Purely a fantasy ..... which is a shame

Jackie and I had been married for over a decade. We had met late in life and to start with our sex life was great. However in the last few years it had become quite monotonous and best described as irregular and boring. We had discussed it but my wife’s menopause meant little happened. It was during these discussions I said I wouldn’t mind if we brought another guy into our love life to see if that added spice. She was horrified and said that would be cheating and asked how could I love her if I was willing to allow other guys to fuck her. I tried to explain the differences I saw between Love (between us) and sex (with others) and that seeing her with other guy would excite me as well.

After a couple of months of nothing but the occasional hand job I thought that a visit to our local sex shop may help. I decided to take things into my hands.

On a Saturday morning we went out shopping and I had planned the location as I knew there was an adult shop there. We parked the car in the nearby car park and walked to the main shopping area, knowing that this way we would pass the sex shop which was on a side road. It was raining and the streets were quite empty and as we got close to this shop I said that I had always wondered what these kind of shops had inside them. She looked at me and said ‘that will probably remain a mystery’ but when we got to the shop I opened the door and held it open for her telling her to get in quickly before anyone we knew saw us.

Considering how reluctant she was to go into the shop, once inside it was like she was in a candy shop. She was looking at all the toys. I saw her looking at a butt plug and quickly said ‘don’t know why you are looking at that as you have always said your ass hole was an exit and not an entrance’. She looked at me and responded ‘you never know I might be changing my mind’. A guy entered and rather than phasing my wife she seemed to open up even more. She liked the idea he was watching her, and at one point she picked up a 10inch dildo and asked me loudly if she thought she could handle something this big. She then gathered together some toys, sexy underwear and other nic nacs (including the butt plug) and put them on the counter and told me to pay for them. I used my credit card and the guy put the stuff in a large plastic bag. Trying to embarrass my wife I said loudly that I wasn’t sure I could wait until we got home for her to try some of this stuff. The guy behind the counter, with a smile said that we didn’t have to wait as there was a backroom area containing a small cinema and some private cubicles – he pointed to a curtain and said the door was behind the curtain, but it opened at midday so we would have to wait 15 mind. My wife said that we had shopping to do and may come back on the way home.

We did the shopping and I didn’t expect anything more to happen. However, when we had got what we wanted she started walking the longer way back to the car. I asked her why we were going this way and she said we needed the exercise. Of course going this way meant we walked past the sex shop. As we approached the street with the shop on my wife turned to me and said ‘I recently read that we should try push our boundaries and try things that we would automatically say no to so I would like to see what this back room at the sex shop is like’. I was now worried as I wasn’t sure what to expect but my worries were overwhelmed with the desire to see how far my wife would go. I said it was Ok if she wanted to check it out.

As we entered the shop, the guy behind the counter said it was good to see us back so soon and then added that he would look after or shopping behind the counter if we wanted. My wife went behind the counter and put the bags down and the guy looked at her and said that he hoped she had fun. I noticed that the curtain was now tied back revealing the door on which there was a sign saying ‘To the cinema room and booths’. The guy asked her if she wanted to take any of earlier purchases through with her and she said no.

We went through the door and were greeted by darkness. There was little light in the hallway. We let our eyes adjust but we could hear the sounds of sex coming from the end of the corridor. We walked down the short corridor and on the left was a door saying ‘this way to the booths’ and on the right was an opening that led into the cinema. Oddly you entered the cinema by the screen so everyone could you enter and then had to find a seat. My wife led the way and we went into the cinema. There was only three guys sat in there, but all looked at her as she walked in and followed her with their eyes to see where she would sit. She made her way to an empty row and sat a few seats in and I sat next to her.

On the screen was a film of a young woman being fucked by several guys, with close ups of the penetration and occasional cum shots. My wife touched my arm and whispered ‘have you noticed the guys in here are all wanking and some keep looking at me’. I whispered back as a joke ‘maybe you need to show them something to wank over’ and she hit my arm. Unfortunately what she was wearing wasn’t conducive to any play and when I started to caress her tits through her top she slapped my hand. I thought she was going to say we should leave but instead she suggested we go and check out the booths. As we left the guys all watched us, and my wife got a good view of one of their erect cocks as she walked past him.

We weren’t sure what to expect when we went through the door but we found a small corridor with three rooms on either side. Above each door was a light but none of them was on. We went into the middle booth on the left and it was very dimly lit. Our eyes adjusted and we could see a small coin slot below a TV screen, with the figure of £1. I put a pound coin in and the video came to life. There was a button we could push to change the film being shown and in this light we could see the booth … and it said below the screen £1 for 5 minutes film. My wife pointed to a little wooden cover on both side walls held in place by a bolt. My wife asked me what they were and I said I thought they were gloryholes, but if she unbolted one we could see what happened. She unbolted both and we sat back on the small bench in the booth.

