My boyfriend took me for a drink one evening and we happened to bump into an associate of his called Brandon. Timmy told me to be nice to this guy because he was an important connection so although I found him to be a bit of a slimy creep I controlled my inner loathing of reptiles and was polite and respctful all the time. Of course when closing time came Timmy was quite ***** so I said I'd call us a taxi. Brandon said as he hadn't been drinking he'd gladly drive us home and Timmy said that was a great idea. He needed the car early in the morning and that would save him having to get into town to pick it up. It would've seemed strange if I'd insisted on the taxi after the selfless offer so naturally I had to agree. We got in the back and Bandon set off.

On the way home Timmy started getting a bit frisky and began playing with my small braless tittes through my white stretch jersey mini dress. I hissed at him to stop it but he was too far gone to care. Loud enough to be heard plainly by the driver he chuckled, "Oh such a naughty Di Di. No bra again."

In an angry whisper I reminded him that no underwear had been his idea.

"Ah yes," he agreed, "but you do like going out with nothing on under your clothes don't you?"

I blushed and spat, "Yes. You know I do. Now shut up until we get home. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!"

But like most men he didn't know when to stop so he carried on regardless.of my wishes.

One hand touched my knee then slid up my thigh under the skirt. I didn't want to cause a scene in front of Brandon so I just grabbed Timmy's wrist and tried to stop him by pushing his hand away. To no avail of course. He's much stronger than I am and he had the advantage of not caring who was listening. "and not even one of your tiny g-strings hey," he cackled when his fingertip brushed my naked pudendum. "You are a wickedly sexy young lady Miss W------ aren't you."

It was a rhetorical question so I didn't reply but I did gasp and instinctively opened my legs. "Please Timmy," I croaked quietly. "Not here. Not in front of...... ooooooooooh!"

He splayed my labia and touched my clitty.

He leaned over and kissed me mumbling, "Always so fucking wet aren't you girl. Always ready for fucking!"

I kissed him back then pushed him away purring promisingly, "Wait till we're inside darling. Please. You know you can do whatever you want with me once we're home."

"Oh yes!" he laughed and sat back in the seat. "I know. But I can't wait that long." He unzipped his jeans and said, "Suck it!"

I looked at the rearview mirror and saw that Brandon was switching his gaze from the road to it like a cornered rat then I thought, "Ah what the hell." He was a mate of Timmys and he knew I was his steady girl so it wouldn't come as a shock to know that I sucked my boyfriends cock now and again so I slipped my hand inside his jeans and pulled it out then leaned down to do his bidding. He was already hard so it didn't take long before my hand and hot mouth had him spurting into my throat.

I sat back up and swallowed then licked my lips whilst staring with a haughty look into the rearview mirror where I was confronted by Brandons sly smile of knowledge.

Timmy fell asleep almost immediately after coming in my mouth so when we reached our destination I couldn't wake him up properly which prompted Brandon to volunteer his help in getting my almost comatose boyfriend inside the house. I couldn't do it by myself so I had no choice but to accept his kind offer.

Once he was lying on the couch Brandon asked for a beer so I went into the kitchen to get him one.

He followed me and said, "I couldn't help overhearing what was said on the way here."

I turned my back on him so he couldn't see me blushing and to uncap the bottle and get a glass from the overhead cabinet. When I reached up for the glass his hands slid under my arms and he cupped my breasts. I gasped with shock and froze.

"What do you think you're doing?" I squeaked fatuously.

"I wanna feel these little braless little titties for myself," he chuckled.

God how I hated the fact that my trembling body betrayed my excited arousal so obviously. My massively stiff nipples were jutting thrugh the tight jersey material arrogantly and the oily pig was blatantly wanking them between his thumbs and forefingers.

I hung my head in shame and; whispered, "Stop it Brandon. Please. Timmy could walk in at any moment."

He pinched them and tweaked them and tugged on them viciously quietly laughing into my ear, "He's not getting up until tomorrow Di. You saw him. He's out for the count."

He let go of my breasts and started to wriggle the hem of my mini-dress up.

I grabbed his wrists and croaked, "No! Stop it! Please! You mustn't! I thought you were supposed to be his friend!"

He was so strong! Or maybe I was so weak. Whatever, the hem slipped up over my bottom so I was naked from the waist down in front of him.

"I am his friend," he chuckled. "and like any good friend would, I'm gonna finish what he started. You must be needing it after that little scene in the car. Left you high and dry didn't he."

He put a hand between my open legs, (now when did that happen I wondered,) and guffawed, "Well high anyway. Definitely not dry though hey? Jesus girl. You're as wet as a fish!"

