My Wife’s First Date

Note: The outline of the following story was received from correspondence with a ‘wife-watching’ husband. Some spelling and grammar were corrected and a few gaps filled in but essentially the story is WW’s

Mr. SeeShow, I recently read one of your stories and the particulars you wrote about was similar to mine and so I thought I’d tell you about my situation. Like the person who you wrote about, I am a wife-watcher or maybe I should say a want-to-be wife watcher. You see I have been encouraging my wife for some time now to have sex with another man while I watch. At first she thought I was just joking or that it was an attempt on my part to justify me having sex with another women. Eventually she realized that it truly was a fantasy of mine and I was serious about wanting it to happen. She also understood that it wasn’t some ploy on my part and that I simply was a confirmed voyeur that wanted nothing more than to see her enjoying herself with another man.

It took me many months to convince her I was sincere and even more months to have her consider acting on my fantasy. I kept after her, every time we had sex, describing how excited I’d feel watching her with another man and, of course, how excited it would make her feel as well. Finally, one day at the breakfast table she asked me how much did I really want to see her having sex with another man. When I responded that I wanted it more than anything, she told me that if I were willing to help her around the house a lot more, maybe she would help me out with my fantasy. My helping her around the house was something we had discussed many times before. Maybe argued about is a better term. I had always felt that I did my share but she on the other hand felt that as a modern day husband, I should perform more housework than she does. I thought it was a little sly of her to trade doing my fantasy for me agreeing to become the housemaid but I was thinking only of my fantasy when I agreed to do ALL the household work from then on, if she would just fulfill my fantasy once. She smiled smugly and said that was what it would take and she’d see how it went before agreeing to take it any further.

I worked my butt off for the next several weeks, getting up early to do the laundry and cleaning and getting home early to do dinner and final clean up after dinner. Linda was pleased with my efforts and finally after a couple of weeks brought the subject up again at dinner. She indicated that one of her co-workers had been hitting on her and if it was what I really wanted that she would flirt back. I got an instant hard-on as she said this and begged her to encourage him. The next day she wore clothing that was a little more provocative than her normal business attire and I was delighted. I tore through the housework and went to work. Later that night she gave me the details of their flirtatious bantering and indicated that she was still not sure that she could ever go through with actually having sex with another man, especially with me watching. I assured her that if she didn’t want to go through with it and decided to back out at the last minute that it would still be OK. As for me watching, I indicated that we could set it up so that we would be the only ones to know I was watching. I told her that I could hide in the closet as she had sex with him and her ‘lover’ wouldn’t even know I was there. As I said ‘lover’ I got a big stiffy and she knew it.

She teased me about wanting me to see a ‘real man’ make love to her and the more she teased me the harder I got. We had great sex that night and I knew that we were on the verge of fulfilling my voyeuristic fantasy. By the time Thursday came I was encouraging her to ‘make a date’ with her co-worker and to tell him that her husband was out of town on business. When Friday came, I was excited as a kid when she got home. I had taken particular care to do all the housework as good as possible as I wanted her to feel completely relaxed and open to discuss if she had spoken to her co-worker about a date. When she got home, I took off her shoes, got her a nice drink and messaged her feet as she informed me about their latest flirtations.

She told me that she indicated to him that I was out of town and she was feeling lonely. She said that he picked right up on it and asked if he could give her some company over the weekend. She told him that maybe an innocent dinner out with him on Saturday night would be OK and so to make a long story short, he was going to pick her up tomorrow at about 5 PM for some dinner and drinks. Again the sex was great for me that night as thoughts of seeing my wife with another man played through my head.

The next day, I vacuumed the house as Linda went to the hairdressers. I cleaned the bathrooms when she was at the manicurists getting her fingernails and toenails done. I prepared lunch for us while she went shopping for some new cloths for the occasion. I waxed the floors and polished the silverware as she took a long leisurely bath. Then I made-up the beds and cleaned the bedrooms while Linda began to prepare for her date, applying make-up, last minute fixes to her new hairdo and changing into her new cloths for the evening. This is one time I didn’t mind doing the housework as it gave me something to occupy my time and my mind. Whenever I paused to think of what might happen that night, I got goose bumps. On the one hand I was so looking forward to it and on the other I was hesitant now that my fantasy might become a reality. It was to far to back out now and even If I wanted to, I don’t think Linda would have. As far as I could see, she was practically giddy as a schoolgirl over the prospect of having a ‘date’ with her coworker and enjoying sex with him later.

