friends kidded he had to date a high school girl. My boyfriend wanted them to see just how pretty and hot I was.

This mall was different than what I was accustomed to, having more of a mixed crowd. The one near my home is mostly white in both those that work there and the shoppers. This mall however looked to be mostly black maybe a little more than half with Asians Hispanics and Whites making up the rest. His friends were white but they shopped and hung out at this mall because of it being close to school

Asked to dress extra sexy I was a knock out in my blue mini and light blue summer blouse. I always have been a looker, tall for a woman at 5ft. 9in. 147lbs. honey blond hair, sky-blue eyes and a 34D 28 38 athletic figure and long legs; most anything I wear looks good. And no I do not do anything extra to tie down my D’s when I’m cheerleading and yes the added jiggle is popular among the boys. The thin summer blouse did little to hide the light blue lace bra underneath and the very short mini did almost nothing to hide a matching thong. Leaving the house of course I had on a light vest and knee length wrap-around skirt to hide certain things from my parents; these came off in the car on the way.

It was a long Thanksgiving / Black-Friday weekend and unseasonably warm, it was also a bit warm in the crowded mall. My looks sure changed the tune of his friends, I was hot and they knew it. Fact is I am sexy as hell and this is probably what led me into trouble. After meeting his friends I needed to buy some girl things so he with friends went to the computer store and I went shopping.

I was a little nervous walking around dressed so provocatively without my boyfriend. Showing my body to so many black men and boys in that packed mall who were very brazen in the way they looked me over. Nervous yes but also it made me more than just a little aroused as they undressed me with their eyes. I think it was all those men leering at me all afternoon that got me so aroused before I got to that checkout line and why that teasing affected me so quickly.

A little about me at the time, I got my looks from my parents; my father was of northern German ancestry; his family coming here before the war. Blond hair himself he also had a thing for blond women and married my mother a Norwegian. Both were old fashioned and strict catholic; a girl was to marry a virgin so asking for birth control was out of the question.

That did put a crimp in my sex-life at the time but looking so sexy I was still asked out a lot. Which is also how I landed a boy from a rich family as a fiancé; to say the least this really pleased my parents. I may not have been the prettiest girl in school but I was blessed with being quite attractive with one very sexy as hell package. Often told I have the kind of look that when I enter a room cocks get hard and pussies drip with both jealousy and lust.

There is no doubt this body was built for sex; but it did come with one very nasty side effect. Back then in my teens and even more so now when I get very sexually aroused and excited I lose total control. Whether it is myself or another regardless who is having sex; if they are risking pregnancy (especially interracially). I will have no desire to try and stop it and an insane hope and desire that she indeed gets impregnated.

My parents were not bigots they had absolutely no ill will toward anyone of any race. However they were very old school in their beliefs that women should marry virgin and breed within their race. Theses things should have kept me from even playing that little teasing game in the checkout line but I was hot. If either parent had seen me doing anything like that there would have been hell to pay.

My turn at the checkout, flushed I moved forward away from him. As the black cashier checked me out she had this “I know what’s going on” grin. Behind me I heard him whisper meet me by the restrooms on the second floor. Looking out the door I looked up at the second level across the mall and saw where he meant. What I should have done was go directly to meet up with my fiancé.

My mind seemed to have no control over my body that afternoon. After paying for my things I found myself drifting across the mall then up to the second level. Waiting where instructed my pussy was burning with desire; it always gets super wet when I’m ready and already had my thong soaked. I never looked but I’m sure my thong holding no more dripped essence of my sex on the floor. I was shaking like a kid when he approached.

The mall was remodeling the second floor and no stores yet were opened. We talked briefly standing there outside the restrooms, it was then I got a chance to look him over; he was a muscular working man late twenties maybe thirty. He wasted no time his hands and fingers felt me up boldly. Having that black man openly fondling me had me backing up from him a little at a time and before I knew it he had herded me through the men’s room door.

