IMG15.jpg I was a shy young nerd and completely inexperienced as far as members of the opposite sex were concerned, Diana was a little older, drop dead gorgeous and, (as I soon found out,) very very experienced in that particular department. She'd heard about my success in the software business so she manufactured an "accidental," meeting and caused me to fall madly in love with her. During our first conversation, (which was terribly one sided,) she learned that I'd never seen a live band so she told me she had tickets for the Rolling Stones at Wembley and asked me if I'd like to go with her. I would've walked to Australia if it meant seeing her again so naturally I said I'd love to go. She looked sensational when we met at the place of her choosing, (a pub in Putney,) she was wearing a tiny, tight, lilac cropped top which tied under and between what were obviously braless breasts, a black leather mini-skirt, matching knee high boots and a had a scuffed vintage looking black leather jacket folded over the back of her chair. I felt embarrassingly overdressed in my brand new jeans, trainers, Rolling Stones t-shirt I'd found on line and the flying jacket I'd borrowed from a neighbour who'd heard where I was going and advised me against wearing the all weatherproof jacket, (anorak.) I'd intended wearing.

Diana was really excited and full of beans, quickly kissing me hello and getting me a pint of lager whilst telling me about the adventurous journey into the city she'd had that afternoon. I wasn't listening. To stop myself staring at her bobbling little boobs with their patently stiff teats jutting out arrogantly through the thin material I was concentrating on looking at her face and I saw her lips moving but I didn't hear a word she said until she laughed, "You're staring at my tits Timmy!"


"What! Was I? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I couldn't help it. You're so beautiful."

She smiled and stroked my face saying, "Oh that's so sweet of you darling." Then she giggled enticingly, "It's okay. I don't mind. I like you looking." She leaned closer and whispered, "If you're a good boy I'll let you do a lot more than just look at them later."

I blushed, gulped a mouthful of beer and promptly began to choke when she added, "a bra's not the only item of underwear I didn't bother with today".

She took hold of my hand under the table and put it on the inside of her thigh. I groaned unintelligibly and ejaculated inside my boxers.

Her big green eyes widened even more and she growled, "Oh Timmy! Are you..........? Oh my God! You are! That's fantastic! Incredible! You really are the sweetest boy I've ever met!"

"I'm so sorry," I apologised profusely. "I'm not used to..... you know...... the company of beautiful women. and you're so..... sexy! You make me lose all self control."

"That's okay," she laughed and put a hand over the wet bulge in my jeans. "I take it as a compliment. and you'll get your reward later on I promise you."

Suffice it to say the reviews of the gig were all good, the groups were very loud, but I missed almost everything because I only had eyes for my companion.

She taught me how to kiss properly that evening and caused me to ejaculate again whilst doing it. Twice!

We cuddled and kissed on the tube all the way back to Leyton, Diana undoing the tie between her breasts and guiding my hands onto them which ensured the inevitable consequence of a fourth emission in my pants.

Eventually she pushed me away and said, "Sit there, opposite me. You're having a terrible effect on me."

I moved across so we were facing each other and said, "Me! It's you who's doing the effecting."

Not bothering to cover the shuddering pink orbs with their thickly turgid crimson teats she slouched down on the seat which caused her skirt to ride up then she put her feet up on my seat, one either side of my thighs so I was left gazing into the abyss as it were. It was completely bald, glistening wetly and the long fat labia seemed to be writhing against each other.

The first vagina I'd ever seen in the flesh as it were and it was breathtakingly spectacular.

"Not only me," she smiled and put a hand on her smooth mound. "Look at what you've done to me you wicked boy. I'm so wet. I hope you're not going to leave me in this state are you?"

"No!" I gasped. "No of course not! What do you want me to do?"

"Lick it!" she grinned.

"What! Here?" I squawked. I looked around and saw there were only two other people in the carriage and they were a few seats away.

"Yes," she croaked. "Quickly! I'm going to come and I want your tongue up me and your lips on mine when I do."

