Having read a lot of stories online about cuckolding I thought it was time to share my own. I married my wife Mary when I was 36 and she was 23, she's a bit of an imp and likes to tease and flirt but then she laughs it off. When she goes out she rarely wears a bra or panties, she likes the way it feels knowing that others have no idea, after an evening of being out like this she's always wet and very frisky.

At home she usually wears one of my large T-shirts and nothing else, she calls it 'Porky Pig'n' it. I think it's sexier than lingerie, especially when one side hangs off one of her shoulders. Her favorite shirt is a big light blue shirt that says 'I'd rather be watching General Hospital'. It was mine and she commandeered it. She cut the sleeves off of it but cut them down the sides so it offers up some blatant views of the side boob.

She's 5' 3" and 123 lbs, has curves in all the right places, and has a pretty face with an impish smile, and her large B to small C 36" tits make her a very desirable package. I'm just your average 6 foot 180 LBS but I'm trim and have a well developed upper half. She likes to put her hands on my pecs and my shoulders taking in their size, and she also likes to back into me and wrap my arms around her. She says she's one of those girls that appreciate the feeling of safety being held in the arms of a big man. That's cool, I like my ego stroked as much as the next guy.

So that's us, but this story is about three people, not just two. Enter my friend Carlton, who goes by the name of Sonny. When he was little his grandmother called him 'Sonny Boy' and it stuck. Sonny is 6' 4" and 220lbs, good looking with a bright smile, and black as coal. We were buds since the 8th grade, then college, then he went into the military. I hadn't seen him in years but we stayed in touch, and my wife heard all the stories of our youth together to the point where she felt she knew him, just hadn't met him. When he called to tell me he was mustering out and coming home and was wondering if he could crash with us till he got a place my wife started jumping up and down in her T-shirt, happy that she was finally gonna get to meet this guy she heard so much about. Almost as soon as I hung up the phone she started teasing me about whether or not I'd get jealous if he stared at her when he saw her Porky Pig'n it in the living room. The more she teased me, the more I thought about it, picturing scenarios in my mind of under what circumstances would I find myself worrying about him and her, after all, I hadn't seen him in over ten years (about four years before I met and married Mary), and I didn't know what type of friend he'd grown into.

A week went by and he called again, he said he'd swing by Friday night. Mary jumped up and down and cried 'woo woo!' as she lifted her T-shirt.

"Yeah, no! That ain't happening."

"I was teasing." and she'd put on some shorts when he came over.

When I got home from work on Friday Mary was in one of her t-shirts. I jumped in the shower, came out, and put on some shorts and a shirt. I was coming out of the bedroom when I heard the doorbell and got to the living room to see Sonny standing in the doorway and Mary on her tiptoes greeting him with a kiss on the cheek. The T-shirt was still covering her ass since she was stretching only barely. Her hands were on his shoulders and she kept them there when she lowered herself back to being flat footed on the floor. She squeezed his shoulders and remarked how safe a girl would feel around him, then she noticed me and backed off saying "Look who's here!"

I said, "I see that." I gave her a glare that made it clear I was aware that she hadn't put her shorts on. She in turn gave me a look as if to say 'Well, he's early'.

'Oh, so it's his fault. I see'. (I didn't say that out loud), but my facial expression was screaming at the top of my lungs. We knew each other well enough to communicate without speaking sometimes.

Anyway, we all sat around shooting the shit and catching up. Mary didn't talk much, mostly she watched him as we rehashed some of our old escapades. Some of the things we had done were unbelievable, so it was nice to see him take the lead on many things and validate some of what I told her about us. Mostly wild things, like college parties when we got high and played strip poker, which led to wild orgies where we even shared the same girls a few times. He was tired so I showed him the spare room and we all retired.

I woke up the next day and my bed was noticeably void of Mary. I went into the kitchen and saw Sonny sitting at the table, going through the real estate section of the paper drinking coffee. Mary said breakfast is almost ready. I looked at her and was blown away by the fact that she was wearing her General Hospital shirt, of all the shirts to wear. She was standing at the stove, her arms mostly by her side if she watched the way she moved it wouldn't necessarily be a problem but Mary's a bit of a free spirit and she doesn't watch any of her movements. Sonny's face was mostly stuck in the ads so he only occasionally got glimpses of side boob, which one could often see anywhere. After breakfast, he grabbed his paper, asked to borrow my car, then left to check out some possible apartments.

