I fell into the best job possible at only 20 years old. In the 3 months before I had both graduated from business school and got married. I was hired as a temp. to fill in for the owner of the companies personal assistant. She was taking a leave to deal with a health issue and sadly they were bad enough that she chose to retire. But during the time I was a temp. the owner and I became very comfortable with each other and I suggested and implemented several changes that improved the office. Even then I was shocked when I was offered her job. Of course I accepted.

Now as I said I was a 20 year old newlywed. I am 5'6" 125#, long blond hair, blue eyed, 34C. The owner Sandy is a beautiful statuesque African American. 35 years, 5'10" 150# and i would estimate 38 C breasts. Over the course of my job i had met her husband James many times. He is a very successful corporate lawyer and every bit as striking to look at as his wife. 42 years, 6'4" 250# of what appeared to be pure muscle. More distressing for me than his body was his voice. When he spoke it was with total confidence. He could be talking about the weather and I would hang on every word. I understood why he was such a good lawyer.

Well about a year and a half in my husband and I received an invitation to a Superbowl party at their house. Now I was excited to see their house since I had seen pics and it looked to be much more of a mansion. My husband Rob is a huge sports fan and so was more than happy to go. The dress was cozy casual so I wore a sun dress with a shelf bra and matching panties. We arrived and there were probably 30 people all chatting and moving about. Some I knew from work, others we were introduced to. Fairly quickly my husband found the TV room and settled in with about 10 other guys to watch the pregame shows. I was walking around looking at the house when Sandy asked if I was having fun. I told her I was and how nice their house was. She thanked me but said I really needed a tour but that she was in the middle of something. I said well maybe later, but Sandy said hang on. She looked around the room and caught James' eye. She waved him over and asked him to give me a tour. He said of course but what are you drinking, It's a long tour we'll need provisions. I laughed and he soon returned with fresh drinks for him and I.

Now he was not lying about a long tour the house was huge and as we went from room to room he would place his hand on my back. Nothing out of line but the dress was cut low enough in the back that he would touch bare skin. This combined with his voice and my drink was electric. Finally we ended up stairs at the master bedroom. He opened the doors and as we stepped in I was overwhelmed. It was the size of our whole house. I was so busy looking I did not even notice that he closed the doors behind us. He walked me around the room with his arm around my waist. When we got to a huge bay window I was admiring the view and he took my drink to refresh it. Yes there was a bar in their bedroom. He returned and handed me the glass over my shoulder. He placed his hands on my hips, leaned down close to my ear and said so how do you like the view. I kind of stammered it's very nice. My body was so trying to betray what I was trying to hide. I knew I should run out of there but I also didn't want to leave. I needed him to stop but hoped he wouldn't. Then he very gently kissed me on my neck. OMG it went strait to my pussy. My mind was racing. This man is my bosses husband, the same age as my father and my husband of less than 2 years was right downstairs.

He took my drink back and set it on a small table. He turned me around and kissed me. Without thinking I opened my mouth and let his tongue probe my mouth and my tongue went to his. I could feel my juices wetting my panties and I knew this had to stop. I broke off the kiss and said I can't Rob is right down stairs. Still wrapped in his arms he kissed me again and again I responded. He then said it is 10 minutes to kickoff, no one is looking for us. Again he kissed me and again I very much kissed him back. Then his right hand came around and cupped my breast. My mind was screaming stop him but I just held him tighter and kissed him deeper. His left hand was roaming from my waist to my shoulders up and down my back. I moved my right arm down under his and felt the powerful muscles in his back and shoulders. What am I doing this man is as old as my father, my husband and his wife are downstairs. Then he slid down the zipper of my dress. His hand found the bare skin of my back and all thoughts of resistance were gone. He slid the straps from my shoulders and it crumpled at my feet. My arms went back around his neck, I wanted him to have full access to my body and his hands roamed from my breasts to my ass and back. He then unclasped my bra and it fell to the floor. He picked me up without breaking our kiss and carried me to the bed.

Then his mouth searched my body and he found every nerve possible. He was sucking on my breasts and I felt his hand rub over my soaking wet panties. He reached for the waistband and I helped him get them off. I wanted him to touch me so bad. His fingers were softly touching my slit. Opening me up. Probing inside of me. He touched my clit and I came for the first time. He moved down and his magic tongue sent me over the top again. I had a crushing orgasm. Standing up he removed his clothes. He stared at me while he disrobed and I shamelessly rubbed my clit. I wanted him to take me, ravage me. Then his pants came off and all the breath left my body. I thought Rob was well hung at 8 inches and fairly thick, but what now hung before me was at least 10 inches and as thick as Robs wrist. I actually started to panic.

He got on the bed with us head to toe and rolled me on top of him. His tongue again found my pussy and I wrapped my hands around this huge black cock. My mind was struck by my white hands on his black shaft but then what struck me was my wedding ring. What was I doing, what have I become? Then his tongue again hit my clit and I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I could not get much into my mouth, he was just to big but I licked and stroked and sucked him. He rolled me off and onto my back. He got between my legs and started rubbing his cock head up and down my pussy. I I can't I said it's to big. He told me to just relax and look into his eyes. I stared into those brown eyes and totally surrendered. He slowly started pushing into me, talking to me with that wonderful voice. Slowly stretching my pussy to handle his size. Suddenly I realized he was not just pushing. He was slowly stroking in and out. I looked down and for the first time it dawned on me that a black man was fucking me.

I watched his cock slide in and out of me and the stretching no longer mattered. I wanted every inch of him. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and started bringing my hips up to match his strokes. I came very hard after which he put me on my knees and fucked me from behind. I loved it. I felt like he was just using my body for his pleasure, pounding into me and I wanted him to use me. But then he turned me back over and wrapped me up in his arms. He was fucking me hard when he said oh god I am so close. I pulled him as tight as I could and told him to give it to me. I wanted his cum and I wanted it deep inside of me. I could hear myself begging for it as he filled me.

We laid there kissing and calming down as he softened. When he finally got up he told me to use the bathroom to get myself ready to go back downstairs. He said to feel free to use anything I need and that he would use the guest bedroom bath and would see me downstairs.

A half hour later I came down and it was like nothing happened. People partying . I asked Rob if he was having fun. He said sure how about you. I said I sure was. Walking back into the kitchen I saw James and Sandy talking and I instantly panicked. Sandy waved me over and walked us into an alcove. I didn't know if I was getting fired or what. She just brushed my hair off my shoulder and said James really can show a girl a good time can't he. Before I could reply she kissed me on the lips and said I hope you wont mind me joining in next time. I could not even answer but she leaned in and kissed me again this time with tongue. Then she said enjoy the rest of the party and we'll talk Monday at work. I don't know where this is going, but I sure do want to find out.
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