Mooky, a black coworker, was a short little black guy around 5' 6". On a construction site during lunch, we went to the end of the parking lot to set under the shade of some trees.

There was no one else around when he whipped out a joint, he said down in the hood they have the best weed, along with anything else I wanted. It didn't take long for our lunches away from the rest of the workers to become a regular thing and our friendship grew, even outside of work, he became my exclusive supplier of all things contraband.

After about six months he asked me if I wanted to meet the man. The 'Man' he referred to was his connection, he told me he was a bit of a character (that turn out to be the understatement of the year.) starting with his name 'Pooch'. I mean, how do you walk up to a big black guy and say "hi Pooch, how's it goin'?" and keep a straight face? Pooch is about six four and weighs around 240, and none of it is fat. He's black as charcoal with a big white smile, and when I say white, I'm talking refrigerator white, which looks all the whiter in comparison to his complexion.

We drove up to his house (my first time), it was surrounded by a six-foot cedar privacy fence, the kind you buy in sections and install yourself. Entering the gate into his back yard I was taken aback by a sight I had never seen, there was a line of five or six guys leading to a small window. Turns out it was a bathroom window, listening to the guys in front of me I became aware that one only needed to knock on the window, and it would open, you'd state what you wanted, pay the money, and the window would open again in a few seconds and you'd be handed a styrofoam cup with a lid on it, inside it would be full of however much weed you paid for. "I told you he was a character."

When we were back in the car I couldn't help but remark to Mooky how that was the weirdest buy I ever made, it was like a cross between picking my weed up at the ATM and a 7/11. Mooky laughed and said that's nothing, he has this whole other hobby that would blow my mind. If you were his friend you had a standing invite inside his place on certain weekends. People would enter through the back door which opened to his man cave, the man cave originally had a pass-thru into the living room, but Pooch covered it with a 2way mirror, a camera on the far end of the mirror was pointed at the living room, as were others inside it, the door to the living room was locked, but could be opened by a buzzer located on the other side of the mirror. He went on to tell me as you enter the man cave one of his boys will greet you, you can either hang in the room and get your buzz on, or pay fifty bucks and take a number (the money also covered a copy of the tape). By now I imagine you're as curious as I was, to be honest, I was on the edge of my seat, so I asked what was the deal?

He said Pooch used to be a pimp in the city, but he got tired of having to deal with being hassled by the cops and found he liked the drug lifestyle better. He didn't have to rely on the fickleness of the women to make his money, constantly having to stay on their case, and always worried they were trying to rip him off. He was a bit of a perv and he loved every female conquest that he made. Using his pimp skills to read women, applying his charm and whatever drugs it took, he'd seduce them in his living room, video the whole thing, and once he got them he'd allow those who paid to gradually spill into the room and partake to their heart's desire.

The tape ran continuously. It all started with the sisters in the hood but eventually, he moved on to white women, till finally, he found his forte, married white women. Not only did he enjoy the raised level of difficulty, but it was much more rewarding when he succeeded (and he always succeeded, one way or another), his customers got more of a thrill out of it too, cause these weren't crack whores, these were waitresses, nurses, soccer moms, etc. Needless to say, I was enthralled by this scenario, I had often envisioned a scenario where my wife would be seduced (ideally by a well-endowed black man), of course, it was only a fantasy, but this guy was describing it way beyond my wildest dreams. My wife Mary was 27 at the time. We had been married almost five years, 5' 3", 123lbs, nice shape, large B to small C cup tits, and a belly dancer's stomach. Our sex life couldn't be better. She's a little shy and submissive, but once her clothes are off all that goes out the window. She'd get wet if she was on a date and a guy took her hand and put it on his dick. She loved to suck cock if I came home from work and said I was beat, she'd ask if she could give me a BJ. She always swallows, she feels it's an insult to the guy to spit it out, same thing with her pussy, especially since she usually has her strongest orgasm when she feels her lover cum inside her (she'd rather not screw at all if she had to use a condom). She describes it as 'holding up her end' and feeling the guy cum inside her validates a job well done. For the most part, she appears quiet and withdrawn When we first got together she did whatever I asked her to, and whatever position I wanted her she complied, later she became more confident and started requesting and voicing her desires, but even that took years.

