It wasn’t all that late, about 9:30 in the evening. I was on my way back home and stopped to pick up the creams my husband Don asked me to buy. Sitting in my car on that store parking lot I started thinking about the weeks past. Not about the ten year high school reunion I had just attended but the week prior.

I’m a 28yo. wife, married to a man 17yrs. my senior with an almost 18yo daughter. My god it is strange to realize I was a 10yo. girl when Clair was born. Shit I’m her step-mother and really more like an older sister. Some may say I’m a trophy wife; who knows maybe it’s true. I am pretty, sexy and like nice things; Don liked me being young and pretty so maybe it worked out that way.

Don is not just wealthy he is a wonderful man. When we married sex was great I was sexually naive and he was an experienced lover. Although never a controlling husband, in the bedroom he was totally dominant; that was his domain. Everything from what I wore to positions and how we did oral, vaginal and occasionally anal sex. He even paid to have my pubes permanently removed because he likes it that way. Sex with him had always been fantastic I married virgin and would do anything to please him. However now eight years later he has slowed way down and I’m still a young woman. About a week before I left for my trip he asked me to stop and pick up the creams.

Don usually bought them online so I thought it strange he asked me to stop and get them. When I balked about going in one of those places; telling him I had never been in one. He simply told me they were temporarily out of stock online and since they were more for my benefit. I relented and told him okay.

Another thing I found a little odd was that he had been watching porn which he had not done in the past. Afterwards though we usually had sex so I thought he was using it for added stimulation and didn’t pay it much mind. I married young and watched very little pornography; so even now I may be experienced in most common sex I’m still somewhat ignorant of many terms and fetishes.

Hubby always did have a little problem of cumming a little soon the first go around. He usually made up for it during a much longer second round of fucking. That was when he was younger, now he only can do it once. This is where the creams come into play; they stall his PE problem so he can last longer the one time.

So there I sat gathering courage to go into a porn store for the very first time. I watched those who would enter and leave; the store was pretty busy that warm Friday night. Most were older working black men still in their work uniforms of various companies. A few women would go in but would leave shortly after with their purchases. There was a big sign on the front door with in large print NO ONE UNDER 18 PERMITTED. A little after 10:00PM. I got my nerve up and went in.

Was I surprised, the place was very nice; clean well lit and nicely set up; defiantly not the seedy place I had been imagining. Front by entrance was the cashier then there were the on sale and come-on items, beyond that the sexy woman’s apparel, as you went to the rear there were the toys and then videos. I asked the salesman where I could find hubbies creams. The tall black salesman with a knowing grin directed me to the back near the toys and the videos.

I found what I was looking for then figured since I had never been in one of these places while there I’d take a look around. Feeling curious and a little naughty I shopped around for about an hour looking at various toys, specialty items and clothes. I sure did get a lot of attention from the many black men in the store. All including the staff seemed to be sizing me up and I’m sure undressing me with their eyes.

Looking around I came to realize I was the only woman lingering and shopping in the store at that hour; those other women got what they wanted and quickly left. Another thing I noticed was that I was the only white person in the place. I may be ignorant of many things sexually but I’m not stupid; I do know black men have a thing for white women and in particular those that are married. My engagement and wedding rings were very obvious and also showed I married into a bit of money. That along with all the sex items and especially the attention sure had me quite aroused.

I found some really risqué outfits and lingerie in my size and asked about a dressing room to try them on. The same salesman sort of laughed and told me there were none but I could use a viewing booth as they are private and have door-locks. Following him back to the booth I figured what the hell a locked booth is as good if not better than some dressing rooms I had been in. He showed me into the booth and how to work the lock and light dimmer, and put it full bright for me to try on the clothes.

