IMG43.jpgI'm a 28 year old, white, English woman, (ex Roedean and Cheltenham ladies college,) 5 feet 10 inches in stockinged feet, (over 6 foot in heels,) very slim, (34b cup,) with shoulder length, curly, reddish blonde locks. My 56 year old husband likes to see me having sex with black men so I fulfill his fantasy as often as I can. One afternoon I was relaxing in the afterglow of an extremely strenuous session when the chap laying next to me on the floor said, "Hey Di. You know I train a football team of young black guys. Well they're playing in a cup final next week and I was thinking we could promise them a kiss from you if they win it as an added incentive."

I paused the wash I was giving his lolling cock and empty bollocks with my tongue and said, "A kiss? You want me to promise to kiss 11 young black guys if they win a cup final?"

"Yeah," he smiled and wiped a swathe of sperm off my cheek with a finger then put the finger in my mouth. "I think it would give them an extra reason to play to the best of their ability and give 100% effort. and there's actually 16 of them counting the reserves."

"Kiss them where?" I asked around his finger.

"Well in the changing room after the game I suppose," he grinned.

I squeezed his growing penis and said, "I meant where on their body you silly sod. Their cheeks, their lips, or did you have somewhere else in mind?"

"I'll leave that up to you and the guys to decide. Wherever you feel is appropriate."

I began to stroke his hardening cock with a little more earnest.

"and you'll be there watching I imagine," I guessed.

His inflating truncheon jerked in my hands and he confirmed my suspicion, "Yeah I'll make sure they abide by your rules. Whatever they might be."

"and Timmy will be there to film everything?"

"Of course," he grinned at my husband who was still recording our every movement.

"Do you think I should kiss them like this?" I murmured as I began planting sloppy wet kisses all over his burgeoning tool.

"Mmmmmmmmm I'm sure they'd really appreciate it if you did," he mused.

"Maybe I should go further and do this to them." I said as I opened my mouth and covered his sticky helmet with it.

"Oh yes!" he groaned. "They'd love that."

I sucked him until he was fully hard then I straddled him and put his enormous throbbing erection into my still leaking cunt.

"You want to watch me doing this with them all too?" I gasped as I began raising and lowering my buttocks.

"Oh yeah baby!" he grinned and crushed my small breasts with his big hands.

"Of course I'll do it!" I yelled. "I'm happy to oblige and help all I can!"

I bounced harder and came.

On cup final day I Immacced my already immaculately hairless mound, between my legs and up around my botty hole then I bathed and got ready for what I hoped was going to be a celebratory evening.

I did my hair and make-up then I chose one of my black lace sets of underwear with the thought that seeing me in it might give the winning team, (again, I hoped,) a bit of an extra thrill. The quarter cup push-up bra presented my small titties as though they were on a shelf and the split crotch g-string left the long, thick labia of my bald cunt hanging brazenly through the gap when I opened my legs. To compliment the whores lingerie I decided to add a narrow suspender belt with matching extra long black lace patterned stockings on my extra long legs. Just looking at my own reflection in the full length mirror of the wardrobe door roused feelings of excitement and I felt a huge diaspora of butterflies begin to flutter in my lower tummy.

I swiftly donned a tight, thin velvet, emerald green, low cut dress the hem of which reached mid thigh so my stocking tops were hidden until I sat down.

I covered up with a fake fur coat and we left for the match.

In the dressing room before the game I was introduced to the team by Zebadiah and he informed them of the bonus prize they'd get in the event of a win. "Five long minutes alone with this beautiful lady during which she'll let you kiss her as much as you want, and she'll kiss you right back, isn't that so Diana darling?"

"Absolutely," I agreed. "Kissing and everything that goes with it."

Huge eyes stared at me from every direction and I'm sure all of them were stripping me even as I stood there in front of them.

It was 2-0 to us at half time and 5-1 when the final whistle blew.

When we, (that's my husband and I. He was filming as always naturally.) re-entered the changing room 15 minutes after the game had finished most of the boys were in a communal bath, singing and shouting with joy. Two weren't, they stood off to one side with their arms around each others shoulders drinking champagne and congratulating each other on playing such a splendid game. All 16 of them were stark bollock naked and I didn't know which way to look first. Big fat lolling black cocks everywhere.

I approached the pair who were standing by the pool and smiled, "Well done boys, What a fantastic game. and you...." I addressed the handsome lad who'd scored twice, "you get an extra kiss for your two goals and you get the first one right now."