We watched part of the movie and this time as I fondled her tits through her top my hand was not slapped away. I managed to slide my hand under her top and into her bra and was soon caressing her nipple as we kissed passionately. Then my wife pulled away. She said that she thought she heard someone in the booth next to ours, and at the moment a line shown through the hole in our wall as the person in the booth turned on his video. I asked my wife if she wanted to leave and she said she wanted to see what happened. With that a cock appeared through the hole. My wife gasped and I said ‘what did you expect?’. She asked me what was she supposed to do and I replied ‘what do you think?’. Without hesitation she took it in her hand and started to stroke it. She seemed mesmerized by it and every so often stopped stroking it to wipe off the pre cum. She looked at me and asked if I minded and said no, as long as my cock got the same treatment. I pulled my trousers down and stood up and she took my cock in her other hand. With that we heard the other room next to us come to life and I noticed a guy was in there watching our booth through the hole.

I wanted to give him a show so moved closer to my wife and she took my cock in her moth and sucked it. She then took it out and said ‘it is only fair if all the cocks got the same treatment’; and she started to suck the strangers cock, which might have been a mistake as she hardly had it in her mouth when it spurted cum at her. She swallowed some but some dribbled down her dress. She looked at me, and what I saw was my wife with cum on her face, and down her dress. She started to laugh which wasn’t the reaction I was expecting. She stood up and said ‘well if I am going to do that again I don’t want more cum on my dress’ and she pulled her dress off, leaving her pants and bra on. She looked at the new cock that had appeared through the other hole and said ‘I think you want the same treatment’. She knelt down in front of that hole and gave the guy the blowjob of his life, but this time she swallowed the lot. I sat on the bench and she knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock. I noticed movement in both rooms and soon a hand appeared through both holes. These hands started to grope at my wife’s tits so she stopped sucking my cock and removed her bra to give them better access. I watched as two strangers played with my wife’s tits making her nipples go rock hard. She then stopped sucking my cock and asked the guy on the left if he wanted his cock sucked His hand was withdrawn and replaced with his cock through the hole. My wife turned to face the cock and started to suck on it. The guy on the other side had withdrawn his hand and was watching through the hole. He then put his hand through and groped around trying to find some part of my wife’s body to play with. She stood up and told me to pull down her pants while she bent forward to carry on sucking her new cock. The guy in the other booth couldn’t believe his luck as now my wife was stood facing away from him with her legs open so he now could play with her pussy and finger fuck her.

I heard the groan from the other booth as the guy let rip and his cum splattered over my wife’s face. She turned round and face the other hole and moved closer to give the guy better access to her clit. She started to squirm as an orgasm went through her body. He replaced his hand with his cock and my wife rubbed his knob along her pussy lips and he shot his load. My wife looked at me, turned away from me and lowered her pussy onto my cock, and as I entered I felt some of the guys cum which had just been shot over my wife’s pussy. It didn’t take long before I was filling her pussy with my cum.

She then said that we had better go and she slid her dress over her head, leaving off her underwear. She took a wet wipe from her handbag and wiped her face clean and we left the booth. I thought we were leaving the sex shop but instead, she led us back into the cinema. This time she sat on the front row. There were more guys here now but she seemed uninterested in them. She whispered to me if I minded if she wanked in public as she was so aroused. I told her to go for it. She started to play with her pussy under her dress but this must have been awkward as she stood up and removed her dress, allowing every guy in the cinema to see her naked. She sat down, opened her legged and wanked, with her eyes closed. I nudged her a few seconds later and she opened her eyes to find every guy in the cinema stood around her wanking. By the time she orgasmed she had the cum of 6 guys dripping over her face and tits.

Reality then hit and she quickly put on her dress over all the cum. We went and retrieved our bags and walked back to the car. My wife kept saying ‘Why did you let me do that?’ Back in the car I told her how turned I had been watching all these guys getting excited by her naked body and her touch. It had excited me having such a sexy wife. When we got home she rushed in and went and had a shower.

