Hey, it's Kathy again. I must get this off my chest. I've never told anybody about this. I don't think it was my fault because it's hard to tell what's right and what's wrong when you share in this wild lifestyle. I guess communication is the key but, when you and your boyfriend are deeply in it, you think that you each know what's going on, right?

This is what happened, My boyfriend Dave and I had been enjoying our sexual life like never before. To be honest, he was turning me into his little slut! At first, I wasn't that into it, but over time I learned that "slut" isn't a bad word, it's pretty much being like every guy. Why can a guy be a slut and it's kind of a compliment? Anyway, with my boyfriend's encouragement and his teaching, I was slowly becoming his perfect slut and I was loving it at the point where we were beginning to experiment with BBC. I had never found black buys attractive though I've never had anything against them. Dave started playing a lot of BBC porn for me and the first thing that caught my attention was the size of all those black cocks, Holy Jesus! I mean, I've heard the reputations but those porn babes looked like they weren't acting when getting screwed by those black monsters. They seemed to be out of their minds and there was no question about the amounts of powerful orgasms they were having, it didn't take long for me to get behind the whole BBC thing.

Now, Dave has a whole bunch of black friends that he's had forever and our house is the house where everyone seems to meet at. Every weekend our place is full of all our friends partying it up. Which began getting a lot more exciting since my new attraction to BBC and Dave telling me to flirt away so we can discuss it later in bed! Here is where the lines get blurred, Dave has a rule about all this kinky playing around which is we can never play with people we know. In the bedroom, we can use it as fantasy role play, but that's pretty much it. So when he tells me to go flirt, how do I know when we've crossed a line? Seems impossible to know and it was.

Dave has this one friend named Ty that's kind of an ass. They played football together and Ty still does in college. He's huge, wild, and mean, he treats the girls he brings over like crap. Thank god, I don't know any of them because if I did, I tell them to get away from this guy and that they can truly do better than him! Dave knew how much Ty got under my skin and I'm not sure but, maybe that's why Dave started bringing his name up when we would play late at night in bed.

I mentioned how I couldn't believe that so many pretty white girls were going out with him and that's where it all began. I never should have said that because it seems from that moment on Dave took it as his mission in life to get me to understand and not hate his lifelong black friend. I told him, I knew what he was doing and it wasn't going to work. He told me why so many beautiful white girls go out with him, two reasons, one, his cock is huge. Second, every white girl wants to be fucked super hard and dominated. First I asked how does he know Ty has such a big penis and he tells me that not only does he have a reputation for having a "horse cock", but he's seen it when they played football together in the showers. OK, he might have me there and he didn't have to explain the dominating part because he dominated all those pretty girls outside of the bedroom too. "Don't knock it, Kathy, you've never been dominated, manhandled like I know some big black guys would do to you," I asked him if he was talking about Ty, I knew he was because from that moment on, our nightly games included a new black dildo that was huge and a lot more blindfolds and some arm and leg restraints along with Ty scenarios.

Then last Friday night, all the planets seemed to align. Everyone was over and Ty got especially wasted, when it came time for everyone to go home, Dave took Ty's keys and said, "If no one can give you a ride, you will have to stay on our couch," after a little debate, I brought him pillows and a blanket and he tried to grab my butt as I left. When I told Dave what he did, Dave was all over me and harder than ever humping me all over. It was so hot to Dave (both of us really) that he came before I even got naked and then he **********! This was not the first time this has happened but it was the first time this has happened while there was a ***** black man upstairs! I tried to get this out of my head, but how could I, I masturbated right there and came twice, but that didn't put out the fire!

I needed a drink of water, I was thirsty, I planned on going up to the kitchen the back way so I wouldn't see Ty. So as I snuck up to get a drink, I could hear sex! Ty was alone when we left him but I can hear a woman moaning. Creeping up and spying on this scene was so hot that my hand was back inside my panties! What greeted my eyes wasn't what I expected but it was still pretty damn hot! Sitting on the couch with his back to me was Ty jerking himself off to the porn channel! His black cock was so big that I could see it over his shoulder! I was frozen and terrified, too scared to move because I was sure he would see me or hear me. What in the hell was I going to do? Before I could think of anything he says in his deep mean voice, "Why don't you sit over here, it's a better view." Still in shock, I stupidly asked if it was me he was talking to. His raised voice said, "Who the fuck else would I be talking to, get over here!" I didn't realize then, but this single next move will dictate the events that will follow... for months.