When Linda came downstairs ready for the evening, she was ravishing. She always looked sexy with her 36D-25-36 5’6” body but the make-up, sexy dress, new hairdo, nails, etc made her tantalizing and vivacious beyond words. She had bought a new bright green dress for the occasion and it was scoped low in the front revealing quite a bit of cleavage and slit way up the one side to reveal her beautiful nylon encased legs as she walked. The dress color almost matched her eyes and the contrast to her red hair was stunning. The tight-knit jersey material clung to every curve of her supple body and the stiletto high heels made her normally curvy legs even sexier. The dress was so clingy and tight that any underwear lines would surely show and so she simply didn’t wear any panties or bra.

She paused in front of me and asked if she looked good enough for her date to make a play for her. I told her he would be crazy if he didn’t and I meant it. Dressed as she was, I knew she could have any man she wanted in the world. Just for a moment, I considered asking her not to go so that I could have sex with her right then and there but she quickly walked out to the garage and got into her car before I could ask her to stay. She flipped me a “remember our plan’ as she drove off. The plan was quite simple; she was going to meet him at the restaurant for dinner and a few drinks. Then she planned on bringing him back to our house where she would suck and fuck him while I watched from our closet door. I would get into the closet as soon as I heard the garage door opening with their arrival.

Things went as planned and about 3 hours later, I heard the garage door going up. I quickly scrambled into the upstairs bedroom closet. I had to wait just a few minutes before they entered the bedroom. I was surprised to see that her Leroy was a good-looking black man – something she hadn’t bothered to tell me about before. He was behind Linda, his arms around her. From the closet, I could see him massage her tits through her sexy dress. Linda gave a quick glance toward me, then stopped and leaned back into his embrace. Jesus! I thought, ‘It’s really going to happen. I’m going to finally see my wife fucking another man!”

Leroy slid his hands down under Linda’s scoop-neck dress and I could see his fingers fondling her nipples. I could also see the effect this was having on Linda. She cast another furtive glance at the closet, then closed her eyes and leaned back against his chest, turning her face up toward his, inviting a kiss. As Leroy leaned down to deliver it, one broad hand slid slowly from her breasts until it touched the hem of her dress. As he lifted the garment, I could see her shaved pussy lips were glistening with juice. I couldn’t believe how rapidly things were progressing! As they broke the kiss, Linda stepped away from Leroy and began to take off her dress.

As my wife undressed she kept looking toward the narrow opening in the closet, so often I was afraid her nervous glances might give us away. When she had the dress off she casually dropped it onto the bed. At last, beautifully naked, except for her nylons and high heels, she turned and sat herself down on the edge of the bed. Leroy stepped forward, and she began to undo his belt. When she pulled his pants and boxer shorts down we were both in for a surprise. Linda stopped for a moment to admire his dick and no wonder. He was only semi-erect, but his dick still stuck out what seemed a good eight inches. All in all, his joint was pretty impressive, full and thick and round.

Leroy shifted his hips, and his cock rose, the plum-shaped head coming level with Linda’s lips. Once again she glanced in my direction, a nervous excitement flickering in her eyes. Then she turned back to Leroy’s cock. She gazed at it for a moment, her eyes wide, then leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. For several seconds I watched her cheeks hollow and bulge as she sucked, working her tongue around, getting him wet with saliva. It was intensely erotic watching my sexy wife suck another man’s cock. My dick was almost painfully hard, and I knew I was in for an arousing night. I could see Linda was also turned on, her hands busy caressing her breasts and pussy as she sucked Leroy’s mammoth prick.

After a moment Linda took a breath and began slowly swallowing Leroy’s cock, taking him so deep, her throat bulged like a snake swallowing its prey. When she had the full length down her throat, she glanced sideways toward the closet. Her eyes were watering, but if her mouth hadn’t been stretched into a giant oval, I’m certain she would have been smiling.

Leroy’s hands suddenly tightened in Linda’s curls. Her mouth work had obviously brought him close to climax. She immediately stopped, pushing him away. As her mouth slid off the end of his dick, a long white trail of spittle stretched from its tip to her lips, and the entire shaft had become shiny with her saliva. I had to let go of my dick to keep from coming before I wanted to. Linda leaned forward and licked the tip of Leroy’s cock, then wiped her lips and chin on the head. For just a short instant, she looked my way again

Then she looked up at Leroy and whispered to him, “I wanted to save you for something special.” He responded with a grin, then took off his clothes and lay down on the bed. I watched as he smiled and lifted his cock, waving it at Linda in invitation. It looked enormous, and I couldn’t wait to see my little wife work her tight, hot pussy down over it. From my vantage point, I would be able to see every nasty detail! I grabbed my own cock and squeezed it in anticipation.

