So, I screwed up.

I was on top of my wife, Shawna, in bed, going along nicely and sensing that she was on the verge of orgasm. I felt like I was getting close as well and trying to time things so we came together.

She was moaning and I was fantasizing my usual scenario whenever we made love or when I masturbated: Shawna was pinned underneath a big, black guy with a huge cock and he was cumming inside her.

He was the usual nondescript black guy, all muscled up and humping like an animal into my wife’s pretty, bare pussy… and she was eating it up.

Going good now, I’m thrusting harder and Shawna is moaning louder, her signal when she’s right on the verge.

I pictured the black guy cumming inside her and that pushed me over the edge. Her pussy clamped down on me and I came a gusher. As I climaxed, I said…

“Take that black cock, baby!”

I shivered in an orgasmic aftershock and only then realized I had said it out loud.

Oh fuck.

I lay there on top of Shawna and my now-flaccid-cock popped out of her soaked pussy. I had really filled her.

Cautiously, I kissed her, rolled off her to my side of the bed and snuggled under the quilt, hoping to God she hadn’t heard it. It was my secret fantasy and I’d never discussed it with her. I laid there for about a minute and just when I thought I’d gotten away with it…

“What did you say?”

Oh fuck.

I pretended I didn’t hear her and groaned, faking I was half asleep.



“What did you say?”


“What did you say?” she asked a little more pointedly.


I heard her shift around in the bed, probably now facing me, leaning on her elbow.

“When you came. You said something when you came inside me.”

“Did I?”

“Yes, you did. It sounded like you said ‘Take that black cock.’”

“Do what?”

“You said ‘Take that black cock, baby.’”

I was cornered.

Do I tell her my fantasy and maybe really make her mad? Explain to her that I picture her taking a big, black cock every time I masturbate or have sex with her? That could piss her off for months. And then the questions: why do you fantasize about that? Is that what you want? You don’t love me? Hell, I can’t even explain to myself why I’m so obsessed with the idea, so how could I ever make sense of it to her? Or, do I make up some lie on the spot and maybe get caught in it? Truth? Lie?

Lie, definitely lie.

“Oh, that. I think it’s because I’ve got this photoshoot in Jamaica coming up.”

I’m a freelance photographer and make most of my living selling photos to travel magazines and airline mags.


“I forgot to tell you about it,” I lied. “It’s supposed to be for a travel article about interracial couples taking beach vacations. I guess the visual I concocted in my head was a little graphic and I got carried away when we were making love. Sorry.”

It was a pretty good lie for short notice. I lay there and waited, hoping it sounded believable to her.

“When are you going to Jamaica?”

She bought that? Or does she know I’m lying and she’s going to punish me for it someday?

“In about two weeks,” I lied again.

“Could I go? I could use a trip to the beach. I could get some real sun on my body to keep my tan alive instead of doing tanning booths all the time.”

She bought it. And she wants to go? I guess I should start making reservations so the whole line of bullshit doesn’t cave in on me.

“Yeah, I could probably add you to my travel expenses. I could for sure if you’d agree to model for the shoot. That way I wouldn’t have to hire a model when I get there.”

She looked at me pensively.

“Me model for an interracial photo shoot?”

“Yeah, well it’s not sex. It would just be like a couple having fun on the beach. You’re gorgeous and probably built much better than any anorexic model I’d get from the agency.”

Shawna was really beautiful; long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a really nice tan and her body was killer. She was perfect for me, other than seemingly having no fantasies in the bedroom, which she made up for with enthusiasm.

“I don’t know,” she said.

My heart sank.

“If my girlfriends ever saw me in that magazine or even worse, my mom, I couldn’t take the embarrassment. I’d never hear the end of it.”

“Well, it’s for a small circulation Italian travel magazine,” I lied again. “I doubt it will even make it to the U.S. And your mom doesn’t even like to travel. It could work,” I said hoping. “And it would really help me out. It would save me the model’s fee.”

“Will you show me a good time? I’ve never been to Jamaica before.”

“Of course, I will. You’ll love it. All the sun you can handle, cool breezes and you’ll love the Cuban rum. It’s smooth like cognac. And there’s nude beaches. You could really work on your tan.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Okay, you sure?”

“Yes, I’ll do it! Jamaica, here I come!”

I had to get to work.


Two weeks later and we were getting settled in to the little Jamaican cottage I rented last minute. It was spacious, airy and lots of windows, which Shawna really liked. She came out of the bathroom wearing a new bikini she bought for the trip.