I reached back behind me and put a hand on the large lump in his jeans.

"Stop it!" I murmured. "You can't! I mean I can't! We can't! We shouldn't! Please don't!"

He slid two fingers into me and said, "Don't what? Don't stop? Is that what you mean?"

I stuck my bottom out and gasped, "Oh you filthy pig!" as I squeezed what felt like a giant salami with my hand.

He laughed again, "Oh Miss hoity toity likes that don't she?" He began to finger me fluidly then withdrew his fingers for a second and smeared some of my juices around my anus.

I lay my face on the kitchen worktop and mumbled; "What on earth do you think you're doing?" as I stopped squeezing his hardening dick so I could use both hands to pull my firm little buttocks apart.

"Oh you dirty posh bitch," he muttered and pushed his thumb past my tight sphincter and into the dark tunnel beyond.

I groaned and put a hand back on his denim clad cock saying, "Please! Please don't!" The two fingers slid back into my oil well and I gasped, "Please don't! Don't stop! Use three!"

"Better if I use this," he murmured and I felt his hand at his zip.

"Oh no!" I sobbed as I moved my bottom backwards and forwards on the wriggling digits inside me. "You mustn't! I can't! We shouldn't! Oh! Oh no! I'm going to come! Oh fuck! Just a little longer! Oh God no! I'm coming! Please don't make me! Oh you bastard! Dirty horny bastard! I can't help it! Here it is! Now! Now! Now! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

and with that I climaxed on his fingers.

He carried on for a few seconds after I'd finished and was standing there with my face on the worktop sobbing with shame at my uncontrollable emotions then he withdrew his fingers and I felt his knob head being rolled around the entrance to my dribbling vagina."No not that!" I whispered as I pulled my buttocks even further apart. "I don't want to cheat on him."

"It's not cheating," Brandon chuckled as he worked his fat knob in between my splayed labia. "Not if he knows about it."

"Are you going to tell him then?" I asked fearfully as I opened my legs even further and moved back slightly.

"He already knows," he muttered and slid up me smoothly.

I gasped and quietly squealed, "Oh my God! You're big!" I screwed my bottom backwards and said, "What do you mean he already knows?"

"Why d'you think he invited me to join you in the pub tonight? Why did he drink so much he needed me to drive home? How come he was sober enough to get a hard on and come so quickly in your mouth when he's apparently so pissed now he can't walk? It was all a set up so you'd get to experience how it is when you get fucked with a big cock belonging to a real man."

"No!" I exclaimed disbelievingly as Brandon pulled the top of my mini-dress down my arms so my titties were suddenly bared then grabbed hold of my hips. "He wouldn't......."

"Sure he would," he sniggered. "He knew you'd love it. and you do don't you Miss goody two shoes? You love having a really big cock up you don't you?"

I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was right but I couldn't stop myself from crying. "I'm coming again!"

He began to hammer it into me so his loins were making a slapping sound as they met my wetness, his heavy bollocks were thumping into my clitty and my naughty vagina was rudely farting with pleasure as I started to orgasm again.

He slid his thumb back into my defenceless anus and grunted, "Tell me you love it bitch! If you don't tell me I won't let you have it ever again."

I hated him but quickly sobbed, "I love it! You're so big and fat and hard! Don't stop! Please! Don't ever stop!"

I felt his other thumb seeking entrance alongside the first and cried out, "No! Not that! Don't make me! You swine! You filthy swine! Oh my God!"

He fucked me harder as I climaxed and through the waves of ecstasy flowing over me I realised he'd succeeded in his aim and had both thumbs up my botty hole. He carried on fucking me as he pulled my cheeks even further apart thereby expanding my hitherto almost secret orifice and said, "I'm gonna have this too later. I do love a good arse fuck! Are you a good arse fuck Miss Diana?"

I was crying with a mixture of shame, humiliation and joy when I sobbed, Yes! I think so! I will be! If that's what you want!"

"It's what your darling husband to be wants you nympho sow!" he laughed.

"Husband?" I gulped. "He said that? He wants a wife who does that? With other men too?"

"Definitely," he confirmed and slammed his large cock in and out of me.

My wildest fantasy couldn't have conjured up a more perfect situation. A wealthy handsome husband who wasn't just intelligent, witty and charming, but one who wanted his wife to be a promiscuous slut. I was quite happy with our sex life so far but Timmy wasn't exceptionally blessed and he did tend to finish prematurely a lot of the time, (He said it was because I was so sexy.) so learning that his wife would have to be a permissive ***** was wonderful news. I started coming again and this time I didn't seem able to stop. (Not that I tried of course.)