Linda knelt on the end of the bed, her knees on either side of Leroy’s legs. She looked at his upright cock for a moment, then once again looked directly at the opening in the closet doorway. Somehow her eyes seemed to find mine, even though I knew she could not actually see me. She held her gaze for a long moment, then stood up and said to Leroy “Let me get this out of the way.” as she picked up her dress from the bed. I had no idea what was going on but I felt that Linda was too aroused to give upon having Leroy’s gigantic cock fill up her cunt. She picked up the dress and walked directly to the closet where I was hiding. She opened the door a slight amount and quickly threw the dress in my direction. With her between Leroy and me I knew he couldn’t see me but my heart skipped a beat nevertheless. Just as quickly as Linda had opened the door a little she closed it COMPLETELY.

I waited a few seconds in the pitch black and tried opening it just a crack but I was unable to open it at all. Ours closet has a door that locks from the bedroom side and it became obvious that Linda had either on purpose or accidentally locked the door when she shut it. I was sure that my naked wife and naked co-worker were about to have sex not ten feet away and there was no way I could see anything. I knew the best I could do was to hear their sexual coupling. However, what I next heard was some whispers and the clicking of my wife’s heels as I sat in the silent darkness. It seemed like the clicking got further away as well as some shuffling off the bed by Leroy and then I heard nothing.

I was stuck in the dark, in the silence, my peeping was obviously ended until my wife would come to free me from my self-imposed prison. It wasn’t until several hours later Linda opened the closet door. I put my hands over my eyes to shade them from the sudden light. As I stumbled from the closet, my joints stiff and my butt numb from hours on the barstool, I felt like a prisoner being released from solitary. As my eyes finally adjusted to the light, I saw that the room was clean once again, and that the bed had been made. Linda had also showered and washed and dried her hair, and was dressed in a pair of short skirt and a baggy sweater. She was barefoot, but had on just a touch of makeup. She also had the sweet, satisfied glow of a woman who has been well fucked.
She looked gorgeous. She looked a little sheepish as well.

“Damn, Linda,” I signed, my face in a frown. “Why did you do that? Why did you lock me in there with no view?”

Well I just couldn’t go through with it,” she signed back. “Besides, you told me that I didn’t have to do it if it didn’t feel right.”

“Are you saying that you didn’t fuck Leroy?” I asked in dismay.

“Oh no, I felt fine about fucking Leroy. It was having you watching me fucking Leroy that bothered me.” came her reply. “I didn’t feel comfortable with you watching and even listening to us so I told Leroy I didn’t want to it in our marital bed. That’s when we left to go to the spare bedroom.”

Then she moved close and with her sexy pouty lips said, “I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with the first part of the show, you nasty little perverted voyeur”

I looked at Linda for a moment, feeling foolish and somehow betrayed, but even if she had disappointed me, I couldn’t keep from smiling at her remarks She returned my smile, then leaned forward and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, letting my hands slide down to her bottom. I knew that she felt my erection pressing against her belly.

We kissed again, and then she stepped away, glancing down at the bulge that was growing in my trousers. “Did it make you horny?” she signed. “Did you get excited thinking about what Leroy and I were doing?” Before I could answer, she lifted her arms, slipping off her baggy sweater. Her nipples still looked rosy and swollen from their lovemaking. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it.

“Yes,” I signed, watching her strip off her clothes. “It made me very horny.” I puffed out my lips and pretended to pout. “It’s too bad I didn’t get to watch.” I began taking off my sweats.

“Don’t worry,” she signed as she lay back on the bed, naked, inviting and obviously still aroused. “I’ll tell you all about it. I’ll let you know every juicy detail.” Then she spread her legs and reached down, opening her swollen pussy lips with her forefingers just to show me how juicy the details were going to be. Even knowing another man had made a large deposit there recently couldn’t keep me away from that lovely pussy as I began licking and tonguing it for all I was worth. Later, she told me she was too sore to accept my dick and besides her pussy was probably still a little loose from its previous occupancy. She did, however, allow me to jack off as she described the way that Leroy fucked her.

Since then Linda has gone out on many dates with Leroy and other men, but she still doesn’t feel right about allowing me to watch her in action but she always allows me to eat her pussy and jack-off as she describes her actions to me! Mr. SeeShow, I guess I’m still a wife-watcher want-to-be and will continue as one until I can convince my wife to allow me to watch her some time.

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