So....I can't believe this actually happened! It was kind of ridiculous and didn't have to end up the way it did. Hi, it's Kathy again and my boyfriend Dave and I were going through a tough patch and it looked like we were drifting apart. We had a long talk one evening and it was him who suggested we spice up the relationship to keep the relationship. We had been together since High School and I did truly love him so I agreed with whatever he meant by "Spicing it up".

We started partying late one night and he kept getting me to smoke more and more. And I did (and did) and I was flying! Right then, Dave gets up and puts on a DVD in the player and on comes a porno. I laugh as he starts kissing me and touching me the way he knows how to do. All of a sudden this huge black cock is on the screen and I pull away from my boyfriend in shock! "That cannot be real, right? What the hell is that? It would kill that pretty little girl! Wouldn't it?" I say.

"Nah, baby. Watch what it does....." Dave tells me. And I watched and watched! It looked like black steel and it was so big! That girl could barely get her lips around it but she made up for that with the way she licked up his shaft and sucked on his huge sagging black balls! When he put it inside her...she went crazy and kept cumming and cumming on that huge black cock that was stretching that young pussy out! She was in love with the feeling! It was making me dizzy! I have to admit, I've never really been attracted to black guys but this black porn stud was turning me on... a lot!

Dave must have noticed because right then he started whispering the naughtiest, dirtiest things to me. Telling me that I can handle that black cock way better than that porn slut was and he would kill to watch me. "Just picture that big black cock sliding in and out of your mouth right now...wouldn't you love that?" I couldn't even respond! Between the scene on the screen and what Dave was telling me, along with his fingers in all the right places...I felt like I was on the verge of something special! And when Dave said he would let me fuck that BBC if it was right here, right now...That was it. I exploded on a nuclear scale!
And that's when and how it all began.

From that moment on, every night was a different BBC event. Either through porn, dirty online sites with filthy stories, or BBC chatrooms where I could flirt like crazy anonymously. I was completely happy with this new found situation and was happy to continue forever. Than Dave started trying to up the ante' with it all. I thought it was mostly role playing and imaginative suggestions but it seemed he really wanted us to experience the real thing. So, not knowing, I went along with whatever he was saying. But inside (in "real life") I couldn't really be a slut for a stranger. A black stranger at that! I was just happy with the fantasy and didn't want to change our relationship so drastically. Because things would definitely change, right?

So, fast forward a month or so, and we have continued playing all these BBC games late at night and I've just been completely out-of-my-mind satisfied with everything! Especially the 3 or 4 nuclear climaxes I was having nightly. And, Dave hadn't brought up sharing me "for real" outside our bedroom. Inside the bedroom, I'm the biggest slut for BBC he wants me to be and I hope he's fine with just that. Maybe he's over it?

Then, we're at a bar across town one night and it's almost last call. We had been drinking since around 8, so we were feeling pretty fine! When I get back from getting us another round of drinks, Dave was now playing darts with some black guy. As I approach, the guy looks at me and says, "Holy shit, bro. If this is Kathy you did her no justice with your description! She's 100 times finer in every aspect!" I was liking this stranger already!

"New admirer, this is my Kathy....Kathy, your new admirer is Michael." He puts out his hand and I give Dave his drink to shake with my free hand. He doesn't let go of my hand till he's done telling me how hot and beautiful I am and jokingly says that Dave is dating way out of my league. We laugh (not Dave) as I thank him and finally get my hand back. He seems like a nice guy and right then, the bells and lights start going off for last call and Michael says to Dave, "OK...One last game Dave! C'mon...winner takes all!"

"We weren't playing for anything? But ok...winner takes all? What, you wanna play for pink slips or something? Cash?" Dave says.

Michael thinks for a second and answers, "Nah...but it is the end of the night...the stakes are high... and chances are, we'll never see each other again...and if winner takes all, there's only one thing that has the stakes that high....Winner gets a kiss from Kathy. It's just a kiss and you really win either way because you get to go home with her. I....can only dream of kissing such a beauty.....when you kiss her everyday....Plus, you've won three games in a row. C'mon..."

He sounded so sweet and his compliments were making me blush all over! Combined with the liquor and the nightly BBC fantasies we've been having...I started getting lost in lust, for a moment! Dave looks at me, in this state and says, "Well, it looks like Kathy doesn't mind so....why not...winner takes all. A kiss with my girlfriend." Michael happily excuses himself to quickly use the restroom and Dave comes up behind me and gives me a tight squeeze as his cock is rock hard and jabbing me in the butt!