That evening we went through the bag of goodies we had purchased in the sex shop and talked about what had happened. She admitted she was turned on during the play, but afterwards was hit by a wave of shame and regret. I said she had nothing to regret as long as she had enjoyed it. I asked her if at any stage today she had thought about any of those cocks fucking her. She admitted that in the booth it would have been very easy to have slid the cock that had cum on her pussy into her pussy but she didn’t as she didn’t want to hurt me. I said she should have done and then I could have fucked her cum filled pussy. This talk hard got us both very excited. I excused myself pretending to need the toilet. I got my phone out and checked to see if I could find the opening hours of the sex shop. I found it and it said it was open until 10.30pm. I didn’t want to lose this opportunity while she seemed keen.

I went back to my wife and asked her if she had the opportunity would she like to fuck another cock. She said she wasn’t sure and didn’t want to hurt me. I told her to let fate take the lead. I got a dice out of a board game and told her to throw it. If it was an odd number we would stay at home and fuck. If it was an even number We would go out and see what happened. She threw a 6. Well that settled it. I told her the Adult shop was open until 10.30 and if we were quick enough she could get dressed sexily and we could get there to give a couple of hours to see what happened. She didn’t need asking twice. This time she dressed to be prepared. A light weight dress with do underwear, and a supply of wet wipes in a small handbag. She put on a large overcoat as it was cold and we left the house. We drove there in silence for the 5 minute journey. I parked in the car park and asked if she was sure. She said she wasn’t but had to see what happened otherwise she might regret it. She would prefer to regret trying and doing something, rather than regret not doing something.

We walked down the street holding hands and got to the front door. I held it open for her. The same guy was behind the counter and quipped it wasn’t all that long ago we were there and hopefully we weren’t bringing things back to complain about. I said we were happy both with what we had purchased but also what we had seen this morning. The shop had several men looking round and they of course were now looking at my wife. My wife took off the large coat and asked the guy if she could leave it behind the counter he agreed, and her thin dress was now drawing a lot of attention. As we passed through the door I asked her what she wanted to do fist. She said she wanted to sit in the cinema to see how busy it was and to pluck up courage.

There was about 20 guys and unlike before there was no free row so we took the nearest two seats we could find. As we looked down the row there were a couple of guys with their cocks out, wanking away. My wife then pointed out that there was another couple in. They were probably the same age as us. She had her top pulled down and her tits were bare. A guy next to her (we thought was most likely her partner) was playing with one of her nipples. A couple of guys were watching and I am unsure if a ‘secret’ signal was given but then three guys moved closer to her. Her partner stopped playing with her tits and the three guys took over and she started stroking their cocks. My wife watched on in amazement. The woman was taking it in turns to suck their cocks and then she bent over, pulled her skirt and pants down and the guys took it in turns to fuck her, all seemingly cumming inside her pussy. The guy with her then took control and they sat down and the guys moved away.

I am not sure if this turned my wife on or scared her. I asked her if she was OK and she replied ‘this is so real, I wasn’t expecting it to be like this’. I told her we didn’t have to do anything. We could leave whenever she wanted and she only had to do what she wanted’. She said she wanted to do lots, but her nerves were holding her back. I said we could go and come back another day, but my wife said if she left now she didn’t think she could get up the courage to come back again. She put her hand on my cotch and said ‘well it looks like you are getting turned on by all of this’. I said I was and she asked if there was anything she could do to help me. I said that just being there was more than I expected and anything else was a bonus. She said she didn’t think she could anything in such a public area so maybe we should go to a booth. As she stood and left the cinema nearly every guy there watched her, and must have realised she wasn’t leaving but going to the booth area.

This time there were guys hanging around the booths but my wife was able to get into the booth we had been in earlier in the day. Both gloryhole hatches were open and my wife quickly closed them. She told me to sit down and I put the bolt on the door. She knelt in front of me, unzipped my trousers and pulled out my hard cock. She started to suck on it and tasted my pre cum. She was gently squeezing my balls as she licked and sucked my cock. She then stopped. She asked me what if any were the rules for her tonight as she needed to know hers and mine limitations. It was clear from this morning I didn’t mind watching her suck other guys cocks and swallow their cum and said it appeared I got turned on by other guys touching her tits and making her orgasm. The only thing left she said was having a stranger fuck her. I said that it would be ok for a stranger to fuck her. My wife then said ‘oh fuck, I know what I have forgotten – we didn’t buy any condoms. Do you think you should go and get some from the shop at the front’, I said I didn’t want to leave her on her own and let’s just see how the night goes.