I immediately took this opportunity to ask Mary what she was thinking about wearing that shirt. She said it was the next one in the drawer, besides, she wore nothing but a t-shirt all day yesterday and the world didn't come to an end. She said I was being paranoid, considering all the things we guys had done in the past her attire was barely worth mentioning, I got the feeling I should just let it go while I was still in her good graces, no point in giving her a reason to act out just to spite me, I know my wife.

Sonny came home and we had some lunch. I asked him what he wanted to do and he told me he missed getting high, he had to stop because he couldn't risk failing his drug test. Since I didn't drink I always had pot in the house so we all went into the living room and put on some music and fired one up. We have a big L-shaped couch that faces the entertainment center with the main section and the other part is perfect for laying down watching TV. To the left of all that is my movie theatre chair, sitting catty corner from the couch with cup and remote holders, and my end table where I keep my pot tray, papers, and all my paraphernalia.

Sonny sat next to me on the couch and Mary sat on the other end, with enough space between them for another person, so everything seemed cool so far. I had an end table but the couch didn't, so guests put their drinks on coasters on the coffee table in front of them. Looking past Sonny I noticed whenever Mary went for her drink she had to almost get up and lean over to reach it, forget about side boob, her shirt drooped downward every time she did it and you saw her whole tit. Sonny looking at her couldn't see that I was looking at him, but each time she sat back down he'd look at me but he made it seem like it was in the course of conversation. I was beginning to remember just how slick he was back in the day. We smoked up a storm like he was trying to make up for all that he missed.

Mary said, "Who wants another beer?"

Sonny said he did and I said me too. Now I know I said I don't drink, and I don't generally, but from time to time I like to chug half a cold one in one gulp and then the other half in another. It usually hits me all warm and nice in a few seconds and my lips get numb, after two beers I've got a good buzz on but it only lasts about 45 minutes then I'm straight again. Of course, it lasts a little longer when I'm mixing it with weed, but not much.

Mary came back with the beers and laid Sonny's right down in front of him, she was about two feet away from him and bent over completely to lay it on the table. He could've just reached out and cupped her left tit without even leaning forward, that's how close he was. I also couldn't help but notice he was locked onto her tit like he was expecting it to jump in the air and he was ready to catch it like some foul ball at an MLB game, something along the lines of a keepsake trophy. Mary reached across him to hand me my beer, which almost put that tit right in his face, then she sat back down and laid hers on the table after taking a swig. After a second or two she glanced in his direction as if to gauge his reaction. Her eyes met his, then they met mine, then she got red and turned her head forward. We just lit another joint when Mary poked Sonny's arm and said "So tell me more about those wild times you and my hubby used to have, and don't leave out any details."

As Sonny regaled her with the details of some of our more sordid doings she was constantly squirming around, always moving, flashing her tits with total abandon. When there was a lull in the conversation, a song came on and Mary announced how much she loved it and asked Sonny "Do you dance?"

Sonny looked at me as if he was looking for permission. What am I supposed to say to my good friend? Tell him he can't dance with my wife? So I just nodded and said be my guest.

They stood up and walked around the coffee table. She reached up and put her hands on his big round shoulders, he put his left hand behind her waist while leaving his right hanging down beside him, like he was trying to keep it as vanilla as he could. Mary, however, closed the gap, leaving no daylight between them. Her movements dictated that eventually, he had to use his right hand to stabilize them, which meant he was touching the skin on her side just under her boob, and that's the way they continued. The song ended and I asked for another beer. When she came back I suggested we put a movie on. Between the beer and the weed, I was pretty cross-eyed. We were almost done with the movie when I nodded off.

I woke up to the sound of the stereo again and them dancing. I stayed 'asleep' for the time being and watched them dancing through the slits in my eyelashes. His hands were on her waist again, only this time inside the open area of her shirt. As they moved around I could see his left hand was considerably lower than his right and probably on her ass, which was bare. Her hands were around his neck and he held her bottom half close to him. He pulled his head back and looked her in the eye and asked if I'd be okay with this. She said "You guys are buds, besides, he hardly ever drinks so he's out like a light. Relax."

I couldn't believe it. They went back to dancing and soon they looked at each other again and she stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him softly on the lips. He kissed her back, his right hand moved up and caressed her left tit while their lips continued to stay locked together, then she started gyrating against his crotch and opened her mouth so she could take in his tongue. I cleared my throat and shuffled around in my chair a bit, then opened my eyes. They had already separated and she said "Oh, you're finally awake, you missed the end of the movie!"