“Whoah! That’s hot!” I said staring at her. It was a red, super small, mesh micro bikini from Wicked Muskrat or Dirty Nellies, or something. It barely covered the nipples on her ample tits and the bottoms were just big enough to cover the hump of her pussy. Being mesh, I could easily see her nipples and the front of the lips on her pussy.

“Too much?” she asked, spinning around to give me a good view. The back of the bikini bottoms were a thong, so her taught, tanned ass cheeks were on full display.

“Not for me. You look smoking hot.”

“What about for the beach? You think they’ll throw me out?”

“If they do, we can go to the nude beach and you’ll fit right in. But I seriously doubt anyone with a pair of eyes will think about throwing you off the beach. Every guy there will be sporting wood.”

She giggled at that, spun once and pranced off back to the bathroom.

“Hey, babe,” I called, “I have to go out to talk to the concierge about getting a male model for the shoot. I’ll be right back.”



An hour later, Shawna and I were searching the beach for the male model the concierge had arranged for me. The concierge said he was black, about 40, 6 foot-2, and would be wearing black swim trunks. His name was Marco.

I was really hoping he didn’t look effeminate. It seemed lately many of the male models the agency sent looked like they belonged in a gay mag.

Shawna was wearing her new bikini but had decided to wear a beaded shawl around her waist over the bikini bottoms in case she got out here and felt out-of-place. One look at the beach and we found she had worried for nothing.

The beach was littered with topless women of all sorts, colors and ages. Unfortunately, most of them were pretty old and not worth a look. Shawna was definitely the best-looking woman out there.

Then I saw him.

This had to be him. He was dark black, in really good shape and I almost thought he was nude at first because the black swimsuit was small, tight and matched his skin tone. An impressive bulge accented the front of his swimsuit. Definitely didn’t look gay. If he was 40, he held his age well. He didn’t look a day over 30.

“Whoah, is that him?” Shawna asked, pulling down her sunglasses to get a better look.

“I think so.”

Marco waved to and changed course to intercept us.

“Hello, beautiful people,” Marco said shaking my hand, which was dwarfed by his. He turned to Shawna, held her hand and kissed it.

“You must be the lovely Shawna. You are the star of the beach, my dear.”

She blushed and mumbled something. He held her hands out to the side, looking her up and down with approval.

“Just lovely,” he said smiling broadly. He turned to me.

“Well, shall we get started? Dominic at the hotel wasn’t sure what kind of photo shoot it is to be. Clothes or no?”

“Mostly clothed,” I said.

“I know a spot,” he said, “on the nude beach side. It’s secluded and nudity is not a requirement but is accepted if we need it.”

“Lead on!” I said.

“Come, I’ll show you.”

He grabbed Shawna’s hand and led her off at a quick pace. I scooped up my camera equipment and scooted off after them. When I caught up, they were chatting happily away about something but I was mesmerized by the sight of my wife, tan skin in a skimpy bikini, walking hand-in-hand with a large black man in his own skimpy briefs. I felt a twitch in my swimming trunks.

We reached the nude beach and continued on for another quarter mile. We walked in and among the few nude sunbathers, Marco holding Shawna’s hand and chatting with her the whole way. He had an easy glide to his stride, like an athlete of some sort, perhaps soccer. We made our way to an alcove surrounded by walls of lava rock. The beach was beautiful white sand, and a single palm tree graced the area. It was perfect for a photo shoot, fake or not.

This, I felt, would be the closest I would ever get to getting pictures of my wife with a black man, so I wanted to make the most of it. I took one of the two of them walking away from me onto the beach. It was a beauty.

They turned around to me and Marco asked what sort of shoot I was looking for.

“I want the two of you to look like a couple enjoying the beach and the waves. You should try to look as comfortable together as someone who’s been dating or been married for a couple years. Nothing more than what you’re both comfortable with. You know, some fun moments, some quiet…some intimate moments. Whatever pops into your head.”

“I can do that,” Marco said in a low, deep voice.

With that, he scooped up Shawna in his arms and effortlessly carried her around the beach, the beads from her shawl-skirt clacking with each turn. She had her arms around his neck and was smiling. It looked genuine, not faked at all. I started taking photos.

He lifted her body up like she was a child and buried his face into her tan tummy and he blew a raspberry into the damp sweat of her stomach. She giggled ecstatically and I snapped away. She tried to wriggle away as she laughed but he held her tight and blew another one on her belly button.

He finally put her down and again held her arms out to the side, taking in her beauty.

“May I see your bikini bottoms?” he asked politely, innocent enough.

