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Sweet and Sour Revenge-Pt.1


The photo of Kim and her boss that was sent to David’s phone.

Kim and I met about 7 years ago and quickly became an item. We both came from a mid-west upbringing who were god-fearing Christians who placed God above family. I was a successful engineer with a promising future, and Kim sold accounting software for a large tech firm based in Atlanta. Before we were married, my mom and dad purchased a three-bedroom home for me after I graduated college. They had saved a great deal of money and wanted to share their success with others, while they were still alive. Most people pass their earthly possessions after their death, never getting to enjoy the happiness of the gifts they can give while they are alive. Mom and Dad shared their blessing while still alive and enjoyed sharing the happiness.

Kim and I were married a little over 5 years ago and have been on a perpetual honeymoon ever since. We loved going to church every Sunday and making plans for our future. Our sex life was great, and we made love at least 4 nights a week. We were soul mates, and we made all of our friends sick by how close and loving we were to each other. In time we were blessed with 2 beautiful blonde-haired identical twin girls, and our lives changed for the better, we put all of our time into raising the girls and making sure they had a loving home. We had what others might consider a boring lifestyle, we ate at home most nights, went out on Friday and Saturday nights, and Church on Sunday, we were not into the social scene and fashions like others our age. Kim wore conservative clothes at work and home and only allowed anything sexy in our bedroom. Our relationship was based on trust and full transparency, we never kept anything from each other which made for a solid foundation of our marriage. Kim was one of those women that needed to show her affection and I loved how she gave loving touches, kisses, and hugs, we loved sharing our feelings and enjoyed each other immensely.

Having twins can be intense and stressful but I loved being with them as much as possible. The twins made things a little stressful for Kim, but I was happy to pick up any slack and help out. We had a great partnership and always worked things out before either of us got upset, my life with Kim and the Twins could not be any better.

The Trade Show:

A week before the annual trade show, Kim was notified that they needed her to attend the 3-day event due to others being out sick with a virus they had to assign Kim to the show. Of course, she tried to get out of it, but they were in desperate need, and she had no choice, “Baby, I’m so sorry about this, I hate leaving you and the girls, I’ve called my boss twice, and tried to get out of it, but he said he needed all of us at this event, you know how much I hate being away.” I watched her pack for her trip and assured her that we would be OK for a few days and that we would miss her, but we were there to support her, I helped her with her luggage and brought it out for the limo the company hired for the ride to the airport.

As I said before, we had the perfect marriage and trusted her completely. I never saw her flirt or act anyway except as the perfect, loving wife. We had a fully transparent marriage and told each other everything. We shared our love for our children and did everything together. Which is why the text I received from my colleague and friend, was difficult to believe and process. It was the second night of the trade show when I got a message from my colleague, Greg, who was at a cyber security event in Atlanta, "David, how’s your weekend going buddy?”

“I’m enjoying my girls, Kim is at a trade show, and I’m here spending some quality time with my favorite girls, aren’t you at the Security Convention this weekend?”

“I am, you said Kim is at a trade show, right? Do you know which one?”

“Well yes, she’s in Atlanta this week but I’m not sure about the name of the trade show. Her company is showing its products at the Convention Center, why do you ask?”

“I’m at dinner with my group and well, are you sitting down?”

“I am, what are you trying to tell me, Greg?”

Two photos and a video came over my text, I sat frozen in fear, the first photo was of my wife in an outfit I’d never seen before. It was the shortest dress I’ve ever seen. Low cut, showing her massive tits. Fuck Me Pumps, which I didn’t even know she wore. Her hair and makeup were over the top, she looked stunning, I’d never seen her look so sexy in my life. When I saw the first photo, I was convinced it was someone who looked like Kim there was no way it was her. I laughed to myself thinking, 'I wish Kim would dress like that sometimes, but that’s not my wife.'

I stopped laughing when the next photo arrived, which was a close-up of her sitting very close to and kissy-face, next to Jonathan, one of her supervisors that she worked with. I was in shock, not moving, I didn’t even blink until the next photo came in. This one was another close-up of her smiling and staring into Jonathan’s eyes. My heart stopped when I saw that one but tried to convince myself that there was a good explanation until the next text came in a few minutes later. This was a short video of my wife kissing Jonathan with her arms around his neck, and his hand on her right breast. That’s when my head exploded I felt my entire world crashing on top of me at that moment. Tears of pain started rolling down my face, my heart was racing, and I felt sick.