Just a few steps in and over by the sinks he pushed me to my knees. This black man didn’t ask he ordered me to take it out. On my knees there eye level with his shorts I unbuttoned then pulled down his zipper, they dropped to the floor. My guess was right he had no underwear and that cock damn near hit me in the face as it bounced out of his shorts. I was then face to face with his large semi-hard negro dick and also his very big black balls, again no request, he ordered: suck it.

I had no idea what had come over me this was a black man! the likes I never should even think about touching much less having any kind of sex with. My mind mesmerized; I took his semi-hard cock in my hands and looked it over, never had seen a black one in real life only pictures and videos. I only had a few boyfriends by this time but he was not even hard and he dwarfed any white man I had ever seen. Its shaft dark brown and the head a dark purple looked threatening and nasty as it was coated with his still leaking pre-cum.

I took him in my mouth maybe one or two inches and I could taste his leakage. Being pretty I usually do not have to suck dick to get my way with boys and only have done it a few times for special occasions and rarely got anything out of doing it. For some reason having this ebony dick in my mouth had my pussy rapidly approaching the boiling point.

I could not think of any good reason why, maybe because it is such a nasty thing I was doing. But there I was sucking some strange man in a restroom and he being the forbidden nigger, this most likely accelerated my arousal. As I sucked him I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth, his cock grew as I sucked and it continued to drool his slime onto my tongue.

With my boyfriend and others I hated the taste of them and never swallowed however with this black I found myself desiring his flavor and swallowed all he leaked. As he grew in my mouth and after getting used to his thickness I found myself sliding my lips all the way down his pole. I had done deep throat before but never on anything this large. All my life I could put things deep in my mouth & never once had gagged.

This black did comment on my oral skills saying dayum bitch; “you the first fuckin ho that could take all of my nine inches hope your fuckin cunt can handle it too”. This was the first time anyone had ever said shit like that to me when having sex, crazy as it seems I liked it. I shuddered when he mentioned my cunt. I never should have even thought of taking any black cock in my mouth. Fucking a big nigger dick should have been totally out of the question. Being handled so rough by that unknown black man had me very aroused but also frightened which contributed to making me very submissive. This too was new to me but it also made my pussy boil.

He pulled out of my mouth and lifted me up, his hands went under my blouse lifting my bra up off my breasts. That brazen black fondled and squeezed my tits roughly then rolled both my nipples tightly between his fore-fingers and thumbs. This totally blew my mind; I found at that instant my tits go straight to my clit as a split-second after I exploded in a strong orgasm. Before I came down from that high he started sucking my tits as his hands went under my skirt then in one swift move he pulled down my thong, I stepped out of them and he tossed it on the sink counter.

His thick black fingers started probing my pussy this pushed me into another orgasm. He then put those fingers in my mouth so that I would taste my own orgasmic juices making that orgasm stronger. Going down he only ate my pussy and sucked up my juices for a few minutes and drove me insane with lust. Time was a factor in that restroom. Even with my limited experience I realized this guy really knew his shit. Playing my emotions and body like a pro that black let me cool down just enough for me to realize what next was inevitable. I was both super aroused and petrified; I only permitted my fiancé to fuck me a few times. Now I was getting ready to not only be stuffed with a cock almost twice his size but by a forbidden negro.

Still out of breath I spoke for the first time since entering the men’s room; all I could say was: “at least use a condom”. He said shit bitch I hate them fuckin things anyway I’m clean; I was shaking and asked him to use it anyway. With my parents forbidding birth control that thin latex would be the only protection I had; I always made my boyfriend use one. I think he understood since he found his wallet and took one out, again he ordered as he handed it to me: put it on.

Nervous as hell I took it out of its’ wrapper, I did not noticed that I had broken a nail and in a split second that sharp finger nail ripped it rendering the thing useless. This black looked at me like he was furious and said: “mutha-fuck bitch that was the only one I had”. I was again intimidated but still hot as hell and told him just fuck me but please at least pull out. I think I heard him grunt uh-huh as he tossed his wallet down onto his shorts.