Okay, back to Mooky, he obviously could see my jaw was hanging and asked me if I'd like to see it with my own eyes. He barely finished the sentence before I was asking him when, and how? He told me tomorrow we could pop over to Pooch's place and see if anything was jumping. We got off work at 3:30 pm and would be there by five. my wife worked at one of the national chains of family restaurants as a waitress and wouldn't be home till around 11:00 pm, so I was good to go.

It was not like I was planning on being one of the partakers, I've got bills to pay and can't afford $50, but if what he told me was true, I'd have fuel for my fantasies to last me years.

We made our way over to Pooch's and knocked on the door, a big black dude opened it and we went in, 2 others were sitting on the couch, he invited us in and asked us if we were there for "The show or the go?"

We both replied "The show!"

He handed us a joint and we settled in. Soon several guys showed up and paid their entrance fee, and stepped up to the mirror in anticipation. When the front door opened a soft electronic "ding dong" went off and one of the doormen got up and turned off the lights, while another started the camera. my heart was pounding. Suddenly the lights came on in the living room and Pooch had a woman with him, he told her to take a seat on the couch. She was pretty hot, about 32 with long auburn colored hair, wearing a jean skirt and a red and white plaid shirt, she took a seat (his couch was one of those 3 sided things with the extra square inserts that can be moved, turning it into a huge adult playpen), and he went over to a cupboard and came back with an inlaid stash box. "What do you need today, momma?"

"Just a bag, my old man will be home in a few hours and he's pissed that I smoked the last of the weed yesterday." They exchanged money for weed, she put it in her purse, then he put his arm around her and the show began. Mooky started giving me an elbow and smiled at me. all I was thinking was, there should be bar stools or something here, I didn't see how he could've missed something like that, but oh well. They were on the couch kissing when Pooch untied the strings to his sweat pants, lifted his butt, and slid them down to his ankles, placing his hand on the back of her head she instinctively knew what he wanted.

She reached for his semi-erect cock with her hand and stood it upright, that's when I got a glimpse of it, it was still soft cause she shook it and it wiggled from side to side, then she began to stroke it, on the down stroke his cock head would become *******, on the upstroke it disappeared like a turtle into its shell. As he got hard I estimated it somewhere between 9 and 10 inches, but it was as thick as my wrist, now I can just about touch my fingers together when I wrap them around my dick, but her fingers still had about an inch to go, she lowered her head and took him in her mouth as he reached into her blouse, first massaging her tits, then taking it off altogether.

This was fucking fantastic, after a while she stood up and unbuttoned her skirt, she had no panties on, she faced the mirror and straddled him, then took him in her hand and guided him into her. She slowly fucked him till she managed to get used to his girth, then she turned around and mounted him cowgirl. she rocked back and forth on him till she was grinding that monster against her clit. Eventually, he picked her up and laid her on her back, then glanced at the mirror.

The doorman said, "Number one, get ready." he moved to the door. Pooch was pounding away for all he was worth, she was swinging her head from side to side in a constant state of orgasm. Pooch reached over to the coffee table for the remote and pressed it. The buzzer went off, the doorman opened the door, and number one went through it, then it was closed and automatically locked again. He walked across the room towards the head of the couch, dropped his pants, and stroked his black cock before putting it in her face and she engulfed him.

Pooch slammed himself to the hilt and busted his nut in her soccer mom pussy, then he got up and sat in his recliner with his legs spread and his huge cock just hanging there with all the pride it deserved.

Number one quickly took his place, she barely missed a beat and went right back to moaning. Pooch looked over at the mirror and the doorman said "Number two!" the buzzer went off and the scene repeated itself, then number three, Pooch was ready for round two, and on and on it went for about two hours my underwear was soaked and I was getting a serious case of blue balls.

On the way home I asked Mooky, "Is it always like that?"

"Yeah, every weekend, but that wasn't the first time for her, so it went down faster than most, trust me, once Pooch nuts them they're his, they come over looking for drugs but they'd be just as happy if he told them he was out but take off your clothes. He asked me if I enjoyed it and if I wanted to check it out again next weekend, shit yeah I said.

My wife came home and I made a play for her (had to get me some for sure), but the best-laid plans and all that crap, she informed me she had started her period, was having bad cramps, and just wanted to crash. I waited till she fell asleep and then beat my meat as if it owed me money and did it all week fantasizing about my wife in that scenario while I pulled my pud. finally, Thursday I was able to fuck her, and again envisioned her in that room. Meanwhile, it was all I could talk about to Mooky all week long. I was counting the days till I was back in the man cave.