The text came in, “Dude, you OK? What should I do?"

“Can you see her right now?”


“I’m going to call her right now and check in with her.”

I hit her number and listened as the phone rang a few times and went to voice mail. I left a message, telling her that we missed her and was checking in to make sure she was having a good night.

I called Greg, “I called her, what did she do?”

“David, I’m so sorry about this, she took the phone out of her purse looked at the caller ID, and put it back in her purse. Man, I can’t believe that’s her, I mean I’ve never seen her act, or dress like that. David, I never realized how hot your wife is... sorry man, I didn’t mean that.”

“It’s OK Greg, Thanks for sharing this with me and not hiding it from me, you're a good friend. I’ll figure things out and you don’t need to get involved. Don’t let her see you if possible. Let me know if anything else happens but don’t spend any more time spying on her, I’ll take it from here, my friend.”

“Are you going to be OK?”

“No, I’m far from that but I know what I have to do, and I’ll take care of it. I’m still in shock and this will take me some time to understand everything, but you know I will, thanks again.”

“You’re welcome, I love you, man, I’m here for you.”

“Take care, Greg, thanks again.”

I poured myself a stiff drink and sat down in the dark living room trying to understand how my world crashed in less than twenty minutes. I never had a clue that there was a problem in our relationship. How long has this been going on? Have I been that obtuse and didn’t recognize the signs? No, she never gave me a reason to think that way. In fact, over the last six months, she has been more loving than ever, our sex life has doubled in intensity, and our relationship has gotten stronger this made no sense, and I could not comprehend any of it.

Over the next hour, Greg sent a few more photos and videos. There was a short video of them dancing with his hand on her ass, another short video of them kissing on the dance floor, and one more photo of them in a deep kiss alone on the deserted dance floor, I realized they must have been kissing so deeply that they didn’t realize the music had stopped. I knew it was over between us, but there was so much more I needed to know and understand. Being an engineer and a problem solver, I fell into my analytical mode and over the next few days tried to come up with a plan.

Surprisingly, I got a call from Kim at 10 p.m. after the last photo of them came in. I took a deep breath trying to regain my composure, I didn't want to give anything away or let her know I had any idea of what she was doing.

“Hi Honey, I’m sorry I missed your call I was in a meeting at dinner and couldn’t speak. I miss you so much baby, and I wish I was there with you under the covers kissing you all over.”

“I miss you too Kim, I love you so much, and thanks for calling. The girls are so cute, and I’ll send you some photos, they miss their mom and want you to come home.”

“I tried to leave tomorrow but my boss told me I needed to stay here; I hate being away from you darling.”

“We’ll celebrate when you get home, are you done for the night?”

“Yes, I’m getting ready for bed and another long day tomorrow, I love you baby and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Good night Kim, I love you more than you’ll ever know,” I hung up the phone as my tears started flowing again. What I said was true I loved her more than life itself and wanted this to be a bad dream. It was now after midnight as I lay in bed not being able to sleep. I wondered if she was really in her hotel room and what she was doing. My question was answered when I got another text from Greg, It was a photo of my wife Kim and Jonathan on a couch in what looked like the hotel lobby kissing with his hand up her short skirt, and her arms around his neck. They looked like two newlyweds, sharing their love in public.

“Last one buddy, I’m done for the night, but it looks like she’s going to be busy. Let me know if you want me to stop this, I can break it up easily enough right now?”

“This is hard to see but thank you for these photos, no, let her go this is all on her and you don’t need to get involved, thanks again!”

I cried myself to sleep knowing that the love of my life had betrayed me, our marriage vows, and our girls. Sleep finally took away the pain and tears until I woke up the next morning. There were several loving texts from Kim with hearts, kisses, and smiley faces, she professed her love and said how much she missed me and the girls. She told me to get ready for a wild night of sex when she returned. She was acting so sweet and loving as if nothing happened, and I began to wonder if maybe she had dissociative disorder and didn’t know what she was doing or maybe she was drugged? I was searching for answers, but I realized I had to face the facts and plan, she would be home in a few days, and I had to come to grips with all of this.

We spoke several times that day and everything was normal. She continued to tell me how much she missed all of us and wanted to get home. I wasn’t sure what angered me more the being with another man, or her deceit and lying. She was playing me for the fool, and that was equally as painful as seeing her kissing Jonathan.

