Oh my god!!! This is not John, it's Carl. What is going on and where is John? My first thoughts this morning had been that my husband John wanted to make love to me and I was so thankful that he did. Things had gone way to far last night and the thought that he still wanted me filled me with joy. I was awakened by the sensation of someone softly spreading my legs. I was happy that I had been sleeping on my stomach, I don't think I could have looked him in the eye. I opened my legs for him and he very gently ran his fingers in and around my slit. It only took a few moments for my juices to flow. I so wanted him to reclaim me, to make me his again. He then ran the head of of his cock on my pussy and I let out a moan, I needed him badly. Then he entered me and I was so happy but in that same moment he laid down on me and wrapped me up in his arms. I knew in an instant it was not my husband, It was Carl, one of the men from the night before. I knew it was him because of how he instantly had total dominance. I had never even dreamed sex could be like that. But why is he here this morning and where in the hell is John? Carl has one hand under me cupping my breast and his other hand on top of my head. He is kissing my neck and I am totally under his control. I am desperately trying to catch my breath and get things strait in my mind. But most of all where is John?

24 hours earlier I had awakened in a totally different world. My husband John and I were very happily married and had been for 3 years. I was excited because we were gong into the city tonight for a one night mini get away. One of those dates where you can just let go because you are just far enough away. Room already booked in a very nice hotel and I planned to give John a great night. I had no idea what a night it would be.

We are a very normal young couple. No kids yet but someday. I find John very attractive at 6 ft. 180# and his 6.5 inches are very satisfying. I on the other hand am very petite. I am only 5'1" and 100# soaking wet. John gets teased by all his friends that I am really a child, but it is all in fun. Our sex life was very good with lots of bedroom fantasy talk. I never thought how that could affect our future.

I had packed a small bag with bed clothes and an outfit for tomorrow, but I was dressed in my clothes for the evening when we left. I was wearing my little black dress. Under it I had a black lace bra with matching G string. On my legs were black garter-less nylons and a pair of black open toe 4" heels. I started having fun on the drive in by sliding my dress up enough to show my bare thigh but not letting him touch me. I teased him that I expected to be well wined and dined if he wanted to play with me. Really got him going in the room by raising my skirt enough for him to see my panties but still denying him even a touch.

We finally went down for dinner and it was wonderful. We spent far more than we normally would but that's the fun of a get away. After dinner we went into the lounge which had a band and a small dance floor. We found an empty table and by picking it we changed our lives.

We were on our second round when the 3 men at the table next to us somehow got my husband involved in a discussion. It seemed like one minute it was just me and John and a moment later the tables were together and we were a 5 some. However they seemed like nice enough guys and everyone was laughing and having fun.

We had been chatting for a half hour or so when one of the men said he loved this song and asked John if he could dance with me. He said you need to ask Sue. He extended his hand so out we went to dance. It was a Motown dance song so there was no touching but his eyes gave away that he was enjoying watching me dance. The door had been opened so over the rest of the night I danced with each of them several times.Now they had not done or said anything that would make you think they had plans. The only one who did was John when he whispered in my ear that "maybe I could have my several men at once fantasy" I told him don't even joke, but my stomach did a flip.

We had not checked the hours for the lounge and were shocked when just before midnight they called last round. That's when Carl said that he was going to get a bottle and some mix from the bar and we could come to their room if we wanted. What came next shocked me when John said "We have a suite, come to ours"

Now I had noticed that Carl was the definite leader of their group. He directed the conversations. He had some requests of both Gary and Bill (his friends) during the evening that did not seem out of place at the time, but now had me seeing how dominate he was. He had even got John to go along with how he wanted things. I wasn't sure what it was. He didn't talk louder or seem pushy but he always got his way. I found myself being very drawn to him and knew we may be making a huge mistake.

Being in our room didn't help my resolve. It was opulent with a great view of the city. John made us all drinks and turned on some soft music. I was standing by the windows with Carl enjoying the view and feeling good just swaying to the music. My mind wandered and I found myself thinking how it would be to let these men have me, but I knew if was a safe dream. John would never let it happen. When I came back to reality I realized I was standing alone.

All four men were across the room watching me. Carl spoke first and said "please don't stop, you are lovely when you dance" I felt myself blushing, but he came over and waltzed me to the center of the room. He danced with me for a moment and then Bill cut in. A few moments later Gary had me in his arms. My head was spinning but then John had me and I relaxed. I told him things were going very fast but he kissed me and said "just tell me if you want to stop" I could not believe my ears and said "do you know what you are saying" He just kissed me and passed me back to Carl.

I could tell that Carl knew he was now in charge. He was holding me much closer and then reached up and softly caressed my cheek. It was such a small thing but so personal. Then Gary was holding me and then Bill again. I found myself wanting to somehow rush them. I didn't know why but I wanted Carl holding me. But first it was John again and I told him I couldn't be trusted to stop this. I told him "John I'm not kidding, I have never been this turned on" All he said was "Baby so am I" and he passed me back to Carl.