Again I was surprised; I am a bit inexperienced in sex fetishes but not that naïve I expected that room to be a little unkempt. The room was clean as I looked around there was a metal and plastic 2 seat bench and a 5ft. mirror on one wall, on the wall across the room a large screen video TV. There was a video playing but I didn’t pay much mind as I tried on the clothes. I sure looked sexy as hell in all of those items and feeling naughty I put a few of them on commando and oh yes almost nothing was hidden. Still in the last blouse and skirt combo and bare underneath I dimmed the lights and took a few minutes to view the video. What the hell it is on free and was I was tremendously aroused by then. Sitting down I looked down; hell I may as well had not even been wearing that so short skirt. My gash was on total display

Watching the video for about ten minutes; it was interracial and a mix of cream-pie scenes in various locations; in bed, kitchen, pool, patio, on the sofa and even a glory hole. I heard a knocking sound. I looked around and didn’t see anything; then went toward the door figuring it was the salesman. I then heard the knocking behind me by the bench. When I turned around I saw it; the bench had blocked my view as I tried on my things.

Mid way between that bench and the back wall was a glory-hole about the size of a softball. And there was a semi-hard large black dick along with huge black balls poking through it. Being where I was I was only a little surprised and knew what it was. Inexperienced yes, however I had seen one glory-hole video before that hubby had and the video I was watching had a brief glory-hole scene so I sort of knew what was expected.

I looked around horny as fuck and remembered what those whores in those videos did. Over 500 miles from home where no one knows me, not believing I would have ever considered it. So unlike me to even think of such a thing but it was very rare and a long time I had been this hot and sex with the husband had been lacking for a long time. I just had to; quickly I stripped off that blouse and skirt.

Nude I dropped to my knees and started playing with that cock and it got bigger and hard. I took it in my mouth; as I sucked, spit and slobbered on that dark chocolate dick it grew even harder. Fucking thing had to be close to 10 inches hard; almost half again the size of hubbies. I was going crazy playing with it and had an orgasm fingering my pussy as I sucked. Then he had his; without warning he filled my mouth with his cum; I couldn’t believe a man could cum so much and so thick. My husbands cum is thin, watery and a fraction of what this guy produced. I tried to swallow as much as I could but there was so much it was overflowing out my mouth. I was proud of myself I had not choked. Looking down I was glad I removed the clothes. His man-chowder ran down over my breasts the overflow had coated both and some even ran between and down my belly onto my pool-of- moisture.

Then I heard the only words from him since it started; “hows about somma dat hot white pussy.”

I couldn’t believe it! This guy just blew a large load and already wanted another go at my body. My husband never could recover so fast. I couldn’t resist by then I not only wanted him to fuck me, I had to have it! I turned and like in the video put my foot up on the bench and inserted that cock into my pussy. I was ***** with lust; this was my very first man other than my husband and with a black man no less. It took a bit to work his ebony pole inside me. That cock was almost 3in. longer and thicker than my husband’s 7.5in.; until then the only man I had been with. It gave me a great sense of pride that I managed to get most of that 10 inch black-mamba inside me.

Once accustomed to it I started to fuck; as my pussy stretched to accommodate him more he started getting deeper and deeper. After putting my foot back down on the floor into a regular doggy position I felt him fuck me even deeper. I knew he bottomed in me when I felt his pubes tickle my ass. He then pumped me hard; had to be at least a good 10 to 15 minutes. Don had only made soft love to me and this was the first time I was ever just fucked hard. It made me feel like I was nothing more then a used piece of fuck-meat, there only to satisfy that negro’s lust; I loved it. I had many orgasms, among them several multiples. A few minutes later I felt him push in deep and that giant phallus swelled and pulsed deep inside my body. Again with no warning I felt him unload what to me had to be an even bigger load of Afro-bull-gravy in my cum-craver than he had my mouth.

I was a little tired when he pulled out but then before I managed to move from that hole another came through to fill me. Not as long as the first but thicker I knew it was another and sure enough when I looked this one too was black. By this time I was so lost in passion and lust I just kept my married-white-kitty to the glory-hole and let them have me one after the other. When younger I heard the term pulling a train, I now understood what they meant. Must have been 5 maybe 6 more of them all black fucked and filled my cream-canal with their many loads. Orgasms; who knows how many I had but they were many and rapidly following one after the other. The floor was a mess where I leaked from the couple hours of sex. I had not realized I had been in there so long.