"Oh baby. You're really liking this, aren't you? It's just a kiss baby.... nothing more. I can't believe how hard you are! You really want me to kiss this guy, don't you? You better not lose on purpose, you jerk!" He just gives me this nasty smile right as Michael gets back. Dave asks him if he's ever kissed a white girl before and he says he has, but none as remarkable as me. I smile as Dave almost misses the entire board on his first toss. What a stinker! And he's making it obvious! Of course, Michael wins and he looks pretty pleased with the outcome as he slowly walks up to me and stops inches in front of me as we stare into each others eyes and I swear I could feel electricity shooting between us and drawing us closer! Then Dave steps in and says the place is too crowded for this and we should go outside.
Dave picks out the most romantic place for this kiss to happen. You guessed it, the alley behind the place right next to a dumpster. I asked him if he was serious and he (in turn) asks Michael if he minds. Of course Michael said no as he approaches me again and the electricity from inside is now gone but he starts kissing me anyway. Within the first few seconds, the electricity is back and its stronger than before! I realize all the fantasies about a black guy are all coming back to me! My knees were feeling weak as he held me in his strong arms and slowly slid his tongue into my mouth and tickled my tongue. I had to put my arms around his neck and pull him even closer to me and make sure he couldn't pull away or stop! I was loving kissing this guy when Dave startled us both by practically yelling for us to stop as he pulled Michael and I apart. What the? Dave grabs my hand and pulls me away towards our car as Michael stood there apologizing for something he didn't even do? What a jerk! Dave couldn't take it! After all his BBC talk...

Dave and I barely spoke a word on the way home. I was confused. He agreed to this kiss so why was he acting pissed at me for going along with it! No one even asked me if I was ok with kissing him! We got home and I didn't want him mad at me so when we got in bed, I reached for his cock and the bastard was rock hard! "Looks like somebody isn't upset anymore....huh babe?" I say as I begin to stroke his cock back and forth. He gets up and shoves his cock in my face and pinning me down on the bed telling me, "Open that slut mouth of yours! How does it feel to have a black tongue in your mouth one minute, and my cock in it now! Huh slut? I've never had a dirtier ***** for a girlfriend my entire life."

I wasn't sure if this was real anger or our usual playing around because we used this exact same scenario a few nights ago! I don't care. I was horny as hell and love being a slut for him so I opened my mouth wide and let him violently face fuck me and call me nasty names till he shot his hot cum down my throat. He quickly got up and I waited in bed for almost an hour, so we can talk but I fell asleep before he came back(if he came back at all).

A couple months went by and in that time he admitted he was really bothered by the kiss in the alley and that he's sorry and that whole sharing with a black guy issue was over. Personally, I was kind of upset to see this come to an end. At first I was against the idea but with all the sexy BBC games we were playing....and then the ultimate kiss I shared with Michael...I wanted more. Even if it was just playing in our room, just the two of us... that would be totally fine too. But Dave seemed 100% against anything BBC related. Not even playing the games.

We fell back into a rut and we barely spoke or even made love anymore. I went and bought a sex toy (cuz I was dying!) and I had no idea how realistic some of them were! Of course I bought a life-like black one and soon I was still in a smoldering relationship, but at least I was cumming 2 to 3 times a day again. It wasn't too long after that when Dave admitted that he too missed playing all night and thinking about BBC's and how they want to use me. He even had me describe that kiss over and over to him. He would get harder than I've ever seen and cum more times than ever. I would tell him that this time, it all has to stay in our bedroom as fantasy because he cant handle it really happening. From that moment on, its like he was trying to prove to me that he could be fine with it. I still said no, even if I really wanted to. I wanted to make him feel bad because he was really rude and wrong about everything last time.

It wasn't long before we were back at the same level of kinky stuff we were up to before the collapse. To prove to me how he has changed, Dave let me start a secret affair with someone from the BBC Chatlines. I said I wasn't sure about that (but I already had a few BBC's I've been playing with by then!). There was one guy in particular who made me extra hot every time we chatted and we even connected on Live Web Chat a few times. His name was Andre and he was just a dirty, dirty older black man. No one had ever talked to me like Andre did. He was super dominant and sometimes mean, but his orders and name calling were endless! He was so nasty that he was even getting Dave off with the intentions he had for me. I fantasized about Andre a lot!

