I am an 18 year old newly married girl. I am a petite 5'3 100# 32B blonde blue eyed girl from the suburbs. I was never around any black people. My school was all white, my friends were all white, all of my parents friends were white. But my husbands brother in law is black. He is married to John's older sister. I had seen him at family get together s and of course at our wedding and had some pleasant conversations. He was actually quite charming.

Now my husband has a very good paying job which allowed us to get a house before we got married. The problem is it requires him to work 12 hours everyday. Now his brother in law James has a home improvement company. Our house was very nice but we knew it was in need of a roof, so naturally we hired James to replace it.

The first day they just set up equipment and placed the dumpster. On the second day they started tearing off and it was amazing watching them tear off the shingles and then use a wheelbarrow to get it to where the dumpster was next to the house. I would have fell off just walking, but they did it with ease. However right at the end of the day James knocked on the door. He was covered in dirt and had a small cut on his head. The wheelbarrow had spilled and the load came off the roof right above where James was working. He was very lucky it was not much worse. He just asked for a band-aid but he was covered in dirt. I told him to go in and take a shower and i would get him some of John's clothes and the band-aid.

I dug through John's clothes and the only things I could find that would fit were a pair of stretch pants and an over sized sweat shirt ( James is built like a football player) I then found the band-aid. I waited to hear the shower stop, then went to hand them into James. As I turned into the hallway I was shocked. James had left the door slightly open and he was drying himself. What I saw I had only seen in a couple porn videos John had rented. First he really did have the body of a football player, but his manhood was huge. My husband is 6.5" and nicely thick, but James was twice that and very thick. As he dried I also saw his balls were also much larger than John's. I was stopped dead staring when James suddenly looked strait at me. I totally panicked and just bolted into a guest room. After a couple minutes he called out asking if I had the clothes.

I went back into the hallway and he was standing at the sink with a towel around himself. I went in and he asked if I could put the band-aid on. Now I am 5'3" and he is 6'4". I said I'll need you to sit but he said hang on. He then grabbed me under my arms, lifted me up and stood me on the edge of the tub. He then slid his hands down my side and held me by my hips. It took me by surprise and I grabbed a hold of him. I was shocked by how soft his skin was but also how muscular he was. Smelling so nice fresh from the shower was also very nice.

I pulled myself back to the present and gathered my thoughts. I may have taken a little longer to put the band-aid on than was really needed but I got it done and I left so he could dress. When he came out he asked where his clothes were. I told him they were already in the washer and he could just pick them up tomorrow. He said that would be great then he bent over and gave me a hug. It definitely lasted a little longer than a thank you hug should have but i was not complaining.

He then left for the day. I on the other hand ran to the bedroom, ripped of my pants and rubbed myself to a huge cum picturing his huge black cock. When John got home I drug him into the bedroom and rode his cock till we both had cum. He asked what got into me I told him one of my friends had called and told me about her getting laid and it made me horny. He was happy with my story and I was still horny that night so he fucked me again. I of course was thinking of James during it but John thinks it was him that made me cum so hard.

The next two days were uneventful except James would come in and chat some while his crew worked. His charm was on full throttle but I stayed at arms length. Then the rain came. They were working on a section when a it started pouring and they quickly got tarps on. The forecast was for it to last for hours so James sent his crew home. He then came to the door and was soaking wet. He asked if he could dry off and of course I said yes. He went into the bathroom and undressed. He handed his clothes out the door to me, but as I walked away I heard the shower start. Odd but not a real problem.

I went back to cleaning the kitchen and soon heard him exit the bathroom. He walked into the room with just a towel around himself and my heart started pounding. I kept wiping the counter but then his hands landed on my hips. I froze but he put his head down by my hair and said MMMMM you smell great today. I said you just smell the Windex. He said no and put his nose by my neck took a big breath and said it's you.

