Mary & Goldie 001.jpgMy husband had a friend and co-worker named Goldie (real name Aaron Gold), he was a good-looking guy, with a nice build, a lot like my hub, only he's black. I have to admit I had a bit of a thing for him, on more than one occasion he was the object of one of my fantasies. Eventually, my hub and I wound up fantasizing together about what it would be like to have a three-way with him, then we'd screw and forget about it. Then he'd come over, we'd party, get high, and I'd start thinking about him, he'd leave and I'd bring him up once we were in the bedroom. This went on for months, we discussed taking our fantasy and making it real, we talked over the ramifications since my hub and he work together.

Although we had played around a few times in the past, first with white guys, then a few blacks, it was always with strangers, and we always went to motels, eventually, I told my hub I was only interested in black guys. Goldie seemed like someone who would be cool, and I really wanted him after getting wet over him for months, so we decided we'd approach the subject the next time we saw him. As fate would have it we needed to get some weed for the weekend and we called him up, he told us to meet him at this local bar where he hung out. Going to some seedy bar certainly didn't require me to get dressed up, so I threw on a T-shirt and my favorite jean skirt that was frayed at the bottom because I had cut it into a mini, no need for a bra, and I hardly ever wear panties, so I was good to go in a heartbeat.

We got to the bar and went in, looked around and the place seemed pretty crowded, he actually found us and showed us to a booth towards the back where the pool tables and darts were, we sat there and had a few beers while we waited for him to finish his game. He actually wound up finishing that one and then playing another because he had won and was challenged. By the time he lost that game, I was on my fourth beer and feeling pretty relaxed when it occurred to me all this time that my hub hadn't brought the subject up yet. So feeling quite buzzed, and with barely any inhibition left, I blurted it out, "What would you say if I told you I want to suck your dick?" He smiled, showed no surprise, and suggested we go out to his truck, where he had our weed.

As we got up to leave, my hub took my hand and led us toward the door, when we reach the middle of the bar Goldie took my other hand and pulled me to him, wrapping his hands around my waist planted a big open mouth kiss on me, as he did this his hands slid down and then under my skirt, lifting it as he cupped my bare ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze, giving everyone there a show. Meanwhile, my hub stood there like an idiot still holding my hand as everyone looked at the spectacle taking place before them. I remember hearing a bunch of cheers and howls as we exited the bar, someone yelled "FUCK HER GOOD!!"

In the parking lot, we headed for Goldie's truck. Now if you're in Florida and you own a truck, chances are it's got big tires and sits way the hell up in the air, and that was the case with Goldie's. We decided I was gonna give him a BJ in his truck, so I got in on the passenger side and he got behind the wheel, my hub stood outside the driver's side to keep an eye on the parking lot just in case someone came by. He wanted to watch, but it was hard to see more than my head bobbing up and down because the truck was so high. Goldie had a really big dick and I was enjoying living out my fantasy, then he came and I kept sucking and swallowing. When I was done I sat back, he looked at me and asked if he could fuck me, I looked at my hub for his approval, hoping he'd say yes, but my hub told him I wasn't on the pill and that I didn't bring along my Semi-Cid, which is what I used instead of the pill. So he asked if he could eat me, I immediately took the opportunity to respond to that question and said "Yes." He had one of those old Dodge Power Wagons, it was huge, and there was more than enough room for him to kneel on the floor in front of me while I spread my legs and offered my husband's pussy to his mouth. I was *****, soaking wet, and horny as hell when his tongue hit my clit, he knew how to eat pussy almost as good as my hub, and in no time at all, I was cumming.

When things calmed down he came up to my face and slipped his tongue in my mouth, as we were kissing I felt the head of his dick at the opening of my pussy, my head was swirling and I gyrated up against it, and he did the same, his penis was sliding and grinding all over me using my cum and his combined as lube then suddenly the head of his dick was right where it needed to be, he broke the kiss, our eyes met, I looked over at my hub who was checking the parking lot, then back at Goldie, we both pushed toward each other at the same time, and he slid about halfway in, it felt so good, and bad, then he withdrew and pushed all the way in, I could already feel the first throws of another orgasm stirring deep inside me.