I said it was probably the beer and we should crash, so we shut off the stereo. Mary got him some blankets and pillows for the couch, we said goodnight and headed for our bedroom. I sleep nude, Mary sleeps just the way she was. We got into bed and I kissed her goodnight and turned over on my left side, she turned to her right and I felt her bare butt against mine like so many other nights. I was rerunning the evening's events in my head, which naturally took me back to imagining various scenarios where my friend and my wife would jointly decide to betray my trust. The more I thought about it the more my heart pounded, I could feel my pulse in my face. All of a sudden I felt a slight shift in the way my body lay on the bed like I had to make an effort to keep from rolling toward my wife. She leaned over me for what I can only assume was to see if I was sleeping. She went back to facing the other way when I heard her murmur "It's so big..." My ears felt like they were on fire, I had no idea what to expect or what was going on behind my back.

I noticed she raised her left leg, then some movement, then a moan, then the bed started to move causing my body to rock slightly. I turned over on my back and bent my right leg, letting it fall on her inner thigh and rest there. Everything was still except for the pounding in my chest, then I started to feel movement again and the undeniable feeling of the hair on his balls occasionally rubbing on my leg. The speed of their moving increased and included several jerks and moans, till I heard Sonny take a deep breath (in hindsight it must've been really hard to stay quiet as he unloaded his nut into my wife), same for her. A couple of squeaks came out that she couldn't control, and then it went still again and I could hear them both taking large gasps of air, trying to fill their lungs as quietly as possible. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him kiss her and then slip out of the bedroom. A few seconds later she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back she laid on her side facing me, threw her right arm and leg over me, put her head on my shoulder, and went to sleep. I laid there frozen hoping her hand wouldn't brush across my hard-as-steel and throbbing dick.

The next morning almost made me feel like the whole thing was a dream. Sonny had his face in the Sunday paper still looking at apartments and Mary was shuffling back and forth with laundry baskets and putting away clothes that had already been dried. She was wearing a different shirt, one that dipped below one shoulder. Still nothing on underneath but at least there was no side-boob action. I sat at the kitchen table watching the two of them while I drank my coffee. It was almost as if neither one of them were aware the other was even in the room. This was confusing me, was it all a dream?

As I tried to recollect everything that took place the night before, I realized I wasn't ***** or high when I saw her all bubbly and jumping around, hanging on every word he said. He was the center of attention. She had heard about him and was all excited to finally be meeting him. None of that jived with the way she was acting today. Was it remorse, guilt, or overcompensating to make me feel nothing was going on? Sonny said he had to go shopping for some street clothes since he didn't really have any to speak of and headed out to the mall with my car again. Mary poured herself some coffee and sat down at the table, not saying a word.

"Well, last night eh, do you think we oughta discuss it before Sonny gets back?" She stared at me like a deer caught in headlights, I stared back "Seriously!"

She started twirling her hair in her fingers just like she did the day I asked her about the dent in the underside of my car from when she drove over a concrete barrier in a parking lot. She sat there for a minute, then she said with her voice breaking up, "I thought you'd be okay with it, after all the stories I heard I thought you guys had some kind of bond. It didn't mean anything, I'm sorry."

"Bullshit," I said, "if that was the case there would've been no reason to be sneaky about it, so you didn't feel it would be alright otherwise you would've been open about it. Perhaps you were afraid I'd intervene and put a stop to your shenanigans. Like you always say it's better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?"

"Okay, I thought there was a chance you'd put a stop to it but it didn't mean anything, it was just sex. I love you."

I told her I'd rather she involved me in things like that in the future because if I had to share her I'd rather do that than lose my trust in her, after all, she's supposed to be my life partner. If I can't trust her in one area, how can I trust her in any? She was startled at first, but then she understood it was the loss of trust rather than her infidelity that disturbed me the most.

She lifted her head and said, "When you said future, were you saying you'd be okay with it as long as it was out in the open?"

"Well, I was awake and aware of your entire tryst last night and I'm just sitting here drinking my coffee, I'm not killing anyone am I?"

She jumped up and grabbed my face in her hands, kissed me, and said "I love you, I love you, I love you!", kissing me in between each declaration of love, then returned to her regular bouncy self and skipped over to the dryer to empty the next load.

When Sonny came back he walked in the door, holding his arms out with shopping bags in each. Mary said, "He knows." Sonny just stood there, frozen with his arms still sticking out, till she told him "It's okay though, he's cool with it."