Later, Dave would ask me what I thought about meeting Andre for a night or two in our near future. Knowing my stance on the topic, surely this was only fantasy talk because we've already discussed not blending fantasy into reality. As much as we both would love to, we know Dave couldn't handle it. He couldn't even handle a kiss! So I continued in fantasy role play telling Dave how much I would love to meet Andre for a day or two or even a week or two and that turned Dave on even more than he already was and he was shooting his cum all over the place! Also, we had the greatest sex of our relationship with this fantasy for the next couple of weeks.
What I didn't know (at the time) was that Dave was dead serious and thought I was too. He had no intention of leaving this as fantasy and in our bedroom. He had secretly gotten on the same website and he and Andre began a little dialogue on how to get me into Andre's bed. I stumbled on some Emails and read through them all. Andre's Emails were so damn hot! I know Dave had to be waiting for them and jerking himself off to every word! Maybe this is just another game that Dave is playing to get himself off. But now he's sneaking around doing it? He was making me really angry. I decided then, if this is for real and I do end up with Andre, I'm going to go all out and enjoy it and rub it in Dave's face. See if he could handle it. I mean, it's me at the center of this and he doesn't even ask or anything? It's not fair!
Saturday afternoon comes around and Dave asks me if I'm up for a house party tonight? I said sure, but whos house party. He tells me its a surprise but that its a good new friend. Kind of vague, if I didn't already know who he was talking about. But I said, "If you're up for it, I'm up for it. But make sure you're up for it."

We're walking up to this house and music is blaring from inside and a few people are hanging out which surprises me because I thought there wasn't a real party at all. We walk in the front door and the first think I noticed was that we were the only white people there. Like you'd think we got the wrong address. Second thing I noticed was the cloud of smoke from wall to wall. Third thing, was Andre walking straight towards us. Or should I say, me. He walks up to me and tells me that tonight, I am his. He pulls me close and kisses me right in front of the entire party with me still holding my boyfriends hand! The complete disrespect of my boyfriend (for some reason) got my panties all hot and wet and my head spinning! I could hear people laughing and making comments to Dave who still held my hand! When the kiss finally came to an end, Andre had to physically pry Dave's hand from mine. Dave's face was reddening fast. I didn't know if he was angry or about to cry. Then Andre tells him, "Just like we discussed....." I was looking right into Dave's eyes when he heard that. Now he did look like he was gonna cry! It was out in the open now. He had planned this.

Andre takes me by the hand and pulls me through the party by all the partiers and their comments that were crude and still so hot! "That white bitch is gonna get hers" a female voice says. Followed by a male voice, "She doesn't even know what's coming to her...hahaha". We arrive at a door that led down to a basement where Andre had told us before is his playroom where he likes to teach white girls how to act towards black cock. I knew I was headed for the sexual experience of my life that night and I was going all in! I barely realized Dave was still with us.

The room had a pool table, darts and bar on one side, and a couple bondage type benches and couches on the other side. Half man cave and half bondage room. Andre started to kiss me hard again, and I could barely hear a voice in the background saying that he thinks he made a mistake and he wants to postpone tonight and we can try again some other time. Andre started laughing into my mouth as we were still stuck together from the kiss. Next thing I knew I was laughing too as I reached down and grabbed something huge and hard through Andre's pants.

I heard the door open to the basement and close and I swear I thought Dave had run out of that place leaving me alone. But next thing I knew, there were two other big black guys standing right behind us. We finally stopped kissing when Andre introduced his two partners to me and told me to give them a little kiss "hello" which I gladly did. I was going back and forth between the two, then the three with Andre. I was getting dizzy! Soon, their hands were all over me while we all made out and I heard that faint voice again attempting some protest and when we all laughed again, I did hear the door open and shut again. But this time it was Dave! He did leave me there! I couldn't help but wonder if this was all part of Dave's masterplan from the start. That's one way to break up with a girl. But now wasn't the time or the place for such thinking.

I thought I was a mid to top level slut before that night.....after the night, I was a full fledged Big Black Cock Slut! Which I guess is what my ex was trying for all along. Well, he succeeded because I didn't leave that basement for a couple of days and didn't leave that house for a couple of weeks! It was that intense and that much of a life changing event! I'm almost embarrassed to say the things I did for BBC in that house! I belonged to Andre and did what I was told. In exchange, I lived in his house free of rent and took care of Andre and whoever he told me to. I have never been happier or satisfied in my life! In five years I see myself with a few beautiful black babies running around the house and living happily ever after here with my Andre. I guess I have Dave to thank for all this.....
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