My hub was still ******* of what was taking place as he was watching some car in the lot that had put their headlights on and getting ready to pull out, then Goldie pushed himself in me to the hilt and I felt him throbbing inside me, then the flood of hot cum right against my cervix, my own orgasm hit me right about then causing me to rock up and down taking him as deep in me as I could, the head of his dick was flicking up and down on the opening of my cervix and it drove me wild. Everything subsided and I saw my hub look in our direction, Goldie, stopped kissing me and open the door and slid out, putting his dick back in his pants and zipping up as he walked around the front of the truck back to the driver's side. I followed him, Goldie thanked my hub, got in his truck, "Goodbye," We went to our car and left.

On the way home my hub asked me if it was everything I thought it would be. I said, "Yeah, and more, he has a really big dick, I would like to get him in a bed sometime." That was Saturday night, Monday he took the day off from work and showed up at my house around 9:00 am, hubby had already gone to work and I was "Porky Pig'n" it (big T-shirt and nothing underneath), he knocked on the door.

I opened it, he immediately gave me a big kiss, slid his hands up my thighs and grabbed my ass, then slid one hand around the front and started rubbing my clit. I spread my legs to give him easier access then he took my hand and put it on his dick, I started rubbing him and was pleased to find he was already hard, he pulled my shirt over my head and laid me on the couch, he dropped his pants and for the first time, I actually got to see his beautiful, big, black, and uncut, cock, my favorite. He wasted no time entering me and began stroking deep into my pussy, I was in heaven, he made me cum several times before unloading into me, then we went into the bedroom where we proceeded to spend almost the whole day fucking, he fucked me in every position we could think of.

When he left I was exhausted and more totally satisfied, than I had been in a long time. I was basking in the afterglow when I realized my hub would be home soon and jumped in the shower. That night was uneventful and so was the next but when my hub came home on Tuesday and we were having dinner, he brought up Goldie, he went on about how he didn't appreciate the way Goldie embarrassed him in the bar, showing everyone he was a cuck, and in the same instant coming off as some kind of a bull. He claimed he misjudged Goldie, that he felt he wasn't as loyal a friend as he thought, then he asked me what I thought. I told him I got the same impression, maybe we should cut ties with him. That's when he said that's nice to know, cause Goldie said he enjoyed fucking you yesterday, that he really wanted to feel everything you had to offer, so he spent hours fucking you in every position he could, and filling you up with his cum each time, all four times, but even though he loved it all, it wasn't as exciting as fucking you right in front of me in his truck without me having a clue, that he considered priceless. So we're agreed then, Goldie sucks and we're done with him?

Oddly enough my hub was feeling used at his job, his boss was taking advantage of his skills but not paying him for it, he'd use excuses that got him to do the work of a higher-paid worker without compensating him, and my hub wanted to quit. We had just bought a new car, and Goldie had asked my hub to sell him the engine from our old Córdoba for his truck. Goldie had described in brief detail everything we'd done, and my hub wanted to see it, so he told me to call him up and ask him to bring the money for the engine tomorrow, he could have it, and me too. He set up two cameras in the bedroom and one in the living room and told me to duplicate the event of Monday morning, complete with what I was wearing, so that's what I did. At first, when he arrived I looked at the camera, but he started in on me right away just like he did last time, I soon forgot all about them until we did it on the couch, then I suggested we go to the bedroom like last time, and he jumped at the chance, feeling I was his little white married slut on the side that he could have whenever he wanted her. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this guilt-free romp without even considering the cameras, till we changed positions, then it came back into my mind because I had to make sure I picked the right one. When he was done he gave me the money for the engine and said he'd be back that weekend to tow the car away, then kissed me and left. My hub told me not to take a shower till after he came home, which he did immediately after having been parked up the street, he came in while I was basking again and went right for my pussy, spread my legs, and dove in, ate me till I came, then fucked the shit out of me.

Saturday Goldie showed up for the car, they got it all hooked up, and then sat on the patio while they drank a beer my hub told him not to come around anymore, he showed him some stills from the video and pointed out that his wife and three kids wouldn't appreciate it. We never saw Goldie again, and my hub started his new job two weeks later at $2.00 more an hour.

The End
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