Chapter 2

As fate would have it, Friday arrived and Mooky told me Pooch had been working on a new one and he'd be going for it on Saturday. Shit, now I had to check schedules and stuff, Mary's company had been having problems with too much labor and aside from sending people home early, they were moving her shifts around. when they gave her Thursday off I was happy cause I was looking forward to getting laid. I asked her how they were doing with all their scheduling, and she said although she was worried about losing her Thursday, they gave her Saturday.

I had such a hard time falling asleep Friday night, I don't remember when I finally did, I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I should be opening presents, like any Christmas when I was a kid.

Mary was scheduled from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm as soon as she left I called Mooky and told him I'd come over to his place cause I needed to take my car to make sure I was home before her. We spent a few hours at his place getting high and talking shit about tonight's upcoming event, when it was time we headed over, got there at 4:00 pm. The doorman let us in, I went to take a piss before the festivities began. When I came out, the same three guys from last week were there having already paid their dues. I stood looking in the mirror, in the living room when the doorbell went off, the lights went out and the camera went on.

Pooch entered the room followed by (What?) my fuck'n wife!? Instinctively, I reached for the doorknob, but of course, it was locked, the big guy looked at me and said, "You musta smoked a lot more before you came here, 'cause you're fuck'n outta your mind if you think you're gonna go through me and that door." He then looked at Mooky and said, "Get your boy in line!"

Mooky looked at me and whispered, "WTF man, ya know these guys are strapped right? Calm the fuck down man, you'll get us both iced." I returned to the mirror.

Mary was sitting on the couch, she had already changed from her uniform at work like she usually did, being summer she was wearing casual shorts and a tank top, and no bra (she always complains about it and usually took it off the minute she could), everybody was lined up at the mirror, the three other guys were rubbing their hands and licking their lips, they knew they had to keep it quiet. Pooch asked what she was drinking, and she said anything that's gonna give her a buzz, it was a frustrating day, she went on to tell him how they cut her hours short today, and if it wasn't for him she is stuck riding the bus. He handed her a Tequila Sunrise. She asked, "How do you know I liked these?"

He said, "Remember when I came into your restaurant the other day and we chatted, you told me. I also have some of that killer Purple Passion weed I told you I was getting. I was just getting ready to fire one up, do you want to try it?"

"Hell, yeah!"

He lit it, took a hit, and passed it to her. He asked her if she ever tried Quaaludes. she said she heard of them but never tried them, but was always up for new experiences. He told her they were good party drugs. If you were too shy to sing, take one and a half Ludes, and your inhibitions would be lowered and you'd be the queen of karaoke. He asked if she wanted to try them, and she said "Might as well, I'm off working early and don't have to be anywhere, my hubs not expecting me till after 9:00 pm."

Meanwhile, the gawkers in the man cave were getting all riled up. He came back with three Ludes, broke them in half, gave her one and a half, and took one and a half. He told her they take about twenty minutes to hit, she said "that's cool, that joint is starting to creep."

"Let me light another one." He took a hit, then turn the joint around, put the lit end in his mouth, moved his face to within an inch of hers, and blew the smoke out the other end, she opened her mouth and inhaled, then he said "You do me." She had done this with me so it wasn't a problem, it certainly looked different when I saw her do it to him though, they almost touched lips, but she didn't bat an eyelash, handed it to him so he could return the favor, which he promptly did, this time touching her lips. no reaction from her except to take the joint from him and blow a lung in his face, this went on till the joint was gone, and he took the roach and place it in the ashtray.

Mary mentioned that she was feeling the weed now, her lips were getting numb, and he told her that was the Ludes kicking in. In another minute she sighed and leaned back into the couch. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, more than fine." in a slightly breathy murmur. He took his hand, using the back of his fingers he stroked her cheek tenderly, she let out a low hmmm. Then he did the same thing to her neck, she let her head drop to the back of the couch and sighed. He took his left hand and placed it on the right side of her face and with the tips of his fingers pulled her face towards him till they were face to face, she offered no resistance, then he kissed her softly, and then he kissed her again, on the third kiss he offered his tongue, she opened her mouth and accepted it with a moan. He held her face in his hands while they shared long passionate kisses, sliding their lips back and forth in a slight figure-eight motion till he stuck his tongue out straight and began fucking her mouth with it, she in turn sucked on his tongue like it was a dick. She had given in to him, and he knew it, he placed his left hand on her tit and squeezed a few times, then slid his hand under her tank top, and again she sighed. The heavy petting continued and she began to squirm ever so slightly.