He dropped his arms and sighed in relief. "Sorry man, a little too high, got carried away. You know how it is, didn't mean nothing, won't happen again."

Mary instantly interjects "It's okay, he just doesn't want us to be sneaky. I'm gonna go take a shower. Why don't one of you roll a few doobs?"

We sat on either end of the couch and I put myself to rolling. As soon as one was done I lit it and handed it to Sonny, I told him between the two of us we should be able to rock her world. He was totally at ease now and even looking forward to another one of our wild adventures, laughing and smoking up a storm. Just then Mary came into the room buck ass naked. She went right to the dryer and pulled out her General Hospital shirt and slipped it over her head, came over to the couch, and sat between us. I handed her the joint. We smoked a few of them and after one of her hits she got up and came back with a couple of beers for her and Sonny (I declined). She took a big swig of hers and then kissed me, once again declaring her love for me, then she asked me if she could kiss Sonny. Well, considering the conversation we had previously I certainly couldn't say no. Besides, all that stuff that went through my head the night before, and as hard as I got just thinking about it, I was more than ready to witness this with my own two eyes so I said "Sure."

She leaned towards him, propping herself up and sitting on her legs, and gave him a long long wet kiss. Meanwhile, her shirt rose and I could see most of her ass and all over her pussy, which was now shaved smooth as a baby's ass. Her lips were open like a butterfly's wings and in the center was a glistening wet spot, all she was lacking was a welcome sign. Their kissing grew more intense and she was writhing her butt and letting out little moans. Suddenly his hands came into view on either side of her ass. I pushed the coffee table out of the way and got on my knees, then gave her snatch a long lick from her clit to the end of her opening, gathering up all her juice on the tip of my tongue and then retracted it into my mouth, it was like sweet cream butter. Her breathing got heavy and she had to break the kiss, she was rubbing his big shoulders like they were about to make her cum instead of me eating her.

When she came she just dug her nails into his shoulders while she ground into my face. I wiped my chin and sat back on the couch. She slid to the floor between his legs and began tugging at the button on his cargo shorts, then the zipper, she reached up and grabbed his waistband and began to pull them down. He raised his butt to help her and off they came. Sonny's got a big dick, something over nine inches, really thick, and uncut, she had never actually seen an uncut cock and now she had one in her hands. She didn't even see this one last night, all she knew was it was bigger than anything she ever had before. Her hand couldn't wrap itself completely around it, so she kinda sandwiched it between both her hands and slowly stroked it up and down, fascinated by the way the foreskin covered the head on each upstroke, even when she let go of it his foreskin covered half the head with just the tip sticking out. She also never got to suck him last night, so it was no surprise as she lowered her face towards it and took him into her mouth, clamping her lips on his foreskin and tugging it with them. She was enthralled with it. She was licking the precum that would gather at the tip each time the foreskin covered it, till she decided he was hard enough.

She climbed up on his lap straddling him cowgirl style, reached behind her, and took his cock in her hand, rubbing it on her wet crack until she just lowered herself onto it with a long sigh and then a moan. She shoved her tongue down his throat as she gyrated on top of him till she worked his whole cock into her down to the hilt. Then she broke the kiss, pulled off her T-shirt, put her hands on the back of his head and pulled his face to her left breast, then fucked him like a wild woman till she came all over his cock He flipped her over and pounded her for just a couple of minutes till he unloaded into her. He stayed inside her kissing and grinding till he went soft, then gradually withdrew followed by a thick load of cum. He got up and said "Your turn."

I got between her legs and rubbed the head of my dick in her slit, saturating it with his cum, then slowly slid it into her. It was the greatest thing I ever felt, slipperier than any store-bought lube. I came in minutes, then we all sat around nude and smoked another joint. I said, "Wow, that was pretty wild."

She said "What do you mean WAS? I'm just getting started!"

Then she laid across the couch and took his cock in her hand and began to kiss it and lick it, and pretty much make love to it till it was hard enough to suck. She paused for a minute to request I eat her pussy again, then went back to sucking him without even considering I might say no. In her mind, she was running this show and she had just given a command. It was all frothy from me whipping up his cum so I wiped it and dove in, don't know whose cum I was tasting, his or mine, but either way, it had to be a combination of both. She came from my eating her and then threw herself back onto the couch, spread her legs wide, and told him to fuck her.

He was giving her a pounding and she was squirming all over the place, she began telling him to treat her pussy like it was his and that's what sent him over the top, again grinding deep into her as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into her unprotected womb. She pulled his face to hers and shoved her tongue down his throat and held him there with her hand on the back of his head till they both collapsed. I was hard as a rock again and turned her over to do her doggy style, I came almost immediately again.

