Black Shawn.jpgA few weeks before my husband John and my 10th anniversary we got a new employee where I work, Shawn. At the time I worked for a major restaurant chain and Shawn was our new cook. Shawn was tall with a super tight body, sharp features, very handsome and black as coal, with well-defined lips, and teeth that could blind you when he smiled and he was always smiling.

I'm no prude I'm quite fond of dirty jokes and double entendres, so most people think I'm a flirt, but I'm just having a good time. Shawn's personality is a lot like mine, so we constantly found ourselves laughing it up over all sorts of sexual jokes and situations, phrases like 'That's what she said' and 'Size doesn't matter' were always bandied about.

This went on all day, every day, for a couple of weeks, by then it felt like we knew each other forever and I was not only very comfortable around him, I found myself looking forward to going to work just knowing I would see him and we'd laugh and joke around about something fun. Little by little things would come up and we'd share our thoughts on the subject. That's how I found out he only likes sex with white women, in particular, married white women. He said he enjoyed how they responded to the difference between his size and their husbands, at this point my response was the standard 'It's not what ya got, it's how you use it.' he laughed and said, that's the typical response of a married white woman whose husband has a small dick.

My husband has an average size dick, about 6" give or take, and feels exactly like an Italian sausage in my hand, it's circumcized and gets the job done rather nicely but for the rest of the day, all I could think about was how much bigger would he be to warrant such a strong response.

The next couple of days things continued as usual, then one day we were talking and he rested his big hand on my shoulder and kept it there, when he removed it he brushed the side of my cheek with the back of his fingers and then took the towel he had across his shoulder and snapped it at my butt. My personality dictated that I had to get him back, so when the opportunity arose, I smacked him on his butt, not having a towel, and thinking nothing of it, I used my hand. He turned and looked at me wide-eyed which was so white against his blackness that they almost looked lit up, and then came that bright smile, which suddenly looked a little evil and mischievous. He leaned in my direction and said "I see the gloves are off, of course, you realize this means war!" in a slight Island accent. For the next few hours I was anticipating his payback, but we were busy and it never happened, as soon as I forgot about it I passed behind him and he reached out and cupped my butt, gave it two small squeezes, and a pat. I looked over my shoulder at him, gave a little smile, stuck my butt out, and wiggled it back and forth a couple of times, he laughed and went back to work.

This being spring I was wearing my uniform dress and a pair of 'barely there' as opposed to the pants I wear in the winter so I figured he got a pretty good feel, meaning my payback had to be more for me to feel like I was winning.

He was wearing a T-shirt, an apron, and some gray sweatpants. When my chance arrived, I got behind him, cupped his cheeks, and lifted them up as if measuring their heft. That's when I realized he was (as my husband would say), going commando. Again he glared at me, but this time with an inquisitive look as if to ask if I liked what I felt, I did, I liked it a lot. For the next few days this grab ass had become the new norm and our conversations became much racier. Finally one day he inquired as to how big my husband was, so I told him. Looking around I spotted a package of sausage and took one in my hand, and said "See?" Just about enough of the sausage stuck out of the top of my hand to represent the head of hubbies dick. He giggled, and then stifled it making me believe he was trying to spare my feelings. Not one for being outdone, I stepped up alongside him and whispered "That seemed like nervous laughter, you're not trying to make up for shortcomings, are you?" He reached across with his left hand, lifted the right corner of his apron, grabbed my left hand with his right, placed it at the base of his dick, and pressed it against him. I felt this huge spongy mass and instinctively squeezed, then moved my hand down and squeezed again, then moved it down again and squeezed, and finally felt the head, getting harder.

All day, and that night, all I could think about was the length and thickness of his dick, did I move my hand three times? Could a dick be as thick as four of those sausages?

I know you think most women are very confused, a man could make a gesture and all he'll get for his trouble is a slap on the face, but if the right man makes the same gesture, it can be her greatest turn-on. For me, when the right man takes my hand and puts it on his dick, or shoves his dick in my face, it's game on.