He took her hand and placed it on his cock which brought about a complete change, she began squeezing it, sighing and moaning, for lack of a better term I'd have to say she almost became the aggressor. she was now forcing her tongue into his mouth and yanking on his cock, he slid his hand softly up her thigh till it met her mound, then paused before finally cupped it and pressed on it, she wrapped her arms around him like a face hugger from Alien and started gyrating into the palm of his hand. She had abandoned any sense of who or where she was, they were both shifting their hands all over each other, exploring every nook and cranny. He pushed her shorts to the side and touched her smoothly shaved pussy, she responded by pulling her tank top off ******** her tits to him, and the group in the man cave. He had already untied the strings on his sweatpants so she reached in and grabbed hold of him, the feel of him caused her to become more frantic with her kisses and groping, and he responded in kind. Then he nudged her and she took it to mean he wanted her to stand, so she did, he put his hands on either side of her shorts and slowly slid them down. She kicked off her sneakers and stepped out of her shorts, my wife was now standing naked in front of Pooch, and the three guys who paid their $50 bucks, the three security guys, Mooky, and me. Pooch stood up and let his sweatpants drop, she was in awe of his length and girth, and his foreskin (I have an average skinny circumcised 6 incher). She was fascinated with how different stroking an uncut cock felt in comparison, she even said so, telling him her hand glided while stroking him, unlike her husband who felt like she was pulling taffy. He laughed and asked her if her husband had a small dick, she said I didn't think so, until now.

Everyone in the man cave had to muffle their chuckles too. She dropped to her knees and kissed the head of his cock, then rubbed it on her face, she even hugged it like a Teddy Bear for a bit. then laughing she asked him what he fed this thing, and he said 'white pussy.' they both laughed and she said well. he certainly looks hungry, with that she took him into her mouth and sucked him while she stroked him hard. He laid her on the couch, push her tit together shoved his face into them, then worked his way down her belly, and finally to her mound, she just about came when his tongue finally touched her clit, but he wasn't about to stop till she came on his face, which she did almost immediately. He climbed up to her face and kissed her a few more times, then told her to guide him into her husband's pussy, let's see what I can do about making it mine. She looked at him and said "Yeah, let's see."

She reached down between her legs, grasped him firmly, and lined him up with her wet inflamed labia, she rubbed him up and down and only stopped when she knew it was lodged in her sopping wet opening. he began to enter her slowly. she threw her head back as he ventured deeper into her, every couple of strokes going further and further into my wife, within a couple of minutes he was feeling parts of my wife I've never felt, for all intents and purposes he was in virgin territory. Soon he was pumping into her like a precision piston, and just like the week before, the woman beneath him was at his mercy and a slave to her orgasms. She was meeting his thrusts with a fervor that matched his, and that's when he looked at the mirror. "Number one, get ready."

One of the paying admirers stood by the door, the buzzer went off, and through the door he went, I watched intently as my wife seemed to be in another world, a world where she was a wanton slut for big black cock. After disrobing he stepped up to her from behind, she saw his cock looming over her face, and she jerked for a second, whaaa? Then just voiced her approval with a long drawn-out oooh. reached up and took him in hand, and went back to getting fucked senseless by Pooch.

This new guy was around 8 inches, and more in proportion to its length with its thickness. in other words, a normal-looking big fuck'n cock, with a full foreskin that never really ******* the whole head unless it was pulled back, as soon as she let go it would recover half the head. she seemed to enjoy that, as she gave it kisses, pulling the skin completely over the head and kissing the tiny 'lips' that were created by doing so. My dick was so hard I tried to adjust it and couldn't, I had to reach into my waistband, and for my efforts received a palm full of pre-cum. Pooch had really picked up the pace and it wasn't long before he arched his back, thrust forward, and buried himself inside Mary as deep as he could get it in, then he let out a huge grunt and began to buck. Mary wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her as she also arched her back, except for her she was locking all the muscles in her body so she could withstand the full attack of her assailant.