With one hand, she reached down, undid the tie and threw the beaded skirt away. I got a great freeze-frame shot of it and the shocked look on his face. She walked around a bit modeling the bikini for him as he watched on in awe. The bulge in his swim-suit expanding.

Her nipples and pussy lips were on full view now and I zoomed in some to take in both. She was gorgeous; a sweaty sheen making her tanned skin glow and her pussy lips pressing against the mesh of her bikini bottoms, leaving little to the imagination.

“Run around some,” I instructed.

They held hands and dashed around the white sand, looking like a couple in love. I was getting some great shots and some good action in my trunks…definite swelling there.

One time they ran by me, I reached out and grabbed the tie string of Shawna’s bikini top and it came loose, her titties breaking free from their bonds. She ran around like that for a minute then took the top off and threw it on the beach.

Marco really seemed to like that and reached down to adjust his growing problem. I noticed that if he grew much more, there would be no place to put it in those small swim trunks.

Marco picked up Shawna and carried her toward the surf. Her arms were around his neck. His leg and back muscles strummed while running. It made for super photos. They crashed into the surf and fell into the ocean together.

They played together out in the ocean for a while, some touching and petting. He picked her up again and walked into the beach; water glistening and dripping off their bodies. When they got on the beach, he set her down, then grabbed her hips and lifted her up to straddle him. She instantly wrapped her lovely legs around him. Her beautiful tanned legs against his strong, muscled waist and back made for stunning contrast.

He held onto her hips and started spinning around, her upper body extended away from him but her groin mashed firmly against his bulging trunks. He spun like that a few more times as her hair blew in the breeze and her breasts bounced freely. It was an amazing sight. I snapped away, taking in the beauty of the shot. If I concentrated, I could imagine the wet black trunks he wore weren’t even there, and his massive black cock was buried deep inside my wife.

I rubbed my crotch to reposition my hardening dick.

Then he stopped spinning and set Shawna down again. He backed her up to the sole palm tree on the beach and pressed his body against her, her perky, naked breasts pressed up against his dark, muscular chest. I could see she was getting excited. She blushed and she was breathing hard. He pressed in harder.

And he kissed her.

I was so stunned I forgot the camera. But I remembered I did instruct them to include some intimate shots. When I remembered, I raised the camera again and snapped away on automatic shutter release. Their mouths were open and their tongues explored each other. Marco reached down and grabbed her bare butt cheeks and massaged them as they kissed.

This was just about as hot as it could get and hotter than I ever expected.

I was still taking pictures when he broke from kissing her, and turned to me smiling.

“How’s that,” Marco asked. Shawna’s mouth was still open, she stared at his face.


We packed up and walked back to our bungalow, Shawna still wearing just her mesh bikini bottoms. She seemed in a trance. She stayed that way until we were heading off the beach and she put her mesh top back on. We started to part company but I asked Marco something.

“Where’s the best bar in this area of Jamaica? We want to go out but I don’t want someplace swamped by tourists.”

“The best one is where I go, a place called Spotlight, but it’s only for locals.”


“But I could get you in with me, as my guests. I’ll warn you, though, you may be the only white people there. Like I said, it’s locals only.”

“That would be great!” Shawna exclaimed.

“I’ll meet you in the front lobby of the hotel at seven, pm.” Marco said.

“See you there,” I told him.

Marco slapped Shawna’s bare ass as we left. That was a little forward, I thought, but perhaps Jamaicans are like that.

Shawna and I walked off to our bungalow and she still seemed distracted. Inside, I asked her about it.

“What’s up? You seem out of it.”

“I don’t know, nothing.”

Uh-huh. Not buying it, I thought.

“The shoot went great. You looked fantastic. You and Marco really seemed to click. It showed in the pictures,” I said walking over to her.

“Yeah, it seemed good,” she said, still looking far off, standing there looking hot in her mesh bikini. I put my arms around her.

“You might as well tell me. You will sooner or later anyway.”

“Rick, he was rubbing himself against me when I had my legs around his waist. He also did it when he pinned me against the tree and kissed me,” she said flushing.

I laughed and she looked sharply at me.

“Well, what do you expect? You’re barely wearing anything and you look smoking hot. What man wouldn’t rub himself against you if he got the chance?”

“Yeah, I know, but he was big down there…and hard.”


“And I sort of liked it,” she said hanging her head.

“Jesus, babe, don’t sweat it. He was sexy too and not wearing much. It happens. I mean how much did you like it?” I said reaching down to feel her pussy lips through the mesh bikini.

She was drenched. My finger slid right into her and she melted in my arms. Her juices ran down my hand, soaking it.