The next day I could feel him staring at me, looking to see if he'd gone too far and if we were gonna have problems. When it came time for lunch we were both in the breakroom sitting there eating and chatting when all of a sudden he blurted out, "Wanna see it?" At first, I stared at him blankly, then he opened his eyes wide and smiled, and it hit me what he meant. I didn't know how to respond, and while I was thinking of what to say, he took my lack of negative response as a green light and whipped it out. It was an imposing sight, by far the biggest dick I'd seen in my life, easily twice the length of my hub, and more than that in thickness, and it was blacker than he was (I didn't think that was possible), and the head was just peeking out of his foreskin.

I was like a deer caught in headlights, I couldn't stop staring at it, imagining how it felt, how much bigger it got when it was fully erect. I snapped out of my daze when he took my hand and put it on his shaft, it was warm and pulsating, it felt like velvet, and my fingers couldn't fit around it, it started to grow in my hand so I began to stroke it. My face was flushed and I could feel my heartbeat in my chest, I knew I was doing wrong but watching his head disappear and re-appear as I stroked his dick had me mesmerized (I had never held an uncircumcised dick before). Stroking him freely now, as if I had a specific task I was working toward, I looked up at him, he looked back, then he moved in and kissed me, first very softly, then running his tongue on my lips, inserting it into my mouth. I sighed and swooned a bit, this went on for a while till we were both panting heavily, I could feel the occasional throb, and when we broke our kiss I looked down and saw a glistening drop of precum sitting at the top of his head. I couldn't help myself, I lowered my head and took him into my mouth. His cum tasted slightly sweet and salty, I went wild and started bobbing my head on that beautiful cock (I finally realized the difference between a dick and a cock). I couldn't get much more than the head in my mouth so I kept stroking him while I swirled my tongue around it, I loved feeling his foreskin gathering up around my lips. Suddenly he got really hard, and with both my hands engulfing his cock I felt it begin to throb with consistency, then the telltale bitter taste of cum, came the spurts, I swallowed as fast as I could and what I couldn't I stored in my mouth till my throat was clear enough to swallow again. I continued sucking him as it started to withdraw back into its foreskin (I love that thing) like a Ninja Turtle, lunch was over. For the rest of the afternoon, we kept glancing at each other, that night I masturbated three times thinking about what had happened.

The next day after the lunch rush was over, he looked at me and said, "Are you ready for a break?"


"I bet you're not."

I thought to myself, oh yeah, I'll show you who's ready. I went to the ladies' room, removed my panties, and joined him in the break room. We ate fast and then were sitting there when I said, "Wanna see it?" then swung my right leg out and slouched in my chair, grabbing the hem of my skirt I started raising it slowly, he was transfixed on the curtain raising ceremony taking place between my legs, then suddenly it appeared in all it's shaven glory, my lips (which are sizable), were swollen and parted, and visibly wet. God damn, girl that's smooth as silk as he slid a finger into the puddle that awaited him. In a flash he was on his knees and had his tongue farther inside me than anyone before him, my mind was reeling in all the excitement, the anticipation, the naughtiness, the taboo of the black-white thing, the fact that I was cheating on my husband, everything was flashing through my mind when the flood gates broke and I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. With my head thrown back on the chair and catching my breath, I felt something slide on my wet clit, all the way up my stomach, and then rest on my belly button, I looked down and saw that beautiful cock, the head glistening moistly as he drew it back down my stomach till it was resting at the opening of my pussy, resting at the opening of my HUSBAND's pussy. I angled my butt up a little so it was sitting with the head sticking in me, waiting for him to do the inevitable. I had already cheated, and there wasn't any coming back from that, giving in to my lust was all that mattered at this point, I felt him begin to enter me, slowly at first, then gradually working more and more of that man meat into me. By the time he was in me equal to my hub's 6 inches, I was fuller than I had ever been, that's when I realized it was the thickness more than the length that I had been lacking in my life. He pressed further into me and I felt him hit my cervix, then slip right under it and continued deeper (I had no idea there was deeper, but he did). Once he established his maximum penetration level he began steady rhythmic stroking, at the end of each stroke I could feel him touching my belly button on the inside, I had never had sex like this before, I was 34 years old and it all felt new. He picked up his pace and I felt him beginning to stiffen up, his head swelled as he buried himself in me and the throbbing began, then came the cum, it was so hot I could feel it deep in me, and it kept on coming, and coming, I began to recall how much he came when I sucked him off, then I remembered I wasn't using any protection, I exploded.

