So, if you didn't read Part 1, here's a quick run-down. At the time, I didn't consider this a big deal or even cheating because I had a super kinky boyfriend Dave who started this whole experimenting within our relationship in the first place. But even he drew some lines, I guess. He always told me that handjobs and blowjobs were NOT cheating. I've argued over and over but it's what he believed and one night when I caught his good friend Ty jerking off to porn in our living room one sexually frustrating evening while everyone was asleep...I decided to believe my boyfriend's theory of these acts not being cheating and I assisted In Ty's happy ending.

Mind you, Ty is kind of an ass, he treats every girl I've ever seen him with like trash. But I guess I found out why these pretty white girls take his b.s. and abuse. His BBC is beautiful. And I only played with it in the dark. I didn't tell Dave about that one night because I honestly thought maybe he helped set it up and I expected Ty to tell everyone. But as the days passed, it became my secret. Or our secret. Whether Dave knew or not, it opened up a new and exciting situation around the home.

And Dave is to blame for adding fuel to the fire! Even if I tried to not think about Ty's BBC, every night Dave would bring it up in bed while we partied and played all night! Dave was the puppet master! He was making me want it more and more! So, in my defense, things went as far as they did because I thought my boyfriend was directing the ship I was on.

One Saturday afternoon, Dave went over to Ty's to watch football all day with a bunch of friends. I was beyond bored laying in bed thinking nothing but really dirty thoughts. And a lot of those dirty thoughts revolved around Ty and his BBC. I knew I was headed for trouble so I found justification in my thoughts and actions by remembering Dave's rule about handjobs and blowjobs. If I can keep it to just those two acts, there can't be a problem. Right? And right as I'm laying there feeling like I've made up my decision to have full access to Ty's BBC, my cell rings. I got a quick feeling of guilt thinking my sweetheart Dave must be thinking of me and when I look at my phone, it says Ty!

What are the chances? My guilt quickly turned into complete joy mixed with nervousness! I felt like I was back in the 9th grade when Dave used to call me! Only now I knew why I was feeling like this. My hand slipped into my panties as I answered the phone.
Ty- Hello bitch, are you missing me...Thinking about me blowing my load all over you... I know you want some more... don't you bitch?

Me- What? Ty, no. You got the wrong idea! Isn't Dave with you right now? Wait, I can hear Dave in the background! What are you doing? Are you crazy or something?

Ty- Crazy about spreading that pretty pussy of yours apart and making you scream for mercy, bitch. You're gonna fall in love with my black cock. (I hear Dave yell out to Ty asking him who is he talking to? And this ass tells my boyfriend, "Just one of my new bitches. She is so fine bruh. You wouldn't believe it...Watch this!) Girl, get your pussy wet for me right now!

Me- What? No way! I can't even understand how crazy this is. I'm gonna hang up.

Ty- No you're not, do you know why? Cuz there's a chance I'll tell your boyfriend. Do you want that, bitch! (I can hear Dave say, "Ah, she's got a man! Hahaha...Get it, Ty. Get that slut!)

This situation has proven to be too much and I've pulled off my panties and my hand is back at my now soaking wet, hot pussy! But I don't want Ty to know how insane I was feeling at that moment, Ty- I said, get your pussy wet for me bitch! Me- It's already wet for you, what do you want Ty... I got things to do.

Ty- The only thing you're gonna do is me, you understand bitch? My big black cock is the only cock you should be thinking about. Thinking about how you're gonna get it so hard. Harder than it's ever been! Do you think you can do that bitch? Get it so hard and so fat that when I stick it in your pussy...It's gonna make you scream, bitch! How are you gonna make it that hard, bitch? Do you think you can?

Me- I know I can, I already have, I made you cum in under 5 minutes. I know you didn't forget that...

Ty- Ah, bitch...You're right, you did. You're getting my dick hard right now. You know what...You need to be punished by my hard black cock. Do you hear me? What if I come over with your man tonight...Huh? What if I come right up to you and push you down to your knees... right in front of your boyfriend...And start slapping your face with my hard black cock. Show your boyfriend what kind of a black cock slut he has. Get my pre-cum to drip all over your face till your whole face is shiny and slutty.

That was it for me. I came so hard rubbing myself to this guy who is sitting right across from my boyfriend, saying all these nasty things out loud, and nobody knows. I was getting high from the feeling! The feeling of being so bad! I was in a sexual daze! He was calling for me and I couldn't speak, for several reasons! I finally heard him get angry and hang up. Talk about pouring gasoline on the fire! I stayed in bed playing with myself for the next 4 or 5 hours! I kept re-living everything he said and the things he was going to do to me in front of Dave! Was he going to come over with my boyfriend? If he was, I better shower. I was the sluttiest I think I've ever been at that moment. When I got out of the shower, I could hear Dave and Ty upstairs!! And Dave sounded wasted *****! Again.

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