My name is Sandy. At the time this happened I was 22 years old and I had slept with exactly 3 men. My high school boyfriend, a guy I worked with at my first real job and my husband of 2 years. All were of average height, weight and endowment. My husband John has what would be described as a swimmers body. He has a fairly nice 6.5 inch cock. As long as he took his time with foreplay I almost always came when we fucked. I was actually quite happy. Now I am quite petite. 4 foot 11 inches and 95 lbs. I have long blond hair, blue eyes and 32 A breasts. I look like a Jr. high school girl.

As I said I was quite happy with our sex life, but my husband constantly used his favorite fantasy in bed. Like many white guys he constantly talked about me getting fucked by a black guy. If we watched porn it was always interracial. I didn't mind, it made him rock hard and he always fucked me good when he was telling me one of his stories. Well this brings us to a party we were invited to at the home of one of his work friends. Now I had met Ty several times and he was always very charming but never out of line. He was about 6 foot 4 inches, maybe 260 lbs and black.

Now the party had 11 people there. My husband and I, two other couples, four single guys (all black) and Ty. Everyone was sitting around talking and drinking. Ty was making me Green Teas and by my third one I was very nicely buzzed. As the night went on the seating changed as the 2 other couples left. As I neared the end of my 5th drink my husband got up to use the bathroom and Ty sat down next to me on the loveseat handing me my 6th drink. John returned and sat in an empty chair. that's when Ty said "well it looks like it is time for the real party to begin" I asked what he meant and he told me to just relax and enjoy it.

That's when 2 of the single guys Jim and Carl got up and moved the coffee table. Carl spread a blanket on the floor and Jim sat a kitchen chair in the middle of it. Ty stood and took my hand to help me up. He told me this party was about me and sat me in the chair. My mind was spinning and I looked over at John. Ty asked why I was looking at him, when I turned my head back to reply I saw that he had removed his shirt. He was magnificent. V shaped and very muscular. Words would not come out of my mouth. He took a step forward and said "Undue my pants" I said what and looked at John. Ty said "why do you look at him? He brought you to us" I looked back at john again and could see it in his eyes, he was on the edge of his seat watching what will happen. Again Ty spoke and told me to undue his pants. I don't know if it was the booze, John not caring or both, but I reached up undid his pants and lowered them to the floor.

I looked up at him and he said "now the boxers" I looked at John once more then slid his boxers down. This ******* the biggest cock I had ever seen. At least 10 inches and very thick. Ty spoke again telling me to touch it. I reached up and softly ran my fingers along it. Then wrapped my hands around feeling it start to swell. I started stroking it slowly when Ty said "look right into John's eyes" I did and Ty said open your mouth. As I did he put his hands on my head and his cock, guiding it into my mouth. John just stared back as I started to suck Ty's cock. I then forgot about John and just enjoyed the beautiful cock in my mouth.

He reached down and pulled my shirt over my head. As I returned to sucking he unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor. He ran his hands over me and teased my nipples. Finally he stood me up, leaning over he kissed me for the very first time. Then he kissed his way down my body removing my pants and panties on the way. Someone had moved the chair and I found myself being laid down and my clothes were totally off.

He spread my legs and buried his tongue into my pussy. Oh God he was good at eating pussy, I was clawing at the blanket. I glanced around and realized all 4 of other males were nude, but had no time to worry as my first orgasm hit me right then. By now Ty had several fingers in me rubbing my G spot while sucking on my clit. I came again hard. Then he moved up between my legs and started rubbing his cock along my slit. I started protesting that he was to big for me. His response really sent things home "This is the moment John wants the most" I turned my head to see John leaning forward staring at Ty's black cock and my pussy. He was also stroking his cock.

I looked back into Ty's eyes and surrendered. He slowly started feeding his cock into me and I looked at John while telling Ty to give me his big black cock. God he was so big I thought he would split me in two, but soon he was slowly stroking. The pain was gone but the pleasure was on full and I came again. He pulled out and sat me up putting his cock back in my mouth. I heard him say "God damn John I have never had a girl suck like this, She loves black cock" He then put me on my hands and knees and buried himself back into me. My head was down on the blanket and he was fucking me hard. Suddenly someone grabbed me by the hair and pull my head up. It was Ike another one of the guys and he put his cock to my lips. I licked the precum off the tip and then took his cock into my mouth. The 3 of us had a good rhythm going when Ty suddenly held himself deep inside me and I felt his sperm filling my pussy. When he pulled out so did Ike. Ty brought his cock to my face and I started cleaning him when I felt Ike's 8 inches slid into me.

Soon Ty got up only to have Mike the 4th guy present his cock. He was about 7 inches so I was able to take most of his cock into my mouth. Ike was pounding me and I was sucking and stroking hard when Mike suddenly started cumming in my mouth. i don't mind cum, in fact I like it. I just didn't expect it that soon. He retreated (found out later he left right away) and Jim took his place just as Ike came in my pussy.

Carl took his place. He had a nice 9 inch and thick cock and soon had me cumming again. I had to change position so I laid on my side. They traded places so Jim straddled my left leg holding my right up fucking me sideways (my first time in that position. Won't be my last) with Carl in my mouth. Soon Jim was done and Carl rolled me onto my stomach. He drove into me and fucked me hard finally cumming deep in me.

When he got off I was panting trying to catch my breath when I heard Ty tell John to give him my phone number. John started to ask why and Ty replied because he was going to want to fuck me again. I don't know why I was surprised but John gave it to him. Then Ty flipped me over. He rubbed his hand over and pressed his fingers in. "Look at this pussy, this is black man's pussy now" With that he plowed into me again. He fucked me hard. I was like a rag doll but god it was so good, I came 2 more times before he came and he did that all over my face and neck. I sucked the last of his cum from his cock and then he left me laying there.

4 men sitting in chairs drinking and talking about what a great fuck I was. I was on the floor covered in cum and my husband sat there like a lump. Finally Ty looked at him and said "John you can take her home now. I will be calling her, she is something special" John helped me up. I pulled on my pants and my shirt. I carried my shoes and have no idea where my bra and panties went. We drove home in silence. I showered and went to sleep.

I have not let John fuck me since, but that does not mean I am not getting fucked. Ty has become my owner. He fucks me anytime he wants and I fuck anyone he wants me to. I come home to John covered and full of cum and that is the only way he gets to enjoy my body as he licks me clean. John wanted his fantasy to come true. he just never considered it would wake something in me like this.
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