Shawna dropped to her knees, pulled my hard dick out and started sucking it. She was turned on. I’ve never felt her suck me so hard and furiously. My dick was aching as she sucked on it. She took it out of her mouth and looked up at me.

“You’re turned on too.”

“You bet,” I said pushing my hardness back into her waiting mouth.

God, she sucked away at me with abandon, intermittently rubbing the head against her face and slapping it against her cheeks.

I picked her up and headed for the bed. I could see her juices streaming down her legs and knew she was probably already cumming, just sucking on me. I laid her down and yanked off the bikini bottoms.

I climbed around and mounted her face and she sucked me right in. Laying down, I buried my face into her gushing pussy and licked for all I was worth. Humping at her face and savagely licking her swollen pussy was sending me over the edge. He pussy started to twitch and I knew she was cumming again. I held onto her hips and licked the flowing juices as I thrust into her mouth, shooting jets of hot cum. She sucked it all down and was still sucking when I collapsed and rolled off her, my dick plopping free of her luscious mouth.

“God, baby, that was hot,” I said.

“Uh-huh,” she grunted. “Ugh, fuck, that was good.”

I sat up some and looked at her swollen pussy staring me in the face. It was beautiful and hairless. I rolled over and licked her lips again, causing her to jump.

“No, no,” she said pushing my face away. “Too much. Let me calm down.”

I looked at the clock…3pm. We had to meet Marco out front in four hours. I crawled around so we were face to face.



We fell asleep holding each other, the smell of our mixed juices fresh on our breath. I dozed off thinking about how she said Marco was rubbing his cock against her. I wondered if she was thinking of that too as she drifted off.


We got up in time to shower, dress and meet Marco out in the front lobby. Shawna had put on a mid-thigh length white sundress, that really showed off her legs. I noticed her tits looked bouncier than usual in the dress.

“No bra?”

“No, didn’t feel like it.”

“Looks sexy.”

“Panties?” I queried.

She looked around the lobby and as no one was in sight, she faced me and flipped up the front of her dress, showing her sexy red panties. They looked fucking hot. When she put her dress down, I stared and could barely make out the shape of her red panties under the dress.

“Damn, sexy, baby.”

Marco showed up minutes later wearing a black cabana shirt, white cotton pants and dress shoes. The shirt hung down far enough that his copious bulge was hidden from view.

We shook and he and Shawna hugged in greeting. I noticed one black hand grabbed her ass cheek through the dress. Again, a little forward, but seeing how the shoot went, not out of line.

But the nightclub was out of our league.

We stepped inside and were immediately assaulted by clouds of marijuana smoke, aftershave and sweat. It was dark, except for a few spotlights playing around the room, thus the name of the club: Spotlight. The DJ was blasting reggae throughout. If we hadn’t been escorted by Marco, I would have never gone.

He was right. We were the only whites in the place and we stood out like a sore thumb. He led us to a round table, surrounded on three sides by circular padded seating. Marco slid in, then Shawna and then me. The waitress brought us three Cuban rums that I suppose Marco ordered.

“What’s with the spotlights?” I asked Marco.

“The people working the lights search for people making out or getting crazy and they spotlight them so people can watch.”

“Pretty strange,” I said but I don’t think he heard me.

Shawna was busy surveying the club and its occupants. I grabbed her arm and whispered to her “Pretty strange, huh? Do you want to stay or go somewhere quieter?”

“Let’s stay a little while. Marco said the music mellows out some after a while.”

Nuff said. We talked with Marco for a while or more accurately, yelled a while with Marco, just so we could be heard above the din.

Then as if by magic, boom! The volume dropped and slow dance music started. It was much easier to hear and not as frantic on the dance floor.

“You wanna dance?” Shawna said, knowing full well that I don’t dance.

“You know I don’t dance.”

“Not even a slow one? I feel like getting on the dance floor.”

“No. Too crowded anyway,” I explained.

“Would you like to dance with me?” Marco asked Shawna. He stood up and put his hand out to her.

She looked expectantly to me.

“You mind, baby?” she asked.

“Yes, I do, but go ahead if you want. But only one song, okay? I wanna get going soon.”

“Great!” she said taking Marco’s hand and jumping up, heading into the middle of crowd. Her dress flared up as she turned, showing a good portion of her sexy, tanned leg.

It seemed like I sat there forever as patrons passed my table, looking me up and down. The women looked curious. Most of the men looked mad and scowled as they passed.

A minute later, I realized a new slow song had started up and Shawna was still on the dance floor with Marco. She seemed rather taken with him and he was definitely focused on her. His big, black hands were on her ass most of the time and she wasn’t fighting it.