This went on for two weeks, every chance we got we were at it, sometimes I'd drop below the counter and grab his sweat pants and pull them down, then swallow his cock for a few minutes just to drive him crazy. We screwed every way imaginable, everywhere imaginable, the break room, the walk-in, the lady's room, the parking lot in his van, and each time I let him cum inside me, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. By now he was my full-fledged lover, we had discussed dozens of topics, had tons of conversations, and shared many secrets, not the least of which was that around our fourth year of marriage we had swung, about a dozen different times over two years, that when we were doing that it became a hedonistic affair, nothing was taboo, absolutely nothing, we did it all at least once, more if we enjoyed it, it was all about the pleasure.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, I told Shawn that my tenth anniversary was coming up and I was beginning to feel guilty, I felt we had to stop. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to stop, what we have I've never had with anyone, and probably never will again, but I can't destroy my marriage over it. He said he understood, that a similar thing had happened to him when he was back east, but that I shouldn't worry, from what I told him, and his previous experience, he said he knew a way for me to have my cake and eat it too.

After a couple of days off from work I found myself missing him, when lunch rolled around we ate and talked. He asked me if, during our previous escapades, my husband ever stopped participating and sat back and watched. I said, "Yes, but only when the guy had a bigger dick than him."

"Uh Huh, Did your husband ever do anything with another man during these hedonistic romps?"

"Yes, how did you know? The first time my hub and I were doing 69 when the guy came up behind me and told my hub to guide his dick into my pussy. My hub took his dick in his hand and did as instructed, then slid out from underneath me to make room for him to take me. The next time my hub was eating me and my lover was laying alongside me while we kissed and he felt up my tits, he broke our kiss and laid his dick across my pussy, right in my hub's face, then told him to suck me hard so I can fuck your wife and make this pussy mine, I never saw my hub so excited, he sucked that guy like he wanted him to cum, then as my lover positioned himself, hub guided him into me. Later that night we lay in bed, and finally, I said, that happened, Yeah, that was wild, but pretty cool too. Although he'd never initiate it if my lover did I could see he would get more excited like he knew it was gonna be a special night."

Shawn was quiet, as if in contemplation, when I thought I might have put him off with the details of our exploits, he decided to speak, "I figured as much from what you told me before, I just needed a little more info to be sure, your husband's a cuckold waiting for the right bull to come along."

"Huh, what the fuck is a cuckold?!"

"Lunch is over, we'll talk more at lunch tomorrow." and that was it. I went home that night and tried to find out everything I could about this new-fangled thing that I never heard of. At first, I was amazed at the idea that there were men out there that would rather watch than be with a woman (all our encounters were with couples), but the more I read, the more I saw similarities between what they were describing, and some of my husband's actions, especially those encounters where he was involved in serving my lovers. Thinking back, once when we were in the mood and couldn't find another couple, I remember him suggesting we just go out to a club and pick up a guy for me, OMG, Shawn is right, he IS a budding cuckold, that's exactly what he is!!

The next day in the break room I told Shawn what I had discovered by reading up on cuckoldry, and that upon further reflection on previous escapades I can't believe I didn't see the signs, that I was now looking at it all in a different light, and that I thought he was completely on target. Shawn said from what I told him he figured that was the case, it was the same way with the couple back east. He said he'd come over on Friday night and that I should follow his lead, and if everything worked out I could have my cake and eat it too. That was Tuesday, that night I went home and screwed my husband's brains out, and we discussed how long it's been since we had one of our little adventures. My hub was all for it, but he pointed out we didn't know any couples we could call on on such short notice. I asked him, "What about that thing you brought up a little while ago, you know, where we go out and find another guy to spice things up?" That's when I saw the pup tent he was pitching under the blanket, "WOW, that idea really fired you up, we just had sex and you're hard as a rock!" then we fucked like bunnies.

For the rest of the week all we did was tease each other about our pending night out, what might happen, what would I do if, and stuff like that. We were keeping the whole thing alive in our heads. We planned on going out on Saturday, I knew better, cause Shawn was coming over on Friday.