He bent me over laying me on the sink doggy fashion and flipped my skirt up over my back. My face just inches from my thong and I could smell the essence of my sex strong on the soaked panty. Immediately he had the head in me and it felt tight. He didn’t ask he just kept pushing in more and more; he was half again as thick as well as inches longer than any other boy or toy I had known. I guess he sensed it because he stopped when about half in then started working it in a little more slowly. It did hurt some as that black cock stretched my tunnel of love, a kind of arousing hurt as best I could describe. Even with the pain he had me on the edge of orgasm as I felt my insides move around to accommodate that thing.

I looked back between my thighs; what I saw chilled me then thrilled me. I looked down and saw his wallet had fell open on his shorts. Another condom was clearly visible. Looking up saw that forbidden black dick bareback about three quarters inside my white baby-tunnel. I knew at that moment that this nigger had absolutely no intentions of pulling out. Never before had I been this hot and turned on. Seeing that condom and knowing what may happen without it made my passion go insane; I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to have that black cock all the way in me regardless of the consequences and slammed back onto him. I cried out in pain as he filled me even deeper and then had an orgasm when I felt that black monster bottom deep inside as those large balls smacked my clit.

This guy totally knew how to play a woman’s body; he waited through my orgasm and let my wet cock-pocket accommodate his size then after a few slow short strokes to get me used to it. That did not take long and with the mixture of my juices and his continually leaking pre-cum had me extra slick inside. He then started pounding my unprotected creamy-canal with long deep powerful strokes.

It was a good thing that the upper level had not yet opened as I was getting quite vocal. For the first time in my life I had multiple orgasms as he jack-hammered my cum-craver hard and fast. Slowing to stop the multiples then again hit it hard and when he felt me start to orgasm again he slammed in me hard and deep; I heard him grunt. Then I felt that black sperm-cannon swell and jump inside my cunt. All I could think was oh-shit- NO please Noooo as I felt those big black balls pump my white baby-maker full of his afro sperm!!!

First thought was to pull off and get out of there but I couldn’t move. With each throb of that black cum gun my mind reeled at the idea of him putting a nigger baby into my white womb. My body betrayed me and my orgasm hit with incredible power like no other I ever had. No longer having any control I pushed back as tight as I could to keep him in tight as my contractions milked every drop of sperm from his throbbing cock.

It was not the first pulse but those many pulses after I had pushed him tight. I swear I could feel a slight vibration or tingling deep inside each time that cock swelled up and pumped its’ load. My imagination went wild; was he shooting thru my cervix directly into my womb?—OMG his negro sperm is seeding my egg!!! That thought made me delirious with my most intense orgasm ever, I don’t know what came over me but I went insane yelling out FUCK ME, BREED ME, KNOCK ME UP!!!

As that powerful orgasm diminished it turned into renewed arousal as he again started fucking me. Slowly at first; he had began to soften, in moments he regained hardness. That black again pounded me hard as if I was just some piece of shit white slut only there to be a receptacle for his passion.

Having already cum once he was able to prolong the second taking of me for much longer. The long strokes made me delirious with lust, my vajay was juicing like crazy as well as having his cum pushed deeper inside me so I remained very slick and wet.

I could smell not just the scent of our coupling but the smell of his sweaty body strong and manly. I too was sweating profusely, my body soaked and dripping as well. A random thought crossed my mind was my body odor strong, could smell me as well? The hard action worked the mixture of his cum and my juices into a messy froth; oozing out around that black cock and running down my legs. Looking between my thighs my slimy slit looked like it belonged to a gang-banged *****.

He pounded me mercilessly; the sweat pouring off me as if I had just run a marathon. This was certainly not making love it could only be described as a nasty hard ghetto fucking and my body loved every second. He again played my pussy like a pro working me up into multiple orgasms then backing off to let me come down a bit over and over until he was ready to let me have it. The entire time I was under his control; never before under any circumstances had I exploded into so many orgasms or with such intensity.

