Hey everyone. It's Kathy again and I wasn't sure I was going to share this because it's kind of embarrassing. But none of you know me so who cares! It's about bad habits and we all have them, right? So here's one of mine.

This was when Dave (my man) had been trying to get me into BBC for a while and I was slowly coming around to his way of thinking. I doubted that I could actually do any of the things Dave suggested, but as far as foreplay...it was excellent!

The whole thing seemed so wrong that it made me so hot. I loved Dave and he's my soulmate so I like giving him what he wants and making him happy. But how far did he want to go with all this black cock talk? Was this just fantasy and we're just having kinky fun or does he intend on us going further?

He tells me that sharing me with BBC is the ultimate goal but it would be totally up to me. He did all the right things to get me interested in BBC like watching Interracial porn, going to all the websites, and even chatting with some BBC online. It was getting pretty hot!

Then out of nowhere, a new name surfaces. Jerome. He tells me it's a new guy at work whos big and black and has a thing for white girls. "Don't they all?" I tell him. He says that Jerome is always talking about the white girls he's had and how they love him because of how he fucks them and what he teaches them. Single women, married women, young and old, even lesbians....all fall in love with the way he makes them feel. Then Jerome told all the guys if any of their girlfriends or wives ever want to experiment with a brotha, he's the man to do it and he's available every night of the week.

"What a pig!" I say and Dave comes to me and grabs me and starts kissing my neck and lifts me up on him (as I wrap my legs around him) and he takes me to our bedroom where we begin hours and hours of sexy frolic! With Jerome's name being used quite a bit!

I still didn't think I could really be with a BBC. Every time I told Dave that, he would tell me how Jerome can get me over the hump and teach me how to accept BBC. How I could say or feel anyway and Jerome wouldn't judge me or even say a word. I could kick him out at any time and he would be fine with that. And no one would ever know. He keeps a secret. Really... Who is this Jerome? I was getting curious again.

My boyfriend was driving me crazy!! The more we kept playing like this, the more I was wanting to meet up with Jerome! I was horny all the time because of what my boyfriend was saying to me....and thinking of what Jerome will be doing to me!!! Teaching me...I wanted to just demand we stop talking about it and do it already!! But I was still a teeny bit scared.
Then one Saturday afternoon while I was out with a girlfriend shopping and getting our drink on and our nails done, Dave called me and asked if it was ok if Jerome comes over for a while. I almost dropped my phone! Was this really happening?

Dave is always playing around and I had a feeling he was just pushing my buttons. Though I must admit, I started rushing everything we were doing and looking forward to getting home.

When I got home (running every red light) I was so anxious and out of breath hoping black cock was waiting for me! But not mentioning any of that, of course! Trying to play it cool as Dave meets me in the kitchen. I look around and nothing is out of the ordinary and definitely no Jerome.

"So where's your friend? Thought you said he'd be here?" Was I too obvious?

"He is here. And this is really happening. Unless you don't want it to. Then it won't. But he's just here to help. If you're willing to allow him. It's like a practice run. See if you like it, or you don't."

"Where is he?"

"In our room waiting."

"And you will be there too?"

"Yeah...I'll be helping him, help you. You're gonna love it, babe."

I say ok and my boyfriend takes me by the hand and leads me to our room. The door is closed and we kiss the most loving and passionate kiss ever...and he opens the door with every human emotion pumping inside of me. The room is dark and there's interracial porn on the big screen and what appears to be a pretty big black man under the covers on our bed. But something seems really odd. Dave pulls back the blanket and it's a black sex doll with a huge penis sticking straight up!

Dave tells me this is advanced Role Play and he introduces me to Jerome and I say hello back. Dave starts kissing me and we're getting pretty hot as Dave whispers to me to grab a hold of Jerome's black cock. And I do.

That first night with Jerome was a wild, sexy, insane, so hot of a marathon until the sun came up and then even a little more! This was the smartest thing Dave has ever done for us! Jerome was teaching me the way of the BBC. And he was teaching me every single night! After a few months, I was with Jerome without Dave and then Dave would come home and we'd have another hot threesome.

I was adapting just fine to BBC. My favorite was missionary where I could hold on to Jerome's hips and pound myself as hard as I could. Or getting on top of Jerome and just riding him for hours, with or without Dave! I could surely do this forever! I've never had orgasms like this before. And no need for conversation or worry about anything! This was perfect!
Of course, for Dave, it was just a teaching tool, and soon he was back at trying to get me to do the "real" thing and I kept telling him that these climaxes I'm having ARE real and I'm having a good enough time here with Jerome. Dave and I didn't last much longer after that. We began to fight all the time and I knew he was just pissed about the stall in his plan. I never said I wouldn't do it... I just needed more time.

I hear Dave found my replacement pretty quickly and I wish her luck. And I wish him a big "Fuck You"! All in all, Jerome did exactly what I was told he would do and since then, I have had a couple BBC's for real. It's ok, but just having BBC for BBC's sake... is kinda a lot of work. Sometimes too much. When the whole time I know I got Jerome back at home waiting for me.
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