Pooch pulled out slowly and Mary relaxed her tensed body, letting out a sigh, and lay there, all splayed out oozing cum like a waterfall. As the new guy climbed up between her legs she raised her head and looked at him, then said "Oh boy. here we go." and laid back down. He rubbed the head of his cock in Pooch's oozing nut and slid into her. they were at full speed in seconds and Mary was once again thrashing around in the throws of continuous orgasm.

Pooch went to his lounge chair with his remote and fired up another doobie. Halfway through the joint, he hit the buzzer, number two came through the door, walked to the side of the room, and stripped, when he introduced his cock to Mary she took one look at it and stated "Oh my God, this is the best day of my life, fuck'n really, the best!" Guess who's getting a card for her fifth anniversary!!! Number one was wrapping things up, much in the same way that Pooch had done, except being a little shorter, and thinner, he was able to bring his pubes onto her clit, buried to the hilt. Mary in turn raised her ass and started grinding back as he filled her with his cream, she told him his cum was so hot she could feel the warmth in her belly. Number two was small in comparison, under eight inches and normal in thickness, but uncut, which I could tell she enjoyed when she made it a point to say "Do all you black guys have this extra bit on the end, I can't get enough of it?"

He flipped her over into doggie position and aimed his cock at the white foamy target that presented itself, slid his cock into her, and began hammering away immediately. These secondary guys didn't make love to her as Pooch did, they might as well have been using her to masturbate into, just raw fucking till you bust ya nut kinda thing.

The buzzer went off and number three entered the room, having been watching along with the rest of us nobody had to tell him what to do, once he removed his pants he walked right up to her and stuck his 9-inch cock in her face, she reached for it and immediately stroked it back and forth enjoying his foreskin before taking him into her mouth and they 'seesawed' her in perfect rhythm. Mary started cumming hard and for the first time, she began to get real vocal, telling him to "Give it to her, cum in my husband's pussy, plant it deep!" which he proceeded to do without any hesitation. dumped his load, pulled out, and walked away, only to be instantly replaced by Mr. Number Three.

Mooky and I were the only ones left (if you don't count the three security dudes), Mooky looked at me and said "I had no idea your wife was so hot, not only in looks but how much she likes sex."

"Neither did I, but then again I never gave her Quaaludes, weed, and Tequila all at once."

He laughed a bit then one of the security guys said "Number four!"

"WTF, Mooky? What the hell man?"

"Sorry man, I got so hot from last week's show I put aside some bread for this week, I had no idea your wife was gonna be up at bat, but hey, she's hot, and $50 bucks is $50 bucks. besides, whatever damage has been done (if any), my getting my money's worth isn't gonna make it any worse."

The buzzer went off and I was left standing there alone with my thoughts, and of course, security. I watched Mooky go to the corner and strip. and to my amazement, although his cock was only as thick as the other guy's, I didn't need a ruler to see it was easily over 10 inches long, and of course uncut.

He approached Mary and she took one look at him and exclaimed "Holy shit, are you building these guys in a back room somewhere, some kinda cock factory?" They all laughed, then went back to the business at hand, number three busted his nut in her and pulled out so fast it made a suction sound ending with a plop, followed by the thickest wad of cum I ever saw, there was no dribble, it kept its viscosity and laid there like a pile of pudding, it looked as though she'd have to chew it if it was in her mouth.

Mooky sat on the couch and said he wanted her cowgirl, she climbed onto his lap, lined him up, and lowered herself onto him right down to his nutsack, meanwhile, Mooky was burying his face in her tits. It didn't take him long to cum at all (which made sense, considering I had been on the verge of cumming for almost an hour, and I wasn't doing anything). She bent over and shoved her tongue in his mouth and ground his load out of him, then climbed off to one side and his nut ran out of her swollen pussy. Mooky picked up his belongings and left, Pooch handed her a towel and sat next to her on the couch. She wiped herself off and said "Phew, that happened," then laughed a bit.

Pooch said, "How ya feeling, what d'ya think?"

"Well, I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was the best day of my life, you've certainly opened my eyes to a whole ton of shit." He put his arm around her and she laid her head on his chest. "First off, the Quaaludes are remarkable, secondly. I never knew you could have more than three orgasms in one sitting, certainly never knew anything like a dozen would be possible. I feel like anything less would be humdrum at this point, like getting my nails done," They both laughed. "I also had no idea that a big cock would be a completely different experience, I thought it was like big boobs and small boobs, take it or leave it, but it's a whole other level isn't it?"

