This happened a little over 2 years after my husband and I married. I had no plans to ever stray in my marriage, but my hubby loved fantasy talk in bed and it got to always be me with other men. His favorite came to be me with his best friend Rob. Now Rob and Jeff (my hubby) could be brothers. Both about 6ft, 190# ,Brown hair and blue eyes. Their sense of humor and temperaments are also much the same, so naturally I find Rob very attractive. When Jeff would talk about Rob fucking me or pretend to be him while fucking me I always got super wet and had huge orgasms.

Well this brings us to the night it switched from fantasy to reality. It was a Saturday afternoon and Rob was over just hanging out At about 7 Jeff suggested we should go up to the local bar for burgers and beers. As I was getting ready Jeff walked into the bedroom and surprised me when he asked why I never wear skirts anymore. I said I do for work and he replied that he meant cute sexy ones that showed off my legs like I wore when we dated. I rolled my eyes but said I would see what I could do. I settled on a little black dress I have that sits about mid thigh. With a set of 4 inch heels my legs were looking good. When I stepped into the living room their faces told me they approved of my choice.

When we got to the bar we grabbed a booth but to my surprise Rob slid into the booth next to me and Jeff was across from us. I gave him a look but he and Rob just started talking like this was perfectly normal. We got our first round and ordered our food and other than the seating all was normal so I put it out of my head. Food arrived and a 2nd round and after eating a 3rd round. This is when things started changing.

After the drinks were dropped off I suddenly feel Robs hand on my leg. I am sure Jeff saw me react and once again I am giving him a "are you seeing this" look but they just keep talking. As the 4th round arrives Rob's hand is starting to move my skirt up. I now have my hand on his but he is not retreating. Thankfully he then made a trip to the restroom. I glared at Jeff and said "are you blind" He asked what I was talking about and I said "you know damn well Rob is trying to get up my skirt" His response was that he was just having some fun and I should let him have a little feel. I was shocked but Rob got back right then and his hand went right back onto my leg.

I was again holding him off but I looked at Jeff and he just acted like everything was fine. I said I had to got to the restroom just to get my head wrapped around what was happening. Obviously they had a plan so I decided to test just how far Jeff wanted this to go. When I got back to the table Rob got out but I said I needed to ask Jeff something first. I leaned into the booth and whispered into his ear "still want to play this game?" and I put my panties into his hand. He looked at the panties and then at me. I saw a flush come into his face and he quietly said "yes"

I then slid into the booth but my hands stayed on top of the table. Rob placed his hand back on my leg. My response was to stare into Jeff's eyes and spread my legs. Rob got the hint but he played it cool. He spent at least 5 minutes working his way up my inner thigh and it had the desired effect. I was soaking wet when his fingers touched me and I knew Jeff could see it in my face. It only took a few moments of him massaging my clit to make me cum. When I calmed down I said "I am not sure what you two have in mind but I think we should not do it here"

Quickly the bill was paid and we were in the truck heading home. Being in the center of the bench seat I soon found Rob's hand on my right leg and Jeff's on my left. Within a mile they were taking turns rubbing my pussy. This time I came on Jeff's fingers. Once into the house I looked at Jeff and asked "are you sure you want this to happen?" He nodded his head yes so I lead them to the bedroom.

I put my arms around Jeff's neck and gave him a passionate kiss. He said "I love you so much" and I told him I loved him, then he turned me around to face Rob. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we started kissing. I felt Jeff unzip my dress . I lowered my arms and it was slid off my body followed by my bra. I was now naked in my husband's best friends arms.

Jeff undressed behind me as I helped Rob out of his clothes. I was tempted to kneel down and suck his cock right then but decided to go with their lead. I soon found myself laying in the middle of our bed with them each sucking a breast and their fingers both exploring my pussy. Jeff moved down and started licking me while Rob kissed me. It only took a slight tug from me for him to move up and I took him in my mouth. After a few minutes I looked down only to see my husband not just licking my pussy but intently watching me suck his friends cock.

Rob then said he had to taste me and they switched positions. He sent his tongue deep into me and then worked up to my clit. He added 2 fingers expertly massaging my G spot. I was in heaven when I surprised myself by blurting out "Oh God Jeff I want him to fuck me" Rob got up between my legs and started rubbing his cock up and down my slit. I could feel Jeff's hand on my breast but I was focused on Rob.

I spread my legs and brought them up and said "please fuck me Rob. I need you now" He pushed his cock into me and started fucking me. Slowly at first but then harder and harder. I realized that I had no idea where Jeff was. Then I heard his voice from off to the side, just like when we fantasized. Is he fucking you good baby? Is he fucking you good? Just then I came and I said "oh God honey his cock feels so good.

Rob had more stamina than Jeff and he made me cum again. But then his breathing changed and he said he was close to cumming. I wanted it so bad. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and pulled him deep into me. As I felt him starting to cum I just kept begging "give it to me" As soon as Rob got off Jeff took his place. He fucked me like a madman. He didn't last long but he did make me cum before he added his load to Rob's.

As Jeff rolled off I looked to see Rob getting dressed. "Where are you going " I asked. He said he was going home. "Hey you two boys dreamed up this little party, but I'll tell you when it's over. Now get back into bed" When he got in I got between his legs and sucked him hard again. I then moved and started sucking Jeff's cock, but I stayed up on my knees. Rob took the hint and started fucking me doggie. I managed to get Jeff to cum in my mouth just before Rob added another load deep inside me. After that we all took a shower together. The boys soapy hands got me off once more but their cocks were in need of some rest.

About 5am I awoke to Rob lightly running his hands over me. We kissed and played with each other like high school kids. Then he slid his cock into me, but he didn't fuck me like earlier. He was gentle and loving and I stared into his eyes as once again he filled me. He quietly said that he really did need to leave. I watched him dress and then got out of bed and saw him to the door. I kissed him goodbye stark naked in the doorway. I have played with both Rob and many others since then, but none have matched that first time.
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