She moved her feet and hooked the heels of her boots on the edge of the seat she was sitting on and let her knees fall outwards so her thighs were wide open then she shuffled forwards so her bottom was right on the edge of it too.

I knelt on the dirty floor between her bent up legs and put my face into the valley. I didn't know what to do so I kissed the dribbling cave. The scent was overwhelming and the taste was fishy and woody at the same time. Diana instantly put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer squealing, "That's it! Kiss me there baby! Now lick it! From the bottom to the top. Yes! That's good! Again! Now wriggle your tongue inside it! Wait! Let me pull it open for you! Now! Get your tongue in there! Deeper! Yes! Now in and out! Good! That's it. I'm gonna come! Don't stop! I'm coming! Yeah! Fuck it baby! Fuck my cunt with your clever tongue! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Fuck! Yes! That's it! So good baby! Well done! Okay! You can stop now. Hello! Timmy! I said you can stop now. You wicked devil."

I sat back in my seat glowing proudly at what I'd done. Diana adjusted her clothes and said, "I'll give you yours when we get back to the flat." and she did.

She got it out and wanked me off while we kissed with me leaning my back against the front door. It took her all of ten seconds to get the next result which I spurted all over her skirt. She just laughed and took it off and then as she was walking into the bedroom her top followed suit. Still wearing her boots she lay on her bed stroking herself all over and told me to get undressed and join her. Once I was lying alongside her she began to kiss me again and showed me how to touch her until she came on my oily fingers. and I came again in her fist, spraying my sperm all over her tummy and breasts. Before we went to sleep she put her head on my stomach so she could wank it and tell me how much she loved my handsome cock, (her words not mine,) then once I was hard yet again I felt her soft plump lips on me down there and I immediately spunked in her giggling face.

I eventually fell asleep in the spooning position with my hands full of her firm apple like globes and my exhausted cock in the crack of her taut buttocks. Before Morpheus dragged me under I heard her murmuring, "We're gonna stay in bed all day tomorrow and I'll give you the fucks of a lifetime so you'll never forget me and any other woman you fuck in the future will only serve to remind you of the best you ever had."

I woke up to find Diana's head at my loin level again and this time she had my hard on actually in her mouth. She was burbling happily while she gently caressed my constricted testes and I thought the sight of her head slowly rising and falling was so erotic I ejaculated almost instantaneously between her sweet suctioning lips. She, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmd," and swallowed until I'd stopped squirting then with an impish smile and a smacking of lips she crawled back up my body saying, "That was yummy. Now you'll last longer when we fuck."

I stroked her face and said, "I doubt it. You're just too sexy. You're so beautiful and the way you look when you're doing things to me drives me crazy. A man would have to be made of stone not to come straight away whenever you're near."

She laughed and kissed me so I got a slight taste of my own cock then she wrapped her fingers around it and said, "Well luckily for me this bit of you seems to be made of stone anyway doesn't it" She rolled onto her back and said, "Come on, get on top and I'll teach you how ro fuck a woman so she knows she's been really fucked."
That was the moment the doorbell rang and she frowned, "Shit. Who can that be at this time on a Sunday morning?"
Despite my protests she slipped my t-shirt on and went to see who it was.

I heard her talking to someone then there was a long ominous silence.

I got off the bed and peeped around the open door only to see her in the arms of a large African chap who she was kissing passionately. She was naked again and I could see she was blindly fumbling at the fellows belt while his coal black hands, (starkly contrasting with her lily white skin,) roamed up and down her back then cupped her small buttocks.

I just stared, speechless with shock at the sight.

Eventually she was able to push his jeans and his shorts down and out swung what must have been the biggest penis I've ever seen outside of a porno magazine or film. Now I was dumbstruck by the presence of something so awe inspiring too. I didn't know what to do, so I didn't do anything. I just stood behind the door and stared.
Diana seemed to have forgotten I was there.

They broke apart and she gasped, "Oh baby I've missed you." She lcked his fat, purple, smiling lips and carried on with her demonstrative adoration of the stranger, (who was apparently not such a stranger to her,) as she stroked the enormous piece of meat lolling out of his groin.