As if it was just a normal thing to do, I walked over and sat right next to him on the couch. I'm ashamed to say my eyes were glued to his BBC that was lit up from only our big screen TV. "I've been trying to cum so I can go to sleep for about an hour now! Since you're here you're gonna finish the job for me? I don't wanna hear no shit, I just want you to follow my instruction and jack me off, OK? No one will find out, not Dave, not anyone. Unless you can't make me cum, then I'll tell everyone," he starts to laugh.

This situation was so insane that I took that as a challenge! He asked me if I understood and when I nodded yes, He grabbed my hand and dropped it on his rock-hard, huge black cock. I had never seen a real black cock in my life, let alone in my hands, it took me a minute to absorb this whole thing, I slightly jerked on it while I stared at it taking it all in. I thought about how much of a slut I had become for Dave and how different it would be to be a slut for this monster cock! 'That's what all those pretty girls I always see him with must be, filthy sluts that would do anything to have this black cock making them cum!' "Any time now bitch!" I hear him say and I start going to work on that cock, I realize that this black cock demands more than my one hand, so I quickly get down on the floor between his legs and get both hands on his cock. I'm looking up at him as he smiles and tells me to finish the job. I go crazy and start jerking faster than ever, I bring my face right to his cock and spit on it so I can slide up and down his cock easier. "C'mon, bitch, More!" I lose it and my mouth somehow is all of a sudden licking his big hanging balls! 'What am I doing?' "Don't stop bitch," right as he says that, his cock turns to steel in my hands and he almost screams out as his cock starts to violently jerk and hot cum starts shooting out of his fat cock head and all in my hair and all over my face! I had never seen a cock cum so much, it was everywhere, it even tasted different from all the cum I've tasted, there were gallons and gallons that seemed to come from this monstrous black cock! He grabbed a hold of my hair in his strong fist and started pulling my face all over the areas that had cum on him. "Clean me off bitch, every last drop, do you understand!" I said nothing because I had no choice, he ****** my face anywhere he wanted and to be honest, I would have cleaned him up if he asked anyway, he was THAT tasty and I was still in full slut-mode licking cum from his pubic hair when I noticed a flash go off!

The ass took a pic of me! I can only imagine how filthy and discussing it must be! I was pissed that a picture of what was going on now exists and is in the hands of this vile man! I couldn't look at him because he was still dragging my face all over his body. He then pulls my face up to his face and said, "I can't wait for our next rendezvous."

I angrily tell him, "This was a drunken mistake and it will never happen again!"

He grabbed a fistful of my hair again and pulled me up, standing right next to him as he slips his free hand into my panties and puts a finger inside me, and starts fingering me hard and fast! I had been so horny all night, I try to fight the feeling but it isn't any use, I can finally feel my climax approaching with this black man roughly fingering my hungry pussy and this ass knows exactly what he was doing as he instantly stops and takes his fingers away from me leaving me on the verge of something special! He goes back to the couch and lays down, turning off the TV. I'm standing there hating him! Frustrated, ashamed, angry... I turn wanting to cry as I need a shower and go to our master bath.

Dave is snoring as I try to figure out my next steps during our nights of play, Dave always tells me that hand jobs and even blowjobs are not cheating, but I don't know if he's serious or if that is sex talk. I want to hit this head on but I'm confused, I wake up alone in bed and try to listen to the activity upstairs it sounds like only one set of feet and no talking so I gather my nerve and go upstairs to see Dave and to feel out my next move.

Walking into the kitchen where my handsome man is making me breakfast and I see Ty on the couch eating breakfast with this huge smile as he sees me. I try to give him the meanest, dirtiest look I can as Dave announces that my breakfast is ready and that he's going to shower real quick. I tell him he could shower later and try to grab at him as he runs off. With him gone, Ty walks up behind me and brings his phone around in front of my face showing me a picture that would be so damn hot, if it wasn't me licking his cum from his black cock. "You see, no one knows anything, nice and safe. Now kiss me goodbye bitch." He spins me around his lips are on mine and then his tongue is trying to bust through my closed lips, I shock myself (and him) by parting my lips and kissing him back.
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