Hey, it's Kathy again. I know that we never thought it would get to this or that it would ever be a problem when we first started about a year ago. I say a year ago, but Dave (my boyfriend of 4 years) had been trying to get me into this lifestyle for a lot longer. I have to admit, he finally broke me down. I went from, "No Way!" to "Ok, maybe" to "I'm loving it". Maybe loving it too much because it seems I've come to a crossroads here and I'm being ****** to make a decision.

First of all, if we're being honest, this is all Dave's fault because he's the one who wanted to see me with BBC. He's the one who would set everything up, he's the one who started this whole thing anyway. I was happy before we started all this. But I ultimately went along so we're both to blame. I guess. I need some advice. It's ripping me apart and I don't know what to do. Let me start close to the beginning.

Dave had gotten us into this kinky lifestyle of flashing, sharing, and teasing with everything and anything BBC-related. And ladies, everything you have ever heard about BBC is true. After my first BBC experience, I knew it would be a lifelong obsession. Sex has always been good with my boyfriends in the past. But sex with BBC is on another level. It's like everything is intensified by 10. It's truly life-changing.

Dave had this rule from Day 1 that we never play around with anyone we know. Whatever, I didn't care or understand but as I said, Dave was in charge of everything so I went along. It was weird too because Dave has a lot of black friends. Some we would fantasize about when we would play late at night under the covers. Then I noticed Dave would bring up his best friend since the 1st Grade, Kevin, more and more.

I've always liked Kevin mainly because he's kept this bond with my boyfriend for so many years (longer than anybody else) which is very admirable in this day and age. Plus, he was light-skinned with blue eyes, tattoos with dreadlocks! Let's just say he was easy on the eyes! And being best friends with my boyfriend for so long, I noticed they were both very alike. The same sense of humor, same tastes in food, clothing, music...They were almost the same person. I had several of my own fantasies involving Kevin but it was clear that friends were OFF LIMITS!

Then something terrible happened with the last stranger BBC we met at a hotel bar. I won't go into details, but I was ***** and in tears when we got back home. Kevin was the only one at our house when Dave told him to stay with me and that he was going to take care of the situation with a couple of other friends. So Dave rushes off leaving me crying. Kevin didn't know what quite to do so he just sat down next to me as I put my arms around him and used his shoulder to cry on.

In my condition, I inadvertently began letting out some information about what happened and what our sex life and adventures have been like. Kevin was shocked! Then a little angry. "You guys go out and meet strange black guys...not knowing if they're insane or murderers out of prison...Don't you know how dangerous that is? I can't believe Dave! He mustn't love you as much as he plays he does! What kind of man puts his girl in such a dangerous position! And with me right here! What...he doesn't trust me? He doesn't trust you? But he trusts situations like what happened tonight? That's bullshit. He knows how I feel about you. He could have asked....."

I looked up into his eyes and asked, "How do you feel about me, Kevin?"

He says, "What, you don't know? Dave's never told you how jealous I get watching you two for years now...How I think he's the luckiest man on the planet cuz he's got you. How beautiful I think you are. On the inside but especially out...How I think I've crushed on you since the first day I met you but could never express any of that."

I don't know if it was the trauma from the evening, or the booze still pumping through my blood but looking into his eyes and hearing his confession of loving me...we were lip locked in no time and sharing the most passionate kisses I think I've ever had! There was absolutely no thought process into what I was doing. I was just getting caught up in the now. The now with Kevin.

We kept making out and the slow romantic kisses were now turning into wild passionate kisses. I was the first to take us to the next level when I reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants and when I saw he was already huge and rock hard, I lost it. I have never jumped to the ground before a man and wanted to suck a cock as much as I did right then. He stood and pulled his pants down as I shoved him back down to sit on the couch. His BBC was the most beautiful cock I have ever seen! It was like a plum color with a lighter brown fat cock head. It was big! Too big to point up towards the ceiling because it was too big and heavy. So it just pointed downward about 9 to 10 inches long with absolutely no hair anywhere! His balls were huge and clean right at the base of the most monstrous cock.

I must have been staring at his black cock for several minutes as he made it jump right before my eyes and snapped me out of my trance. I smiled at him and he smiled at me as I started with his testicles and ran my tongue all the way up to his head and went back down to his balls and stayed there for a few minutes this time. He was moaning and telling me things I wanted to hear. Like he would never hurt me or pimp me out to strangers and I was eating it all up! Physically and mentally! Hearing his devotion just made me want to please him more! I left his balls and took as much of his black cock in my mouth as I could. Which was pretty deep! When he saw my capabilities, he smiled and put a hand on my head, and started to face fuck me pretty hard!

I was loving it as drool and precum were leaking everywhere and he stood up again and started grunting real loud and took his cock from my mouth and started jerking it right at my face! I was beyond out of control with my tongue sticking upwards at him and when I started asking him if he really loved me he yells "Fuck Yes!!!" and his beautiful black cock explodes all over me! My hair, my face, my shirt, the floor, the rug..... everywhere seemed to have a creamy delicious puddle of his sweet cum.

He collapsed back down on the couch as I began to clean and drain the rest of that sweet cum from his cock. Within seconds I realized his cock wasn't shrinking like my boyfriends does right after cumming. When I felt it getting harder in my mouth, I just stood up and sat on him, straddling him. It was so amazing I couldn't breathe! I couldn't even talk! I was just stuck in the most incredible feeling my sweet young pussy had ever felt! My whole body started to spasm and I had no control of any muscle in my body!

When he grabbed me by my hips and started pounding me down on him...hard...I had my first Kevin orgasm and it shook me to the core! I don't think I took a single breath in minutes! But I was cumming the entire time. I don't even remember how long he pounded me like that because I was in another world. Apparently agreeing to everything he said. Which I don't remember. I agreed to leave Dave and go to live with Kevin and be his girl forever. Which doesn't sound bad at all since he's pretty much the same person Dave is, but with a few added improvements.

Kevin told Dave of what happened and now life at home with Dave is kind of miserable. It'll probably roll over and get back to normal but is that what I truly want? Kevin is new and fresh...and I miss the monster orgasms already! Or could I remain with Dave, get him to invite his friend into our bedroom often...Or do I take a chance and go to Kevin? Wish I could have the best of them both. Why can't I?
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