A couple of minutes later Brandon lifted my head up off the worktop by pulling my hair and growled, "I hope you're on the pill Di coz this load'll make you fat for sure if you're not."

"Oh please don't!" I wailed. "Not inside me! Or not up there anyway! Use my bum or my mouth but not there!"

"Too late," he groaned and jammed himself deep inside me. I swear I could actually feel his sperm squirting straight into my womb. and there was a hell of a lot of it too.

Once he'd emptied his sac he panted, "Don't move," and withdrew.

I felt a tsunami of semen gush out of my suddenly vacated channel and slowly turned my head to look back over my shoulder. I was surprised, (but not shocked,) to see my husband to be, (if the latest rumours proved true.) crouched down a yard away filming the viscous fluids egress. I smiled and said, "I thought you were unconscious."

He stood up and enquired, "So you took the opportunity of allowing a complete stranger to fuck you."

I smirked and regaled him with a long loud wet fanny fart saying, "Well you did tell me to be nice to him."

"and now you're going to be nice to me. Pull your asshole open again you little slag."

I fluttered my eyelashes and unhesitatingly obeyed.

He approached with the camera in one hand and his hard penis in the other while he informed me, "My wife's gonna love taking it up the arse."

I smiled and said, "Well I've always been too shy to admit it but........ it'll make threesomes foursomes and moresomes easier to cope with won't it."

"Yes," he agreed and slid smoothly up my proffered rectum. "Are you the kind of woman who's going to want a lot of that then? Moresomes?"

I closed my eyes and reached further back so I could get my hands on his buttocks then I pulled him closer sighing, "Yes. As often as you like."

"Dirty bitch!" he groaned and began to ejaculate.

I just "Mmmmmmmd," and squeezed him hard with my gluteus maximus.

Once he'd finished grunting and I felt his skinny penis softening and slithering backwards out of my anus he leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "I want..... no I need..... a beautiful woman who really loves nigger gang bangs. A women like that could definitely persuade me to become an ex eligible bachelor. Do you think you could be that sort of woman Diana?"

There was a pregnant silence for a few seconds during which I could hear the plop plop plopping of his sperm joining that of his friend on the tiled floor between my feet. Then I reached up and back over my shoulder to stroke his face as I answered, "Well I've always been too ashamed to admit it but...... coincidentally my greatest fantasy is exactly that."

He moved down and began licking both of my still drooling holes mumbling, "You're just saying that to please me."

I shivered with disbelief when I felt his tongue delve deep into both caves but I managed to stutter, "No. No I'm not! I mean it. Honestly. I think about it every time I wank and you know I do that a few times every day."

He stood up and said, "Prove it!"

I straightened up and leaving my mini-dress bunched up and down around my waist I turned around to see Brandon was now in charge of wielding the camera, (and had been for some time I found out later.) I put my hands behind me on the worktop and leaned back against it keeping my legs open so he could carry on filming the rivers of semen pouring out of me then I smiled and said, "Give me my phone and I'll organise it straight away."

I happened to have the number of a Senegalese lad I'd been chatting with in the swimming pool a couple of weeks earlier .He'd made it very clear he fancied me and I found him very interesting too. Not least of all because of the huge lump he grew in his shorts while we were chatting. So we swapped numbers with the idea that we might meet up sometime in the future for a drink or something. I hadn't had the nerve to get in touch with him but he's been texting me every day since and as I'd been polite enough, (and curious enough,) to reply his texts had been getting more and more explicit. What had begun as a Hi how are u? sort of thing soon developed into, I thought you looked divine in that tiny bikini, and then, How would you like me to take it off and lick you all over before making mad passionate love to you with this thick black cock of mine? Naturally I was intrigued so I'd asked to see it.

He said he'd show if I would too. A week went by before I worked up the courage to send him a nude foto of myself. He promptly replied with one of himself holding the most beautiful thing I'd seen outside of a stable. I told him I was suitably impressed and would like to meet up "fuc fuc fucoffee," one afternoon. He then asked if I wantd to see what he'd done with my foto. Of course I said yes so he sent me a short video of him wanking himself off onto a picture of me he'd printed. Christ could this kid spunk! I didn't tell Timmy any of that except the first bit about meeting at the pool.

Anyway I hit his number in speed dial on my phone and he answered almost instantly. I had it on speaker so my companions could hear everything.

The conversation was approximately as follows; "Hey gorgeous. You decided when and where?"