He smiled and kissed her, she kissed him back. he pulled away and asked her if she was ready for round two with the "Man" of the house. she looked him in the eye and said "yes please." They embraced once again co-mingling their tongues, and he reached for her tit, and she grabbed his cock.

The security guy said, "That's it, folks, time to leave, Pooch needs some alone time with his lady." and we were shown the door.

Chapter 3

We all piled out the door, my car was parked in a different location than Mooky's so we went our separate ways. When I got home it was about 7:00 pm. I pretty much sat there for a while running it all through my head. All the pornos we watched and all the fantasies we had were just that, fantasies. This was a game changer, this could have major effects on our relationship if I didn't handle it just right. I mean she had crossed a line and seen how the sausage was made, and she liked it. There was no way she'd be satisfied getting 2 or 3 orgasms now that she knows what was possible. I had to find a way to make myself relevant or I'd lose her, like a crack addict. Around 9:20 pm she walked through the door, her hair was slightly damp, and I asked, "What happened?"

"Some kid knocked over his milk and while I was cleaning it up, he knocked his plate off the table spilling the food into my hair, I had to rinse my hair in the lady's room."

"Oh," I replied, while inside my head I was screaming at how easily she looked me in the face and lied right to me. I asked her how was work, and the new schedule, she said better than she thought, and that might be her permanent schedule in the future. she was already laying down the groundwork for a return engagement. I had to think of something fast, the clock was ticking.

Monday came around and I saw Mooky at work, and I told him of my dilemma, he apologized again and I told him that was the least of my problems. He said he went to Pooch's place yesterday and picked up his copy of the video, and Pooch through in a copy of the action from the week before, he handed me the video of Mary and said it's the least I could do, and you can borrow this one if you want to watch it. When I got home I had plenty of time before Mary would walk in the door so I popped the disc copy in the machine, fast forwarded to the point where they we sitting on the couch discussing all that had transpired, up to the point where she was kissing him and stroking his cock, she gradually went further down his chest till it was in reach of her face, she kissed it several times as she did before, then hugged it, then he fell back on the couch and she laid across his body, together they were reminiscent of a Greek statue of a giant warrior with his adoring mate succumbing to his will. She climbed further up his body and took him inside her once again. This time she fucked him, her sole intent was to return the favor by giving him as much pleasure as she could, he laid there and let her have her way with him till finally he grabbed her hips and started forcing her down on his cock with more and more intensity, then stiffened and roared as he filled his woman with his seed. She collapsed on his chest and lay there kissing his cheek and neck.

Suddenly I saw the 3 security dudes, buck ass naked, walk into the camera view, she saw them and said: "Oh, c'mon, how much can one girl take?!" A whole lot more. they all fucked her and made their deposits and then left. She and Pooch then just cuddled and lay in each other's arms, a few minutes later the screen went blank.

I had a serious problem on my hands, much worse than I thought. The next day at work I told Mooky what I saw, and also that I had a plan and to go along, if it all works out I'll be able to confront her and maybe save my marriage, while at the same time entering a new stage in our relationship, if I can establish that she can have her cake and eat it too, without her thinking I've lost respect for her, it could even work out well for all of us. He gave me a nod and said "Whatever you need."

That night when she came home I told her a guy I worked with gave me a video of this gang bang, a bunch of black guys, and a white wife that recently took place at this guy's house. I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye as I was loading the disc and reaching for the remote, she seemed like all the blood drained out of her face, I told her to sit on the couch and watch with me, then hit play. She was fidgety and her foot was on its toes and bouncing up and down, I said that she seemed anxious. As the video came on I knew she'd recognize the decor in the room, and that infamous large couch. She said "Honey." that's when she saw the woman, she sighed and sat back on the couch.

"What's wrong, do you recognize that woman?"

"No, of course not, just settling in to watch this, what looks like one of your fantasies that I'm always teasing you about to spice things up."

"I know, right? this will make those fantasies so much more plausible, and maybe even give us some ideas."

She sat there and watched all her orgy buddies go to town on this woman. I noticed how she paid extra attention to how Pooch treated her, she said they all acted like it was just sex, with no connection or passion. I told her my friend said that's how these things usually go, it's all about the sex, nothing else. But she knew different, Pooch treated her special by comparison from what she could see. that was the part I had to downplay. By the middle of the movie we had our hands all over each other, when it was done we went into the bedroom and fucked like bunnies. The next day I described the evening to Mooky, half the time he was laughing, and half the time he was squeezing my dick. That's when I told him of my plan, I wanted him to come over on Friday, she was gonna be off work at 6:00 pm, I told him to pick up 10 Ludes and gave him $40 to cover it.