He spoke in a deep baritone, "I know what you've missed you horny little tramp. Show him exactly how much you've missed him."

In a flash the new found love of my life was on her knees in front of this huge black man wanking and kissing the gargantuan pipe of flesh and blood which was steadily inflating and erecting to an even more monumental size.

The intruder laughed, "That's it baby. No-one else sucks cock like you. Now show your master how good you really are."

Diana was litrally purring so loud I could hear her from across the room and she didn't miss a beat when she turned her head to begin wanking his impressive length with her mouth as well as her hands and obviously saw me peeping around the door. She carried on gazing at me while she played him like a harmonica, sliding her full pouting lips along the far side of the eight or nine inches of pulsating ebony hardness in her little fists.

"Ah yes!" cried her companion. "Suck it you cunt! Open that educated gob of yours and suck my fucking dick!"

"Yes master," she mumbled and unhesitatingly did as instructed.

Diana nodded her head to and fro and looked up at the recipient of her expertise while he brushed curls off her cheeks and said, "I see you've already had a face full this morning and there's dry spunk all over your tits, belly and cunt. Who is it? Anyone I know?"

"Nugh," she burbled around her fleshy gag.

He suddenly and unexpectedly looked in my direction and saw me watching. "Hey white boy!" he called. "No need to be shy. You wanna watch come out here and take a seat in the front row. You can see this randy bitch get what she loves real close up."

I blushed but couldn't look away and although I felt an overpowering sense of inadequacy caused by the incomparable penile difference in size I opened the door and entered the room.

The man was pulling his t-shirt up and off, his trainers had already been kicked off so with his jeans and pants around his calves he was almost as good as naked already. The woman kneeling in front of him paid my entrance no heed but just continued working on the tumescent tube in her hands and mouth. When he saw me properly the face fucking Adonis laughed, "Fucking hell Diana! That's a bit of a come down for you isn't it? Is he rich or what?"

"Ya," Diana mumbled without pause.

"Haha!" his laughter boomed. "I thought he must be. It sure can't be his cock you're interested in. I've seen bigger ones in the kindergarten. Is he a stayer?"
Diana burbled some more so he pushed her head away and said, "You what?"

"I don't know," she panted, "but I doubt it. He's come about six times since yesterday afternoon but he hasn't managed to get it inside me yet. I was just about to have it when you rang the bell. Please Ty," she pleaded as she lay back on the couch with her legs wide open and splayed the long fleshy lips off her gorgeous vagina. "Please baby! I need you so bad! You know you're the only one for me! Please honey! Please fuck me! I'm coming already!"

Ty kicked off his jeans and boxers whilst sniggering at me, "You hear that dickless?" He grabbed his own swaying member and grinned, "This is what this randy piece of cunt loves! Ain't it Di?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed as she lay there and stretched an arm out towards him. "Please lover! Quickly! I'm there! I'm coming!"

He knelt on the floor between her straining wide open thighs and allowed his fat length to slap against the dribbling crevice visibly weeping for his impatiently expected embroachment.

"Come then," he chuckled and hit her with it as though it was a truncheon. "Come like this you kinky bitch! I know you love it!"

Diane threw her hands around his neck and wailed, "Yes! Oh yes! You magnificent beast! Hit me again! and again! I'm coming! I fucking love it! She screwed her eyes shut tight and her contorted features screamed ecstasy as she bounced her bottom up and down on the seat and orgasmed animatedly. She was still yelling out her demented joy when Ty suddenly moved his hips backwards then with a sadistic gleam in his eye he violently thrust them forwards. Diana's own eyes shot open and she screamed even louder as she hooked her legs over his broad shoulders. "Oh my GOD! Yes! That's it baby! That's so good! Feel how much I've missed you! Oh fuck! What a cock! Love me darling! Don't ever stop loving me!"

"Love," he sneered at me over his shoulder. "I don't love you stupid! I love fucking you! That's all! and I'm always gonna love that. Even when you're married to someone like this wimp here. I'm gonna call and tell you I fancy dumping my load in you and you'll ask me when and where.... right?"