It was almost 2:00AM by the time I cleaned up and got out of that booth. On the way out along with those clothes I picked up my new dildo a 10 inch life-like replica of some porn stars big black cock. Exhausted, too tired to drive and still lust-***** I drove only to the nearest hotel and got a room for the night. I intended to shower first but was so tired I sat, then laid down on the bed; next thing I knew I was getting my wake up call. With not a lot of time before checkout I did a quick shower and got dressed.

Saturday morning back out on the highway reminiscing about the night before it hit me like a wreaking ball; I fucked all those black men unprotected. My husband not wanting any more kids got snipped years ago after his ex refused to have her tubes tied after giving birth to Clair. I was a virgin when we married and have never in my life used any kind of birth control. So now here I was driving up that highway my unprotected womb still full of black baby-batter swimming around looking for my white egg. With my husband being fixed I had little reason to keep close tabs on my cycle but do know it had been close to a couple weeks since my last period. I had to find some after sex pills fast. I must have stopped at least ten stores but all were out of stock. All said the same; the stock gets depleted by Friday night for the weekend partying and along with the shipping problems they usually will even sell out the night before. All the way home I was in a panic and even the stores closer to home said the same and most likely would not see restocking until Wednesday.

Finally home around 7:30PM Saturday night; the reunion was nice but just as I remembered the town was boring as hell. I left a day early so I got home much earlier than expected. Getting out of my car I saw my step-daughter’s car was gone; leaving my bags in the car. I was tired from the road and would take care of them tomorrow. I did bring in the bag with hubbies creams; I came in, quietly; first place I went was to our daughter’s room and bathroom and checked if she may have had some plan B. Although we had never talked much about sex I figured her being so close to eighteen she may have some, no fucking luck; now I was in a real panic. I would have thought she would have some, at her age I figured she was active. I knew she wasn’t on any birth control as her father for some strange reason was extremely adamant about her not using any. Not having any luck in Clair’s room I headed back to our bedroom.

I found Don in the computer room his back to me; he was watching porn videos with the sound on and apparently had not heard me come in. Leaning on the door-jam; I watched him and those videos for over an hour. All he watched the entire time was interracial; some cuckold but mainly an assortment of gang-bang, glory-hole and breeding videos. They mostly were slut-wife but also a few slut-daughter cuckold; almost all ending with those black studs filling those white pussies with black baby-batter. I was stunned to say the least I never would have thought he would be into such things. Don always had been what would be called an alpha male or cocks-man. However there he was sitting there jerking off to slut wife porn videos. At the time I knew little of the cuckold scene but learned quite a bit more in that hour. He was just about to cum to a cheating wife cream-pie glory-hole scene when I let my presence be known.

The conversation was short but intense, especially at first. When he saw me he was very embarrassed.

Startled hubby said: “I can explain!”

I asked: “Is that what you want? Is that why you sent me to that porn store? Do you want to see me going out and fucking black men like in all those videos?”

He hemmed and hawed a bit, I guess he figured he better tell the truth; then said: “well yes if you are interested in such a relationship.”

I was stunned then asked: “and those cuckold videos? What about you? This is so much unlike you, your no sissy; I would never have expected you to want to be in a cuckold relationship.”

Don said: “Your still young and I’m getting old and it is getting a little difficult keeping up with your needs, I have always loved you very much; instead of losing you I wouldn’t mind sharing you a little with others under certain conditions. Also there are several different kinds of cuckold relationships.”

At this time exhaustion again kicked in from the long trip with many stops and panicking over not being protected.

I said: “Wow this is a little bit too much to handle right now; I’m tired from the trip and in need of a shower and some sleep. I also need to do a little research on the subject; we can discuss this later; right now I need to get in bed.”

I took a much needed shower and was even able to douche. I didn’t expect much it had been over twenty hours since I was at that glory-hole and by then very little if any came out. I knew what didn’t leak out into the panties had by then found its way into my womb. Too exhausted to worry anymore, it wasn’t even 9:00PM when I went to bed.