My wife said that she learnt from earlier in the day and took a plastic bag out of her purse, took off her dress and put it in the bag. She stood naked in front of me and I was so hard with anticipation. She faced away from me, moved backwards and sat down on my cock, my cock pushing deep into her very wet pussy. She gently rose up and down and said, ‘just imagine, before I let you cum inside me that I have fucked another cock, or more, what would you say’ I said that it would be a dream come true. She stopped moving, released the bolts on both of the gloryholes and open them ‘saying, ok let’s see where this goes tonight’. The guys must have been waiting as within seconds an erect cock appeared through both the holes.

She rose up off my cock, turned round to face me and knelt on the floor equal distance from the 2 gloryholes. She took a cock in each hand and started to stroke them. One guy didn’t last long and soon his cock was spurting warm cum up my wife’s arm. She released that cock and turned to face the other cock. She bent forward and started to suck on it. I heard a bit of a gag and realised the guy was cumming in her mouth. She pulled her head back and opened her mouth to show me the remaining cum and then swallowed it. She bent towards me and asked if I was enjoying what I was watching – I said yes. She moved closer and passionately kissed me so I could taste some of the guy’s cum. She asked ‘do you mind if I continue?’ and I said no.

Another cock had appeared through a gloryhole and she turned round and started sucking on it. From the other hole an arm appeared and he tried touching my wife. He touched her back and she stopped sucking the cock and looked over her shoulder. She manoeuvred herself so that she could give the cock a handjob and allow the hand to grope her tits. He was really squeezing her nipples and tits so my wife stopped him by moving back to sucking the other guys cock. However, she now positioned herself with her ass pointing at the guy’s gloryhole so his hand could reach between her legs. He started to play with her clit and then finger fuck her as she swallowed the load from the other guy’s cock. She looked at me and smiled as cum dribbled from her mouth.

She told the guy with the hand in our booth to push his cock through instead. She licked his knob and then sucked all the cum out of his balls. A guy was watching through the other gloryhole and as soon as my wife had released the softening cock from her mouth he pushed his cock through the hole. My wife sucked off another 4 or 5 cocks (also getting her tits and pussy felt up) and then turned facing me and started to suck my cock with her cum stained lips. My cock was only in her mouth for 20 seconds or so when she stopped and pulled away and said she didn’t want me to cum too early.

She sucked another couple of cocks and I then saw a black hand come through a hole as she was sucking another guy. He reached through and touched my wife’s shoulder. She saw him and turned like before, continue to stroke the guy and let the new guy’s hand play with her tits. He was gentle and caressed them. My wife liked this so stood up and took the guy back in her mouth and gave access to her pussy to the black hand. Whatever he was doing was turning my wife on and she shuddered with her first orgasm, at the same time the other released his cum into my wife’s mouth.

My wife stood up to face the gloryhole where the black guy was. She moved as close as she could and pushed her pussy against the wall so he could lick her clit, making my wife moan. She moved back and his semi hard cock appeared through the gloryhole. My wife took it in her hand and peeled his foreskin back. Unlike the other cocks she was taking her time with her tongue and looking long and hard at the cock and the two large balls dangling beneath, which she caressed and kissed.

She started to really suck on his cock and she had gained an audience watching through the other gloryhole. She was really taking her time with this cock. The she stood up and stood with her back against the wall, a leg either side of the gloryhole. His cock was between her legs and I could see his knob poking out. My wife started rubbing his cock against her pussy lips. She then moved forward slightly, looked at me and mouthed ‘sorry’. I was wondering sorry for what? Rubbing his cock against her pussy lips? She then bent forward, reach for his cock between her legs and pushed back, groaning as she moved back. It was then that I realised, I had just watched my wife take another cock in front of me. She was in control of the pace and was going quite slowly, relishing the experience. I reached between her legs to play with her clit and could feel his cock going into and out of my wife’s pussy. As my wife neared another orgasm she sped up and as she orgasmed I heard a loud groan come from the booth next door and knew the guy was pumping his seed into my wife’s pussy. It seemed like ages that she stayed pressed up against the hole with his cock inside her until pulling away. As his cock flopped from her I saw some cum pour from her pussy onto the floor. I was sat there with a massive erection.

My wife came over to me, faced away and positioned herself over my cock. As she lowered herself down some of the guy’s cum dribbled onto my knob. She rubbed my cock against her pussy and then let my cock slide into her very loose and damp pussy. I noticed we had people watching from both of the gloryholes as my wife rode me. She then rose up off my cock, turned round and faced me, lowered herself back down onto my cock and carried on riding me. She whispered in my ear ‘I am sorry, I was overcome with the situation – I have always wanted a black cock inside me. Can you ever forgive me for fucking a stranger and taking his cum in my pussy?’. I said there was nothing to forgive and it was clear that I had enjoyed it …. As I finished saying that my cock started to fill my wife with cum. We sat cuddling for a while and then my wife rose up. She closed both the glory hole covers and said she needed a rest but didn’t want to leave the booth just yet. I asked if she needed a drink and she said yes so I said I would go and get some. I tidied myself up and told her to bolt the door when I left. The hall was full of guys, probably all had heard what my wife was dong and waiting their turn.

