Back when I lived in Orlando, everything that was anything was on the "Trail", Orange Blossom Trail that is, Highway 441. You had Topless clubs like the Dollhouse, Pure Platinum, and the Mousetrap, which had girls scantily dressed outside the club beckoning customers in, plus the XXX Cinema, the Fairvilla XXX theater, and enough arcades that there was always an alternative place to go. In other words, an honest-to-goodness Strip.

One night we went into Henry's, the most established of them all. Inside, on the other side of a glory hole, I came across Big John. Big John had close to ten inches, which is a treat when you consider you lose something with the wall in the way. I still had more than enough. The enjoyment I derive from sucking a new cock, one bigger than hub's, plus it being black, can usually get me all worked up so I can go home and screw my hub's brains out. But tonight was different, all the time I was sucking Big John I was imagining what this cock would feel like inside me when it came in my mouth I could feel it pulsating strongly. I wanted to feel that inside me so I told John to make it happen.

While I made believe I was browsing movie titles, John approached him to feel him out. We only bring friends back to our house, so we needed a motel, unfortunately, Orange County had just issued a new law (get a load of this), in an attempt to stifle ************, they made it illegal for motels to rent you a room if you were a local. I couldn't believe they could get away with that. What about guys whose wives just threw them out, what about having your house remodeled? Whatever, that's not the crux of the story. The main takeaway is I wanted this guy inside me and we couldn't go to his house (probably married). Then we noticed the Private Dancer room wasn't locked. We hadn't seen any dancers walking around this night in their usual G-strings and pasties, so we all slipped in and locked the door.

We all immediately got naked. I had learned from the past to keep my camera in my purse (one of those Kodak 110 Insta- something or other), my hub grabbed it and sadly announced he only had eight pix left. Well, that was a shame, but it wasn't like I was going to kiss off feeling that big dick cum inside me just because we didn't have film, so we went with it. The first thing I did was hold his dick and rub it against my clit, no longer having a wall between us allowed me to appreciate his total length, usually, when I rub a dick on my clit I can't see it cause our bodies are too close, with Big John I had all the room I needed (and then some), to be able to look it over. Nothing can describe my joy and anticipation better than the smile on my face. I instantly dropped to my knees to get him ready. Once he was hard enough I laid on the chair, spread my legs, and offered my husband's pussy to him.

He promptly slid into the hilt bareback (the way I like it), and began to fuck me senseless. After a while he turned me over to do me doggie where he pumped me till he busted a nut in me. My hub asked him to drape his cock along the crack of my ass so he could get one last pic of it before he ran out of film. After that it was my hub's turn. He wasted no time taking Big John's place, not wanting any of his load to ooze out before he got to experience sliding into me and feeling his warm nut surround his dick. All the while hub was fucking me, Big John was fucking his face. I had no idea what was going on because I was face down in the chair when my hub started to cum I heard Big John groaning, and that's when I turned my head to see he was also cumming in my hub's mouth.

My hub knelt there grinding his dick into me while he cleaned and swallowed Big John's load, then we all stood up and began to get dressed. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, then quiet, then we heard a key in the door. It sprung open and standing there was a private dancer that I knew. She hollered, "Get the fuck outta here!" then stood in the doorway as we hustled out of the room still buttoning and zipping up our clothes. As we headed for the door she was screaming for the manager who by now everyone knew his name was George, meanwhile as we hurried through the shop toward the exit about fifteen or twenty guys cheered us.

We were banned from Henry's but the Mousetrap was just across the street and up the road a bit. There were many others to choose from and we were just getting started, we had no idea the lifelong adventures that awaited us. Little by little the powers that be began cracking down in an attempt to keep Orlando family-friendly. I told you about the motels. They also removed all the doors on the video booths, started taking down license plate numbers in the local park and we witnessed people being carted off in handcuffs. Around this time they busted Pee Wee Herman. We were pretty much done with Orlando and moved to Portland. Imagine my surprise when I checked out my first Portland gloryhole. Not only did they have nice modern booths, but instead of splintery holes made with a saw, there were holes with plastic escutcheons surrounding them, some elongated to account for height. That's when I decided to start making gloryhole videos, which soon after was copied by everybody with a camera or a website. We laughed our ass off when we saw it referenced in the TV show "The Shield". It had become mainstream and I started it all.
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