Soon another slow song started and they were still out there grinding away. One of the spotlights even focused on them for a minute so I could see them better. His hands were still squeezing her ass through her dress and she was pressed tightly up against him.

I’d just about had enough when Shawna plopped down on the bench seat next to me.

“Wow, that was fun. Thanks!” she said. I noticed her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily.

“You okay?”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “I just need to catch my breath, then we can get going.”

“Where’s Marco? I wanted to talk to him,” about his roaming hands with Shawna.

“Bathroom, he said. That way.”

I got up and worked my way through the crowd to the bathroom. Inside, Marco was standing at one of the urinals, so I took the one next to him and unzipped.

“Ah, Mister Rick,” he said noticing me. “Your wife is some dancer. I am envious.”

“And I noticed you’re taking leave with feeling her up on the dance floor,” I said. “I hope you’re not letting the photo shoot scenario carry over to the real world.”

I looked over at him. It was then I saw him shaking off his cock after pissing.

The thing was huge!

I guess I stared too long and he caught me at it.

“You like?” he said shaking it before popping it back in his pants.

“No, I definitely don’t swing that way.”

“Your wife Shawna seems quite taken with it, no?”

He shocked me. I don’t know if she was or not but I wasn’t going to tell him. I shook off the last drops and zipped up. We stood next to each other at the sink.

“Why would you say that?”

“Well, Mister Rick, she was feeling me up too, as you say. I was getting worked up and even thought of making love to her had you not been here.”

My mind was spinning. Shawna feeling his cock on the dance floor? He was thinking of fucking her? She’d never do it, I thought.

“She’d never do it,” I told him confidently because she told me she’d never do anything like that. But that was before he let me know she was rubbing his cock through his pants.

He pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to me. It was Shawna’s panties.

I just stared at them in my hand. The crotch was slick with juices. I smelled them…her juices!

“How the hell did you get those?”

“Well, I pulled them down and she took them off and handed them to me. Is this something she doesn’t normally do?” he asked, giving me a shit-eating grin.

“No, not ever. I don’t believe you.”

“Then how would I get them?” he asked.

“I’m not sure but she’d never do that. And as far as having sex with you, that’s something she would definitely never do.”

“Want to wager?”

The question stunned me but I answered quickly.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you a hundred dollars!”

He smiled at me again.

“Even if I told you I already had my finger inside her pussy? It was very wet and warm. She is a sexy woman and frankly, Mister Rick, your wife is in heat and she wants it.”

“Bullshit,” I said flabbergasted. “Even if she did want to, she’d never do it without protection. Getting pregnant or some island disease are her greatest fears.”

“Hmm, well I’m clean down there but…” he said thoughtfully. “We could test your theory. We bet one hundred dollars and you go get a condom from that machine on the wall and we’ll see who wins.”

I didn’t know what to say but I was sure Shawna would never do it.

“Over there,” he pointed. “The machine on the wall. Get the large ones. And I’ll meet you back at the table.”

With that, he walked out.

What do I do?

I’ll prove him wrong, is what I’ll do. So, I headed to the condom machine with coins in hand. Three of the dispenser slots said “Magnum”. The fourth one said “Regular” but someone had scratched a line through ‘regular’ and wrote in pen “For white boys.”

I got a Magnum and headed back to the table. Marco had his arm around Shawna and they were talking and laughing together. I was pissed.

“Can I talk to you?” I asked pointedly of Shawna.

“Hmm,” she replied.

“Can I talk to you? Now? By the front doors? Come on!”

I fairly dragged her over there and she looked a little pissed when I stopped.

“Are you planning on fucking him?” I said in an accusatory tone.

“Are you *****?”

“No, I’m not. Answer the question.”

“No, I am not planning on fucking him, as you so politely put it. Why?”

I pulled the panties out of my pocket and shoved them at her.

“Then where did these come from?”

The tables turned. She looked caught in a trap.

“He…he kinda pulled them down while we were out there dancing.”


“Yes, and they were dangling around my ankles so I just took them off.”

“And you gave them to him.”

“Well…yes. I was feeling a little flirty, so I did. No harm, no foul.”

“And you let him finger you out there on the dance floor?”

“Oh, shit.”

“Yeah! Sounds like a foul to me!”

“He told you that?” she asked.

“That he stuck his fingers in you? Yes, he did. Right after he shoved your panties in my face. And I suppose your pussy isn’t wet, right?”

She didn’t answer.

“Should I check?”