Friday came along and I told Mary my friend from work (the one who gave me the video), was stopping by tonight, his name was Mooky. He's bringing me some weed and something special. She said then she better jump in the shower, cause her hair was dirty and she had the grime of the day on her and didn't want to wait till he left to do it. Around 8:00 pm there was a knock at the door, I opened it and invited him in. "Mooky. this is my wife Mary, honey, this is my friend Mooky. did you bring the Ludes?" She recognized him right off the bat and she was like a deer caught in headlights.

"What's wrong hon?"

She said, "Nothing, what's a Lude?"

Wow, just wow, the sheer amount of her deviousness amazed me, I might have accepted her explanation under different circumstances. We all sat down, me in my recliner, and she and Mooky took the couch. He whipped out the weed and the Ludes and placed them on the coffee table, I told him how much we enjoyed that video, and he said he had another one, I could put it on and we could watch it while we smoked a couple of doobies. Mary seemed nervous again, I knew he didn't have her video cause I had it, but I kept checking her out whenever I could, looking for her to try and communicate somehow with Mooky. Not like I had to tell him, he knew not to make it common knowledge what took place between them, but she didn't know that. Whenever I did catch them looking at each other they both looked like two people trying to keep a secret, but she was the only one who wasn't aware I knew what it was.

Trying to bolster her innocence she asked, "What are those Lude thingies, you mentioned?

I said, "You're gonna love these." and reached into the bag and took out enough so we could each do one and a half, I passed them around and everyone down them with whatever they were drinking, then Mooky lit the first joint, we sat back and hit play on the DVD player.

The video featured a little perky blonde with a short pixie hairdo, almost no tits, wearing a halter top and cutoff jeans covering a fantastic bottom half, and a big engagement ring joined by a wedding band, they approached the big couch and the scenario was very familiar. Mary kept looking over at Mooky who was watching the screen, now and then she look past him at me, then back to the movie. Mary said "This is good weed, my lips are getting numb. (Yeah, right, it's the weed, sure) Mooky told her that's the Ludes kicking in, and then he lit the second joint and passed it to her. Mary got up and brought me the joint, she was a little off balance so Mooky said, "I can pass it to him, you relax and enjoy that buzz. First time doing Ludes?"

"Yeah," she said, "They seem to relax your inhibitions a bit don't they?" (Hmmm, I wonder where I've heard that before?) Mary eased back into the couch and began to appear much more relaxed, she was wearing the loose-fitting shorts that she likes to wear around the house for comfort, topped off by a simple button-down blouse of which she had the end tied above her belly button, and a few buttons from the top on down undone, nothing racy, just casual.

As the movie played we all started to feel the effects, some adjustments continuously needed to be made, squirming, followed by more adjustments. I was already rock-hard and had barely paid any attention to the movie, but this would've been hard if we didn't have a movie.

Then out of nowhere Mooky put his hand high on Mary's thigh and said you have really pale skin just like her, Mary froze momentarily and darted her eyes in my direction, I stared straight at the TV. Mooky kept his hand on her leg and gently massaged it with soft squeezing, occasionally I'd hear a little cooing sound coming from that direction, I looked over and Mary had her eyes closed, Mooky looked at me and raised his eyebrows, cracked a smile as if to say "It's working."

At this point, I was no longer watching the movie, nobody was. Mooky started to explore further as I watched his hand intently. he was already high on her thigh, so he slid his fingers further to the inside, Mary opened her legs slightly, moved further inward, and then slid his finger into the leg of her shorts and found the soft flesh of her labia. He looked at me and mouthed the words "No panties." continuing on he looked back at me and indicated she was wet, Mary let out a low moan. I had to lean forward just a bit to see exactly what was happening, I could tell by the way his arm was moving that he was making circular motions on her clit, Mary gradually began to gyrate her mound against his handy work. She was working towards an orgasm, I was wondering if she knew I was aware, she thought she could sneak it all past me, or didn't give a shit. His hand began moving much faster as did her gyrations, so I'm pretty sure she didn't think this was all being done covertly, yet I still didn't know if she realized I was letting it continue, or didn't care one way or the other, the Ludes were doing their job on her inhibitions.

