12th Anniversary

black dress (open sides)002.jpgMy name's Mary, at the time this took place I was 35 years old, and celebrating my 12th anniversary. When I was younger I lost some weight and went down to 108 lbs, I thought it was great, but my hub likes his women soft, and can't stand hip bones jutting out of me. So he stuffed me with spaghetti and cake and I rounded off at 123 lbs. which brought my figure up to 36-27-36, with my boobs varying from large B cups to small C's, at 5' 3" I'd make a great looking MILF, except I looked around 27. In contrast at this point, my hubby was coming up on his 48th birthday. Not to say that things were dead in the bedroom, but for the first seven years of our marriage, we had sex every day and twice on Saturday and Sunday. He had no trouble getting me off several times each session, he fucks like a porn star, takes upward and beyond forty minutes, and after he comes he can take a shower, dry off, and still hang the wet towel on what's left of his erection, yeah, he one of those guys. The problem is that he has a skinny six incher and I can easily handle nine more once I open up. So that means a good third of my pussy is going to waste, and whenever I get the opportunity to remind myself of what's possible if I can I like to take advantage of the situation. This brings us to our story,

My hubby likes to see me dress sexy, so with that in mind I went out and bought a new 'little black dress', but it wasn't just any dress, it was one of those dresses that had wide slots running up the sides from under the arm down to the hem. Each slot was about the size of two packs of cigarettes and was separated by a thin strap (I'm sure most of you have seen one). When I put the dress on it was skin tight, and short, about three fingers below my ass cheeks. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't find a pair of panties that worked with it, even ones where the sides lined up with the straps would show up after I moved a little, so panties weren't an option. Now on occasions when I get wild hair up my ass I tell my hub "I feel like anything could happen tonight."

This wasn't originally one of those occasions, but as I looked at myself in the mirror and ran my hands down the sides of the dress, the feeling of my flesh broken up by the straps made me imagine what it would feel like to someone I was dancing with, my juices began to flow, you don't turn that off unless you have to, and I didn't have to. Over the years there have been several establishments that have catered to special events, adult parties, swing parties, and yes swirl parties. As you might imagine, these places continued to draw that type of clientele even when an event wasn't scheduled. This not being a night when such an event was planned, didn't mean I couldn't choose a venue that still attracted those who'd attend such an event. When I modeled the dress for my hub, complete with four-inch fuck me heels, he got hard instantly, then said "Where on earth can you wear that thing?"

I told him, and then said "I feel like anything could happen tonight."

He almost came in his pants.

All day we suffered from anxiety in anticipation of what adventures the evening might bring, we smoked some weed, but that only ramped things up. We arrived at the club and as soon as we entered I gave my hub a side glance and a devilish smile, even though there was no event planned, and no signs posted that tonight was 'Swirl Party' night, there was more than enough qualified black bulls for me to choose from, and the way I looked I didn't think that would be a problem. I'm no Scarlett Johansen, who'd turn every head wherever she went, but in this club, wearing this dress, I could almost feel the eyeballs licking me as I strolled across the floor towards the L-shaped curved booth and slid in, my hub left me and went for the drinks. As I scanned the dance floor and took stock in the crowd, I had to make it a point not to lock eyes with any one particular black stud staring at me till I finished evaluating the whole crowd. My hub laid the drinks on the table and asked me how it looked, I told him not only could anything happen tonight, but I can already guarantee it. After a couple of sips from my drink and our first contestant showed up at our booth, a tall well built black dude with a shaved head, a white silk shirt, and sharkskin pants, his shirt only served to accentuate his complexion, which black as coal. He leaned over and asked my hub if he minded if he asked his wife to dance, my hub just nodded in my direction, he looked at me and I (having heard all this), agreed. I had to inch my way out of the booth in little short hops, any spreading of my legs and I'd be taking everyone's picture with my snatch. I finally got out of the booth and did the obligatory tug on the hem of my dress, to make myself look just a little less like a ******. He put his arm around my waist and led me onto the dance floor.

When we got on it he placed his hands on my hips, and I just put mine flat against his chest. His fingertips moved through the slots and then he flared them out, as far as his hands were concerned, he now had a firm grip on a naked woman. This pleased him since the growing bulge pressing against my thinly covered mound was quite apparent. The longer we danced, the more real estate his hands explored, he had already worked his way around back for a full ass grab while pulling me harder onto his now erect huge cock. Then as he maintained a firm grip on my right ass cheek with his left hand, his right hand headed down the side of my thigh, then around to the front, and finally upward till his fingers found my smoothly shave pussy (already sopping wet), I moved my hands to the back of his neck pulling myself up slightly, then felt his fingers slide into me. Ta-da! Success, I was finally exactly where I dreamt of being since I first tried this dress on, we danced through three dances as I clung to him as my life depended on it, and till my whole body shuddered up against his as my orgasm took it over. Once it subsided I looked him in the eye and we shared a passionate kiss, and for the first time, I grabbed him by the cock and gave it a hard squeeze. He walked me back to my booth with his right hand firmly planted on the flesh-******* part of my hip, when we got there he slid his hand across my ass giving it a final squeeze as I moved into the booth, hopping inch by inch till I got alongside my hub. He leaned over and introduced himself as Lewis, and asked if he could join us, my hub said sure and Lewis said "Let me get a drink, your wife is quite the dancer, and she has me all worked up, thirsty, from dancing." then he headed for the bar.

