I don't feel like re-capping the prior 2 parts so scroll up and get a taste so you know how we got here, or don't, whatever.

I get out of the shower and Ty did come with Dave back to our place. I didn't know what I was going to do but I knew what I wanted to do. Why would Dave bring one friend back with him when he was already somewhere else with him, having fun? He must have some part in all this, I'm sure of it and that made all of this hotter.

I hadn't dressed like a slut when I joined the boys I had put on my lounging short shorts with a T-shirt because I wasn't expecting company. Entering the room was epic! I've always loved showing off but this was a little different. I knew Dave wanted me bad, but now, it was obvious that Ty wanted me bad too. I wonder how this is going to turn out, either way, I knew I was in for an experience. The first thing I notice was that Dave was at a Stage 5 Blackout wasted and Ty seemed to be at a Stage 2. They were smoking pot and Ty was making sure Dave has a shot of booze with each hit of pot. I could see trouble would soon be knocking on my door. When Dave lay on the couch and closed his eyes, I knew it was here. Ty turned to me like a hungry wolf about to pounce on his prey I started to walk slowly backward even calling to Dave to rescue me but Dave was in a coma, Ty told me that it was just us tonight, and with that, he was on me, right there in front of Dave like he said he would!

I don't know if I said this because Dave was right there or if I meant it, but as Ty was holding me tight in his arms kissing me all over my face, neck, and chest... but I told him, "I'm in love with Dave and would never hurt him so all we can do is handjobs and blowjobs, no sex!" He acts like he didn't hear me, I had to ask him about 8 times before I finally get him to agree. When he does, I start to fully accept what he's been doing to my body and mind, I'm no longer trying to push him away Instead, I'm melting in his arms as he takes his tongue out of my ear and shoves it in my mouth. He now has my shirt pulled up to my neck and he's squeezing and pinching my nipples... I look quickly to the couch right as Dave turns over to sleep on his side!

At that moment, I had never been so hot, Lustful, Slutty, and Turned on. I start to undue Ty's belt and quickly have his stiff black cock in my hands. I'm loving the make-out session but sadly have to stop, just so I can look down and have a look at the action between us. My god his cock is huge and beautiful and love-worthy! Im in another daze watching his cock when he says, "Then C'mon girl!" he pushes me back and I fall on the end of the same couch my boyfriend is sleeping on. Before I can say anything, he plops down next to me, pushing Dave's legs aside, Dave is in a coma, and feeling all this movement on the couch makes him curl up on the couch giving us even more room!

I've taken off my shirt and Ty has kicked off his pants and boxers as we sit on the couch making out wildly with me jerking off his delicious black cock. He says, "Bitch, I don't know what it is about you but you got me on the verge of cumming! What the fuck, Edge me bitch, make this last all night you fuckin slut!" Having this big, rough, mean black man under my total control with my hands is an empowering feeling. I know some girls out there know what I'm talking about, 'I control it all!' "Bitch, you know you wanna sit on that black cock, do it now!"

"Why, so you can cum inside me in a minute or two, no, no, no, besides you know the rules." Right then to prove my point, I increase the pace of my loving on his black cock and he looks at me with anger in his eyes as he starts calling me a bitch and a ***** and shooting hot cream everywhere! He's screaming now and I look over at my boyfriend who still has his back to us
After a minute, I go to the kitchen and get some wet rags to clean up. I get down on my knees in front of him and start cleaning cum off the floors, then on his legs and when I get closer to his crotch area, he gets a quick handful of my hair.

"Nah, bitch, you clean me with that ***** mouth of yours, if I can't fuck you, I get your mouth any time I want it, so clean my black cock!" At first, I'm fighting him, trying to pull away, but within a minute, I'm moaning and sucking up cum wherever I find it. The smell, the taste, I was loving it!

He soon gets up and gets dressed saying he's got places to be and bitches to fuck, since I won't fuck him. I ask him that since he came a gallon, what was the difference? He laughed at me and says, "The difference is with you bitch, you're keeping yourself away from the best fucking you'll ever get. I feel bad for you, that's all," I tell him he's crazy and can he please help me get Dave to bed before he leaves, he throws Dave over a shoulder and takes my boyfriend to our bedroom. I thought 'Jesus, this guy is strong!' Watching this had done something to me and with Dave taking up his side of our California King, I looked at Ty and told him to lie down next to Dave. I think that's the first time I've seen him smile. He jumped backward like he was jumping into a pool I looked at Dave again before slowly climbing between his legs, smiling at him as I said, "Did someone mention something about edging, was that you?"

He answers, "Yeah bitch, you heard right, that was me."

I slowly started taking his pants apart again as I teased him, "You sure you don't have to be somewhere, I thought I heard something about you having to go fuck, was that you, should I stop?" I didn't need him to respond because his black cock was telling me everything I needed to know, for the next hour... hour and a half, I edged that magnificent big black cock like I was in love with it and I was in love with it right there next to my snoring boyfriend. We never took our eyes off each other. I was a slut sucking his cock, and this time I swallowed it all, I continued pleasuring him. He left before sunrise, and I can't wait to see him again.
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