What had been dancing was now just swaying and he leaned down and kissed me so passionately it took my breath away. My arms were around his neck and his hands started to roam around my body. I loved it but kept thinking John would stop him soon. But then all thoughts of John or Gary or Bill were gone. I held him tight and the room faded away. Then I felt him slide the zipper of my dress down. If things were going to stop it had to be now, but when he reached up to my arms I lowered them and he slipped my dress off my shoulders.

I felt it fall to the floor and I heard a least one hushed comment from the other men. He then scooped me up and carried me to the bed. My eyes were tight shut, I could feel their eyes on me but I wasn't ready to see them.

Carl was kissing me and running his hands over me and I suddenly realized I had started undressing him. I got his shirt off and unbuckled his pants. He then quickly rolled on his back and slipped them and his underwear off. What happened then shocked me, all he did was lightly push on my back and I leaned down and took him in my mouth. He was about the same size as John so I was very comfortable sucking on him. He pulled me around into a 69 and after slipping my G string aside started giving me me some truly great head. Within a couple minutes I had my first orgasm. He then flipped me onto my back and removed my G string. He gave me another lick then moved up and slowly pushed his cock in. He was slowly stroking in and out of me and I was staring into his eyes when he asked "are you ready for more" Before I could answer he said " Gary you are needed"

I turned my head to see Gary walking over with a very hard dick. He leaned down and kissed me then stood and brought his cock to my mouth. After a while Carl pulled out and Gary took his place. Carl then had me suck him for a moment when I saw he had waved Bill over. I turned my head and took a 3rd man's cock in my mouth. The rotation continued with Bill now fucking me and Gary in my mouth. They then both moved away and Carl said "now I am going to fuck you how a woman heeds to be fucked

It was unbelievable how things changed. No more gentle love making, now I was his toy. I had never felt anything like it. He devoured me, he totally bent twisted and pulled me any way he desired. I was helpless, anyway he wanted me I was his. He gave me several orgasms before cumming deep inside me. He then got off the bed and told Gary and Bill " she's yours now"

They came over and put me on my hands and knees. Gary in my pussy, Bill in my mouth. They took turns switching back and forth and while they were no where close to Carl's skills they did make me cum. Bill ended up cumming in my mouth and Gary added his to Carl's in my pussy.

I heard Carl ask John "are you going to let us have all the fun" He came over and laid down next to me, I wrapped my arms around him and he moved on to me. I wish I could say he held his own, but it was over in a few strokes. He then got up and went in to shower.

I thought we were done but Carl was there again. As soon as he wrapped me in his arms all thoughts of being done were gone. I wanted him. Wanted to feel his absolute confidence. Wanted him to totally make me into something for his total pleasure. He fucked me so good and as He was cumming in me for the 2nd time that night I opened my eyes and John was standing and watching. I don't understand why but that triggered my last cum and I stared into John's eyes as it took control of me.

This time Carl held me and kissed me for awhile, then he whispered "you better go in and shower for bed.

When I came out John and Carl were having a drink. I did not even talk to them, I just got in bed. My mind was racing but I still fell asleep in an instant.

That brings us to this morning. Awakened by who I thought was my husband. Why was Carl here? Where is John? But oh so quickly last nights feelings return. Carl's dominance was no dream, quickly I find that I am giving myself to him. He is overwhelming in how he fucks. No time to think, no time to catch my breath. He has me on my knees near the foot of the bed when I hear the key latch click. I suddenly realize he has been putting me in positions for just this moment. The first thing John will see is him fucking his wife. He will know that I gave myself to him again and he will see the pleasure in my face.

I started to lower my head but he grabbed my hair and pulled it up. John froze in the door. Carl said " close the door John, unless you want someone to see" Then he told him to have a seat. Now once again he pushed me down on the bed and wrapped me up. God help me his pleasure was all that mattered. I am feeding off of his power over me. I heard him say "can you see good John" Yes came John's answer. Then to me he said "you like me fucking you , don't you Sue" I blurt out yes. He said "I'm going to fuck you many times aren't I" I hear myself loudly say "YES" He then said "tell John to take the pen and paper next to him and give me your phone number and Email" I almost yell "Oh god John please give it to him" and came hard. Then Carl had me on him reverse cowgirl. I am riding him hard and staring right into John's eyes. I can feel him cumming in me and I can see in John's face that he knows he is cumming in me.

After catching our breath Carl got off the bed, but then took my hand. He led me into the bath and started the shower. I didn't even consider not getting in with him.

We soaped each other up and during the washing he rubbed me to another cum. Then after we rinsed he pushed me to my knees and I gladly sucked him again. To my surprise he got rock hard . He stood me up and turned me around. Then for the 2nd time in an hour he fucked me to a brutal orgasm. Turning me around he again pushed me down. He placed his cock in my mouth and grabbed both sides of my head. He fucked my mouth hard and I heard him loudly saying " suck my cock" Then he grunted very loud as he came. I knew that was for John's benefit.

He handed me the soap for me to wash him one last time. Then after drying I realized we had no clothes in there. One last show for John as we came out and dressed in front of him.

Carl then shook John's hand and thanked him for a great night. Turning to me he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply and said he would call me soon. He then turned and walked out the door.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and John just started packing our bags. We had a lot to talk about on the ride home. The biggest being that I very much want Carl to call.
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