My wife Kathy and I have played around with the lifestyle on and off our whole marriage. We had played both together and alone. But several times Kathy has had true affairs that she kept to herself. It just seems to be something she needs once in awhile. I don't mind because it makes her almost insatiable. This is how I usually find out, but I don't tell her I know. First I will tell you that Kathy is 38, 5'8", 140# 36 C and long brown hair. She still turns heads.

This last Memorial day weekend our neighbors threw a house party and we went. When we arrived John introduced us to his son from his first marriage Jimmy. He was a good looking boy. High school senior, 18, about 6' and I would guess 180# with blond hair. We all talked for a few minutes but I didn't really notice him much for the rest of the party. We called it a night at about 11:30. She was more than a little in the mood and we had a real nice fuck before I went to sleep.

A couple hours later I woke up needing to get rid of some of the beer I had drank and was surprised Kathy was not in bed. I thought I could hear low voices in the living room so I quietly used our bedroom bath, then slowly went up the hallway. Our house layout allowed me to slip into the kitchen without being seen. From there I could see the couch without being seen. There sat Kathy and to my surprise 18 year old Jimmy.

Well they were not just sitting. They were making out like high school kids. Well one kid and one 38 year old cougar. Kathy had on a T shirt and panties (her normal bed clothes) Jimmy only had on a pair of cut off jeans. Jimmy had his hand up Kathy's shirt and she seemed to be enjoying his young arms and shoulders. Every time he moved for her legs she would stop and say "no I told you that's not going to happen" After several more attempts I heard her say "just relax and I'll take care of you" She then stood up grabbing a hair band from the table. Putting her hair in a pony tail she looked at Jimmy and said "so you going to take your pants off or not" Jimmy suddenly realizing what is going to happen pealed his shorts off in a hot second. Kathy then knelt between his legs and though I could only admire her ass I was sure she was sucking his cock deep into her mouth. Looking at him laid back on the sofa confirmed it. He looked like he was in heaven. Now if this was porn movie he would last forever, but he was an 18 year old who had been horned up for hours. Maybe 5 minutes and he moaned out that he was going to cum. Kathy is very good at head and loves all of it so she never stopped till he was soft. She then said it was time for him to go, so I slipped back to the bedroom and pretended to be asleep.

After about 10 minutes I see Kathy come into the room and quietly slip into the bed. To my surprise she moved under the covers and started sucking my cock. As with Jimmy it did not take long for me to fill her mouth with cum. The next morning I could not resist asking what brought on the late night blow job. She said she just woke up wanting to and since I was on my back she went for it.

It was fun all day Sunday watching the 2 of them. Jimmy kept himself busy and well ******* working in their backyard in just his cut off jeans. Kathy found a million reasons to be out in the yard, even sun bathing for a couple hours in her bikini. I did notice she seemed to be getting a lot of texts. That evening again she wanted to have sex and with what I had in my head I was more than ready. We went at it like when we first got married. Afterwards we took a shower together and then went to bed. One change was no T shirt. She put on a baby doll top with no panties. I pretended to fall asleep and about an hour later her phone chirped.

I heard her text back. Then she slipped out of bed. I waited to hear the front door then moved up the hall and back to my kitchen spot. They were already all over each other. He was again in his cut offs and his hands were already up under her top to her breasts. This lasted for a few minutes but we all knew his goal and soon his hand slid up her inner thigh. I heard her moan and she spread her legs to give him access. I loved watching him rub and then probe her. There is something insanely hot for me to know he is touching and feeling every fold of my wife's most intimate parts. A penis is like one large finger feeling, a hand has five all feeling at once. In my head that makes it so hot.

But soon off the couch he came and he buried his tongue into her. Her head was back and her nails were digging into his shoulders. Her moans were almost animal like.. She then pulled him to his feet and undid his shorts. Dropping them to the floor. Again all I could see was his ass tonight, but there is no doubt that she is sucking his cock. I can also see her twist sideways to lick and suck his balls. He then sat back down on the couch, she leaned over and I got to watch her take his cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes she got up and straddled his legs. I watched her hand reach back and guide his cock into her pussy. She gave out a moan as she lowered herself onto it. She was riding him slowly and suddenly I saw her stop and a shudder went through her body. It was one of the most beautiful orgasms I have ever seen. I was jealous of Jimmy as he was watching her face during it.

He then rolled her onto her back and started fucking her hard. She had one leg on the back of the couch and one on the floor. He was up over her fucking her hard and they were staring into each others eyes. Then I saw her eyes close and face contort as another orgasm hit her hard. He got her up on her knees and went at her from behind (her favorite position) He was fucking her hard and I knew he was close. I heard him say "I'm going to cum" and she reached back and grabbed him to hold him tight. He grunted as he emptied his balls into her and I saw her cum once again. She sucked his cock clean and I heard her say "OK baby, time for you to go home"

Took her about 20 minutes for her to come back this time and she went strait to the shower. I would have loved fucking her used pussy but I knew she wanted jt as her secret. When she came to bed she just snuggled up, but in the morning I woke her up by playing with her. She spread her legs and I licked her to an orgasm knowing how that 18 year old cock had fucked her the night before. Then it was my turn but this wasn't fucking. I made love to her, reclaiming the most wonderful women any man ever had. Jimmy went home that day, but I am sure he will find a reason to come visit again.

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