“Go ahead, if you have to?” she said angrily staring at me.

So, I went for it. I lifted the front of her dress and grabbed her bare pussy.

She was soaked. My finger sunk in deep. I worked it in and out a few times. She closed her eyes and shivered a little.

“Is this what he did?”

Her eyes were still closed.

“Well?” I pushed.

“Yes, that’s what he did but his fingers were bigger and went in much deeper, if you must know. And I liked it. I shouldn’t have but I did. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I let him do it and it felt good.”

I closed my eyes trying to gather my wits.

“But,” she said grabbing my chin and lifting it so I looked at her, “I am not planning on fucking him. I want to fuck. I want to fuck right now but I belong to you, okay?”

“Yeah.” I said properly chastised.

“Now, let’s go finish our drinks, tell him goodbye so you can take me back to the room and we can fuck like bunnies!” she said spinning on her heels, heading back to the table.

I stuffed the panties back in my pocket and followed her.

At the table, she sat back down next to Marco and me next to her. Marco put his arm around her as she drank her rum. This guy was starting to piss me off.

He said something in her ear and placed his other big hand on her leg, just below the bottom of her dress. He said something else to her and slid his hand part way under her dress. He said something else and she turned to me, fire in her eyes.

“What did he say?” I asked her.

“He said you were gambling in the bathroom on whether or not I would have sex with him!”

“You mother fucker,” I said to Marco but he smiled at me.

“Is it true?”

“Well, there’s more to it than…”

“Is it true? Do you take my sex for granted so much that you wager on it?”

“No, I don’t.”

“But is…it…true?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“You fucker. I should fuck him just to punish you!”

“He even bought me a condom to use,” Marco said, prodding her.

“You WHAT!?”

“You can shut up anytime now, Marco.”

“So, it’s true? You bought a condom for him to use on me?” she asked, really pissed off.

“I told him you’d never do it. You told me you’d never do it. I was just repeating what you said.”

“Show me!”

I pulled the Magnum out of my pocket and showed her. She snatched it from my hand.

“Hey, I told him you’d never do it. That’s why I bet on it. Not because I was disrespecting you.”

“Then why buy the condom?”

I didn’t have an answer. I sat and thought as quickly as I could for some explanation. Even for a lie that would work but nothing came. I shrugged my shoulders.

Shawna was nearing her boiling point, huffing and puffing, looking like she wanted to slug the shit outta me. Then she stopped breathing hard and her normal color came back.

I noticed Marco’s hand was further up her dress, working up and down on her crotch.

“Okay,” she said, “this is what you want,” she said shaking the condom at me. “This is what you’ll get.”

“That’s not what I want,” I pleaded, although my dick was rock hard.

She looked to Marco.

“Pull your cock out.”

“Yes, lady,” he said grinning. He unzipped with ease and let his big, black cock flop out. It twitched once and started growing.

Shawna reached over and took his monster black cock in her small hand and stroked it a couple times.

“Oh my God,” she said still rubbing it.

“Shawna, you don’t have to do this. Let’s go.”

“Shut up,” she snapped at me, never missing a stroke on his meaty, black cock.

She shifted her butt my direction for more room and dropped her head down in his lap. From my angle, I could just see his giant cock disappearing into my wife’s lovely mouth. She was sucking him hard, making slurping noises as she went. He put his hand on top of her head and shoved down hard, burying his big cock in her throat. She gagged a little but he held her head firm, humping his hips up and down, using her mouth.

My dick was screaming for attention in my pants but I could do nothing about it.

Her dress covered butt was pressed up against my leg as she continued to suck him and he pushed her head down even further.

I lifted her dress up and had an unobstructed view of her dripping wet, waxed pussy. I couldn’t resist. I shoved two fingers inside her. She groaned and pushed her hips into me. I started working her pussy hard.

Although we were seated in the back part of the dark club, people around us were starting to notice, but they didn’t seem surprised; just interested.

I was working her G-spot pretty vigorously and she was pushing against my hand and groaning like crazy on Marco’s dick, which I could now see again thrusting in and out of her abused mouth.

I had just considered pulling my dick out and mounting her when she pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop. She snatched the Magnum condom off the table, tore it open and swiftly slid it down over the length of his massive cock.

She got up, swung her leg over and straddled Marco, using her hand to guide his big cock into her sopping pussy. She found the spot and slid down its length onto on his lap in one smooth motion.

“Fuck me like I'm yours,” she growled at him, all the while looking me in the eye; taunting me for my transgressions.