That black fucked me like a slut for over twenty minutes more, he then again slammed deep into me and held tight. I knew when I saw that condom even before he put his seed into me the first time he never had any intention to pull out and he had no intention to do so the second time either. For some unknown reason the idea that there is a chance he could be impregnating me both times sent my orgasms into orbit. My cum-craver seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it milked every drop of sperm from those huge ebony balls. Each time his black cock throbbed inside it pumped yet another large load of African seed deep into my white baby-maker. Again in uncontrolled orgasm induced passion I yelled out, YES DO IT, FUCK A BLACK BABY IN ME

When he pulled out a large blob of sperm followed his cock out of my fuck-tunnel; some oozed down my thighs and the rest dropped on the floor. The stench of our fucking now strong emanating from my open soggy box, he guided me to my knees before him. There on that men’s room floor knees slightly apart I knelt; still leaking. His sperm still oozing down my thighs; he again ordered me to clean him. Still dazed in that men’s room like a common slut I took that black dick in my mouth and sucked him clean also licking his balls cleaning them as well.

Satisfied with my cleaning in a flash he had his shorts on and took my thong as a souvenir. At the door just before he left I was told niggaz like their white pussy bare so best see to it, he was then gone. I had not even gotten his name.

There I was still kneeling on the floor, my well fucked cooch still dripping his afro-seed into a puddle of cum and sweat. It took several minutes for me to regain my senses then it hit me like a punch in the stomach. When realization returned I couldn’t believe what I had just let happen! And risking pregnancy oh shit what had I done!!! That was the first time I realized I had that side-effect; a total loss of all control.

Much was very different twenty years ago; back then white girls and women just did not have anything to do with blacks. Only a few would cross the race line and those if found out would be ridiculed and called some nasty names, refused work; many becoming strippers or could only find work in some other porn industry. It was at that moment I realized that I had just become one of those dirty white girls; a slut for big black cock. I also realized that a huge turn on was risking my unprotected white eggs to the forbidden negro sperm..

I was surprised that no one had walked in on us even though that upper level was closed since I was yelling so loud. Even now after he had gone with the stench of fresh sex coming from my cunt there would have been no hiding that I was one well fucked white slut. I cleaned a little then dropped my skirt and went to the ladies room and got in a stall.

As hard as I tried I couldn’t push much out, it was just in too deep; I also couldn’t stop the steady leak. I peed then put in a tampon to stop the leak, with no panties I hid the strings up inside myself. Still sweaty I then cleaned up at the sink the best I could making sure I got all the cum off my face and also rinsed my legs and between my thighs. I did a touch-up then left the restroom and went to meet up with my fiancé hoping that between washing, the fresh make-up and perfume would cover up what I had just done.

No one noticed me leaving the restroom walking back down to the main level. I walked quickly getting to meet up with my fiancé. It had been over an hour since he left me at the department store. He bitched a little about me taking too long and I simply told him that I had girl things to tend to. He looked at me strangely for a moment until I whispered “period” to him; I knew that would shut him up, it works on any man and also will keep him at bay for wanting any sex later that evening.

I needed panties since now mine were a souvenir. I told my fiancé I need to stop at another department store to get some more things however he was in a hurry to get to a party and show off his sexy cheerleader fiancée. The fucking in the restroom took too long there was no way I could stall him any longer. I went to that party panty-less and found it impossible to hide the fact that there was nothing on underneath my very short skirt. At least to everyone else; my fiancé was oblivious.

The party was in his frat house walking in I notice that most were white however there were several blacks there as well. My fiancé introduced me around most the people he knew, those in turn introduced me to some of the others. I did notice that most the men showed a very distinct interest in my looks, especially at skirt level and it was very obvious most of the women showed jealousy.

While my fiancé was getting us drinks I was sitting on the sofa, on the chairs across there were two of the black men with no dates both boldly looking up my skirt. Still feeling quite a bit aroused from the action in that restroom and just a little bit naughty I parted my thighs to give them a little glimpse, just enough so that they could see I was in fact not wearing anything underneath. My fiancé came back with the drinks and sat down next to me, we talked with those around us including those two blacks. I was still aroused from the mall so each time I shifted position I would purposely flash those two black guys my gash, my fiancé sitting next to me had no clue.