I must admit since that first day I had been doing my make up every morning, putting on perfume and dressing a little sexier. But he then kissed the side of my neck and my hand went up and pulled his head into me tighter. I also felt myself reflexively lean back into him. As he kissed my neck one arm went around my waist. The other went up under my T shirt and cupped my breast. I had chosen a pair of running shorts and a T shirt with no bra or panties that day and now realized it left almost nothing between me and his hands. He moved his lips to my cheek and I turned my head and we started kissing. He turned me around, picked me up and sat me on the counter.

He was kissing me and his hands were roaming inside my shirt when i realized the neighbors could easily see us. I told him not here. With that he scooped me up and carried me into the master bedroom and there sat me on the edge of my marriage bed . My marriage of only 3 months. Yes he sat me down and kissed me, then he stood up strait and removed his towel. There was the cock I had been dreaming of 6 inches in front of my face. Thoughts of John and my marriage vanished and I reached out and started stroking him.

Oh my god it was so thick my fingers could not come even close to wrapping around it. I then leaned forward and took the head into my mouth. I looked up and looked into his eyes. I could not believe I was sucking a black mans cock. More than that I was loving the feel of his cock in my mouth. I could barely get any more than the head into my mouth but I was also stroking with both hands. One hand dropped and cupped his balls and I massaged them.

James was rubbing my breasts through my shirt but soon pulled it up over my head. He then lifted his cock up and guided my mouth to his balls. Oh I loved sucking on them with that beautiful cock rubbing my face. James then laid me back on the bed and slipped off my shorts. He knelt down and started kissing my thighs working his way to my aching pussy. It only took a moment of his tongue to send me into my first cum. He probed me with both his tongue and his fingers and made me cum again. I could not take it anymore, I cried out Oh god James, please fuck me.

He moved me to the middle of the bed. My marriage bed. My husband of only 3 months bed and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down my sopping wet pussy. I was raising my hips trying to get him to enter me. I said please James I want you so bad. But he kept stroking it up and down my slit and said are you sure baby girl. You know that little white pussy will never be the same. Please I said. It's going to belong to me and I will want it often. I didn't care I just wanted him and I told him so. He said ok baby girl but you will never go back after a true black cock fucks you. I just said please baby make me yours. With that he started pressing against my pussy.

OMG I started gulping air, I tried to pull away but he held me firm. Slowly and steadily he fed it in. I was panting and tearing at the bed spread. At half way he passed where any white man had ever been and still kept pressing. My hands were on his chest but he kept pushing into me. Finally he stopped and just held still. He let me relax and adjust to his size. He was kissing me and sucking my breasts and I relaxed. Then he looked dead into my eyes and said are you ready baby. Are you ready to be truly fucked? I said yes James make me yours.

He slowly started moving in and out. Slowly picking up his pace. every time I thought he was totally in he would fuck me harder. Finally after what seemed like an hour I could feel his balls slapping my ass and my pussy adjusted to him. My arms and legs were around him and I could hear myself quietly saying fuck me, fuck me over and over. That was when my first BBC orgasm hit. No man had ever made me cum that hard.

He then put me on my hands and knees and fucked me from behind. God he went in even deeper. I came again and he pushed me down onto the bed. He was pounding into me. I lost track if I was finishing or starting to cum, it all ran together. He then rolled me back over and buried his wonderful black cock back into me. He had me wrapped in his body and i was putty. Anything he wanted was his.

Then he said Oh god baby I'm gonna cum. I pulled him even tighter and I heard myself say cum in me baby, give it to me. And cum he did. I had never felt such volume or force but I wanted it all. He finally relaxed and we held each other and kissed till he was soft. He went in and showered again, got his clothes on. I was still lying on the bed feeling his cum run out onto John and I's bed, wondering if my pussy would ever again feel normal.

James came in ran his hand over my body then softly kissed me. He said I'll see you tomorrow and left. After a while I got up and took a shower. Then stripped, washed and remade the bed. I had everything back to normal by the time John got home. Thank god he didn't want to fuck that night.

So now my life is back to normal. John and I have sex once or twice a week and I fake an orgasm but his little cock just can't get it done. The difference is that James now comes by 2 or 3 times a week and fucks me the way I have come to need. He was right my little white pussy will never be the same.
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