Marco grabbed her hips, holding her dress around her waist and thrust into her with a grunt. With her dress up around her waist like that, I could see everything; his cock, her pussy, her ass and her amazing, sexy legs. It was an outrageous sight and my dick was throbbing.

She grunted and started saying “Oh, God, yes, fuck me. Your black cock is fucking amazing. It’s touching my womb. I can feel your cock head pounding deep inside me. Do it. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big, black cock!”

She locked lips with him, in a deep soul kiss, as he pounded her pussy. She added to the thrusting by slamming herself down on him as he thrusted upward. I could hear his meaty, black cock slamming into her, causing her to grunt with each thrust. She was kissing him like her life depended on it and slamming her pussy down on him ferociously. I was shocked.

She’s never fucked me like this before nor ever before shouted the words she was saying to him. But then she’d never had a big, black cock like this before. At least as far as I knew.

At that moment, the spotlight hit them and the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. I was shocked and wasn’t sure what to do since I was partially in the light as well.

But there she was in the spotlight, fucking a big-cocked black man in front of a hundred people. Then the crowd started chanting.

“Get some! Get some! Get some!”

God, it was embarrassing seeing my wife getting fucked in a spotlight but it was so fucking hot looking that I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene in front of me.

I watched as his magnificent black cock meat continuously pounded into her like a jackhammer and she was screaming “Jesus, I love your black cock. Fuck me!”

And then it hit me…why aren’t you taking pictures!

I took out my phone and snapped away. I took several catching his cock slamming in and out of her, his massive black cock meat stretching the walls of her pussy. Then I got a couple shots catching the ecstasy on her face as she was ready to cum. Lastly the whole scene with him fucking her, them kissing deeply and the crowd in the background chanting and cheering.

The crowd was still chanting ‘Get some!’ when Marco tensed and started to grunt louder and louder.

At last, he grabbed Shawna’s hips and slammed her down on himself, holding her there as he released his seed deep, hopefully contained by the condom, inside her. I saw come leaking out of the bottom of the condom, dripping down his balls.

Shawna was still atop him, grinding her pussy into him. They both stopped and held each other, sated.

“Thank you, Shawna, you are a goddess,” Marco said to her. Then he kissed her open mouthed. She was exhausted, sweat running down her neck and back.

She climbed off him and the crowd cheered. She looked up and I don’t think she even knew they were there until that moment. She looked at me and smiled.

“Can we go back to the bungalow now?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded.


Her legs were wobbly so I carried her back to the cottage. As I walked, she looked up at me and said “Is that what you wanted to see, baby? I know you liked it. I could see it in your eyes…and in your pants. That’s what you wanted all along, wasn’t it?”

“You were perfect, baby. You surprised me doing that. I came in my pants just watching you. And yes, that was my dream and you fulfilled it.”

She fell asleep smiling in my arms.


We awoke late the next morning. I found her texting on her cell phone, tapping away furiously.

“Who are you texting?”


I sat up and looked unbelieving at her.


“Yeah, I asked him over for a drink,” she said hopping up from the bed. “I have to get a shower before he arrives. He’ll be here in about twenty minutes,” she said putting the phone down on the nightstand and walking toward the bath.

“How did you get Marco’s phone number to text him?”

“He gave it to me last night in the club. Said we should stay in touch.”

He did, did he? That devious bastard.

Shawna was just drying off from the shower when there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” I told her as I tried to get up.

“No, honey, I’ll take care of it. I’m already up,” she said running naked past the bed.

“Are you going to put some clothes on first,” I asked.

But she didn’t answer.

I was curious, so I rolled over, grabbed her phone and pulled up her text to Marco.

  • Marco: You up?
  • Shawna: Just getting there. Wanna come over for a drink?
  • Marco: Sure. Maybe replay last night?
  • Shawna: God no, I can’t. My pussy is so sore.
  • Marco: Oh ☹
  • Shawna: But I would like to get that black cock of yours in my mouth again
  • Marco: Be there in 20
WTF? He’s looking for another round and she’s wanting to suck his cock. This guy is pushy beyond belief and she wants his big cock…bad! I guess I can’t blame her but I am still her husband.

“Hi Marco!” Shawna squealed. I sat up in time to see her hugging his neck, kissing him and wrapping her naked legs around his waist. He was wearing khaki shorts and his usual bulge was obvious. Marco walked by the bed still carrying Shawna’s naked body, her legs cinched around him. He was holding on to her ass.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you again, Marco. What’s the occasion?”

“Oh nothing, Mister Rick. Shawna here,” he said patting her bare butt, “Invited me over for a drink, so I thought why not?”