I stepped up closer and bent down a little as I had high heels on so he was a couple of inches shorter than me, I pursed my full lips and gently placed them on his. He was obviously surprised but kissed back and opened his mouth slightly. I pushed my tongue against his fat lips and they opened wider. I snaked my tongue over them and into the hot cavern of his mouth where I started licking his tongue.

The other lad cheekily pushed the shoulder straps of my dress off my shoulders and pulled the top down to my elbows so my whores bra was suddenly revealed. My kissing partner moved aside so he could look down and a great shout went up from the pool when they all saw the exaggerated stiffness of my turgid crimson nipples.

"Oh you naughty boy!" I chided the stripper with a giggle. I looked down and saw that they were both hard already. I put a hand on each of them and whispered, "We're going to have so much fun tonight guys and I intend rewarding you all. and like you did out there on the field I'm going to give 100%."

The one I'd been kissing slid his hand up under the hem of my dress on the outside of my thigh so the dress rode up on the back of his wrist. I smiled and began to gently wank them both. My stocking tops were *******, the the suspender straps stretched over my pale skin. Then his hand was on my hip and I knew everyone could see my g-string. I moaned quietly and opened my legs. An uproar of screams, catcalls and wolf whistles erupted from the pool area when they saw what was dangling through the gap of the g-string.

"Later," I croaked to the pair standing next to me. "Later you can kiss mine if you let me kiss yours."

"Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! You bet," the kisser grunted and started ejaculating all over the front of my dress.

"That's a deffo," gasped the chap behind me and I felt him squirting through my stroking fist and shooting his load onto the back of the dress.

With whoops of glee boys were scrambling to get out of the pool to get close to me. I laughed and pulling the top of my dress up and the bottom of it down I ran for the door.

Zebadiah stood there with his arms folded blocking the exit. Issuing a high pitched squeak of surprise I turned back to face the oncoming horde of horny males. Zeb grabbed my biceps and pulled my arms backwards so I couldn't defend myself even if I'd wanted to. (Which of course I didn't.) In a trice the heroes of the day were all over me. My top was pulled down again and the hem tugged up so the dress was bunched around my waist. Several hands were squeezing my titties, fingers and thumbs were tweaking, twisting and flicking my aching teats and other hands were pulling my legs open so their teammates could get at my drooling treasure. Some of my captors were openly masturbating and took only seconds to reach their conclusion spurting a glistening silver shower of sperm onto all parts of me. Zeb growled in my ear. "On your knees and pull it open for them! Show them what a real woman looks like and when she makes herself come!"

I groaned with restrained lust and allowed him to push me down onto my knees through the veritable deluge of semen which was splattering me incessantly. Once they were touching the floor I opened them until they were about a yard apart, leaned back to put a hand on the floor behind me then giggling like a little schoolgirl I put the other hand on my g-string and as years of practice had taught me I expertly splayed the wriggling lips below. A rowdy chorus of encouragement erupted from the throats of the audience and I saw, (and more importantly from my point of view, felt,) the silver shower thicken and become even more voluminous. I gasped, "Oh God! I'm coming! This is so erotic!"

I rubbed my clitty with a fingertip and peed myself.

When I'd finished so had all the lads but a lot of them were still wanking.

Zebadiah picked me up and carried my drenched body over to a long bench in the middle of the room. He laid me down on it and my legs naturally fell to either side so I was laying there showing everything was wide open.

In his loud voice Zeb said, "Right. Now I'm gonna show you what this randy bitch really loves and when we're finished you can start claiming the kisses she promised you all."

I reached out and pulled his tracksuit bottom and his boxer shorts down.

Whispered exclamations of awe and shock hissed throughout the throng of onlookers when they saw what their coach was equipped with,. I smiled and took it in my hand muttering, "and to the victor go the spoils," as he leaned down and presented it to my mouth.

Twenty minutes, (and four orgasms,) later he came inside me then got off and said, "She's all yours now guys. and just so you know, she takes it everywhere. and I do mean everywhere."

That was the start of the longest gang bang I've ever been involved in. Some of those guys managed to spunk four times for me. A lot managed three, and naturally all of them had two. It was an extremely memorable evening and by the time we left to go home I think every inch of me had a layer of dry spunk on it and to top it all every item of my underwear had disappeared. I didn't want to get my coat messed up and my dress was unwearable so I tottered out to the car in the nude except for my high heels with my husband still filming.

"Did you enjoy that darling?" I asked as I leaned against the car and loudly expelled more semen and air from both holes in long wet farts.

"Yes sweetheart," he enthused. "You were fantastic and the cream on the cake so to speak is that they all asked for, and got, your telephone number. We can expect to hear a lot from those young men in the future."

"God I hope so," I sighed and collapsed onto the passenger seat.
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