We got up and mingled around talking with his various friends. As the evening wore on many started leaving. Later a few of the black men got my fiancé involved in a poker game. I watched him play for a while and to me it was obvious these blacks were hustling him; they would allow him to win some and then take more from him. Little by little they drained his pot and he would keep trying to win his money back.

He was unmindful to the amount of time this was taking. It also was leaving me alone and bored. Several drinks later I told him I had to go to the bathroom I would be back in a few minutes, his mind on the game he said fine and I left to go upstairs for relief.

By this time I was quite tipsy and although it had been several hours since I was in that mall restroom; I was still very aroused. I kept my heat up by flashing those black frat brothers of my fiancé throughout the party. In the bathroom I removed the tampon and took care of business; I sat there for a few minutes and since I no longer was leaking cum I did not put in another. When I came out of the bathroom those two black men were waiting and guided me into one of the bedrooms. I asked what about my fiancé, they just laughed and said their friends will keep him busy for a while.

Since I was bored and feeling neglected and the alcohol having a very strong effect on my decision-making I decided to let those two take turns fucking my juice-box. This time I did manage to control my yelling since my fiancé was just downstairs. They too didn’t want him to hear and come up to ruin it so they didn’t ghetto pound me like in the mall. After the first one pumped another black load in my cum-craver he got up and went downstairs and his friend took his turn.

Unbeknownst to me it was planned that as one went downstairs he sent another black friend upstairs to that bedroom. So by the time they were done with me all five of his black frat brothers had taken their turn dropping their loads of afro-sperm in my white baby factory. The funny thing was my fiancé had no clue as they not only took his money at the poker game they also took turns fucking his sexy girlfriend.

Before I went back downstairs I cleaned up in the bathroom and again inserted a tampon to keep from leaking. The ride home he didn’t say much they took him for quite a bit of money and he wasn’t happy. Another thing that disappointed my fiancé was that he thought I was on my period and knew he wasn’t going to get any sex that night. Before going inside I again put on the vest and the knee length wrap around skirt. He dropped me off late so I went inside in a hurry and went right into the bathroom. My father who usually would be waiting up for me this time was not. I was very relieved that I was able to get in and to the shower without having to deal with him but also very curious as to why after all the dates he was no longer there.

I knew I smelled like sex and had to get that off of me before anyone found out. I stripped and jump in the shower, the first thing I did was douche out as much sperm as I could. Standing in the shower I couldn’t believe what I just done, in one night I went from being just the sexy but proper fiancé to a wanton black cock slut. Not only did I take two loads of African sperm from a strange black man in the mall restroom but also took five more loads from my fiancé’s black frat brothers.

Although I was at least introduced to those frat brothers (first name only). I realized I didn’t know any of those black men either. Finally clean but still just a tiny bit tipsy I took that first black mans advice and shaved my blond pussy bare.

As I lay in bed I hoped I was able to flush all of the sperm out then took time to reflect on the evening before falling asleep. Never before have I had so much fun and excitement as well as having so many orgasms; not only in that mall restroom but by those five other blacks in the frat house as well.

The next morning I checked my cycle, not being sure of the exact start of my last period my best calculation; somewhere near or in my fertile time. Figuring should I get unlucky I would never abort a baby and formulated a plan to hide a pregnancy at least to the end of my school year then runaway and support myself until I birthed and put the baby up for adoption.

Although it felt so good I knew it was so wrong; I made a decision then it would be a one time thing never to happen again.

When I asked my father the next morning why he didn’t wait up he said: “hell you’re an engaged woman no longer my job to check up after you; that will be your husband’s job”.

For the short remainder of that cycle I was consumed by worry as well as extreme arousal that I may have gotten knocked up. Night after night I would relive that one night in my dreams awaking in a sweat & soaked between my legs with arousal. Sometimes I would dream that I was pregnant with a swelling belly, that really had my pussy boiling then I would wake up.

