My name is John and my lovely wife's name is Sue. We will have been married 4 years this coming June. I am 28 with a good paying job and Sue is 24 and a receptionist in a dentist office. As I said she is lovely. 5'7" 130# 36D Long blond hair and blue eyes. We had a very normal marriage including a robust sex life. One thing we both enjoyed was fantasy talk. She would talk to me about other women and I naturally talked about her with other men. Of course one of my fantasies was her and a black guy. It was always fun, I never thought it would turn my world up side down.

However a little over a year ago we were at a friends house party and we met Tyrus. We had all talked for a little while and I didn't think much of it. Sue then went off to socialize with the girls, I was hanging with a few buddies on the patio. When I came in to get a beer I see Sue and Tyrus sitting on the couch talking. Other people in the room so no big deal. She came outside a while later to check on me then went back in. Another beer run and she and Tyrus are talking to 3 other people in the kitchen. We made eye contact and she smiled like she was having a nice time so I went outside. We finished the night all in the living room but Tyrus had left already so I thought nothing of it.

That night in bed I had just started fucking her and she said "I have to tell you something."


"Don't be mad..."

I stopped fucking and she said "Don't stop, it feels so good!"

So I start stroking and she says "Do you remember Tyrus at the party?"

"Yes what about him?"

"Well he kissed me." My stomach jumped but my dick got even harder.

"How did that happen?" I asked.

"We had been talking a lot, but I went to the bathroom. When I came out he was in the hallway. He pulled me into a bedroom, closed the door and pinned me against it. The next thing I know he's kissing me."

I am upset but my cock is rock hard. "So what did you do?"

"Don't be mad, but I kissed him back."

My emotions are all over the map I am shocked, I am excited, I should be mad but I am actually turned on. "Is that all?"

"Don't be mad."

"God you didn't sleep with him?"

"No, but he did feel me up"

"What? What do you mean?"

"I didn't mean for him to. It was just so exciting! He was under my bra and he rubbed my pussy through my shorts."

"You just let him?"

"It happened so fast and was so exciting. He was a great kisser"

"So that was all?"

"He put my hand on his cock"


"Only for a few minutes, then I stopped it."

"A few minutes?"

"I'm sorry honey!"

"So what was it like?" I asked.

"It was big. I'm sorry honey."

But that was the end of talking. I was so turned on I fucked her harder than I had ever fucked in my life.

Now the next day I was pretty pissed but I could not stop thinking of it. Always resulting in a raging hard on. Our sex life was on hyperdrive for the next week. Me asking questions. She telling me things and me pounding her pussy. Soon I was asking her how good that black cock would feel in her and she would get crazy wet and cum hard. I thought I had a secret sex trick and I was loving it. Then the night came that I started fucking her and she says "Baby is this just fantasy."

I slowed and she says "Ty has been texting me and today we talked on the phone."

Away go my emotions again, but my cock is raging. "What are you talking about?"

"He just wants the three of us to meet and talk. Just have a few drinks and talk." She started bucking and rotating her hips "Come on baby it's just to talk!"

I couldn't stop myself I said "OK baby." and then came hard.

They arranged it for 8pm Friday night at a bar a half mile from our house. Sue looked like a goddess she had done her hair and make up to a T. Her nails had bright red polish and she was in heels and a little black dress that showed her figure perfectly. We got there early and I picked a table for us to sit at. Ty arrived right at 8. He walks to the table and immediately says "Lets move to a booth. It will give us more privacy." Without waiting for an answer he helps Sue with her chair and picks up her drink. As he takes her to a booth I hear him say "Thank you for dressing how I asked you to."

He guided her into the booth and then slid in beside her. We made small talk until the waitress brought his drink. Then he looked at me and asked "Has Sue told you why we need to talk?" As he said this I saw his hand drop below the table. I could see in Sue's face that he was rubbing her leg.

I kind of stammered "Well.. ah, yes. A little, I guess."

"Well let me explain so we are all clear. Sue told me your fantasy about her and a well endowed black man."

My head was spinning and I watched his arm move knowing he was moving up her leg.

"Uh huh..." I managed to blurt out.

"Do you understand what a bull is John? I have a very large cock and I have plenty of stamina, but when we are together, I am in charge."

By now I can see in Sue's face that he is rubbing her pussy. I am confused it is all going so fast. "Sue wants to experience a BBC John. She wants you to be there, but if you are or not I WILL be fucking her. Now you guys go home and talk about it and Sue can let me know where you stand." With that he turned to Sue kissed her deeply for quite a while and even cupped her breast. Then he slid out of the booth and left.

Sue finally asked if I was OK. I told her I think so. I asked if all he said was true. She said "Well you said it so many times and I liked you saying it. After he kissed me at the party I couldn't resist the thought."

"So you really want to fuck him?"

"Oh god honey I'm sorry, but yes I want him!"