I woke up early the next morning around 7:30AM, being Sunday; Don was still asleep, he would usually sleep late on weekends. I had time so after doing a few things I got on his computer and started looking over in more detail those things of interest he had saved. I was surprised at some things and not at others and also found myself getting quite aroused at the idea of me doing some of those naughty things. Memories of my little fun in that glory-hole Friday night kept coming back; yes the idea of more thrilled me. Most of the videos saved were more the cheating hot-wife, and very little of any gay/sissy cuckolding. I had also earlier read stories and watched quite a few videos on the daughter cuckolding father subject Don saved. One thing I noticed right away; every story and video was interracial, black men and white women almost all cream-pies some ending in impregnation.

A few hours later he came in; I was watching a daughter gang bang video, which too made me very wet. We started to talk about our declining sex life and a possible solution. The first thing he did was tell me about alpha cuckold and logged on to a slang dictionary site, I read the text:


The alpha cuckold, is a dominant boyfriend/husband who willingly encourages his wife to sleep with other people because it brings him pleasure, but contrary to the accepted definition of cuckold does not enjoy any form of humiliation and has a direct say in who his wife sleeps with and when. The term is synonymous with stag husband. The girlfriend/wife of the alpha cuckold is sometimes referred to as the vixen.

Example: Angie loves when her alpha cuckold shares her with other bulls.

Now Don said he was defiantly not gay and did not want me to bring any home or to be around and share as to not let the bulls get the wrong idea about him. He did say that he wanted to control everything I did and had some ground rules I would have to abide by. I would be allowed to choose the one man or how many men I fucked but had to follow these rules:

1, We would share shopping for sex clothes but he would choose which outfits, accessories and how I would dress for my slut-wife nights out.

2, All men are to be black.

3, All sex will be bareback.

4, I am not to let them pull out and must take their cream-pies.

5, Absolutely no form of birth control will be used including after sex drugs.(I am permitted to chart my cycle and it is up to me just how close I push my fertile days.)

I also get to choose where I go to pick up my black bulls

6, Never a second date, all are to be one night stands only (Don does not want me to become romantically interested in anyone.)

Don also mentioned reading a story where the hot-wife took pictures and videos of her action on her cell for her husband & he would like the same.

I looked over at my husband and said: “no birth control at all; are you trying to get me black pregnant?

Don said: “That is totally up to you, you know from the videos that interracial pregnancy risk really turns me on big time and having the vasectomy I could never give you a baby. So if you want to have black babies you know I sure wouldn’t mind.

I just stared at my husband for about a minute; he said Babies as in plural! “Thinking about maybe using Plan B” Don really would never know but then I started thinking about that trip home. I had not just been in a panic I became very aroused. I stayed that way the entire trip with the thought of one of those anonymous black cocks putting a black baby in my married white womb. Maybe I’ll wait a little bit on the Plan B. (I thought well if I got knocked up at that glory-hole I no longer have to worry as long as I go out as a hot-wife soon.)

I looked to the computer, there was still the paused video I was watching; then it hit me.

Shocked I said quite loudly to Don: “You son-uva-bitch the daughter porn; no wonder you have been so damn adamant about Clair NOT going on birth control!!!”

Don said: “One can only hope; have you seen the way those black boys have been checking her out and she has been flirting back”

I saw his pants tent then said to my husband you’re one kinky son-uva-bitch and laughed. I bet you would cream your jeans if she walked in here now and told you she had a black bun in her white oven. He said there would be no doubt. I couldn’t believe it; he is actually hoping one of those black bucks knocks up his daughter.

I looked around the room and said: “Ya know these walls are kind of thin, I hope she hasn’t heard this conversation.”

Don said: “I hope she has.”

I just shook my head then told him: “Well don’t say anything to her and let her go her own way, she will be eighteen in a couple days anyway.”

The following Friday night as I was going out for the first time as a slut-wife, I saw my step-daughter a few houses over. Not just flirting a little from a distance as before but now surrounded by several of those young black men. I watched as they would boldly touch and feel her body in all the naughty places. I thought oh yes, those walls are thin; that conversation defiantly did NOT fall on deaf ears. I then wondered which one of us will become pregnant first?
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