"When and where what?"

"When and where you're gonna get this big black cock of mine darling."

"That's awfully presumptuous of you Jacques. I might be calling to tell you to stop sending me things like that porn you sent me yesterday." Timmy raised his eyebrows at that.

"But you're not are you. I know you enjoyed looking at it. I bet you had a little play with yourself while you were watching it didn't you? How many times did you watch it anyway?"

"Only a couple..... of dozen. and yes, I fucked myself for hours whilst leering at you wanking your monster and I came intensely every time I saw you spunking on that photo of me. So back to your initial question. As soon as you like at my place."

Timmy stepped forwards and cupped my titties then bent his head and began to kiss them

"Really? How about tomorrow morning?"

"Great. What time?"

Timmy started sucking on an incredibly engorged nipple and slid a hand down over my ruched dress onto my bald mound. I helpfully opened my legs even wider.

"I can be there by ten."

"Good. I'll be ready and waiting. Oh and by the way.........." I put a hand on Timmy's shoulder and pressed lightly. He knelt down in front of me and began lapping at my still dribbling holes. "have you got a couple of friends you can bring with you?"

"Friends! You're joking! You'll have trouble handling me on my own you white slut!"

"I'm sure you're right darling but my husband wants to film me getting gang banged by a group of nig...... a group of lads with the same lovely dark skin tone as you."

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! You crazy? You want a gang bang?"

"He does yes .and a good wife does everything to keep her man happy doesn't she. To love honour and obey you know."

"Yeah I get it. Ok. How many you want? I mean how many does he want to see you with?"

"Oh I think six'll be plenty won't it dear?"

Timmy looked up and nodded.

"Yes. He says six will be perfect for a debut."

"Okay. I guess I can round up five other guys that'll gladly fuck the daylights out of a posh bit of classy tart like you. I'm afraid they won't all be as big as me but as you've seen I'm a bit special in that department. Don't worry though, they'll all be big enough to make you squeal."

"Good. I'll look forward to it."

"You do that. Right. I'd better start phoning around then. See you in the morning. Keep it wet and warm for us."

"You can be sure of that darling. Until tomorrow then. Bye."

I put the phone down then placed my hands on the back of Timmy's head and pulled him in closer saying, "I'm coming again!"

He lapped at my open cunt faster and worked a finger past my sphincter. I threw back my head and let loose a loud high pitched screech of joy while my body convulsed and I shivered uncontrollably while I climaxed on his mouth. After the flashes of electricity jolting my brain weakened slightly I was able to look at Brandon with my eyes bugging out of my head and my mouth forming a large O of surprise at the strength of the orgasm and I couldn't help but notice he was wanking another hard on. "Oh goody," I thought to myself. "I'm going to get it again."

I pushed Timmy away and said, "I think Brandon needs me more than you do at the moment darling. Why don't we move into the lounge and you can film us fucking on the couch."

"Good idea," Brandon agreed and held the camera out towards Timmy.

Timmy stood up and took it, I shimmied my dress down and off then I smiled at Brandon and took hold of his proffered hand before we strolled into the next room with his new erection juddering conspicuously in front of his belly. We stopped in front of the couch and turned to face each other. Despite my distaste for the man as a human being I was so attracted to his pulsating love muscle I leaned in to kiss him whilst taking the turgid penis in my hands and started wanking it again. Naturally he pinched a nipple with one of his hands and put the other between my open legs. After a couple of seconds he broke the kiss and smiled, "You're a right randy nympho slut ain't you Di."

It was obviously a rhetorical question so I didn't deign to answer it with words, I just crouched down in front of him and directed his leaking cock into my hungry open mouth.

"Ah yes. You dirty little cock sucking bitch!" he groaned and began to fuck my face again.

When I felt him jerking against the back of my throat I moved back so he sprang out of my mouth and I said, "Sit on the couch so you can fuck me in the reverse cowgirl position and Timmy'll have a great view."

He immediately complied of course and pushed his erection down so it was pointing up as it were then I turned around and straddled his thighs before lowering myself down onto it whilst smiling happily at my future husband as the fat cock slid into me.

He, (my husband to be that is,) murmured, "Oh God Diana. You look so divine. We're going to have a lifelong happy marriage my love."

"If you make me do this all the time we are," I chirruped and started pushing myself up and down.

"I am," he assured me. "As often as you like to take it you can have it. All day and all night every day and night if you want."

I laughed and started bouncing joyfully while I was imagining what the morning would bring. "Be careful what you wish for darling. It might just come true."
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