With her big green eyes protruding from their sockets Diana wailed, "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss!" although she was shaking her head epilectically as he humped against the backs of her raised thighs forcefully.

He glanced back at me again and laughed, "Well it sure looks like your boyfriend here likes seeing his lady get nailed by a real mans cock. He's wanking his tiny stiffy Di. What do you think about that? He'd be perfect as a husband for you wouldn't he?"

"Yes!" she yelped. "I need one who'll let me get fucked by you whenever you want me!"

"That's right sweetheart," he cooed and grabbed her ankles before adopting a crucifix position so her long legs were straight but still stretched wide open in a shallow V.

"Look at that whitey," he commanded. "Look at how much her lovely little cunt adores having this fat black cock up it."

I stepped forwards and looked and ejaculated over her tummy.

Tyrone guffawed and slammed his pulsating erection deep into her again and again. "Oh yes. We're gonna make a real happy threesome. Cup my bollocks while I come in your woman boy! Feel them squirting all my nigger seed into her fertile womb. I'm gonna breed this mare so she has loads of piccaninnies for you to raise. You'll both be the talk and the laughing stock of the country. A lily white married couple with black babies."

I shamefully did as instructed and reaching between his legs I cupped his huge testes just as he started to ejaculate inside the whimpering wreck of a woman impaled on his enormous tool.

"Here're your babies sweetheart," he laughed and screwed his hips around and around as he unloaded. "Love 'em and weep."

"Love 'em and weep."Diana had her eyes shut and was murmuring all kinds of nonsense while she stroked his face with one hand and her clit with the other as she shuddered spasmodically with the never ending climax she was ****** to endure.

Eventually Tyrone pulled out and stood up. He wiped his swiftly drooping but still dripping penis in Diana's hair and said, "Right. I've gotta go. Got important people to see. Like my wife. I'll call when I want you again. Okay?"

"Yes darling," Diana cooed incongruously as she lay there half on half off the couch with her legs wide open and a long ribbon of his semen sliding out of her vagina and dangling down to where it was forming a pool on the floor.

Once he'd gone Diana contemplated my shocked but adoring face for a few seconds then quite simply said, "Clean me."

With a feeling of self loathing I crawled forwards between her thighs and began to lick at the salty cataract of sperm oozing out of her. She put a hand on my head and urged me to, "Get right up there Tim. He gets in ever so deep. You can see why I love him can't you. Have you ever seen a cock as big as that on a human? No of course you haven't. It's magnificent isn't it. I could tell you were well impressed by the way you were so quick to cup his bollocks when he told you to. and you really enjoyed watching too didn't you. I liked seeing you wank and spunk on me 'cause you were watching me coming on his cock. We could do it a lot more often if you liked. If we were together like. As a real couple you know."

She pushed me away and rolled over so she was kneeling with her top half was on the seat. Regarding me and my reactions carefully she reached back behind her small bottom with both hands and slowly pulled her buttocks apart. I saw the tiny dot in the middle of her shiney pink puckered crater and began to get hard again.
"You could do me here," she giggled girlishly. "Married men are allowed to bugger their wives you know. It's quite acceptable these days. Would you like that? Do you want to try it now? I don't mind if you do. I quite like it actually. Especially if I have Ty up my cunt when it happens."

I shuffled nearer with my newest erection in my hand and muttered, "So you've had it done to you before then? Even though you've never had a husband."
"I never said I've never had a husband," she corrected me as I fitted my convex dome into her concave receptor. "I was married to Ty for two years but then I found out he was already married to some rich bitch. I was really angry about that so I got him done for bigamy and found out my marriage was illegal so it was annulled. He was banged up for a year and just got out this week."

I sank into the warmth of her tight anus and sobbed, "Will you marry me Diana? I'll be such a good husband for you."
I heard her chuckle as she used invisible muscles inside herself to squeeze me, "You know I do believe I might. You have the makings of a perfect cuck."
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