My hub asked how it went, I told him everything I just told you, then reached under the table to check out the status of his dick. If our booth was a car I could use him to shift through all the gears, he couldn't stand up if his life depended on it.

Lewis returned with his drink and slid into our booth on my side, we shared some small talk and then I felt his hand on my thigh, I slowly opened my legs, the front of my skirt was basically at the top of my thighs, meaning I was naked from the top of my shaved mound to the straps of my shoes on my ankles. He wasted no time finding my clit, having already had a very complete tour of the neighborhood. My hub looked at me and could tell my Southern Hemisphere was experiencing torrential flooding, then it came, my second orgasm, I just closed my eyes and stiffened, riding it out as silently as I could. After I took a sip of my drink and exhaled a sigh, my hub asked me if I was okay, oh I'm fine, I'm fan fuck'n tactic, and we all laughed. I mean, everyone knew what was happening, I think even a couple of guys in the booth across from us knew, remember, I was still wearing that dress, and remained the object of a lot of men's attention. Lewis asked if we smoked weed, hell yeah came out of our mouths in unison, then he offered to burn a blunt with us out in the parking lot, so we gathered our stuff and out the door, we went. Our car was parked under the trees in a dark corner of the lot, so we went over there and fired that sucker up. When we finished I told Lewis I'd like to return his hospitality, as I grabbed him by the cock. He glanced over at my hub who just smiled at him and I squatted in those heels. I unbuckled his belt, then unhooked his pants, fortunately, they were dress pants and the zipper went all the way down, leaving nothing to block me from total access to what had to be amongst one of the thickest cocks I've ever seen, it was already semi-hard, and heavy, covered in the foreskin and around eight inches. I know what you're thinking if you're a man, "that's not that big" if you're a woman, you know when a cock is as thick as a fat zucchini, it doesn't have to be that long, it fills you up. Try as I might I could barely get the whole head in my mouth, once I did I could only move it in and out about half an inch, so I spent more time licking it and swirling my tongue around its head. Between his size, and those heels, I couldn't keep this up much longer, so I stood up and took out my hubby's little stiffy, bent over, and took him into my mouth, my hub reached over my back and pulled up my skirt, then grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks offering me to him. I felt The tip of Lewis's cock at my opening, and then gradually felt it invade my insides. My hub had me by the hips matching his motions and helping to drive him deeper and deeper into me, by the time I felt him bump my cervix a few times my spread legs just shuddered and went weak, I had to stop sucking my hub and just hold on to his waist, one last thrust and I felt the pulses of his hot load hitting me over and over. He pulled out and I stood and faced him and he gave me a long passionate kiss, thanked me, thanked my hub, handed me his phone number, got in his car, and drove away. After he left my hub asked if I wanted to go home. No way, the night is young, but I can't go back in there with this load in me, so I opened up the passenger door of our car and sat down, and leaned back on the console, hub moved in and cleaned up till although I was still wet, I was no longer dripping. When we got back into the club our booth was taken, so we sat at the end of the bar and ordered a couple more drinks. While I was sipping at mine I glanced over the club, those two guys in the booth across from us had changed the direction they were sitting in and now we were once again watching me, so I slowly spun around on the bar stool flashing them in the process. Next thing you know I hear a voice "Do you mind if I dance with your wife"?

I looked and this little black guy about five foot seven was standing right behind me. And voila, just like that I'm back on the dance floor. The easy access to my flesh by way of the slots didn't attract this guy's attention, almost immediately I felt his hands on my thighs, slowly moving up, and taking the hem of my skirt with them, he worked us towards a dark corner by the wall and backed me into it, grinding away at me in beat to the music, then I felt his cock touch my pussy lips, while I was busy thinking how he planned on doing this I felt his cock slide right into me. Enough time had passed to where whatever thick globs of cum that had clung to my walls remained, had liquified and I was as slippery as sloppy seconds, which made sense since that's pretty much what he was getting. Before the number was over, he was standing straight up, my ass was against the wall, my feet were off the ground, and I could feel his hot load shooting into me. The song ended and we left the floor, he headed towards his booth, and I signaled to my hub and headed down the hall to the restroom. When my hub got there I told him how wild a scene I just had, he took me into the men's room and we went into a stall. I sat on top of the tank and spread my legs, he sat backward on the bowl and shoved his face into my cum filled pussy.

We were just about done when we heard someone say "hey, baby girl, you in there"?

My hub stood up and opened the door halfway, it was the other black guy from the booth, he pushed past my hubby and as he was unbuckling his pants and whipping out his sizable cock, he murmured "That's what I'm talking about."

He stepped up, straddled the bowl, rubbed his cock head against my sloppy mess of a pussy, and slid right to the bottom, he hammered me feverishly for about five minutes, grunted, whoo hooked, and busted his nut deep in me, zipped up and was gone in a flash. That's why I love my hub, he could never be so presumptuous, but then again that's also why I like alpha blacks, now and then, (when you want it), it's great to be taken like a slut. Hub went back to work scoring his third creampie of the evening and then it was time to get outta there before the whole club lined up to fuck my ass. Leaving us with a memorable 12th anniversary, with still many more to follow.
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