It was around 7:00 pm and we were sitting on the futon watching TV, we've got this big 60" and a queen size futon that my hub and I share while watching TV, we also have a love seat to the left of the futon.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, I got up to open it, it was Shawn, in a dark blue tank top and khaki cargo shorts, with one of those black canvas shoulder bags men carry their stuff around in. He said he had gotten some killer weed and remembered I lived in the area so he figured he'd stop by and see what I thought, I introduced him to my hub as a co-worker. he sat on the loveseat and pulled out a joint, lit it, took a hit, and passed it to my hub who was closest to him, then my hub passed it to me. Each time he had to pass the joint back to us he had to get up, and when my hub passed it to him he had to get up again, a few rounds of this he sat at the end of the futon in between us.

He said the guy he got the weed from does video editing, and that he had him transfer an amateur porn video he made from VHS to DVD. My hub's eyes got wide and he suddenly was paying attention to every word that came out of Shawn's mouth (I should point out that we have an extensive collection of porn, about 300 titles on VHS, another 100 on DVD, and over 800 gigs on our PC), that's when my hub lit a joint, "Might as well do this right." he said. Shawn asked if we had a DVD player, if so we could pop it in, he wanted to see how it came out. Before he finished the sentence my hub grabbed the remote and switched from TV to DVD, Shawn popped it in and sat back down. When it came on, Shawn was blocking the screen sitting at the end of the futon, so he slid back, right between my hub and me. Here we go I thought to myself.

The video opened with Shawn and a nice-looking milf standing in a motel room, they stepped toward each other and embraced, the woman was wearing a summer dress like you'd see on any housewife, as they kissed and began to fondle each other the husband came into camera view behind his wife, he took hold of the straps of her dress and pulled them lowering the dress to the floor.

Shawn pulled his shirt off over his head and threw it on a chair as they continued to hug and kiss. Then the husband went over to Shawn and unbuckled his pants and lowered them for him, as he stepped out of them the husband placed them on the chair and got down on his knees took hold of his boxers, and slid them down ******** Shawn's massive uncut beauty, and tossed them toward the chair before moving in to suck Shawn's cock, while his wife and Shawn continued without missing a beat.

My hub was sitting there with the joint in his hand and his eyes transfixed on the screen. Shawn said, "You gonna pass that man?" Snapping him back, he passed the joint. We were all getting fidgety, and there was the occasional sigh and heavy breathing. I glanced down and saw about 4" of Shawn's cock sticking out of the leg of his shorts, my hub picked up on it too, and I knew what it looked like so I merely had to see it was there to get excited, but my hub had never seen it, his gaze lingered somewhat. This didn't go unnoticed by Shawn, he looked down and then looked back up, making sure it was clear he knew what my hub was looking at. For a while, we stared at the screen, but everyone kept taking turns glancing down, then out of the corner of my eye I saw Shawn take my husband's right hand and place it on his cock, my husband kept it there. Soon I felt Shawn's hand on my thigh, I too was wearing a summer dress, with nothing on underneath. Shawn's shorts were restricting how much of his cock was available to my hub, so in one swift move, he arched his back and slid them off. Seeing his cock in all its glory my hub sighed, Shawn's fingers found my sopping wet pussy and he began to swirl them around my clit, he put his arm behind my hub and pushed him downward, John took his cock in his mouth, and began sucking, Shawn looked at me, showed me that killer smile, and then drove his tongue down my throat. After a while of heavy petting, Shawn broke our kiss and looked down at John, and asked what he thought of his cock. My hub said it was very impressive.

"Would you like to see it in your wife?"

I stepped in and said, "Yes, yes he would!" They both chuckled at my take-charge demeanor.

"Why don't you take off your wife's dress?" John took off my dress and I laid flat on my back, "Spread her legs for me, John," Shawn moved up between my thighs which my hub was splaying open for him, "Now take my cock and line it up for me," and that's exactly what John did, rubbing the head in the juices of my opening. "If I fuck your wife I'm not pulling out till I cum in her, what do you want me to do, I need you to say it so there's no miscommunication?"

John was kneeling alongside me, his dick sticking straight out when I saw it throb several times in an upward motion, "Oh my gawd, please fuck my wife and cum in her." that's exactly what Shawn did, and continued to do several times a month for almost a year. Eventually, he was promoted to head cook at another location, too far to commute so he had to move, ending that particular situation, but it left us transformed into a full-fledged extreme cuckold relationship.

The End
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