Hello my name is Kathy. I am 29 years old and have been happily married for 5 years. I am blond, 5'4" #140 with 34C breasts. My husband John is quite good in the sack and at 8" and fairly thick he more than satisfied me. In spite of that he loved bedroom talk of me with other men. Over our marriage he had used all our friends, many actors and strangers we had met in his fantasies. Many of them got me very hot, but they were just for play.

Last summer we decided to remodel our bedroom and bathroom. Total tear out down to bare floors and walls. New shower and all new fixtures so we hired a contractor. We dealt with salesmen when getting bids, but after signing the contract the lead man on the job came by to finalize all the little details. It was to be turnkey for us. Tony would even schedule the delivery of our new furniture. He had arrived at 7PM and we were finally done at 9:30. I was tired so hopped in the shower to get ready for bed.

To my surprise when I came into the bedroom my husband was already in bed and grinning like a fool. I opened the drawer to get my night clothes' out and he said for me to just get into bed. Then I realized what was going on. Tony was mid 30s, about 6'2" and #220 black man and my husbands fantasies were running wild.

I still had one foot on the floor and his hands were already on me. He proceeded to touch, rub, lick and fuck me all the while describing Tony doing it. I must admit it was fantastic.

Now over the 3 weeks of the job John ran numerous versions of his Tony fantasies by me, but Tuesday nights he was always very turned on. That was because my job gives me an odd work schedule. I work 4 days and Tuesdays are my odd day off. So he always asked if anything happened. Nothing ever did other than chatting since his crew was here. However he was very charming which made it very easy for me to enjoy John's little game.

Well the job ended and Tony told us to enjoy it and write done anything we did not find satisfactory. He said he would stop by in a couple weeks. John used him in a few more fantasies and said he really wished I had flirted with him.

Now two weeks later on a very rainy Tuesday morning I had just stepped out of the shower when the doorbell rang. I threw on a light robe I have and ran downstairs. I look through the peep hole and there stands Tony in the pouring rain. Without thinking I open the door and invite him in out of the rain. When I closed the door I realized just how poor of a robe choice I had made. It was really more of a cover. Thin white cloth, only fastened with a belt and not even mid thigh long. I look at Tony to ask why he is here and for a moment I was dumb struck. His white dress shirt was soaked through and clinging to him. It revealed a man who works hard. It defined every muscle.. He finally said I'm sorry Kat (this nickname showed up the 2nd week) But we are working outside this week. With being rained out I dropped by to do the final. Me being quite flustered blurted out that it was fine and said I would get him a towel. I went to the downstairs bathroom and when I came out he was in the kitchen. I handed him the towel and as he was drying he said he came to the kitchen to not get the carpets wet. He then surprised me. He said he had a meeting later that day and his shirt was going to look terrible, could it get thrown in the dryer. He was already unbuttoning it so I just put out my hand for it. As I put it in the dryer I wondered how my day had gone so sideways. I was barely dressed and an incredibly attractive black man was half dressed in my kitchen.

When I returned he had his folder and said well at least I hope everything goes well on the walk through. He put his hand out for me to go first and the instant I took a step I realized he was going to follow me up the stairs. My robe was much to short and I would be very much on display. I should have stopped but with each step I got more excited. By the time we reached the steps my knees were weak. As I started up I did a slight glance back and saw that he had let me get about 4 step up before he started. I could not believe how turned on I was knowing he could see right up my robe.

I knew I was blushing but he acted as if all was perfectly normal. We started the inspection and I noticed he kept finding details he wanted me to look at. He would place his hand on my shoulder and then point to them with the other. He would lean close to explain. I knew he was enjoying this to but I didn't want to stop it yet. I was right up to the edge of one of John's fantasies and just wanted to keep it up a little longer.

When we got to the shower he again was close behind me showing me a detail in the tile when he said this side has it to. I turned around to look but he didn't. We were face to face and he put his arms around me and kissed me. I kissed him back before I even knew I was doing it. Suddenly I realized what I was doing and said Tony I can't, you know I'm married. He kissed me again and this time my arms went around him and I felt myself melt into him. Again I protested and he said he had no desire to interfere with my marriage but that I was one of the most desirable women he had ever seen. He kissed me again and again I just melted. He then quickly scooped me into his arms. My arms were around his neck and this time I kissed him.

He carried me to the bedroom and onto the bed. I was lost. My desires were going crazy as his hands started to roam my body. His hand went down my side all the way to my knee, then came back up to my lower back bringing my robe with it. He then brought his hand up to my cheek. While still kissing me passionately it slid down my neck, then to my breasts. His mouth soon followed and as he sucked my breast I felt him untie my robe. If this was going to stop it had to be now. I only held his mouth tighter to my breast.

As he opened my robe I pushed him so he rolled onto his back. There was no stopping anymore, I wanted him with my whole being. I got to my knees, took off my robe, then started on his belt. He kicked his shoes off and I slid his pants down. As I got them off I looked to see a very impressive tent in his boxers. I laid down on his chest and kissed him then kissed down his chest. Moving the boxers down I saw what would be my first black cock. He was blessed. 9 inches and also thicker than John I slowly started stroking it. Some precum oozed from the tip giving me my cue. I licked it off and then took the head into my mouth.

Soon he pulled me around into a 69 and showed off another of his skills. I could barely keep sucking him as he ate me to my first orgasm. I got up and straddled his cock. He was no longer seducing me, I was now fucking him. I lowered myself onto that beautiful cock as his hands started massaging my tits. I slowly started sliding up and down his shaft. I looked at him and said my body is yours, anything you want just do it.

He let me ride him for about 5 minutes, then he flipped us to missionary. I was telling him to fuck me harder and he said you really like black cock don't you. I told him I love it baby, just keep fucking me. Then he put me on my hands and knees and went at me doggy. I came again and he then asked where I wanted him to cum. Cum in me I screamed. Cum in me as deep as you can. He then pounded in to me and let out a guttural roar as he came.

We laid there calming down when he said for me to relax. He got up and took a quick shower. When he came back in he got on the bed and brought his cock to my lips. No hesitation I just took him into my mouth. He asked if I wanted him back next Tuesday? I responded Oh God yes I do. He then got up, dressed and left.

I had everything cleaned up and I was freshly showered when John got home. We had a nice evening and John went up to bed earlier than me. When I got in bed I saw the TV was on but nothing was playing. I asked John and he said he wanted to show me a porn video he got today. He hit play and the title came on, A wife makes her husband's dream come true. The video starts and I see it is me coming out of the shower. When the doorbell rang I knew it was me and Tony. I started stammering and saying I was sorry. He took my hand and put it on his cock, it was rock hard. He said, does it feel like I am angry? Then he said, how do you think Tony managed to ring exactly as you got out of the shower. I asked so you watched me the whole time? Yes he replied. So I asked do you want to watch again or fuck me. He clicked off the power.
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