Hey everyone, it’s Kathy again. I’m 29 years old, 5ft 7in, 120lbs with brown hair and blue eyes. I’m the girl whose boyfriend got her into a sexy kinky lifestyle (especially BBC and anything interracial) then we broke up and I sadly had to say goodbye to all the sexy fun I was having. Had to quit, cold turkey! Or so I thought. I couldn’t possibly continue all the wild things my ex and I would do. And surely I couldn’t do them alone! He was the one who thought up all the things we did and made sure everything was safe. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I tried to ignore that super-fun lifestyle but It only left me wanting it more. He brought out my inner slut and I loved it.

I had all my BBC toys out one night when I was remembering a certain situation my ex got us into. There was this supermarket across town that had an old black security guard that was such a perv. We would play with him from time to time and it was so hot! He would follow me around and touch himself. Dave would have me dress real skimpy and bend and flash this old guy till he would cum in his pants. He had a little security shack in the corner of the parking lot and after a while, I would strip for him or even give him a lap dance inside that little shack. He would always get so angry because he wanted more and Dave wouldn’t allow it, just yet.

We made the mistake of giving him our home phone number once (so we could play at night over the phone) but he became obsessed, calling 3 or 4 times a day saying how much he loved me and wanted me. We had to change our number and stopped playing with him. That was a while ago. I wonder how he is or if he’s still crazy about me. I began fantasizing almost every night about this old black security guard and what he would do if I would show up today, alone! No bf to stop him or get in the way. He would devour my young white body! I would let him have me!! This nasty fantasy had me cumming all over my BBC toys!

I couldn't get it out of my mind. I knew the idea was wrong and way too dangerous but my burning lust was winning out. I wanted to pay him a visit. I could always leave anytime I wanted. He probably doesn’t even work there anymore... But I was going to find out.

I got dressed in a black mini-skirt and matching bra and panties, with a white button-up shirt, black thigh highs, and heels. I haven’t dressed this sexy/slutty in quite a while. I felt so hot!! Just like I used to when the ex and I would play. I drove up to the supermarket parking lot and didn’t see the old security guard anywhere. I parked by his shack and sat in my car and just waited. I didn't know what to do. My heart was pounding through my chest! What was I doing? I was acting like the slut I guess I had been missing, and enjoying it!!

My hand slipped down between my legs and found my panties hot and wet! My fingers were rubbing my aching clit. Just because the black security guard wasn’t there didn’t mean I couldn’t tease and flash all the black men inside the supermarket... Could I? This vision got me so hot I was about to have the climax of a lifetime right there in my car when I heard knocking on my window! I jumped in shock and covered myself as quickly as possible. It was the old security guard from our playing days! I smiled at him in sheer joy! He stepped back and motioned with his hand to get out.

Right then, I had a chance to give this all up and drive away but I didn’t. I wanted this. I needed this! I slowly got out of my car. “Yes, officer? Can I help you?” He tells me that he remembers me and the car and I better get inside his security office, fast. I went inside the tiny shack with him right behind me. He shut the door and locked it while I was about to sit on this tiny couch he had against the wall.

“No don’t sit! Who told you to sit?” he says. I tell him I’m sorry and stood facing him with my eyes on the ground. “Where’s your man? Outside in a car watching you?” When I tell him I’m alone these days he laughs out loud and says I must be looking for my ex's replacement tonight, coming here alone like this. He puts on some music from a boom box on his desk and tells me to dance for him like in the old days. Again, I thought I could still say no and run out of that place if I wanted to, but I didn’t. Instead, I began to turn and dance to the beat of the music, slowly and seductively. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but it's something I've done before in this shack so it was almost natural. Plus, I was so turned on!

After a few minutes, he stands up and tells me to take off his pants. I get right in front of him, still swaying to the music as I look him deep in his eyes, smiling, and begin to unbuckle his belt. “That ass hole ain't here to stop you now girl, you sure you want this?” he says to me. I just smile and nod yes to him as I pull down his pants and underwear to his knees. His dark black hard cock springs into my view. I can't believe how hard and big and dark, really dark his cock is. He sits down again telling me to continue my dance.

Now I’m dancing but all I could think about was that midnight dark, fat beast between his legs. I pulled my skirt up and sat in his lap (looking away from him) feeling that monster between my ass cheeks. I was going crazy with filthy lust! He was so hot and so hard! I began rubbing and grinding against it and I heard him moaning behind me. He pushed me up and off of him and ordered me to get naked. Staring at him, I stripped down to my stockings when he grabbed me and pulled me hard onto him. I sat on him (now facing him), straddling his legs as he held me tight to him and brought his lips to mine. I couldn’t believe I was making out with this old black man in this dirty old shack! Yes, I could! It's what I wanted!

I could feel his fat shaft rubbing against my pussy as we kissed and it felt incredible! I was now moaning as loud as he was and was for sure someone could hear us! But I stopped caring a while ago. I could feel a climax building deep inside me already! Then he lifted me up a bit and told me to grab his cock and fuck myself with it. “Prove to me you want it slut! Prove to me you been thinking about me like I been thinking about you, baby.” My god, he was right! I reached down between us and did exactly what he said! It was so huge and burning hot in my trembling hand. I rubbed it against my wet slit and then pushed his head inside me. I screamed out with pleasure as he told me to shut up.

He had me with his hands on my hips as he pushed me down onto his massive black cock. In no time he had me jumping up and down in his lap, taking all of his wonderful demon, black cock! I was moaning loudly (out of my mind) as I kept cumming on BBC. He then pulled me off of him as I begged him not to, and told me to bend over the desk. I did so very quickly and looked back at him as he stood behind me, stroking himself and looking down at my butt as I shook it from side to side for him. He slapped my butt hard telling me to stay still. I did. He grabbed my hips in his hands again and shoved his whole hard black cock deep inside my waiting pussy! He started fucking me super hard and fast as he kept slapping my burning butt cheeks. Again, I instantly began to cum and cum on his fat black cock. Like I never have.

All of a sudden he pinned me down with all his weight on me and shoved his entire black cock as deep as it could go as I felt his hot cream shoot deep inside me! This made me cum again, but even harder as it felt like a gallon or two flooding my insides! I was so “gone” that I didn’t even feel him pull out and walk away from me till I heard him tell me to get dressed and that he had to go and get home to his wife before it gets too late. Hearing that made me feel cheap and used, which made me almost cum again! He told me that he will be expecting me again, soon and he walked me to my car.

I couldn’t believe what I had just carried out. And how easy and safe it still was. I knew I would be coming back again and again to this supermarket. Maybe I'll even do some shopping one day. I wished that he didn’t have to leave because I would have stayed there with him all night! Driving home, I could feel his hot cream dripping out of me and I almost crashed a few times, trying to lap some of it up and wipe it on my tongue. I was still so riled up when I got home that I played with my BBC toys all night in my sloppy pussy, thinking about him. I barely slept and couldn’t believe that I went back the very next night! I began going to him three, four times a week and he started saying that his wife is suspecting something because he’s always fucked well and tired when she wants him. He suggests that we pull it back a little to once a week or he could bring some other old security guard friends of his to pick up the slack. I'm surely in heaven now and so glad I took the chance of coming out alone.
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