We finished our drinks and went home. I was shell shocked but I had never wanted her more. As soon as we got in the house I took her to the bedroom. I unzipped her dress and when it fell I got my last shock of the night. She had not had any panties on. The whole time in the bar she was allowing him access to her. I threw her on the bed and buried my tongue into her pussy. I could smell how excited she was and she was wetter than she had ever been. She came almost instantly but I kept loving her. I could not get enough of her juices. After she came again she cried "Oh god John I need you to fuck me!" I moved up and plunged my cock into her. She was like an animal. She was voracious and then she whispered "Please say yes, oh god please say yes!" My mind was spinning and I said ok, but not in our bed. With that she went into a huge cum and I could not hold back anymore. I came hard driving deep as I filled her.

So I had said yes. What was I going to do now? I could not go back on it. Everything was in motion and I was just along for the ride. Their meet was set for the following Friday. She was insatiable the whole week. I enjoyed it but I knew in her mind it was Ty she was fucking. Friday came and she spent a couple hours preparing herself. I had never seen her more beautiful. Hair, nails, makeup and a dress that hugged her and showed off her legs.

We were to meet at a local hotel that had a bar. When we arrived Ty was already in a booth. He slid out wrapped his arms around Sue and kissed her passionately. Then as Sue slipped into his side of the booth he shook my hand and said "I'm pleased you decided to come." Then he slid in next to Sue. After our drinks arrived he dropped his hand down to Sue's leg and made it quite obvious that he slid her dress all the way up. I had watched her dress and knew there were no panties. He then said "So John, do you understand tonight's rules?" I nodded but he said "Well let's be sure. You will sit in a chair. You will not talk unless I ask you to. If we want anything you will get it without question. You will not touch Sue at any time until I am done with her. Is that clear?" I nodded yes. "Now so you know exactly where you stand in this." He turned to Sue. "Tell John who this pussy belongs to." She started to drop her head. "Look at him and tell him!"

She then looked into my eyes and said "It's Ty's John, I belong to Ty."

"OK now John you need to go get us a room."

Without thinking I went to the desk and got a room with one King size bed. Then I returned to the table and handed the key card to Ty. He held her hand as they went to the elevator and I followed behind. As soon as the elevator door shut Ty pinned her to the wall. He kissed her and lifted her skirt rubbing her pussy. Turning to me he said "She really is lovely John. This will be something for you to see." As we entered the room Ty told me to put Sue's overnight case in the bathroom and then they started kissing and he was running his hands over her body. I did as I was told and when I came out he told Sue "Go in and get yourself ready for me."

He then told me to make myself a drink and pointing to a chair told me to sit there. After I was seated he stood a few feet in front of me and slowly undressed. It made me very uncomfortable and by the smirk on his face he knew it. He was so different than me. Built like a football player and very dark skinned. He stripped to his underwear and right then the bathroom door opened.

Sue stepped out and my stomach started rolling over. She was stunning. Her blond hair cascading down. Perfect makeup with bright red lips. She was wearing a see through lace babydoll nightgown with no panties, just the 4 inch heels on her feet. He extended his hand and she walked to him just before me. He raised her hand and had her turn in a slow pirouette. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen at that moment. "Isn't she beautiful John?"

"Yes, she is." I stammered.

"And all for me John. She dressed like this for me."

He then took her in his arms and kissed her, dropping one hand down to cup her ass inches from me. He told her to kneel down. She started to reach for his boxers but he stopped her. "Not yet." Then he said "You did this John. You told her every fantasy you had about black men. You put this desire in her. But there is one more step." I looked up at him, I didn't understand. "It's your choice John. Tell me to stop and I will dress and leave. I will never contact her again. Or you tell Sue to remove my boxers. The choice is yours."

I sat there but as if another person was saying it I heard myself say "Yes Sue, take them off."

I wanted to take it back instantly but the words were out and I watched her hands reach up and slowly lower his boxers. He was all he claimed. at least 10 inches and very thick. Black as coal with a dark purple head. He reached forward and with a gentle touch on her head and she leaned forward and kissed it. I watched her tongue come out and lick around the head. Then her left hand came up and grasped it. I caught a glimpse of her wedding ring and then she slid it into her mouth. I sat there entranced and watched her work on him. I looked up at him and there he was looking at me with that confident grin.

He stood her up and lead her to the bed. He removed her nightie and laid her back. Kneeling on the floor. He raised her legs so I had a clear view and his tongue came out and licked the length of her. I heard her whimper with pleasure. I watched her claw at the sheets as he expertly took her to her first orgasm. Now he stood and rubbed that huge black cock up and down her slit. She was moving her hips trying to get him to enter her. To my shock he looked at me and asked if I had a clear view.

"Umm.. Yes." I stammered.

"What do you want me to do, John?"


"Tell me what you want me to do John."

"Fuck her." I quietly said.