Then he took his left hand and slid it across her chest and right into the opening of her blouse, cupping her right tit and squeezing it, she moaned, started bucking, and then came without uttering a word. He leaned his face in and kissed her on the lips, she kissed him back and opened her mouth, he shoved his tongue in, and again she let out a soft quiet moan.

She was trying to pull this off thinking I was ******* He let go of her clit (still massaging her tit with his left hand) and pulled his baggy shorts down in the front enough to where he could pull out his semi-hard 10 incher, then took her left hand and placed it on his cock. I could hear her moans even though her mouth was full of his tongue. I got up and went over to her, past Mooky, and kneeled on the floor in front of her, pulled her shorts to the side, and slipped my tongue between her pussy lips, where I found a welcoming puddle of her cum, it tasted like creamy unsalted butter, she immediately responded and slid further down allowing her to indicate she wanted more pressure, which I was happy to give her. Meanwhile, she was vigorously stroking Mooky's cock with her thumb placed over the tip so she could feel his foreskin, which she flicked from side to side on every upstroke. Mooky untied the ends of her blouse, undid the three buttons keeping her tits from him, and spread her shirt open, ******** her tits completely, while she bucked against my face. He gradually raised himself till he was kneeling beside her, broke their kiss, and replaced his lips with the head of his cock, she sighed and took him into her mouth and began bobbing her head and swirling her tongue in sloppy slurps almost frantically. then she tensed up and came so much, I was able to get enough of her cum in my mouth that I found it necessary to swallow.

Once she calmed down a bit, I reached for the sides of her shorts and as I began to tug on them she lifted her butt off the couch, and down they came. I took a moment to sit back and take in the scene, I'd never seen anything like this so close up before, she was almost naked, her legs splayed wide open offering herself to anyone who wanted to fill her, and she was sucking a 10-inch uncut black cock like it was the most important thing she ever did. I tapped Mooky on the shoulder and motioned for us to change places, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, and as he did I turned her head towards mine and she sucked it into her mouth, Mooky got off the couch and knelt between her open legs, took his cock in hand and rubbed it up and down her slit, then entered her. I felt the vibrations of her long moan on my dick and she buried her nose in my pubes and stayed like that as he pushed in further. I shot my wad down her throat so hard my legs began to quiver, I stepped away and for the first time she opened her eyes and looked at Mooky, he was picking up the pace and she was meeting his thrusts, then he jammed himself in as far as he could and let loose a growl, she began lifting her butt up and down trying to grind him into her as far as she could, which to my surprise was all the way. Mooky's orgasm finally subsided and he let out a "WOO, that was fuck'n hot!"

Mary said, "You're telling me, those Ludes will make you do anything, then looked at me as if to see if I was letting her blame it on the Ludes.

I looked at her and said, "It's okay Babe," I then climbed off the couch and took Mooky's place. I had never entered my wife's pussy after it had been filled with another guy's cum. it was way better than any of my fantasies, it was warm, and slipperier than I ever felt before. I looked at Mary, she was motioning for Mooky to bring his cock to her so she could suck it while her husband fucked her. This was the single kinkiest thing I'd ever done, and I was instantly addicted. A few strokes later, I came so hard that the first two shots came out of me with such force they stung a bit, and my orgasm must've lasted at least 30 seconds, when I pulled out and Mooky took my place right away, Mary realized what was happening and said, "Yeah, here we go, we're rock and rollin' now!"

Multi-Oragasmic Mary.jpgWho was this woman, and what had she done with my wife? He dumped another load in her. then without even taking a break turned her over doggie style and reinserted his semi-hard cock into her, in a few strokes he was rigid again and I slid under Mary so she could suck me off while he fucked her. Eventually, we both came, Mary was dancing from orgasm to orgasm throughout the whole ordeal. I got up and went back to my recliner and lit a cigarette, they sat on the couch side by side. by the time I was putting out my cigarette, I looked away from the ashtray and they were on the couch with him on top of her, just entering her again for the fourth time, I doubt they were even aware of my presence anymore, they were locked and intertwined in their world. what a slut, totally driven by her carnal desires. and I loved her more than ever, I was determined to make this lifestyle the norm, as far as I was concerned, anything less would be like taking a cut in pay.
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