We were finishing up breakfast when my wife got a text from her black boyfriend telling her he is in our area and is going to drop by. I am all excited because I like the guy, and I hope he comes in and fucks my wife in front of me. Because, NEWSFLASH, I like to watch my wife get fucked!

She started to get nervous and was running around the house as this was the first time we had seen him since the night in our basement. I could understand and thought it was cute that she was so excited then, on the other hand, Dee loves sex, she is sexy with a lot of sexual energy. You'll never hear anyone tell you that they banged my wife and she just laid there... most men say things like, "Damn, I thought she was going to wear the skin off my dick! she's wild!!!" So if you've read some of our other stories you know?

Deke shows up and she meets him at the door and kisses him. Not a peck on the cheek, but an honest to goodness dick stiffening welcome kiss.

"Would you like some breakfast?" she asks

"Not hungry, but I am looking to add a new routine to my Morning workout."

"Happy to be part of your schedule." "How can I serve you this morning my sexy black Master?!"

He looked at her sort of funny, I knew where she was coming from. She's been reading a lot of stories about white wives who serve black cock. Seeing the comments and pictures on FAP, I noticed that she had joined every club that had anything to do with her new black cock obsession, she even joined the White Slut Training Academy. I thought she founded the group at first, either way, she could definitely be an instructor!

He had her out of her bathrobe within minutes and to my surprise, she had put on a Black half-bra, Garters, and Heels under her bathrobe after his text. (I told you she could be a slut instructor!) He sits her down on a chair next to where I am sitting and tells her to get his cock out. She's quick to do as commanded and starts licking and kissing his black cock.

This was the first time I had looked at his member. I think Dee told me it was nine inches once. The dude had a seriously thick and long uncircumcised dick! If you have never been as close to your wife or GF as I was when watching her sucking another man's cock, you should try it!!

Once he was good and hard, he had her stand up and bend over the counter. Probing her ass with his thick black fingers, he started laughing, "I think your wife likes my black cock in her ass, Tom? look, she got all lubed up for me!" He pulled his finger out, and sure enough, it was covered with lubricant!? He proceeded to wipe it on his cock before placing the head against her ass and pushing in.

"Oh yes, honey, give me that black cock!"

"Ever watch a black man fuck your wife in the ass, Tom?"

I shook my head, "No, not this close."

"Please, baby, I love the feeling of your black cock stretching me?"

He looked at me "Your wife loves this! Look at her pushing back against me to get more of it inside of her."

I looked at her "How much do you like that cock?"

She told me, in no uncertain terms, how good it felt, and how much she wanted him to fuck her and cum in her ass.

She got vulgar as she gripped the counter as he worked his dick into her until he had about 2 inches to go, it was a sight! Deke started fucking her slowly, she asked me how I liked watching him take her ass? I watched my wife's body convulsing and trembling from the excitement as his big black cock continued to go in and out.

I thought it looked like it would be painful, but Dee wasn't complaining. He reached around and played with her pussy until she came. Then he turned her around so she and I were face to face. I reached out and took her breasts in my hands as she kissed me. Deeann wrapped her arms around my shoulders as I kept squeezing and pinching her nipples and Deke continued his welcomed assault of Dee's pussy.

She was telling me how good it felt, how much she loved his cock as I reached up and jammed two fingers into her pussy, she came almost immediately soaking my fingers. Deke was banging her hard and fast but when her orgasm started squeezing his cock he pulled out of her suddenly sending Dee into spasms as he moved around to her side and shoved the head of his dick in her mouth just as he started cumming! DeeAnn pumped his cock and massaged his balls milking him for all she could, sucking him dry, she swallowed a lot of black seed down her throat without spilling much if any.

Dee went and got cleaned up, coming back with a warm rag and cleaning him up as we talked over coffee at the table. She couldn't keep her mouth off of him as she wiped, sucked, and kissed his cock, squeezing him, and massaging his balls while stroking his dick under the table, as we talked. I noticed that he was getting hard again! When he excused himself saying he needed to get going and got dressed and left.

Not our normal breakfast routine, but it was a nice change of pace! :)
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