I went into the sex shop and asked if they had drinks. He said no but there was an off licence on the nearby corner. I went out to the off licence and got myself a soft drink, and bottle of water for my wife and a can of gin and tonic. I went straight to the booth, and the hallway as a lot emptier, probably because my wife wasn’t playing. I knocked on the door and She opened it naked. I entered and bolted the door behind me. I gave her the drinks and she quickly drank the gin and tonic. She took more time over the water. We chatted and she said she was getting a real buzz from this. She said, ‘really I think we should just go home before I go to far and do something that hurts you’. I told her she wouldn't hurt me and I didn’t mind what she did. ‘Really’ she replied ‘I can do anything?’ Within reason I laughed.

She stood up, grabbed the bag with her dress and handbag in, and told me to open the door. I did so and watched my naked wife walk back into the cinema, followed by the guys waiting by the booths. In the cinema, which was quite empty, she moved to the back row and went to the far end. I followed her in, but she told me to swap seats in case someone wanted to sit next to her. It didn’t take long for the guys who had followed us in to sit either on our row or the rows in front. Most had their cocks out and were wanking. One guy came to sit next to her and when she didn’t remove his hand from her thigh he moved it to her crotch and she parted her legs to give easier access to her pussy. She started to stroke his cock and noticed more interest was being given to her. She looked at me and said that she better move. She told the guy sitting next to her to stay where he was and she squeezed past him and sat the other side. This allowed another guy to sit beside her and now she had two guys groping her pussy and tits. A few guys were now standing in the row facing her and she was trying to suck all their cocks.

She then said ‘This isn’t working.’ I thought she meant playing with these guys, but how wrong could I be. She stood up and told the guys to follow her to the front row. She told one guy to sit on the middle seat. She then turned facing away from him and lowered herself onto his cock. As she rode him She stroked and sucked any cock she could find. The guy under her groaned as he came inside. She stood up and told another guy to sit behind her. She lowered herself onto his cock and rode him until he shot his load. She continued like this until every guy had cum in or on her. I had been standing nearby watching my wife evolve into this slut. As the guys moved away there was cum everywhere. She said that she thought she had run out of men which was a shame as she hadn’t cum in ages. She looked at me and said ‘You are always good licking my clit – come here and give me an orgasm’. I wasn’t sure and when she sat on a seat with her legs wide open I could see all the cum. As I knelt in front of her the smell of cum was overpowering but I needed to satisfy my wife. She didn’t taste as bad as I was expecting, as I licked the cum from countless men off and from her pussy. She was soon writhing and then screamed loudly as she had an orgasm. She recovered and told me that it was now my turn. The remaining guy watched as I laid on the floor and my wife rode my cock until I came inside her.

At that point the lights in the cinema came on and the guys said it was closing time. My wife looked so sexy in this light …. Looking so well used but so satisfied. The guy from behind the counter came in and said ‘blimey looks like I have missed a fun evening’. I said we would get ready quickly and he said there was no rush. My wife, still naked, asked him if there was anything she could do for him and he said, ‘for a start can I watch you wanking’. She sat down and started to finger her clit, wet with cum. She asked him if he liked what he saw and he said yes. He then stripped off. He moved to beside her and started to fondle her tits as she stroked his cock. I just stood there watching in the full light.

My wife then told him to sit down and she then rode his cock until he shot into her. My wife rose up and then sat on a chair. She told me to come over and lick his cum from her. When I had finished we all made our way back into the shop, my wife still naked. She retrieved her coat from behind the counter and just put that on. He handed me a piece of paper with his email details and he told me to email him as he had an interesting proposition. The guy shocked me as we were leaving as he said thank you to my wife for fucking him and it made a change from taking a copy of the CCTV camera footage to watch at home and wank over. I wondered what happened to this footage after he watched it.

Back home my wife showered and we went to bed with a glass of whiskey each. We chatted about what had happened and my wife said there was a mix of shame, guilt and pure sexual lust and energy. She was glad that she had this experience but she would need time to take it all in. We fell asleep cuddling.
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