I sat there on the bed wanting to confront him but I was naked under the sheets and didn’t feel like displaying my average-sized dick to him.

He peeled Shawna off himself and sat down in a chair.

“Want a drink?” she asked him.

“Sure, rum.”

She jiggled off, naked as ever and came back quickly with a glass of rum for him.

“Nothing for me, baby,” I said to her sarcastically.

“Okay.” It went right over her head.

She plopped down on the floor in front of his feet and rested her arm on his leg, her hand dangerously close to his crotch.

He started some idle chit-chat with me that I wasn’t trying to follow. I was watching my beautiful, naked wife playing with the zipper of his shorts. He saw me staring at her and asked her.

“Is there something you need, you sexy thing?”

She smiled up at him.

“Your big, black cock.”

He looked at me, then back to her.

“You sure?”

“It’s okay. He likes to watch. Gets him off. Right, baby?” she said pulling his bulging cock free from his shorts.

He reached down, popped the button on his shorts and she pulled them off.

My cock was immediately hard under the sheets.

His cock was massive but in her small hands, it looked absolutely monstrous. It was mostly hard already, sticking straight out an inch from her face. She sucked his dark black cock into her mouth and went to work trying to suck the cum out of him. The fleshy foreskin slid back and forth into her mouth. She looked up at me once and winked with his turgid black cock straining her lips as she sucked him.

My God, she looked hot with a big, black cock in her mouth.

Ah, what the hell, I thought.

I pulled the sheet off me and started jacking off watching my dedicated, lovely wife sucking her lover’s huge cock. I came shortly before he did, which Marco observed.

Shawna was happily sucking away on him, all the while jacking her petite white hand up and down the length of his ten-inch shaft. The whole time she was sucking, she kept groaning and making ‘mmmm’ sounds. Obviously, she was enjoying it.

When he was getting close, he grabbed his big, chocolate hunk of meat and jacked it onto her face, spilling his hot cum all over her lips and cheeks. He rubbed the meaty black head back and forth across her face as she made yummy sounds, apparently enjoying his cum on her face.

I’ve never seen her do that before either. Lots of new stuff in this interracial cuckold lifestyle, I guess.

She planted a sloppy wet kiss on the head of his spent cock and got up, cum dripping off her face onto the floor.

“I have to wash up,’ she said looking me in the eye. Looking to Marco, she said “Don’t go away.”

She pranced off to the bathroom, her beautiful face drenched in her lover’s cum, and so happy that she was singing.

“Lovely wife you’ve got there, Rick.” He wiped his cock head off on a towel she’d brought him and threw it on the floor. He put his shorts back on.

I looked around for some underwear or a pair of shorts to put on but figured he’d already seen me jacking off and cumming on the floor, so what else did I have to hide?

He stood up as I approached him and I stood in front of him, my dick still semi-hard with cum dripping off it.

Standing naked in front of him towering over me like that was a bit intimidating.

“Why did you give my wife your phone number?”

He sat down, noticing my dripping dick and he chuckled at it.

“I thought maybe she’d want to suck my cock again, properly. And she did. Did you get a good view as you whacked your little dickie?”

Game, set & match. Fuck.

“Okay, you win. We’re leaving tomorrow morning. So, I guess I’ll have to put up with you fucking her until we leave.”

“You sure you’re leaving tomorrow? Shawna told me she wants to stay a while longer to enjoy my Jamaican attributes. Anyway, you owe me a hundred bucks,” he said in a deep voice.


“The wager…that I’d fuck your wife. And I did. In front of you and a hundred witnesses as you watched me. And now I’ve fucked her mouth and cum all over her pretty face. Lucky for you we didn’t make it a hundred for each fucking. So, a hundred bucks?”

My dick twitched when he said he’d cum all over her face. My dick was coming back to life and here I stood naked in front of a guy with a black God-cock three times the size of mine.

“Your winky is twitching,” he said pointing at it.

I grabbed my wallet off the nightstand, took out a hundred-dollar bill and handed it to him just as Shawna was coming back into the room.

“What’s that for?” she said pointing at the hundred-dollar bill.

“Oh, Ricky here was bribing me to fuck you again.”

“I did not…” I said fading off.

Why try to explain?

“Ah, fuck it, whatever he said.”

“No need to bribe him, silly,” she said to me. “It’s like Marco whispered in my ear while fucking me last night.”

“What was that??”

“He said I’m a black cock slut and I belong to him now.”

My dick stiffened again. My fantasy was coming true but the reality was not completely the same as I’d fantasized. But I had to admit, it was hot as fuck.
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