During the day memories of that night would be constantly on my mind. Then a little over a week later my period came on time. I was relieved; I should have been thrilled but found myself a little disappointed as well which really had me confused.

Also during that time I had a few dates with my fiancé. On the first he commented on my now baby bare pussy and I reminded him that once some time before he had asked me to shave it. I told him I did it for him and thought it would give him a little thrill but he was to tell no one about it.

All these thoughts of the best sex and orgasms I ever had along with the average condom covered sex with my boyfriend’s smaller dick convinced me. I not only wanted to feel those sensations again I needed to. I also knew that to get those same sensations again I would have to take big black cocks not only bareback but unprotected as well. Willpower did delay me for a couple months and during that time I kept a close watch on my cycle especially the fertile time.

“Never say never”

I knew to get the same sensations and orgasms I would have to push the safety limits of my fertile time along with unprotected sex. Knowing I was on the edge of the infamous four day fertile period and just horny as fuck; I had an uncontrollable urge for some of those super hot orgasms.

It was Saturday night about a week after my period ended; my lust got the better of me; I was so horny it was like the devil was making me do it. I again dressed up like a sexy cheap tart and drove to a different mall this time, one known to have an even higher percentage of blacks.

I wanted to see if any black men would hit on me and try to pick me up. I got there late in the evening near closing and spent about a half hour just walking around and doing a little shopping when a black guy James started hitting me up. Talking shit and telling me how hot I looked. Spending some time with this guy’s gift of gab talking me up, getting me even more aroused he then asked if I would like to go to a party.

I thought what the hell by this time I had seen more videos and read several stories about black men with white women. Going with him to the party my mind drifted I wondered what would happen at this party and if such rumors were true. Would I along with the other women get into a small orgy or maybe a few would share me like those at the frat house? These thoughts had me more than just a little wet by the time we got there.

The ride was short; the party was in a motel room only a few blocks from that mall. Since the mall had ample parking and the hotel lot was small he convinced me to leave my car and he would take me back later. Getting out of his car I saw he was right there was limited parking in that small lot.

Entering the motel room things happened very fast. First I noticed there was about a half dozen black men in various forms of undress. Second I saw that there were no other women and as they started to boldly undress me I realized--- I WAS THEIR PARTY.

In almost no time I was nude and put in the doggy position; my mouth filled with black cock before I could protest. Another immediately filled my cock-pocket; it was a good thing I was already wet from my fantasizing on the way there. For about two hours numerous black men fucked me continuously; mouth, pussy and for the first time I was fucked in the ass and by several. How many men? I have no idea those that already fucked me left and others replaced them. All took me bareback and none pulled out, I felt like I had afro cum in every orifice of my body; my white baby-maker being their favorite depositing point. There was an orgy all right and I was it; after the initial shock I really got off big-time being the center of attention in that gang-bang; the orgasms came many and strong and I loved every second.

For the first part of the gang-bang I was booze sober and lust *****. Then there was a lull where the guys there were about done but unbeknownst to me others were on the way. Those there gave me a few drinks and ordered in some pizza, famished I ate pizza and drank more alcohol. One of the blacks got a bit rough with me and I didn’t really like that much. During this lull he talked shit and acted like taking over, he also told James that his wife had been looking for him. James disappeared I guess to tend to his wife then about the same time those other men arrived wanting their shot at my white sperm-bank.

Another hour I was relentlessly fucked by the other group of black men. At the end I was exhausted; pussy leaking and covered in cum. I was about to clean up and gather my things when that rough black asshole picked me up, opened the door and dumped me outside butt naked on my ass. The door opened again; he was laughing when I heard one of the others said he shouldn’t have done that. His replay was: fuck dat bitch she ain’t nuthin but a cheap ho anyway then threw my clothes at me. Then as an afterthought peeled a few twenties off his bill roll and tossed them at me as if I was some kind of ****** then slammed the door shut.