After Greg’s texts and the revelation of my wife making me her cuckold, I went into action. As I was the technical guru in the family, I had added some software to her phone that allowed me to find the phone if it was ever lost. Of course, I got the newest software on the market installed it, and even explained how to use it to Kim. This software package also included a voice, text, and email recorder with auto uploads to the cloud if activated. Let me be clear, I did not put this software on the phone to spy on her, but as it turns out, it was going to be useful. Before last night, I would never have thought of looking at any of her things, but after last night my trust would never be the same, I had to protect the girls and save our marriage if possible.

Fortunately, the girls kept me busy and my mind off my crashing marriage making breakfast, cleaning them up, and playing dolls with them was something I loved and cherished. I’m not sure if you ever had to take care of twin 3-year-olds, but let me tell you, it is a serious workout. It was 2 p.m. when I got the girls down for a nap after lunch, took a shower, and cleaned up the house before I sat down to catch up on things. Kim had sent me 6 more loving texts and said she would call at 5 p.m. after they quit for the day. After reading them I accessed the cloud from my laptop logged into her account, and reviewed everything that had been uploaded since I activated the recording spyware.

I sat there in shock as I read the messages being sent to Jonathan, here are a few…
  • “You were amazing last night baby. I can’t wait to get you inside of me again tonight.”
  • “Thanks, Kitten, I loved fucking your sweet pussy. Can we go back to my room after we finish before dinner?”
  • “Absolutely, but I need to call my hubby before we go, I should be ready by 5:15.”
  • “Does hubby have any clue about us?”
  • “Of course not, he knows I love him, and I’ll make sure he continues to know that. What we do is something he never needs to know about. We’ve kept it a secret for over six months, I know how to handle him, don’t worry.”
I had to stop reading as my anger was becoming overwhelming. Kitten! He called her Kitten!? That was what I called her when we had sex. Had she given that to him as well? Was I really this stupid and didn’t have a clue? What kind of a chump was I?

After I composed myself, I opened other files and almost fell off my chair. Jonathan sent her a dick picture which disgusted me. I was ****** to look at his very large cock in full color and knew that he had sent this to my wife. How disrespectful was this asshole? What I saw next made me cry out in anger, the next image I opened was from Kim and it was a close-up of her now shaved pussy, with a note. “Come lick me, baby.”

A shaved pussy? When did she do that? She never even trimmed it for me and now she shaved it for him? She’s sending him pussy photos with ‘come lick me’ text? I dropped the laptop on the chair, stood up, and screamed. I picked up the lamp from the table and threw it hard into the wall, shattering it into a thousand pieces. The anger I had learned to control had now taken over. I was about to break the other lamp when I heard the girls crying.

The crying shocked me back into the moment and I immediately regained control. I went into the bedroom and held both girls until they stopped crying and settled down. I let them play in the living room as I sat on the chair with another stiff drink after cleaning up all the glass from my outburst.

In my mind, the marriage was over, and it was time to act. I didn’t have the willpower to listen to any more of their conversations or look at any of the uploaded files, I let them accumulate on the cloud as evidence for my attorney. I decided the best plan of action was to play along with Kim playing her like she was playing me. I was going to act like a loving husband as I formulated my plan of action. My immediate plan was to contact a divorce lawyer, and a private investigator, and come up with a way to keep custody of the girls, the girls, they were my main concern and the only thing that mattered to me in this world.

5 p.m. phone call:

“Hi, baby, how are the girls?”

“They miss their mommy.”

“Oh, my goodness, they are all I think about all day long, and you of course. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms when I get home. I’m going to give you the warmest kiss you’ve ever received.”

I played along, “Oh baby, I think about you all day and can't wait to hold my loving, sexy wife.”

“Soon baby, we’ll be together again.”

Somehow, I kept it together and the call lasted for exactly fifteen minutes. At 5:15 she ended the call saying, “I love you, David. I need to go now, the bus back to the hotel is leaving and I need to leave, I’ll text you later, I love you.”

Another easily told lie, she was good at that, “I love you too baby, more than you’ll ever know.”

The pain from her lying and cheating was now replaced by contempt, anger, and revenge. I was going to destroy this woman and make her pay for her lying and deceit. I truly loved this woman with all my heart, and this was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do.

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