Glory Hole

GH IV.jpgWay back at the beginning of our relationship, my wife Mary and I stopped into an adult bookstore to see if we could find a replacement for her "Buzz Buddy", her pet name for her electric vibrator. Batteries weren't dependable enough for her. We entered the store and went right over to check out their selection. She was looking the place over when she saw some people walking through a curtain into a dark area.

"What's in there?" she asked.

"Oh that, that's just where they have the video booths, you know, to preview movies."

She didn't believe me and she wanted to see, not that she didn't really believe me, she just wanted to see with her own eyes. I checked my pockets and had five quarters so we went through the curtain. It was dark and there was a row of doors, some had lit red lights on them. She said, "Hmmm, the red light district!"

I opened the door to a booth and as we entered I said "You have no idea."

There was something of an armless loveseat to the left as we entered and the TV screen was across from it. We closed the door and it was pitch black, to the point where I had to feel for the slot to drop the quarter. The movie started and the screen lit up the room so we could see what we were doing. On the screen Jake Steed walked into the room wearing a robe, the camera panned until it settled on a pale white blonde on the bed, then back to Jake as he dropped his robe, Mary looked at me with big eyes and asked: "That isn't real, is it?"

I told her he was a well known porn star and that yes, it was.

"He's gonna have sex with that white woman?" She asked.

"Yeah I said, that's just about all he does, that's what people want to see. This is a Milton film, it specializes in amateur housewives, this one is about them taking black cock." She got quiet and stared at the screen.

She wore a white halter top and a short jean skirt that snapped up the front. I slipped my hand to the inside of her thigh and just let my fingers caress her soft white flesh. She opened her legs just slightly and slid down in the seat just enough to be more comfortable. I unsnapped a few buttons and moved my hand higher, she unsnapped the rest and the skirt just fell open, Mary almost never wears panties so her beautiful shaved pussy was spread wide open for me and already had a puddle right in the middle of it. I put my finger in that puddle and swirled it around her button till she started to buck against my hand, as she approached her orgasm she noticed a hole in the wall, and an eyeball watching her, then she exploded. When she was done she planted her face on my shoulder and whispered to me that someone was watching through a hole. I told her it was a gloryhole, guys stick their dicks through it so someone can suck them off.

"Get the fuck outta here!" (we're from New York), "You're telling me a guy will stick his dick into a hole not knowing what's on the other side in hopes it'll get sucked off"?

"Yeah," I said, "the first time I did it was at a place on 42nd st. called Peep Alive."

She was just in awe, her mind was racing and she had tons of questions, then all of a sudden a big black snake of a dick came through the hole, and she elbowed me to get my attention.

"See? Told ya, after watching you he probably wants you to suck it. He saw you getting off watching that interracial movie so he thinks you're into it."

"But it's black," she said, "and look at how big it is, why does it look so funny on the end?"

"Cause he's not circumcised, under that skin is a regular dick, once it gets hard the skin draws back and you can see the head."

She sat there staring at it then leaned closer to get a better look.

"If you want to stroke it and see the head, go on. He'll never know who you are, never see you again, knock yourself out."

Her eyes got wide and then she said "I couldn't... could I?"

Then without waiting for confirmation she reached out and touched it. It bounced up a bit, causing her to be surprised, as if she finally realized it was alive, then she wrapped her hand around and gave it a squeeze and began to stroke it waiting for the head to appear. When it did she looked at me as if she just opened a Christmas present she'd been waiting all year for. It began to grow and I noticed she was diddling herself off at the same time, then a voice came through the wall

"Suck it, babe."

She looked at me for permission and I just nodded, she gradually took him into her mouth bit by bit, then began to try and get as much of him in as she could, sucking him feverishly as she began to come closer to her own orgasm. Then the lights went out and everything stopped. I wasn't expecting to be there that long and you only got a few minutes for each quarter. I told her I was out of change, I'd have to go up front to the clerk to get more. She said "Well, what are you waiting for?"

"Okay, lock the door behind me. When I come back I'll knock three times." then I opened the door and left, and I heard it lock behind me.

Up front there were three people standing in line at the register, one guy had a dildo, another had a combo pack of magazines, and the third one had a video. It seemed like it was taking forever, the guy with the video was inquiring as to when the next release of a particular series was coming out. He finally left and I asked for five dollars in quarters, he gave me tokens and I headed back to our booth. When I got there I could hear a video playing inside. Mary had no money, she had no pockets to carry money and she had left her purse in the car, but the red light above the door was on. I went into the booth next door and looked through the hole. Mary had taken off her halter top, was completely nude, her hands were on the love seat and she was bent over, behind her was a tall skinny black guy pumping a long dick in and out of her. I noticed another black dick coming through the hole across from me, Mary's lover saw it and pointed it out to her, she didn't hesitate when she turned enough to take it into her mouth. Now my wife who had never even heard of a gloryhole was getting fucked by one black dick and sucking another. I couldn't actually see her sucking cause her lover was blocking my view, but I could see his balls slapping her clit and I saw his butt cheeks clench as he busted a nut inside her. When he pulled out his load ran right out of her.

He spun her around and pushed her up against the other black dick coming through the hole, he sat on the couch and had her suck him clean, then pulled up his pants and left. Meanwhile, Mary was moaning and slamming her ass against the wall, then suddenly she froze and her thighs quivered and she gyrated her ass against the wall. I assume she was cumming as the guy on the other side was filling her pussy with his cum. Eventually, she eased away from the wall and the hole was vacant, she grabbed some paper towels from the rack on the wall and began to wipe her crotch. She picked up her top and skirt and put them both back on.

I left my booth and knocked three times on the door, she opened it and accusingly asked me where the hell I'd been, I told her about the line at the clerk and she said "Whatever, let's just go."

So now I've got five dollars of tokens and I'm jingling like Santa's sleigh as we walked out of the store. On the ride home, she was quiet, so I asked her, "So, what did you think of all that? You know, I looked through the hole from the booth next door and saw everything."

Her head snapped in my direction and she just stared at me, then started to sob and said she was sorry, she got carried away, none of this was supposed to happen, and she didn't even know places like this existed. I told her to relax, I wasn't mad. In fact, I thought it was pretty exciting to see her all wanton and everything over some strangers giant black cock. I asked her how it got to that point.

She said when I opened the door to leave, the light came in and she noticed the cock was gone from the hole, she went back to rubbing her clit. She was almost ready to cum when she heard three knocks on the door. She opened it and a black guy rushed in and turned her around, bent her over, and shoved his cock in her soaking wet pussy. She never felt anything like it, he was hitting places no one had ever touched and she came right away, as he kept pounding her she kept cumming. She didn't know if her constant orgasms were because of his size, that he was a stranger, that he was black, that it was all happening in some public place, or all of the above, every time she tried to make sense of it all another orgasm hit her. Truth be told, she was a little glad once it was all over cause that was the first time she was able to think with a clear head. Then she added, "None of this would've happened if it wasn't for you, the guy next door obviously heard you say you'd knock three times."

I had to admit she was right, it never occurred to me that he heard my instructions to her. So I told her she was right and then I said "Besides all that Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think about the play?"

We share a dark sense of humor. We left so fast I got stuck with five bucks of tokens I had nothing I can use them on, that's when she said, "There's always next weekend!"
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