Stunned at first I simply got dressed the best I could. I was a mess, the only clothes they tossed at me was my skirt and blouse, no underwear or my heels. Thankfully my small handbag which I rolled up in the skirt and blouse was still in them. He had missed it so I had my ID’s and car keys, I picked up the money looked at it and put it in my purse.

Walking back to my car barefoot I had time to think; I was used and paid like a common ********** and that is all they thought of me. It was a short ride but about a fifteen minute walk and I had time to think and look around. Not much there aside from the mall and motel, I passed an adult store and some hookers on the street. At my car I found some plastic bags and paper I could use to put on my seats to try and keep the leaking cum off them, then I got in.

It hit me just after I closed the car door; it was then the reality of the night finally registered. I started to cry, I was a paid ********** for the night and since I kept that money I felt I could never change that. It was gut wrenching I was so upset, I then looked in the mirror; such a mess! There was cum everywhere face, hair breasts with my clothes sticking to it. Looking down the paper on the seat covered in it as well as my pussy, ass and legs all the way down to my ankles had tell-tail cum on them and still leaking. I slammed my hands down on the steering-wheel and yelled *****!

Driving home it was after three in the morning no place open to clean up. Almost an hour drive finally home; before going inside I used what paper I had left to wipe off as much cum as I could before going in. Four in the morning house was dark I slipped inside unseen holding my hand over my pussy to catch anything that leaks I got to my room.

That late and my parents knowing I wasn’t with my fiancé I cleaned myself the best I could. With some of my dirty clothes I wiped off as much cum as possible. I couldn’t risk a shower that would wake everyone in the house. I would shower and do laundry when I get up to clean away all the evidence of my night as a **********.

When I awoke it was about twelve thirty in the afternoon, my parents as well as my kid sister were out of the house. As usual on Sundays they go to church then to a restaurant for a Sunday brunch. Since engaged and going out with fiancé on Saturday nights I had ceased going with them. Before they got home I had already put my clothes and sheets to wash, cleaned out my car and showered. I was loading the clothes into the dryer when they walked in. Again I got lucky and no one I know is the wiser of what I have done or when I actually got home.

Went to that mall four more times, one month apart and hooked up with James to ********** a gang bang. Each time to get more thrilling orgasms I pushed my fertile limit further and each time my period came two weeks later. Except for the last time; even before I left the house I knew I was pushing my limits too far. When I walked into that gangbang I knew I was ovulating. I also knew that it was very likely those blacks would fuck that forbidden black baby into my white womb.

Two weeks later my period did not come; yes I indeed become pregnant with a black baby. I did however have the most and insanely powerful orgasms of my life that night.

A few weeks later it happened, I knew what it was; a miscarriage. For no apparent reason I lost that baby. I did continue to date then marry my fiancé. Soon after the wedding I was pregnant with our daughter. After and all during our marriage I was on birth control. My husband was clueless to my uncontrollable burning desire for and occasional romps to satisfy my big black cock addiction. I did miss the risks but being married I had to make concessions.

I thought my god that was twenty years ago as my mind drifted back to the present.

Damn some things have sure changed a lot since then but not everything. I looked again at my daughter and wondered; maybe I should get her on birth control just in case. Who knows she may already be active.

I watched as Kristen and her friends frolicked around that public pool drawing more and more attention from the boys; especially those black ones. I watched more closely noticing the white boys rejection as those blacks got quite bold with the girls; this really got my juices running soaking my bikini bottoms.

Beginning to burn I had to get out of the sun. I put on a little block and found a great shady spot on the side of a storage shed surrounded by trees and bushes. On a lounge there I could see the pool and continued to watch the bold advances those blacks took with my daughter and her friends. One by one I watched Kristen’s friends disappear from the pool along with some of those black boys. This really got my pussy juicing.

Only a few minutes later Kris was out of the pool and with one of those black boys they slipped in behind that same storage shed on the other side. There was a little opening behind the shed and shrubs, thinking they were out of sight. They could not be seen from the pool but I was hidden on the other side in the shade. From my lounge chair and my lower angle I could see quite clearly through those shrubs. I had a close up view only a few feet away but with them standing they could not see me and had no clue I was there.