"Say it louder."

"Fuck her."


"Fuck her!" I yelled. With that I watched her claw the sheets as he slowly worked his BBC into my wife.

She reached up and grabbed her legs spreading them wide to give him total access. I watched his cock slide in and out pulling her stretched pussy lips with it. He fucked her slowly and she cried out "Oh god I'm going to cum!" I watched it wash over her. She was never more beautiful. Then he withdrew. Her pussy was puffy and red raw. She was looking at him and rubbing her clit.

He said "That was nice, but now we are gonna fuck."

He shoved her roughly to the middle of the bed. All pretense dropped. Get on your knees he ordered. He got behind her and shoved his cock in in one stroke. I heard her gasp but he had her by the hips and went right to fucking her hard. She was moaning and grunting under his onslaught. He pounded her for about 5 minutes. He had her arms behind her back in absolute control. He then pushed her down onto the bed and pounded into her. Laying down he pulled her on top in a 69. I watched her push her pussy down onto his face and I heard her cum again.

Now he put her into reverse cowgirl facing me. I watched her face as she slid down onto his cock. He told her to look at me. Her face was a mixture shame and pure pleasure.

"Tell John how much you love my cock."

"I love it!" she said.

"Tell him how you really feel."

"Oh god John, I'm sorry but it's so good!"

Then she came again. He slapped her ass and told her to get off. Putting her on her back, he spread her legs and gave her several long licks. He then drove his full length into her again. She wrapped herself around him and was kissing him passionately as he fucked her. I heard her cum one more time. After about 10 minutes I saw him tense up and empty his balls into her.

He climbed off her, his black cock shiny with her juices. He told her "Stay just how you are." then he looked at me and said "Don't move." He took his clothes into the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I sat there and stared at her, watching his cum leak from her. When he came from the shower he was dressed. He went to her on the bed, ran his hand over her breasts and down to her mound. He then touched her cheek and kissed her saying he would call her tomorrow. He walked to me and I stood up.

He put out his hand and said "She is all yours now." and I shook it like I was thanking him. He left and I walked to her. She said "Please hold me, I need to know you still love me."

I undressed and laid down with her. I kissed her and could not resist feeling her pussy, running my fingers through his cum. She said "Please be gentle John, I'm so sore!" I gently made love to her as she whispered in my ear "Thank you!" over and over.

After Sue and Ty's first play date things progressed quite rapidly. A submissive side of Sue came out when it came to Ty and he knew just how to control her. But I must admit that I was no better. I saw the pleasure she felt and I could not deny her. I also found myself more than willing to be Beta male to Ty. I cannot explain it. I just automatically follow his lead. She has been seeing him for about 14 months now and several things have changed.

After about two months I came home to find her and Ty talking in our living room. He stayed for dinner and fucked her in our bed that night. At about three months he started spending the night when they would play. This naturally moved me to the couch. But the biggest change was when we wanted to start a family. This mandated condoms for both Ty and I until she had been off the pill long enough. Then I would stop using them, but obviously Ty would continue to use them. This was all discussed and agreed upon. However two months later I was informed things had changed.

Ty was over and him and Sue were in bed. I did not always watch them anymore so I was in the living room. I heard Sue call me into the bedroom. Ty looked at me and said "We have made a decision, so Sue needs you to do something." I looked at Sue and she handed me the box of Ty's condoms. I just stood there confused.

"What do you want me to do with these?" I asked.

She said "Take them out and put them in the trash."

Still confused I said "Why? what's wrong with them?"

"Nothing," she said "they just aren't needed."

I said "Yes they are, we are going to try for a baby."

She said "We are John, but it is you, not Ty, that needs condoms. Ty is going to breed me."

I stood there stammering while her and Ty started to play. Finally Ty broke their embrace and said "Look John, the decision has been made. I am the bull, I am the Alpha and I will breed her. Now get those out of here!"

I turned and took them out and put them in the trash. I returned to the bedroom to find Ty fucking her hard. I sat down and watched them. I cannot explain it but I was more in love with her at that moment than I had ever been. I broke one of the rules then. I sat on the edge of the bed and held her hand as Ty bred her. I clutched it with both hands and watched her face. Somehow I suddenly wanted it for her and I felt her ecstasy as Ty filled her with his seed. When Ty withdrew he raised her hips and placed a pillow under her. I laid next to her stroking her hair and helping her hold her legs up. I stared at her face and saw pure joy.

This scene was repeated many times till one day I came home to her holding a positive pregnancy test. She is now showing quite a baby bump and baby showers are being planned. She is absolutely glowing. I, on the other hand. have major problems ahead. I can deal with the wagging tongues of friends and coworkers. However my parents are overjoyed about their first grandchild. I have no idea what I will tell them. Strange how my life has changed, but Sue and I are closer than ever and strangely I am happier than I ever was before Sue cucked me.
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