After that I was pretty much petered out, she just laid on the floor with her head on his chest playing with his cock, back to enjoying his foreskin again. I was starting to mellow out and I could see so was Sonny, so I suggested we call it a night. She moved up and gave him a long kiss goodnight then we went upstairs together and left him on the couch. I was laying there with my eyes closed, reflecting on the course things had taken since Sonny's arrival when I felt her hovering over me to see if I was asleep. Once she was convinced I was, she slid out of the bed and down the stairs. I couldn't fucking believe it. I got out of bed and peeked around the corner and downstairs to the couch where I assumed they were. She was naked on top of him, sucking him hard, then she moved up and began fucking him again, kissing him passionately and telling him she wanted his cum deep inside her. Now that this was his pussy too he deserved to be able to treat it like it was. They came together and fell into each other arms and drifted off with him still in her. I quietly snuck back into bed and lay there for hours trying to figure out what all this meant to my marriage.

Somewhere along the line, I fell asleep and when I woke she was laying next to me. I got up and made coffee, she came down a little while later. She could tell almost right away something was wrong and she asked me about it, I said "Are you fucking kidding me, I thought we had an understanding."

She said "What? Do you mean about Sonny? We do!"

So I asked her why she found it necessary to sneak back downstairs last night for another screw. She said, "I thought you wanted me to be open about it, once you knew I figured it was okay."

I didn't believe that was the case but I realized I had left a loophole for her, so I decided to be a little more emphatic with the rules. I made it clear that this was supposed to be for fun, not an affair on the side, and that we should both be included in any future fun or it shouldn't be taking place.

"Ooooh," she said, "now I see, you want to be there every time to make sure it's just 'fun' and nothing more, you don't trust me."

"I did up until the night before last when I was under the impression we were on the same page, now I'm not sure about anything. Do you think you could clarify it for me? Cause I'm not feeling it if you get my drift."

She said "Okay, yes, I did want to be alone with him. It's like the beginning of a relationship and we have to be able to express ourselves freely, without worrying that you might misunderstand something and take offense, that's all."

So I'm hearing an excuse for everything I bring up, and only after I confront her about it. I'm not feeling very secure.

I told her "The misunderstanding ship sailed last night, and we're all gonna have to sit down and work out the kinks."

"Fine, we can do it tonight when you get home from work. I've already called in, we can do it when Sonny comes back from checking out apartments. Oh yeah, about that... we discussed it last night and I suggested we just buy a king-size bed and he can just move in. Would you like that? I told him I'd have to check with you, so this is me checking. Is that better?"

Either I married an idiot or she thinks I'm an idiot, or she's as slick as Sonny is. I haven't a fuckin clue at this point. Sonny came back and she jumped up and ran to the door, up on her tiptoes, and planted a big hello kiss on his lips, then took him by the hand and led him to the couch of shame. She told him we had to discuss everything. that I was feeling a bit insecure. What the fuck??? I never said I was insecure, merely exercising my husbandly rights. Besides, what the hell was she telling him? She was already divulging stuff that went on between us, stuff that was supposed to stay between us.

He said, "That's cool man, I get it. Besides, you know me, there's only one thing better than taking married white pussy, and that's taking it while her man watches me make her cum more than he ever did and watching him see her beg for me to own that pussy with my cum. Hey, we've been friends forever and I don't want to screw that up. It's all part of the game, you know that, after it's over then everything goes back to normal I'm not looking to be tied down by one single woman anyhow, especially if it costs me a friendship."

Mary looked at me like she was a racehorse at the starting gate. I said "Okay, fine." and she abruptly got up and went over and sat on his lap and began kissing him. I stood up and got a beer from the fridge (apparently I was about to become an alcoholic). When I came back he was already inside her and she was just grinding away. She motioned for me to come over. When I did she grabbed my neck and pulled me towards her, forcing her tongue into my mouth, then she sucked my tongue as far into her mouth as she could get it, and kept it there sucking it like it was a dick till both she and Sonny came together. She let my tongue go and rested her head on his chest.

After a while she climbed off him, dripping cum, and informed me it was my turn. She immediately mounted my already hard dick and started grinding away on me like she did to him, and sucked on his tongue as she did to me. All of this was new, she never did any of this stuff before, at the very least my pussy was now part of his. His whenever he wanted it.
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