I watched as they hugged and kissed and I started to get even hotter. I watched his hands get very bold lifting her top and feeling up her breasts then he was sucking them. It was not long those black hands roamed down and in seconds her bikini bottoms were off and on top of another bush and his fingers roamed freely between her thighs.

In my mind I knew I should have stopped them right then but as I watched deep within me my arousal had built to one incredible high. I was on edge of an orgasm as I watched his finger disappeared inside my daughter’s vagina. I could see and smell her heat and knew why she was so hot; I bit my tongue and kept my little secret. My mind said you’re her mother stop this but my soaking wet pussy said don’t you dare. My interracial risk lust once again controlling my reason.

I stifled an orgasm as I saw his swim trunks drop to the ground. He lifted them with his foot and they to along with now Kristen’s bikini top landed on that bush; they were now both nude. I was behind her, watched her legs and thighs spread more. I could look right into her pussy and see the wetness and smell her sex. Her scent, strong as it always is with women in this condition. He removed his finger; I could see the strings of her natural sex lube stretch almost two inches before they separated. He put that finger into her mouth so she could taste her sex, she moaned passionately. Next he kissed his way down her belly and started eating her drooling pool-of-moisture. My god it was like deja-vu he was playing my daughter’s body almost exactly like my first black man played mine in that mall restroom. I knew what was coming next.

I thought I was going to be seen when he went down on her but his mind and eyes were on her and I wasn’t seen.

I was beyond stopping anything by then as I watched his black cock slip bareback into my daughter’s holiest-of-holies. I heard her say go slow you’re my first and you’re bigger than my toys. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched at least eight inches of black cock slide slowly and bottom inside my own daughter’s pussy. As I watched him slide back out my mind one last time screamed stop this before it’s too late. As he slid slowly out of my daughter it was obvious; she left a tell-tale white slime coating on his ebony cum-cannon.

Ever since I had whored those gang bangs the one thing that totally sends my juice-box into orbit is high risk unprotected interracial sex. Here I was watching my own daughter fucking a black boy and she is ovulating! No way in hell would my cunt allow me to stop it.

Several more slow strokes in and out and the pace picked up. He fucked her good but not too hard or loud so to not be caught. It was so incredible and I had several small orgasms as I watched his black python fuck Kristen. Their noise covered mine but I had a rolled up towel in my mouth and squeeze my thighs tight as I watched that boy stop and push deep. I could see the bottom of that black cock and his big black balls pulse as he filled my fertile daughter with his negro seed. I had to stay and watch his cum ooze out of her baby tunnel and even more dripped out as he removed his cock.

I was about to leave when I saw his black power fist above the shed. Looking through another bush I saw his four friends coming over. Then for the next hour I watched as that black boy took her again; then along with his remaining four black friends gang-bang my ***** daughter as she sucked and fucked them all behind that shed. Every one of them fucked her bareback and each made an afro-sperm deposit in her hot white baby-factory.

As they put their suits back on I slipped away to the ladies locker, found an empty stall and frigged myself to quick orgasm. I had not been that hot or had orgasms so strong since those gang bangs I whored so long ago.

I know it was so wrong of me to allow those black boys to seed my daughter but I couldn’t help it, unprotected interracial pregnancy risk is my weakness and I burn with insane desire. That nasty side-effect in my sexual character; over the years I found the closer the other person is to me the hotter and longer I burn.

What I did the rest of that day was even more wrong. I caught Kristen before she had a chance to clean up and told her we had to go; we had things to do. The rest of the day I kept Kris busy doing all the chores she had been neglecting. All that evening I could smell the scent of her copulation strong on her. By the time I heard that shower running it was late and oh yes all those little afro-swimmers had an additional eight hours to find her white egg.

A little over a month later my daughter came up to me and told me her period was three weeks late.

Well I guess we may as well put that birth control idea on hold for a while, like about nine months.
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