Valerie was shocked to see that the man who had just fisted her was her boss! I know my wife isn't easily embarrassed but I could tell she was affected by the fact that Ellis Harding, her manager had just watched her being gangfucked by five strangers!? Now knowing her boss had just had half his arm up her cunt added to her discomfort. Valerie dropped her hands away from her tits and pussy ******** herself fully to all eight men in the room.

Ellis assured Valerie she had nothing to be ashamed of and that he had wanted to fuck her since the day she had become his Assistant. He assured her that her job was not in any danger and that he hoped they could share some fantasies in the future, she managed a smile at Ellis.

Ellis asked the other men to leave the room? once they were alone Ellis told Valerie that he had made a deal with Ryan to take over 'ownership' of her. Ryan had accepted an offer of a guaranteed $50,000 annual sales for 5 years in exchange for Valerie.

I was excited to think that two men had been bartering my wife for their sexual use. The fact that Valerie and I had given 'ownership' to Ryan was not lost on either of us. Knowing that Ellis Harding thought that MY wife was worth $50K a year was also a turn-on. Valerie was not the slightest bit phased by the fact that she had been 'sold' to her boss by her lover for just one week.

Valerie repeated the conditions we had set for Ryan. "I will do WHATEVER Ellis wanted within my limits but he must do everything in his power to protect our names and reputations. You must understand how important my job is to our financial future?" Ellis assured both of us that Valerie's position in the company would never be in doubt. Ellis told Valerie that even if he 'sold' her to someone else she could continue to work for him as his Assistant.

I then now realized my English bride could be 'sold' to someone else, ANYONE, in the future if Ellis chose to do so. It was a realization I was more than happy to live with. Ellis had complete sexual control of my wife after "buying" her from Ryan. Looking at my wife sitting nude in front of the three of us with a slight smile on her face told me she was happy to be Ellis's ***** for as long as he wanted. Valerie gave both Ryan and Ellis a kiss, Ellis looked at me, I nodded in agreement and we shook hands. With a simple handshake, I had given my wife to a man I had known by name but had never met. Valerie's now belonged to Ellis.

Ellis asked me to ring the other guys and invite them to the room to enjoy my wife and photograph/video her. Ellis wanted to make sure that the men knew I was Valerie's husband. He assured me that all men liked using other men's wives in front of them. While we waited for the other guys to arrive, Valerie went for a shower and douche, she wanted to be fresh for the afternoon fun.

Ellis told me "Ryan will still have access to Valerie and can bring friends over from time to time with my OK.
"Good, Valerie loves to be fucked and loves it, even more, when it is strangers."

"There will be many strangers in Valerie's future as I have many friends who would be using her, regularly."

The other guys returned just as Valerie came out of the bathroom. Having showered and reapplied her makeup sparsely, she was looking gorgeous! She was naked and ready. Ellis told Valerie that she was theirs to use in any way they wanted but she was not to be hurt or permanently marked. He said they could take as many photographs or videos as they liked but discretion was expected. For the next four hours. Valerie was fucked in every hole by everyone except Ellis and myself. Ellis had me videoing the action and taking photos with the rest of the guys' phones.

Valerie was magnificent. Being triple penetrated over and over again without any complaint. Geoff and Barry smacked her tits and spanked her ass but not so hard as to leave marks, her ass cheeks glowed red and there were a couple of red handprints on her breast, Valerie enjoyed mild pain. Marcus, Noel, and Guy took hundreds of photos. Valerie smiled for the camera with cum running down her forehead and off her nose. I took some great video and still shots of Valerie's gaping ass and cunt leaking cum from six different men. Ryan, not to be outdone by Ellis fisted my wife for the cameras.
Ellis called a halt to the fun and games just after 6 pm. Valerie was still going strong but looked like a ten-dollar ***** at a bikers meeting, her hair was matted with cum and her pussy was red and puffy. Ellis told her to go and clean up, to fix herself up, and to put on her shortest dress to show off her assets on the Strip as they were going to dinner.

Ellis told me " after she left the room that he intend to let strangers fuck her this evening! "I think Valerie would enjoy that?"
Twenty minutes later my wife came out of the bedroom looking like a stripper or ******. The dress covered her cunt but walking would ****** her to strangers on the street and the low-cut dress barely covered her nipples along with the Black eyeliner, blush, and bright red lipstick, the entire outfit conveyed the message Ellis wanted.

Ellis said "When we are on the strip, you are to ****** yourself to passing strangers. Plan on being fucked by some strangers and you are not to wipe away any semen deposited in her or on you! I want everyone in Vegas to know I own you"

Ellis asked me to follow them and to take as many photographs as possible. He said he wanted to help Valerie to be seen as the slut she longed to be and wanted photos to show his friends. I looked at my wife after Ellis gave all the instructions on how she was to ****** herself to everyone on the street. Valerie was smiling and kissed Ellis. She looked him in the eyes "You own me, Mr. Harding. I will do anything, with anyone, that you want me to... I will ***** for you if that is what you want from me, YOU OWN ME!"

Ellis smiled at the idea of whoring Valerie! He turned to me and said "I want you to find me an ****** service... I intended to arrange an interview for Valerie!" then as an afterthought "Please contact the guys and ask them to meet up at Circus Circus at 1 am if they are still vertical and not in a jail cell!?"

Ellis thought it would be fun for the guys to see Valerie ******* to strangers as if some kind of a cosplay slut from one of those games! Men and women taking photos with Valerie as she leaked cum from her ass and cunt. I was looking forward to seeing my once demure English wife on display myself!!!
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